Guess which other manager has a degree?

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Professor looking dated...

Professor looking dated…

So, gonna kick this off with a bit of a moan this morning. Obviously yesterday’s article was a bit of a beast and generally, with a beast article you get some beastly criticism.

‘Yu are torking shit’

Which is a perfectly acceptable way to take down a 2000 word essay on a Monday morning. However, just for the record, I’d like to layer some context over what I write and explain a few things.

Firstly, this is a blog, written by an amateur who has no desire whatsoever to become a journalist. I like blogging, it’s fun and it gives me the chance to share my passion for total Arsenal immersion. We started out 7 years ago and have written something daily since then. Over the years, it’s given the site access to some pretty amazing people and experiences. So generally, the structure to what I write here is a piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle that’s been accruing pieces for 7 years.

You don’t have to believe what I write. You can disagree with the points. You can demand I provide digital evidence of the issues that go on at the club. I can’t do that. Pat Rice isn’t at the club anymore and Jack Jebb and I aren’t on speaking terms.

However, it’s important to know that I get around. I live in London and have been afforded access to many things. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of a tour of the training ground. I was shown the facilities with Colin Lewin and Gary O’Driscoll. Good times. Did I land a playing contract? No. Did I get to see the world class training facilities? Yes. Was it clear that medical staff don’t injure players? Yes.

Ok, so if medical people don’t injure players, who does? Well, Arsene Wenger has gone on record  ( as saying he intensely trains players to get the best out of them towards the end of games. Tony Colbert brags about having players fit for the last ten for the additional goals we score. The club also have GPS tech and Wenger has gone on record at least twice talking of ignoring redzone data. Even this season, David Hytner said that Aaron Ramsey was played despite being in the redzone. Now, with a bit of investigation into sport science, it’s not difficult to find out detail about the basics. If you overwork players, they break or under perform. Simple as that. Then you have programmes like the Footballers Football show who have the heads of fitness for Chelsea, Liverpool and Leeds. All talking about recovery, strength and conditioning and diet. Top people giving their view on a fairly new discipline for football. All looked to be under the age of 40. Who is our man? Tony Colbert. Have you read his bio on the Arsenal website? Compare it to Ryland Morgans on Liverpools. Chalk and cheese.

Again, piece it together. Arsenal have almost double the injuries that last longer than a week than the nearest team in the league. Aaron Ramsey breaks down before he returns from injury, Jack Wilshere had a double break down two years ago and Thomas Vermaelen did. What’s that telling you? How about the talk of Robin having his own fitness coach. Cesc wanting his own fitness coach. Smoke without fire?

That isn’t enough? Well how about looking at how often we’ve come out of the traps since December. We are slow, we lack zip and we look a million miles away off teams like Everton, Liverpool and City. Now, I’d be game for just saying it’s a player thing, but these players didn’t look like that earlier on in the season. Giroud was a monster at the start of the year. Arsenal pressed hard at the start. Where has that gone?

Does it take a genius here to see that something is flawed in the way our players are trained? I don’t think so. Can I confidently tell you I sit in on those training sessions? No. But if you take the circumstantial evidence, it’s not hard to see there’s a problem there. I mean, even the manager says they’re going to investigate what they’re doing.

How about players rotation? Again, this is another point meshed in with training. But look at the injuries we’ve had this season. Rambo, Theo, Aaron, Koscielny and Jack. Jack aside, those players were all beasted in some way, shape or form with regards to on pitch playing time. It was clear at the time, and I wrote it, that those guys would get injured if they didn’t get rotated. Sure enough, they picked up injuries. How did I know they’d get injured?

… because Wenger beasts players every single year! This season isn’t an anomaly. It’s the norm!

Now, that Raymond chap who is the expert rent-a-quote guy when it comes to fitness issues beasted Arsene when it came to the Theo issue. My pals who support other clubs mailed me the quotes, ‘Theo comes back from injury and then plays 5 games in 16 days, then he picks up an injury’. Until it’s slapped in your face, you don’t realise how kamikaze it is. Then you start layering the same thought process over our other players. Chambo played a similar amount of games for us recently culminating in the Chelsea disaster. Is it a coincidence that player coming back from injury exhaust quickly? How can the club not be picking up on these patterns?

I guess the final nail in the coffin for me with the rotation thing was the selection for the Coventry game. He has Ozil, a player famed for only playing 60minutes, playing all the games, looking dead on his feet… and he plays him for the full 90 in the cup against a league 2 side. Along with Rosicky, Jack, Kos and Mertesacker. What a joke! The most incredible selection ever!

