Guess which other manager has a degree?

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Professor looking dated...

Professor looking dated…

So, gonna kick this off with a bit of a moan this morning. Obviously yesterday’s article was a bit of a beast and generally, with a beast article you get some beastly criticism.

‘Yu are torking shit’

Which is a perfectly acceptable way to take down a 2000 word essay on a Monday morning. However, just for the record, I’d like to layer some context over what I write and explain a few things.

Firstly, this is a blog, written by an amateur who has no desire whatsoever to become a journalist. I like blogging, it’s fun and it gives me the chance to share my passion for total Arsenal immersion. We started out 7 years ago and have written something daily since then. Over the years, it’s given the site access to some pretty amazing people and experiences. So generally, the structure to what I write here is a piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle that’s been accruing pieces for 7 years.

You don’t have to believe what I write. You can disagree with the points. You can demand I provide digital evidence of the issues that go on at the club. I can’t do that. Pat Rice isn’t at the club anymore and Jack Jebb and I aren’t on speaking terms.

However, it’s important to know that I get around. I live in London and have been afforded access to many things. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of a tour of the training ground. I was shown the facilities with Colin Lewin and Gary O’Driscoll. Good times. Did I land a playing contract? No. Did I get to see the world class training facilities? Yes. Was it clear that medical staff don’t injure players? Yes.

Ok, so if medical people don’t injure players, who does? Well, Arsene Wenger has gone on record  ( as saying he intensely trains players to get the best out of them towards the end of games. Tony Colbert brags about having players fit for the last ten for the additional goals we score. The club also have GPS tech and Wenger has gone on record at least twice talking of ignoring redzone data. Even this season, David Hytner said that Aaron Ramsey was played despite being in the redzone. Now, with a bit of investigation into sport science, it’s not difficult to find out detail about the basics. If you overwork players, they break or under perform. Simple as that. Then you have programmes like the Footballers Football show who have the heads of fitness for Chelsea, Liverpool and Leeds. All talking about recovery, strength and conditioning and diet. Top people giving their view on a fairly new discipline for football. All looked to be under the age of 40. Who is our man? Tony Colbert. Have you read his bio on the Arsenal website? Compare it to Ryland Morgans on Liverpools. Chalk and cheese.

Again, piece it together. Arsenal have almost double the injuries that last longer than a week than the nearest team in the league. Aaron Ramsey breaks down before he returns from injury, Jack Wilshere had a double break down two years ago and Thomas Vermaelen did. What’s that telling you? How about the talk of Robin having his own fitness coach. Cesc wanting his own fitness coach. Smoke without fire?

That isn’t enough? Well how about looking at how often we’ve come out of the traps since December. We are slow, we lack zip and we look a million miles away off teams like Everton, Liverpool and City. Now, I’d be game for just saying it’s a player thing, but these players didn’t look like that earlier on in the season. Giroud was a monster at the start of the year. Arsenal pressed hard at the start. Where has that gone?

Does it take a genius here to see that something is flawed in the way our players are trained? I don’t think so. Can I confidently tell you I sit in on those training sessions? No. But if you take the circumstantial evidence, it’s not hard to see there’s a problem there. I mean, even the manager says they’re going to investigate what they’re doing.

How about players rotation? Again, this is another point meshed in with training. But look at the injuries we’ve had this season. Rambo, Theo, Aaron, Koscielny and Jack. Jack aside, those players were all beasted in some way, shape or form with regards to on pitch playing time. It was clear at the time, and I wrote it, that those guys would get injured if they didn’t get rotated. Sure enough, they picked up injuries. How did I know they’d get injured?

… because Wenger beasts players every single year! This season isn’t an anomaly. It’s the norm!

Now, that Raymond chap who is the expert rent-a-quote guy when it comes to fitness issues beasted Arsene when it came to the Theo issue. My pals who support other clubs mailed me the quotes, ‘Theo comes back from injury and then plays 5 games in 16 days, then he picks up an injury’. Until it’s slapped in your face, you don’t realise how kamikaze it is. Then you start layering the same thought process over our other players. Chambo played a similar amount of games for us recently culminating in the Chelsea disaster. Is it a coincidence that player coming back from injury exhaust quickly? How can the club not be picking up on these patterns?

I guess the final nail in the coffin for me with the rotation thing was the selection for the Coventry game. He has Ozil, a player famed for only playing 60minutes, playing all the games, looking dead on his feet… and he plays him for the full 90 in the cup against a league 2 side. Along with Rosicky, Jack, Kos and Mertesacker. What a joke! The most incredible selection ever!

Then with things like having a game plan. I’ve always insisted we don’t have one, because it’s pretty clear we don’t. Ian Wright said on Talksport last night he didn’t do any opposition analysis under Wenger. Cesc Fabregas came out after the world cup and said we don’t do analysis. Yet the myth is still perpetuated Wenger is some sort of super analyst. We’ve seen countless times this season the manager clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to planning. We’ve never won the Champions League, despite, at one point, having the best team in the world.

Gary Neville tore Arsenal a new one last night on tactics. He also made the most obvious point the other week on Twitter when he said something along the lines of, ‘you can have all the skill, but without power and pace, you won’t win the league’. Again, these aren’t things you need to be told by a professional footballer, you can see it with your own eyes.

