Two choices for Arsene: Leave now or cede power and collaborate

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Another big game. Another flunked test. Arsenal are now in serious jeopardy of losing out on 4th place.

We knew what Everton’s game plan was going to be. Arsene Wenger didn’t. They came at us with the objective of destroying us in the first half an hour, and sure enough, that’s what they did.

They were mentally prepared, tactically aware, drilled and packed with energy.

Comments like, ‘they wanted it more’, don’t really work for me. All footballers want to win. That extra zip those players had over ours is baked into the Everton set up. They’ve been built to play at that tempo. Last week, they would have been trained so they could play at that pace. No training ground beasting for those guys. It showed as well, they were ferocious in the way they picked off our sorry group of players.

We had nothing to offer the game. We had no shape and no awareness of what was going on. Our defending was shambolic, our reaction was pathetic and we caved to a better team who have a far better manager.

… and that’s it people. Martinez, at the moment, is a better manager than Arsene Wenger. Our relic of leader has no idea what’s going on. He’s utterly clueless. He can’t see what’s coming because he doesn’t check. He can’t react to what’s going on because he’s a creature of habit (waiting until the 65th minute to change the game was embarrassing). He can’t win against top sides these days because at the highest level, it’s about the manager and the marginal gains he offers you.

On our travels this year against the top 5 sides, we’re 20-4 down.

Take a moment. Digest that figure. Now ask yourself this, how can we possibly sign Arsene Wenger up for another two years? How can anyone defend the stagnation? How can Arsenal football club allow him to sign up to the new deal?

He has to go. In fact, if he loses against Wigan, he might decide to leave. Really though, the FA Cup isn’t sugar coating anything. The reality here is that Arsene has taken us from top of the league in February to fighting for our lives for Champions League football. Harry Redknapp was sacked for less. Where is the quality control here?

Who is going to say, ‘Arsene, enough is enough’…

Player reaction

What will be interesting is the reaction from the players. Are they sick of the b*llshit? Are they sick of having no game plan? I know for a fact the players bemoan the lack of planning behind the scenes. Will the players fight for the manager next week against Wigan, or will they bend over? How can they motivate themselves to play for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

… and look, players are like fans. They can see what’s going wrong. Did you see Theo’s face when Sky asked him what he thought about signing Ozil? Did you see his face when asked about the surprise in not signing a striker in January? He knows.  Players speak to their pals at Barca and Madrid, they know what goes into prep. They know how meticulous Martinez, Rodgers and Mourninho are. They know that Wenger isn’t going to change. So what are they there fighting for?

What will the reaction look like at Wigan? They’re a Cup winning side. We’re totally deflated and we don’t have enough players to rotate in some enthusiasm. Sometimes, players just cave. It’s not said verbally, you can just see that they’ve given up. I watched Milan players do it earlier in the season against Sassuolo when they lost 4-3. Could that happen to Arsene’s men? Or can they muster something special for a last hurrah?

The Reality

Two more years of stagnation shouldn’t be an option. The second half of the season has felt like watching your dad taking a nicely humoured beating in the pub. You can’t step in either. You know he can’t fight back anymore, he’s trying, still bullish he can overturn it, but simple fact is he’s had it. He doesn’t have to tools to get out of this one. What’s worse is he doesn’t have the pride to walk away.

The press can defend him and tell Arsenal fans they’re ungrateful. They can say things like ‘Arsenal have had injuries that put context against their demise’… and never explore the reasons why we have those injuries. They can complain the players don’t have the bottle, without ever taking time to understand what a nonsensical statement that is when you look at the players we have. They can bemoan the lack of pace and never put that to Wenger And ask why he doesn’t have power in his squad. However, what they can’t ever get away from is that he’s failed another season. Outside of cute quotes and a brand of football that draws sympathetic ‘oh, but at least they try to play the right way’, what have we got in Arsene Wenger nowadays?

Don’t be dumbed down into the harsh realities of what we’re dealing with here. Don’t accept turgid statements like ‘ there weren’t the players’, ‘it’s bad luck’ or ‘the players have let Arsene down’.

Demise and Delusion

Hell, if you want any further indicator of Wenger’s slide into delusion, think about his statement yesterday about hair supplements causing additional injury. What scientific basis did he have for that statement? Who was he talking about? That comment was an absolute sh*t show. Players aren’t taking drugs on the side and they aren’t impacting injuries. He’s looking at the 1% chance over the 90% chance that the reason his players are ruined is because he kills them.

Add this all up and you have incompetence. It’s not purposeful incompetence, it’s incompetence that has degenerated his abilities over the course of ten years. Wenger challenges hair supplements because he knows no better. He overplays because he thinks he knows players and their bodies better than the experts. He doesn’t have a game plan because he doesn’t know how to have one. He doesn’t buy in power because he’s being advised badly. I mean, when is someone going to challenge Wenger’s mindset that you can’t bulk up players because they lose their mobility? Anyone showed him Matic? Does he remember Drogba? Has he seen Yaya Toure? Did he watch Lukaku destroy us? Did he watch our players constantly disposessed by bigger / faster players? When is someone going to sit with Wenger and explain to him that his incredibly poor record against top teams is all about his lack of a match plan. How can a man, so intelligent, not see that if you line up the same way every week, it makes you predictable and easy to play against?

The Choices

So do you give him the chance to rebuild? Does Ivan step in and force change? Can the manager accept he’s being let down by hangers on intent on self preservation? Does Wenger have the bottle and the gumption to have one final last push at trying management 2.0?

It’ll be major upheaval whichever route he takes. We’re already as bad as it gets in modern football. It’s an miracle we managed to sustain a challenge for so long doing things the old fashioned way. It was always going to fall apart though.You can fight toe to toe doing things badly, but at some point, the pressure will tell and you’ll have no fall back mechanism.

My view is that the manager should walk away. My view is that he might just do that. Look at him on the sidelines at Swansea, he didn’t stand up for 65minutes. Yesterday, he hardly stood at all. He just sat there. He looked almost delirious. He doesn’t know what’s going on and no one will be frank with him. He’s built a backroom team around him that doesn’t pride itself on great work. Instead of building a culture of excellence, where you celebrate pushing your department on, he’s built a backroom team that care only about preserving their futures. Having the favour of the manager is about agreeing with him, not about telling him there’s a different way of doing things that might yield 9 extra points a season because we lower our player down time by 8%. We need hungry, young, talented people working all over the club.

To do that, the manager needs to take a back seat. He needs to understand that he can’t be chief scout, financial director, 1st team coach, tactician and the fitness coach. If you can’t be the best, build the best around you. Feed off their enthusiasm. Fuck it, learn something. I’m 29, I work in social marketing (3 years ago), when I started, I did everything (insights, content, community, outreach, planning)… now I do nothing. I have a team of people that wipe the floor with me, all working as specialists within the aforementioned disciplines. I remember the days where you did it all. Now, I’m a relic, thriving off the talent that works for me. Arsene’s job shouldn’t be about being the expert in  it all, it should be about taking that information and turning it into something special. Empower talent and you’ll reap the rewards. Football and business are the same, though football, in general, is struggling to accept the evolution.

