Guess which other manager has a degree?

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Professor looking dated...

Professor looking dated…

So, gonna kick this off with a bit of a moan this morning. Obviously yesterday’s article was a bit of a beast and generally, with a beast article you get some beastly criticism.

‘Yu are torking shit’

Which is a perfectly acceptable way to take down a 2000 word essay on a Monday morning. However, just for the record, I’d like to layer some context over what I write and explain a few things.

Firstly, this is a blog, written by an amateur who has no desire whatsoever to become a journalist. I like blogging, it’s fun and it gives me the chance to share my passion for total Arsenal immersion. We started out 7 years ago and have written something daily since then. Over the years, it’s given the site access to some pretty amazing people and experiences. So generally, the structure to what I write here is a piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle that’s been accruing pieces for 7 years.

You don’t have to believe what I write. You can disagree with the points. You can demand I provide digital evidence of the issues that go on at the club. I can’t do that. Pat Rice isn’t at the club anymore and Jack Jebb and I aren’t on speaking terms.

However, it’s important to know that I get around. I live in London and have been afforded access to many things. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of a tour of the training ground. I was shown the facilities with Colin Lewin and Gary O’Driscoll. Good times. Did I land a playing contract? No. Did I get to see the world class training facilities? Yes. Was it clear that medical staff don’t injure players? Yes.

Ok, so if medical people don’t injure players, who does? Well, Arsene Wenger has gone on record  ( as saying he intensely trains players to get the best out of them towards the end of games. Tony Colbert brags about having players fit for the last ten for the additional goals we score. The club also have GPS tech and Wenger has gone on record at least twice talking of ignoring redzone data. Even this season, David Hytner said that Aaron Ramsey was played despite being in the redzone. Now, with a bit of investigation into sport science, it’s not difficult to find out detail about the basics. If you overwork players, they break or under perform. Simple as that. Then you have programmes like the Footballers Football show who have the heads of fitness for Chelsea, Liverpool and Leeds. All talking about recovery, strength and conditioning and diet. Top people giving their view on a fairly new discipline for football. All looked to be under the age of 40. Who is our man? Tony Colbert. Have you read his bio on the Arsenal website? Compare it to Ryland Morgans on Liverpools. Chalk and cheese.

Again, piece it together. Arsenal have almost double the injuries that last longer than a week than the nearest team in the league. Aaron Ramsey breaks down before he returns from injury, Jack Wilshere had a double break down two years ago and Thomas Vermaelen did. What’s that telling you? How about the talk of Robin having his own fitness coach. Cesc wanting his own fitness coach. Smoke without fire?

That isn’t enough? Well how about looking at how often we’ve come out of the traps since December. We are slow, we lack zip and we look a million miles away off teams like Everton, Liverpool and City. Now, I’d be game for just saying it’s a player thing, but these players didn’t look like that earlier on in the season. Giroud was a monster at the start of the year. Arsenal pressed hard at the start. Where has that gone?

Does it take a genius here to see that something is flawed in the way our players are trained? I don’t think so. Can I confidently tell you I sit in on those training sessions? No. But if you take the circumstantial evidence, it’s not hard to see there’s a problem there. I mean, even the manager says they’re going to investigate what they’re doing.

How about players rotation? Again, this is another point meshed in with training. But look at the injuries we’ve had this season. Rambo, Theo, Aaron, Koscielny and Jack. Jack aside, those players were all beasted in some way, shape or form with regards to on pitch playing time. It was clear at the time, and I wrote it, that those guys would get injured if they didn’t get rotated. Sure enough, they picked up injuries. How did I know they’d get injured?

… because Wenger beasts players every single year! This season isn’t an anomaly. It’s the norm!

Now, that Raymond chap who is the expert rent-a-quote guy when it comes to fitness issues beasted Arsene when it came to the Theo issue. My pals who support other clubs mailed me the quotes, ‘Theo comes back from injury and then plays 5 games in 16 days, then he picks up an injury’. Until it’s slapped in your face, you don’t realise how kamikaze it is. Then you start layering the same thought process over our other players. Chambo played a similar amount of games for us recently culminating in the Chelsea disaster. Is it a coincidence that player coming back from injury exhaust quickly? How can the club not be picking up on these patterns?

I guess the final nail in the coffin for me with the rotation thing was the selection for the Coventry game. He has Ozil, a player famed for only playing 60minutes, playing all the games, looking dead on his feet… and he plays him for the full 90 in the cup against a league 2 side. Along with Rosicky, Jack, Kos and Mertesacker. What a joke! The most incredible selection ever!