Then with things like having a game plan. I’ve always insisted we don’t have one, because it’s pretty clear we don’t. Ian Wright said on Talksport last night he didn’t do any opposition analysis under Wenger. Cesc Fabregas came out after the world cup and said we don’t do analysis. Yet the myth is still perpetuated Wenger is some sort of super analyst. We’ve seen countless times this season the manager clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to planning. We’ve never won the Champions League, despite, at one point, having the best team in the world.

Gary Neville tore Arsenal a new one last night on tactics. He also made the most obvious point the other week on Twitter when he said something along the lines of, ‘you can have all the skill, but without power and pace, you won’t win the league’. Again, these aren’t things you need to be told by a professional footballer, you can see it with your own eyes.

With regards to the backroom set up of the club, again, I’m not working there, but it’s pretty apparent the game has come on a long way in the last 5 years. The fact that Arsenal have been falling behind for ten is besides the point. Take a read of Soccernomics and read about top clubs approach to transfers and managerial set up. It’s not about the individual manager anymore, it’s about the team around him. Is this new wave thinking? Of course not. It’s how business has worked for decades. Now look at Arsenal’s set up. The same people, on-going, for 17 years. Look at how many assistants Ferguson had. Look at how many went onto better things. Look at our backroom team. It’s old. Very old. Look at the problems, the same, all the time. What’s the correlation here? Every year the backroom team stays the same, every year we get further away.

Barcelona have a committee of people that work on the backroom stuff. They decide on transfers like a proper business. Arsene Wenger strictly doesn’t believe anyone should have control outside himself. He’s on record as saying so. So would it be fair to say that someone who talks of authoritarian rule probably enacts it? Of course! That’s not just a guess either, I’ve sat with people like Alex Fynn who wrote a fantastic book on the manager. I’ve met with player agents feedback some great stories, I get to speak to journalists who feed me the bits they can’t publish. It’s incredible what you hear! When I podcasted with Simon Kuper (Soccernomics cowriter), he said Arsene is the last manager at a top European club who controls like a king.

Then you get into the detail of how top sports clubs work and it’s really interesting, because it is exactly the same way top marketing agencies work. A marketing agency is all about the talent. Simple as that. Top talent goes, so does the agency reputation. Same with football. Heritage means little if you have crap players and staff. Last season, I had the pleasure of working closely with a professional sports club. The way they operate is very similar to the best football clubs. The CEO builds a team around the strengths and the weaknesses of the manager. Arsene Wenger has a great footballing vision, but he’s crap at the tactics. So why not build  team around him that can take on board his footballing vision and layer it with a bit of substance? We consistently have issues with our keepers. So here’s an idea, why not ask the question… what’s going on with the keeping coach? He’s the only consistent over the years along with regressive keepers.

There is stuff all over the web if you dig deep enough, mainly in tech magazines, but this article in Wired was excellent and I’m going to try and get one of these guys to chat to me on a podcast. This is Simon Wilson on his vision at City.

“After a game there wasn’t any kind of analysis. Emotionally, the manager and the coaching staff would just draw a line and move on. It was part of the culture. They wouldn’t ask themselves if the game plan had been right or even well executed. My team of analysts had to fight that habit and create a continuous loop between what happened in games, why it happened and what we are going to do next time.”

Tell me people, does it look like Arsene has ever challenged his game plan? Of course it doesn’t. We’ve come undone spectacularly in the same way 4 times this season. We never ask if the game plan is right. We never learn. We never challenge norms. We never look to evolve what we do. I mean, maybe I’m totally fucking wrong here, but who is our Manager of Strategic Analysis? Do we have one? Is that what Boro gets up to? Is Gerry Peyton running this as a sideline? Just to give you a bit more detail, that guy runs 5 departments. Yep. 5 DEPARTMENTS! Liverpool have a director of research, called Ian Graham, who has a PhD in theoretical physics. The Guardian had this piece on Roberto Martinez

‘Aged 40, with a postgraduate diploma in business and marketing from Manchester University – attained while he was a player at Wigan – you might expect him to be a passionate advocate for analytics. The Numbers Game describes Martínez as a “hero” and its authors, Chris Anderson and David Sally, devote a chapter to his work as Wigan manager, which they approvingly call “Guerrilla Football”‘

Call me a total chancer here, but I think if you look at the information available, we’re quite a long way off our rivals. We don’t have those departments on our website. If we do have those departments, who is using the information? Who is analysing what went wrong at Everton and feeding it back into the manager? I’ve no idea. But the simple fact of the matter is you don’t have to be Columbo to draw pretty damning conclusions.

… and look, if someone wants to take any of this down with a comment that sits outside, ‘I refuse to believe it’ then go ahead, I’m all ears.

