Ivan, 5 managers you should be looking at

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Is it weird?

It’s not.

Well it might be?

Ok, I’ll run it by you… I don’t speak German unless in the company of female Germans. But jeez, I was watching this video yesterday and I  was mesmerised.

It’s just Guardiola, training his team in Doha, talking German. Incredible. What an animal. He’s talking to Lahm, one of the greatest players on the planet, like a school kid. At one point he shouts,

‘It happens every f*cking game!’

German speaking Spaniard, bad language and top class football training. So good. It’s the sporting equivalent hardcore porn. You know, the type when the counter is on single figures.

Again, not that I see training sessions with Arsene, but I can’t imagine they’re loaded with as much energy, teaching and passion as that. Pep is a beast, he’s inspirational, you want to go along with him and you wouldn’t dare question him. Pep does his analysis with the players off the pitch then he gets them out on the field and drills them.  They went out last night and pushed through to the next round overturning United. Not the best achievement ever, but clinical. He’s overseeing a pretty incredible Bayern side that could possibly retain the Champions League. A massive achievement. You know what I like about him? Bar everything.

He’s not resting on his laurels, he’s championing a further 30% improvement next year.

30% improvement on what he has! Imagine that. Imagine Arsene saying that? Pep thinks he can add 30% more to the best squad in Europe. Arsene doesn’t think he can improve a beasted squad with one striker in January. Well, that’s a damn lie, he added a player with a broken back.!

Such jokes. Such soul destroying jokes…

Anyway, more stuff creeping out the club, Matt Law has indicated some sections of the squad believe that more preparation before a game would help us.

That’s a very nice way of putting it. Backs what I’ve been saying though.

An interesting parallel came from David Hillier a few weeks ago. He said the George Graham used to come back from watching Ajax train and he’d have visions of how Arsenal could copy them. I’d imagine that a comment that might have come out of Georges squad might have been…

‘Some of the players think it might be a good idea to take hamburgers off the menu and stop getting shitfaced before games’

A nice way of putting it. But here’s the thing, George, like Arsene, was too stuck in his ways to make the changes. We kicked out George, made a mistake with Rioch, then brought in Wenger. He brought us inline with Europe and had an instant impact. Better training, better diet and better players.

Move Arsene on,  bring in better fitness, better pre and post match analysis and bring in, ironically, better players…  and you’re bloody laughing.


I think people forget that Manchester United were replacing the best manager in the world. Not only the best manager, the best backroom team. Moyes came in, wiped it out and put in something substandard.

At Arsenal, we’d be clearing out an ageing backroom team that hasn’t delivered for ten years. I’m not suggesting we wipe out everyone, but certainly take the ‘freshen up’ stick to the stagnant areas.

Scouting, keeping, analysis (I joke, we don’t have analysis!), I’m moving on Boro and I’m getting me a new fitness guy. Fresh, qualified, hungry blood… it’ll be awesome.

Jokes aside, I really do think Wenger is going to sack it in. How can the manager sign up to a new deal with feelings as low as now? If he didn’t want to pen the deal during the 126 days we’ve been top this season, he sure as hell isn’t going to when journos are asking him about his replacement in interviews.

All the signs point to him moving on. The body language, the performances, the lack of hunger to win and obviously the standard Groundhog Day capitulation.

You’d like to think, that Ivan, being a man of the long term planning vision, is looking at new managers right now. No contract signed, manager underperforming, getting spanked by everyone. Surely the feelers are out in case the worst happens? I think big businesses call it succession planning. If not, fear not Ivan, I’m here to give you a list you can work on now.

I’ll live to regret this in 2 years time when 3 of them are destitute selling their bodies for 20 packs of Lambert and Butler.

Hot right now list:

1. Martinez: Highly rated in the game with a football strategy likened to ‘guerilla football’. Has a vision of how the game should be played, is extremely likeable, can work to a budget as well as being deeply analytical. He’s superb with the press and the players seem to adore him. Taking Baines over to Germany to watch Phillipe Lahm shows you the sort of creativity you’re dealing with. Ambitious, hungry to take his career to the next level. Could be a very good fit.

2. Jurgen Klopp: A monster of a manager. Charismatic charmer one minute, fearsome warrior the next. 46 years old and part of the new generation of intellectual managers. Excellent approach to digging out talent, supremely technical as well as a born winner. This man doesn’t sit there with a broken squad and a £140m in the bank. He’s about the glory. But he’s about glory and style. Players die for him on the pitch. Question marks over the ego he has and obviously, he’s never worked in the Premier League. A back to back Bundasliga winner and a Champions League finalist on a wage bill smaller than QPRs. Nuff said blud.

3. Steve Bould: Stop, stop… I can’t bare the flak I get for this. Make the disagreement stop and listen to me. I don’t think it’d be too dim an idea to give one of our legendary centre backs a crack at the whip. He’s been understudying for two seasons, he’d sorted out backline initially, before everything that sits in front of the defence broke. You have the perfect blend as far as I’m concerned. A man who knows what a drilled defence is all about… as well as what kamikaze attack is all about. Get a nice balance there and you could have something quite special. The players like him, he’s 51 years old, he has red blood… no wait… red and white blood? He’s the sort of punt Barca took on Pep when he was the B team coach.

