Guess which other manager has a degree?

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Professor looking dated...

Professor looking dated…

So, gonna kick this off with a bit of a moan this morning. Obviously yesterday’s article was a bit of a beast and generally, with a beast article you get some beastly criticism.

‘Yu are torking shit’

Which is a perfectly acceptable way to take down a 2000 word essay on a Monday morning. However, just for the record, I’d like to layer some context over what I write and explain a few things.

Firstly, this is a blog, written by an amateur who has no desire whatsoever to become a journalist. I like blogging, it’s fun and it gives me the chance to share my passion for total Arsenal immersion. We started out 7 years ago and have written something daily since then. Over the years, it’s given the site access to some pretty amazing people and experiences. So generally, the structure to what I write here is a piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle that’s been accruing pieces for 7 years.

You don’t have to believe what I write. You can disagree with the points. You can demand I provide digital evidence of the issues that go on at the club. I can’t do that. Pat Rice isn’t at the club anymore and Jack Jebb and I aren’t on speaking terms.

However, it’s important to know that I get around. I live in London and have been afforded access to many things. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of a tour of the training ground. I was shown the facilities with Colin Lewin and Gary O’Driscoll. Good times. Did I land a playing contract? No. Did I get to see the world class training facilities? Yes. Was it clear that medical staff don’t injure players? Yes.

Ok, so if medical people don’t injure players, who does? Well, Arsene Wenger has gone on record  ( as saying he intensely trains players to get the best out of them towards the end of games. Tony Colbert brags about having players fit for the last ten for the additional goals we score. The club also have GPS tech and Wenger has gone on record at least twice talking of ignoring redzone data. Even this season, David Hytner said that Aaron Ramsey was played despite being in the redzone. Now, with a bit of investigation into sport science, it’s not difficult to find out detail about the basics. If you overwork players, they break or under perform. Simple as that. Then you have programmes like the Footballers Football show who have the heads of fitness for Chelsea, Liverpool and Leeds. All talking about recovery, strength and conditioning and diet. Top people giving their view on a fairly new discipline for football. All looked to be under the age of 40. Who is our man? Tony Colbert. Have you read his bio on the Arsenal website? Compare it to Ryland Morgans on Liverpools. Chalk and cheese.

Again, piece it together. Arsenal have almost double the injuries that last longer than a week than the nearest team in the league. Aaron Ramsey breaks down before he returns from injury, Jack Wilshere had a double break down two years ago and Thomas Vermaelen did. What’s that telling you? How about the talk of Robin having his own fitness coach. Cesc wanting his own fitness coach. Smoke without fire?

That isn’t enough? Well how about looking at how often we’ve come out of the traps since December. We are slow, we lack zip and we look a million miles away off teams like Everton, Liverpool and City. Now, I’d be game for just saying it’s a player thing, but these players didn’t look like that earlier on in the season. Giroud was a monster at the start of the year. Arsenal pressed hard at the start. Where has that gone?

Does it take a genius here to see that something is flawed in the way our players are trained? I don’t think so. Can I confidently tell you I sit in on those training sessions? No. But if you take the circumstantial evidence, it’s not hard to see there’s a problem there. I mean, even the manager says they’re going to investigate what they’re doing.

How about players rotation? Again, this is another point meshed in with training. But look at the injuries we’ve had this season. Rambo, Theo, Aaron, Koscielny and Jack. Jack aside, those players were all beasted in some way, shape or form with regards to on pitch playing time. It was clear at the time, and I wrote it, that those guys would get injured if they didn’t get rotated. Sure enough, they picked up injuries. How did I know they’d get injured?

… because Wenger beasts players every single year! This season isn’t an anomaly. It’s the norm!

Now, that Raymond chap who is the expert rent-a-quote guy when it comes to fitness issues beasted Arsene when it came to the Theo issue. My pals who support other clubs mailed me the quotes, ‘Theo comes back from injury and then plays 5 games in 16 days, then he picks up an injury’. Until it’s slapped in your face, you don’t realise how kamikaze it is. Then you start layering the same thought process over our other players. Chambo played a similar amount of games for us recently culminating in the Chelsea disaster. Is it a coincidence that player coming back from injury exhaust quickly? How can the club not be picking up on these patterns?

I guess the final nail in the coffin for me with the rotation thing was the selection for the Coventry game. He has Ozil, a player famed for only playing 60minutes, playing all the games, looking dead on his feet… and he plays him for the full 90 in the cup against a league 2 side. Along with Rosicky, Jack, Kos and Mertesacker. What a joke! The most incredible selection ever!

Then with things like having a game plan. I’ve always insisted we don’t have one, because it’s pretty clear we don’t. Ian Wright said on Talksport last night he didn’t do any opposition analysis under Wenger. Cesc Fabregas came out after the world cup and said we don’t do analysis. Yet the myth is still perpetuated Wenger is some sort of super analyst. We’ve seen countless times this season the manager clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to planning. We’ve never won the Champions League, despite, at one point, having the best team in the world.

Gary Neville tore Arsenal a new one last night on tactics. He also made the most obvious point the other week on Twitter when he said something along the lines of, ‘you can have all the skill, but without power and pace, you won’t win the league’. Again, these aren’t things you need to be told by a professional footballer, you can see it with your own eyes.

With regards to the backroom set up of the club, again, I’m not working there, but it’s pretty apparent the game has come on a long way in the last 5 years. The fact that Arsenal have been falling behind for ten is besides the point. Take a read of Soccernomics and read about top clubs approach to transfers and managerial set up. It’s not about the individual manager anymore, it’s about the team around him. Is this new wave thinking? Of course not. It’s how business has worked for decades. Now look at Arsenal’s set up. The same people, on-going, for 17 years. Look at how many assistants Ferguson had. Look at how many went onto better things. Look at our backroom team. It’s old. Very old. Look at the problems, the same, all the time. What’s the correlation here? Every year the backroom team stays the same, every year we get further away.

Barcelona have a committee of people that work on the backroom stuff. They decide on transfers like a proper business. Arsene Wenger strictly doesn’t believe anyone should have control outside himself. He’s on record as saying so. So would it be fair to say that someone who talks of authoritarian rule probably enacts it? Of course! That’s not just a guess either, I’ve sat with people like Alex Fynn who wrote a fantastic book on the manager. I’ve met with player agents feedback some great stories, I get to speak to journalists who feed me the bits they can’t publish. It’s incredible what you hear! When I podcasted with Simon Kuper (Soccernomics cowriter), he said Arsene is the last manager at a top European club who controls like a king.

Then you get into the detail of how top sports clubs work and it’s really interesting, because it is exactly the same way top marketing agencies work. A marketing agency is all about the talent. Simple as that. Top talent goes, so does the agency reputation. Same with football. Heritage means little if you have crap players and staff. Last season, I had the pleasure of working closely with a professional sports club. The way they operate is very similar to the best football clubs. The CEO builds a team around the strengths and the weaknesses of the manager. Arsene Wenger has a great footballing vision, but he’s crap at the tactics. So why not build  team around him that can take on board his footballing vision and layer it with a bit of substance? We consistently have issues with our keepers. So here’s an idea, why not ask the question… what’s going on with the keeping coach? He’s the only consistent over the years along with regressive keepers.

There is stuff all over the web if you dig deep enough, mainly in tech magazines, but this article in Wired was excellent and I’m going to try and get one of these guys to chat to me on a podcast. This is Simon Wilson on his vision at City.

