Two choices for Arsene: Leave now or cede power and collaborate

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Another big game. Another flunked test. Arsenal are now in serious jeopardy of losing out on 4th place.

We knew what Everton’s game plan was going to be. Arsene Wenger didn’t. They came at us with the objective of destroying us in the first half an hour, and sure enough, that’s what they did.

They were mentally prepared, tactically aware, drilled and packed with energy.

Comments like, ‘they wanted it more’, don’t really work for me. All footballers want to win. That extra zip those players had over ours is baked into the Everton set up. They’ve been built to play at that tempo. Last week, they would have been trained so they could play at that pace. No training ground beasting for those guys. It showed as well, they were ferocious in the way they picked off our sorry group of players.

We had nothing to offer the game. We had no shape and no awareness of what was going on. Our defending was shambolic, our reaction was pathetic and we caved to a better team who have a far better manager.

… and that’s it people. Martinez, at the moment, is a better manager than Arsene Wenger. Our relic of leader has no idea what’s going on. He’s utterly clueless. He can’t see what’s coming because he doesn’t check. He can’t react to what’s going on because he’s a creature of habit (waiting until the 65th minute to change the game was embarrassing). He can’t win against top sides these days because at the highest level, it’s about the manager and the marginal gains he offers you.

On our travels this year against the top 5 sides, we’re 20-4 down.

Take a moment. Digest that figure. Now ask yourself this, how can we possibly sign Arsene Wenger up for another two years? How can anyone defend the stagnation? How can Arsenal football club allow him to sign up to the new deal?

He has to go. In fact, if he loses against Wigan, he might decide to leave. Really though, the FA Cup isn’t sugar coating anything. The reality here is that Arsene has taken us from top of the league in February to fighting for our lives for Champions League football. Harry Redknapp was sacked for less. Where is the quality control here?

Who is going to say, ‘Arsene, enough is enough’…

Player reaction

What will be interesting is the reaction from the players. Are they sick of the b*llshit? Are they sick of having no game plan? I know for a fact the players bemoan the lack of planning behind the scenes. Will the players fight for the manager next week against Wigan, or will they bend over? How can they motivate themselves to play for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

… and look, players are like fans. They can see what’s going wrong. Did you see Theo’s face when Sky asked him what he thought about signing Ozil? Did you see his face when asked about the surprise in not signing a striker in January? He knows.  Players speak to their pals at Barca and Madrid, they know what goes into prep. They know how meticulous Martinez, Rodgers and Mourninho are. They know that Wenger isn’t going to change. So what are they there fighting for?

What will the reaction look like at Wigan? They’re a Cup winning side. We’re totally deflated and we don’t have enough players to rotate in some enthusiasm. Sometimes, players just cave. It’s not said verbally, you can just see that they’ve given up. I watched Milan players do it earlier in the season against Sassuolo when they lost 4-3. Could that happen to Arsene’s men? Or can they muster something special for a last hurrah?

The Reality

Two more years of stagnation shouldn’t be an option. The second half of the season has felt like watching your dad taking a nicely humoured beating in the pub. You can’t step in either. You know he can’t fight back anymore, he’s trying, still bullish he can overturn it, but simple fact is he’s had it. He doesn’t have to tools to get out of this one. What’s worse is he doesn’t have the pride to walk away.

The press can defend him and tell Arsenal fans they’re ungrateful. They can say things like ‘Arsenal have had injuries that put context against their demise’… and never explore the reasons why we have those injuries. They can complain the players don’t have the bottle, without ever taking time to understand what a nonsensical statement that is when you look at the players we have. They can bemoan the lack of pace and never put that to Wenger And ask why he doesn’t have power in his squad. However, what they can’t ever get away from is that he’s failed another season. Outside of cute quotes and a brand of football that draws sympathetic ‘oh, but at least they try to play the right way’, what have we got in Arsene Wenger nowadays?

Don’t be dumbed down into the harsh realities of what we’re dealing with here. Don’t accept turgid statements like ‘ there weren’t the players’, ‘it’s bad luck’ or ‘the players have let Arsene down’.

Demise and Delusion

Hell, if you want any further indicator of Wenger’s slide into delusion, think about his statement yesterday about hair supplements causing additional injury. What scientific basis did he have for that statement? Who was he talking about? That comment was an absolute sh*t show. Players aren’t taking drugs on the side and they aren’t impacting injuries. He’s looking at the 1% chance over the 90% chance that the reason his players are ruined is because he kills them.