I’ve seen the training ground, it’s world class. I’ve met the medical team. They didn’t treat my hernia, but they clearly know their stuff. I’ve sat with Ivan and I rate him and don’t believe he’s oblvious to all this. His backroom team are world class. I’ve met people who’ve marketed Nike and Pepsi. Surely he recognises that Arsene hasn’t taken the same approach to his team? Surely he can see that things aren’t working? Because I’m a total amateur here with nothing more than an obsession about the game… and I can see that it’s pretty clear that things are going horribly wrong and no one is there to help Wenger. No one is talking to him on the bench. Wenger is so shell shocked, he doesn’t even get up in a game he’s being spanked in. Who is sitting with Wenger and delivering the news? Someone needs to be… because he’s floundering.

Anyway, a bit of an impassioned defence you can choose to either accept and investigate further yourself… or you can ignore. It’s your choice. I’m just piecing the obvious together. For me, it’s over for the manager, I don’t think, at 65, he has it in him to install an 11 person analysis team. I don’t think he wants someone in the company with a PHD. I don’t think he could deal with the emotional drain of sacking people who are clearly offering very little to the cause. I’m not sure he has the guts to go out and spend £140m on players that might have been suggested by someone outside his inner circle. I think it’s all too much… I think he might walk.

I might be wrong though. All this information, from all these different places, might be a case of me piecing together a story that doesn’t exist.

I doubt it though. I seriously doubt it.

If it looks like a mess, performs like a mess… chances are, it’s a fucking mess.

See you in the comments.

Tomorrow, we talk the fixture run in…


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  1. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I can’t believe people are dissing Cavani

    Worldie Everyday

    He would light up the Emirates!

  2. MidwestGun

    Id still take Cavani all day and night. He had 2 bad games against Chelsea doesn’t mean anything. Has good movement, excellent first touch, and can create his own shot. Just missed his finishes but they were all power shots not flubs so can be corrected. Million times better than Giroud. Don’t want to pay a bazzilion dollars for him tho.

  3. Gunner2301


    Jose will bring him back to form when Chelsea buy him in the Summer I think he’s disillusioned at PSG. Do Jose and Ibra get on (I believe not)? I can see him spending big.

  4. london gunner

    Wenger Plastic Bottle

    Psg spent 30 MILLION on a 19 year old Centre Back! oh my…

    Lol Lets get that dodgy Russian to take over… really don’t give a fuck about morals in football just want me a Cavani up front

  5. Chyke

    Don’t like Jose, but I’ve to give it to him the way he set up his team.

    If only our French clown knows what his doing.

    When was the last time we made it to semi- finals champions league?

  6. eyemsick

    i dont remember you complaining about tactics when vieira was on the field….. now you have arteta…do you expect the same results ?

  7. eyemsick

    When was the last time we made it to semi- finals champions league?

    when you had footballers that could take you there…..

  8. Alex James

    The way things are going, it will be another Chelsea/ Man U CL final. And remember thst Mourinho has reached the semis with a team that he probably rip plans to rip apart in the summer.

  9. Gunner2301


    That was another Wenger fuck up instead of buying Arteta at about age 25 when he was at his peak to complement Fabregas, he buys a washed up wanna be Spanish international approaching 30 and on the decline. Who goes back to the club he supposedly left to move onto better things only to get thrashed and shown up by his former team mates. Did I mention we were so desperate at the time he didn’t have a medical? Thought I did.


  10. MidwestGun

    Whats the deal with Eyemsick showing up same time every day to troll the same crap? Tiresome. Yes its all the players fault not the manager who bought them. Clown patrol.

  11. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Game plan and scenario, three words you will not hear at the Colney.
    Wenger probably thinks a game plan is instructions on how to unpack monopoly and the players think a scenario is an opera singer.

  12. Gunner2301


    Is typical of the dumbing down of standards at Arsenal. Wenger has made player like Arteta who is a bench player at best a linchpin of his team. What a washed up deluded cunt Wenger is. The same man who saw fit to give Vermaelen the captains armband. That’s how out of control things are at the Club. Now we don’t have a player that is quality and wants out Wenger doesn’t know who to give the armband to. I know I’ll give it to the first guy who comes out of the shower. TV ITs you!

  13. 124Toeknee

    Very interesting post Pedro To turn out such well considered and researched gems daily makes you a top student of football in my book. Keep up the good work and continue to fight the good fight. Don’t let the bastards get the better of you man !!

  14. Jeff

    What have all these gentlemen got in common:

    Guillaume Warmuz
    Nelson Vivas
    Igors Stepanovs
    Sebastian Squillaci
    Armand Traore
    Stefan Malz
    Alberto Mendez
    Junichi Inamoto
    Amaury Bischoff
    Kaba Diawara
    Francis Jeffers


  15. Thank you and goodnight

    N5’s quite tonight. ….maybe he’s on a promise…..get in their my son:)
    Right folks, nighty night all including you eyemsick, i’m off to bed to dream about a time when we’re genuine challengers again.