“After a game there wasn’t any kind of analysis. Emotionally, the manager and the coaching staff would just draw a line and move on. It was part of the culture. They wouldn’t ask themselves if the game plan had been right or even well executed. My team of analysts had to fight that habit and create a continuous loop between what happened in games, why it happened and what we are going to do next time.”

Tell me people, does it look like Arsene has ever challenged his game plan? Of course it doesn’t. We’ve come undone spectacularly in the same way 4 times this season. We never ask if the game plan is right. We never learn. We never challenge norms. We never look to evolve what we do. I mean, maybe I’m totally fucking wrong here, but who is our Manager of Strategic Analysis? Do we have one? Is that what Boro gets up to? Is Gerry Peyton running this as a sideline? Just to give you a bit more detail, that guy runs 5 departments. Yep. 5 DEPARTMENTS! Liverpool have a director of research, called Ian Graham, who has a PhD in theoretical physics. The Guardian had this piece on Roberto Martinez

‘Aged 40, with a postgraduate diploma in business and marketing from Manchester University – attained while he was a player at Wigan – you might expect him to be a passionate advocate for analytics. The Numbers Game describes Martínez as a “hero” and its authors, Chris Anderson and David Sally, devote a chapter to his work as Wigan manager, which they approvingly call “Guerrilla Football”‘

Call me a total chancer here, but I think if you look at the information available, we’re quite a long way off our rivals. We don’t have those departments on our website. If we do have those departments, who is using the information? Who is analysing what went wrong at Everton and feeding it back into the manager? I’ve no idea. But the simple fact of the matter is you don’t have to be Columbo to draw pretty damning conclusions.

… and look, if someone wants to take any of this down with a comment that sits outside, ‘I refuse to believe it’ then go ahead, I’m all ears.

I’ve seen the training ground, it’s world class. I’ve met the medical team. They didn’t treat my hernia, but they clearly know their stuff. I’ve sat with Ivan and I rate him and don’t believe he’s oblvious to all this. His backroom team are world class. I’ve met people who’ve marketed Nike and Pepsi. Surely he recognises that Arsene hasn’t taken the same approach to his team? Surely he can see that things aren’t working? Because I’m a total amateur here with nothing more than an obsession about the game… and I can see that it’s pretty clear that things are going horribly wrong and no one is there to help Wenger. No one is talking to him on the bench. Wenger is so shell shocked, he doesn’t even get up in a game he’s being spanked in. Who is sitting with Wenger and delivering the news? Someone needs to be… because he’s floundering.

Anyway, a bit of an impassioned defence you can choose to either accept and investigate further yourself… or you can ignore. It’s your choice. I’m just piecing the obvious together. For me, it’s over for the manager, I don’t think, at 65, he has it in him to install an 11 person analysis team. I don’t think he wants someone in the company with a PHD. I don’t think he could deal with the emotional drain of sacking people who are clearly offering very little to the cause. I’m not sure he has the guts to go out and spend £140m on players that might have been suggested by someone outside his inner circle. I think it’s all too much… I think he might walk.

I might be wrong though. All this information, from all these different places, might be a case of me piecing together a story that doesn’t exist.

I doubt it though. I seriously doubt it.

If it looks like a mess, performs like a mess… chances are, it’s a fucking mess.

See you in the comments.

Tomorrow, we talk the fixture run in…


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  1. Arsene's Nurse

    Theo comes back from injury and then plays 5 games in 16 game, then he picks up an injury’

    Pedro that should read 16 days mate.

  2. Chrispy

    In recent years it gets to the point where you just want the season to be over.

    When it comes this year though, i think more pain is coming, on top of the transfer in’s and out’s (or lack of in’s in our case)

  3. Devon Gooner

    Another great post Pedro – when I regularly visit LeGrove during the day it is interesting to see how the comments get to be steadily more abusive from the AKB’s. Mediocrity is ok for them – but is wont win titles – a top 8 finish might be difficult if the club doesn’t buy big – Arteta, Giroud etc are simply not good enough – Christ I would rather have a certain striker back from Tottenham than Giroud.

    The point is that Arsenal has no structure, whether it is coaching the players, managing fitness, the “international” scouting or watching upcoming opponents.

    I admire the depth that passionate fans of the blog go into – but the point really is that AW has to much control and the world around has passed him by on every level.

    He is never challenged by the Board, journalists or maybe even dear old Steve Bould – so he has a free rein.

    He has done great things for the club and a witchunt is the last thing we want – and yes I want us to win the FA Cup and qualify in 4th place for what will be another disappointing season. For all the talk of strategy there is none.

    We need new leadership – which will refressh the players – an assessment of the squad identifies yet another 6 – 8 players that need to leave and quality big signings brought in . A budget of £120m might just do it – no projects, proven players with great potential that will form the nucleus of the team for at least 5 years.

    Pace, strength and belief in winning are qualities we don’t have right now. Arsene will keep buying more Santi’s and Jacks. One or two maybe work in a squad but fd Lukaku if coming at them at pace they have no chance. Change isn’t just in the air its a necessity – Arsene needs to be told by Ivan the game is up.

    He won’t go of his own accord. The thought of a third summer transfer window in a row waiting for big signings could finish my sanity!!

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Another interesting read. Thank you.

    The injury issue resulted in us sending out a team that was never realistically beat an inform, nearly full strength Everton side. Again so many people on here said the squad lacked depth in quality, 3 or 4 players that to make a concerted effort to win the league was a long shot. We lacked star quality on sunday. Too many of the personel involved were what I would call squad players

    Monreal – squad player

    Vermalaen – squad player

    Arteta and Flamini – squad players

    Rosicky – squad player

    Podolski and Giroud – squad players

    That’s 7 players who should be supplementing the team not starting. You can get away with playing 2 or 3 of them from the start with others coming off the bench but to start with all of them means the team looks like a mid table team.

    We desperately need some players back. Ramsey will be risked on Saturday ( he looked miles ahead of everyone when he came on on sunday ), Ox must start and we need kos and Ozil back pronto

    I can understand that team losing v Everton away but what I find unacceptable is
    the lack of effort and organisation. We need the fa cup and top 4 to attract new players and possibly manager.

  5. Wallace

    back in the days when we had a beasting, talent-packed team Wenger’s ‘just go play’ approach was quite glorious.

  6. joffey

    ” I’m not sure he has the guts to go out and spend £140m on players that might have been suggested by someone outside his inner circle. I think it’s all too much… I think he might walk. ”

    I think that sums it up pretty damn good

  7. Romford Pele

    “Wenger’s ‘just go play’ approach was quite glorious.”

    Game has moved on man – you must prepare accordingly.

  8. Dundonald Gooner

    A well written and thoughtful editorial. It is not good for an oldie like me to have so many heart-sinking moments but I’m afraid it has been the pattern for several seasons now. I really think it is time for Arsene to bow out gracefully (hopefully with the FA Cup and 4th place).

  9. Roaaary

    Not sure why you get so upset with the criticism pedro – trolling is the way of the Internet.

    I looked at wenger for years and thought that although he obviously has many weaknesses, he always drove results in important games and got the best out of players.

    The past two seasons, tactics have caught up with him. This coupled with all the detailed points you mention show his days are over

  10. Bergkamplegend

    N5 : in fact you’re 1st, 2nd and 3rd…

    Places that Arsenal didn’t reached since a while lol

  11. @snoekrast

    Probably the best blog I have read since I started reading Le Grove a couple of years ago.

    Well said and the evidence is damning.

    It may well be time for change as sad as it is Wenger might need to go.

    That said I do believe the injuries really killed us the 2nd half of the season , and he might have to take responsibility for that.

