Going loco… scoring goals with Sanogo (it can work)

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Goat gots to get cash money

Goat gots to get cash money

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning.

So get this. We drink at the local pub round the corner from work. I won’t lie to you, I can easily nail 9 pints and be fine the next day. Nine pints of Becks.

Last night, I went to this other pub with strong craft beer. I had about 4 pints and this morning, I can barely breath. Seriously, Becks Vier is like, the biggest fraud ever. I am now a fraud. And I hate myself.

Right, I’ve dished out a lot hard talk this week. It’s been emotional, but today, I’m going to calm it all down and focus on other things.

Firstly, let’s refer back to yesterdays post. Some people came at my list of managers stating there weren’t any hardened winners in that list. Well, there aren’t many managers that are full on winners. Maybe 3-4 on the planet? Why? Because there are only 3-4 clubs on the planet that are consistent winners. So what do you do? You go to the next best thing. Find an intelligent manager who wants to grow. Someone who wants to make their mark on a club… a bit like Arsenal did when they went with Wenger all those years ago.

I missed some names off my list. Frank De Boer is smashing it up in Holland with Ajax. Diego Simeone is doing wonderful things with Atletico. Then there’s Tony Pulis tearing up the scene at Palace this season. What a great appointment he’d be. I can see it now… Arsenal fans all wearing that cap to games. Hommage to our new leader. Power play football. Shawcross lining up. Hey, a man can dream?

Onto one more thing, Arsene Wenger has a been talking about that one time, at band camp, when he did a tactic. He was talking about how he lined up defensively against United in the 2005 cup final. What a f*cking horror show that day was. I’ve never sat with my heart in my mouth for so long. We were totally battered! Amazing that Wenger has to go back almost a decade to remember when he last changed his game plan. I remember when he had no plan for Lionel Messi. 4 goals later…

Hopefully Wenger’s plan tomorrow isn’t to set up defensively against Wigan tomorrow. Trouble is, he doesn’t have many players, because they are all broken. No Rosicky, Chambo, Ozil, Theo… that’s quite a crowd to have missing. So it looks like a full 90 for Aaron, which is a worry considering how fresh back from injury he is. Still, it is what it is, he won’t have a world cup to worry about if he does relapse.

It’ll be interesting to see how the manager approaches the game. For me, when we brought on Chambo, Aaron and Sanogo… we at least looked capable of something. I really don’t think Giroud should start. He’s been shockingly average of late. If we can’t play Sanogo against a mid tier championship side… what’s the point of him? He did a decent job against Bayern, he had a goal disallowed against Everton. Give the lad a chance… because if we don’t… there’s zero pace in our side again!

I’m actually really nervous about tomorrow. It feels historic in a way. If he loses that game, it’s over for him. The fans who go are pretty much done, but this really would finish him off. Sad part about it, is that now, there really is a possibility we could go out. There’s obviously unrest in the dressing room because things are leaking out of the club and when people are unhappy, especially sports people, they can switch off.

What will Wenger do differently tomorrow? How is he going to motivate his team to fight? How can the players respond?

It’s a massive game. A massive moment for the club. So let’s see where it takes us!

Right, it’s Friday, think of the least offensive person in the office and send them this e-mail.

Dear Hannah,

I don’t want to get into the details, but needles to say, I’ve heard it and I find it really inappropriate.


Then leave it. Go for a beer and don’t respond to any of her pleas for more detail.

P.S. I saw this on Reddit… I am not Stewart Robson. Just to be clear. I am a whiny arsehole though. Thanks internet. x

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  1. Gilz

    Barf barf , 0-0 half time , 60-70 mins Wigan header 0-1. We batter them for rest of match , loose wenger out .

  2. NamibianGooner

    TBH I am not very confident of facing Wigan at all. I just hope the players and manager will take extra motivation of playing at Wembley and put in an performance

  3. Gazlah

    SANOGO NO GO!!!!!!!!!





  4. bergkamplegend

    L’Oréal will score tomorrow.
    I can feel it in my bones.

    C’mon the guy can’t be a martyr all the season!!

  5. ArseneIsArsenal96

    Everyone MUST get behind Wenger and the team. This occasion is too important for any negativity.

