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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief.

Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.

I think when Wenger eventually leaves, it’ll be between Martinez, Klopp and Steve Bould. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Arsene was quite short about Martinez, what was great to hear is that the manager said he’d have nothing to do with appointing his successor!


What is important tomorrow is that we show Martinez who is boss. I’m sick of and his Everton side. We need to put 4th place to bed. I mean, even if it goes tits up tomorrow, Everton still have a load of tough games, so I’m still confident we’ll make Champions League. Issues is, we shouldn’t be chasing 4th, we should chasing the title.

It is what it is…


Aaron could be back in the squad tomorrow. Happy days. A bit of energy in our midfield. Also, the added mental boost you get when you know your best players is coming back into the line up!

Right, that’s me done today. I have nothing in the locker. See you tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!

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  1. N5

    Lol, nope. But I’m sure dial will go through a million posts to find where I said I was and then post something saying something completely different and then say see, I told you that you said you were English!!

  2. MidwestGun

    Jake –
    ummm so you read the article and thought Wenger was just throwing out randam reasons? He seemed to believe it too me. I think my reading comprehension is pretty good. What about the AW quote where he said he played Ramsey anyhow. I mean you can extrapolate all you want, but the article doesn’t say basically nothing as you origanally suggested.

  3. N5

    Marble I’m done with you, so stop addressing me until you have the proof that I didn’t know Wright was not playing in the Cup winners Cup.

    And don’t worry about my credibility mate, we’ve all just witnessed you go through months of posts to get one statement that was incorrect! I would worry about your credibility. Not that you had any.

  4. MarbleHall


    You asked the question either because:
    A: You didn’t know non playing players were eligible for a medal or
    B: You thought Wright played in the Final

    Which is it?

  5. N5


    You asked the question either because:
    A: You didnโ€™t know non playing players were eligible for a medal or
    B: You thought Wright played in the Final

    Which is it?”

    Neither and spurious.

    Your obsession with me is frightening, this has been going on for months and you’ve already been banned once. You honestly worry me.

    I already said I only asked for confirmation because you were so amendment he hadn’t won a medal that I started to question myself and then about five minutes later I came back to you and said nope, he 100% owns one. You still wouldn’t have it.

    You flip flop and all of this is to A) divert from the fact you said I said something I didn’t and was proven wrong and B) you said Wright didn’t have a cup winners cup medal and he didn’t have a league winners medal which you have been proven wrong.

    Now please leave me alone dial, I am asking you nicely, because it just ruins the comments every single night.

  6. kwik fit

    Any of you guys think that there’s any truth in the rumours that some spurs fucker jinxed us by planting a spurs top beneath the emirates when it was being built? Personally I don’t think that they have any foundation .

  7. MarbleHall


    So my persuasive powers got to you.

    What was the dithering reason for you to throw out the question did Wright win a Cup Wnners Cup medal

  8. N5

    “What was the dithering reason for you to throw out the question did Wright win a Cup Wnners Cup medal”

    dial don’t keep changing the subject, where is this proof that I didn’t know Wrighty was playing?

    Don’t give me this reading between the lines rubbish, you said: “Itโ€™s all on record, itโ€™s up to you admit you said you didnโ€™t know or i paste” so either do what you said you were going to do or shhhh.

  9. MidwestGun

    Marble –
    What is the point of all this? Wright got a medal. You contend he didn’t deserve it. Your wrong. You’ve succeeded in being an idiot and making N5 mad. Now. STFU! Sheesh.

  10. lamia

    Is Eyemsick trolling. I cannot believe the nonsense that this guy is coming out with. He is absolving Wenger of blame for our lack of success and is putting the blame on the club ?. Since wenger has more power and influence than any manager you could thing of then that should render your statement untenable.

    Our club should always start the season with the aim of winning the title. If wenger things our ambitions are lower then a manager of his supposed stature should resign. It is irrefutable that wenger has had funds to improve the squad but has chosen not to do so. Is it the clubs fault that failed to sign a WC striker for years and we expect a young french kid to do the business at the crucial stage of the season (totally unfair to the youngster)
    Wengers shortcomings have been highlighted on this blog for years. We predict the collapse every year, the pathetic displays against the top teams, the lack of preparation, the predictable substitutions etc etc

    And what is so frustrating is the knowledge that nothing will change. We will be having the same discussion time and time again until this lunatic decides to go. It will be on his terms, he will never be sacked.

  11. N5

    Marble, I did know he won a cup winners cup medal, I had a moment where you said the website I had got my info from was rubbish so I said OK I was wrong then he just won a runners up medal the following year and then I went away and found 5 more sites that said he did have one so advised you of such.

    Now my question to you, do you now accept he has one? especially now I posted a link for our official site that said he does?

    Do you now accept I didn’t say I didn’t know he was playing but that I said can anyone clarify if he has the medal or not?

    Do you now accept that your going through months of posts was a sad waste of your time?

    And finally do you now accept that you are dial and are happy to apologise to Pedro for calling him a liar when he confirmed you were dial by checking your IP?

  12. N5

    Midwest, can you seriously see what he is doing now, he posting like he was the one telling me Wright had a medal and I didn’t know. The guy is absolutely out of his mind.

  13. MidwestGun

    Jake –
    I reread that last comment I made and it came across condescending but honestly I just don’t think that article meant nothing. Where there is smoke, fire kinda thing. But of course you are entitled to interpret it how you will. I wasn’t trying to pick a fight tho.