  16. Gunner2301

    We’ve got Park who played 1 game have we got any that never played all? Not any that were on loan forever never to be heard of again but any that were actually part of the first team squad?

  17. eyemsick

    Gunner2301 April 8, 2014 21:16:33

    why would he buy arteta when he had cesc and song and nasri ? not much sense ..he was never anything special…… arteta is a stop gap….always has been…..he was bought last minute to cover holes….and proved to be a kitten.. a 32 yearold man drops his balls on the football pitch, nor will i exclude tommy v and per and flam for allowing naismith ffs and miralas and barkley to own them….

    grown men couldnt put their authority on a crucial game for the team/club and youre worried about tactics? what tactics?….when barkley 17 years old whatever runs rings round arteta? sagna runs his socks off, fights for every ball, sprints back then is up there for the overlap….does he need someone to tell him?

    therefore i repeat the question…did you complain about tactics when vieira and henry were on the field? today you have arteta and giroud…… think about it….

  18. Jeff


    I wonder if there is a record of the greatest number of duds bought by managers over a period of time? Our Arsene must be in the top five. Oh wait, that’s a trophy isn’t it? 🙂

  19. jwl

    Jeff you wrote earlier about wenger not having a clue after looking at stats and I wonder about that as well. Wenger is economist, they like stats or models and I think wenger is too reliant on stats and not enough on instinct.

    Waiting to substitute players until 70th min, or trying to score in last 10 minutes, these are stats based decisions, nothing to do with what’s happening on the field. Our guys are bragging about scoring a goal in final 10 minutes, while other teams have worked out we are there for the taking early in match, and that’s stats obsession.

    Article pedro linked to today about martinez was interesting because he talks about how stats can only tell you so much, there are intangibles that you have to figure out for yourself and wenger can’t do it. Stats tell him we had great calender year in 2013 but we are nowhere near winning title in either 2013 or 2014. Stats only tell you so much, and they can have confusing messages, so manager needs to be able to use stats to improve team’s performance.

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    In November 2006 Arsenal had £53m in the bank. More than enough money to replace Viera.

    On 12 August 2007, Ajax agreed to sell Sneijder to Real Madrid for €27 million.

    Pirlo was sold for £15.5m in 2001. We could easily have afforded to double or even treble that fee to buy him and still have money in the bank.

    Instead we kept the money in the bank where it’s accumulated ever since. From £53m to £150 plus in 6 years. Wasted money that could have been used to bolster the team.

    eyemadick doesn’t have the first clue what he’s talking about.

  21. grooveydaddy

    mwg…perhaps we could have
    done a lot better…

    stop there.

    acceptance – the first step towards recovery

    perhaps there’s still hope for you sick man

  22. grooveydaddy

    mwg…perhaps we could have
    done a lot better…

    stop there.

    acceptance – the first step towards recovery

    perhaps there’s still hope for you, sick man

  23. Jeff


    It’s just so many things. The scripted 67th minute substitutions are certainly very odd. Not playing certain players ever though the game is crying out for them; playing people out of position; sticking with under performing or long term injured personnel; never learning from past mistakes and the list goes on.

    But the thing that sticks out is our inability to change or adapt. We only ever play one way and if it doesn’t work, it won’t be changed. It’s very sad but at the same time we have to allow the club to recover from a long period of stagnation and it can only be done under a new manager.

  24. salparadisenyc

    Casillas has still go major game, for any club in need of a number one.
    Szez would certainly be on the bench for a couple seasons but he’d come out the other side a much better keeper.

  25. grooveydaddy


    sorry that was meant for eyemsick

    I should have made that more clear when quoting him

    I have no problem with boozing, so drink away, my friend

    delusion, on the other hand, is hard to stomach

  26. Dan Ahern

    “MidwestGun April 8, 2014 21:26:06
    Andre Cold Duck. Mmmmm delicious, I drink a bottle everytime Sanogo scores.”

    I drink a bottle every time he doesn’t.

  27. reality check

    eyemsick April 8, 2014 21:09:20

    i dont remember you complaining about tactics when vieira was on the field….. now you have arteta…do you expect the same results ?

    they were far superior players though. They had PACE POWER and ABILITY, even if there were no tactics, Those players natural ability would see them through.

    Today we have vastly inferior players. This doesn’t mean we cannot still be successful. (Wigan vs Man City) We can still achieve but another game plan is needed, a different approach. Mabey… the use of tactics.

  28. grooveydaddy

    speaking of cults…

    does anyone have any more news re. Peaches Geldof’s death?

    the only article I read on it was quick to jump on her affiliation with a satanic sex cult

  29. Thomas

    Radio Raheem April 8, 2014 21:00:32


    Don’t be thicko all your life. Even if Chelsea had a 5 man advamtage I’ll still predict a loss for them.