4. Mauricio Pochettino: The eye gouger from Argentina came into the Premier League on press crescendo of ‘WHO IS THIS MAN REPLACING A PROPER ENGLISH GEEZER’… did he care? No. Why? Because if he doesn’t care enough to speak English to the press despite speaking it well, he sure as hell isn’t going to bother himself what they think about replacing Nigel Adkins. He’s quietly gone about his business. He saved Southampton from the drop and built from there. Sure, Southampton have a great infrastructure behind the scenes and sure, he’s spent some cash. But he has Southampton competing as a genuinely top team. They play a powerful brand of exciting pretty football. The Argentinian is tactically on point. The key thing I like about him is his ability to nurture precocious youth talent. One to watch. One to watch indeed.

5. Thomas Tuchel: Now, I only know about this guy because Rapha Honigstein has high praise for his work on the BT European show. However, now I’ve made myself and expert on his life and journey and I love this guy. He took over Mainz back in 2009. He doesn’t have an incredible playing career, but he fundamentally understands people and what drives them. Go beyond that and he’s a master of the game as well. A real trailblazer. Apparently, the first thing he did when he tookover was take his players to a retreat to get to know them better. He noticed that at meal times, everyone ate at different times. There was no respect, no camaraderie. So he set about improving the manners of the squad to build unity. Then when you dig into his training methodology, it’s really interesting. His sides train on rhombus shaped pitches to cut out long ball passing. He has a great record against Bayern as well (as well as being tipped to manage them one day). He’s a clever guy who put strategy at core. I love this style of manager. Deep thinkers. Football is changing and the clever guy is winning. An amazing transformation over the course of the last 5 years.

Anyway, like I’ve been saying all  year. Don’t fear change. Fear stagnation. Fear more of the same. Fear a lack of ambition. But don’t fear change, because it’s the only way this club will ever make it back to the top.

Which I can promise you will happen.

ADIOS meine besten freunde in der internetz


P.S. Chambo injured in training. What was I saying the other day? Our manager is a joke.




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  1. Steveyj


    I don`t like to think about it but I`m the glass is half empty sort of guy so I always expect the worst. I just hope the boys earn their money this Saturday and put in a performance. These last few years have been painful surely we are due a bit of luck. But it doesn’t help when Wenger comes out with crap like that in his press conference especially when he knows how we all feel and now even some of his players are wanting him to spend. He is one selfish stubborn pig headed git of a man.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Bounce the ball anyway you like

    He has to go

    Full stop

    An arsenal fan I know who is 88

    A wenger man has said to me
    He has lost his way he is to influenced by the wrong things.

    Hard core wenger items are turning

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Could not give a monkeys arse result wise this weekend.

    Season ticket holder since the early 1980s

    Wenger superbb at the off

    Or fortunate ?

    But when he decided we needed to move he lost his passion for trophies all he cared about was earnings an economics ?

    Football went out the window

  4. Thomas

    lol Wenger lives in his own world were he decides what games we actually lost. What a joke. Wenger = Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

  5. follow the money

    Unfortunately I think Wenger will stay. Most of the feelings from fans that he will go is based on our thoughts and feelings, the thoughts and feelings of sane and rational people. Wenger is not sane and rational. He will probably stay and he will also probably not replace our outgoing players with quality signings. Fabianski will be replaced by Viviano, Verm with someone from the academy Sagna with Jenks etc etc he will probably not buy a DM because Diaby’s coming back and he probably won’t buy a striker because he thinks Sanogo will come good. You know I’m right. Plus, Stan will do everything in his power to get him to stay. No one else could run the club on the cheap the way Wenger does and that is all Stan cares about. Just be prepared lads, for nothing much to happen this summer

  6. Jeff

    Somebody dug up a fact which I suppose we all knew anyway but it is worth repeating.

    We haven’t won a single trophy with a team that consists of only players that Wenger acquired.

  7. Pires_7_legend

    I love the list Pedro, at this moment in time which one of us would disagree to a reshuffle? Personally I would love Klopp simple because he has a bit if an ego and I think the players would love to play for him.

    My only worry is if Wenger has any influence on who comes in, if so them you’re looking at 2 possible candidates in:

    Remy Garde
    Dragan Stoigovic

    But think about he managerial merry go round next year? I’m sure barca, Dortmund, PSG, athletico Madrid may all lose their managers by failure to land a trophy or because they’re getting a promotion. Put us in the mix and we then have to compete with some crazy cats!

    Again if was being picky it would be Klopp, but having watched Simeone ‘s athletico Madrid destroy barca over 2 legs I’d also take him in a heartbeat!