Then with things like having a game plan. I’ve always insisted we don’t have one, because it’s pretty clear we don’t. Ian Wright said on Talksport last night he didn’t do any opposition analysis under Wenger. Cesc Fabregas came out after the world cup and said we don’t do analysis. Yet the myth is still perpetuated Wenger is some sort of super analyst. We’ve seen countless times this season the manager clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to planning. We’ve never won the Champions League, despite, at one point, having the best team in the world.

Gary Neville tore Arsenal a new one last night on tactics. He also made the most obvious point the other week on Twitter when he said something along the lines of, ‘you can have all the skill, but without power and pace, you won’t win the league’. Again, these aren’t things you need to be told by a professional footballer, you can see it with your own eyes.

With regards to the backroom set up of the club, again, I’m not working there, but it’s pretty apparent the game has come on a long way in the last 5 years. The fact that Arsenal have been falling behind for ten is besides the point. Take a read of Soccernomics and read about top clubs approach to transfers and managerial set up. It’s not about the individual manager anymore, it’s about the team around him. Is this new wave thinking? Of course not. It’s how business has worked for decades. Now look at Arsenal’s set up. The same people, on-going, for 17 years. Look at how many assistants Ferguson had. Look at how many went onto better things. Look at our backroom team. It’s old. Very old. Look at the problems, the same, all the time. What’s the correlation here? Every year the backroom team stays the same, every year we get further away.

Barcelona have a committee of people that work on the backroom stuff. They decide on transfers like a proper business. Arsene Wenger strictly doesn’t believe anyone should have control outside himself. He’s on record as saying so. So would it be fair to say that someone who talks of authoritarian rule probably enacts it? Of course! That’s not just a guess either, I’ve sat with people like Alex Fynn who wrote a fantastic book on the manager. I’ve met with player agents feedback some great stories, I get to speak to journalists who feed me the bits they can’t publish. It’s incredible what you hear! When I podcasted with Simon Kuper (Soccernomics cowriter), he said Arsene is the last manager at a top European club who controls like a king.

Then you get into the detail of how top sports clubs work and it’s really interesting, because it is exactly the same way top marketing agencies work. A marketing agency is all about the talent. Simple as that. Top talent goes, so does the agency reputation. Same with football. Heritage means little if you have crap players and staff. Last season, I had the pleasure of working closely with a professional sports club. The way they operate is very similar to the best football clubs. The CEO builds a team around the strengths and the weaknesses of the manager. Arsene Wenger has a great footballing vision, but he’s crap at the tactics. So why not build  team around him that can take on board his footballing vision and layer it with a bit of substance? We consistently have issues with our keepers. So here’s an idea, why not ask the question… what’s going on with the keeping coach? He’s the only consistent over the years along with regressive keepers.

There is stuff all over the web if you dig deep enough, mainly in tech magazines, but this article in Wired was excellent and I’m going to try and get one of these guys to chat to me on a podcast. This is Simon Wilson on his vision at City.

“After a game there wasn’t any kind of analysis. Emotionally, the manager and the coaching staff would just draw a line and move on. It was part of the culture. They wouldn’t ask themselves if the game plan had been right or even well executed. My team of analysts had to fight that habit and create a continuous loop between what happened in games, why it happened and what we are going to do next time.”

Tell me people, does it look like Arsene has ever challenged his game plan? Of course it doesn’t. We’ve come undone spectacularly in the same way 4 times this season. We never ask if the game plan is right. We never learn. We never challenge norms. We never look to evolve what we do. I mean, maybe I’m totally fucking wrong here, but who is our Manager of Strategic Analysis? Do we have one? Is that what Boro gets up to? Is Gerry Peyton running this as a sideline? Just to give you a bit more detail, that guy runs 5 departments. Yep. 5 DEPARTMENTS! Liverpool have a director of research, called Ian Graham, who has a PhD in theoretical physics. The Guardian had this piece on Roberto Martinez

‘Aged 40, with a postgraduate diploma in business and marketing from Manchester University – attained while he was a player at Wigan – you might expect him to be a passionate advocate for analytics. The Numbers Game describes Martínez as a “hero” and its authors, Chris Anderson and David Sally, devote a chapter to his work as Wigan manager, which they approvingly call “Guerrilla Football”‘

Call me a total chancer here, but I think if you look at the information available, we’re quite a long way off our rivals. We don’t have those departments on our website. If we do have those departments, who is using the information? Who is analysing what went wrong at Everton and feeding it back into the manager? I’ve no idea. But the simple fact of the matter is you don’t have to be Columbo to draw pretty damning conclusions.