Add this all up and you have incompetence. It’s not purposeful incompetence, it’s incompetence that has degenerated his abilities over the course of ten years. Wenger challenges hair supplements because he knows no better. He overplays because he thinks he knows players and their bodies better than the experts. He doesn’t have a game plan because he doesn’t know how to have one. He doesn’t buy in power because he’s being advised badly. I mean, when is someone going to challenge Wenger’s mindset that you can’t bulk up players because they lose their mobility? Anyone showed him Matic? Does he remember Drogba? Has he seen Yaya Toure? Did he watch Lukaku destroy us? Did he watch our players constantly disposessed by bigger / faster players? When is someone going to sit with Wenger and explain to him that his incredibly poor record against top teams is all about his lack of a match plan. How can a man, so intelligent, not see that if you line up the same way every week, it makes you predictable and easy to play against?

The Choices

So do you give him the chance to rebuild? Does Ivan step in and force change? Can the manager accept he’s being let down by hangers on intent on self preservation? Does Wenger have the bottle and the gumption to have one final last push at trying management 2.0?

It’ll be major upheaval whichever route he takes. We’re already as bad as it gets in modern football. It’s an miracle we managed to sustain a challenge for so long doing things the old fashioned way. It was always going to fall apart though.You can fight toe to toe doing things badly, but at some point, the pressure will tell and you’ll have no fall back mechanism.

My view is that the manager should walk away. My view is that he might just do that. Look at him on the sidelines at Swansea, he didn’t stand up for 65minutes. Yesterday, he hardly stood at all. He just sat there. He looked almost delirious. He doesn’t know what’s going on and no one will be frank with him. He’s built a backroom team around him that doesn’t pride itself on great work. Instead of building a culture of excellence, where you celebrate pushing your department on, he’s built a backroom team that care only about preserving their futures. Having the favour of the manager is about agreeing with him, not about telling him there’s a different way of doing things that might yield 9 extra points a season because we lower our player down time by 8%. We need hungry, young, talented people working all over the club.

To do that, the manager needs to take a back seat. He needs to understand that he can’t be chief scout, financial director, 1st team coach, tactician and the fitness coach. If you can’t be the best, build the best around you. Feed off their enthusiasm. Fuck it, learn something. I’m 29, I work in social marketing (3 years ago), when I started, I did everything (insights, content, community, outreach, planning)… now I do nothing. I have a team of people that wipe the floor with me, all working as specialists within the aforementioned disciplines. I remember the days where you did it all. Now, I’m a relic, thriving off the talent that works for me. Arsene’s job shouldn’t be about being the expert in  it all, it should be about taking that information and turning it into something special. Empower talent and you’ll reap the rewards. Football and business are the same, though football, in general, is struggling to accept the evolution.

This isn’t revolutionary stuff in general. This is how Lyon operated so successfully, this is why Barca are where they are, it’s what they’ve been implementing at Manchester City, it’s the structure David Moyes destroyed at United, it’s the approach Rogers has taken that’s given Liverpool a chance at the title… it’s the way a modern club operates. The manager is the figurehead. He’s there, taking all the expert data and crafting it into a final 11. The department heads don’t fear challenging the manager and kicking things on, because ultimately, departmental excellence is their job and the only person who can sack them is the CEO. This is how all the best clubs work. It’s a collaboration, not a dictatorship. The only fear you have in your job is not being the best you can be. That’s how you kick on a company. That’s how you kick on a football backroom team.

That’s why I’m not sure Arsene has it in him to change. That’s why I’d be game for someone like Steve Bould taking over. I don’t think we need a massive name. Football isn’t that game anymore. We need someone who is young, eager to impress, of the right stature and most importantly, someone Ivan Gazidis has control over.  Bring in Bould, give him a deal and tell him he has the full backing under stipulations. Steve Bould is the right age, he’s a beast of a man but with a very likeable edge. He’s a legend as well, he’s one two Premier Leagues (I think he was here for the second) and two 1st Divisions, countless cups. He knows the club inside out and he’ll no doubt have an opinion about what’s going on. I simply refuse to believe he’s not sitting on the touchlines facepalming inside. The other important aspect about Steve Bould is that firstly, the players all like him and secondly, he’ll have the fans on his side. Barca lost Frank Rijkaard and put in their B team manager. He’s now one of the greatest managers of all time. He left the club and they brought in Villanova who upped it again for the club. You bring in someone internally, they know the politics of the club, they know the players and they’ll have the power to upgrade.

If we go outside the club, you have to look at what Martinez has done and be impressed. He has a vision, he has charisma and he’s delivering a brand of football at Everton I’d love to see at Arsenal. You have other managers like Thomas Tuchel who has a tremendous reputation in Germany for the work he’s doing with Mainz. There’s obviously someone like Klopp who is everyone’s dream. I just worry that he’s a bit crazy and he has some similarities with Wenger. He’s played with a tiny squad this year and he’s suffered some pretty horrendous injuries. Could be a one off, could be something deeper. My issue with an appointment like Klopp is that he’s an ego. He’s been there and done it… could be a masterstroke, could be a disaster. Point is, how much power can the club have over a global superstar manager?