  6. NamibianGooner

    I just realised that could have been facing Man city instead of Wigan, which would have a horror show to say the least

  7. Dissenter

    The injury situation is really Epic.
    Gazidis needs to call in Wenger and tell him he’s appointing an external medical auditor to investigate the entire training/medical apparatus.
    I consider him derelict now, staying on the sidelines while this gets worse. If the best answer Wenger can come up with is Rogaine, then were fucked.

    Yea, you’re right Pedro. Rambo’s going to play 90 minutes tomorrow and have a recurrence of his “thigh strain”.

  8. GoonerTom86

    Here we are again, hoping we can finish in forth?
    Something’s got to change at the emirates or this shambolic attempt at challenging for the title (4th place trophy) every season will only fail even more until we become last seasons Liverpool !

  9. bergkamplegend

    Time for some honesty here : agree that lift the Cup would be a huge achievement and a huge event for us.

    But if wenger is out for good, c’mon guys, you must admit that many of us would be so relieved.

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens tomorrow…

  10. Dissenter

    Tomorrow just feels perfect for another letdown. We are taking a threadbare team to Wembley though our trophy cabinet’s been bare for almost a decade.

    We are running on our last fumes when we end a full tank. How did it come to this?

  11. N5

    Where’s my mate eagle with his predictions for tomorrow!! I said I wouldn’t put any more money on Arsenal after Everton, but I’m going to do one more.

    No I don’t have a problem…………….WHY YOU LOOK AT ME!!!!

  12. bergkamplegend

    Not difficult to guess wigan’s tactic (YES arsène, they know what a tactic is) tomorrow : park the bus, and score on corners or free kicks.

  13. Bero

    I think we’ll win tomorrow. I think we’ll win the fa cup. I also think we’ll still get forth. With those, Wenger will claim progress and a platform to build from, the important thing keeping our players, minimal spend in the summer and he’ll sign that contract.

    Few more years of Wenger on the cards. Can’t see anything else happening as much as we all want it too.

    Wenger out.

  14. MarbleHall

    No improvement will of been made even if Arsenal do win the FA Cup just confirmation that cup competitions can throw up shocks and anomalies like Wigan and the current Arsenal side winning the FA Cup

  15. Samir masri

    It’s obvious. What we see is a reflection of wenger’s poor decisions and tactics that failed miserably throughout the years. It’s sad. And what if we don’t win the fa cup? I think wenger will be broken then ever. And that should see him leaving

  16. Crusaderrabbit

    Bad news for a sunny day.

    OK – been holding onto this for a bit because hate coming across as an ITK. I know someone who works in the marketing dept of the club, or rather does work for them. From what they know, based on some of the work they’ve been given, apparently Wenger’s already signed a 2 year extension and it was to be announced after the Chelsea game. It was only postponed not because we lost, but more down to the scale of the defeat. Since then it’s gone quiet but the general consensus is that, unless things get worse (e.g. no Cup or 4th place) he will stay on. Or as they put it…’Win tomorrow, and he’s not going anywhere’

    So have pretty much resigned myself to two more years of this torment. I can’t see us losing to Wigan tomorrow as Wenger as the habit of getting these kind of shitty results (e.g. lowering our expectations so much to the point where we’re worried about Wigan) when he really needs them. Prediction 2-0 to Arsenal (Ramsey,Giroud) and two more years of this bollocks

  17. bergkamplegend

    TrillBilly : “I’ve stoped putting money on arsenal games just because they’re so unpredictable.”

    “unpredictable” really ??
    I’m sorry but Maureen disagree, and so Moyes and Pellegrini!! lol

  18. MadeToLoveMagic

    So pedro, we should be going for one of those elite managers then shouldnt we? not sacking wenger , getting in a punt and risking the last 18 years of what wenger has instilled in the team ( that first 20 against napoli shows he can still get a very good group of players to play like the best in the world), and that is a talent.. All wengers problems are self imposed and nothing to do with tactics but personel, he hasnt the players to do what he wants to do

    Kind of like trying to make a salad nicoise with a cabbage and half a fish finger

    Having wenger for 2 or 3 more years then getting a worthy replacement is the most sensible thing to do for everyone,,,,,,

    You say dont fear change, fear stagnation, ??