With regards to the backroom set up of the club, again, I’m not working there, but it’s pretty apparent the game has come on a long way in the last 5 years. The fact that Arsenal have been falling behind for ten is besides the point. Take a read of Soccernomics and read about top clubs approach to transfers and managerial set up. It’s not about the individual manager anymore, it’s about the team around him. Is this new wave thinking? Of course not. It’s how business has worked for decades. Now look at Arsenal’s set up. The same people, on-going, for 17 years. Look at how many assistants Ferguson had. Look at how many went onto better things. Look at our backroom team. It’s old. Very old. Look at the problems, the same, all the time. What’s the correlation here? Every year the backroom team stays the same, every year we get further away.

Barcelona have a committee of people that work on the backroom stuff. They decide on transfers like a proper business. Arsene Wenger strictly doesn’t believe anyone should have control outside himself. He’s on record as saying so. So would it be fair to say that someone who talks of authoritarian rule probably enacts it? Of course! That’s not just a guess either, I’ve sat with people like Alex Fynn who wrote a fantastic book on the manager. I’ve met with player agents feedback some great stories, I get to speak to journalists who feed me the bits they can’t publish. It’s incredible what you hear! When I podcasted with Simon Kuper (Soccernomics cowriter), he said Arsene is the last manager at a top European club who controls like a king.

Then you get into the detail of how top sports clubs work and it’s really interesting, because it is exactly the same way top marketing agencies work. A marketing agency is all about the talent. Simple as that. Top talent goes, so does the agency reputation. Same with football. Heritage means little if you have crap players and staff. Last season, I had the pleasure of working closely with a professional sports club. The way they operate is very similar to the best football clubs. The CEO builds a team around the strengths and the weaknesses of the manager. Arsene Wenger has a great footballing vision, but he’s crap at the tactics. So why not build  team around him that can take on board his footballing vision and layer it with a bit of substance? We consistently have issues with our keepers. So here’s an idea, why not ask the question… what’s going on with the keeping coach? He’s the only consistent over the years along with regressive keepers.

There is stuff all over the web if you dig deep enough, mainly in tech magazines, but this article in Wired was excellent and I’m going to try and get one of these guys to chat to me on a podcast. This is Simon Wilson on his vision at City.

“After a game there wasn’t any kind of analysis. Emotionally, the manager and the coaching staff would just draw a line and move on. It was part of the culture. They wouldn’t ask themselves if the game plan had been right or even well executed. My team of analysts had to fight that habit and create a continuous loop between what happened in games, why it happened and what we are going to do next time.”

Tell me people, does it look like Arsene has ever challenged his game plan? Of course it doesn’t. We’ve come undone spectacularly in the same way 4 times this season. We never ask if the game plan is right. We never learn. We never challenge norms. We never look to evolve what we do. I mean, maybe I’m totally fucking wrong here, but who is our Manager of Strategic Analysis? Do we have one? Is that what Boro gets up to? Is Gerry Peyton running this as a sideline? Just to give you a bit more detail, that guy runs 5 departments. Yep. 5 DEPARTMENTS! Liverpool have a director of research, called Ian Graham, who has a PhD in theoretical physics. The Guardian had this piece on Roberto Martinez

‘Aged 40, with a postgraduate diploma in business and marketing from Manchester University – attained while he was a player at Wigan – you might expect him to be a passionate advocate for analytics. The Numbers Game describes Martínez as a “hero” and its authors, Chris Anderson and David Sally, devote a chapter to his work as Wigan manager, which they approvingly call “Guerrilla Football”‘

Call me a total chancer here, but I think if you look at the information available, we’re quite a long way off our rivals. We don’t have those departments on our website. If we do have those departments, who is using the information? Who is analysing what went wrong at Everton and feeding it back into the manager? I’ve no idea. But the simple fact of the matter is you don’t have to be Columbo to draw pretty damning conclusions.

… and look, if someone wants to take any of this down with a comment that sits outside, ‘I refuse to believe it’ then go ahead, I’m all ears.

I’ve seen the training ground, it’s world class. I’ve met the medical team. They didn’t treat my hernia, but they clearly know their stuff. I’ve sat with Ivan and I rate him and don’t believe he’s oblvious to all this. His backroom team are world class. I’ve met people who’ve marketed Nike and Pepsi. Surely he recognises that Arsene hasn’t taken the same approach to his team? Surely he can see that things aren’t working? Because I’m a total amateur here with nothing more than an obsession about the game… and I can see that it’s pretty clear that things are going horribly wrong and no one is there to help Wenger. No one is talking to him on the bench. Wenger is so shell shocked, he doesn’t even get up in a game he’s being spanked in. Who is sitting with Wenger and delivering the news? Someone needs to be… because he’s floundering.

Anyway, a bit of an impassioned defence you can choose to either accept and investigate further yourself… or you can ignore. It’s your choice. I’m just piecing the obvious together. For me, it’s over for the manager, I don’t think, at 65, he has it in him to install an 11 person analysis team. I don’t think he wants someone in the company with a PHD. I don’t think he could deal with the emotional drain of sacking people who are clearly offering very little to the cause. I’m not sure he has the guts to go out and spend £140m on players that might have been suggested by someone outside his inner circle. I think it’s all too much… I think he might walk.

