Two choices for Arsene: Leave now or cede power and collaborate

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Another big game. Another flunked test. Arsenal are now in serious jeopardy of losing out on 4th place.

We knew what Everton’s game plan was going to be. Arsene Wenger didn’t. They came at us with the objective of destroying us in the first half an hour, and sure enough, that’s what they did.

They were mentally prepared, tactically aware, drilled and packed with energy.

Comments like, ‘they wanted it more’, don’t really work for me. All footballers want to win. That extra zip those players had over ours is baked into the Everton set up. They’ve been built to play at that tempo. Last week, they would have been trained so they could play at that pace. No training ground beasting for those guys. It showed as well, they were ferocious in the way they picked off our sorry group of players.

We had nothing to offer the game. We had no shape and no awareness of what was going on. Our defending was shambolic, our reaction was pathetic and we caved to a better team who have a far better manager.

… and that’s it people. Martinez, at the moment, is a better manager than Arsene Wenger. Our relic of leader has no idea what’s going on. He’s utterly clueless. He can’t see what’s coming because he doesn’t check. He can’t react to what’s going on because he’s a creature of habit (waiting until the 65th minute to change the game was embarrassing). He can’t win against top sides these days because at the highest level, it’s about the manager and the marginal gains he offers you.

On our travels this year against the top 5 sides, we’re 20-4 down.

Take a moment. Digest that figure. Now ask yourself this, how can we possibly sign Arsene Wenger up for another two years? How can anyone defend the stagnation? How can Arsenal football club allow him to sign up to the new deal?

He has to go. In fact, if he loses against Wigan, he might decide to leave. Really though, the FA Cup isn’t sugar coating anything. The reality here is that Arsene has taken us from top of the league in February to fighting for our lives for Champions League football. Harry Redknapp was sacked for less. Where is the quality control here?

Who is going to say, ‘Arsene, enough is enough’…

Player reaction

What will be interesting is the reaction from the players. Are they sick of the b*llshit? Are they sick of having no game plan? I know for a fact the players bemoan the lack of planning behind the scenes. Will the players fight for the manager next week against Wigan, or will they bend over? How can they motivate themselves to play for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

… and look, players are like fans. They can see what’s going wrong. Did you see Theo’s face when Sky asked him what he thought about signing Ozil? Did you see his face when asked about the surprise in not signing a striker in January? He knows.  Players speak to their pals at Barca and Madrid, they know what goes into prep. They know how meticulous Martinez, Rodgers and Mourninho are. They know that Wenger isn’t going to change. So what are they there fighting for?

What will the reaction look like at Wigan? They’re a Cup winning side. We’re totally deflated and we don’t have enough players to rotate in some enthusiasm. Sometimes, players just cave. It’s not said verbally, you can just see that they’ve given up. I watched Milan players do it earlier in the season against Sassuolo when they lost 4-3. Could that happen to Arsene’s men? Or can they muster something special for a last hurrah?

The Reality

Two more years of stagnation shouldn’t be an option. The second half of the season has felt like watching your dad taking a nicely humoured beating in the pub. You can’t step in either. You know he can’t fight back anymore, he’s trying, still bullish he can overturn it, but simple fact is he’s had it. He doesn’t have to tools to get out of this one. What’s worse is he doesn’t have the pride to walk away.

The press can defend him and tell Arsenal fans they’re ungrateful. They can say things like ‘Arsenal have had injuries that put context against their demise’… and never explore the reasons why we have those injuries. They can complain the players don’t have the bottle, without ever taking time to understand what a nonsensical statement that is when you look at the players we have. They can bemoan the lack of pace and never put that to Wenger And ask why he doesn’t have power in his squad. However, what they can’t ever get away from is that he’s failed another season. Outside of cute quotes and a brand of football that draws sympathetic ‘oh, but at least they try to play the right way’, what have we got in Arsene Wenger nowadays?

Don’t be dumbed down into the harsh realities of what we’re dealing with here. Don’t accept turgid statements like ‘ there weren’t the players’, ‘it’s bad luck’ or ‘the players have let Arsene down’.

Demise and Delusion

Hell, if you want any further indicator of Wenger’s slide into delusion, think about his statement yesterday about hair supplements causing additional injury. What scientific basis did he have for that statement? Who was he talking about? That comment was an absolute sh*t show. Players aren’t taking drugs on the side and they aren’t impacting injuries. He’s looking at the 1% chance over the 90% chance that the reason his players are ruined is because he kills them.

Add this all up and you have incompetence. It’s not purposeful incompetence, it’s incompetence that has degenerated his abilities over the course of ten years. Wenger challenges hair supplements because he knows no better. He overplays because he thinks he knows players and their bodies better than the experts. He doesn’t have a game plan because he doesn’t know how to have one. He doesn’t buy in power because he’s being advised badly. I mean, when is someone going to challenge Wenger’s mindset that you can’t bulk up players because they lose their mobility? Anyone showed him Matic? Does he remember Drogba? Has he seen Yaya Toure? Did he watch Lukaku destroy us? Did he watch our players constantly disposessed by bigger / faster players? When is someone going to sit with Wenger and explain to him that his incredibly poor record against top teams is all about his lack of a match plan. How can a man, so intelligent, not see that if you line up the same way every week, it makes you predictable and easy to play against?

The Choices

So do you give him the chance to rebuild? Does Ivan step in and force change? Can the manager accept he’s being let down by hangers on intent on self preservation? Does Wenger have the bottle and the gumption to have one final last push at trying management 2.0?

It’ll be major upheaval whichever route he takes. We’re already as bad as it gets in modern football. It’s an miracle we managed to sustain a challenge for so long doing things the old fashioned way. It was always going to fall apart though.You can fight toe to toe doing things badly, but at some point, the pressure will tell and you’ll have no fall back mechanism.

My view is that the manager should walk away. My view is that he might just do that. Look at him on the sidelines at Swansea, he didn’t stand up for 65minutes. Yesterday, he hardly stood at all. He just sat there. He looked almost delirious. He doesn’t know what’s going on and no one will be frank with him. He’s built a backroom team around him that doesn’t pride itself on great work. Instead of building a culture of excellence, where you celebrate pushing your department on, he’s built a backroom team that care only about preserving their futures. Having the favour of the manager is about agreeing with him, not about telling him there’s a different way of doing things that might yield 9 extra points a season because we lower our player down time by 8%. We need hungry, young, talented people working all over the club.

To do that, the manager needs to take a back seat. He needs to understand that he can’t be chief scout, financial director, 1st team coach, tactician and the fitness coach. If you can’t be the best, build the best around you. Feed off their enthusiasm. Fuck it, learn something. I’m 29, I work in social marketing (3 years ago), when I started, I did everything (insights, content, community, outreach, planning)… now I do nothing. I have a team of people that wipe the floor with me, all working as specialists within the aforementioned disciplines. I remember the days where you did it all. Now, I’m a relic, thriving off the talent that works for me. Arsene’s job shouldn’t be about being the expert in  it all, it should be about taking that information and turning it into something special. Empower talent and you’ll reap the rewards. Football and business are the same, though football, in general, is struggling to accept the evolution.