… and look, if someone wants to take any of this down with a comment that sits outside, ‘I refuse to believe it’ then go ahead, I’m all ears.

I’ve seen the training ground, it’s world class. I’ve met the medical team. They didn’t treat my hernia, but they clearly know their stuff. I’ve sat with Ivan and I rate him and don’t believe he’s oblvious to all this. His backroom team are world class. I’ve met people who’ve marketed Nike and Pepsi. Surely he recognises that Arsene hasn’t taken the same approach to his team? Surely he can see that things aren’t working? Because I’m a total amateur here with nothing more than an obsession about the game… and I can see that it’s pretty clear that things are going horribly wrong and no one is there to help Wenger. No one is talking to him on the bench. Wenger is so shell shocked, he doesn’t even get up in a game he’s being spanked in. Who is sitting with Wenger and delivering the news? Someone needs to be… because he’s floundering.

Anyway, a bit of an impassioned defence you can choose to either accept and investigate further yourself… or you can ignore. It’s your choice. I’m just piecing the obvious together. For me, it’s over for the manager, I don’t think, at 65, he has it in him to install an 11 person analysis team. I don’t think he wants someone in the company with a PHD. I don’t think he could deal with the emotional drain of sacking people who are clearly offering very little to the cause. I’m not sure he has the guts to go out and spend £140m on players that might have been suggested by someone outside his inner circle. I think it’s all too much… I think he might walk.

I might be wrong though. All this information, from all these different places, might be a case of me piecing together a story that doesn’t exist.

I doubt it though. I seriously doubt it.

If it looks like a mess, performs like a mess… chances are, it’s a fucking mess.

See you in the comments.

Tomorrow, we talk the fixture run in…


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  1. bigper

    always liked schurlle, reckon theres a good player in there, good pace and finish to him, not sure mourinho will get the best out of him though.

    really like matuidi too, would’ve been good for us

  2. kwik fit

    Rolls Reis Eh! Sign him up Arsene……….On second thoughts don’t bother you’ll not be here in the summer 😉

  3. MuddyGooner

    Klopp is a genius.
    Great pressing game by Dortmund now resulting in them going 2 – 0 up.
    Messieurs Wenger, look and learn !

  4. bigper


    think he cost about 20 million, quite a bit

    even real Madrid can fall apart ala arsenal lol
    they look nervy without ronaldo

  5. london gunner

    That Lucas of PSG is awful! Reminds me of Walcott when he was younger and really shit except Lucas is 23 so should have much better decision making and be able to look up whilst dribbling with the ball.

  6. kwik fit


    Exactly and I wasn’t over impressed with dortmund’s starting line up. Real however probably mentally thought the tie was over. AKA Bayern last year.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    Today’s market 20 million isn’t overly expensive. But he’s weighed in with some important goals for the chavs. Looks a good player.

    See Arsehole wonga, you don’t need to spend mental money to get a decent footballer.

  8. london gunner

    If Reus buy out clause is only around 29.5 bob that’s amazingly cheap for such quality, especially if Bale is 85 mill and Suarez is 55-65, Ozil is 42 mill, Reus is gotta to be a 38 bob player.

  9. MuddyGooner

    Klopp always manages to get his team to turn up in big games.
    He’s the complete opposite of Wenger !

  10. MidwestGun

    London –
    Lol video game warriors no thanks, super short technically gifted midfielders who don’t score not doing it for me. Just get a proper Cdm please.

  11. Jeff

    I started to watch Chelsea for 15 mins and I thought this is absolute crap. Boring as hell! So switched over and what a joy. I’ve never seen anything like it. The pressing game Dortmund are playing is something to behold; a wonderful game. Reus; what a player! Lewendowski; what a player! In fact, there isn’t anyone on the pitch for Dortmund that isn’t performing. That’s what a game plan and tactics does for you.

    I can’t wait for the second half.

  12. salparadisenyc

    Cesc AppealApril 8, 2014 19:32:39

    Klopp seems like to the type to get what he needs which is precisely what we’ve lacked. Looking at his side, barring Bayern bound Lewandowski Reus is what we need.