  8. follow the money

    @Jeff that is astounding. That fact needs to get to the newspapers and be used to hammer Wenger. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t surprise me at all

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    A few weeks back (I think), invincibles said that if Wenger did get another 2 years then that would be it for him…..and I’m entitled to agree with him. If Wenger gets 2 years I’m done. I will always keep a sneak lookout for their results, but as a full blown supporter I’m out of here. Until they all leave I will no longer care for match days or anything else while wenger remains in charge.
    The man is finished, all this 2 more years shit doesn’t wash as by the time those 2 years finish we will have no players of quality left. Do you honestly think Ozil will remain in 2 years if wenger’s still here? Or theo? Ramsey? Ox?…..no neither do I. Oh yeah sure, they will all pay lip service to wenger whilst seeking glory pastures anew.

  10. Jeff

    Well the omens aren’t good. He’s already said that there will be no splashing of cash so for him to say that means he’s not only staying but it’s going to be business as usual whatever happens. Sounds really crazy doesn’t it? If we don’t win the FA cup and also drop out of top four, it looks like he’s staying anyway thus lowering fan expectation even further for the following season. He’ll be OK to carry on with mediocrity because 5th will then be the norm. I sometimes wonder what it’s going to take to cleanse ourselves of the scavenging bacteria.

    If Usmanov put his money where his big fat mouth is and embarked on a hostile take over resulting in getting rid of the cancerous Kroenke, board, Wenger and installing people who actually want success on the pitch, it would be more than a miraculous dream come true. As it stands, it is only a dream but the reality is that the current nightmare is set to continue. I hope I’m wrong about that, I really, really do.

  11. Jeff


    I dare say the newspapers already know but they don’t care. You can tell how easy a time Wenger gets in press conferences. The reporters are there for the sake of attending, asking a few mindless irrelevant questions, letting Arsene salivate over them and then leave. Job done – money please!

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    Seriously though mate I’m done if he remains. It will prove that the club think nothing of the fans and that Wenger is only interested in lining his own pockets. If he stays fuck them all. He’s turned our club into a Fucking laughing stock

  13. Jeff


    I stopped giving financial support about 5 years ago. I know exactly how you feel. It’s the helplessness, the powerlessness to change anything because for every one of people like you and me there are about 3 others who want him to stay and carry on no matter what. I know the tide is turning in our favour but I’m not sure it’s happening fast enough to stop him signing for another term.

    We cannot oust a failing manager if the majority still want him to stay. As for Kroenke, only Usmanov or a very, very sharp financial downturn will make him sell up and go away but neither one of those seems likely at the moment.

    We are in a terrible place at the moment.

  14. Evan

    Morning Jeff,

    I agree It’s about time 34th Richest man in the world started something. He must be well pissed off having purchased all those shares and all he has is an Executive box

    That’s an expensive box!!!

  15. follow the money


    I said the same thing after 2008. And while I still follow results and the blog and occasionally watch a game on tv I had to disconnect myself somewhat. I no longer get upset when we lose, and even the slaughterings this season didn’t surprise me. It’s good for ones sanity. When the club shows it’s trying to win again and not just talk a bunch of shyte I will get emotionally invested again

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    @Follow the money
    Yep that’s how I’ll be as well mate. Detached from it all.

    Agree mate, it’s the hopelessness of it all that makes it more depressing. Give Moyes 6 months next year if he’s struggling he’ll be gone. It seems our manager could less every single game and still be rewarded with a pay rise. Bloody madness

  17. Evan

    Have some music

    And a joke

    A blonde and a lawyer are seated next to each other on a flight from LA to NY.

    The lawyer asks if she would like to play a fun game.

    The blonde, tired, just wants to take a nap, politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks.

    The lawyer persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun. He explains, “I ask you a question, and if you don’t know the answer, you pay me $5, and vice versa.”

    Again, she declines and tries to get some sleep. The lawyer, now agitated, says, “Okay, if you don’t know the answer you pay me $5, and if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you $500.”

    This catches the blonde’s attention and, figuring there will be no end to this torment unless she plays, agrees to the game. The lawyer asks the first question. “What’s the distance from the earth to the moon?” The blonde doesn’t say a word, reaches into her purse, pulls out a $5 bill and hands it to the lawyer. “Okay” says the lawyer, “your turn.”

    She asks the lawyer, “What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four legs?” The lawyer, puzzled, takes out his laptop computer and searches all his references, no answer. He searches the net and the Library of Congress, no answer. Frustrated, he sends e-mails to all his friends and coworkers, to no avail. After an hour, he wakes the blonde, and hands her $500.

    The blonde says, “Thank you”, and turns back to get some more sleep.

    The lawyer, who is more than a little miffed, wakes the blonde and asks, “Well, what’s the answer?” Without a word, the blonde reaches into her purse, hands the lawyer $5, and goes back to sleep.

    And you thought blondes were d umb.

  18. Evan

    Your welcome, have this one 😉

    A panda walks into an old western saloon. To the bartender’s surprise, the panda plunks down a sack of gold when he orders a sandwich and a root beer. Still, money is money, so the bartender serves the panda. The panda eats the sandwich, chugs the root beer, draws a pistol, and shoots the piano player dead. Then it stands and starts towards the door.