This isn’t revolutionary stuff in general. This is how Lyon operated so successfully, this is why Barca are where they are, it’s what they’ve been implementing at Manchester City, it’s the structure David Moyes destroyed at United, it’s the approach Rogers has taken that’s given Liverpool a chance at the title… it’s the way a modern club operates. The manager is the figurehead. He’s there, taking all the expert data and crafting it into a final 11. The department heads don’t fear challenging the manager and kicking things on, because ultimately, departmental excellence is their job and the only person who can sack them is the CEO. This is how all the best clubs work. It’s a collaboration, not a dictatorship. The only fear you have in your job is not being the best you can be. That’s how you kick on a company. That’s how you kick on a football backroom team.

That’s why I’m not sure Arsene has it in him to change. That’s why I’d be game for someone like Steve Bould taking over. I don’t think we need a massive name. Football isn’t that game anymore. We need someone who is young, eager to impress, of the right stature and most importantly, someone Ivan Gazidis has control over.  Bring in Bould, give him a deal and tell him he has the full backing under stipulations. Steve Bould is the right age, he’s a beast of a man but with a very likeable edge. He’s a legend as well, he’s one two Premier Leagues (I think he was here for the second) and two 1st Divisions, countless cups. He knows the club inside out and he’ll no doubt have an opinion about what’s going on. I simply refuse to believe he’s not sitting on the touchlines facepalming inside. The other important aspect about Steve Bould is that firstly, the players all like him and secondly, he’ll have the fans on his side. Barca lost Frank Rijkaard and put in their B team manager. He’s now one of the greatest managers of all time. He left the club and they brought in Villanova who upped it again for the club. You bring in someone internally, they know the politics of the club, they know the players and they’ll have the power to upgrade.

If we go outside the club, you have to look at what Martinez has done and be impressed. He has a vision, he has charisma and he’s delivering a brand of football at Everton I’d love to see at Arsenal. You have other managers like Thomas Tuchel who has a tremendous reputation in Germany for the work he’s doing with Mainz. There’s obviously someone like Klopp who is everyone’s dream. I just worry that he’s a bit crazy and he has some similarities with Wenger. He’s played with a tiny squad this year and he’s suffered some pretty horrendous injuries. Could be a one off, could be something deeper. My issue with an appointment like Klopp is that he’s an ego. He’s been there and done it… could be a masterstroke, could be a disaster. Point is, how much power can the club have over a global superstar manager?

So we are where we are. I don’t think this season has been hugely different to the last four or five. I’ve been putting these arguments up for the best part of 7 years. What changed this year is categorically, all Wenger’s usual fall back excuses were removed. For the first time, he’s been fully accountable. The 10 year wait for money, ironically, has been Wenger’s demise. Wenger had £100m to spend, he didn’t buy a striker, didn’t buy pace or power and then made it even worse by complaining about the existence of the January transfer window. His lack of drive to make the Premiership his this year will be the legacy of this season.

Question is, what does Arsene want his legacy to be? Because he’s killing it. He’ll always be remembered as the man who brought greatness to Arsenal, but will that be tinged with the following comment… ‘but he did go a bit Brian Clough in the end’… Wenger has two choices. Bow out on a cup win and hand over the reins, or cede power and collaboratively build a modern football club for the next manager.

Watching this one pan out will be interesting…

Thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Romford Pele

    “He’ll always be remembered as the man who brought greatness to Arsenal, but will that be tinged with the following comment… ‘but he did go a bit Brian Clough in the end’… Wenger has two choices. Bow out on a cup win and hand over the reins, or cede power and collaboratively build a modern football club for the next manager.”

    Agree man. Brilliant post Pedro. I feel so numb right now.

  2. Romford Pele

    Some of the players in the team are truly turgid. And they’re all Wenger’s players. It’s poor. Sure, we’ve missed Ramsey and Theo but we’ve been pathetic in every big game this season bar Liverpool at home and Dortmund away. And tbh, it’s hard to quantify what difference those two would’ve made had they been fit throughout. It’s the same BS over and over again.

  3. goona

    Cant believe how poor we were again yesterday, Wenger clearly has lost the dressing room, he cant even motivate players (not that they should need it)

  4. bergkamplegend

    5th place trophy ???

    Just received an SMS from Mesut, he say he’s delighted to play the Europa League with Arsenal next season.

  5. bergkamplegend

    Battle for the 5th place trophy with yoonited and the spuds, such a great pride to be part of this.

  6. Ash79

    “Yesterday, he hardly stood at all. He stood there. He looked almost delirious.”

    I want answers Pedro – did Arsene stand or not!!!??

  7. Ash79

    As shit and as comical things have been at United this season, they aint far off us… thats how pathetic this 2nd half of the season has been.

    But hey, who would have guessed things would end up like this? its not like we’ve been here bfore or have any past history to base any forecast upon? unlucky Arsene and unlucky Arsenal, totally fuckin caught out this season.

  8. Matt

    The word I see being used more and more from arsenal fans is ‘numb’ and that’s exactly how I feel about it all now. I think that is worse than being angry or outraged because numb suggests that people are really past caring anymore. Really sad!

  9. bergkamplegend

    It was already difficult to attract great players at Arsenal – thanks to Arsène for that – so I can only imagine how difficult it would be without playing the CL.

    When you play so often with fire Arsène, one day or the other you’re gonna burn yourself…

  10. Romford Pele

    “I think that is worse than being angry or outraged because numb suggests that people are really past caring anymore”

    Pretty much – though I still care immensely, it’s more a case of just wanting a change of regime as you’re seeing the same mistakes and BS over and over again.

  11. Gaz

    What about the third choice? Pretend nothing is your fault, sign a new deal, and carry on as normal whilst earning 7.5m a year…

  12. Panicos Georgiou

    In every game we have no game plan other than attack attack attack. This would be ok if we had players who could open up defences, players who would shoot and a lethal strike force. All our opponents have to do is be patient and and catch us on the break.
    If it happens to a team once its acceptable, but this is the 4th time this season, who is to blame…
    The manager, Wenger has no tactics to counter opponents. Its best he leaves this season.
    Thanks for the memories Arsene but its time to go

  13. N5

    I know TYAG read this comment at the end of yesterday’s blog but I’m posting it again because I was interested to know if you guys are experiencing the same thing.


    God I fucking hate this, I’m sitting around the corner from a Chav, a Liverpool and a Citeh fan and all of them sit on the same set of desks! what are the chances of that!!

    All I can hear is them laughing about Arsenal!! I want to go and serve them all up! but as I’m a twatty civil servant I just have to sit here and listen to it!!

    Thanks Wenger for making my work life hell too!!!

  14. John Gee

    Pedro, that is awful comment ! Almo0st as bad as the performance yesterday. Your comments are simply jumping on the “gutter press” bandwagon. Which other team has had to compete without their main five plus players for months on end ?
    Playing week after week with squad players takes its toll. Just look at the bench week after week. No game changers there. Please don’t tell me that is what all sides have to contend with , because it is not true. Which other side in the League have been decimated with injuries like Walcott, Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey,Gibbs, Koscielny, Chamberlain, and all since Christmas when Arsenal were top of the table. Yes, yes, yes, yesterday was awful. No passion, no togetherness, no pace, nothing. If you must continue with such biased opinion, do please write in a balanced way. I am sure it will not bother you but you will lose many more readers than me for writing such rubbish.