    Well what if that change is for the worse? we shouldnt fear that? We should , and we should prepare properly for wengers replacement i think

    Everyone other than Simeone , Kloop or Pep is a step down IMO

    Pep should be our number 1 target

  19. g0tch34ted

    —– Flapihandski
    Sag – Mert – TV5 – Monreal
    — Kallstrom – Arteta
    — Ox – Rambo – Poldi
    ——- Its a no go

    Although i’d personally play Bendy upfront but whatever. Great. We’ve never won in the new Wembley …

  20. Doublegooner

    Wenger HAS signed a new contract:

    My pal has told me this morning it’s signed but being held back til end of season.

    Heaven forbid this is true

  21. Al

    With TV5 as our CB i am 60% confident of a victory.

    With Sagna as our CB and jenkinson as our RB tomorrow i would be 90% confident of a victory.

    TV5 is a disaster tactically and positionally waiting to happen tomorrow

  22. Dissenter

    It’s possible that he’s signed the 2-year deal already.
    It’s inconceivable that the club would have left things this late, assuming we were well run, that is.

  23. Jeff

    I thought earlier in the season (especially after the 6:0 loss to Chelsea) that he might have made his mind up to go but he’s waxing lyrical again and the drivel rate has gone up which means he’s over any slightest idea he might have had for a split second about calling it a day. Despair o despair.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    So potentially no Rosicky, Oxlade and Gibbs.

    So the defensive calamity Monreal on the left.

    Total lack of pace and power with Oxlade gone.

    Means without Rosicky a guy who’s been injured for 3 months will have to provide all the energy and drive in the side!

    Utterly shambolic for a side with £154 Million in the bank and £150 Million wage budget….think about that, £150 Million wage budget – where the eff are all our players?! We should have not just a great starting line up, but a very good fall back team as well.

    How can we be sat here, debating on whether to use a 20 year old striker from Ligue 2 for a semi-final of a cup with a handful of games and no goals, because our ONLY other striker a) Has ALWAYS been average b) is now broken, totally out of form and looking utterly disinterested!

    Our team is so hollow and weak.

    I hope against hope we dig in, put in a strong performance and manage to get through…but a Wigan win wouldn’t shock me. They will be bang up for this one…and it equally wouldn’t shock me to see Arteta and Giroud start.

  25. bergkamplegend

    Samir masri : “I think they will give wenger another chance. ”

    That’s Ivan bigest obsession : every year another last chance, FFS…

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    bergkamplegend April 11, 2014 11:08:16

    Not difficult to guess wigan’s tactic (YES arsène, they know what a tactic is) tomorrow : park the bus, and score on corners or free kicks.
    That will be Arsenal’s corners and free kicks as every man and his dog pushes as high up the pitch as possible leaving huge spaces in behind.

  27. TitsMcgee

    Chelsea get Athletico.

    But at least that means they’ll face a powerhouse in the final if they go through. We really can’t afford to have them win.
    2 UCLs, countless FA Cups, a handful of league titles and a Europa Cup thrown in.

    They would realize cement themselves as a bigger club if they manage to win 2 UCLs to our none.

    Good news is UEFA is saying that Courtois will be free to play and that Chelsea can’t force Athletico not to.

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    If that’s true I’m done. Not going to attach myself emotionally anymore. Fuck them. The man’s a failure but the board have proved to be worse, utter disgrace and an utter shambles and as for the cunts who sold their shares to kroenke. …..rot in hell you CUNTS


    Contrary to most of your bloggers,I am optimistic that We beat Wigan by at least 2 goals,and finish at least 3 points ahead of Everton for fourth place
    We wait and see.
    “Come on you Gooners”

  30. Samir masri

    I remember wenger wanting
    to walk out of the club in 05 cos he didn’t have any funds available. And there is all talk of us having 100m on the bank. This is like a series of years of us finding out something that we know but we definitely don’t.

  31. Bero

    Wenger will only go when he chooses to go. Wouldn’t be surprised that two year deal is signed and being held back to end of season.