    “Now hold on there, panda,” says the bartender, pulling a shotgun from beneath the bar. “Nobody shoots my piano player and just walks away.”

    The panda turns. “You got a dictionary?” it says.

    “Yeah…” says the bartender.

    “Then you should know better than to serve a panda. It’s your own fault.” And with that, the panda heads out the door.

    The bartender opens up his copy of webster’s and flips to the P section. “Well I’ll be danged,” he says. “I should have known better!”

    The entry read: “Panda: A giant mammal native to China and central Asia. Eats shoots and leaves.”

  19. Evan

    One more, gotta start work

    A guy walks into a bar, orders a beer. Another guy with a trench coat comes up and sits down next to him and also orders a beer. Without saying anything the guy with the trench coat on lifts up his coat and pulls out this little guy, maybe 12″ tall, in a tux with tails, and sets him on the bar along with a tiny grand piano.

    The little guy proceeds to the piano, sits on a tiny bench and starts to play the most beautiful concert music. The original guy next to him is clearly impressed and amazed. He looks over to the guy and says “Hey pal, what’s up with the little guy?”. The other looks back and says “Out in the alley is a genie in a lamp. Rub the lamp, and you’ll get any wish you want”.

    Excited, the guy walks quickly out to the alley, but a few minutes later he comes in, looks at the guy and says ” hey pal, whats up?. I wished for a millions bucks, and it started raining maybe a millions ducks”. The guy looks back and says “you don’t think I wished for a 12″ pianist do ya?”.

  20. Jeff

    I met a fairy today who granted me one wish. “I want to live forever,” I said.
    “Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that.”
    “Fine,” I said, “I want to die when West Brom win the premier league.”
    “You crafty c**t!” said the fairy.

  21. Jeff

    A Russian is strolling down the street in Moscow and kicks a bottle laying in the street. Suddenly out of the bottle comes a Genie. The Russian is stunned and the Genie says, “Hello master, I will grant you one wish, anything you want.”

    The Russian begins thinking, “Well, I really like drinking vodka.” Finally the Russian says, “I wish to drink vodka whenever I want,so make me piss vodka.”

    The Genie grants him his wish. When the Russian gets home he gets a glass out of the cupboard and pisses in it. He looks in the glass and it’s clear. Looks like vodka. Then he smells the liquid. Smells like vodka. So he takes a taste and it is the best vodka he has ever tasted.

    The Russian yells to his wife, “Natasha, Natasha, come quickly!” She comes running down the hall and the Russian takes another glass out of the cupboard and pisses into it. He tells her to drink, it is vodka. Natasha is reluctant but goes ahead and takes a sip. It is the best vodka she has ever tasted. The two drink and party all night.The next night the Russian comes home from work and tells his wife to get two glasses out of the cupboard. He proceeds to piss in the two glasses. The result is the same, the vodka is excellent and the couple drink until the sun comes up.

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    The Russian begins to piss in the glass and when he fills it his wife asks him, “but Boris, why do we need only one glass?”
    Boris raises the glass and says, “Because tonight, my love, you drink from the bottle.”

  22. Jeff

    A woman was at her hair dresser’s getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded:

    Rome ? Why would anyone want to go there? It’s crowded and dirty. You’re crazy to go to Rome. So, how are you getting there?’

    ‘We’re taking Continental,’ was the reply. ‘We got a great rate!’

    ‘Continental?’ exclaimed the hairdresser. ‘That’s a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly , and they’re always late. So, where are you staying in Rome ?’

    ‘We’ll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome’s Tiber River called Teste.’

    ‘Don’t go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks it’s gonna be something special and exclusive, but it’s really a dump, the worst hotel in the city! The rooms are small, the service is surly, and they’re overpriced.

    So, whatcha’ doing when you get there?’

    ‘We’re going to go to see the Vatican and we hope to see the Pope.’

    ‘That’s rich ,’ laughed the hairdresser. ‘You and a million other people trying to see him. He’ll look the size of an ant.

    Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of yours. You’re going to need it.’

    A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome .

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    And the hotel was great! They’d just finished a £5 million remodeling job, and now it’s a jewel, the finest hotel in the city They, too, were overbooked, so they apologized and gave us their owner’s suite at no extra charge!’

    ‘Well,’ muttered the hairdresser, ‘that’s all well and good, but I know you didn’t get to see the Pope.’

    ‘Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors, and if I’d be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me.

    Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me.’

    ‘Oh, really! What ‘d he say ?’

    He said: ‘Where the fuck did you get the shit hairdo done? ‘

  23. Romford Pele

    Looks like we’ve missed out on Ginter according to BILD, he’s just signed for Dortmund. Also Dr mic, who we were rumoured to have tied up a deal for, could also join them too.