  15. Ricky

    Cede what power Pedro?No way his position has become untenable he has to leave when the season ends next month

  16. Le Wisham Gooner

    Wengers chance of redemption was up a few years ago when we lost cesc, flight and nasri and replaced them with Arteta, Santos and gervinho.
    There was a real opportunity for rebuilding then, but he bought a load of shit ans wasted £60m. Of all the players bought only BFG worked into anything half decent, now he’s getting found out….
    As it stands, due to years of neglect we need
    A goalkeeper: cos Szcz ain’t good enoughy
    2 right backs: cos Sagnas leaving and Jenks ain’t good enough
    A center back: cos verms leaving (even if he’s not, he’s not good enough)
    A cm/dm: cos Arteta is not good enough
    A Lw: cos Podolski isn’t good enough
    2 centre forwards: cos Giroud isn’t even good enough to be on the bench

    8 players. Not achievable inside one window even for a motivated manager

  17. Ash79

    Doesnt bear thinking about this…

    Long ball into box by Wigan, Koz holds back striker who falls back on him, ref blows for penalty and sends Koz off, Wigan score 1 nil down, 1 player down. 15 mins played. Wigan park the bus, we spend the the next 75 mins playing it up to Giroud who holds the ball up and does his give and goes.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    He’s got to go, I wouldn’t even wait till the end of the season before announcing it. He has destroyed this club over the last 5 years and I truly feel sorry for our great away fans, having to pay to watch that disgraceful performance yesterday.

  19. Omonilelawyer

    Major question here is why buy Kallstrom and not use him? Makes no sense. Chelsea bought Matic and he is improving their season, Mata to Manu is helping them revive their season and we have a player that is often heard but rarely seen?

    Wenger lost his marbles the day he shifted from the 4-4-2 formation to Mourhino’s 4-5-1. He sacrificed his swash buckling wingers like piers and overmars by converting attacking number 10 midfielders to play wings. He sacrificed fast skillful strikers with poor frog a imitations that can head the ball but limited power. He sacrificed hard core defensive midfielders like edu, Gilberto, viera, petite with Attacking midfielders to do the job of a defensive midfielder and he continues to accumulate all the small diminutive No.10s in the world to rotate them to play all the wings. We don’t need more than 3 at most.

    Why should he have Ozil, wilshere, Ramsey, cazorla, arteta, rosicky in one team all playing from the middle and not get at least 2 proper defensive midfielders to help them out or 2 proper strikers or one mercurial winger? His obsession and fascination for this new formation is what is killing arsenal and Wenger and truth be told, he is now a fossil in management compared with these new hungry technologically obsessed coaches.

  20. Tom

    It’s sad to see the manger be pushed so far into a corner at our club, worse that he’s backed himself into it. Such is his reputation that him being seen as unsackable has really damaged our club. Massively. I still think we can salvage top 4 but if we don’t, will be very hard to attract top talent to the club again. Ultimately I think our transfer policy is what let’s us down, wingers insistence on not ‘over stocking’ the squad so as not to kill careers of other players costs us. Take the tactics aside for a moment and see that our squad has consistently been thread bare for the run-in. We need to have a playable second 11 and we don’t. Add to that the fact we have zero plan b! A tall centre forward that hasn’t scored a single header from a cross. Even with Adebayor playing we would go long and direct. It’s shambolic and at the point of soiling his reputation and more importantly Arsenal football club. Big changes needed this summer, as always.

  21. arsenal tom

    I thought Martinez was gonna bomb at Everton… couldn’t have been more wrong, would love him at Arsenal next year.

    Wenger has to go. Just hope he sees this as well now.

  22. goona

    @matt, I agree, I dont even get excited before a game at the moment, just know its going to be crap!…..

  23. Romford Pele

    Martinez has built on Moyes’ solid foundations. I’d still like to see him do it for another year but the signs are positive for sure. Merseyside has destroyed North London this season.

  24. Rhys Jaggar

    There’s nothing wrong with a big name if they are used to working in the structure you describe. Ancellotti has done it at both Real and Chelsea and probably at Milan too for all I know. He’s a big name, but he’s also a diplomat and he empowers his staff.

    What’s impressive about Martinez is that he knew exactly the right bar to set at Everton. Very challenging, could take a few years, but the right target to aim 4: Champions League Football. He didn’t say he’d win the league, win the Champions League or anything silly like that. He said he would aim to get top 4. He said it could take a few years, yet in his first year, he’s still in with a shout coming into the home straight. Arsenal are still marginal favourites, as they have 5 games left against teams outside the top 7, whilst Everton has both Manchester Clubs at home and Palace won’t be a walkover either.

    Rodgers was the same at Liverpool – his aim was to get Liverpool into the Champions League and then kick on. He is over-achieving this season. His test will come when he has mid-week football next.

    A legitimate target for Arsenal should be to win two titles and one Champions League by 2025, plus some cups interspersed. Seven or eight trophies in eleven years is where a club of Arsenal’s size and firepower should be headed. They might over-achieve, they might win seven or eight trophies but fewer in the big two department, but that’s what the target should be.

    If you broke it down into a three year plan for a new manager, it should be:
    i. Win at least one trophy.
    ii. Finish in the top 2 in the League at least once.
    iii. In the mini-league of the top 7 sides, finish in the top 4 at least twice and the top three at least once,.

    The five year plan would be winning at least three or four trophies, including the title once and finishing in the top 2 or the top 7 mini-league at least once.

    What that would tell you is that the self-belief would have to be higher to consistently perform in the top of the table clashes, the art of winning trophies would have to be mastered and the ‘fourth is a trophy’ mantra would be out of the window.

    It would also tell the manager and the players pretty clearly what would cause them to get the sack……..

  25. Jeff

    So we have left to play in the league the following:

    West Ham (Home)
    Hull (Away)
    Newcastle (Home)
    West Brom (Home)
    Norwich (Away)

    We can’t really drop any points unless Everton also drop points. But Everton have Man U and Man City to play yet so on balance (even with their game in hand) I think we will drop less number of points than Everton but that is only an assumption on paper. On the pitch, we are so vulnerable, so shot to pieces in our psychology, demeanour and outlook that I wouldn’t trust us to beat any team at the moment.

    So anything is possible really.

  26. Zither

    Awesome post Pedro, absolutely bang on. It’s making me feel quite worn out and deflated about it all though. I’m an unapologetic Wenger fan but things have gone too far now. You are right – the sight of Arteta (our captain for most of the season) being pushed to the ground (isn’t that a red by the way) and being left to defend himself by all of our players was unbelievable.

  27. wanger-wenker

    great post by pedro, summing up everything so concisely about this situation. I Hope we lose to Wigan if (as i believe) it removes the major destroyer of our great football club. Finishing 5th or 6th isnt a problem either as players will still come to the great ARSENAL football club. (Look at liverpool not playing CL football and being able to put together a team with absolutely top quality strikers).
    Arsenal will rise when one part of the disease(wenger) goes. Sure we would still have Kroenke to overcome, but we paid £42m for ozil so i dont believe its too alarming that kroenke is the owner.
    I believe that when we do start to rise again, that the money-orientated kroenke will see the progressive increased value of the club when success on the pitch generates further income from all directions. But Wenger HAS to leave before this degeneration can stop.

  28. N5

    John Gee, just stop with all this sycophantic bullshit, who’s fault are all the injuries? if it was a one off fine but every single season we have more injuries than any other team! why?

    Who’s fault is it we only have L’Oreal and Sanogo as our strike force? enough is enough and people are sick of it. If you don’t like it fuck off to untold, today isn’t the day for you Wenger apologist mugs to come on here and spout shit.