I might be wrong though. All this information, from all these different places, might be a case of me piecing together a story that doesn’t exist.

I doubt it though. I seriously doubt it.

If it looks like a mess, performs like a mess… chances are, it’s a fucking mess.

See you in the comments.

Tomorrow, we talk the fixture run in…


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  1. gambon

    ” Barca 2011 vs Bayern 2013?”

    Too hard to call.

    If they played 10 times i could honestly see 3 wins each and 4 draws.

    The thing Barca would have is the Messi factor.

    As long as you defend well enough, he would always, literally always score eventually.

    Ive said for so long just how inportant a world class goal scorer is.

    Look at:

    UTD in 2013 (RVP)
    Chelsea in 2010 (Drogba)
    UTD 06-09 (Ronaldo)
    Arsenal 98-04 (Henry)

    This is why I cant understand Wengers new obsession with having a team that shares goals out evenly.

    He knows better than anyone how a single world class player scores the goals that win trophies.

    With a top CF (think Lewandowski, Costa, RVP etc) we beat Chelsea and UTD at home this year. We go one nil up at Stamford Bridge.

    At the top level these goals matter so much.

    Once Mourinho sorts his CF issues out Chelsea will be superb.

    Theyre doing well with absolute shite upfront.

  2. Keyser

    Vieira had Petit, Gilberto, Edu at times, and we even played Parlour wide or almost like a midfield 3.

    I really don’t get why people struggle with this,

    When you’ve got Vieira alongside Petit, or Gilberto, the centre of that midfield is strong enough to match almost any midfield regardless of who they’re up against.

    Even then the balance is provided by Bergkamp dropping deeper to help people create, and look for runners, Parlour cutting in to provide stability while Overmars pushed on, or later Ljungberg’s work ethic to counter Pires’s attacking ability.

    Then take Fabregas, you could take almost any midfield in the world, but as a midfield two it isn’t going to be half as physically dominant as with Vieira and co.

    So you either switch to a midfield 3 leaving Henry up front to work his socks off, or you add Flamini, Hleb and Rosicky, one who retains the ball, another who works exceptionally hard regardless, both can dribble and affect areas higher up the pitch.

    All we’ve seen in recent years is Wenger scrambling to adjust as every couple of years we lose key players.

    We got 15 odd assist out of Song ffs.

  3. Paulinho

    Not sure about Messi being a guaranteed scorer against really top sides. He’s gone missing a fair bit really well drilled tactical sides over the years. His shoulders drop and loses his power with the ball.

  4. James wood

    Keyser – would Draxler in his right mind want to come
    To Arsenal or any other top player in their right mind.?

    This situation will only get worse if we finish 5 th.

  5. Paulinho

    “Vieira had Petit, Gilberto, Edu at times, and we even played Parlour wide or almost like a midfield 3.”

    Oh yeah remember that, Wenger already – only 13 months into his tenure – had lost control of the team (similar to now) and it needed Adams and Co to tell Wenger how to structure the side after we lost 3-1 at home to Blackburn.

  6. Minion

    Roberto Martinez said Wigan could beat us and said their manager is brilliant. Just hope that cunt is sacked after we lose.

  7. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, not really true is it, they felt they weren’t offered enough protection in the end it worked out anyway and we won a double.

    “Lassana Diara was a gem, quick but could also be dynamic going forward, yet Wenger gave him the cold shoulder for that old clogger Flamini. It was then it was clear he was losing his marbles.”

    Diarra came across as just a bit dopey and impatient, he wanted to play, but everytime he did he wasn’t content to simply carry water and excel like Flamini, didn’t really fit and wasn’t willing to wait around to try.

    Flamini was head and shoulders the better player that year, even better considering Diarra had the head of a Dolphin.

  8. salparadisenyc

    KeithApril 8, 2014 15:52:11
    Top 4 and the FA Cup would be a very successful season. Hopefully we do win the FA Cup.

    Troll away Keith, you should takes the positives: a new dawn approaches for Arsenal FC.

    We could finish 4th and win the FA cup yet Wenger will still walk, a beleaguered figure cutting a discontent shadow. Not to paint the devil on the wall but its highly possible we fail on both fronts. Makes his decision easier but the outcome is the same, theres no way back. Hope thats not the case in terms of results but theres no doubting its pure damage control. Wigan is a large task with our current state of play and Wenger is a spent force running on fumes.

  9. Wallace

    Micah Richards turning down a new contract at City. hasn’t really progressed since he was 17/18 but still time for him to develop. wouldn’t be averse to swapping him for Sagna.

    can’t believe anyone in the top flight can touch Theo for speed. i’ve read that even pro sprinters get dribbly about his running style.

  10. Jon

    I am sorry but I can’t ever imagine Arsenal without Arsene. It hurts to see so many fans hating on him. I hope he stays.