  24. tunnygriffboy

    Could be 11 players out tomorrow guys. Flamini suspended again ( liability ), Gibbs, Ox and Rosicky 50/50. Whatever the reason for injuries, having that many decimates any team. I am fearful for tomorrow. If we had only half that number I’d feel confident.

  25. Romford Pele

    Could be something like this if the others don’t make it:

    Sagna Mert Verm Monreal
    Arteta Kallstrom
    Cazorla Ramsey Poldi


  26. bergkamplegend

    Romford Pele : “Also rumours that Casillas fancies a move to London, specifically Arsenal.”

    Perfectly logical, as wenger transformed the club in both a formation center for the very youngs players, and a retirement home for the older players

  27. tunnygriffboy

    Gutted about that. Ginter can play CDM as well and Drmic good young prospect though many on here didn’t want him but I wonder if those will use not getting him as a stick to beat him with. Klopp and Dortmund a good destination for young players in theBundesliga.

    It’s this sort of thing that worries me. Are we being pro active in the transfer market ? Are we waiting until the summer to start our work? I’m really concerned that if Wenger goes we have no contingency plans fora new manager. We’ll spend ages finding a new one, will miss out on players and still end up with 100 million in the bank.

    Both of those would have been excellent signings, better squad players than we
    have now.

  28. N5

    Morning all. After yesterdays 1 million and 1 rumours, todays is very thin on the ground. All I have is:

    Newcastle United are said to be plotting a move for Arsenal’s 21-year-old Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell, who recently scored against Manchester United in the Champions League for Olympiacos, where he is spending the season on loan.
    Source: Daily Star

  29. N5

    I don’t think you will be the only one Legend! I have a feeling most people won’t really care.

    I think Romford had a ticket though.

  30. N5

    Romford, my supporters club got 100s. It seems that Wigan will only have a small following and the majority of the ground Gooners, so if we can’t raise the roof tomorrow and get behind the boys then we never will.

  31. tunnygriffboy


    I care about the semi. More anxiety than excitment to be honest. A sense of trepidation with our injuries. We need to win for the players and the fans deserve a final. If we can win then hopefully we’ll get a few back for the run in and final. I really hope we hit 4th and win the cup

  32. Dream10

    Romford Pele

    Probably won’t happen but I don’t want Casillas.

    Think he might struggle with crosses here.

    I want another #1 caliber GK. Either Begovic or Handanovic.

  33. N5

    tunny, me too. It’s been too long now without silverware and even if it’s just to stop the media saying Arsenal who’ve not one a trophy in X years (which they don’t do about anyone else…see Tottenham). But like yourself and Romford I’m nervous and not in the least bit confident.

    If the fans can get behind the boys tomorrow and there is no excuse why they can’t considering we outnumber the Wigan 3 to 1, then that should raise the confidence.

    I imagine the first 20 minutes Wigan are going to really go for it, if we can weather the initial storm I think we’ll be fine, but not giving away an early goal will be crucial.

  34. bergkamplegend

    Last time that Arsenal went to Wembley, we all remember how the things had turned

    If Kos, Cheezy, Sagna or Rosicky (re-)think about this, we’re already screwed before the start of the game.

  35. El Tel 1

    Flamini a liability? I guess he books himself does he?

    How many players do you see with tenacity for other teams not getting booked.

    Toure of Citeh should have got booked or sent off every game I have seen him play he is a dirty bastard. If he was playing for Arsenal he would get the same treatment as Vieira got booked or sent off regularly.

    Now I know you all want Wenger gone o which I am one of them but to not see how we get treated differently to other teams is just taking no notice.

    I will bet you Arteta and Rosicky have worse disciplinary records than Toure and Ramires two dirty bastards.

    Kosser gets carded very often but is he dirtier than Kompany or Vidic or even St John Terry? Not in my reckoning.

    I read about Wenger ignoring stats but some of you guys are doing the same thing. you might not like Untold as they have different beliefs but they are at least putting effort into sorting out this actual difference between Arsenal players and other teams.

    The dirtiest shitbag in recent years was Scholes. He was a right piece of work yet his disciplinary record was good. Why?

    These are not excuses for our collapse. The Manager has fucked us up and I am on board with this. I wanted him gone many years ago. The trouble is throughout our history we are not liked by the other Clubs. They are jealous of the way we do things and we get treated poorly in comparision to other Clubs.

    I am going back to the early 70’s when I remember the first double team getting called hard working and even dirty. I have no problem with the label as long as it is also said about other teams who win in this style. Chelsea and Mancscum are two who have beaten up opponents and allowed to rough up the opposition because the Refs are not doing their jobs or worse they are cheating.

    So Flamini. Is he a liability? Is his attitude not what we want from the rest of the team?

    I think you will find it is. If we do toughen up. Expect the usual card count to start up again by the media and the FA frenzy will go into over drive re the Arsenal.

    That shit cunt Moaninhio has got away with unbelievable behaviour the past few weeks in the PL and in Europe.

    Wenger doing the same things would have got bashed to fuck and our Club would have suffered.

    There is no consistency in what is going on and for me football stinks because of it.