This isn’t revolutionary stuff in general. This is how Lyon operated so successfully, this is why Barca are where they are, it’s what they’ve been implementing at Manchester City, it’s the structure David Moyes destroyed at United, it’s the approach Rogers has taken that’s given Liverpool a chance at the title… it’s the way a modern club operates. The manager is the figurehead. He’s there, taking all the expert data and crafting it into a final 11. The department heads don’t fear challenging the manager and kicking things on, because ultimately, departmental excellence is their job and the only person who can sack them is the CEO. This is how all the best clubs work. It’s a collaboration, not a dictatorship. The only fear you have in your job is not being the best you can be. That’s how you kick on a company. That’s how you kick on a football backroom team.

That’s why I’m not sure Arsene has it in him to change. That’s why I’d be game for someone like Steve Bould taking over. I don’t think we need a massive name. Football isn’t that game anymore. We need someone who is young, eager to impress, of the right stature and most importantly, someone Ivan Gazidis has control over.  Bring in Bould, give him a deal and tell him he has the full backing under stipulations. Steve Bould is the right age, he’s a beast of a man but with a very likeable edge. He’s a legend as well, he’s one two Premier Leagues (I think he was here for the second) and two 1st Divisions, countless cups. He knows the club inside out and he’ll no doubt have an opinion about what’s going on. I simply refuse to believe he’s not sitting on the touchlines facepalming inside. The other important aspect about Steve Bould is that firstly, the players all like him and secondly, he’ll have the fans on his side. Barca lost Frank Rijkaard and put in their B team manager. He’s now one of the greatest managers of all time. He left the club and they brought in Villanova who upped it again for the club. You bring in someone internally, they know the politics of the club, they know the players and they’ll have the power to upgrade.

If we go outside the club, you have to look at what Martinez has done and be impressed. He has a vision, he has charisma and he’s delivering a brand of football at Everton I’d love to see at Arsenal. You have other managers like Thomas Tuchel who has a tremendous reputation in Germany for the work he’s doing with Mainz. There’s obviously someone like Klopp who is everyone’s dream. I just worry that he’s a bit crazy and he has some similarities with Wenger. He’s played with a tiny squad this year and he’s suffered some pretty horrendous injuries. Could be a one off, could be something deeper. My issue with an appointment like Klopp is that he’s an ego. He’s been there and done it… could be a masterstroke, could be a disaster. Point is, how much power can the club have over a global superstar manager?

So we are where we are. I don’t think this season has been hugely different to the last four or five. I’ve been putting these arguments up for the best part of 7 years. What changed this year is categorically, all Wenger’s usual fall back excuses were removed. For the first time, he’s been fully accountable. The 10 year wait for money, ironically, has been Wenger’s demise. Wenger had £100m to spend, he didn’t buy a striker, didn’t buy pace or power and then made it even worse by complaining about the existence of the January transfer window. His lack of drive to make the Premiership his this year will be the legacy of this season.

Question is, what does Arsene want his legacy to be? Because he’s killing it. He’ll always be remembered as the man who brought greatness to Arsenal, but will that be tinged with the following comment… ‘but he did go a bit Brian Clough in the end’… Wenger has two choices. Bow out on a cup win and hand over the reins, or cede power and collaboratively build a modern football club for the next manager.

Watching this one pan out will be interesting…

Thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Bergkamp63

    Bould would not be my choice, need new blood at the club with connections to other leagues perhaps.

    People seem to jump on the bandwagon of whoever is flavour of the month then discard them within weeks of a downturn in fortune.

  2. TitsMcgee

    Is her face just fatter but not her body? that would be really weird lol imagining a fat face on a thin body never seen that before!”

    It’s not grossly fat but not as sleek as last year but noticeable to me.

  3. Zoran

    Anyway, even without him, there is still loads of money there.

    That does pleasure only to Kroenke. New farm, new Shopping mall, for that he owns AFC.

    And you have to agree that for someone like Usmanov, a real gooner his goal would be to put us at highest level. And I do believe he would, it’s all about money, and he has more than loads AFC have.
    Don’t have to remind you, how many times he stated: If they want me to help, I will help.

    Regarding Pochetino, I know he speaks English, a broken one, that’s probably why he is not at press conference strait after the match. He prefers to go back and work not like the wanker going to press only with stupidities

    By the way, another one I would consider.

  4. Keyser

    Don’t know about Magath, everyone said he was a nutter and he’s basically been left with a job that’s almost impossible, it’s the same with all the youth talent how do you judge whether someone’s doing well, there’s a pretty large dropoff from the teams above to those below.

    Martinez, Rodgers, teams like Swansea, Southampton, Stoke, Pulis at Crystal Palace, fabled youth Academies, they get a year or two’s worth of hype, some progress, others just fade into the ether as the inevtiable grinds them down.

  5. N5

    Cesc, if you do watch the walking dead only the first 2 seasons were good imo, it’s all just to samey after a while.

    I’ve got house of cards in my Netflix queue to watch but I’m still going through Sons of Anarchy first! far to many good things on the TV at the moment.

  6. N5

    “Is her face just fatter but not her body? that would be really weird lol imagining a fat face on a thin body never seen that before!””

    She’d look like a Lollipop!

  7. salparadisenyc


    Momentum or not Everton face City whom essentially need to run the board for the title, a resurgent United and Sohampton which could prove slippery.

    Points will be dropped… will we drop more against the relegation battlers or can we find the groove against lesser opponents this teams seems to thrive on.

    Exciting times!

  8. Romford Pele

    “if you actually look what his done his made a midtable club go up may 1 or 2 places in the league..”

    I’m not sure about that mate. When he took over, Southampton were hanging perilously over the relegation zone. He got them to survive pretty easily. This season he has them playing a Dortmund-like pressing game. It benefits them as they only play one game a week but I wouldn’t be comparing his squad to Spurs or even Everton’s for that matter, their squad cost a lot less. They obviously have a lot of good young talent down there. I think he’s doing well but he’s definitely one of the flavours of the month atm.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    It was the same with Dexter imo.

    Really good until the season after Trinity Killer – then it all went a bit tits up.

    Stopped making sense, the plots were rubbish and unbelievable and felt as if they milked it for another few seasons. Instead of 8 seasons or whatever it was it could/should have been 4. The last 4 seasons had so little info and substance they could have been condensed into one.

  10. Pedro

    Romford, I’d say more impressive is the infrastructure Southampton have.

    It’s more than just a great manager.

    We could move to a system like that and start competing.