    Are eyes are open why the fuck aren’t yours?

  29. Daniel Stanton

    You mention Steve Bould to take over, I must admit I’d say Steve is partly to blame you are number 2 at Arsenal you have to motivate the players aswell, he is the defensive coach we have currently let in more goals than Crystal Palace – if Wenger goals let’s just change it up new faces new era – I WANT MY ARSENAL BACK

  30. bergkamplegend

    Gaz : “What about the third choice? Pretend nothing is your fault, sign a new deal, and carry on as normal whilst earning 7.5m a year…”

    Unfortunately, this is a very, very realistic option…

  31. Romford Pele

    “Its shame, the man who helped bring some of the greatest moments of this club has now brought some of its worst moments.
    Hero to villian.”

    We’ve been in worse situations than this, but yes you’re right RE the fall from grace. Same s***, different day.

  32. Gregg

    That was a painful watch, the worst for a long time. The team looks shot to pieces and as I said last week, we don’t look like we have a win left in us, in fact we don’t have a goal left in us.

    I do think change is needed, we haven’t moved forward at all for far too long and maybe the ‘Clough’ comparison is a fair one. Player selection in terms of recruitment has been a scattergun approach rather than buying whats needed. It’s difficult to fathom what the playing style blueprint is anymore. The players look bewildered.

  33. The Saint

    Like all dictators Wenger will have a spectacular fall. He is a man that lives in the slippery slopes of his substantial arrogance and ego that have allowed him to run Arsenal the same way a weaver runs its nest. So blinded by his success in the past that he has forgoten the ingredients of it which included a team of fighters and a vice chair like David Dein. So what happened yesterday? Wenger collected another 160000 quid for sitting down and looking confused. Why should he bother? He has an offer on the table for two more years of the same 160000 quid per week. Wenger mostly uses his technical area is to complain to the fourth official, and never to his players. The only time Wenger will change is if Arsenal do not qualify for the champions league because he will be so badly hurt by the loss of revenue. Money is the only language Wenger understands. You had better believe it.

  34. Rocky7

    As shite as wenger is and has been the past 6 years you have to look above him. People mentioning Martinez should remember that he working for / with football loving chairman. That’s important. Our owner / board / chair are more suited to a Ponzi scheme. I said it a few times in the past that your not supporting a football club , you are supporting a money making entity . Of course they want wenger at the helm as he makes them money every year. Wise up guys . Put your emotions elsewhere. The arsenal is not what is was. It’s not going to change till the owner does , not just wenger .

  35. John S

    A brilliant post Pedro, I couldn’t agree more. I just don’t think Ivan has the balls to make the right decision or football knowledge to ask the right questions! He surely must realise that the commercial success of the club isn’t enhanced by being out the Champions League or getting battered by Liverpool, Chelsea, City & Everton! It is true that losing 5 of your starting line-up doesn’t help, Gibbs, Koscielny, Wilshere, Ozil & Walcott with Ramsey only just coming back……but as you say, there must be a reason our players, every season, are continually picking up either niggling or serious injuries. The club is operating in the dark ages and being left behind at a time when we should be catching up and taking over. I’m going to Wembley next week and will be behind the boys 100%, I just fear that with the weight of expectation, as with the big EPL games this season, we will freeze and capitulate. If we go 1-0 down next week, even early on, whilst Wigan won’t have the capability of dicking us, our mental frailty may mean it will be a real struggle…..even if we finish fourth and win the FA Cup, I think Arsene should do the decent thing and step down. He hasn’t got it anymore, our record against the other sides that finished in the top 4 over the last few years has been embarrasing, this season must be the worst! I just feel the club I love is being mishandled by people that aren’t invested in it as much as we are and my worry is they will wait and only make a change when Arsene decides he’s had enough…..!

  36. N21 Tone

    Was in the gym this morning and Sky were showing an old game of us v Chelsea. We had Petit, Viera, Winterburn, Dixon, Adams etc. The tackling in that team was frightening. when we lost the ball we would steamroller the opposition to get it back. This is now being done to us. Thank you Arsene for everything but it really is time to go.

  37. DUIFG

    Great post.

    Groundhog day al over again, how can you put out a team with zero pace. was sickening yesaterday to see TR7 break he looked up from the half way line and everybody else is behind him, nobody with the enthusiasm/pace to counter.

    This shout of we play good football is bollocks, good footballin my eyes is fast counter attacking football picking off teams.

    With OG

  38. Niki B's Soldier

    Wenger needs to leave. Completely. Let Bould try his hand at management or bring Martinez in. We’d be better off with a rookie like Bould than with Wenger. The fear is that we could end up like Man United. But whats the big issue? Man United were fucking brilliant under Fergie until he left. We are not currently brilliant under Wenger. So no fear from me in him leaving. We will still challenge without him. Cmon Ivan the terrible!!!

  39. bergkamplegend

    I am so disgusted by Gazidis’s silence…
    Is the contract already on the table and waiting to be signed Ivan ??

  40. Al

    We are playing TV5….a terrible defender who has zero defensive instinct as our centreback when he is off the end of the season.

    Why not play Sagna as a CB because he is ten times the defender Vermaelen is and play Jenkinson on the Right.

    I can guarantee and we have seen from previous results that we will be a much better defensive Unit with Sagna playing as a CB

  41. N5

    Guns, what a shame a! I think if there is much more of this he won’t even be remembered for the stadium change and the invincibles, he’ll just be known as the loony manager that used to shit in his hat and count money whilst maniacally laughing!

    All people will do when they mention Wenger is say about how he went mad and blew his legacy!!

    All he had to do was trust his scouts and spend some money.

    Arsene the ditherer will be his remembered nickname.

  42. Hitman49


    Don’t say that as that’s the downer….he stays

    But hand on heart I cannot see us turning this around in 6 days,
    We know he doesn’t plan but I bet you Wigan will and have and are ready to go now !
    They will rock us for the first 20/30 mins and they’ll hope it’ll be over by half time!
    And you know what it might be as well on that showing.
    We are spent they have nothing to give at all not even pride.

  43. Nickie

    Wenger and Martinez are at each end of the spectrum.

    Wenger clueless, in his seat, hid in his coat. Standard 65th min substitution when the game is over already (Football manager tactics 65th min sub). Looked lost, tired, passionless. Players didn’t want to know (Giroud, Arteta)

    Martinez hungry, prowling his technical area. Barking instructions down to the last minute even though his team were comfortably 3-0 up trying to fine tune his team. Players wanted to play for him (lukaku running to hug Martinez a wonderful sight for Everton fans) the last player that run up to Wenger like that I can remember was Fabregas I think.

    It’s very sad, Wigan are the in-form team of the championship. Gloooomy times ahead. Anyone who supports wenger must have some serious goo in their eyes.

  44. DUIFG

    Great post,

    embarrasing when TR7 broke in second half on the half way line , looked up for options none ahyead of him. Nobody with the pace/desire to give him an option to stretch.

    Being found out at the top level time and time again.

  45. N5

    I fully agree hitman, Wigan will be chomping at the bit to get to us now! we’re a wounded animal and they taste blood.

    Jesus, my comment was very Stuart Hall, only with what I said though, I’m nothing like him with actions 😛

  46. aylottr

    “John Gee” Go do one fella!

    Your another AKB that is just as no clue , just like Wenger! Any Arsenal fan for the last 15+ years will realise that this rubbish has to stop. The problem is all the AKB’s only know the last 10 years of the club and don’t know any different!