    Come on the Arsenal lets get it on.

    Our midfield very often

  36. tunnygriffboy


    Rosler is a canny manager. Against City he played 2 up top but not through the middle. He split them wide to exploit the space behind their fullbacks and hit them on the break ( sound familiar ? ). I wonder if Wenger has looked at that? I worry about Arteta covering it. As well as beating City the beat Palace and another PL team but I can’t remember who. They have pacy players as well. Looks like we’ll have a virtual second team out hence my anxiety.

  37. goonerDNA

    I’m looking forward to the weekend we win we’re in the final we lose and wenger will surly be pushed into leaving and Diaby is a few weeks away from starting his world cup trial

  38. El Tel 1


    Agree with your 08.41 statement.

    We get called out for not winning trophies yet other teams do not.

    I mean who would want to be a Newcastle or Everton fan. Two big teams who havent won anything for years.

    We do get unfair criticism from the media and the FA.

    Because of the status of our Club we get unfair treatment.

    Teams lime Citeh and Chavski might be all powerful now but they never built their history.

    Having lottery wins is not correct way. Sure they are putting together some history now but for me they are and always will be a small club who hit the jackpot.

    I know our history re Henry Norris and how we did this too but we have maitained the top status for almost 100 years.

  39. bergkamplegend

    “I wonder if Wenger has looked at that?”

    Why would he looked at that ?? He’s a great manager who don’t need any tactical advise, and he’s confident enough in his own tactics.

    “Are you looking at me” ?? lol

  40. tunnygriffboy

    El Tel 1

    I think Flamini is a liabilty because he mistimes so many tackles because he’s always struggling to get there due to his lack of pace. I don’t think he’s particularly dirty. Agree with you re double standards re Yaya. He could have been sent off 3 times this season. And yes, Ramirez is a nasty piece of work and a coward. He leaves his foot in to deliberately hurt people

  41. N5

    Tunny, I really hope Wenger has done his homework, but I honestly can’t remember the last time Arsenal changed their style, so the space our fall backs leave will be exploited once again!!

  42. El Tel 1

    Agree GDNA and Romford but so are Toure and Ramires tackles.

    I am not saying you are wrong just the fact that they dont get the same punishment.

  43. Romford Pele

    “I am not saying you are wrong just the fact that they dont get the same punishment.”

    The other two are both very good players and contribute in more ways than one. I scratch my head wondering what Flamini is doing half the time.

  44. Jeff

    Robbie Savage:

    “Wenger will be a hard act to follow after 18 years in charge. But don’t tell me there are no decent coaches out there with the potential to take Arsenal forward into a brave new era.”

    “Juventus coach Antonio Conte, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, perhaps even Everton’s Roberto Martinez… all of them preach progressive football, whereas Wenger’s team appears to be going backwards.”

  45. El Tel 1

    What about the fact our other midfielders get punished too. Most of them for their first or second fouls.

    I see us get many free kicks around the middle of the pitch with multiple fouling taking place. As soon as we do the same thing we get the cards flying about.

    The crowd at our place go crazy almost every game.

  46. Romford Pele

    I have to admit, i’m not totally sold on Conte. I generally don’t think he wants to leave Juve anyway.

  47. Dream10

    Flamini, Rosicky, The Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Arteta have all had long term injuries during their careers. All have regressed in performance w/ the exception of The Ox and Ramsey who have just recently returned. Any other team you know with a MF full of players who have had long term injuries?

  48. El Tel 1


    Didnt Flamini score the equaliser the other week agaisnt Citeh.

    Come on Mate. He is a squad player who didnt cost multi millions.

    I am not comparing him to them just the fact that they get away with murder. No matter how good you are the Refs should treat them all the same.

  49. Eeezza Goona!

    Such a shame really what’s happened to arsene, he’s still a legend but… It’s time fir change

  50. Romford Pele

    Dream, I didn’t watch the full match, only caught the highlights but it looked some comeback from Valencia. 3-0 down after the first leg so to win 5-0 is truly something! The line-up for the semi’s is very strong tbh – Juve, Sevilla, Benfica and Valencia. All have massive CL pedigree – and two of them dropped out during the group stages this year.

  51. Paddy got up

    After last weeks declaration by Wenger that he wants Arsenal to get back to basics he took the team training on Hastings beach yesterday.
    On the way back he stops at a fish and chip shop” 25 sausage and chips please” asks Wenger
    ” battered” asks the young girl behind the counter
    ” every fucking week” says the bloke behind in the que!!

  52. tunnygriffboy


    Savage is a cock. Earlier this season he was extolling the virtues of Wenger. Now that the narrative has started to change he’s altered his views. A sort of running with the fox and the hounds. Wanker.


    We scouts lots of good players eg Ginter, Drmic but are too slow in taking the plunge. Decisiveness is needed

  53. Dream10

    If we were in the Europa League QF with the likes of Juventus, Porto, Benfica, Sevilla and Valencia, I would not fancy us to win it at all.