  11. Romford Pele

    Paulinho, agree about Rosicky and Hleb. Like you say, their industrious nature actually translated into us still being relatively solid defensively.

    Not overly sure I buy the athlete just infront of the back four though. If you don’t have game intelligence, AMs will always be able to find space in between the lines; i’m thinking most recently Barca vs City here. In any case, Vieira tended to be the one who played further forward. Ahead of Petit, then ahead of Gilberto/Edu.

  12. Bergkamp63

    “i’ve read that even pro sprinters get dribbly about his running style”

    True, but not many top strikers would be getting moist at his finishing skills ?

  13. Bergkamp63

    Jon April 8, 2014 16:09:17
    I am sorry but I can’t ever imagine Arsenal without Arsene. It hurts to see so many fans hating on him. I hope he stays

    Touching !

  14. gambon

    “Not sure about Messi being a guaranteed scorer against really top sides. ”

    Erm, he has 43 in his last 42 Champs League games, so i think we can put that one to bed.

  15. Jeff

    I wouldn’t mind seeing us experiment with a 4 4 2 formation. I don’t think we’ve ever done it under Wenger (I could be wrong). We don’t have the players now of course with 0.75 strikers but against certain teams (especially those who shut up shop and are hard to break down) , a 442 formation would present a greater chance of breaking them down than a lone striker who’s often waiting for a cross in the middle only to be surrounded by opposition players (that’s if Giroud makes it that far). I’ve often seen Sagna put in crosses when there’s absolutely nobody in the box!

    With a new manager, we could start to experiment but of course not with the team as it is now. We just don’t have the strikers unless we go with Giroud and Podolski or Giroud and Sanogo.

    Needless to say we need better options up front.

  16. Wallace

    “hes damaged goods unfortunately.”

    shame if that’s the case. i remember him at 18 marking Thierry out of a game.

  17. Romford Pele

    “Erm, he has 43 in his last 42 Champs League games, so i think we can put that one to bed.”

    True but I think his overall level of performance has dropped in the last couple of years. Maybe that’s a byproduct of Barca declining, injuries adding up, playing so many games but I generally don’t get that fear factor that I had a few years back. Obviously he’s already one of the GOAT but whether we’ll see a higher level of performance pre-2012, i’m not sure.

  18. london gunner

    Theo Walcott would of been in the British Olympic 100 meter team and gone to a few Olympics!

    I am seriously into my sprinting was a sprinter during my teens, I believe Theo ran a 10.27….. with no head wind and without low altitude a few years back that is amazingly fast for someone who doesn’t train for 100 meters…

    Usain Bolt is only 0.67 faster

  19. Inter YourGran

    I think a lot of the players need to take a long, hard look at themselves as well. I get the whole ‘Wenger’s mindset transfers onto the player’s and it’s no coincidence we’re now ‘everyone’s favourite losers’ not ‘2nd favourite team’.. Granted the lack of power, pace, discipline and tactical nous are the managers fault but the players still need to manage themselves on the pitch sometimes……. These pummelling’s have been embarrassing and the players should feel it so, but you know what, it doesn’t look like it to me.

    As scholes’ previously said someone’s got to be saying to podolski ‘drop back and protect Nacho for the next 10, he’s getting roasted’

    It’s all well and good being vocal and banging the drum when we’re doing well but you see how much salt a player is really worth when the chips are down and right now, apart from Rosicky & Sagna everyone else has just wandered around looking sorry for themselves. Grown men, handsomely paid at a top club… Shocking!!!

    Mertesaker, tired or not, has gone back to looking slow and timid against centre forwards, Captain? Don’t see any leadership qualities now so, not for me.

    Szczesney keeps taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back because he’s a brash mouthy git. Ditto Wilshere.

    Cazorla has gone off the boil this season. He can’t play in the no.10 role against the top sides as he gets bullied but his end product has practically disappeared.

    Arteta’s legs have gone. Flamini doesn’t do an awful lot except run around, shout and get booked. Leader? Nah, you’re alright!

    Giroud was never a starting cf for arsenal but did well to give us a sniff. However, he then undone it all by being a silly cunt, disrespecting the shirt and now is playing like a sunday league player who has had a spliff before walking on the pitch.

    The less said about bendtner and sanogo the better…

    Monreal is the type of left back that needs a bollocking regularly to keep him on his toes. Timid and all too easily falls apart when the game starts to get away.

    Podolski is a fan favourite based on his social media profile. But in reality he’s a lazy cunt who isn’t as talented as arshavin but has a decent left peg so I guess that’s o.k. Also does more disappearing acts than david copperfield.

    It’s become an arsenal thing that when it goes to shit, no one has the readies to pull their sleeves up and lift those around them. It’s all very much ‘you do something, no you, nah not me, you’

    I expect better but Wenger should as well and the axe he wields is as blunt as a plastic fork and the players, know it!

  20. JJ

    Is beasted the word for today? If so, I will need to be careful with it as autocorrect wants the word of the day to be breasted.

  21. london gunner


    Lol mate do your research he was one of the most clinical wingers in Europe last year! Data Doesn’t lie!

    Theo is one of our better players its an absolute joke people last summer were saying lets sell him to get Nani…. it just shows people watch to many match of the day/ youtube clips.