  11. N5

    Thank you for the advise Cesc and I’m only on the Trinity Killer season, 2 episodes in, so I may stop after this one then.

  12. Keyser

    Points might be dropped, might.

    If Everton could’ve guaranteed what sort of state they wanted themselves to be in before the season started they couldn’t have asked for it to have worked much better.

    They’ve got no injuries and a fit and rested squad that’s winning teams.

    Citeh without Aguero, under pressure, Dimichellis at Centre-back, it’s as close as it could’ve been.

  13. Radio Raheem

    I think we’ll sneek close wins against the 5 crap teams we’ve got to play. Everton will drop more point and we’d get 4th spot by 1 point. Only difference this season is we’d have done with £43m player and an FA Cup to boot.

    From listening to Wenger you can tell he is addicted to the job and an FA Cup win will only encourage him to continue. As he says the defeats were ‘accidents’

  14. bergkamplegend

    Bergkamp63 : “Bould would not be my choice”

    When you look at his face on the bench, he seems as lost as wenger is…

  15. Romford Pele

    “Romford, I’d say more impressive is the infrastructure Southampton have.”

    For sure, their set-up is great. I’d love to read an article on how they actually approach youth development down there because the amount they’re churning out is great – even more so is the fact most of them are English/British. Like you say, it makes the job easier for managers and they can concentrate on getting in the best talent they can externally; Wanyama/Lovren etc.

    We’ll have to give it a couple of years to see how Jonker and co get on but they come with good pedigree so here’s hoping.

  16. Romford Pele

    Like what I’ve seen of Fulham’s Patrick Roberts but FFS, he’s another midget like Crowley!

  17. TitsMcgee

    We’ll eeek 4th as we’ve done the past few years.

    Then a potential FA CUP victory/Finals appearance + UCL will be bandied about as “success” by Wenger and he’ll remain.

  18. Romford Pele

    Everton are very strong at home though – think they’ve only lost once at home in the last year. That was to Sunderland and only happened because they went down to 10 men.

  19. John

    At this point Bould, Martinez, Klopp who cares just as long as it’s NOT Wenger. I’ve made threee trips over “The Pond” to see them play. In May my wife and I will attend the WBA match. As long as Wenger manages them the WBA match will be my last. In the states there is a baseball team known as the Chicago Cubs. This team hasn’t won a World Series since 1905. Fans continue to follow like sheep while mgmt laughs all the way to the bank. The Cubs are NOT competitive, that’s what Arsenal has become since 2005. It’s NOT good enough to finish 4th, only be contenders. Wenger WAS a great manager, that’s in the past. He needs to GO.

  20. N5

    Where’s Eyemsick gone? he was here yesterday going on and on about patience and how any loss once the game kicks off is the players fault and not the managers! where is he today to discuss yesterday’s failings?

  21. Hitman49

    Just got the managers letter..

    No apology

    No explanation


    We’re going back to basics……….

    All we can concentrate on now is the quality of our performances. We must improve and only then can we think about where we might finish in the Premier League.

    I wouldn’t question the spirit of my players. They are focused, they want to do well. I just feel they have lost confidence and you could see that on Sunday. We looked a little bit disjointed when we had to chase the game.

    Our next game is the FA Cup semi-final against Wigan and we must prepare well for that. We want to get to the final and maybe a change of competition will help us to find our form again. We will give everything we can to get the right result at Wembley.

    Really what a joke !

  22. bigper

    tbh its vital we get top four cus Europa league will be such a burden on our squad whether wenger is in charge or not.

    I hate to think how it will affect our league form if wengers still here

  23. salparadisenyc

    The point for me is regardless of Everton dropping points along the way I’m not convinced well eek the 4th spot out. That will require a major turn around and we look decidedly uncommitted to the cause. Whatever the problem is it does not feel like a blip with easy remedy.
    When Chelsea decimated us I was convinced Everton would surpass us and I stand by that.

  24. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal Cubs sounds about right. We didn’t come out firing like true guns, instead crawled out like timid little cubs and got mauled by those wildlings from the North.

  25. andy1886

    Raheem, WHam are in a good run of form – better than Swansea were, Hull have beaten Liverpool at home (and stuck six past Fulham) and Norwich may need points to survive on the last day. I wouldn’t count on getting 15 points from the last 5 games.

  26. Romford Pele

    “Did you procure that upgrade at work?”

    I did mate, thanks for asking. Just have to sort out the finer details (salary mostly) but I look forward to starting at the end of the month!

  27. follow the money

    Excellent post Pedro.

    If Wenger had really cared about Arsenal’s long term health he would have begun building a new setup in 2006. Recruiting the best backroom staff in Europe. That’s what I envy about Chelsea, they have minimized “the manager effect” for lack of a better term. That’s what I hope Ivan works towards when Wenger is gone.

    I’d be up for seeing what Bould can do….BUT…I’d be worried if he didn’t have a Dein type character beside him. Seems to me the best of these young managers have a scout/director of football type beside them that they are totally on the same page with, and who can call anyone in world football, negotiate deals etc. I have serious questions about Dick Law. I wonder if he’s another under-performing hanger on. One of Wenger’s loyalty brigade

    About this season’s collapse. Our players (and everyone else on Earth) spoke out about how we needed a new striker (and more players in general). When Wenger failed to sign anyone I knew it would all go to hell. The players could see they were going to run out of water in the middle of the desert. They knew they didn’t have enough to make it to the other side. You can’t argue with the laws of physics. You just look like a nutter. The only one who totally fails to take this into account is Wenger.

  28. andy1886

    Be fair John, the Cubs did win back to back world series titles in 1907/1908, Wenger has never won back to back titles in his life!

  29. Radio Raheem


    Yep. I don’t think it’ll be easy but if we get a win against Wigan I can see that spurring the players on for a final push. Having Ramsey back helps too. I just feel Everton will drop more points than us.

    They’ve recently equalled a club records in successive wins I think. They’re due a slip up. Our experience is getting that 4th spot can’t be discounted either. The club, in the past 17 years, has established that culture. It will be hard for Everton or any other club to get that 4th spot off Arsenal.
    We are quick to point out the negatives about the club but that culture of consistency is something that’s hard to create.