    5th place means we miss out UEFA CL money, but we would struggle to win the Europa League. Benfica played Spurs off the park.

  54. Jeff

    Bergkamp, It was in the spirit of Joke Friday.

    Tunny, yeah I know he is but I agree with his comment about the club going backwards.

  55. Romford Pele

    Didn’t realise how well supported the F.A Youth Cup is. There were about 500 or so Gooners last night that made the trip to West London. Considering that’s what Wigan take to their away games, it says something. 2-1 defeat but hopefully we can turn it round in the second leg.

    Akpom MOTM again, Crowley very good too.

    Zelalem was meh. He struggles when pressed in possession, like some of the dudes in the first team. Seriously needs to bulk too.

  56. Dream10


    Ginter and Drmic look to be heading to Dortmund. Our indecisiveness certainly plays a part. The Klopp factor and playing infront of 80,000 every week cannot be overlooked.
    I am sure the likes of City, Utd would have offered much more than Dortmund, but they will play every week.

    We have not been paying top wages and we have not been playing attractive football without even looking at results.

  57. tunnygriffboy

    Dream 10

    With a full squad I’d fancy our chances but with only a second string like we have now no chance of beating them. I’m really concerned about Wigan tomorrow ffs

  58. N5

    Paddy I believed you for a minute then and because I live in Hastings I would have been gutted not to have gone down and thrown stones at them!

  59. Dream10


    Do our youth play a 4-5-1 possession game? Besisdes Akpom, Crowley, anyone else impress? Any stars in the making on the Chelsea side?

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Akpom worth a go in first team? How good is Crowley ?


    Hopefully with our stash of money we can start paying better wages. Would love Klopp and he can bring Reus with him. Imagine Reus and Walcott upfront with a striker who is not Giroud !

  61. bergkamplegend

    “Would love Klopp and he can bring Reus with him. Imagine Reus and Walcott upfront”

    I could cut myself one of my 2 testicules for that.
    but something tell me that I don’t risk anything LOL

  62. Romford Pele


    Our youth, as has been discussed over the past few days are pretty poor. It’s slim pickings really so they’ve done well to reach the semi’s.

    Akpom is nothing new, most know him now. His goal last night was a rocket – demonstrates a lot of Henry-esque traits, whether that can be transformed at the highest level remains to be seen but he is promising for sure. Was pretty much starved of service last night but was a threat whenever he got in it.

    Crowley is quality. He’s just turned 16 – destroyed us last season when playing for Villa, got like a goal and 4 assists. A lot of fans like to hype Zelalem but I much prefer Crowley. Dribbling and passing are his best traits.

    Outside of that, only the GK Josh Vickers is good. Made some very good saves last night and was tested a lot but stood up well.

    Chelsea had this very fast winger who caused our RB a lot of trouble. Kiwomya I think his name is.

  63. Paddy got up

    Wenger has responded to accusations that he doesn’t use modern technology and has bought himself an I pad..
    He has been analysing data all week by watching the new Noah film. He’s using it as his inspiration because he is aware that Noah only ever let 2 in at a time!!!!

  64. Mark

    The Wenger apologists are more interested in Wengers legacy than the future of the club.

    An Arsenal fan at work has finally seen the light yet he sympathetically wants Wenger to be moved upstairs for all he has done in the past! IMO he should not be allowed on the board. He would just f*ck up the future!

  65. Dream10

    Cheers Romford .
    The Chelsea youth winger who you mentioned (Alex Kiwomya) is the nephew of ex Arsenal forward Chris Kiwomya.

  66. Romford Pele

    “Surely Akpom a better bet on the bench than Sanogo ?”

    I personally think he’s a better bet than all our CFs. But hey-ho, i’m not manager for a reason.

  67. MarbleHall

    Don’t go on about Arsenal’s youth system it only beefs up Wenger’s failed policy of building from within.
    What Arsenal require are real deal players not unproven pipe dream players.

  68. Jeff

    We lost to Birmingham in the League Cup final; we lost to Bradford, Blackburn and only just managed to get past Reading (7:5) after extra time. We have a dismal record in crunch “must win” matches and we are known for bottling it and hitting the nervous wreck button. So, given that let’s have your bets for tomorrow.

  69. Samir masri

    Any reading untold? The worst post I’ve ever read. When are there ever
    gonna get it? I am very frustrated cos we have what it takes to go to the next level . But we going backwards with wenger and his loyal subjects.

  70. MadeToLoveMagic

    In the league you can talk and talk but we know the biggest budget will win it. That open dream is what makes this competition special in football.

    “Don’t imagine I sacrifice every day of my life not to win a trophy. Everybody fights for that.” a .w

  71. bergkamplegend

    “We’re going to Wembleyyyyyy!!!”
    Nop, no significant result yet, but at least I try very hard…

    By the way, make no mistakes fellas, if we win the trophy, the critics “losers since a decade” will only turn into “LOL they win their first trophy in a decade by beating wigan and hull and they are proud of themselves LOL”, etc…

  72. goonerDNA

    El tel, A split second delay in a tackle makes a huge difference this for me is why Flamini gets into trouble not to mention he enjoys taking players out, like I said I love his die hard attitude but its risky.