    Great post Pedro.

  47. DoubDoubz

    Haven’t posted this year… (NUMB)
    Haven’t been to the barbers this year…. (I’d be destroyed, worth the new Afro comb look)
    Haven’t defended them this year… (what’s the point?!)

    He’s gotta go, France need to come in and give this guy a swansong. It’s mustn’t happen at Arsenal.
    I agree with giving it to Bould for a year, Bring in legends such as Vieria/Bergkamp(Double pivot Assistant manager’ with a view to taking over if Bould bombs/Attack), Keown(Defence and motivation) Pires and Henry(ball control and shooting) an tbfh i’d take a Gary Neville(Don’t make out the guy isn’t mustard with regards to tactics)

    What was very evident in that match is the players don’t believe they can win games of importance. I don’t mind not winning every game i’m a realist, but we DON’T have to lose either.

    Going for a trim kmt

  48. Romford Pele

    Barkley bossed Arteta for the fourth game running yesterday. Wenger still did nothing to counter that threat. It’s that sort of stuff that irks me. Meanwhile, Martinez playing Lukaku from the right as he acknowledges that Arsenal’s FBs like to start high up so it’s a good chance to counter. But yet Wenger does nothing to counter this. The subs did more in 25 mins than the others did in the whole game.

  49. DUIFG

    “We are playing TV5….a terrible defender”
    He’s minging.

    he looks mentally cooked, shot to pieces

  50. DUIFG

    We had no pace in the team bar theo, we lost theo. we bought kim kallstrom somebody get the fucking straight jacket out for this guy.

  51. bergkamplegend

    “we’re a wounded animal and they taste blood. ”

    The AFC of these last seasons is an animal which should have been terminated long ago…

  52. shad

    It really is gonna go tits up if Wigan spank us..and who can put that past them. They play an aggressive, pacey, counter attacking style of football and have better experience in cup competitions.

    I don’t even care if we finish 4th. We always qualify for the UCL but realistically have never had a chance of winning it under AW. Might as well go to Europaa under a new gaffer and maybe he’ll stir things up. There is nothing as annoying as being 2-nil down and watch the clueless coach sit on his hands, hile his opposite number barely sat down-was prowling his technical area the whole time barking orders and instructions. A tale of 2 cities really there.

    I concur Pedro. We are not even really looking for a superstar coach (if we do get one AMEN!) but any coach at this point would be better than that insipid old coot.

    It’s so bad that I no longer get angry at our losses.I just shake my head and tune off. The players all have their ghosts depart from them and are prancing around for their weekly pay check.

    We just need change. From the coach to half of the back room staff and players. Something’s got to give.

  53. Nickie

    Vermaelen is a funny case, he has the determination to do well but what has happened to him?

    A tactical Bambi. Too many times I saw him further right than Mert, Wtf is he doing there? lol at least he tries

  54. jwl

    Wenger is old as well and that brings certain behaviours also. Wenger has never replace vieira, henry, adams – those guys had big personalities that raised rest of team – we only seem to have meek players who happy to collect large cheques for losing. Wenger seems to want a quiet training ground where no one ever challenges him and that’s massive problem.

    I am glad to hear that players are aware of wenger’s limitations, i have long wondered what do players think. Pedro is not only person to hear of red zone, modern training and diet, our players must be aware that there’s much better way to do things. Players don’t appear to be playing for wenger at the moment but they could just be exhausted and have nothing left to give.

    Wenger does not have good personality for when things go wrong because he’s type to never accept personal responsibility. According to wenger, all our players are using rogaine and getting injured when it is far more likely that its wenger’s methods that are causing problems. Wenger can’t even deal with constructive criticism, people want to help improve club while wenger resists.

  55. bergkamplegend

    It was all falling apart with the injuries of theo, ozil and rambo.

    What happens to the so famous mental strenght of our players arsène ???

  56. wanger-wenker

    @ romford…..i know that comment about wanting us to lose seems appalling….believe me i used to love arsenal… was a big part of my life…..tony adams spirit carried me through some pretty dark periods of my life……..but this is NOT arsenal…this is wengers bottle-job spineless arsenal that i do not recognise as having any connection with my character. Take also the points made by the solid commenters on here about the board,and agree, but for me wenger is 70% of the disease at the club.

  57. Jeff

    At one point Everton supporters were “oleying” the passes and we were chasing shadows. It was so embarrassing. When was the last time Everton did that to anyone else?

  58. DoubDoubz

    I compare Wenger in the dugout to President Bush when the towers came down. Just sat there, to late lukaku’s already scored we’ll react by going and destroying a lower table team(iraq) as by way of satisfying the fans!!

  59. DUIFG

    My long defence of arteta is no more, he was a decent dm when he could get around the park, he is getting destroyed now hois legs have gone, not his fault, the guy is 32 odd, its no suprise, why was no account for it taken,

  60. shad


    Wenger starting Giroud, and Flamini and Arteta as our 2 DMs was so predictable and painful. Barkley was always going to own Arteta and Flamini is usually one stupid lunge away from a booking. He marshals the first defensive line well but he also spaces out too often and gets caught out for a bad pass or his slowness.

    I, for the life of me, cannot understand why Ox, Gnabry and heck Akpom and Lord Bendtner have not got decent game time.

  61. Pedro

    John Gee, I think you’d struggle to find an article like this in the ‘gutter press’.

    I’ve laid out the problems, offered two solutions.

    Pretty hard to argue with any of it because you can see all the faults with your eyes.

    People like you don’t look deeper than simple excuses.

    Why has Wenger got so many injuries?

  62. Romford Pele

    “wanger-wenkerApril 7, 2014 09:22:03”

    Mate, i’m with you. I’m frustrated and I understand and share your concerns too. That said, there’s no way these guys go into games to purposely lose IMO. There are obvious hindrances and gaps which need addressing with the team/squad. I have no faith in the manager to amend this but players like Ramsey who sweated blood to get us into the position we were in come January deserve our support right?

    I’ve already bought my ticket for Saturday so will be there singing my heart out though I know there’ll be a lot of apprehension too.

  63. Leedsgunner

    No way back for me — re Wenger. He needs to go.

    Cede power? He will never do it. He’s too proud. Plus, he should not have been given that power in the first place. We need a fresh start. We need a fresh manager.

  64. Jay2oh

    Too post.

    Wanted him out since end of 07/08 season. I saw where this was heading.

    My fear is it will have to get worse before he leaves… But how much fucking worse can this get?!?

  65. Tom

    How is anyone in their right mind still saying Wenger in, what is wrong with you people? Can’t they see he is single handedly ruining our squad physically, chances of trophys and squad mentality I’ve been fed up since feb 1st he is totally incapable WENGER OUT. For me klopp is the man. Good post pedro as usual

  66. Al

    TV5 is just simply a terrible defender. He has always been a bad defender. its not form or his confidence its just simply that he is a terrible defender.

    He doesn’t have what good defenders have…..the love to defend…love a clean sheet.

    Positionally and tacically he is a liability. he can’t spot danger and gets pulled out of place every single time.

    Is he a bad footballer….NO. He has all the tools to maybe succeed in midfield but we have a manager for some reason does not see it but somehow sees the virtue of playing Arteta as our defensive midfielder.