    We don’t need a flashy winger we need the winger who scores goals and makes assists.

  22. Dan Ahern

    Nice blog today Pedro.

    I’m totally with what you said yesterday (I think): AW should be building an elite team around him to grow the club, not continually managing everything himself. He could be great again if he figures out his core competencies (ugh sorry, hate that term) and brings in the best around in his weak areas. But stubbornness and ego are not on his side, sadly.

  23. Keyser

    londongunner – Lol only 0.67 ?

    I think Henry used to do it in 10.4. gambon was timed at only3 minutes slower.

  24. Keith

    I know I would trust Arsene Wenger who has been manager at Arsenal for over 1000 games and is Arsenal’s most successful manager in its entire history than some lobby people on here thinking they know more about football than the legendary Arsene Wenger.

  25. Wallace

    “but I generally don’t get that fear factor that I had a few years back. Obviously he’s already one of the GOAT but whether we’ll see a higher level of performance pre-2012, i’m not sure.”

    i think a lot of the greats are probably at their best at 23/24. of course you can still maintain it for a good while after that, but constantly being targeted by the opposition must wear you down.

  26. salparadisenyc

    Nobody’s made Messi look otherworldly like the Arsenal.. all he needs is another cushy round of 16 with Wenger and co. Surely hell be superman again.

  27. leon

    i feel the main real problem with this team wenger trying to make this team to la lega style game and every has seen its not working and it will never work if look at this team midfield ramsey wilshire ozil cazorla risisky all good players but they all play just behind the striker all very similar meta none of which runners there no real pace or width and clearly not defensive minded.thats why the chelsea manager was more than willing to let meta go for willian who has alot higher work rate he is one many players like that at chelsea arsenal only have one player like that chaimberlain.

    its clear steve bold has very little influence wenger runs it all,to many fingers in to many pies trying to do everything and his tactics have gone from him now he has not moved on from 9 years ago he has not adapted.

    i dont believe for a second that liverpool indivual defenders are better than ours what i think is wingers are very pacy and high energy so they track back help the defenders and they get alot protection same chelsea when the lose the ball they have wingers tracking back.

    if i was in charge i would keep the cbs dump arteter ozil i would bring some very pacy direct wingers i would get dm player that has much pace and power.and up front i would dump him and buy 2 pacy strikers

  28. Inter YourGran

    N% – Sorry pal missed your comment.

    The one SurferX was referring to is the 14.50 comment. Bit of an essay 😆

  29. gambon

    I think last season was Messi at his best, certainly.

    46 goals, 12 assists, from 28 starts. Dribbling only bettered by Ribery.

  30. Romford Pele

    Lol who remembers Belhanda? Was in that title-winning Montpellier side with L’Oreal and Yanga Mbiwa. He’s trying to get himself a move to Arsenal it seems.

  31. Jeff

    ” I don’t want Arséne to leave, I want to see him with a fantastic budget to spend with no excuses not to use it and I’m more than happy to give him the chance this summer.”

    Do you not remember others and perhaps even you saying this in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, …..

  32. Minion

    Wenger doesn’t even sign the best French players anymore. Why aren’t Benzema, Ribery, Pogba, Matuidi, Varane not playing for AFC?

  33. grooveydaddy


    ‘I am sorry but I can’t ever
    imagine Arsenal without Arsene.
    It hurts to see so many fans
    hating on him. I hope he stays.’

    build a bridge and get over it

  34. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Bergkamp63 April 8, 2014 16:11:11
    Jon April 8, 2014 16:09:17
    I am sorry but I can’t ever imagine Arsenal without Arsene. It hurts to see so many fans hating on him. I hope he stays.

    Touching !


    I think you mean touched.

  35. Thomas

    Minion April 8, 2014 16:23:08

    Who else thinks Wenger is a fraud who got lucky?


    100% agree. He was always an average manager who has been found out.

  36. salparadisenyc

    JeffApril 8, 2014 16:28:21
    Something weird happening with the order of posts – I think due to clock change.

    Phew.. you as well. Was beginning to question my evening plans.

  37. london gunner


    I don’t think Messi has declined at all in ability its just teams are more wise to his ways.

    In the past defenders were hopeless against him because they didn’t want to mark him to tightly in case he gave them the slip and the ol shift of weight shoulder drop manoeuvre .

    They then gave him to much space to operate in so he could build up a head of steam at which point his unstoppable.

    Now teams all over Europe particularly the best ones have copied barca’s strategy of pressing as a team which really does work against messi and indeed top players no matter how great their ball control in tight spaces is

    Messi has simply adapted to this change and spends less time on the ball as he has less time, now he either acts more as a playmaker again or keeps possession circulating whilst looking for opportunities to get in the box and get a clinical shot away. It’s more short sharp moments of skill than mesmerizing mazy runs because football has moved on from that.

    Football has changed but I think if teams started playing as used to pre Barca’s dominance Messi would still be doing those mazy runs.

  38. Inter YourGran

    Minion – we’ve tried to sign ribery, benzema and varane. Also, linked heavily to matuidi whilst he was at st, Etienne.