  73. MadeToLoveMagic

    WE are not going backwards under wenger , we may not be moving forward at the moment but we are not going backwards

    AW deserves a little more respect than what some on here give him

    i personally hope he signs and when he does leave , we will have had the time to get a proper replacement, like Pep

    Martinez is not ready to take over from Wenger, we need someone who has the ability to take us on, not stay the same or get worse

    Anyone who wants Martinez this summer is just as reactionary asthey accuse wenger of being imo, whats he proved? nothing, yet

  74. bergkamplegend

    “Don’t imagine I sacrifice every day of my life not to win a trophy. Everybody fights for that.”
    Honestly arsène you have a very strange way to fight lol

  75. goonerDNA

    Bergkamplegend , to be fair we did beat spuds Liverpool Everton to get to semi’s and then probably lose to Wigan lol

    Wenger is such a mug

  76. Ash79

    whoever we get as new manager will be a relaive unknown….i can see thathappening, no popular choices etc…someone who comes with little expectations, potentially a yes man.

  77. Thank you and goodnight

    If Wenger gets another 2 years I’ll cry. He deserves no respect until he learns to say ” Sorry I fucked up”. Why should I respect a manager who blames everyone but himself. By mugging us fans off is he showing us respect? I’m any other walks of life if someone showed you no respect and constantly tried to belittle you and mug you off, would you respect that person? By constantly lying to the fans come ST renewal time, is that showing us respect?

  78. MadeToLoveMagic

    thank you

    if you focused only on the negative then you would hate any historical figure, did you know Jimi Hendrix used to beat his women?

    What Wenger has done for us outweighs his negs IMO

    He is not Lying to us, he is saying injuries have killed our season, and i thiunik privately he knows exactly why

    I think Santi coming out and saying what he did was good timing as Wenger cant ignore that, he cant rot him like he did Arshavin, hes too important for that

    IF wengers stays, it will be under different circumstances

    He hates the fact that you can essentially buy a premier league title, although if pool do it, he may have to change that opinion, but pool wont do it, city or chavs will

    Aside from wengers vitriol, can you not accept that he may have a point about the way the game is run?

  79. Samir masri

    I got a mate who tells get behind the team. I can’t do it anymore. Even though we could win a trophy. It’s embarrassing how long it’s taking wining a trophy. These baby steps should know be dead and buried.

  80. bergkamplegend

    About Courtois and CL semies : ” UEFA has released a statement explaining that all this was contrary to good sportsmanship and that such a clause was unacceptable. The English face sanctions if they require Colchoneros to pay to play the Belgian international.”

    Interesting, for once they did something right…

  81. bergkamplegend

    Can just one person please tell me, where is the sport in that?”

    Yes it’s sad but true, but that’s how it works these days… Most of the time.

  82. N5

    “I think Santi coming out and saying what he did was good timing as Wenger cant ignore that, he cant rot him like he did Arshavin, hes too important for that”

    I wouldn’t bet on it MTLM, look at NB52, we need a forward and he can’t even make the bench.

  83. Al

    Love that UEFA stepped in…because things like that ruin the love of the game.

    Once again how lucky have chelsea been not to draw the best teams in the competition.

    Think they will win it now

  84. bergkamplegend

    Chelsea waiting to see the result of the war, they will only have to pick up the rests after the battle lol

    C’mon ATLETICO!!! Time for Simeone to SHUT the mouth of the special cunt!!

  85. N5

    “Hopefully mate, i think i’d slit my wrists if Chelsea won it again :D”

    I’ll join you Jamal! I would be gutted if they get through again!! and if they win….well it’s not worth thinking about.

  86. Dissenter

    I don’t like the way Sanogo was shunted to the top of the line ahead of Akpom and our youth products. If he were supremely talented, hmmm okay.
    But he’s not.
    We are fast becoming Chelsea with our youth policy. Our products aren’t getting their chance at the top because Wenger keeps bringing mediocre players ahead of them.
    At least, Chelsea puts world class talent ahead of youth, we bring in players who are no better.

  87. bergkamplegend

    The only good thing about the blue cunts is that they will have to make a choice : PL ou CL ?? Maureen dreaming of the double ?? Yeah right LOL

  88. Dissenter

    Can you imagine if Chelsea were to meet Atletico in the final and Coutois was. to allowed to play?
    Still, if the agreement was to pay 6 million, how can UEFA waive that. Athletico have made a lot of money in this CL run and they should keep their agreement, Chelsea shouldn’t back down. The contract should still prevail.

  89. Bergkamp63

    “Once again how lucky have chelsea been not to draw the best teams in the competition.”

    You do see some bollocks written on this site,

    So Atletico were an easy draw ? They have just knocked out Barcelona and are top of la liga !

  90. bergkamplegend

    Bergkamp63 : yes, but don’t forget that the chavs are specialist for destroying that kind of game…