  12. Alan

    At the bottom of the bio, Gerrard describes Ryland Morgans’ training methods as “brutal” so please don’t overplay your theory that Wenger’s team are only ones to deploy tough training methods. All the tours in the world offer very little insight into training methods which is what we are talking about here. I think LFC’s freshness, is much more down to having one game per week and also by having two strikers who will finish games (as a contest) well before the final minutes, thus quickly removing the intensity of their matches.

    Giroud’s form is not so much down to fitness but Walcott’s absence which aside from being his number one assist maker, he also pinned opposition defences back towards their area which allowed Giroud possession in areas where he is more comfortable.

    I also watched the Footballers Football Show and the trainers explicitly stated that a player being in the red zone was NOT an indicator that he shouldn’t play. Some players regularly train in the red zone because their bodies are more suited to it. Also sometimes being in the red zone is required to push tolerance levels. These were all stated by the experts on the show.

    Cue another ban for daring to disagree with Peter. The man who criticizes Wenger for dictatorial management style but does exactly the same on his site.

  13. Bergkamplegend

    “…and I can see that it’s pretty clear that things are going horribly wrong and no one is there to help Wenger. No one is talking to him on the bench. Wenger is so shell shocked, he doesn’t even get up in a game he’s being spanked in…
    I think he might walk.”

    Interesting Pedro… When I look at him on the bench I had the same feeling.
    Fingers crossed!!

  14. Wallace


    yes, of course. just saying there was something glorious in his refusal to pay the opposition any respect.

    these days we need all the tactics we can lay our hands on.

  15. gambon

    Brilliant post, and couldnt agree more.

    Wenger is a dinosaur.

    I cant even fathom how anyone could want him to stay. If you want Wenger to stay chances are you are not an Arsenal fan deep down.

    If you look at our specific weakness, being annihilated in big games……we are further away than ever.

    If you think Wenger can just overnight turn this situation around, you are deluded.

    If our problem was concentration against small teams or a weak midfield, I would agree maybe Wenger could do something.

    However our problem is so deep rooted that the only possible way to get over it is a whole new setup from the top down.

    And make no mistake, this isnt some temporary problem thats only just turned up.

    Everton 3- Arsenal 0
    Chelsea 6- Arsenal 0
    Liverpool 5 – Arsenal 1
    City 6 – Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 1 – Bayern 3
    Milan 4 – Arsenal 0
    Utd 8 – Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 1 – Chelsea 4
    Arsenal 0 – Chelsea 3

    This has been a long term trend of complete destruction against the better teams.

    These managers have completely worked Wenger out, starting with Fergie and Mourinho way back, and now being refined by the younger, smarter managers in the league.

  16. Bergkamp63

    ” and Giroud – squad players”

    I agree, Giroud would be a good squad player,

    For Billericay Town !

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    I think this is one of your best posts Pedro.

    I’ve just read that piece about Prozone – very informative and interesting. Well worth a read for any footie fan.

    I doubt that Arsenal are anywhere near that level of analysis shown in the article, in fact I know we are not because that sort of analysis would show our weaknesses and then those weaknesses would be addressed. They clearly aren’t.

    I think that when change does eventually come it will be a revelation for some of our junior players.

  18. gonsterous

    I for one am willing to give Mr. Wenger another chance…So I’ll judge him in 10 years time…till then fingers crossed he gets it right !!!

  19. Dissenter

    Good article, Pedro.
    There’s a problem with the fitness regime at Arsenal. Ozil tore his hamstring within minutes at Bayern. It’s wasn’t from an awkward fall or goal line clearance, it was just from jogging. That is a problem with the pre-game routine.

  20. tunnygriffboy

    I think we probably need to win all our games to get 4th place. I for one hope we get it. More pull to get players and possibly a new manager. I’m fearful that the board will go into panic mode if Wenger goes and we’ll miss out on players when they faf about looking for a new manager. Sad state of affairs but I don’t trust them to get things right.

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    @Arsene’s Nurse
    Totally agree mate. With a better manager/coach just imagine how good JW, Ox, Gnabry, Theo and Ramsey could really be. They definitely have potential, unfortunately they don’t have the manager to unlock it.
    Plus if Wenger stays there is no way we will get one more year out of Ozil.

  22. The Pooh

    Yet another wonderfully insightful blog. And at the same time thoroughly depressing. Again. We truly are in the shits in so many respects.

    Wenger has to go and then we need root-and-branch reform at all levels in order to become a truly modern, and successful, club again. And that might take some time.

  23. cheney10

    Great post!! All true too… We need a change… as sad as this makes me… Wenger out! But lets not name call, lets remember him for all the good times, and let him go with dignity!

  24. Romford Pele

    What gets me is how it’s supposedly always the players that are letting Wenger down. Hang on a minute, who was the one who bought them?

  25. El Pige

    Great post again. Am I right in thinking Gazidis hired Jonker? Perhaps starting to surround himself with his own people who he has more control over

  26. Bergkamp63

    I have already said previously that I think either Wenger has already signed and the club are saying nothing or he has already made his mind up to go (upstairs is my guess) and the club knows. I don’t believe he would put the club in a position that they may need to replace him so late on in a world cup year.

    Hopefully they have already appointed his successor (Laudrup for me).

  27. Hitman49

    Great post pedro

    Well if the club read this then…he’s gone !

    If we lose on sat you think action should be taken .
    Like a fans protest ?

    Because doing nothing is the same as supporting what’s going on ?

  28. ughelligunner

    Pedro, everything you said about our old back room staff is right.
    Look at the age group side, it took them time to replace the youth coach only because he resigned.
    And arsenal rarely sacks their employees , even players are just left unattended to until their contract is up.
    This so called class arsenal has pride themselves with is one of the major killer.

  29. Dissenter

    Our football management is not top notch.
    The elite teams build solid apparatus that can work,independently of a manager. Chelsea have a wonderful infrastructure which is why they can sack managers and still keep buying world class players. Same with Barca and Man city.
    Our deluded board has invested all the power in one man, Wenger.

    A new coach will have his work cut out. An insider like Bould won’t make the necessary changes because the back room staff are his buddies and that’s all he’s ever known. An outsider will struggle because this board simply have no desire to win anything.

  30. Bergkamplegend

    Made no mistake fellas, we are far from being powerful enough on Le Grove to have any influence over the decisions of the board.

  31. ughelligunner

    Pedro Re injuries and fitness, i thought a former Rugby fitness coach was employed at the beginning of the season?
    And i think they started investigating the injuries before wenger said it becos they already employed westham Sportscience guru. Hope i am no wrong.

  32. Romford Pele

    “Am I right in thinking Gazidis hired Jonker? ”

    Nah it was Wenger. What footballing knowledge does Gazidis have exactly? This is why people worry about Wenger’s successor.

  33. gnarleygeorge9


    Probably the best way to champion your last 2 posts is to say that they rival some of Geoff’s old masterpieces 😆

  34. David Lartey

    It’s kind of funny – or maybe boring and sad – to see that Arsenal have basically had the same coaching staff since the 90s. 🙁

  35. Ashwin Gunner

    Good post Pedro

    You are right. Probably Wenger konws how shit is backroom team is a but doesnt have guts to fire. them.

    He has to go. He can have some other post like director of football or somethign which doesnt allow him to come to the traning ground. he should pave way to the new management. I mean for all he has done in his first half of his Arsenal tenure, he should be given a respectful way out.

    We have to move on, if we have to progress. See Everton. they lost their boss who was with them for 10 years. and they are already progressing.