So we are where we are. I don’t think this season has been hugely different to the last four or five. I’ve been putting these arguments up for the best part of 7 years. What changed this year is categorically, all Wenger’s usual fall back excuses were removed. For the first time, he’s been fully accountable. The 10 year wait for money, ironically, has been Wenger’s demise. Wenger had £100m to spend, he didn’t buy a striker, didn’t buy pace or power and then made it even worse by complaining about the existence of the January transfer window. His lack of drive to make the Premiership his this year will be the legacy of this season.

Question is, what does Arsene want his legacy to be? Because he’s killing it. He’ll always be remembered as the man who brought greatness to Arsenal, but will that be tinged with the following comment… ‘but he did go a bit Brian Clough in the end’… Wenger has two choices. Bow out on a cup win and hand over the reins, or cede power and collaboratively build a modern football club for the next manager.

Watching this one pan out will be interesting…

Thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. MarbleHall

    Invincibles were a good team but not a great team they choked in two cup competitions and didn’t follow up their success with a consecutive title.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    There’s all this stuff that the club are planning on a DoF after Wenger goes…Josh Kroenke anyone?

  3. SpanishDave

    I think the players belief in Wenger has gone. In the past when we have gone down 2 nil at half time we used to come out all guns blazing and often got a goal that would get us back in the game. Now we trot out and just seem to go through the motions.
    I would say that the players know he is going, so they are not motivated.
    Wengers way out is to become the French team manager after the world cup, it would give him a golden way out,as I dont think he will manage another club.

  4. MidwestGun

    TYAG, Midwest is either out chatting up women pretending he is the real Rosicky or he’s doubled up in bed sweating off a nasty hangover!
    Hahaha. Thanks for the concern but sadly no I was knee deep in water helping a local Milf fix a sump pump issue. We have been getting biblical rain. I didn’t think it would be wise to attempt to use the tablet and drop it in water.

    As to Game o Thrones, I won’t spoil but I thought the first show was really good not much backtracking and just got on with the story.
    The Hound and Ayra are badass! Lol. Laughing my ass off literally.
    and the new guy is a bi-sexual badass! Haha.
    Yet, another person who hates the Lannisters, awesome.
    Sansa is just looking more mature not fat face, shheeeeesh you guys are picky.
    Joffreys queen to be, Margaery, my God that chick is sexy.
    Definately, got me pumped up for new season.

  5. MarbleHall

    The Arsenal have been a shadow of a side all season beating the lemons of the league earlier on in the season just glossed over the teams obvious deficiencies.

  6. Chyke

    April 7, 2014 09:58:35
    TYAG, I really hurt today! I normally find a quiet office when we lose but today there wasn’t a spare one and listening to these cocks talking about us and laughing has really wound me up. The issue is I can’t pull one out at my desk so I have to just deal with the anger!!!

    Exactly how I feel today! Everybody is laughing at me!…….

  7. N5

    Chyke, excuse the pull one out part of that comment, TYAG always tells me to go and pull one out when I’m getting pissed off, it’s just something he finds funny hence me saying it, I don’t really do that at work 😛

  8. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Another excellent post . Thanks. Not a fan in the least for keeping Wenger around with limited power. Don’t really see that working out. Temporary band-aid on a serious wound. As to Bould, leaning towards we could do better. More of an interim solution but I really have no clue what his managerial skills would be without Wenger so not a definate no way.

  9. eyemsick

    I thought this was the place for sophisticated and detailed football analysis. a place to exchange and get new opininions and not having a preacher of hate trying to form other peoples opinion. this is called hypocrisy in any language a/o dictionary.

    but anyway i will rise above the durham-esqe article at the top of the page and simply note that whoever wrote that is not offering solutions. and how could he/she?

    some of the claims in that article are delivered with such certainty that it makes me wonder how come sentences like “martinez is better than wenger” get any credibility. such a statement shows ignorance for it neglects the career paths of both.

    i particularly laughed with the paragraph titled ” the reality”. quite frankly, the comparison between a top level manager and your dad having fights in the pub is destined to challenge south park creators on how to put that into animation. i would love to see it, with lots of popcorn of course. However, in the spirit of “conversation” ( do you still do that ? or have you gone full stalin mode?) the reality of arsenal is that this club is still trying to balance the act of getting decent enough positions to repay their debt and not being exposed too much to customers …arghhem fans …

    i m yet to see how you, a blogger, can set ultimatums to a privately owned company. in fact tell me when you re about to go tell stan,pete and the rest in the hierarchy how to do it so that i turn on the cameras and record this historical documentary. My personal take is that they will laugh at you and call you insane but thats just me …the non realist…

    and finally since noone has bothered to mention any football reasons but only preaching hatred for a person they dislike, can someone please tell me the games arteta has been involved and the scorelines please? now before you oh so predictable debators pontificate ” its his players, he bought them, blah blah” then youve rather missed the reality of arsenal the last ten years…….

    does it suck to build stadiums and spend 10-15 years in shit ? you bet. did we know it was going to suck ? some of us did. granted noone expected 27 and 28 and 32 year old men to drop their bollocks at the most crucial stage of the season but lets ignore that……………after all it is wenger’s fault that arteta gets owned by a 17 year old…… clearly … 🙂

  10. N5

    I’ve just seen that they found Peaches Geldolf dead at her home today! she was only 25. That poor fella losing both the mother of this children and daughter at such young ages.