    Haha you’re mad as fuck right now 😀

    Also you’re fucking shit at predicting


  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    In the past anti wenger chats were kept to private chats or anonymous blogs

    Now you hear all people openly chatting that he has to go.

    Arogant tatically inept all these words u hear people talking
    I’m assuming it’s all down to him!

    This is like the last days of thatcher or the Berlin Wall

    The wenger wall will come tumbling down .

  31. arsene nose

    this thing is over…. agree with your post… BUT what about kroenke FFS… HE is the owner, he has not invested one penny, HE is scum, he must go too, we the fans must get rid of this yank creep… new owner, new manager, usmanov and klopp… btw usmanov had pep lined up BEFORE he resigned from barca… roll on change, see you at wembley

  32. MidwestGun

    Stop arguing and get behind the manager. We can still make the Title. We just need to stop this negativity and believe. Wenger built the Invincibles!! He can do it again.
    Call me crazy but this is still the best troll comment of the day. Still laughing about it. And his name was Arseneis Arsenal. Hahaha. Nice one.
    How long is April fools good for? All month?

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t worry, the “Iranian Messi” is on his way apparently – talks with Arsenal are getting serious.

    Messi with a more militant, Jihad, no that isn’t an underarmour vest I have on under here, edge.

    (Here comes trouble from the PC brigade)

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else really like Luiz?

    I know he’s a bit of a nutjob but I think there’s a really good CDM in him…he also naturally covers his defenders without even thinking.

    Mourinho is lauding him tonight but doesn’t seem to mind if he moves on

  35. lordsnotty

    Just now I’d prefer AVB to the pathetic Wenger.
    Wenger must be forced out before he ruins this football club. Because he will, do, he has already started.

    I said back in 2006 that things could only go down hill under Wenger. Have I been proved wrong?

  36. MidwestGun

    Its weird how every country has the next (insert World Class player here) and they never turn out that way. Must be an agent guide book for that stuff. Looked up the next Iranian Messi. Ehhhh I liked Dr Mic better but another youngster so whatever.

  37. Simon

    Shameful that we have the most expensive season tickets in the world and we have a spine of Mertesacker, Arteta and Giroud. We must have the slowest team in English football. No tactics, an identical approach in every game regardless of the scoreline. Wenger has knocked my love of Arsenal out of me and I will never forgive him for that. Every time we used to concede or lose, it was like a dagger in the heart. Now I’m just numb to it all and I don’t care. Wenger just makes me angry. How can he be supposedly intelligent and yet he thinks Giroud, Bendtner and the postman can possibly be good enough. Personally I think he should have been sacked for persisting with Almunia so long when we all knew he wasn’t up to it. Identical to Giroud now. That’s not including the Nasri, Cesc and RvP sales and the 2-8, 0-4, 0-6, 1-5, 3-6s etc. I’m sick.

  38. follow the money

    the reason Chelsea gets lucky and pulls out results like this is that the entire club from top to bottom is infused with a winning mentality. Our club has become a happy socialist family where it’s ok to lose

  39. follow the money

    Mourinho on running down the the corner flag after Ba’s winner: “Three minutes plus extra time playing the way we were playing… it was too risky. I wanted to tell them to play in front of the defenders because I knew Alex was going there for the long balls, to tell Fernando (Torres) to defend Maxwell because he is a full-back who attacks more. I wanted to tell my two fresh players to play differently.”

    Oh to have a coach like that…..

  40. Bay Area Gooner

    Hey Follow the Money:

    Are you on the west coast of the US? I see you posting around the time I am checking the site in the evenings here in California

    Or are you one of those super early posters in the UK?

    by the way, I enjoy your posts. make a lot of sense

  41. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    One thing I struggle with is when people say that the way Chelsea and Manchester City operate isn’t “the Arsenal way”.
    From moving to Highbury in 1913, right through to the out-break of WWII, this was exactly the Arsenal way.
    Henry Norris used his considerable wealth to buy Arsenal their place in the First Division, in 1920, and after appointing Herbert Chapman in 1925, he helped Chapman buy the best available players to make Arsenal the most powerful club in the land.
    There are many Arsenal fans who cling to the false illusion that we’re not vulgar or classless enough to go down the route of spending ‘dirty’ money, but that’s exactly what Arsenal did under the ownership of Norris. Our class and reputation was bought by his dodgy dealings, and if it hadn’t been for his investment there’d have been no Chapman, no Marble Halls, and none of the great legacy from the 1930’s that still captures people’s imagination today. It certainly wouldn’t have been achieved through the penny-pinching and self-sustainability that cripples our ability to compete today.
    It was the Bracewell-Smith’s and Hill-Wood’s that changed the narrative of what is perceived to be “the Arsenal way”, and both families have been responsible for some very poor football decisions that have damaged the club and short-changed the supporters.
    Norris and Chapman made Arsenal by far the biggest, most feared club in the land, something the Bracewell-Smith’s and Hill-Wood’s have never come close to achieving, and something Kroenke just isn’t interested in.
    From Chapman’s legacy alone Arsenal should stand up as an equal among Europe’s elite, and yet they are still a long way off from joining that company which is a really tragic indictment on how woefully the football club has been administered for decades.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Brilliant post. Thank you enjoyed reading it, very informative though no doubt the AKB’S will think you wrong as Arsenal came to be in 1996 when wenger started the club.