    Can’t sign everyone, but it’s time Grimandi was let go. His recent recommendations from France we’ve bought have been pony.

    Koscielny’s done well but still loves to give away a peno.

  39. Radio Raheem

    I think it’s got to a point where it’s perfectly acceptable to give a girly reason for wanting Wenger out.

    For example, I want Wenger out because he hurts water bottles.
    I want Wenger out because I find the way he struggles with his zip so not sexy.
    I want Wenger out because he won’t get a facelift to sort out his wrinkles.
    I want Wenger out because he cheated on his wife.
    I want Wenger out because he is old and mingy

    I think most fans are jaded of him now, even those that are his biggest fans

  40. Jeff

    The last 3 posts are going to be always ahead as their clock is 17:18 but the rest above them although posted after have a clock time of 16 something. Maybe Pedro changed the clock very briefly and changed it back again.

  41. london gunner


    Thierry henry 10.4?

    He was a fast dude but not that fast lol!

    If he was running that kind of speed in football training then he was a potential Olympic silver medallist.

    If you dedicate your life to sprinting your gonna shave off 0.20-30 at least on your PR track time so if Thierry was 10.4 he would of been down to 9.84-9.74

    Making him one of the fastest sprinters in the world…..

    No way he got 10.4 unless he had a massive headwind and it was timed incorrectly

  42. Minion

    Can you believe he said a while ago he didn’t buy Xabi Alonso because he didn’t want to kill Diaby, Denilson, Song. What an absolute cunt

  43. invincible

    @An Arsenal Fan
    That one mistake, I could list you 20 players that have been mistakes. Plus the reason we were top for so long was because we had an easy fixture list to begin with. Gambon said as much 2 months in to the season and he’s been proven right. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of kroenke, who is as much to blame. But we definitely have to kick wenger into touch. Massively over rated coach who got lucky first time ariund.

  44. london gunner

    Anyone read Arseblog? It’s gotten go recently used to be filled with hardcore AKB’s but everyone has jumped ship now.

    Plus the irish dude that does it says cunt allot!

  45. Keyser

    It’s Pedro overdosing on those NZT-48 pills again, this time he’s fucked the space-time continuum.

    Not to worry though happens every 6 months or so.

  46. Joni Bravo

    Great post mate. Your blog is always a pleasure to read (World Class unlike a lot of our players)

    Keep them coming !

  47. salparadisenyc

    MinionApril 8, 2014 16:39:21

    The Xavi Alonso miss was the last one i’ve hoped for, lost any belief of betterment in that window. Anything after has been a bonus, still convinced 2008’s demise drove Wenger over the edge.

  48. SpanishDave

    When he goes, hopefully the day after the final, we need to have someone in who can get to grips with the squad and new players before the world cup.
    This is going to be difficult, and so is getting rid of the crap, like Bendtner, Arteta etc, who wants them?
    I hope the board are up for it, but somehow I think its going to be a shambles.

  49. Paulinho

    Gambon – Not every team in the Champions League is a top side.

    Did nothing at home to Chelsea a couple of years ago, nothing at home to Inter, and looks impotent for Argentina against top sides.

    Also worth remembering he scored that great goal for Barca against Madrid at the Bernabeu when they were down to ten men, and before the sending off he didn’t want to know.

  50. toniboy

    Messi is allowed to drop in performance, I think he’s a bit jaded to be honest.
    The WC and Argentina are the only things that should put fire in his belly

    He was also seriously injured for the first time….I’m sure he is trying to hit Brazil without overexerting himself

  51. london gunner

    gambon has a very good point.

    It might sound harsh on Giroud but those chances he missed against the top teams often which resulted in a goal at are end a few minutes later… cost us the title.

    With a WC striker a teams deficiencies in other areas are lessened or more than compensated for.

    Giroud Chelsea miss they score, Giroud Liverpool miss they score… with a goal who knows we may of just won that match.

  52. Inter YourGran

    TGB – Thanks mate 😉

    Minion – How is Arsene a fraud who got lucky? 4 fa cups, 2 double doubles and an unbeaten season was masterminded by a lucky fraud 😆 Have some respect FFS!

    Some people I swear down 🙄

  53. Minion

    Did anyone see Gary Neville destruction of our performance? I learned from that not only are our players are not good enough but they are so stupid they can’t even follow tactical instructions.

  54. jwl

    “‘I am sorry but I can’t ever imagine Arsenal without Arsene. It hurts to see so many fans hating on him. I hope he stays.’

    The King is dead, long live the King!

    And I think it was gambon talking about world class strikers and wenger’s peculiar refusal to sign one. Wenger does not like big personalities, people who question his methods, that’s why we don’t have world class striker but we do have many young players who are dependent on wenger for a game. It is wenger’s ego project but he must be tiring of losing season after season or else he would sign contract well before now.

  55. london gunner

    This world cup will be the best one in a long time its so much more open in terms of team quality.

    hopefully the European teams actually train in high altitude/ heat conditions rather than turn up last minute and get killed by the atmosphere.

    The favourites for me are Brazil and Argentina.

    Then Spain then Germany, I also think France is really good now, if you look at the squad its actually full of superstars.