  67. ChairmanXI

    Plan to save our season:

    Wenger confirms to the players that this will be his last season. Although the players seem to have lost motivation, the fact that they do have loyalty towards Wenger may result in them making a real push in the final games of the season in order to see Wenger lift the FA Cup in his final match at the helm, ensuring his tenure ends on a high.

    Yesterday was painful, seeing Arsenal out fought and out thought by a team who should not even be in our class. However the dejected figure Wenger cut on the sidelines clearly indicates he knows he is out of ideas and retirement is imminent.

    In terms of a replacement I understand the argument about Steve Bould, however he has learnt his trade under Wenger, and I feel we need an external appointment to bring new ideas to the club. Martinez will want to see out his contract at Everton, I feel Diego Simone should be in the frame, he has overachieved with Atletico Madrid this season and will struggle to repeat the feat next year. Also if we were able to get Simone it would dramatically increase our chances of landing Diego Costa.

    Thanks for the memories Wenger, you have transformed the club, setting up a fantastic stage for a young manager to take us onto the next stage and make us one of Europe’s elite clubs, challenging the likes of Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

  68. Mr Messy

    I have awoken to an odd feeling this morning, no not the missus, but a feeling of almost being resigned to the inevitability of yesterday, an almost ‘I told you so’ feeling, normally when we lose I feel sick, angry and empty, today I just feel, meh!

    We have become so predictable, no pace, no width, no power, no tactics and no goal scorers, the £1 2m lamppost we have upfront is not shining at all, in fact he’s very dim.
    Where do we go from here?
    Surely something has to change?
    But will it?
    I don’t think I can handle 2 more seasons of this shit with a manager who looks like he has lost the plot, people talk about the massive rebuilding job United have, do you all really believe that we don’t?
    Look at the players we have, too many are simply not good enough, most of them don’t care, it’s a shambles.

  69. Dannyboy

    No-one cares about Football… The headlines are all about Undertakers streak coming to an end at the hands of the Beast Incarnate Brrrrrrrrock Lessssnarrrrrr!!!

  70. Niki B's Soldier

    With Rosicky in the hole and Cazorla and Ox on the wings. Sanogo upfront, Giroud is fucked up!!!!! I think Sanogo will do more than what he does, or the same. At least Sanogo will gain experience. How the fuck can Wenger rely on Giroud to win us the league. Beyond me.

  71. gazzap

    We should all do everything we can to get the club to bring in Frank De Boer with DB10 as next manager and assistant.
    Martinez second choice if De Boer wont come.

  72. DUIFG

    We can go on about injuries but Wenger has actually lucked out (I will use that term loosely when referring to OG) in that he had 1 striker and he has remained fit. Wenger was more than happy to risk an entire season knowing if his striker broke down he would have to opt for a postman or a player more famous for getting pissed than scoring goals and was happy to let go to palace 24 hrs earlier. Quite incredible management.

  73. Romford Pele

    Shad – Barkley has wreaked havoc the last 4 times we have played Everton. Wenger rightly acknowledges his talent but then does nothing to counter it; silly right? Tbh, I would’ve gone with the Arteta-Flamini axis as we had nothing else and it would’ve been an unnecessary risk starting Ramsey. But yes, neither of them are ideal. I’m actually now toying with the idea of buying two new DMs though I know that’ll never happen.

    Ox is a great talent but will definitely be inconsistent due to his age. That said, what he brings to the table is so obvious. He and Ramsey brought more energy in their cameos than the rest of the team showed all game. I actually felt sorry for Rosicky who I never have a bad word to say as his endeavour and workrate is admirable, though shameful for the rest of the team considering he’s much older.

    Ramsey and Ox should be starting every game between now and the end of the season. Gnabry also deserves more chances IMO but Wenger seems to have completely ignored him after showing good courage to put him in the team initially. Baffling.

  74. Haimanot Tolessa

    I will never agree for those people who suggests that Aresen Wanger must leave the club and replaced by an other man, this is not really a good solution and it does not bring nothing,we must look things in differnt direction to decide,is that the only problem of him for the clubs to lost success? what about the staffs,the player and so on. I am very wired about the feature of Arsenal club ,Particularly the owners must think a lot and give due attention before decided wrongly ,and also the players and the supporter is the time to stand in the managers side. Thanks too i hope Wanger never leaves the club i pray for him ,i do not any words to express my love for him ,he is best coach of the world ,he done a lot and devote his life for Arsenal club we must respect him and also we must give time to save the club.

  75. JamesH

    Great post til you mentioned Bould. He’s part of the problem. He could have stood up but sits there week after week saying nothing, picking up his fat salary.

  76. Leedsgunner

    We play a good game — we are mentally strong. We play a bad game — we are mentally weak and we have a poor attitude.

    Wenger lives and reacts from game to game. He doesn’t have a big picture strategy for where he wants the club to be… perhaps he never did.

    We need a board, ceo and a manager that believes in the Arsenal again. The only thing they believe in is their their own hype… and that’s getting us nowhere but laughed and and humiliated.

  77. Al

    Wenger is playing a selfish game. He probably wants to leave and knows his time is up. But he wants to leave with a trophy or trophies so his legacy stays in tact.

    He knows currently his legacy is massively tarnished…not by the fact that he hasn’t won anything but by the fact the fans have turned on him, the booing the screams to spend money , booing of substitution etc.

    Its simple…we should start looking now for the new manager….my choice is get Frank De Boer tied up, see if he can come at end of season…if yes give wenger his send off last game of the season.

  78. Maverick

    Sometimes you just feel sad to see the extent of recovery we need to do. This season is panning out like the last 3-4 seasons except that we have reversed our form table. We used to struggle in the first half and recover in the 2nd half, this season we are just doing it in the reverse order.

    Wenger Out or not depends on many factors, but I would want to see more fight on the pitch. If he has lost the players then it is only a matter of time. Losing a match is acceptable but losing without a fight is not. And there were no mitigating circumstances for both defeats in Merseyside.

  79. bergkamplegend

    I dare you to answer this question : do you think that L’Oréal will score against Wigan ??
    The bets are openned!! lol
    Sounds insane, but I’m convinced he will!!

  80. DUIFG

    Ramsey and Ox should be starting every game between now and the end of the season. Gnabry also deserves more chances IMO but Wenger seems to have completely ignored him after showing good courage to put him in the team initially. Baffling.

    I had actually forgot Gnabry was an option he fell of off the radar so badly. team crying out for pace, we dont even give him a cameo role, wtf

  81. andy1886

    “I’m 29”

    “I’m a relic”

    Bloody hell Pedro, I’m nearly twenty years older than you, now I feel like a fossil you b*stard! 😉

    Wenger out – the only solution.

  82. Nickie


    Agreed ineffective but that is down to the fact we have zero pace. Who does he have to make that killer pass to? He could be in a great position, looks up and the second he spots or acknowledges that it’s only Giroud the negativity creeps in the the play is broken

  83. SurferX

    Top, top post Pedro. Bang on the money.

    “Agree man. Brilliant post Pedro. I feel so numb right now.”

    Numb is a fantastic word to use Romford. The wife keeps coming in while Im watching a game;

    ‘Whats the score?’
    ‘We’re losing 3-0’
    ‘Oh no! You don’t seem bothered?’

    Thats the thing about this repetitive cycle of failure- Im completely numb to it. Like a soldier that’s seen hundreds of bodies blown to pieces in action failing to bat an eyelid at a fatal road-accident, I watch it all unravel with a thousand-yard stare. Its strange, I don’t even have anger in me any more, more just deflated resignation of the inevitable.