  13. bigper


    yeah true, he’s also pretty young so has time to improve further. he plays in the same position as hazard though so doesn’t seem to get a run of games in his preferred role.

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Hazard off. £20 million on. There is the difference, not youngsters or free transfers. It’s why we have to add quality to the squad and we have the funds to do it.

    After tonights game. Ancellotti for 2 years until Klopp and Reus become available loooooool

  15. zeus

    Dortmund in with a real chance of a miracle comeback.

    Can they do what Arsenal have come so close to doing but ultimately failing to do on more than one occasion?

  16. Jake

    Funny how people are talking about Klopp here. I’d love him to replace Wenger but his team clearly don’t “always show up for big games” as they came into this game 3-0 down.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely, he’d put some ‘heavy metal’ into the side…but I dunno if he’d wanna destabilise BvB

  18. tunnygriffboy

    We did press a bit at the start of the season. Injuries to what athletic types we had then fatigue stopped it. You can’t press with Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Wilshere, Podolski et al . . . You can with Walcott, Rosicky, Ox, Gnabry, Ramsey,Ozil.

  19. Bero

    Jeff – agreed. All the names people keep saying for Wenger replacement are great but I can’t see any of them leaving where they are right now. Including martinez.

  20. Jeff


    When the opposition plays like that it ruffles the defence making them more liable to make mistakes. It’s the fear factor.

  21. tunnygriffboy


    I’m starting to sound like a WOB looool !

    I know you don’t agree but it’s why I say give Wenger 2 years so that we can get Klopp in on a transition so he can line up the targets he wants. Alternatively someone like Ancellotti for two years in the mean time. That never happen though.

  22. salparadisenyc

    I bet Klopp makes 1/4 what Wenger’s on, loyalty’s is nice. Doubling your salary is fucking fantastic. Lets not even get into transfer spending potential he’d be moving onto.

  23. John S

    Everything you say Pedro makes complete sense, those that don’t agree with you are either living in denial or lack the intelligence to accept we have no game plan & tactics are fairly non existent! How on earth can we lose badly 4 times this season in exactly the same way!? I personally fear the worst this weekend, you can bet there’s been little or no analysis of Wigan (they have some real pace up front). I hope we finish in the top 4 & win the FA Cup but if we do, I’d like to see Arsene accept his limitations in this modern game & hand the reigns over… can someone apparently so intelligent not see the blindingly obvious? Changes are needed or we will simply stagnate & go nowhere quickly!! I am resigned to accepting this as the status quo until something happens to shake things up…..Arsene loves the club, that much is true, so either change & get some help or say goodbye so we can move on. Sorry Arsene, but enough is enough….

  24. kwik fit

    12m offer would have got Cabaye last summer. If Wenger had of just over 2m more. So many if’s with Wenger.

  25. Gunner2301


    Spot on post again. I wouldn’t worry about the trolls they’ve obviously never done a jigsaw lol.

    Wenger is finished it’s just a matter of time now. What astonishes me that no pundit or manager has called Wenger for his totally inept approach and lack of tactics. If we can see it I’m sure they can but football is a you scratch my back and I’ll suck you off kinda world and former players will not criticise him. Even GG the other night was holding back on criticising Wenger. Why I have no idea it’s not as if he’s got a career path in football so what’s he got to lose?

    I haven’t heard what Neville said but he’s probably one of the few that is highlighting it and to think they were all giving Wenger a blow job for 1000 matches. How wrong they were.


  26. Steve


    How do you sell that one to Wenger ?

    “We’d like you to stay for another two years as an interim manager and by the way we will only be buying the players that Herr Klopp want’s us to buy.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    What I meant was that Wenger has 2 years and the summer after he finishes that is when you buy Klopp targets. If Wenger stays it won’t be longer than 2 years


    Don’t necessarily agree that if Wenger stays it’ll finish us as a top 4 side. If he can sort the injury situation and adds quality, which he has too otherwise there will be meltdown , I personally believe that we can be more competitive. If we had quality cover for those injured we wouldn’t be in this predicament. He will have to change though in terms of transfers and rotation and injury management and that I suppose is the big question.