    Regardless of what happens with Wenger, and I want him gone, this summer is an important one. Chance for club to show Ozil wasn’t a one off and bring in a top player (striker hopefuly) and thicken out the squad a bit. I’d like to see two major signings like a draxler and Costa, plus some squad additions like CB, RB, DM.

    I will be seriously depressed when the Wenger announcement comes out though.

  32. N5

    Legend I don’t think they will park the bus and exploit corners, I think they’ll employ the exact same tactics as Everton by getting in behind our full backs.

    Do you think Wenger has learnt since the weekend? I don’t.

  33. arsenesabellend

    Lets Roar the mighty reds and our Wonderful manager to victory tomorrow!

    long live the GUNNERS and long Live Arsene Wenger ! HOORAH! for all the mighty gooner army descending on Wemberleee tomorrow,, 2 HURRAHS! HURRAH

    now where did i leave those facking pills?……………………….

  34. admirable nelson

    Dear ArseneisArsenal, any negativity around the club is purely of Arsenes own making. Had we strengthened in January the mood would be a whole lot different. I’ve been an AKB for aeons but it’s lights out for me now. Wenger out!!

  35. TitsMcgee

    I thought earlier in the season (especially after the 6:0 loss to Chelsea) that he might have made his mind up to go but he’s waxing lyrical again and the drivel rate has gone up which means he’s over any slightest idea he might have had for a split second about calling it a day. Despair o despair.”

    There is no doubt in my mind he’s coming back. As was said yesterday, dictators/ego-maniacs don’t just walk away. He’s got the perfect job and he’s not going to walk away from 16m more over the next two years.

    Tomorrow is win-win for me. We win and at least we can walk with our chest high that we’ve won something(even if it is just the FA CUP) even though we know it’s not some sign of a turnaround.

    We lose and hopefully the shame of it all and the heat he will come under will force the ego-maniac who loves people telling him how great he is to pout and take his ball and go home. He has, after all, made 50,000 substitutions and used a tactic 10 years ago.

  36. Jeff


    Pied Piper is such an apt name for him. Even looks like him in this Shrek clip. Tall, gaunt, skinny and full of s**t.

  37. kc

    Signing on that old senile loser to another two years is a clear sign of this club’s intentions. Winning comes in a distant second compared to making money. What a scam.

  38. bigper

    was looking forward to fa cup, now just drained of it all and worried we wont make top four

    if we don’t get top four then it will be another excuse not to spend

  39. Evan

    How many more million will he get?
    A new contract is the club rewarding Wenger for his Service/achievements, how is the possible, what has he done?

  40. Jeff


    Another two years is like having a prison sentence extended on the day of release. Hope it’s not true.

  41. N5

    Samir, it was not a joke at your comment mate, Midwest and Kwik Fit have this thing that if they see a line that sounds sexual they quote it and say, thats what she said! I was just getting in there before them. But it was nothing to do with your post.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    He’s done exactly what they want mate. Increase money going into their pockets and the asset of the club while spending very very little. They know wenger is shot as a manager, but they put someone else in that person may not be as loyal to them as Wenger, and more than likely will want to spend the money which is something they’re loathed to do.

  43. TitsMcgee


    It probably makes sense for them to do it after the season. So that he doesn’t have any more embarrassing results where he has to keep postponing announcing it.

    You have to admit. He’s gone from a potential HERO at the beginning of his tenure to a straight goat at the end of it. He’s pretty shameless now. The gall of him and Arsenal FC to sign him to an extension after the MAULINGS we’ve taken this year on top of a decade of no trophies.

  44. Jeff

    We simply have to accept that Arsenal is an organisation where the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

  45. GoonerInNY

    I am convinced the people (or was it mainly one guy) bashing Le Grove in that Reddit link have never read the blog. And if they have, it is more than a bit scary how they knee-jerk react that any criticism of how the club is run is somehow a terrible act.

    I don’t get it, honestly. We are supporters, and as supporters we want what is best for the club, not what is best for any one employee. If you love the club, you have an obligation to call out negligence and incompetency, no?

    I am also sick of people saying if you don’t support Wenger you are rooting for the team to lose. You can want a new manager (and owner) and still pull 100 percent for Arsenal to win on the field.