    It would be ashame if the European teams suffer because of the conditions.

  56. Inter YourGran

    LG – Let’s have it right, no one in their right mind thought Giroud would shoot us to the title. After doing well initially, we’ve just been reminded how shit he is

  57. london gunner


    Mate you can do that with every single player in the world including Ronaldo if I can be bothered I can find big matches where he do not score

    Same with ribbery, robben, cavani, ibra, suarez, aguero, rvp, rooney the list goes on….

    Look at this statistic Messi is the leading scorer of goals in clasico matches…. That says it all really. Yes his not always put in a great performance but his put in more than anyone else in the history of football! So get off his back and stop being a hater,

  58. Jeff


    I genuinely do not think Wenger actually knows why we’re not still top. In his estimation, this team accumulated the most points in the last calendar year so logically speaking it should be top but it isn’t.

    The simple explanation is that we are good enough to beat most sides but not the big ones – not even with our strongest 11 playing. That is why he didn’t buy anyone because he thought we could cope and stay on top. That, I think, was the biggest miscalculation of his career and one which can only be made by the most delusional if not inept manager of a top club.

  59. ArseneIsArsenal96

    Stop arguing and get behind the manager. We can still make the Title. We just need to stop this negativity and believe. Wenger built the Invincibles!! He can do it again.

  60. leon

    i know the board realy want wenger to stay because lets face it he does it all for them they have envolvement bringing in a new manager will take out of there comfort zone they will have spend alot more. but what is needed i think if this team loses this weekend i think he is done

  61. Inter YourGran

    LG – France don’t have ‘THE’ striker to be taken seriously IMO… I mean if Giroud is battling to be your number 1 you aren’t winning the world cup, lets be honest

  62. Paul Warms

    Your posts are always excellent, Pedro. You make excellent, well founded points and express them superbly. You’ll get criticised but I know you can ignore that.

    The thing that puzzles me now is the apparent non-action at board level. Perhaps you might be able to run an article giving your thoughts on that. Do you know what is really happening behind the scenes? I can see that argument that Wenger is keeping the club nicely solvent, but… is that it?

  63. An Arsenal Fan

    Great blog, it was really informative.

    I hope he will stay and hopefully the result of this internal analysis is that there will be changes despite the fact that I don’t think internal investigations are that productive. I don’t want Arséne to leave, I want to see him with a fantastic budget to spend with no excuses not too use it and I’m more than happy to give him the chance this summer. Hopefully we can make the necessary improvements in the back room staff because it’s quite clearly needed.

    I understand why people want him to go right now. He cocked up hard not getting a striker and as a result of that we have suffered. But I believe that that mistake shouldn’t be the thing he gets sacked for. He can make amends for it this summer. He is quite clearly able to manage the team well, that first half of the season didn’t happen by chance. The team is good and with a few additions and some adjustments to the way things are run behind the scenes we’ll be able to do much better next season.

    One problem I have is that if we finish outside the top four and Wenger leaves, we wont be able to attract another Ozil. If Wenger stays we still have that chance.Also while we are on the topic of Ozil, he has surely been given reassurances that the club will spend which is why I’m sure that they will.

  64. layerCake

    Arsene wenger: a 64 year old bachelor in economics who manages one of the biggest clubs in the world as fallen, and d problem is he doesnt knw it. Wen highly educated and you dnt knw when its time to move positions or evolve, is called ignorance and wenger as been ingnorant due to the following

    1: clichy, nasri, vanpersy, song, cesc even our all time legend HENRY (who should have retired at the club) shouldnt have been sold

    2: arshavin, santos, gervinho denilson, chamakh , squalicci, park, myiachi, djorou, arteta, ARE NOT arsenal qualities. I knw mistakes are sometimes made… But cumon

    Jack wilshere, walcot, jenkinson, (maybe ramsey), should have developed into topclass players by now,not flat track bullies, and Cazorla should NEVER be played on the wings, 10 years of ignorance, its time to get rid #wengerout

  65. Paulinho

    London Gunner – Not keeping up with the discussion?

    It was specifically about Messi being guaranteed to score against the 2013 Bayern Munich.

  66. Guns of brixton

    yeah, I read about Belhanda comments, had an awesome 2012 with montpeller, great goal and performance vs marsielle that season, poor dude did think he was going Arsenal, cos AW dubbed him ‘a new pires’ quite a lot of the fan base wanted him, but carzola was taken instead.

    apparently LFC want him, along with shaqiri. Power and pace in that.

  67. Inter YourGran

    ArseneIsArsenal96 April 8, 2014 17:10:06


    You Cannot Be Serious.. 😆

  68. SpanishDave

    Many AKBs have only supported our team since Wenger became manager so they are frightened of a world without him.
    A new manager will excite players and refresh the club. Also if the backroom staff are also shaken up.
    Hanging on to the wisen messiah is pathetic, a brave new world is out there.
    Bring it on.

  69. N5

    So many new names today, Pedro’s new blogs are the talk of the internet 😛

    Great posts today IYG, really interesting stuff.

    PS sorry about the late reply, I was on the drive home for work. I’m good thank you buddy, you ok?