  30. BobbyDigital

    “Build him a golden bridge upon which he can retreat upon”–Sun Tzu. Wengers tragic flaw as a manager is his stubborn parsimony. It’s as though he won’t spend as a matter of principle. (the Ozil signing was a aberrational shot in the dark that fortunately fell into his lap) All personal Arsenal moaning aside, the man is still excellent at developing players–as long as he isn’t trying to do so on a daily basis where he grinds their edges too finely. The answer: the French National team. There he only has the players for a limited amount of time, and his Achilles heel as a manager is now redundant–no need to worry about wages or transfer fees at the Stade de France. I am fairly confident Wenger has neither the stomach, nor patience to endure another season of “failure” at Arsenal and the French FA has been barking at him for ages. Assuming France doesn’t win the World Cup in Brazil–a fairly safe assumption–I have no doubt that they’ll show Dechamps the door and allow arguably France’s greatest coaching mind to step in. He’ll have 4 years with Pogba, and the rest of France’s budding nucleus, to achieve the greatest honor most managers, especially one of such established pedigree, could covet: a World Cup. A final chance at ultimate glory without the need to worry about the numbers, a strong, youthful team, and a chance to still chat up a bunch of your former players–his golden bridge is quietly being built… he knows the time is right.

  31. Jeff

    At the beginning of January after 15 games our goal difference was 17. Now, after 33 games our goal difference is 16. Basically every goal we have scored in the last 18 games has been cancelled out. That statistic alone should be rupturing the ear drums of the board with alarm bells ringing since January non-stop.

    These comments and statistics will of course fall on deaf ears.

  32. AC Gooner

    Pedro, I dont know how you do it. Keep on writing this blog when we are presented shit shower after shit shower. I personally feel a bit relieved, Arsenal was having a bit of too strong grip on me and my life. Now, I can feel (as every year) a little bit of release. Stan, Ivan, and Wenger dont care. So why should I.

    Wenger’s pre-game verbal tidbits:

    Hairgrowth gel causes injuries
    Everton should be allowed to loan players

    I knew the game was lost before it began.

  33. N5

    AC Gooner, Pedro certainly has a talent doesn’t he. He even finds things during our transfer window to talk about! what a genius!!

  34. Keyser

    “That statistic alone should be rupturing the ear drums of the board with alarm bells ringing since January non-stop.”

    Depends what you understand by this, what do you think this tells you ?

    It’s like if you take our 4 biggest losses.

  35. Arsenal 1886-2006

    For the personal attention of N5 and Raheem

    Never mind the bollocks spouted by the wengerites what about the disgusting lies told to me by N5 and Raheem, NO WIZARDS AND DRAGONS MY ARSE.
    I was enjoying the first series of game of thrones and then we get to the last one of the first series and what happens? a f***ing dragon.
    Can’t remember who said it was loosely based on the War of the Roses, loose? it’s looser than one of the whores knickers.

    I watched all 3 series over the weekend and if nobody kills that little prick on the throne in a slow painful manner then there is no justice in this world.
    I want to tear his f*cking eyes out, rip his f*cking flesh off, and beat him till he’s just a f*cking lifeless carcass.

    Got to add that the youngest Stark girl is the most interesting character for me, something about her story and adventures that seem more realistic and carry a lot more depth.

  36. Minion

    Martinez is getting too much credit for Moyes work. This is a team Moyes built he could have done the same had he stayed.

  37. Jeff

    “Depends what you understand by this, what do you think this tells you ?”

    Well the clue was really in the phrase “beginning of January”.

  38. bergkamplegend

    Does the 5th of the Championship can beat the 4th of the PL ?
    Based on what we saw of the ArsèneFC in the last games, it’s definitely a big fucking yes.

  39. N5

    @Arsenal 1886-2006 are you going to carry on regardless as Season 4 has just started so you’ve got a little while to catch up!

    PS it’s worth the dragons being born to see Khaalesi naked isn’t it?

  40. Romford Pele

    “Martinez is getting too much credit for Moyes work. This is a team Moyes built he could have done the same had he stayed.”

    While it’s true that Moyes did good work, Martinez has helped to evolve Everton and make them a more dangerous outfit overall. Martinez also reinvested that Fellaini money well, something i’m not sure Moyes could’ve done. But yes, people have to be wary of taking the Martinez hype into overdrive.

  41. salparadisenyc

    Moyes had this side competing to a certain position. In a season Martinez has moved them up to the next level. More incisive, less predictable and most importantly they play at a higher pace. All do respect to Moyes time there but he had 11 or so seasons to get them into up to this level and never succeeded.

    Martinez deserves some credit for spending well and managing to get Lukaku on loan. If they make 4th, that move will likely become permanent.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Congratulations Romford, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Listen now your minted you couldn’t lend us a monkey could you:)

    This is what I hate about the AKB’S, we beat outer Mongolia a team and they are on here in your face drooling over wenger. When it goes tits up you don’t hear from them again till the next easy win. Mugs!

  43. bergkamplegend

    Just trying a ridiculous football game at, and I scored a goal by…Kim Kallstrom LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL

  44. Radio Raheem

    In selecting Wenger’s successor I think the Board will be looking at a manager with a track record of deliverying consistently, one who shares a similar football philosophy to Arsene (or is amenable to it), it’ll be a manager capable of staying for the long term so will be early 50s at the oldest, comfortable with the media and getting on with his bosses.

    If Moyes hadn’t moved to ManU, he might have succeesed Wenger.

  45. Arsenal 1886-2006


    So you did, I apologise, but you get the gist.
    Not too bad a story actually, pretty much clan warfare that is rife in all countries even to this day.

    Have you ever seen or read the four great Chinese novels? Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Journey to the West, and Golden Lotus.
    I reckon that the fella that wrote the Game of Thrones was an avid reader of these novels.

  46. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal 1886

    You finished all 3 seasons in asa weekend soun like you are well into it mate. Good on you man.
    Didn’t say no dragons. I said there is a lot more to it than just nudity.

  47. S Asoa

    A correction. The unpredictable substitutions ,based on contract financials, have been punctual at 68 minutes. But as a token that he can change Wenger has now been subbing his fav frenchies at 72 minutes.
    Bould is a vast improvement over the Senile Arsewipe . But will not be able to function with the arsehole sitting upstairs in Management crapping.
    Wenger has overstayed 3 years in comfort of his ” speciality in Failure ” PHD.
    The shameless will not walk away but needs a boot assist.
    Gazidas appears helpless since Wenger is the financial darling of the source of all Arsenal ills. That Kronker thinks he is running Arsenal Sausage Factory. The cheap yank without decency. Gazidas cannot act counter to Kronker diktats . Sad situation . But all fans should now go all out with embargo on buying passes . Only financials can be the dog bone for some.

  48. bergkamplegend

    Leeds : the fact is that we still have a chance to see the same thing than last season…

    Outrageous and ridiculous celebration all over the pitch for clinching the 4th place trophy on the last day.

  49. Damsey

    Fair shout with appointing Bould. Maybe someone can inform us what he was like with the youth teams he has coached. I guess Pep was a success before he got the first team gig. What was Bouldy? How did he go about his affairs? Any hint he’d do differently as wenger has done?