    Yesterday changed nothing for me. I hope we finish fourth, I hope we win the FA Cup and I hope AW calls it a day on his own terms rather than watching his principles unravel further against the new-breed of modern manager. I have no animosity to the man- I hope he can bow out with both his converted 4th place trophy and a real trophy: so that he can maintain some semblance of pride and dignity.

    It is both sad and ironic that someone so revolutionary when they came to the club in both demonstrating how archaic English football was, and fundamentally changing it with modern ideas, has now become a dinosaur himself. As I said yesterday, I just hope it is he that makes himself extinct, rather than having to continue to watch the slow, painful extinction of his managerial style.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    There is no question that Wenger needs now to go and I would prefer to see him do so on his own volition at end of season without need to sack him. He has had 9 years and more than 500 games to prove that he is still a winner and great manager.

    Sadly all the excuses have run out and we know that he is well past his sell by date. Pedro you have raised the issue of ‘stagnation’. Well my view is that we are now actually in a state of ‘decline’.

    No other business in the 21st century would pay an employee [Wenger] an annual salary of £7,500,000 amongst the largest salaries in world football to perform the way we are now doing and the lack of trophies.

    Some may think it is commendable that we remain loyal to manager and players, but I for one think that we need now to have regime change.

    Regime change also applies to ownership of the club. Kroenke may be a shrewd investor but his sports franchises [he has six] are all poor performers
    and like Arsenal lack trophies.

    Arsenal has been the major club in London since the 1930s and for this reason
    alone it should be winning trophies on a regular basis. The fact that we are not
    is not down just to the development of stadium.

    The stadium is not the reason that we have fallen behind in commercial sponsorship or lack of investment in team.

    Van Persie’s reason for leaving Arsenal may have been in part financial, but it
    was also down to lack of success as well and a difference of opinion with Wenger about the club’s ambition and quality of players.

    Personally I feel that there needs now to be a complete overhaul of the club.
    Kroenke as well as Wenger needs to consider whether he can personally satisfy long term interests of club by competing with likes of Man City,Man Utd
    and Chelsea. If not he should sell his interest to someone who can.

    I raised on the previous thread that successful clubs in 21st century are those
    which are run by members e.g. Bayern, Real Madrid or Barcelona or those
    owned by sovereign funds or big business, which are capable of making the
    level of investment required to deliver success on field.

    It is quite clear to me that Kroenke despite his supposed wealth lacks that
    capability. That combined with a manager who has past his sell by date is
    a toxic combination.

  85. Rocky Pires

    the wheels have well and truely fallen off for Wenger.
    Its a shame the players couldnt try to reach 4th place.
    As you said Pedro, you can see how he has lost the dressing room butfor them not to give a shit juust tsays how bad things actually are.

    We have too many players that are greeat whrn things are going well but crumble undeer pressure.

    If I see Schzeny doing that stupid stare again after another gaff, Vermaelen is a sheep, no leader, no balls, doesnt want to be here . Monreal is a sheep also no charachter .

    Way too many lads being carried.

    I would shake things up for the Wigan game.

  86. Pedro

    James, Bould is a man with a mortgage and kids… he’s not on a fat salary.

    In practice, coming in and cunting the manager sounds like a good idea, the reality is that in a culture of ass kissing, he can’t.

    Loses his job, where is he going to get one as good?

  87. N5

    “I dare you to answer this question : do you think that L’Oréal will score against Wigan ??”

    I believe he will score a hat trick, set up Sanogo for 2 goals and pull 2 supermodels on his way out of the stadium…..yes I have been at the drugs!!

  88. andy1886

    “Ramsey and Ox should be starting every game between now and the end of the season.”

    Sorry, but no. Ramsey would be knackered again if you did that, ruined for the start of next season most likley. Take it easy with Rambo and remember that the Ox has had injuries too.

  89. Romford Pele

    Nickie, I wasn’t criticising Rosicky at all. Your point is valid. He was the only one who started yesterday that was able to change the pace of the game but it was pointless because when he accelerated into space, there was nobody with him. Cazorla can’t run, Poldi struggles to get up and down the pitch, and the less said about L’Oreal, the better. It’s why despite the fact that Sanogo is hugely raw, it still makes more sense to play him because he gives you greater options.

  90. N5

    andy1886, you’re right. It’s fucking Wengers fault you were born 20 years before Pedro!! what a bastard!!

    #wengerout #20yearsolder #relic #fossil

  91. Carts

    Yesterdays defeat was crushing. Probably our worst defeat of the season, in the grand scheme of things.

    I agree, with what you said, Pedro, regarding the disparity in energy and performance yesterday. Wengerites will once again argue and peddle the injury crisis (and till recently the lack of funds), but that is no excuse.

    Yesterday I was having a discussion, post-Arsenal game – about Chelsea in partiucular – ability to keep their players fit and healthy. I know Eto’o, Lampard, Cole and Torres have had their niggles of late, but the stand-out point is their ability to fill those void if ever they arise. John Terry, a massive super cunt in the football world, is 34 and still putting in shifts twice a week consistently. No doubt he’s one of eurpoes finest defenders of the last 10 years.
    Chelsea can seemlessly rotate and yield similar results. Yes they’ve lost a few games that has raised eyebrows; but their still in the hunt in europe and domestically, Maureen is still unbreaten at home and it’s fair to say that next season he’ll do better to iron out small issues of not tearing lesser teams a new bum-bum.

    These are the things that we can’t seem to fix or even address. Same crap year in, year out.

    If we fall out of the top 4, our transfer policy will probably worsen. Imagine the following scenarios:

    1) We finish 4th and win the FA Cup, evidence and data point towards Wenger, once again, pissing about during the summer trying to to do BOGOF’s on players around europe. Making dersiory bids for genuine game-changing players; plucking random unknowns, a la Sanogo, from obscurity in the hope the morph into Lukaku, overnight.

    We finish 5th (Fa Cup or no Fa Cup) and …fuck it…just refer to scenario 1

  92. Pedro

    haha! Andy, my point was more that 3 years ago, my ‘do it all’ approach was perfect. Now it’s not. I’ve accepted that to have the best output, I have to have the best specialists.

    My marketing career in three years has evolved like the Wenger’s has demised over 10.

    Wenger hasn’t adapted to the new world, because up until the last 4 years, he’s got away with it by being a brilliant one man band.

    Now he can’t escape the reality. He’s a relic, with tired, delusional ideas of how to be a success.

    A real shame. But he’s had a great innings.

  93. Romford Pele

    “Sorry, but no. Ramsey would be knackered again if you did that, ruined for the start of next season most likley. Take it easy with Rambo and remember that the Ox has had injuries too.”

    Possibly mate but we play one game a week now until the end of the season. Ramsey is not going to the WC so he’ll get bundles of rest. Ox is unlikely to be a starter for England. We need results, we have no choice. And it’s at least more inspiring than watching the drivel we’ve been served the past couple of months.