  11. zeus

    “It raises the big question about his future and understandably so. Indeed, as James from Gunnerblog pointed out yesterday, we’re conceivably one game away from the end of his reign. If we don’t beat Wigan on Saturday, his position becomes untenable. Failure to win the cup leaves him in the very same position.

    Winning the cup, however, leaves things open. Right now I think success at Wembley, lifting that old trophy, would be a fantastic way for Arsene’s Arsenal career to come to a close. His time here has been fantastic, he’s been a great manager and I think a bit of time and distance will only make that more obvious. At the moment there’s such opprobrium and division that it clouds the perception of what he’s done for this club and the way he’s guided us through a difficult period financially and sportingly.”


    Even Arseblog is calling time on Arsene. Saturday is massive. I’ll be sure to miss it. No way am I sitting through what is sure to be heartache whether we win the game or not.

  12. eyemsick

    nor can i listen/read rubbish that martinez is better than wenger but there you go….. i guess the mob is baying for blood……

  13. N5

    “after all it is wenger’s fault that arteta gets owned by a 17 year old…… clearly … :)”

    No but it is his fault he doesn’t fucking manage! why can’t you see that are you mental?

    Watch Martinez, up the entire game giving instruction unlike dumbstruck clueless Wenger. That is why the majority are now calling for his head.

  14. eyemsick

    or the other type of rubbish of the type that he could get de rossi and pirlo and said “no thanks ill take arteta he is better”….. 😉

  15. eyemsick

    No but it is his fault he doesn’t fucking manage! why can’t you see that are you mental?

    oh so arteta aged 32 needs wenger on the touchline giving him instructions? and you dare call me mental?

    ok,.,,,,, go watch game of thrones and leave the football talk for the grown ups.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Think it might be time to dip into the £154 Million “rainy day fund” now…seems to be pissing down.

  17. MidwestGun

    The reality is Wenger has had ample opportunity to buy better than Arteta and somehow refuses to acknowledge he isn’t good enough and keeps playing him in a role he isn’t suited. Stan is making personal phone calls to play Arteta? Hahaha What is your point delusional one?

  18. Cesc Appeal

    There is of course the option of dropping poorly performing players? Or changing tactics/formations/line ups when you’re routinely getting spanked.

    But then I’m forgetting about the Emirates Stadium…we all knew we’d have to suffer incompetency in management when we moved grounds…duh

  19. kwik fit

    ‘ When I die, all I ask is that you bury me up side down so everyone can kiss my ass’ Arsene Wenger

  20. Cesc Appeal


    You’ve turned up at the the worst possible time, eyemsick has just got out of Arts & Crafts

  21. eyemsick

    ity might be cesc it might well be the time, the rpoblem is that its not you or me or anyone in here who takes that decission. and its not wenger either. i dont care what you read in the papers, just like you would never pay someone 7m to fail you likewise nor would i.

  22. eyemsick

    we all knew we’d have to suffer incompetency in management when we moved grounds…duh

    if you had suffered incompetence in management you would have dropped from champions league and be closer to mid-table and relegation.

    it goes without saying that you should have expected incompetence on the pitch for the club had to make do with bargains till they can pay top dollar for proper players a/o wait for their youngsters to take central stage

    are you simply ignoring this reality or do you just chose to be a contrarian?

  23. Cesc Appeal

    eyemisck, okay guy, whatever keeps you happy. I ain’t going to argue with you, it’s futile. And if I’m honest, I quite like you actually, you make me smile.

  24. eyemsick

    The reality is Wenger has had ample opportunity to buy better than Arteta

    now these are the sentences i love.

    in terms of reality i suppose you mean money and by opportunity you mean time….false on both accounts

    do you remember when arteta came?

  25. reality check

    does it suck to build stadiums and spend 10-15 years in shit ? you bet. did we know it was going to suck ? some of us did. granted noone expected 27 and 28 and 32 year old men to drop their bollocks at the most crucial stage of the season but lets ignore that……………after all it is wenger’s fault that arteta gets owned by a 17 year old…… clearly … 🙂


    so your take on it, is that its the players fault? Forget who bought them, ok. I agree. but what your saying is basically, its the players fault?

  26. Cesc Appeal


    He’s effing hilarious as it goes. So funny.

    I think he’s a troll, he cannot believe the shit he’s spouting. I think it might be a regular on here winding everyone up.