  46. TitsMcgee

    Another two years is like having a prison sentence extended on the day of release. Hope it’s not true.”

    I’m right there with you. I also must admit I enjoyed seeing his face after the 0-6 at the hands of Mourinho for his 1000th after he was fellated in the press for the entire week.

    He’s become a pathetic figure.

  47. Samir masri

    Another underwhelming season awaits. And we are here writing stuff on blogs and neither of them care about a health of a fan. We are dying every year as a club

  48. N5

    I don’t understand where this information is coming from. Wenger surely won’t even discuss his contract until at least we reach the final. Even he’s not that stupid. Imagine the abuse he will get tomorrow if he’s signed on and we lose!

    Even our board couldn’t be that cocky. could they?

  49. andy1886

    Here we are FA Cup semi and we’re looking to a Ligue2 nobody who was thinking of retirement, who has never scored a goal for us, to get us to the cup final. What a joke. Why not sign that goat (feed the goat etc…)? ‘e az ze mental strength, just look at his technical ability! Sanogo?Giroud?Goat? I’m voting GOAT all the way!!! GO GOAT!! (Arsene just GO).

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    That’s why I’m done mate. If I wanted to cheer a financial institution I’d go into Lloyd ‘ s every Saturday decked out in their colours and cheer for all I’m worth. The moment kroenke bought the club I knew we were fucked. This is not a dig at our American supporters, but a dig at American owners. Name me an American owned club in the premier league that has had success? United won trophies in spite of the Glazers not because of them. As for Liverpool,…..They might be heading in the right direction but they’ve won nothing yet. I’d rather a Russkie or an Arab as opposed to a yank.
    Again this is not a dig at our American supporters as these guys are as loyal and fanatical to the club as us limey supporting gooners.

  51. bergkamplegend

    the situation could be worst : we could still have the great players silvestre and squillaci in our squad lol

  52. TitsMcgee

    You know, you just know, if we lose this weekend he’ll come out and blame the injuries for it.

    Ironic because due to him being frugal we have only a few players he trusts so he runs the ones he does trust into the ground and rushes back players he shouldn’t due to desperation(Ramsay etc).

    Total shambles all around.

  53. N5

    GoonerInNY, I wouldn’t pay it any attention mate. There are multiple sites that bash Le Grove and a Twitter account dedicated to just that Le Moan or something. But there is a reason the Grove gets more hits then probably all the blogs combined. It has a great community of loyal Arsenal fans that see the woods for the trees. It’s just taking some others a little longer to get there.

    More and more sites are now echoing what Pedro/Geoff have been saying and more and more fans are calling for Wengers head. It only leaves that Reddit, that Twitter, That Untold and That eyemsick fruitbasket to see sense and all will be rosey.

  54. shad


    Realistically we need at least 4 WC players in the following positions; Striker, DM, RB (Sagna looks gone to me) and a LW (Poldi isn’t trusted much and Santi hasn’t got the legs anyways). Bar such signings, we’ll struggle.

    Most importantly we do need a manager who will use the full squad and actually has specific tactics to counter specific opposition. Wenger, as we all know is not that.

    So first key signing for me should be a new gaffer…the rest will fall into place.

  55. lord snotty

    This is horrible but I half wish for Wigan to win tomorrow. If that is what it takes to force the French c**t out of this football club then so be it. I would sacrifice an FA Cup for a future!

    I cannot tolerate another 2 years of the Frenchman!


  56. Mark

    Klopp pulls his hair out in the technical area.
    Wenger sits on his hands in his slug coat.

    Mourinho runs down the touchline to communicate a new game plan.
    Wenger sits on his hands in his slug coat.

    Guardiola barks orders at his galaticos.
    Wenger sits on his hands in his slug coat.

  57. N5

    TYAG, I won’t renew my season ticket if that’s true and I’ve never said that before. I’ve always feared staying at home during the weekends and having to do things with the wife!!!

  58. Mark

    Desperately want us to win tomorrow but if we lose I will be glued to Sky Sports News praying for the ‘breaking news’ that will be the end of Wengers reign.