  36. tunnygriffboy


    I see the point you’re making regarding Wenger buying the players but surely they can do more than they did on Sunday. I’m not absolving Wenger of anything. Lukaku was pulling wide on Monreal all first half and he didn’t react to it. That is one of many examples. Naysmith playing betweem the lines and sitting on Arteta when Schezzer had the ball another.

    Do you agree that the team that played Sunday is mid table quality ? As I said I don’t mind losing, but the whole package including player responsibility was inept on the weekend

  37. Jaygor1

    Great analysis of where we are as a club. With the greatest of respect to the manager I am now of the opinion that he should go.

    Whether he will or not remains to be seen, but I’m afraid that may only happen if we finish outside top 4 and fail in FA cup. Brave decisions required from above, but will they be made? I think not. Looks more like wenger will have to decide himself. Will he or won’t he? That is the question.

  38. gambon

    “Made no mistake fellas, we are far from being powerful enough on Le Grove to have any influence over the decisions of the board.”

    Not so sure about this.

    Wenger has been hanging on by a thread for a few seasons now. The fans really have had enough.

    I work with 3 Arsenal fans, so 4 of us overall. Of them 3 want wenger out and one is a major AKB.

    The empty seats are appearing again, and the abuse aimed at Wenger is starting again.

    If we had lost a game or two after the Villa game, i have no doubt Wengers job wouldve been untenable.

    I honestly now think he’ll walk this summer, and the club can finally move forward.

    All you can do is your own bit.

    I havent gone to a game for over a year, havent paid for my own ticket for 3 years, and havent bought a penny of merchandise for years.

    As more and more people do their bit things will start to unravel for this sham of a club.

    Spend £100m and bring a proper management structure in and i, along with many others, will no doubt change our opinion.

  39. Dissenter

    What’s with you and Laudrop?
    Go and check his performance with Getafe and Mallorca. You’ll see that the Swansea sacking was not an anomaly. It’s part of a pattern.
    We are talking Arsenal here man, Laudrop?… Really.
    You’ve got to come up with a better name than than that.

  40. Gilo

    Great blog – one of a series recently.

    The end is drawing closer for Wenger, that much is clear. But chances of landing Martinez at the end of the season, slim.

  41. DUIFG

    Hard to disagree with the post, got to feel that a lot of our stagnation as a footballing operation is down to Wengers dogmatic ways. If he wasnt quite so far up his own arse and could take on some outside advice we would be miles better off.

    United didnt have a great backroom set up or super scientific ways but Fergie was happy to be challanged, he broought in big names, quieroz who was shit hot back in the day. He wasnt scared to take on board another persepctive and adapt.

    Wenger sees threat where Fergie saw an opportunity to stay relevant.

  42. Dissenter

    “I havent gone to a game for over a year, havent paid for my own ticket for 3 years, and havent bought a penny of merchandise for years”

    Shhhhhhhh. Don’t tell DanC this. (whispering with knees trembling)

  43. azed

    Nice post Pedro.
    Fact is AKB’s can’t comprehend that their hero is long gone.
    Even Wenger knows he’s long gone but his ego is bigger that his sleeping bag so he finds it difficult zipping everything and moving on

  44. Romford Pele

    Tunny, of course the players can do more but when they’re continuously failing, the buck stops with one person, and that’s the manager. And it’s not just this bunch of players that have been failing. It’s so evident that we’re lightweight, easy to play against and lack discipline at times.

    Exactly, Lukaku pretty much played from the right on Sunday. Martinez said it was to exploit our FBs who start very high up, yet Wenger done nothing to counter this. It’s that lack of adaptability to change that gripes me. It’s obviously not working but there’s no change. Like at half-time, we needed to change anything but left it late, as per, before deciding to implement some pace and directness.

    “Do you agree that the team that played Sunday is mid table quality ? ”

    Well if that’s the case, who’s fault is that? Isn’t he the one that argues that our squad isn’t inferior to City’s? I’m sorry but his excuses are tiresome as is our style of play.

  45. Arsene's Nurse

    Dissenter April 8, 2014 09:50:00

    Our football management is not top notch.
    The elite teams build solid apparatus that can work,independently of a manager.
    I believe that is one of the reasons why Man Utd have struggled. When Moyes came in the best thing he could have done was to keep the back room staff who had had success with Fergie. Instead he gets rid of a load of them and the performances on the pitch suffer as a result.

  46. tunnygriffboy

    I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom at Arsenal. The base is there to kick on. A group of very talented young players a few wise old heads in the squad, £ 150 million in the bank to add real quality to this young core, new sponsorship deals giving us money to spend over the next 5 years and a 60, 000 majestic stadium. Things need to improve in terms of recruitment, fitness and training but in reality it could be an exciting time for the club.

  47. gambon

    ““Do you agree that the team that played Sunday is mid table quality ? ””

    And howmany mid-table teams lose 3-0 at Everton, and 6-0 at Chelsea?

    That just highlights how big our problem is.

    In certain games the gulf in quality is fucking unbelievable.

    How can Everton lose at Chelsea to a last minute OG, and we are 3-0 down after 15 mins?

    The size of the problem runs much much much deeper than a few players.

  48. Ashwin Gunner

    More than anything, the problem with Wenger is to accept the reality. He is an egoistic stupid who thinks he will become inferior if he accepts teh weakness in him or his team.

    1) Have you ever seen him saying we have WC players. He always says we have leaders. but fact is we have average players who cannot win the league
    2) He has never accepted that he needs reinforcement until he is forced to. For the past two seasons we knew taht we needed a striker. but we didn;t get anyone because he was not willing to accept that the striker he bought is shit average.

    3) He in his own words says that he is the one who designs the training methods and oversees them. Players train the same way and have been training the same way for the past 17 years.
    4) He doesnt konw shit about tactics. In other words he doesnt even know T of tactics. And that is one of the biggest reasons He never got better of Mourinho. Say what you want, but Mourinho is a better tactician than Wenger. Wenger will never get better of him.
    5) All Wenger wants is to rule. Put him in the board of directors. Let him think he is the emperor. Give management to some one else.

    The problem is , if we fall out of UCL, which we i think are most likely to, who will come to manage. Forget about Kloop or Simone, we might be stuck with Di Canio 😛

  49. Romford Pele

    “The size of the problem runs much much much deeper than a few players.”

    Which was my point. I feel like someone else could get more out of the players available. Even though there are deficiencies within the squad – the hammerings we have taken in recent years is beyond disgraceful. Yet the manager has no answer to this. And we wanna call ourselves an elite team – spare me please.

  50. GoonerInNY

    Great post, Pedro. Convincingly made argument.

    But Rosaary is right: It is more than the trolls deserve.

    As you said, if one has a logical response to what you write, by all means. But those who mindlessly defend everything the owner and manager do? There is no way to argue logic with delusional people. I looked at Untold yesterday, and the guy wrote that Arsenal lost to Everton 50 percent due to the refs and 50 percent due to i juries, which were the result of the refs not protecting the Arsenal players. How do you argue with such insanity? Like an idiot, I posted a long comment explaining why that position was insane, but I kicked myself afterward. It was more than the idiotic post deserved. It is like trying to convince the idiots who say climate change is a scam or Obama was born in Kenya or cigarettes don’t harm your health. Logic doesn’t work with these fools.

    Don’t let a few delusional “You don’t know!” trolls affect how you feel about posts or, more importantly, control the content of what you post. You don’t have to go out of the way to prove the obvious to the vast majority of your readers.