    @Keyser your Henry and gambon comment killed me.

  70. Thomas

    ArseneIsArsenal96 April 8, 2014 17:10:06

    Stop arguing and get behind the manager. We can still make the Title. We just need to stop this negativity and believe. Wenger built the Invincibles!! He can do it again.


    LOL 😀

  71. Bobpatdentel

    Pedro I sometimes wonder if some of the posters have even read your blog before coming on with the AKB crap

  72. Bero

    Whatever happened to our interest in Yan M’villa?

    … I haven’t watched him really but a couple years back everyone was raving he was the next top DM. Apparently pool were almost buying him in Jan. Maybe he could still be a DM option in the summer?

  73. Dobermann 13

    F.A cup at wembley ,semi-final, if our players can’t organise themselves for this match they are as much to blame as the lunatic wenger. Most of us given such a chance would leave the pitch dead rather than beaten .

  74. tunnygriffboy


    Didn’t M’Vila have some discipline and attitude issues and missed out on the big leagues as a result. Ended up playing in eastern europe for the cash instead. He may have sorted himself out since but I’m not sure to be honest.

  75. Nickw

    It’s clear to me Wenger doesn’t know how to fix this team’s problems and even if he did he probably wouldn’t do it because he’s too stubborn to change. I really can’t see the point of him remaining manager he’s taking us backwards and he’s had 3 times longer than anyone else would get to turn it around.

  76. El Tel 1

    A Mate txt me earlier saying Wenger and Bould never took training yesterday and Klopp was spotted in reception at Highbury House.

  77. gonsterous

    i guess ITV is gonna take the piss and show the chelsea game tonight !!! well back to German commentary it is then,,,, gotta listen to some arrogant , bias prick who thinks the Bundesliga is the best League in the world. Even though they are not from focking Germany and the swiss are normally known to hate the Germans !!!

  78. Nickw

    It’s clear to me Wenger doesn’t know how to fix this team’s problems and even if he did he probably wouldn’t do it because he’s too stubborn to change. I really can’t see the point of him remaining manager anymore, he’s taking us backwards and he’s had 3 times longer than anyone else would get to turn it around. His predictions and those of his supporters have all been proven to be wrong time and again yet still they persist on asking for one more year. When will it end? when will they finally accept they are wrong? Never is the answer I suspect to be true, because like their hero they are stubborn and irrational and totally beyond logic and reason.

  79. kwik fit

    Former Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp reckons that communication let us down , he says that we are living on the lifeline , we just keep going round and round and this much is true, to cut a long story short Wenger must go!

  80. kwik fit

    All together now;

    Fuck off Mour…ini…ho
    Fuck off Mour…ini…ho
    Fuck off Mour…ini…ho
    Fuck off Mour…ini…ho
    Fuck off Mour…ini…ho

    Fuck the coefficient! Come on PSG!

  81. jwl

    Klopp was going to post a selfie of him and Gazidis yesterday but his twitter is broken so no announcement. Should be any time now, tho.

  82. Radio Raheem


    Yeah could be. I see this ending in a scored draw. I think Cavani will be better than Ibra was last week, a minor feat but still

  83. kwik fit


    Never ever let drink get in the way of a good old ‘ Fuck…………………………….. off Mourinho!!!’

  84. follow the money

    Been away from home the last couple days (could read the blog but not post) thanks Salparadisenyc for the Mudhoney vid yesterday–I know a couple of those guys–I could tell you some stories…..

    I see some people are still saying “Get behind the manager” etc…ugh. I think most people on here would be quite happy to get behind the manager if he would do everything in his power to make the team on the pitch the best it can be, instead of the Happy Family Shyte Social Club which it more closely resembles. Wenger has gone on record even during the stadium debt years saying he could get players if he wanted to. So that “he’s been cash strapped” or “the board won’t let him buy” argument is pure BS. Since 2007 he’s gone into the season with a too small squad to compete in all competitions and persisted with numerous dodgy players like Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, the list goes on. YES, Wenger does some things well, but the evidence is overwhelming now that he is also at the root of why we have injuries more than other clubs and why we get hammered by the good teams and in big games. So please stop the nonsense. Getting behind the manager will do nothing but extend fans misery. He has to be told by someone that he is not good enough. If no one within the club will do it, there’s no one left but the fans.

    On a side note, does anyone know why Untold took down their old banner on their website? the one that proclaimed “We support the one and only Lord Wenger”?

  85. kwik fit

    PSG are justing taking the piss against Mourinho side. Chelsea haven’t got a clue what to do. Lovely to watch.

  86. kwik fit

    I love it when the Chelsea fans are nervous and anxious. All that money spent and still short of what’s needed. Remember guys when Abramovich gets fed up with his play thing those chavs are going back to where they belong….Championship! 🙂

  87. Bero

    PSG very easy on the eye so far. I like a lot of their players. Imagine having a striker like cavani as your understudy CF…

  88. kwik fit

    And remember don’t forget guys mama’s got a squeeze box she wears it on her chest and when daddy gets home he don’t get no rest.
    He squeezes all night , mama’s feeling alright, yeah mama’s got a squeeze box , daddy don’t sleep at night!