  59. jwl


    Our season only went tits up in early March when we lost to Stoke.

    I don’t want to believe wenger has already signed contract, why would club keep it secret? Our players don’t appear to be even playing for manager any more.

    My missus told me she’s going to buy me oven mitts and tape them to my hands during arsenal matches if wenger stays any longer. I am so frustrated with wenger, i am constantly pulling at my hair in frustration.

  60. Bergkamp63

    “So get this. We drink at the local pub round the corner from work. I won’t lie to you, I can easily nail 9 pints and be fine the next day. Nine pints of Becks.


    I’d like to see you drink 9 pints of Stella,

    Actually, better not, it would be the end of Le-Grove !

  61. Bergkamp63

    “Then there’s Tony Pulis tearing up the scene at Palace this season. What a great appointment he’d be. I can see it now… Arsenal fans all wearing that cap to games. Hommage to our new leader”

    Funny how the hooped shirt, Beret & string of Onions never caught on ?

  62. N5

    TYAG, I honestly wish I stopped then too as well, but I am an addict.

    I would have so much free time if it wasn’t for Arsenal and I’ve been going since I was 3 so I’m institutionalised. I’m sure with electrotherapy I can get through it though.

    You watch, I’ll get rid and then a year later we’ll get Klopp and spend 200 million on WC players and win the quad.

  63. Bergkamp63

    “I’m sure with electrotherapy I can get through it though.”

    Watching Arsenal is quite shocking enough thanks !

  64. Romford Pele

    Basel taken to the cleaners last night. For a team that beat Chelsea home and away in the CL group stage this season, was pretty shocking to see.

  65. Bergkamp63

    Thank you and goodnight April 11, 2014 12:24:28
    No but bending over and taking up the arse like wenger’s teams have cottoned on. They’re all at it in brighton:)

    We love it down in Brighton, but then again the wife and I are ageing hipsters so we fit in perfectly around the lanes !

  66. N5

    TYAG, he just can’t stop lying can he! what a bitch! I expect he’ll be blaming Max Clifford of touching him soon!!

    Grown men who lie are pathetic.

  67. N5

    B63 are you really down in Brighton? I only ask because I’m not sure how popular the lanes are for people outside of Brighton.

  68. Doublegooner

    My misses got that fuckin trial on all day. Wish that cunt would stop grovelling & admit he killed her

  69. Bergkamp63

    What is it with this CWP 1994 final ?

    I’ve been supporting since the 60’s but can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday let alone what happened fucking 1994 and who was playing that day 20 years ago !

    I do remember however this season

    and Blackburn & Bradford previously !

  70. MarbleHall

    N5 November 18 2013
    “Nope, and I (watch this carefully, so you can do the same) was incorrect about that, it was a cup winner cup runners up medal, now please can you do the same and admit you were incorrect about him not having a league winners medal and we can move on with our lives.”

    N5 thought Wright had played in the 1994 CWC Final until he realised his mistake and corrected it.

  71. N5

    Copy and paste that as often as you want Marble, but at no point does it say I didn’t know he was playing, just that I wasn’t sure if he got a medal or not for not playing!!

    Now back in your hole you lying bitch.

  72. Bergkamp63

    N5 April 11, 2014 12:30:35
    B63 are you really down in Brighton? I only ask because I’m not sure how popular the lanes are for people outside of Brighton

    No, retired to Suffolk but our eldest son lives down there with his girlfriend so are regular visitors. Judging by how many visitors go shopping around the lanes, I can tell you it’s extremely popular, a few really nice restaurants too !

  73. N5

    The lengths that silly little cunt will go to, to try and discredit someone who he doesn’t even know is frightening. He will lie and twist words to divert away the fact he didn’t know Wright had a cup winners cup medal and a league medal. Even if I didn’t know he wasn’t playing (which I did) it doesn’t change the fact Marble the so called Arsenal fan didn’t realise Wright had a league winners medal and a cup winners medal.

    All we are seeing now is a desperate attempt to try and give himself some credit.

    Lying little bitch of a man.