  51. ughelligunner

    N5, pls this question is for you and another arsenal faithful with a ST, who warms the players before the match starts and what do you see wenger doing most of the time, becos for 2ys running our first half have been so poor and sometimes i wonder if the players were warmed up properly or they just got off the bus with their headphones and log on the field.
    This attitude always catches up with us when we play a great side.

  52. Wallace

    for a manager who has never been afraid to play the kids i find it strange that he’s stuck with the older players – Arteta, Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla – on this current run. surely the Ox, Gnabry and Sanogo could have brought some much-needed freshness and pace to the side.

  53. tunnygriffboy


    I agree that it’s like groundhog day and I wasn’t defending Wenger. My point was that for one reason or another our squad lacked quality in depth, something I’ve said since september. God we need Rambo Mesut and Kos back.

    Re Wigan. Against City Rosler played 2 up top but rather than play up the middle he split them wide to exploit the space behind their fb’s. Worked a treat and I expect something similar on Saturday. Wonder if Wenger has looked at that ?

  54. Ashwin Gunner

    The thing is now a days, even the hardcore AKB’s are waking up to the fact that they were wrong all along.

    I hope he walks away.

    We just need to strengthen in a couple of areas and then keep all the players fit and running. If we are able to manage that we will be competing for trophies on all fronts. But i honestly dont see that happening under Wenger. He is too blind to accept flaws.

  55. ughelligunner

    Re bould defense, it only peppers over the poor team and collapse under the better teams cos of the personnel used.
    Keyser has been pointing to our tactical setup since the beginning of the season and i new it will be found wanting one day.

  56. N5

    @ Romford Pele RE 10:02 post. Very well put comment articulated in a manner that I wish I was able to convey to eyemsick. I’ve said the same thing for a couple of days and he just won’t have any of it! he blames the players for their behaviour and even Bould but at no point will he see Wenger to be the blame for bad players.

    I said the same as you about not just looking at isolated inciddents but regular occurances and he still states this is the players fault not Wengers.


  57. Ashwin Gunner

    “for a manager who has never been afraid to play the kids i find it strange that he’s stuck with the older players – Arteta, Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla – on this current run. surely the Ox, Gnabry and Sanogo could have brought some much-needed freshness and pace to the side.”

    Well he is too scared to play them. He is too scared that they will fail him.

  58. N5

    @ughelligooner I do see the players warming up and they seem to have quite a good one most of the time, but it’s a very good questions about the sluggish first half! I’m honestly not really sure. Romford is so much more observant than myself so he could probably answer that far better than I every possibly could.

  59. Bergkamp63

    Dissenter April 8, 2014 09:58:49
    What’s with you and Laudrop?
    Go and check his performance with Getafe and Mallorca. You’ll see that the Swansea sacking was not an anomaly. It’s part of a pattern.
    We are talking Arsenal here man, Laudrop?… Really.
    You’ve got to come up with a better name than than that

    I can’t argue with your superior level of intelligence,

    Might want to check your spelling and grammar though !

  60. Romford Pele

    Tunny – the funny thing is that we don’t actually lack depth apart from CB and ST. The problem is that outside a core of players, there’s a significant drop in quality so Wenger ends up using the same players over and over again. But then he’ll argue with you and tell you that the squad is super quality with players struggling to get games, yet he won’t play these said players. It’s just a continuous cycle of BS to me tbh. People say read outside the lines; fair enough but even with the lack of money, more could’ve been done IMO. Just poor forward planning.

    Tbh, I don’t wanna sound pessimistic but it wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger is aware of Wigan’s approach. Watch, rinse, repeat. If we lose to Wigan, all hell will break loose.

  61. tunnygriffboy


    Agreed. Why didn’t Ox start on sunday ? Also where is Gnabry ? May be injured now but I saw the Swansea game and he was excellent he has been massively under used.

  62. Nickie

    So much talk of “wenger has to go” “wenger will walk this summer” really gets my hopes up, too much.

    We all know he will stay really.

    Such a shame

  63. Romford Pele

    N5, If they’re not willing to look at both sides of the coins, it’s pointless arguing with them.

  64. Hitman49


    As season ticket holder

    Ok this is my speciality…I work in fitness and have worked with Olympic athletes,and still do of all standards up to gold medal.

    Our warm ups are a disgrace !

    I have been lucky to work in my chosen field for a 200 meter race we would take 2,1/2 to 3 hours to warm up the athlete ,

    So our team stroll out at what 2,20 ish that’s a warm up of what 20/30 mins if that…….

    I couldn’t warm up an under 10s team in that time.

    We need a major overhaul that’s for sure.

    You need specialist in every department of fitness .

  65. Dissenter

    The media has cast Arsene as this young French manager who revolutionized football in Englang blah, blah, blah.
    Truth be told, Wenger stopped being revolutionary since the early 2000s.
    He’s not even capable of evolving with the times, who keeps the same assistant manager for 17 years. SAF constantly sought change and ceded the day-to-day trying to his assistants in the last decade of his career.
    How many coaches has he nurtured in his 18 yrs at Arsenal, ZERO.
    How many times have you seen us change tactical formation during games?

  66. Ashwin Gunner

    I remember when we used to play, our coach used to tell us a game plan. we used to play to our strengths. He had different tactics for differnt teams which used to change during the course of the match. Tactics even used to depend on the whether condidtions.

    But i dont see Wenger having any tactics. My question is forget about warm up.
    More than warming up, what does he tell the players before they go out on the pitch. Does he give them a pep talk? Does he tell them a game plan? Does he let the captain speak?
    I guess we will never know until some player comes out and tell us.

  67. N5

    @Hitman49 thank you for that comment as far as I was aware the warm ups looked fine, but I have no knowledge what so ever of what would be considered a proper/exceptable warm up, so could only base my response on what I saw.

    Your comment was really eye opening and would explain a hell of a lot.

  68. GoonerInNY

    A new manager would solve some of the problems: more voices in the process, better fitness, better tactical preparation, better in-game strategy, etc. I think a new manager would get a lot more out of the same squad.

    But, as long as the owner is still in place, I don’t see much changing in terms of net spend. We must always remember that Kroenke’s support for Wenger is not delusional or out of loyalty. It is because, in his eyes with his goals, Wenger has done (and is doing) a great job. Kroenke couldn’t give a toss about trophies. Wenger has appreciated Kroenke’s investment withkut spending money. The new manager will have the same marching orders. Regardless of the manager, I won’t believe that Arsenal will do any more in the transfer market this summer than it did last summer until I see it.

    Wenger is a symptom. Kroenke is the disease.

  69. Nickie

    Kudos to tying Rosicky down but he shouldn’t be first team or play in the bigger games. I love Rosicky but his performances have dropped big time from this time last season. Like someone said above Arteta, Monreal, Giroud, Vermaelen, Wilshere(I love a british core but this lad has something to prove) flamini, Podolsk should all be no where near the starting 11. We need some real quality deep lying midfield enforcer to partner ramsey. Just one of Caz or ozil in behind a world class striker with 2 hard working, pacey wingers. None of this play cm as winger bollox

  70. Thank you and goodnight

    Spot on mate. I stopped going 5 years ago as I could see the way we were heading. And like you I stopped buying merchandise, which in all honesty is quite hard when your 8 yr old son wants the new puma kit in July. But I won’t unless wenger walks as I’m loathe to have piss taken out of me anymore from the board and Wenger.

  71. tunnygriffboy


    We have depth in a certain type of player. We don’t have depth in terms of pace, strength and dynamism. We need players coming in who have these attributes and add quality to the squad when we have injuries. Not signing anyone to replace Walcotts attributes was crminal. People like Rosicky great in the squad to come on last 20 mins and start now and again but shouldn’t start week in week out.