    What’s really disappointing is that he continued to play Wengerball when Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil were out when the replacements were not capable of doing it. Hence the need for more quality in depth

  28. Gunner2301

    John S

    For Wenger to change and do the right thing would require too much. We thought he’d learned his lesson before but he was just playing with us showing us that he’s in control and he can do what he wants. Do you really think between now and next season Wenger will:-

    Get rid of the dead wood? We thought that before Bendtner is still here
    Get rid of his back room staff? That would mean he’d have to take on others views.
    Listen to Steve Bould? How would he explain the previous cold shoulder?
    Become a “great developer of youth” People would ask him what the fuck he was doing before.
    Stop mismanaging players? That’s the only way he knows how to keep us in the top 4 obviously.
    Spot top talent – after Sanogo and Kim kallstrom? Gervinho? Denilson? He’d have to start going to matches like SAF but that might be beneath him.
    Buy top players – could he switch from babying players to dealing with big egos?
    Prepare for the opposition? What excuse would he give for not doing it up till now?
    Pay players what they’re worth – How would he deal with the riot that would ensue when players found out how much Diaby was getting paid?
    Get over his ego – He would have to admit he was wrong and I’ve seen no remote chance that he even recognises that.

    In short there would be too many issues to address and Wenger would literally end a Damascus road experience for him to be who we want him to be. It’s much easier to identify a manager that has all of that and just get him than to hope Wenger will somehow someday see the light.

  29. kwik fit

    Ashley cole is a lucky boy. If he had have been playing Matuidi would have given him a torrid time. Especially after what he done to his sister Cheryl.

  30. gazzap

    I may have missed it in earlier comments but has everyone on here seen that over half of over 8000 arsenal fans that responded to a Black Scarf Movement poll have said they want wenger to stay at Arsenal regardless of where we finish this season or whether we win the FA cup.
    I tell you once again, Arsenal fans get the shitty manager we deserve. How can so many fans be so bloody stupid?

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    See that. They’ve just scored a second and Mourinho has run down to corner flag to give the team instructions. Wenger would be sitting their Fucking about with his coat and thinking about the french tart he’ll be banging later.

  32. GUNNER786


  33. Jake

    Typical fucking Chelsea. Scraping through with shit goals against a far better team. I can’t wait for Bayern to beat them in the semis.

  34. Gunner2301

    Difference between Mourinho and Wenger – Mourinho slaughters their defending next game they don’t concede. Wenger babies his players next game they concede 6. The stark difference between a winner and a loser.


  35. Jeff

    What a shame about Dortmund. So many misses from Mkhitaryan. They were easily the better team tonight but lost owing to a mountain to climb and so many chances missed. That’s the way it goes sometimes. But having said that, I doubt Real will win it this season.

    Meanwhile Chelsea have pulled it off.

  36. Gunner2301


    Pedro highlighted it yesterday I think. Fucking deluded cunts. One good thing most of them will move on with Wenger when he moves on they support Wenger not Arsenal.


  37. Radio Raheem

    Thing is I won’t back Pep’s Bayern to beat Chelsea. Atletico on the other hand I think will do Chelsea. Heynckes’ Bayern will beat this Chelsea not Pep’s.

    I hope Atletico go through and meet Chelsea next.

  38. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    If Arsenal were playing we would of been tippi tappy at the back

    down the side

    Chelsea route one take a chance

  39. Gunner2301


    We worked on different scenarios all week. For every scenario we had a game plan.



  40. reality check

    Jose does it again..

    I think its safe to say, you make your own luck. the chavs tossed the ball in the mixer 3 or 4 times before the 2nd ball dropped to one of their players. I think it was eto who brings it down, shapes, takes a shot, it bundles through, Ba beats the last CB to put it in.

    Sometimes shit just happens for you.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    Wenger is currently sat on his chair, eyes blank, rocking backwards and forwards gibbering to himself as he will know Chelsea have gone through and he’ll know that he’ll never achieve that height ever again.

  42. andy1886

    I wonder if all the ‘maureen’s crap, wenger is better’ brigade will be back tomorrow? I recall they were all out last week when the Chavs lost the away game. About time they realised that it’s only half time after the first leg, unless it’s a Wenger side because we just throw the towel in or at best flatter to deceive.

  43. Chyke

    I really hope Mr lalaland Wenger watched this Chelsea game! Just look at the subs Jose made to change the game nd win the game. It’s just pathetic to watch Arsenal play right now, I’m really angry nd numb that Mr lalaland can’t see what we all are seeing right now about our team. Kinda ask yourself what if we………during the summer?? This just hurts to see Mr lalaland not able to take risks nd move our beloved club forward…….