  50. salparadisenyc

    Everton is a pretty good example of what you’d hope for Arsenal 2014-15. New man with a brighter vision of the potential of Wenger’s current side.
    I’m not saying Martinez is the man, in fact I don’t think he is but thats the effect needed.
    The foundation is laid with resource available. New ideas on how to move forward well be challenging next season. Many use United’s example with Moyes as a potential pitfall to new leadership, I say there looking at it from the wrong end. Fergie had United overachieving, Wenger has Arsenal underachieving. Massive difference.

  51. Radio Raheem

    I think RR Martin said he was inspired by similar French novels by Duron. So much so he has written the foreword for the English re-printing of the French novels.

  52. N5

    I have not Arsenal 1886-2006 but you sound like an education man so I’m going to guess you are right! if it isn’t a Kevin Smith biography or something Arsenal related I’ve not read it.


  53. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I apologise to you as well, can’t remember who mentioned dragons so yourself and N5 copped the flak.
    Pretty good story and as I said a minute ago I can see some influence from the Chinese novels.

    But that king on the throne is a right royal prick, as are all monarchs.

  54. Romford Pele

    TYAG – thanks man! Involved in property a bit so may put additional funds into there. Alternatively, it’ll more likely go on Arsenal and drowning my sorrow in beers!

  55. N5

    Joffrey gets so much worse as well. I hate his little zippy headed face!! I imagine DanC looks like Joffrey, he certainly acts like him!!

  56. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal 1886

    No offence taken mate.

    Lol Joffrey is one you love to hate. As much as I’d like to see
    him dead I think the series will be poorer without him.

    You got sucked in haha

  57. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Me educated, you are having a laugh, Yogurts have more culture than me.
    I love the Asian stories, I do not read as much as I would like but I do watch the series adaptations online.
    The Water Margin is my favourite of the four but that is because I remember watching it as a kid.

  58. bergkamplegend

    Vintage Gun : “Wenger gave us AIDS (Almunia) (Inamoto) (Denilson) (Sendros)
    And we wonder why we’re so tired weak and drained?”

    A very good one, even if maybe a bit “extreme”… lol

  59. Cesc Appeal

    “While it’s true that Moyes did good work, Martinez has helped to evolve Everton and make them a more dangerous outfit overall. Martinez also reinvested that Fellaini money well, something i’m not sure Moyes could’ve done. But yes, people have to be wary of taking the Martinez hype into overdrive.”

    Graham and Wenger anyone? On a smaller scale.

  60. N5

    Arsenal 1886, I love Asian culture (mainly the women) the martial arts movies the manga the anime, but I’ve not read those, I may give it a go as I am quite ashamed at my lack of book knowledge. When I have some pleb saying to me, “oh you simply must read ….” and all I can say is “I read last weeks programme” it kind of kills the conversation fast! 😀

    TYAG, Midwest is either out chatting up women pretending he is the real Rosicky or he’s doubled up in bed sweating off a nasty hangover!

  61. Minion

    I don’t rate Everton at all. I have watched most of their big games and they are very average. They won’t make top 4 for me they are going to lose to City and draw to United, Palace, Saints but it depends on us actually winning matches right now I’m not even sure we can beat Wigan.

  62. Dan Ahern

    I’m not sure about Bould. You used the example of Guardiola coming from within, but that’s on another level entirely. In Spain your B squad plays in the lower leagues (so it has real opposition, not just U21 bullshit). Guardiola in his one year took Barcelona B from third division to second division and was subsequently promoted to managing the senior team.

    He also worked with Txiki to clear out a bunch of established stars and bring in fresh players (some from his Barca B team, others bought). I don’t know if Bould would have the same stature/respect of Ivan and everyone else in the back room to execute his vision like this.

  63. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Joffrey is a right nasty spoilt brat, he is a fantastic character and as you say he would be missed.
    I will probably wait until the end of this series to watch them all in one go, I hate all this waiting a week to find out what happens next, the stress get’s too much.

    Bad enough having to watch Arsenal every week.

  64. salparadisenyc

    No offense Vintage but to be honest, in no way is that cool reference.

    Comedy or not your better mate.

  65. Mike

    10 YEARS
    1 FA
    6 Major Trophies
    0.6 Trophies per Year Average

    19 YEARS
    4 FA CUPS
    7 Major Trophies
    0.37 Trophies per Year Average

    AW greatest fraudster of all time

    Wake up Gunners!

  66. Craigy

    Arsenal 1886…. When that young stark girl beat him up, and him and his fucking mum killed her pet wolf, I can’t stand that jofry, I love the midget, he’s funny as fuck, but the ambush at that wedding ceremony was fucking brutal. John snow will av em 🙂

  67. Pires_7_legend

    Personally I think the players need a rocket up their arse and I can only think of two managers worthy of making them do that which are Klopp and Joachim Low.

    Tactically I think the way they play the game is very astute and they know how to manage big players.

    Martinez is a good manager no doubt, what worries me is that he can’t manage teams on the front foot, meaning his teams play on the basis that they play on the counter. But Hell he would bring so much out of the current squad thats for sure.

    Still think there’s something going on behind the scenes – not too sure Wenger is willing to take the fans backlash any more, but equally he must know that he needs to go.

  68. PhilF

    As long as Wenger has Kronke’s ear then nothing will change. He’ll sign a 2 year extension on the back of an FA cup win (hopefully). Brace yourselves for further disappointment… And he will still have that smirk on his face, like a bloke enjoying the smell of his own farts

  69. Romford Pele

    “Personally I think the players need a rocket up their arse and I can only think of two managers worthy of making them do that which are Klopp and Joachim Low.”

    The former yes, the latter hell no! There’s a reason most Germans are calling for him to get sacked!

  70. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I only have 9 books in my collection, To cap it all (Kenny Sansom), The Glory and the Grief (George Graham), True Storey (Peter Storey), 12-0 to the Arsenal (Graham Weaver), Fever Pitch (Nick Hornby), Pies, Recipes History and Snippets, Globalization and it’s Discontents (Joseph Stiglitz), Pocket Guide to the Common Birds in Ireland (Michael O’Clery) and The Cultural and Environmental Impact of Large Dams in Southeast Turkey (Maggie Ronayne).

    Doubt the British Museum will be knocking down my door any time soon.

  71. Rocky Pires

    I dont see Everton passing us pout but I do think we will make the Champions League by just the skin of our teeth, that is unless Chelski or Utd win it out.

    I dont know what to say about the team at this moment only they are lost, lacking leaders and the supposed great team ethic and unity they had is no where to be seen.

    Vermalen is a a softie in my opinion as is Arteta, these are not leaders never mind club captain material.
    If the team knows they wont get any change or leadership from the manager, then your going nowhere fast . This is the case with us, team never get nothing from the management in terms of encouragement or advise.

    They say Santi is carrying a knock, I hope so as he is way off the pace.
    I asked it earlier though why was it Sanogo was good enough to play against Bayern yet doesnt play again after?
    Was Wenger really gambling with our season in order to punish Giroud?
    I think Girouds head is else where and he is getting pressure on him to leave England . I mean he isn’t as bad as a player as he is currently playing.