  72. Usedbustickets

    Pedro an excellent piece, and your final analysis and sign off line says it all ‘…then it probably is a fucking mess’.

  73. Dave T

    I agree it may be time to look to the future with a new manager. What I find difficult is the paradox put forward often on the blog. People say we have shit players, we dont invest in quality. We have shit training methods, Wenger does not know what he is doing. We have shit medical staff and fitness techiques etc. Yet despite all of this we still finish fourth each year. Well how? What is it then that enables us to do this? Why are we not lower down? I think we need to be more balanced in our views.
    The club can and should improve. But the constant stream of “we are shit” is embarrassing, as it ignores the evidence. We are shit compared to Chelsea, Man city and Liverpool this year. Although we beat Liverpool two out of three times. But not compared to the 18 other PL teams. All or at least some of who according to some here know more about sports science, fitness, training, analysis etc. despite the flaws Arene is still managing to get us somehwere. Maybe not where we could be but it is possibly where we should be when comparing us to the mega money of the oligachs clubs. Just saying like.

  74. Ashwin Gunner

    I dont want a new manager if Wenger decides to accept the flaws and changes the way he works. changes the entire backroom staff and then starts listening to them.

    But TBH, I have more chances of swimming across the pacific than Wenger changing.

  75. Dissenter

    Generally speaking, criticizing grammar and spelling on a blog where most people are using devices with predictive texting will be considered condescending, to say the least. It’s the last bastion of peacocks who can’t have reasonable conversations.
    It’s no wonder friendly banter turns into silly arguments at Legrove.
    I’m typing on an Ipad whilst cycling on an exercise bike (at 14-16 miles/hr)
    The last thing on my mind is fighting predictive texting.
    Have a good day, resident grammarian.

  76. Romford Pele

    “Wenger is a symptom. Kroenke is the disease.”

    Yeah this is my view. If Wenger goes and we don’t spend money, you’ll know perfectly where to attribute the blame.

  77. Romford Pele

    “Kudos to tying Rosicky down but he shouldn’t be first team or play in the bigger games.”

    For me I would save him for the bigger games. One of the only ones who never shirks it

  78. Hitman49


    Mate I understand.

    Simple warm up principles are war the areas you are going to use right basic.

    Do you ever see then stretching either passive or active ?

    Do you ever see them doing progressive stretches ?

    Do you ever see them doing ballistic movements ?

    Hers a simple one……

    Do they look like to you that they are at a body temperature to play ie sweating or ready to burst into action without damaging themselves ?

    Well I’ll help you here no we don’t we see a piss around on the pitch taken buy a none specialist ?

    I’d get one of the physio team to do it…what are they doing before the game anyway ?
    There work should already be done buy that point ?

    I just don’t get it at all for years I have watched the none warm up and just found it completely mindless.

  79. Romford Pele

    “We have depth in a certain type of player. We don’t have depth in terms of pace, strength and dynamism. We need players coming in who have these attributes and add quality to the squad when we have injuries”

    You have to wonder what the manager and the scouting team are doing then… I hope things change but really my frustration has reached optimum levels. And when we have someone like Kroenke at the helm, i’m not confident.

  80. Bergkamp63

    We have to be realistic when thinking in terms of players & Managers we can bring into the club right this minute.

    We are probably not in the top 20 teams in Europe right now, we have an owner adverse to risk and a BOD’s older than the house of Lords.

    Forget Klopp, Simoene its not going to happen, when I mentioned Martinez over a year ago before he left Wigan I was laughed at (probably by those who now want him !)

    Expectations on here are unrealistic, the sooner you realise this, the less angry you will get !

  81. DUIFG

    surely the Ox, Gnabry and Sanogo could have brought some much-needed freshness and pace to the side.

    this is the stubborness issue, OG has been abhorrent since the turn of the year. yet he will persist playing him so he can vidicate the world that he could buy a WC striker for 12 mil.

    Inreality what will happen is that he will finally get to a point where even he can see the error people were telling him about ages back and OG will be let out the back door.

    Almunia as GK, no commanding aerial CB. Eboue RM , Denilson as a qality Mid. The list goes on.

  82. ughelligunner

    Thanks N5, Hitman, somebody said it at some other site and the guy is a very good analyst, Romford, what’s your view re-warm up to games?
    I also think wenger knows how the opposition plays, hence his commentary and consultancy job maybe that’s why we don’t see him in any stadium cos he may be in the commentary/studio box, but i agree he doesn’t set up to play against the opposition. He only does this in rare cases, like dortmund,away and chelsea at home.

  83. N5

    @Hitman49 I couldn’t agree with you more and it’s a really interesting comment. It’s great to get an educated comment from someone who works in the field because you have obviously got a huge understanding of this subject.

    Out of interest Hitman, from teams you’ve seen either at the Emirates or on your travels, is there any or most that prepare for the games right? who would you use as your example for a “perfect” or as close too team for pre-match preperation?

  84. Romford Pele

    “We are probably not in the top 20 teams in Europe right now”

    Based on form, no. But in terms of stature, wealth, attraction, we’re easily top 10.

  85. DUIFG

    “Kudos to tying Rosicky down but he shouldn’t be first team or play in the bigger games.”

    tbf to TR7 again he is being put out wide in quite a few games, his resurgence was direcly related to getting a more central slot, I hate him wide.

  86. arsenal tom

    Brilliant write up Pedro.

    Really hammers home what a shame it is that we are where we are as a club.

    Really hope we get 4th and the FA cup and Wenger see’s the issues and goes gracefully. Unfortunately i think we’re all set for another two years of Wenger regardless of what happens, the deal’s already probably been signed and they’re just waiting for a good time to announce it (FA cup win or securing 4th)

  87. Jed

    I’ve not posted for a long time but I’m a regular reader.

    Just wanted to say Pedro that I am 100% with you. From where I am sitting (west upper) it is pretty clear we’re stuck in the noughties. If the same things happen year after year it’s not bad luck.

    Keep up the pressure – the club are reading your blog and they know Arsene’s been rumbled – any remaining doubters are the wilfully blind.

  88. Romford Pele

    “Romford, what’s your view re-warm up to games?”

    I’m not sure mate so I don’t really comment. When i’m at games, I see them doing a few running/passing drills but that’s it really. Are they supposed to be doing anything differently?

  89. Hitman49



    We played them Sunday……Everton

    I work with Daniel Doherty and I know what goes into the warm ups individually,first pre game,and then as a team warm up.
    We work to emphasise the movements so one touch two touch games to get the motor sense ray system working along with the dynamic movements.
    Then slow it and add your stretching programme as I said either group or individually as some players will need to concentrate on certain aspects of that process.
    And its a continual process that at 2.20. 2.30. When you come out you are in a advanced stage of that already.
    That’s why I like to get at least 3 or 4 asst out there helping during that period.

  90. Ashwin Gunner

    “A warm-up generally consists of a gradual increase in intensity in physical activity (a “pulse raiser”), joint mobility exercise, and stretching, followed by the activity. Warming up brings the body to a condition at which it safely responds to nerve signals for quick and efficient action.

    For example, before running or playing an intense sport, the athlete might slowly jog to warm their muscles and increase their heart rate. It is important that warm ups be specific to the activity, so that the muscles to be used are activated. The risks and benefits of combining stretching with warming up are disputed, although it is generally believed that warming up prepares the athlete both mentally and physically.