    Here’s one for wenger as we all know he likes stats……
    This is Mourinho’s 8th semi final in 11 years. Now I know some people will belittle that achievement by saying ” Yeah but look at the teams and money he had at his disposal”……. well I will say now in my opinion even if Wenger had those teams and money he wouldn’t have got anywhere near that record.

  43. Jeff


    A lot of Arsenal fans have only know and supported Arsenal from when Wenger was appointed. The so called “Arsenal way” is nothing more than code for the owners putting their investment before success on the pitch. That’s all it is, that’s all it ever was. This “Arsenal way” thing is just a tool for brainwashing people into thinking it is OK to finish fourth and it is OK to not win anything and it is OK to not even try.

    The whole thing is an illusion set up by owners, board members and the manager. The unsuspecting fans (innocent but misguided souls who believe that everyone at the club wants the same thing as them) just continue to lap it up because that is what they are being told by AFC, by commentators, by large quarters of the press and ex players including the legends themselves.

    However, if you ask those ex players (you know, the ones who left for pastures new) why they left, it is almost universally because they didn’t think they could achieve any more at Arsenal. It is a massive brainwashing enterprise and it’s been going on for too long; everyone is complicit.

    Notwithstanding all of that, we now have a failing manager whose abilities have deteriorated and the same excuses won’t any longer wash. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up the charade. As a result many fans are turning and are beginning to see it for what it is. A big shake up is required and the first casualty has to be Wenger. I cannot believe we’ll be unlucky enough to get someone like him again. With him gone, a massive spanner will go in the works and we’ll see what sort of fallout occurs; if any.

    Needless to say it will take sometime before we’re a force to contend with once again but you have to understand that it didn’t get to this point overnight. It took time to break and it will take time to mend.

  44. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Thank you and goodnight – no worries, glad you enjoyed. We’re not all blind sheep.

    Jeff – As I said, this isn’t just about Wenger failing, this is decades of neglect and poor decisions from privileged old Etonians who shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a football club. People who literally agreed terms with Alex Ferguson in the summer of 1986, but didn’t have the patience or common-sense to wait two weeks for Scotland to be eliminated from the World Cup in Mexico, so the deal fell through.
    Chapman for me is by some distance the club’s greatest ever manager, and if there is a narrative that represents ‘the Arsenal way’, then his is the blue-print that I would subscribe to.

  45. eyemsick

    “and none of the great legacy from the 1930′s that still captures people’s imagination today.”

    youre joking right?

    want legacy ? …real madrid : puskas di stefano…9 european titles….bernabeu, raul, ronaldo, zidanne…
    ajax : cruyyf neskens 3in a row… generation after generation..raijkard van basten …kluivert overmars seedorf….sneijder ibrahimovic van de vaart…
    milan: sagghi…7 european titles….albertini, weah..van basten..baresi maldini

    and all you got is …chapman and the fucking 30s.. ??? ahahahahahaha great legacy..really big club…huge… what people imagination does that capture? you mean the 30,000 of you in london…you reckon worldwide football stands in attention to acknowledge the arsenal legacy of the 30’s or the legacy that wenger has built?

    me thinks you have a very bad idea of what consitutes big club or legacy mate…..arsenal was always in the shadows…i odnt remember arsenal ever being as big, as rich or as famous as it is today, nor do i remember arsenal participating in europes top competitions. before wenger the club had a european ranking fluctuating between positions 127 and 63. roma and keiserslautern and panathinaikos were considered teams with more pedigree than you…..since wenger you have climbed to an uefa coefficient of position 6 and you have never won the big one……

    the only regime that has done a good enough job to place you among the european elite ( even without winning it yet ) is the current one………

  46. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Eyemsick – I don’t much care for your tone or your opinion, so I won’t bother debating with you.
    If you had read what I wrote properly, I was saying that with better stewardship and administration, Arsenal would be among Europe’s elite, nowhere did I say that they are, or ever have been.

  47. Hitman49


    Figures as he always refers to……you ?

    In his comments……super club yo yo like relegated up relegated up…….I remember those days….looks like there back !…..glory glory moyes !