  44. ughelligunner

    How poor was carvani home and away? If wenger buys carvani and he underperfoms against chelsea in the EPL, how hard we fans be on him and wenger?
    I think prefer the direct football to this side ways passing.
    Teams like bayern and barca won’t trouble chelsea at all.

  45. london gunner

    Well done Chelsea! Congrats those boys deserve it… that’s what winners look like instead of us who are pathetic failures.

    That’s what a real manager looks like instead of Wenger who is the self deluded one who us not a specialist in failure in fact the master of failure.

    I hate you Chelsea lot to bits but the bad thing is I respect their team their manager 1000 times more than our bunch of pathetic losers.

  46. reality check

    Gunner2301 April 8, 2014 20:44:59

    Reality check

    It was part of the game plan.
    Excellent, they had a PLAN that would guide them towards achieving their TARGETS, which they have done SUCCESSFULLY.

    I forgotten what that feels like as a football fan. to know that my team has a plan.

  47. london gunner

    It was a crappy goal, a deflection, they were lucky bla bla bla!

    Chelsea make their own luck by soldering on, not caving in to the pressure and going for it, that scrappy crappy goal is the mark of champions because if you can’t win pretty don’t give up keep trying and you might just make it.

    Arsene “Jose won but he did not win playing beautiful football”

    Me “Arsene fuck of you cunt”

  48. Chyke

    london gunnerApril 8, 2014 20:50:05

    Well done Chelsea! Congrats those boys deserve it… that’s what winners look like instead of us who are pathetic failures.That’s what a real manager looks like instead of Wenger who is the self deluded one who us not a specialist in failure in fact the master of failure.I hate you Chelsea lot to bits but the bad thing is I respect their team their manager 1000 times more than our bunch of pathetic losers.

    Exactly mate!!….

  49. ughelligunner

    Wow klopp love in? I thought this is what arsene is good at. Lose the first league and play like our life depends on it in the second. What’s the diff?

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    @Reality check

    We do have a plan. Spend as little as possible on cheap shite footballers from the french lower leagues, while putting up ticket prices and fleecing the fans. Not to mention ruining any half decent footballer to play for us, by running them into the ground till they start to get injured on a frequent basis…..While all the time proclaiming 4th is a trophy and that the Arabs and Russkies have destroyed football as Wenger knows it.

  51. reality check

    I don’t care for Chelsea and I don’t care for José, but I’m not a hater.

    I don’t want arsenal to be like Chelsea I want us to be better than Chelsea.

    for the record 😉

  52. Gunner2301

    Arsene “Jose won but he did not win playing beautiful football”

    Jose “Arsene shut the fuck up beautiful football nil results based football 6. You cunt”

  53. bazza

    Just read your analysis – spot on.

    The depressing thing is that normally you would expect the Board or owner to recognise that things are wrong and make changes. In Arsenal’s we have an owner that for some reason is terrified of getting involved and just sees Arsenal as some sort of trophy asset that will appreciate without him doing anything, a Board of geriatrics who do nothing and Gazidis who probably knows what’s going on but hasn’t got the balls to make a stand.

  54. london gunner

    Cavani was poor but he still looks a talent to me… just looks really out of form.

    Even today IMO there were glimpses of his talent like that first touch before he hit the ball over the goal, even the way he misfired was talented he hit the ball with so much power and with zero back spin despite the ball being unsettled.

    Yes he was bad I am not saying he wasn’t but I think his serious talent whose out of form, his first touch was really good just his 2nd or 3rd were off which makes me think instinct wise his quality just that mentally his not in a good place hence why he is not composed.

  55. Thomas

    Radio Raheem April 8, 2014 18:23:05

    The teams starting for Chelsea-PSG look evenly matched shame the tie is already over.



  56. Radio Raheem


    Don’t be thicko all your life. Even if Chelsea had a 5 man advamtage I’ll still predict a loss for them.


  57. Bero

    Cavani is a talent. He’s not had a run up front this season. Would do well as the top man somewhere. Would love him at arsenal.

  58. reality check

    Gunner2301 April 8, 2014 20:56:30

    Arsene “Jose won but he did not win playing beautiful football”

    Jose “Arsene shut the fuck up beautiful football nil results based football 6. You cunt”

    Its harsh but its true lol

  59. Chyke

    Thank you and goodnight

    April 8, 2014 20:58:06

    He’ll probably get a coat with velcro fastenings.

    Hahahaha!! Cracking up!….