    Warm-up programs can improve the strength of the knee muscle, which, in turn, may decrease injuries.[1]

    A comprehensive warm-up program decreases injuries in football.[2]

    Direct physical effects of warm ups are:

    Release of adrenaline
    Increased heart rate
    Enabling oxygen in the blood to travel with greater speed and at a higher volume
    Increased production of synovial fluid located between the joints to reduce friction
    Efficiency of joint
    Dilation of capillaries
    Increase of temperature in the muscles
    Decreased viscosity of blood
    Facilitation of enzyme activity
    Encouragement of the dissociation of oxygen from haemoglobin
    Decreased viscosity[clarification needed] within the muscle
    Greater extensibility and elasticity of muscle fibres
    Increased force and speed of contraction
    Increase of muscle metabolism
    Supply of energy through breakdown of glycogen
    Increase in speed of nerve impulse conduction
    Removal of lactic acid

    No wonder we are hainv so many injuries..

  91. N5

    “I see them doing a few running/passing drills but that’s it really. Are they supposed to be doing anything differently?”

    RP, I thought Hitman49s comment was very insightful as to why we are having lethargic starts to our matches.

  92. Nickie

    Yeah, I love Rosicky’s passion and love for the club. His effort is unquestionable but the problem lies with Wenger. We play the ox (pace and power) centre mid who is more suited to a wider role and we play a 33 year old who can be pacy in short bursts out wide which is more physically demanding in the system we play? it’s total nonsense

    I’d love to get inside Wenger’s head

  93. Bergkamp63

    Romford Pele April 8, 2014 10:36:14
    “We are probably not in the top 20 teams in Europe right now”

    Based on form, no. But in terms of stature, wealth, attraction, we’re easily top 10

    Except we don’t act like it !

  94. N5

    @Hitman49 well it certainly seems to explain why we can suddenly be 2-0 down before we know what’s happened against the better teams and not start until the second half against the others.

    I have seriously learned something today so thank you for taking the time to write those comments.

  95. DUIFG

    the warm up is as much about getting your own head sorted getting your toucvhes out ect, its quitre an individual thing, do what you need to do to get yourslef ready. these guys are pros, you should know what you need to do pre game to get yourself ready.

    its really not a huge issue, the work needs to be done collectively well before this point.

  96. Bergkamplegend

    Romford Pele : “based on form, no. But in terms of stature, wealth, attraction, we’re easily top 10.”

    Let’s continue with the senile one, and we will be out of the top 15 very soon

  97. Hitman49


    You are more than welcome mate,pleased to be of assistance if only arsen had taken me on in 98 I promise you I’d have it working much better than it is now.

  98. ughelligunner

    Good question N5. Would also like to know, cos the way you warm up gears an athlete towards preparation.
    I would even prefer a warm up with war song ala soldiers training style. Well that’s how my local teams warm up here, it motivates you on what lies ahead.

  99. Nickie

    haha, not sure what disturbing imagines i’d find.

    I’m willing to give Diaby one more chance. If he crumbles 2 weeks into his return he’s got to go.

  100. Norgun

    Pedro, fantastic post. Impossible to disagree with anything you say. However, as I’ve posted more than a few times here, Wenger sure is a problem but the real issue here is Kroenke. As long as he’s at the club, we will never see any real investments. Özil was a panic buy to silence the fans, not a change in strategy. With or without Wenger, the coming summer will just be more of the same bottom feeding.

  101. Cesc Appeal

    Great article Pedro…now let’s go and see Le Grove Twitter and find AKB’s just stating ‘you’re wrong’ with no facts or basis for their…don’t even want to call them arguments, their sycophantic ramblings.

  102. N5

    @ughelligunner did you see Hitman49s answer to it, it was worrying to say the least. I’m referring to the comment where he mentions Everton and explains why we have so many injuries.

    Very insightful.

  103. Dissenter

    Ozil’s stature in Germany’s going to take a dip if we don’t make it to the CL.
    I can’t imagine that he’ll still be starting for Germany next season if his rivals are getting regular CL footie and he’s stuck with playing a Latvian side in the middle of nowhere.

  104. Bergkamp63

    Don’t know the answer to this as not looked it up,

    How many Managers have the top 10 clubs in Europe got through in the last decade since Wenger has won anything meaningful ?

    I bet it’s about 3 a piece, and I bet they have gobbled up a fair few trophies between them !

  105. N5

    @ Cesc Appeal, did you manage to read last nights comments to you from eyemsick, the man who’s always asking to be spoken to respectfully called you a cunt and said you know about as much as Paris Hilton does about F1 racing!

    Sycophantic ramblings is exactly what I said about him last night so couldn’t agree with you more mate.

  106. Cesc Appeal


    No I didn’t see that!

    Hahaha, Paris Hilton?? Brilliant.

    I was just going to make the point that AKB’s now on Twitter and other forms of media look like the abusive minority, patrolling Twitter and internet sites bashing any “anti-Wenger” comments without logic but merely abuse.

  107. N5

    @Bergkamp63 I know it wasn’t your question but I found loads of “things that have happened since Arsenal last won anything” yesterday that were frightening, but 2 that really stick with me are.

    Pep has retired from football, become a manager, took a year out and won 18 trophies.


    Zlatan has played for 5 different clubs and won a trophy with each.

    There were loads more, but these are the two that stick with me, plus the ex Arsenal players that were part of that 2005 team that have since moved have gone on to win a collective 53 trophies!!

    I would be interested to know the answer to your question though.

  108. Cesc Appeal


    Just for eyemsick

    Me when Wenger announces he’s leaving:…79.2112.0.2251.….0…1ac.1.39.img..7.12.651.wNMb3-Bgerk#facrc=_&imgdii=_&×

  109. ughelligunner

    Anybody remember when flamini got himself a groin injury minutes into a match? It was due to poor warm up.
    Even when podolski pulled his hami, it was in the second half when they just came in, and his first act was a full sprint, i think that was also due to poor warm up, cos the muscles were so relaxed or the way he sat at half time.

  110. N5

    @ Cesc Appeal I’ve called him out on it but he’s since logged off. I was amazed he picked you, a man I have never seen call another person a cunt on here or talk to them like you are above them which is exactly what he did. You obviously are getting the better of him, hence the anger.

  111. Leedsgunner

    Great post Pedro. You are doing a great job. Don’t let the detractors get you down.

    I especially agreed with the following.

    “I guess the final nail in the coffin for me with the rotation thing was the selection for the Coventry game. He has Ozil, a player famed for only playing 60minutes, playing all the games, looking dead on his feet… and he plays him for the full 90 in the cup against a league 2 side. Along with Rosicky, Jack, Kos and Mertesacker. What a joke! The most incredible selection ever!”

    That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the line up for that game. If there was a game in the season where our entire first XI should have got a rest it should have been then.

    Honestly, the mere fact that we had to play our record signing against a League 1 side says it all.

    Our regular reserve players such as Eisfield, Chuba Akpom, Jack Jebb, Kristoffer Olsson, Issac Hayden, where were they? If they are not good enough to put in a good nights performance against a side in League I would put it to you that they shouldn’t be at our club at all.

    Case in point, Thomas Eisfield, he’s old enough that he should be in the first team squad by now. In my mind, he should have been the Ozil stand in versus Coventry. (To think we got him for 500k whilst Mario Goetze was at BvB is mind boggling.)

    In September 27 2013, while we were on that fine run of form, Wenger compared young Thomas to… wait for it, Bobby Pires.

    Wenger said, “He is a Pires type. He appears to be in the box without being noisy and appearing suddenly. When he is there, he finishes well. Thomas has that kind of quality that some midfielders have – not many. They have the timing to get in dangerous situations. When they have those dangerous situations, they are like snakes. They bite you to death because they don’t miss their first touch. He is cool enough in front of goal and he finishes well.”