  72. N5

    Lol Arsenal 1886, Well I have all of Kevin Smiths books, a few Arsenal books, the guv’nor – Lenny Mclean and the Twits R Dahl.

    Does anyone here have a book collection as sorry as that?

  73. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I have seen series 1-3 so it is okay. Yeah the wedding was mental, hope the old fella get’s a spanking for that. I reckon the young Stark girl will do him, she has a bit of go about her, I like her character and can see her being a leader.

    Could do with her in our squad, she is about the right height and build.

  74. Keith

    Oh I must say Arsene, we were poor. We can’t afford many more performances like that now can we. Finishing 4th is what we’re good at, and this is still achievable. Us loyalists still believe in you and when you have guided this club to another cup win your detractors will all bow to your lofty persona. Arsenal without you Arsene is unthinkable, here’s to another 5 years at least.

  75. Craigy

    N5…… Haha I had an anxiety attack thinking I fucked it up for him 🙂 but he has watched it, I’m dying to watch the new episode 2night, but I can’t stand waiting for the next one so may have to let em build up a bit, but then I’ll probably see fucking adverts on what I ain’t seen, just can’t win 🙂

  76. Rocky Pires

    Our players in my opinion
    Schzney – Good player when resto of team is playing well, suspect temperment
    Sagna – Rock Solid Performer, very occaional lack of concentration, morale of squad is so poor he looks diintrested at times.
    Mert – Again a solid player with right mental makeup, but pisspoor manager never mitigates against PErs shortcoming which is his pace.
    Verm – Terrrible attitiude, like a kid who is sulking, thinks he is better than actually is and has a kind of “I deserve this or that attitude.
    Monreal – Quiet lad in too many ways
    Arteta – When the perfect gentleman was loosing the plot it says it all, looks jaded phyicsally and mentally
    Flam – HAsnt the legs to effect a game on his own but with good management he is an asset
    Podolski – good intentions but never really fulfills promise
    Santi – great player but head isnt there , morale and confidence is gone
    Rosicky – The right type of attitude and application just not the legs to effect the game the way he wants to
    Giroud – Must be issues outside opf football which is causing him to look like Kaba Diawara

    Ox – Great asset but needs firmer coach to outline his role
    Gibbs – Tries but little bit suspect mentally, under strong manaager will perform to maximum potential
    Ramsey – top player
    Wilshere – Needs Guidance and definition of his role
    Theo – top player
    Serge – Makings of top player
    Kos – top player

  77. Craigy

    Arsenal1886…… Yea me 2 m8 that young girls is fearless and a great little actress! The king slayer is starting to come good now, he likes that butch woman in armor ha ha, yea is take a couple of her in our squad anyday ha ha can’t do any worse 🙂

  78. jwl

    Arsenal 1886-2006

    It was me who said GoT is kinda based on War of Roses. Here’s what I talking about:

    “George R. R. Martin, the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series on which the HBO series is based, has said he draws inspiration from certain historical events, including the English Wars of the Roses. And viewers appreciate the series’ dedication to reality, as brutal as it may be.”

  79. jwl

    Romford Pele

    Aurier sounds like quality player but wait till he arrives here, wenger will play him out of position and with no tactics, and then we will all complain about how shite Aurier is after a year or two.

  80. Goongoonergone

    Except UNTOLD, I’ve checked most of the other blogs today and how the tide has turned against Wenger.
    Suddenly everyone has developed x-ray vision — they have finally figured out that the Emperor doesn’t even have a thong on anymore.

  81. Radio Raheem

    The thing about the good seasons of both Merseyside clubs is that both may have benefited from focusing solely on the league. Does that take a shine off their managers’ achievemwnts? Perhaps.

    Although, the jump from 7th to a potential 1st might be the more impeessive of the two, Rodgers has been in the job longer.

    I want Wenger replaced but if we end up with more trophies than City and Chelsea, with all making the CL this season, how would you make the case
    against Wenger for underperforming?

  82. Pires_7_legend


    But in Low he has been amazingly consistent with Germany, fair play I understand the German press for berating him recently but he has a good style and lays out his instructions effectively.

    If i were being picky I’d go for Klopp, but I think even a Bould (like Pedro says) will add the element of a man who knows Arsenal through and Through. Here’s a guy who managed the Arsenal youth team to FA cup success and played some amazing football along the way – Wilshire was the main man in that team in front of Frimpong (which as much a people might be divided on him, would definitely do a better job than Arteta, actually so would Coquelin!!

  83. Goongoonergone

    @ Spectrum
    Mate, you and Arsenal Truth are men after me own heart. AT has been giving Wenger shit for years and years and finally the shilling is dropping for lots of AKBs.
    Six years ago, I saw through the Serpent in the Garden of Emirates, one Arsene Wenger.

  84. Wallace

    on the bright side, no danger of us taking the Wigan game too lightly now. i really hope he brings some energy into the team.

  85. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I want to see a new man at the helm for Arsenal, the good players deserve the chance to show they can still play.
    It would also mean a clear out of the dross we still have.

    I don’t want to see giroud as a back up striker I want to see two-three strikers who can rotate and score.
    The game has moved onto fast powerful attacking football with teams pressing the team in possession, we have some player’s that can do this, and some who lack the pace and physical presence, these players have to be released as they are not suited to playing high intensity over a season.

    If wenger does stay for another two years I can see him being even more stubborn and dig in his heels to prove people wrong, he will not spend on proven quality but will buy more unproven cheap dross and stick with the current coaching set up and schoolboy tactics.

  86. follow the money

    The Untold brigade should follow the Arsenal badminton team, since all they care about is that Wenger is “decent” and “loyal” and apparently do not like the fact that football is a contact sport and that winning is the goal and that sport involves competition. Look, I get some of what they are on about. Some of what Wenger has tried to do with his “projects” is quite admirable. It’s true that money has corrupted the game. But that’s life boyo. Deal with it. Adapt, adjust, etc don’t simply continue with a failed strategy that makes our club look like weak tossers. But Wenger keeps going and when he’s confronted with his failures he throws his toys out of the pram and refuses to talk to the media etc and tries to distract from the problems by talking about hair products etc. Rrrrrrrrrr what?

  87. zeus

    Bould? Really? They guy sat through 2 games and said he hated the feeling.

    Seriously, he doesn’t have the hunger to be the number 1 and he’s categoricallt stated as much.

  88. TitsMcgee

    Radiating satisfaction on the touchline, Roberto Martinez looked every inch the manager of the future: well-dressed, urbane, composed and comfortable at the helm of an attractive, intelligent and meticulously prepared football team.