  94. karaul

    would you like to win FA cup and finish 4th or 5th with Wenger still in charge next season ? Im not so sure. I dont want us to loose any game.. But 5th place,same shit next year… will be hard to celebrat FA cup win more than 5 minutes

    ideal scenario – give me fa cup win, 4th place and new manager. let it be bould, it can not be worse

  95. shad


    Not “might”need 2 DMs, we MUST buy 2 DMs this summer. Arteta is off the rocker and Flamini is too reckless to e relied on (+won’t give 3 games a week). Ramsey can make a good DM given his tackle completion ratio but he needs to be managed well, just as the Ox. I’d donate my right kidney to get Matuidi or Pogba but we al know that’s not going to happen.
    We need at least 8 players in the summer and IF Wenger is staying we know he’ll probably get 3. Giroud is hopeless, Sanogo is green, Rosicky will be 34 and can only give 1 game a week, FlArteta (re: above comments), Theo is a perpetual crock, TV5 and Fabianski are mismanaged and on their way out, Sagna is virtually gone, Viviano is getting money for being on tour just as Kallstrom, Gnabry isn’t trusted, Podolski is 50/50..

    Basically you can literally pick holes throught the first XI.

    And all these can be tied to one man – Wenger. The rebuilding process will take full effect when he is gone. And we need him gone soon.

  96. Rocky Pires

    What I cant understand is if Sagnogo was good enough to start against the World and European Champions Bayern Munich, why inst he played more regularly?

  97. Hitman49


    Well if that’s true then that’s yet another nail in wengers coffin.

    I remember hearing an interview with ray parlour where he said PV4 was a really shocking trainer when he came to arsenal,he didn’t work hard didn’t tackle just pissed around and they all though he wouldn’t last long but @3pm game day he changed into this midfield machine that never stopped.
    He also mention mendes who in training was the best player he’d ever seen but in a game was hopeless ?

    The kid needs a chance I’m sure that’s not too much to ask as the players in front of him don’t seem to be doing it do they ?

  98. Romford Pele

    Shad – Yeah I would buy two DMs. One of them would be someone who play CB too so Ginter fits that bill perfectly. Alternatively, Capoue, who I still maintain is a good player is another player who fits that bill.

    I do agree that we need a lot of surgery though i’m wary of doing a Spurs because making so many changes to the immediate first team can also be counterproductive.

    I guess it all depends on what the new manager (hopefully) wants to do and the approach he looks to take.

  99. Romford Pele

    “What I cant understand is if Sagnogo was good enough to start against the World and European Champions Bayern Munich, why inst he played more regularly?”


  100. Nickie

    Team to play Wigan

    Ox——–Caz——-Gnab(if fit)

  101. Afc53

    Spot on post what I don’t understand week after week game after game Giroud has nil pace but he plays up top on his own.

    Surely he needs somebody to help against 2 CBs is laughable.

    We need to go back to the pace and power we had I’m not bothered about the passing game anymore is it so much better than Liverpool and man city anyway.

    We need a complete overhaul manager,tactics,scouting,transfer policy,AW isn’t the man for this he is an old dog who needs moving upstairs like fergie did.

    We should have pushed for benteke in January and Matuidi surely it was worth the risk sitting top??

  102. Alfygun

    Tried to be positive this season and believe things would be different , even had a go at a few people on here for being “negative”, so apologies from me , not “negative” just fucking right on the money.
    So fucking exhausted of all this false hope, how difficult is it to buy 5 to 6 players of quality to give the the squad the depth it obviously needs, but what a cheek I have saying this “having managed zero games”
    At least Ramsey looked he’d never been away.

  103. shad

    “What I cant understand is if Sanogo was good enough to start against the World and European Champions Bayern Munich, why inst he played more regularly?”


    The shocker is why a ligue 2 player got start against arguably the best team in the world in the first place. How can a club of such stature go into a season with only 1 recognized CF (Pinkboots is a tourist and Sanogo is a postman)

  104. Carts

    “What I cant understand is if Sagnogo was good enough to start against the World and European Champions Bayern Munich, why inst he played more regularly”

    Definitely a common case of ‘Cutting of nose to spite the face’.

    Sanogo is in a shit place right now: he starts and we all find ourselves screaming at the screen asking why. Giroud continues to put in laboured performances and we find ourselves saying ‘fuck it, bring Sanogo on’.

    What we should be saying it ‘ where the fuck is £52k p/w (for the last 3 seasons) NB52 at?’ Then again, the reason he hasn’t been seen since Shergar was stolen, is because Wenger had a premonition that Bendtner would go back to Denmark and act an ass while drunk. So he simply dropped him from match days squads knowing full well that in the near future he’d pull a Jermaine-esque stunt.

    Seems legit.

  105. N5

    TYAG, I really hurt today! I normally find a quiet office when we lose but today there wasn’t a spare one and listening to these cocks talking about us and laughing has really wound me up. The issue is I can’t pull one out at my desk so I have to just deal with the anger!!!

  106. shad


    I’d rather buy those 7/8 players and have a season or 2 of rebuilding under a new manager who shows more enthusiasm, hunger and tactical nous than buy 2 or 3 under the old coot. Out of the 7/8 we only need about 4 WC players..the rest can be good squad players, intelligently rotated with some of our current ones in cup games.

  107. Mark

    So we are where we are. I don’t think this season has been hugely different to the last four or five.
    I agree Pedro. It’s just that we had a relatively easy run of fixtures early on that gave the impression of improvement.

    Same shit, different season.

  108. steve

    First a very good sensory documentation.

    I watched Arsenal from the mid 70’s, the amount of change, Don howe, terry neill, GG etc etc, we’ve seen has been the same at all clubs, with Wenger it almost seems a dictatorship has been made in the last few years, some fans have separation anxiety, i reckon some like a certain ticket tout on twitter have problems leaving their dog when they watch a game.
    you simply operate as a top club with an ambition that wenger sets every year, i believe in our FA semi will end up losing our manager, reason we simply don’t have any winners at our club, its too flaming cushtie, i met The Ox at a petrol station last month, seems a really nice kid, but i asked him how the manger was preparing for the game,he just smiled but a fellow reserve player with him in his white Range rover just laughed and i quote “same as last week”, the mental approach is always the same,nothing changes just like our cozy losing ways, Jose morinho is correct, wenger is a loser with a losing mentality same as our board.
    within a top firm you have Top hungry people, its the reason in the corporate world headhunters exist, they get the best for the top companies, these people have very little morality, they are killers in success and will roll over their own mothers others to get the best results, can you really say that about Arsenal?, i bloody can’t.

    we need him to go, give him a statue or name a block after him, he was the man for a change, thats happened and gone two seasons ago.
    and for all you sentimental fools, this man rakes in a month what you will earn in 9-10 years,so save the tears.

    and for all the players like Jack who say they will leave if wenger leaves, your under contract to AFC not wenger, grow up, and become a winner.

  109. Al

    Where is Gnabry?

    Played really well for us, was a direct dangerous winger we needed and all of the sudden he can’t get a game.

    WTF is going on?

  110. Dissenter

    The blind faith Pedro has in Gazidis is bewildering.
    Wenger’s vision expired a long time ago.
    Gazidis has no clue how to run a football club because he’s not a football man. He’s a shoe seller. He’s Kroenke’s eye to preserve this esteemed piece of English prime estate.
    The board are scared to let Wenger go because they haven’t got a clue football-wise. Wenger is the footballing part of a successful real estate management company, aka Arsenal F.C.
    Our fall is precipitous and our rise will be labored.

  111. Romford Pele

    Yeah Shad that’s fair. I think everyone just wants a change really and we may get our wish soon enough hopefully.

    That said, I still think a new manager could maybe extract some more out of certain players than Wenger is doing currently.