    So, one minute he’s the Pires incarnate and a few months down the line, versus League 1 opposition, he’s nowhere to be found? Says volumes about Wenger’s supposed powers of player judgement doesn’t?

    Eisfield is not the only one, but just an example. Our reserves are littered with players that are hyped by Wenger when they are signed or given professional contracts but then they disappear.

    The line up versus Coventry was all about Arsene. He played that strong line up because he didn’t trust his reserves and fringe players.

    So he doesn’t sign players in the transfer window because he doesn’t want to spend money and/or he thinks they are not of sufficient quality. So he doesn’t use the fringe players and reserves because he doesn’t trust them to get results…

    No wonder our ranks are decimated!

    It’s not rocket science. If you punish a body long enough, without giving it sufficient rest to recuperate and recover, the body will get injured. Our squad is too small for the tasks given to it — if we want to win something. The problem is Arsene is more about surviving than winning now.

    This is not good man management. Arsene’s not running a football club anymore. He’s managing a group of people who are used to protect his reputation and propagate his outdated philosophy.

    I want our Arsenal back.

  112. Pedro

    Alan, people don’t get banned for disagreeing… unless they do it twice.

    The footballers football show stated that data isn’t defacto. The point they made is that sometimes managers have to take risks. Redzone means there’s a greatly enhanced risk of injury. Wenger has taken many risks this season and he’s found out the hard way what ignoring the basics can do.

    Pretty irrefutable.

    Also, that Ryland chap has overseen some incredibly fit teams… reckon his brutality is serving its purpose.

  113. Cesc Appeal


    Cheers man.

    Yeah we all need to stop any abusive posters.

    I just looked back, probably because my last comment was 1am and so he thought, good chance he isn’t on here now at 7am or whenever he commented.

    I have a very strong suspicion, it’s a poster who either comes on here regularly, or use to. And either he’s on the wind up, or he was pro-Wenger and using a different handle can go into overdrive with it safe in the knowledge that his actual handle is safe.

    But then I love a good conspiracy me 😉

    You see GoT yet? I caved 🙁

  114. N5

    @ Cesc here you go mate, just for laughs.


    “lol…. listen cesc appeal..its fun wathcing you and others talk utter shit but there comes a point when theres a limit to the shit you can put on a screen.

    the reality is this: you are a nobody and you are calling a worldwide known professional who has proven that he knows what he is doing as useless.

    now dont know about the rest in here but when it comes to judgement on football matters id rather trust the judgment of a professional who has been doing it for his whole life almost than an idiot on the internet who spits vitriol with every opportunity.

    and believe me you silly little cunt…wenger can buy you and sell you 100 times and you wouldnt know it and here you are calling the manager who placed arsenal amongst top5 richest clubs in world football as someone who doesnt know about finance and how to set up football clubs you clown…..hahaha

    you have no fucking arguments…only hate.”


    “whether he stays or goes does not change that he is arsenal’s greatest ever manager and history will record that. history will also record that we were the biggest clown fans ever to exist in football ……only arsenal fans can swear and abuse the manager who took their club from level c and brought to level a. i guess you all learned your football in fifa and fm… :)”


    “watching you talk arsenal and wenger is like watching paris hilton trying to teach raikonnen and alonso how to drive…. 🙂

    know your place…”

    Looooooool, what a mad man.

  115. Carts

    Solid piece there, Pedro.

    Wenger inadequacies are glaring, and have been for several years now. Even if we take it from 2008 – 3 years after ouFA Cup success – Wenger has had the money to invest in quality players; he still has the power to invest in quality players as of Aug and January albeit at a cost, a cost that we can afford, and he chose to do absolutely nothing. Nothing. Same applies to back room staff development and management,

    There’s absolutelyu no doubt, from what we’ve see, read and heard, that Wenger runs Arsenal his way – similar to Kim of Noth Korea. Wenger is also on record saying he doesn’t like the idea of Sporting Director. Granted, in some instances and SD can contradict and negatively challenge a managers ideologies. But that’s down to developing a relationship and understanding.

    We’re not talking of the AVB/ Baldini hybrid-super-fuck-up. We’re talking an affective model whereby Wenger produces a list of targets- first, second and thurd choice, and the SD does his utmost to deliver. Also, someone to challenge Wenger and say ‘Look, Giroud isn’t good enough for a team of our calibre. Nor is Sanogo the answer. Give me names, Wenger, or I’ll buy the striker myself’.

    On sunday after our feeble attempt at securing 3 point against our near league rivals, a friend of mine actually said the following…to God and man I am not lying. He said, in response to me saying we had over £100M sitting gaining next to not interest in the bank…

    ‘ How many players does 130 million get these days…we could gamble and bang fail and we are fucked’.

    Mind you, this friend of mine is die hard to the maximum. Away games, home games, getting stomped by several yid fans on Holloway Rd, kinda die hard. This is the kind of unsubstiated drivel many Arsenal “supporters” are peddling in 2014. I gave him a hypothetical list of:

    Balotelli – £25m
    Coleman – £15m
    Caulker – £12m
    Mandzukic – £25m
    Fernando – £7m

    That’s £80m and we still have fucking change left over
    and his response was ‘they’d never come to us. I mean, you really cant win these days..

  116. N5

    Cesc, I’m convinced it’s either Simon or DanC, the sudden anger increase is very reminiscent of their style of posting.

    He told me to stick to Game of Thrones and leave football to the grownups, I guess not seeing the irony in that comment.

    I haven’t yet seen it mate, I finished off Sons of Anarchy last night, so I will see it tonight!

  117. Bergkamp63


    It’s the absurd sentimentality that by sticking with the same Manager for countless years will actually make us better off !

  118. Emiratesstroller


    I agree 100%with your post.

    I am an administrator in an Olympic Sport and UK Sport’s WCP which is based on ‘No compromise’ adopts very similar philosophy to what Arsenal is doing.

    When it comes to S and C there is an overemphasis on weights and this often
    continues right up to World Champs and Olympic Games. I know from taking
    to experienced Olympians including one who works for me that programmes
    are often not designed for individual athletes. There appears to be ‘a fit all’

    It is clear from reading your post that some of Arsenal’s players are not equipped to handle the heavy duty programme. I would imagine Ozil is one
    such person.

    Similarly Wenger seems to ignore the question which everyone must by now
    ask and that is why we have on our books so many athletes who are not breaking down once every season but often twice. Walcott,Ramsey,Wilshire and Gibbs are frequently in that situation and I am discounting the injury histories of Rosicky and Diaby.

    Moving on to our transfer policy I agree with you that there is too much reliance on Wenger. I am all for him selecting the players he wants and needs
    as was I am sure the case with Ferguson. However, when it comes to financial and contractural matters this needs to be handled elsewhere. My view is
    that Wenger is now very indecisive and fails to look at the bigger picture i.e.
    competing in the World Market.

    I appreciate that Arsenal cannot compete with a Sovereign Fund by going out
    in every transfer window and buying half a dozen world class players and paying them astronomic wages. However, if the squad had been built up over a
    number of years with combination of talented home grown players plus each
    year acquisition of one or two exceptional players of proven ability we might
    be more successful than we are.

    Successful managers identify and anticipate weaknesses in their squad and then solve the problem. In my assessment Wenger fails consistently to do that as we see with his failure to replace both Van Persie and Song after two

    The club needs a more professional and up to date approach to how the club is
    being run. When Wenger arrived he was innovative, but I now believe that he
    is now out of touch.