  27. kwik fit

    Ian Wright said that Wenger doesn’t give direction. He puts his faith in the players to sort it out between themselves. He said that in the early days Wenger had the players (leaders) who instinctively knew what to do. His current squad however are not able to know what’s needed and need direction of a strong tactically aware manager. Something that Wenger plainly is not.

  28. eyemsick

    so your take on it, is that its the players fault?

    absolutely! they all knew what is at stake, and our top performers from the first half of the season were out injured, this was the time for the elders to stand up and hold the fort, not tremble like girls……

  29. eyemsick

    bravo kwik-fit youre figuring things out finally. thus it makes it a lot easier to have players like gilberto and vieira and more difficult when you have kids and artetas….

    i have faith in you to understand finally what type of manager wenger is after 17 years of having him at your club. bravo!!!

  30. eyemsick

    His current squad however are not able to know what’s needed

    im sorry…they dont know that they have to win football games to secure arsenal’s targets?

    do they need a special 3 year course as well to figure out the self-explainable?

    do they not see the league table?

  31. reality check

    eyemsick April 7, 2014 19:28:30

    so your take on it, is that its the players fault?

    absolutely! they all knew what is at stake, and our top performers from the first half of the season were out injured, this was the time for the elders to stand up and hold the fort, not tremble like girls……
    hmm, this is an interesting angle your coming from, ok so if we just look at the players. If Wenger bought them, thinking they would perform, but unfortunately let him down, how would you get those players under performing back to producing their best form. whose job is it, the board, the manager, the coaches the players themselves?

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    Nothing will change until Wenger is gone. Next year all our rivals will strengthen. Man Utd will certainly make it the priority to finish top 4. Liverpool will reinvest CL money and maybe more.

    It’s impossible for Wenger and his acolyte AKBs to see what is wrong, so the huge deficiencies in our club will go un-addressed as they have been for a few years now, even though Arsenal have more than enough financial clout to solve them.

    Arsenal should be renamed Excuse FC, because that is all that is left; pathetic excuses such as hair growth supplements. It’s laughable.

    £150m in the bank yet our £7.5m a year man doesn’t want to solve the problems with the resources available to him.

  33. eyemsick

    well sorry to shock you but wenger is the type of manager who provides you the platform and world class conditions to go and excell based on your talent and character. he will guide you along the way but ultimately its up to you to reach your potential. he is a football club MANAGER not just a coach to tell you to do stretching and tactics. tactics are already coached in the overall philosophy of the playing style. after that if youre dumb like podolski and giroud then obvisouly you wont reach the heights of an henry.

  34. eyemsick

    you could say that his biggest crimes are showing the faith he would show to henry lets say to someone like gervinho….oh and that he is careful with the clubs money.

    so these two then…faith in players and careful with the clubs money…these are his crimes 🙂

  35. kwik fit

    if youre dumb like podolski and giroud then obvisouly you wont reach the heights of an henry.

    So thats why Wenger done all he could to replace them in January .

  36. eyemsick

    If Wenger bought them, thinking they would perform, but unfortunately let him down, how would you get those players under performing back to producing their best form.

    right now? forget it…you can only hope that each of them individually takes a long hard look in the mirror and decides whether he can offer to wneger or arsenal or if he cant to fuck off and not ask for contract extentions…

    either you fight for your manager your club and your fans or walk away you effing cunt footballer we pay you and you play like that …..

  37. salparadisenyc


    Id say the players are sick too.

    Sick that Wenger lacks the nous to confront the situation head on and deal.
    Sick of being set up for failure as mr Blogs has set many a posting towards discussing, don’t recall you contributing by the way.
    Sick that Verm is wearing the captains armband.
    Sick that Giroud is our lone striker.
    Sick we have no pace and did zero about it with a month to remedy.

    I am sick too.

    Sick of the revolving door of bullshit that accompany’s each mauling.
    The sickness has evolved into a numbness, it’s just never numb enough.

    Oh ya I’m
    Sick of selfies at WHL.
    Sick of celebrating 4th.. I bet the players are too.
    Sick of starting Postman against Europes elite.

  38. eyemsick

    So thats why Wenger done all he could to replace them in January

    replace them with what? what can you get in january realistically speaking?

  39. eyemsick

    Id say the players are sick too.

    what? they got no right to be sick?…….there job is to win matches not fuck models in hotels and take selfies….where is bould to lay down the law..what is he doing? is he expecting a 64 year old man to go and shout at mid twenty yearolds? …lol …

  40. kwik fit

    replace them with what? what can you get in january realistically speaking?
    Nothing when you aren’t prepared to spend.

    Some previous January signings made by others;

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Normally if revvin or Kjafc went on like you do I’d be livid. For some reason I like you and find you a funny guy even if I don’t agree with anything you post. But like N5 I’m out as well. Too pissed off to think straight plus kids have d & v so not in mood. Night fellas

  42. eyemsick

    Nothing when you aren’t prepared to spend.

    very well said!

    and what gives you the impression that arsenal was willing to spend another 30-50 m in january ?