    The man in the away dugout, reeling from another critical defeat, his face contorted with frustration, could have been forgiven for telling him to make the most of it. Once upon a time, Arsene Wenger was that manager of the future. These days, he seems a man trapped in the past.

    The contrast between the managers of Everton and Arsenal was uncomfortably stark. Martinez was inventive. He switched his front line around, using the pace and power of Romelu Lukaku on the right flank to terrify Nacho Monreal while Steven Naismith took his place in the centre, dropping deep and luring Thomas Vermaelen and Per Mertesacker out of position. Everton adapted to their opponents even before the game had started. Arsenal didn’t make a change until the 66th minute.

    In fact, Arsenal rarely make changes. They line up in much the same way from one week to another, the only disruption to continuity being what seems like a relentless wave of injuries. It always used to be to Arsenal’s advantage to boast this stability. New players could be slotted into position knowing their responsibilities, confident that they would settle quickly.

    – Jolly: Three Things: Everton vs. Arsenal
    – McNicholas: Pressure grows on Wenger

    But the game has changed, and Arsenal — and Wenger — have not changed with it. Managers like Martinez can tweak and tinker to increased effect. Managers like Brendan Rodgers can flit from one system to another according to the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. Wenger was a trailblazer in England in the 1990s, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that he’s been left behind by the new generation.

    Time and time again, when Arsenal come up against teams of similar ability, they are outthought. Martinez is not the first manager to identify, exploit and annihilate a weak link. Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City all found an edge. Arsenal remain infuriatingly blunt.

    There are mitigating factors. Those aforementioned injuries have been hideous. Arsenal may not be at the top of the Premier League, but according to, the Gunners lead the way for injuries.

    Eight players are up on bricks, including Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere, while Aaron Ramsey’s brief Goodison cameo was his first league appearance since Boxing Day.

    However, injuries don’t explain everything. They don’t explain Arsenal’s propensity for choking under pressure. They don’t explain the hideous away performances. They certainly don’t explain transfer policy.

    Wenger has been attacked, unfairly sometimes, for his prudence in the past, but the mistakes of this January’s window were baffling. Hindsight is always 20/20, but you’ll have to search hard to find many observers who believed that Olivier Giroud alone could carry a title challenge.

    Given that Nicklas Bendtner had disappointed in his fleeting appearances and Yaya Sanogo was still so raw, why didn’t the wide-ranging scouting system we’ve heard so much about manage to identify affordable cover? Why was the only signing an injured and waning midfielder, Kim Kallstrom?

    Wenger used to be the king of the transfer market, securing unheralded bargains like Patrick Vieira and Nicolas Anelka and making expensive but ultimately inspired gambles on the likes of Thierry Henry.

    But of the current first-team squad, only Laurent Koscielny and Mertesacker could be described as successful signings, and they arrived in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Santi Cazorla’s light has dimmed of late, and when it comes to Ozil, the jury is out and staring at their shoes in uncomfortable silence.

    Wenger is thought to be close to signing a new contract, but you wonder if his legacy might be better secured by turning it down. There is no suggestion that he has lost the support of the board or the dressing room, but neither is there anything to suggest that next season will be any different from this one.

    Arsenal remain an attractive football team to watch, but that just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. On Merseyside, Rodgers and Martinez are demonstrating the virtues of tactical adaptability. In North London, at both ends of the Seven Sisters Road, a rejection of that ethos looks increasingly unwise.

    Few would begrudge Wenger a final trophy, a Wembley swansong and a dignified, mutually agreed exit. Playing as poorly as they have been, though, he might not even get that. The fact that Wigan are now seen as a serious threat in next weekend’s FA Cup semifinal, and not just a potential banana skin, should tell you all you need to know about the seriousness of this situation.

    Wenger has led Arsenal to some of their greatest successes, and his careful management financed a glorious and highly profitable stadium that will safeguard the club for decades to come. But it is becoming harder and harder to fight the feeling that his time at the top is swiftly running out.

  89. london gunner

    Why can’t we sign khalessi and Sansa? We wont win anything but at least we will be watching beautiful football erm…. well beautiful footballers that is!

    That Red Witch looks great naked to..

  90. TitsMcgee

    “Wenger’s future on the line”

    The most worrying aspect of Arsenal’s away-day disasters this season has been Arsene Wenger’s tactics. It’s hard to get into a tactics territory, as managers, coaches and players know far more about formations than journalists, but even to the relatively untrained eye, the way Arsenal were set up at Everton, Chelsea and Liverpool raised serious doubts about whether Wenger had much of a game plan.

    Arsenal conceded 14 goals in three must-win games, defended badly and were outwitted and outthought. Those defeats have sent their season into a downward spiral.

    In the 2003-04 “Invincibles” season, Arsenal were strong enough to take anyone on in a head-to-head. They could go out and play their game, set up how they wanted and win. They were simply too good for the opposition.

    But time has moved on, and now the likes of Roberto Martinez, Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers have a game plan — pressing high, allowing Arsenal the ball before counterattacking with pace, power and strength — and Wenger has not had the answer.

    In the first half at Goodison Park, Wenger’s men were even guilty of sitting off Everton, allowing them to run through the midfield, create chances and put the visiting defence under pressure.

    In the second half, Arsenal improved and pressed to much better effect. It was too late, but it at least showed that they can stem the tide with a tactical reshuffle.

    Arsenal looked tired at Everton; some players looked flat and lethargic — out of gas just at a time when they need to find an extra gear for the run-in.

    Wenger’s troubled side lacked pace throughout the team, and Olivier Giroud, in particular, looks as if he’s run out of ideas, energy and goals. The failure to spend in January left them short of players when a new signing would have lifted the mood.

    The next few weeks will decide Wenger’s future, with the next test an FA Cup semifinal against Wigan and the chance, potentially, to move one step closer to ending his trophy drought. Then they have five key games that will decide whether they make the top four.

    Thankfully, none of them are up against their top four rivals. If they were, you’d worry about them.

    If Wenger stays on next season, there must be a change in the manager and surely he would take on board the need for more of a tactical approach.

    Fans used to love Wenger for what he represented — all-out attack and a wonderful cavalier approach. That was his charm, but time and others have caught up with Arsenal.

  91. TitsMcgee

    “In the 2003-04 “Invincibles” season, Arsenal were strong enough to take anyone on in a head-to-head. They could go out and play their game, set up how they wanted and win. They were simply too good for the opposition.”

    The problem is Wenger struck gold back then because he inherited quite a few good players but when time came to make dinner with his own ingredients he’s been found wanting.

  92. Cesc Appeal

    Before we even get into signing new players, I’d be excited purely to see what a new manager would do with what we have…obviously we need players, obviously, lots of them.

    But I’d be interested to see how this side plays with actual opposition based tactics, customised each game. How fitness of playing staff improves, development of youngsters and buys etc

  93. TitsMcgee

    “Pressure rises on Wenger as Everton outsmart Arsenal”

    A season that started so well now threatens to end in disaster.