  48. Hitman49


    Yeah you got that right…..

    A very poor troll as he gives himself away all the time.

    See his team are so great he has to hang around here with the freedom fighters like us ! Hahahahs

  49. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha.
    One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. No guesses as to which group the AKB’S think we belong to eh.

    4 more days and Wenger’s reign could be over…..can’t Fucking wait.

  50. Jeff


    Agree of course it isn’t just about Wenger but that is who we have at the helm currently. You would agree that things looked very rosy in those late nineties and early 2000s when we were winning things and had a great team. There has been a gradual decline in our fortunes on the pitch and playing personnel because somewhere along the line just before Kroenke was allowed to get his hands on the shares and since then, a conscious decision was taken to steer an absolutely risk-free course.

    I’m all for prudence and forward planning but I am convinced that since the manager himself actually favours a very conservative expenditure plan, everything simply fell into place. That is why I now firmly believe that if our manager was a little more anxious to win things and a little less inclined to do it all “his way” we would have won a few more things along the way. As it is, other than money for participation in the CL, we have won nothing for 9 years and counting.

    The bottom line is that we need a new dynamic; success oriented manager at the helm simply because Kroenke is here to stay and Gazidis is just a puppet on a string anyway. As for the rest of the board, they might as well not be there.

  51. Hitman49


    I recon 6/7 days after we lose to west ham !

    And the crowed finally turn on him !

    I can’t wait to see his face ! ! And I’m looking forward to shouting at IG again.
    As I’ll be a guest of a friend and we’ll be sitting 5 seats away from the directors box…right behind mr david dean…….
    I’m so excited me and mr dean always exchange words over his mate arse !

  52. N5

    Morning all, just reading the comments and chuckling! TYAG, I wish I was on a promise, I was working last night and away from a PC 🙁

    RE Eyemsick, he is 100% a manc on the windup. He and G787 said the other night they were from Red Action and he likes to wind people up! No gooner would think like he does. I can’t believe people are still indulging him!

  53. Radio Raheem


    Yes little Thomas I was mad. I had to be to engage with you. It was a regrettable moment of weakness but that won’t happen again. Run along now.

  54. NewCo Arsenal PLC


    I agree with some of what you say, Wenger was definitely more dynamic and successful when David Dein was conducting the club’s transfer dealings, Wenger’s overall record in that department is shocking.
    For all his early domestic success, his record in Europe is piss-poor, and now he’s stealing a living massaging Kroenke’s ego.
    If Kroenke refuses to compete with Chelsea, Liverpool and the two Manchester’s, is a new manager likely to fare any better?
    I think Kroenke is a big part of what’s poisoning our club.

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    Yes but with fans turning on Wenger mate it might be a warning to kroenke that us fans will no longer have piss taken out of us and that unlike the fans of his American franchise, we won’t be pushovers. Not saying it will make him invest his billions, but might make him actually take a bit more interest in Arsenal and the way it’s run.

  56. Jeff


    “If Kroenke refuses to compete with Chelsea, Liverpool and the two Manchester’s, is a new manager likely to fare any better?”

    However valid the above statement might be, the on pitch incompetence, lack of a game plan, unchanging style, void of tactics, intransigence, the long list of mind-boggling dud transfers, letting go talent, never replacing like for like and the insane wage policy are all down to Wenger.

    Whilst I do not wish to underplay the no-risk policy coming from the top, there is still a lot that can and could have been done differently. If I was to apportion blame for the nine years in percentage terms it would have to be 60% Wenger and 40% everything else.

  57. bergkamplegend

    Pretty depressed this morning…

    Watched the CL games last night, thinking that under wenger we’re no longer part of the “big boys” in europe…

    I hate chelsea, but they have all that we don’t have, players with experience, with balls and commitments to their coach, who is a pure cunt, but a great manager and a leading man for his troops.

    Yep, pretty depressed, with certainly 2 more years of the senile one…

  58. bergkamplegend

    Pretty depressed also, watching Klopp on dortmund’s bench, and realize that we’ll never see a manager like that at Arsenal.

    “Could be worst… it could be raining” (@copyright “Young Frankenstein”@bymelbrooks@1974)

  59. Confidentgoner

    At the start of the season, we lost to AstonVilla. I think we learnt from that, we stopped our two fullbacks bombing fforward at the same time, we also kept Flamini and Arteta disciplined.

    I wonder why we have resorted to the high line and full backs bombing forward, exposing spaces for our opponents to exploit. And we have played against intelligent managers!!

    The thing that really grates me is a lack of reading of the game insitu to make necessary changes and not allow our opponents to exploit our weakness.

    Against Chelsea, I saw the goaks coming but there was no reaction from the benchto neutralize the CChelsea counter attack tactics.