  43. london gunner


    You are pathetic and so is your master now back to what ever hole you come from you grovelling creature!

    Fucking blaming Bould now rather than Wenger, do you not see what your doing your blaming everyone but the man in charge.

    If you blame Bould for not shouting at the players then blame Wenger for allowing Bould to not shout at the players.

    If Wenger is to old to do that then he is to old to do his job.

  44. eyemsick

    Essentially Wenger does nothing then

    well dont know how you can call supervising thew hole of the clubs operations as doing nothing but there you go ……..

  45. eyemsick

    london gunner dont be rude…i talk to everyone with respect. you do the same first and then ill talk to you……

  46. eyemsick

    i thought bould was like mr arsenal…does he need to ask wenger whether he can shout to players or not? are you for real? you cant be……

  47. kwik fit


    But like N5 I’m out as well.

    You make it sound like dragons den and you’re not prepared to invest 🙂

  48. eyemsick

    If Wenger is to old to do that then he is to old to do his job.

    i think the people that pay him are going to be the judges of that… not you….. lol

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    Yeah, it’s all the players fault. Remind us who bought Park who played 1 competitive league game for us.

    Remind us who bought Bendtner and put him on £52 a week?

    Who bought Santos and paid him £40k a week?

    Remind us who ran Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil into the ground by over-playing them?

    The unwavering blind support AKBs show toward Wenger is the same level and type of support you see in cult members whether they be following Manson or David Koresh. A blind, fanatical, religious-like hero-worship.

    Criticism, no matter how just, is always seen as an absolute attack on the leader and must therefore be defended at all cost no matter how ludicrous.

    I expect a large number of AKBs will move on from Arsenal or sit on the sidelines desperately sniping at the new manager in order to justify their hero.

  50. Arsene's Nurse

    eyemsick April 7, 2014 19:37:50

    well sorry to shock you but wenger is the type of manager who provides you the platform and world class conditions to go and excell based on your talent and character. he will guide you along the way but ultimately its up to you to reach your potential. he is a football club MANAGER not just a coach to tell you to do stretching and tactics. tactics are already coached in the overall philosophy of the playing style. after that if youre dumb like podolski and giroud then obvisouly you wont reach the heights of an henry.
    So why is Wenger buying dumb players? Surely a manager who relies on intelligent players who can sort things out for themselves would have some form of testing for transfer targets to identify if they were clever enough.

    Podolski had 107 caps for his country yet he is dumb according to you. You have to be trolling to come up with that. In fact I think you are Wenger. Only someone as deluded as Wenger could come up with that.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    eyemsick April 7, 2014 19:41:41

    If Wenger bought them, thinking they would perform, but unfortunately let him down, how would you get those players under performing back to producing their best form.
    Easy. Get rid of the main problem which is Wenger. Those players we have would flourish under a new manager.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    eyemsick is a troll

    spell out his name, eyemsick: I’m sick…I told you I think he’s a regular poster on the wind up.

  53. Mustik Arsenal


    1. Foolishness is when you propose 40+1
    pound on
    Suarez and spend 42m pounds on Ozil

    2. Foolishness is when you are top of the
    Epl at
    one point and by April, you are struggling
    for top

    3. Foolishness is when you have four
    out in January and you ended up signing
    injured Replacement called Kallstom.

    4. Foolishness is when you continue to
    pay a player
    who has been injured for two seasons . Is
    Messi? (Abou Diaby).

    5. Foolishness is when you lose 6nil to a
    coach that
    had earlier labeled you a ‘specialist in

    6. Foolishness is when you say ‘ Top Four
    is a
    Trophy for a beloved club

    7. Foolishness is when a coach depends
    on two
    disables (Giroud and Sanogo) as top
    strikers for

    8. Foolishness is when à board decides to
    give a
    man who has won nothing in 9yrs a new

    9. Foolishness is when fans of a London
    club pay
    the highest match ticket in the Epl but
    live on the
    illusion of ‘ Next Season We Will Get It

    10. Foolishness is dumping this club today
    returning tomorrow to say ‘Up
    Gunners’ …..Wenger out!!!!

  54. Le Wisham Gooner

    I do get the impression that when Wenger leaves a lot of “fans” will follow him, and support canal+ or wherever the fuck he ends up.

  55. MidwestGun

    Why would you worship a man thats total responsibility is to do nothing but rubber-stamp the owners wishes? Lol same old delusions posted over and over. Volumes of delusional posts arent balance sorry.

  56. Arsene's Nurse

    Le Wisham Gooner April 7, 2014 20:05:45

    I do get the impression that when Wenger leaves a lot of “fans” will follow him, and support canal+ or wherever the fuck he ends up.
    Paris asile d’aliénés FC.

  57. salparadisenyc

    Le Wisham GoonerApril 7, 2014 20:05:45

    “I do get the impression that when Wenger leaves a lot of “fans” will follow him, and support canal+ or wherever the fuck he ends up.”