  74. N5

    B63 I live about an hour from Brighton so go regular. It’s brilliant over there, especially in the summer! the lanes (old) are great fun, they remind me of Camden with all the ecentric types that go there. Brighton is so much more than the gay capital of England.

  75. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal will lose to Wigan. And, may Wenger get shot/stabbed by some freak fan tomorrow. I hope after he recovers at the hospital, his doctors will advise him to stop doing anything with football and enjoy the millions he has stashed rather.

  76. N5

    p&m, I don’t like Wenger but to have that kind of anger towards a man who’s doing a job, albeit bad, really needs you to check yourself! don’t allow yourself to fill with so much hate!

  77. Crusaderrabbit

    From my understanding the only way he’s not staying is if he himself feels he’s not wanted. The club want him to stay regardless, it’s only really fan pressure that’s likely to change anything. The fact we’ve got two ‘trophies’ to go for, and we’re still in the box seat for both, means the vast majority of supporters will be to distracted to do anything. A win tomorrow (and am in no doubt we’ll get one) and we’re back to square one

  78. Emiratesstroller

    Tomorrow is ‘last chance saloon’. If we lose that match then Wenger should go
    straight away and not at end of season.

    Seriously if we cannot beat Wigan then the question is who can we beat at end
    of this season?

    Looking at EPL I think that we will struggle to finish 4th.Everton and Man Utd have closed dramatically not only points but also goal difference as well. Spurs are also not far behind albeit that we have still a decent goal difference there.

    Morale is low, because we have become in recent weeks defensively vulnerable, but also our lack of pace and goalscoring is a serious problem. Giroud is at
    moment barely lifting a leg and frankly Sanogo has yet to show that he can score a goal.

    The ongoing injury crisis continues. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gibbs are injured yet again this season. I ask the question why are our players so fragile?

    Pedro has raised frequently about ‘red zone’ and ‘strength and conditioning’ methods. I would also suggest as I have done many times before that it has
    also to do with ‘style of play’. The team likes to play a close and twisting game.
    The over complication of our football means that our players are closed down
    more quickly.

    I would be also interested to learn what proportion of our injuries occur at the
    Emirates Stadium. Certainly the injuries to Walcott and Ramsey happened there. Could it be that the slippery pitches caused by watering has contributed
    to the situation?

  79. N5

    TYAG, it has some great clubs in Brighton mate. I mean it’s nothing compared to London but it’s good for a night out if you like City life mixed with Seaside trips!

    The old lanes are so much fun as B63 was saying and people watching will really open your eyes to the types of lunatics that live in this country, but it’s also full of interesting people and really good food places and bars.

  80. tunnygriffboy


    I’m with you regarding a new manager. This is last minute dot com if we change now. Would be fannying around looking for a new manager and I don’t trust the board to get it right quickly. By the time we got a manager there’d be no players left. I’d wait to get Klopp and keep a close eye on Simeone and Martinez. These may be available then. Thought of DeBoer and DB10 thrills me

    Good news about Gibbs, Ox and Rosicky training. Hope their fit. We really need a win. Can’t be doing with this ‘I hope we lose’rubbish

  81. Thank you and goodnight

    I don’t mind Brighton mate I’m only jesting, although I do prefer London. Take kids down Brighton most summers….plus it’s the only place I can wear my gold sparkling hot pants and heels and not feel out of place.

  82. TitsMcgee

    My misses got that fuckin trial on all day. Wish that cunt would stop grovelling & admit he killed her”


    He heard a noise in the bathroom so he just ran(hobbled) over to get his gun and started blasting away without asking any questions. Fired several shots into the bathroom door(of course she would have started screaming after the first shot and he would have known it was her not an intruder)and then would have the world believe he’s innocent.

    I guess when you have no choice.

  83. N5

    “plus it’s the only place I can wear my gold sparkling hot pants and heels and not feel out of place.”

    Lol, I’ve seen you at the ladyboy circus!! I must admit you have a great body for them but you should really shave your legs!!

  84. Romford Pele

    Yeah TYAG – London is definitely better, Brighton is a nice alternative, though it was very expensive for me as a student!

    Your brother-in-law is a Spud? I feel for you man. A few of my friends are Spuds but definitely not family! I have United and Chelsea in-house though 🙁