    Time is up. The man needs to go.

  60. El Tel 1

    Funny thing is in the 30’s when we were THE Club. There was no big European Cups to play for and there was also a massive war that stopped us in our tracks.

    The Mancs eh. The so called biggest Club in the World. They have a very average record in Europe considering the size of the Club.

    Now if it was Liverpool you were referrring to then yes they havE a great record in the competition.

    It was also not all about money with them either.

    I remember the late 70’s when those Manc wankers were relegated. Ha Ha.

    Biggest Club in the world. Who fucking says so.

    The moment RM called their best player in years fucks off.

    Funny how most of their other so called Superstars were not scouted by the big Clubs.

    They were awesome in the PL because they got away with murder under that Jock Gangster.

    Would I want us to be like that. Frankly NO.

    I would love us to win the FA cup as a goodbye present to a Manager who did great things many years ago but for his arrogance has lost the plot.

  61. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    True Jeff, personally I think he should have left at the same time as David Dein.
    Once I felt sorry for him, now I’m angry that he wastes so much of the club’s money, particularly his own over-inflated wage.
    Thank you and goodnight – I really don’t think Kroenke has any conscience regarding his English ‘customers’.

  62. El Tel 1

    We have turned into a long ball team. When was the last time we actually did play tikka takka and kept the ball?

    All I see is hoof up to the lamp post then chasing around trying to win it back.

    Watched the second half of Dortmund game last night.

    Hummels bombing forward with 10 minutes left. I remember us doing that i. The early years when chasing a game.

    Every Dortmund player chased the ball and fought till the end. They were only beaten because they had a striker who would look good in our team. The fella missed three decent chances to finish off an ordinary Madrid team.

    I bet Wenger is looking at that striker because he got into the positions for those chances despite the fact he fucked up all three

  63. El Tel 1

    Wenger still the players hero.

    He wrote an article for Eurosport on Cesc.

    He of course probably thinks he was the reason Cesc is such a wonderful player just like Weah and Henry.

    Bergkamp was the reason for our success in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Since he went so have our fortunes.

    Wenger of course never found Dennis so rarely talks about him.

  64. Hitman49


    So true your last statement ,
    I’d even question Cesc as he stole him donkey trade style from barca,

    Dennis for me was I think the greatest player we ever had, all round player that is Henry was the by far the best striker we have had the records prove that, but for me Dennis all day long.

  65. Bamford13


    “the only regime that has done a good enough job to place YOU among the european elite ( even without winning it yet ) is the current one………”

    Thank you, eyemsick, for revealing that you yourself are not an Arsenal supporter (see the “you” above). Now I can ignore your posts with complete peace of mind.

  66. Sharkey

    @El Tel 1;;
    Since I’m a Manchester United fan, I don’t really comment here, but I still tend to follow Arsenal news, mainly because I’m a bit interested in news of a few Premier League clubs. Also stressing I haven nothing against Arsenal fans, nor do I have an intention to troll.

    Regarding your comment about Manchester United? Biggest club in the world? We don’t say so. We never say so, everybody else says so. And considering our record? Yes, I’m inclined to agree with it. You see, we actually win titles consistently, and don’t give excuses of consistently qualifying for Champions League. Because you see, we can actually win titles, and still consistently qualify for the Champions League. And win it too..

    No one came calling around our superstars? Sure they didn’t, because we were literally the biggest club back then, before the Russian oligarchs and Arab sheikhs of the world took over. Nobody could do it. And our ‘so called superstars’? The best players of the world acknowledge our superstars and want to emulate them. And besides, most of our superstars were loyal you see? They preferred to stay back at our club, instead of running away. Do note I said most, not all, in case you want to pick out singularities, since every rule has multiple exceptions.

    ‘Would you want to be like that?’ Of course not. Mainly because you can’t. Your key players either become frustrated with life or want to leave. Oh, and you’re talking about money? We literally have the best academy in the world. Please don’t even talk about the Arsenal academy, because you have very, very imports. Most of your exciting youths come from other clubs as youngsters.

    You keep talking about 30s and the past? Please, now that’s just sad.. Please don’t become like Liverpool for oh so many years, when all they could talk about was their rich history because their present sucked. We have a rich, rich history, but unlike others, we also win stuff, which is more than you can say about yourselves in recent years.

    ‘Average record in Europe’.. Really? Should you really be the one talking about an average record in Europe? “Hi Pot, this is kettle. You’re Black.” Need I remind you, we’re still in the Champions League, and in our major, major transition season, we’ve put up more of a fight than any other team against the team whom you lost so tamely against?

    I’m once again stressing that it ain’t my intention to troll, and I actually do like Arsenal fans, but your post was so vehemently ridiculous, it made me want to reply.