    Ideal scenario.

  58. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun April 7, 2014 20:13:32

    Im gonna start a football club sponsored by Rogaine I might need a manager? Lol.
    Well it’s obvious who you’d employ:

    Steve Bould!

  59. Guns of brixton


    Theres a book coming out detaling mourhinos tenure at RM.

    Apparently, when an EL clasico line up was leaked, he got all the players in the room and went on a rant calling them ‘all treachrous sons of bitches.’

    haaaa. . . that guy got paranoia issues.

  60. MidwestGun

    Hahaha ya you guys are right I can’t afford Rooney to be my striker anyways. Wenger would get some unknown balding guy with dodgy hair like Chamakh.

  61. Salvage

    Year after year, we watched Wenger redefine what success means and we watched him extoll mediocrity by selling to the club and fans (who sheepishly accepted), that fourth place was a trophy .

    Goodness! How did we let ourselves get hoodwinked into this fraud?

    In other clubs, the top managers mentor other coaches that go on to manage other clubs with remarkable results. We know how many coaches that worked under Mourinho. They are still making their marks all around. Same with Ferguson and other coaches in other top clubs.
    But Wenger? Who has he mentored? Which coach can we point at that was a product of Wenger’s mentorship? It just shows what a dictator he is.
    Its all me myself and I.
    The way he set himself up is to be the life coach of the club .
    The more one thinks about it, the more sickening it feels

  62. WengerOut

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years and eyemsick is the most deluded fuck wit I have ever seen post on here.

  63. MidwestGun

    Cesc thinks its a regular on a windup but I don’t recognize the writing style and most people can’t change it much. Just think hes that deluded or a MancU fan on troll holiday.

  64. salparadisenyc

    “…. and all you media lovies. Get off your ass and start saying it as it is. And I got a message to the board either fucking shape up or get out, cause you’ve let all of the fans down. You should be ashamed of yourselves Ivan Gazidas. ”


  65. salparadisenyc

    Not sure about you boys but I loathe cats, sent that link to the misses whom has two. May not get laid for a few, but fuck it felt great.

  66. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Different kind of kitty kat. Lol. Im ok with claw marks, just don’t want to go to another apartment that has one of those giant cat carpeted house things and spend an evening talking about Ms Nellie, Ms Flower, and Ms Boots different personalities ever again.

    Not that im traumatized or anything. 😛

  67. Gunner2301

    Kwik 21:17

    I think the Blackscarf poll shows the majority have lost the plot. The club and Wenger will look for signs of support like this before deciding to announce the new contract. If he failed in the FA cup missed out on top 4 and stays I’m done with the club until he leaves. I don’t even think Man U fans would tolerate such shit from SAF after all he’s won them and he’s twice the manager Wenger is.

  68. ArseneIsArsenal96

    Guys, relax. Wenger is our man! Get behind him and the team. We are still in the Title race!!! Come on!!!

  69. Billp79

    We have improved from last year…
    the only way Wenger does not come back for at least one more year is if we drop to 5th or lower and lose out on the FA cup…
    my advice still holds…sign him to a 1 year extension like the over 30’s

  70. kwik fit


    I/m confident that Wenger won’t sign any contracts and will walk. He can stand criticism and the weight of anti wenger sentiment is growing. He knows it, the board know it and the players know it. Hopefully we do the business at Wembley and we walks with a real trophy. Either way he walks IMO. There’s just no way back now.

  71. Billp79

    He may already have signed the contract…same as Sagna… remember the Rosiky incident with his contract…it was divulged much later that he had already signed…

  72. grooveydaddy


    the only thing we’ve improved on over last year is our record against spurs.

    oh, and I guess the cup run…

  73. Phil

    Fuck off wenger you fraud..and the board

    Fucking scheisters

    Taking the piss out of the fans…4th placed trophy ..blah blah ..last 16 of the cl…blah blah…we have mental strength …blah blah…it’s the hair products …blah blah ….smashed for 20 odd goals by the top teams yet it was an accident…blah blah..

    You could not make it up…we’ll you could because he has…

  74. Doublegooner

    I heard Kroenke wanted nearer 8% ticket increase but strong opposition from within persuaded him against.

  75. Doublegooner

    Many of our Fans are COWARDS.

    They hide behind the shit ;

    Be careful what you wish for
    Who else could manage our club
    Look at the stadium he built
    He’s had no money

    I say grow some bollox. Change cannot get any more boring than another 2 years of the same dire going nowhere dross.

  76. eyemsick

    I know just what you mean. I find myself “screaming corrections” every time I see a Picasso. If only he’d tried a bit harder, he could have got them to look much more accurate. 😉

  77. eyemsick

    but doublegunner the root problem is …money….. is it not? now they can spend more apparently. keep the faith sons of wenger. do not despair. we have f.a cup and semi AND top for AND in august charity shield. 😉 trophies you wanted…..they are coming.