    Having seen their title challenge falter, Arsenal could now miss out on the top four. A 3-0 defeat to Everton means Roberto Martinez’s side are just a point behind the Gunners with a game in hand.

    The fixture list still favours Arsene Wenger’s side, but their form is in free fall. At this point, it’s impossible to predict where that tumble will end. At Goodison Park, the French manager’s team didn’t even manage to make the match a contest.

    From the first whistle, Everton seemed hungrier for victory. Arsenal have a nasty knack of conceding early goals in big games away from home, and weren’t able to break that habit.

    Fourteen minutes in, a loose Everton back-pass gave Olivier Giroud the chance to close down Tim Howard. In what was to become something of a recurring feature of the game, Giroud was simply too slow to get there. Howard cleared, and the home side broke with pace and verve. A sweeping attacking move saw Thomas Vermaelen and Nacho Monreal make a mess of the offside trap, allowing the dangerous Romelu Lukaku a shot at goal. Wojciech Szczesny made the save, but former Arsenal trialist Steven Naismith was on hand to tap in. The goal was typical of the Toffees’ fast start. In the early stages, Arsenal were simply bullied out of the game.

    However, the Gunners weren’t only outfought. They were outsmarted, too. The inclusion of Naismith was an astute tactical move that clearly caught Arsenal by surprise. The Scottish forward was deployed as a central striker, dropping deep in to areas that Arsenal traditionally struggle to pick up. To accommodate him, Lukaku moved out to the right wing, where he dominated the uncertain Monreal.

    It was from that position on the flank that the Belgian doubled Everton’s lead. Collecting a pass from fellow countryman Kevin Mirallas, he steamrollered into the penalty area before blasting beyond the unsighted Szczesny.

    Arsenal fans hoping for a raft of changes at halftime were left disappointed. Curiously, Wenger chose to stick with the same XI for the second half, despite having the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain available on the bench.

    Having changed little, the pattern of play remained much the same. Sixteen minutes into the second period, Everton extended their lead to three goals. This time, Bacary Sagna was isolated and dispossessed on the right. Naismith was played in but was quickly smothered by Szczesny. However, when the ball rebounded, Mikel Arteta’s attempt to toe-poke the ball away from Kevin Mirallas carried it into his own net. The own goal neatly encapsulated a dreadful day for Arteta on his former stomping ground.

    Wenger then made a series of changes, but it was a case of too little too late. The game was already over. His team had been comprehensively outplayed, and Martinez had undoubtedly won the duel between the two managers.

    Worryingly for Arsenal fans, the players couldn’t even muster a consolation. The Toffees were able to take their foot off the gas and remain in firm control. Wenger’s team looked a shadow of the side that led the Premier League for much of the season. Injuries haven’t helped, but it seems that a series of high-profile defeats to their fellow contenders have stripped this Gunners side of their guts and guile.

    This match between Arsenal and Everton was billed as the Toffees’ cup final. Arsenal fans retain hope they might yet have a proper cup final to contest, with an FA Cup semifinal against Wigan looming next weekend. However, if the Gunners continue to perform as poorly as they did at Goodison Park, the Championship club have every chance of causing an upset.

    Should Arsenal lose there, it will be difficult to see how Wenger can continue as manager. Remarkably, the longest-serving coach in the Premier League now stands on the precipice.

  94. london gunner


    Who do you think is actually realistic managerial candidate.

    Diego would be my first choice but I can’t see him leaving atletico at the height of their powers for a club that is at its lowest point (In regards to on the pitch not financially)

    As for Klopp I am 50/50 his known for his loyalty and always sticking out a contract but his literally got no hope in the bundisliga with Bayern so dominant

    Martinez the inks still drying on his contract with Everton I think him leaving them so soon would damage his reputation, I just can’t see it if I am honest, his a patient character it would make more sense to build up everton and move on a few years than leave Everton have to replace an enormous figure at arsenal and if the first season didn’t go well it would be very ugly.

    So Deboer? I know next to nothing about him.

    Van Gaal?


  95. gbenga payne

    Its indeed unbelievable that Arsene could indeed turn around and become THIS!!! What happen with the strong physical play we use to be known for in every area of the game? What happen to the pacey forward play and very quick players? When did we turn to a bunch of one legged team that is so predictable? Even the height of the players at the midfield is of great concern to me. I think its either Wenger is going Senile or he is under a spell to fail. The earlier the pieces are put together, the better for the team.

  96. jwl

    Arsenal 1886-2006 – no offence taken. I am history nerd, enjoy reading/watching historical stuff.

    I just found stream of mnf on sky sports, the internet still amazes me. I in Canada and remember well what football coverage was like before and after internet appeared.

  97. Jeff


    It’s something that is inexplicable. Substitutes sitting on the bench don’t seem to give a s**t that we’re being out played. I recall the same smirk on Fabregase’s face on the pitch when Messi buried a penalty against us in 2011 in the CL. It is pretty grim.

  98. Al

    I don’t know about you guys but I think playing sanogo and podolski in a front 2 would work. Sanogo to provide the energy upfront and willing running while podolski to bang in the goals.

    Can’t see giroud and podolski working due to the fact giroud is not energetic or a willing runner. And playing him with sanogo you would be left with two poor finishers.

    However the blend of sanogo and podolski looks and seems to have good potential.

    What you guys think?

  99. peanuts&monkeys

    Kim Kallstorm is the most amused of the pack in the bench. Mourinho would have hanged them upside down for hours at training next morning. Wenger, as usual will let them behave churlish.

    By the way, who is Wenger? That man who ruined Arsenal?

  100. Johnty79

    Having wenger leave and the sponge diaby will be the happiest day of my under welming life.

    I just he isn’t remembered in years to come as he’s lost us more trophies than won.

    C’mon spurs tonight. I think they r a bigger threat to us getting forth. Everton have a tough run in.

  101. Johnty79

    Please don’t remember the invincibles as a great team. We went into that season with only two centre halfs. Toure was a last minute change to centre half.

    I beleive toure could of been a better cm then centre half.

    Wenger has ruined this club.

    Good riddance.

  102. peanuts&monkeys

    Let there be a ‘no-manager’ before a ‘new manager’. Most fans dont give a shit if Arsenal loses all the remaining games and also the FA Cup. They simply want to see the man’s back.

    But alas, fans are only fans. They are not paid to be fans.

  103. Romford Pele

    London, Simeone would be my number one followed by Klopp. Would either of them come? Who knows, both are extremely loyal but the potential for growth at Areenal far exceeds anything those two clubs can muster. Like I said earlier, my main sticking point is the fact that Gazidis has no footballing nous so I wouldn’t trust him to make the right decision. But that characterises the whole thinking at Arsenal, no forward planning, lack of leadership etc