  78. MidwestGun

    Wenger has sucked the life out of being a fan. Used to get excited about lineups and transfers. Now, what’s the point………. I give you Giroud. Really want to win the FA cup but the excitement is so muted.

  79. Thomas

    This cunt eyemsick surely must be a troll right? You couldn’t make up some of the bollocks he writes.

  80. eyemsick

    screw you thomas. fundamentaly the problem has always been money. more money better players more victories on the pitch etc etc. so far we had to mix and match. now we can do something better in the transfer market.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    “now we can do something better in the transfer market.”

    Sound-bite of the AKB for 2014. 2013, 2012.

  82. Sir Chips

    I mostly agree Pedro but I wish you’d stop with this shout that ‘Redknapp was sacked for less.’ Redknapp was sacked because he basically got his cock out once he thought he had half a chance at the England job.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    The amount of “Arsenal fans” out there who put up comments like ‘Wenger will walk into a top job whilst we’ll decline.’

    They just have no basis in fact or reality. Pound to a pinch of shit these guys don’t have the foggiest about the clubs finances, cash reserves wage bill, stadium payback programme etc and they don’t want to!

    They’re happier living in this world where Wenger is a genius who get’s us UCL every year and the horrible, shadowy board tie his hands financially.

    Considering Wenger was instrumental in getting Gazidis appointed CEO, back in 2007 he was the final say on not having a DoF, he got into bed with Kroenke and won’t comment on Usmanov at all…I think it’s absurd for anyone to claim the board is hampering Wenger.

    Wenger is king-maker at Arsenal…you know a football club is fucked when the manager sits on the interview panel for the CEO!! His ‘boss’ supposedly.

    How can you clamp down on the guy that HIRED you???!!

    What power does Gazidis have telling the guy who got him his job how to do his?

    Wenger did the same with players, he collects guys who know they wouldn’t be earning what they do, or playing at the level they are if it wasn’t for Wenger.

    They ALL owe him.

    The players. The CEO. Kroenke talks about him like he’s the messiah…it’s all on Wenger.

  84. PieAFC

    I wonder how many so called Arsenal fans will slowly drift away, when in their eyes Arsene FC has finally returned to Arsenal FC?

    Food for thought. Twitter will be quiet as untold, lol.

  85. Adam Bucci

    i think henry’s statue is faster than giroud.

    in fact, giroud should be benched for the rest of the season and used as a sub only if we’re winning in the 90th minute.

    we really ought to get the crazy dane back in the fold.

    as for sanogo, bould should just kick wenger in the nuts every time his name gets on the team sheet.

    and for the summer, i fully expect an exodus should we lose on sunday and end up 5th or 6th.

  86. gnarleygeorge9


    Very good read that.

    He must win the F A Cup & leave on that note with some dignity left, then history will be kind. But he has to go, no more contract extensions.

  87. Thank you and goodnight

    Spot on mate. To many idiots still in love with the myth of Wenger rather than the reality.
    Invincibles posted on here that if Wenger is given that extension, he will call it quits as a supporter till they all go……I’m tempted to follow his lead as I really can’t be doing with 2 more years of Wenger. Utter joke of a way to run things.

  88. eyemsick

    They just have no basis in fact or reality.

    lol…. listen cesc appeal..its fun wathcing you and others talk utter shit but there comes a point when theres a limit to the shit you can put on a screen.

    the reality is this: you are a nobody and you are calling a worldwide known professional who has proven that he knows what he is doing as useless.

    now dont know about the rest in here but when it comes to judgement on football matters id rather trust the judgment of a professional who has been doing it for his whole life almost than an idiot on the internet who spits vitriol with every opportunity.

    and believe me you silly little cunt…wenger can buy you and sell you 100 times and you wouldnt know it and here you are calling the manager who placed arsenal amongst top5 richest clubs in world football as someone who doesnt know about finance and how to set up football clubs you clown…..hahaha

    you have no fucking arguments…only hate.

  89. eyemsick

    whether he stays or goes does not change that he is arsenal’s greatest ever manager and history will record that. history will also record that we were the biggest clown fans ever to exist in football ……only arsenal fans can swear and abuse the manager who took their club from level c and brought to level a. i guess you all learned your football in fifa and fm… 🙂

  90. eyemsick

    watching you talk arsenal and wenger is like watching paris hilton trying to teach raikonnen and alonso how to drive…. 🙂

    know your place…

  91. Evan

    “and believe me you silly little cunt” BIT HARSH
    A poster who has been requesting respect and mature conversation resorting to such..

  92. eyemsick

    and apologie if you feel i crossed the line but youve all been swearing since day one, this was my first.

    end of the day make a fkn decission day you moan about top4 wanting actual trophies, next day you go for actual trophies and moan for top4..youre like pleasing you…