  14. MarbleHall

    “Nope, and I (watch this carefully, so you can do the same) was incorrect about that, it was a cup winner cup runners up medal, now please can you do the same and admit you were incorrect about him not having a league winners medal and we can move on with our lives.”

    You admitted you was incorrect because you thought Wright played in the 1994 Cup Winners Cup Final until i corrected your mistake.
    Then you started fishing around and found that Wright did indeed win a Cup winners Cup medal resulting in you vindicating yourself even though it was based initially on a false premise.

  15. N5

    Incorrect Marble and you know it and how classy not to answer the questions I asked you.

    You are gutless and you are once again wrong.

    You will never get that time back that you wasted trying to find a comment I never said and you can copy/paste that one statement as often as you want but it doesn’t say what you said it did.

    All you have is desperation, you said he never won a medal and I have never witnessed anyone try as many things as you have to someone how make that true.

    Sorry Marble, but this is it from me and this time I honestly will not reply to you again. You have no class, no knowledge and you are a waste of space. You can’t do the decent thing and answer my questions and you know nothing about Ian Wright.


  16. Jeff

    31st December 2013. He reels off a list of names that will not be available. Then about 5:50 in the press asks him whether he would dip into the January window. Have a listen to his answer. You can tell he’s got no intention at all.

  17. N5

    Jeff, Sorry I hadn’t seen you reply earlier re the FA cup.

    In response, I wouldn’t find it acceptable either mate, even if we win it, it’s nowhere near enough for the 9 years of stagnation.

  18. Jeff


    Yes, it’s that sinking feeling when the doctor tells you the pain is going to carry on for a while longer but he can’t say how long.

  19. N5

    Lol Jeff, that is the perfect analogy! I’m going to use that one tomorrow but somehow claim it as my own ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Jeff

    “We are in no need at all”. That was his last phrase of the last press conference on 31st December. No need at all. If we didn’t have all those injuries and weren’t so thin on the ground up front you could forgive him for thinking that since we were top on 1st January we could maybe pull it off. But we did have all those injuries and we always have been short up front and yet for him to pretend otherwise is just absolute madness bordering on delirious.

  21. N5

    TYAG, Not anymore, it’s done mate. I’m not responding to him anymore. He can see in black and white he’s wrong, but just doesn’t have the class to admit it.

    He is the Joey Barton of this site, he annoys the fuck out of everyone, nearly all hate him and the ones who don’t only find him humorous in a “ahhhh bless he can’t help it” kind of way.

    And 6 months of this is enough for any man to take. I admire his constant need to hound me, but I concede and give in, I can’t take any more of it.

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    Chill Bro. …You’ll have a heart attack. Walk to the fridge, take a beer out of the fridge, go the sideboard get some kitchen roll and hand wash and walk back to your sitting room. As you get through the door, tell your missus to fuck off too bed. Now first things first…..before you sit back down on the sofa take your trousers and kecks off. Now sit down, crack open a tinny, down in one then squirt a little hand wash on one hand, with the other Google porn on your smartphone. …..and slap the beast till your hearts content son…..and ways calms me down.

  23. Jeff


    If he gets another 2 years, you and I will be here on this date, saying the same things as we have been for the last decade.

    It’s a sad, sad situation and it’s getting more and more absurd. ๐Ÿ™‚ See Kwik isn’t the only one who can quote lyrics.

    Right slumber time for me. I’ll see you gents tomorrow. Hope we beat Everton but if we don’t it’s going to be another one of those nail biting scraps for fourth like last year. Until tomorrow.

  24. Bamford13

    “You know what is irrational, Jeff? Expecting to beat Drogba and Essien and Lampard with 20 year olds and Arteta”.

    Ironically one of the best criticisms of Wenger today — the above — came from one of his most irrational supporters, this eyemsick character.

    We agree, eyemsick. That is irrational. And you know whose brilliant idea it is? Arsene Wenger’s.

    Now I know you think Wenger only went with Arteta and 20-year-olds because he wasn’t given the resources to do otherwise, but this is nonsense. It is nonsense, first, because the club did spend decent money at that time — and has since — but just not on the right players, and second, because the club’s bank statements and press briefings indicate that Wenger has had ample funds to spend for some time now. He just hasn’t used them.

    I sympathize with you if you find this hard to believe, because who wouldn’t spend money on better players if he had money at his disposal to spend? The answer is that there is one man in the world who wouldn’t, and he is unfortunately the man who runs our club. His name is Arsene Wenger.

    Why does he not spend? Well I imagine someday a book or two will be written about it, but the bottom line is he’s gotten it into his head that he’s going to be the anti-Mourinho and that Arsenal should be the anti-Chelsea. He’s trying to prove to the world that he can win on the cheap with players it doesn’t rate. Without tactics as well, by the way.

    Thank you for acknowledging, though, that it is insane to imagine the sides that Wenger puts together are good enough to beat top sides. Most AKBs are so delusional they cannot even see this basic fact.

  25. N5

    Lol Midwest, 9-1, doesn’t that seem really high for that score? I wonder what the bookies fancy the score to be then?

  26. N5

    1-1 is probably a fair shout. I am always positive before kick off and due to disillusion always think we will win, maybe that’s why I take it so bad when we don’t because I’ve already convinced myself of the 3 points.

  27. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ya I actually never bet on Arsenal because I’m too nervous and donโ€™t need the added pressure of a bet. But it is fun to look up the score odds and try to figure it out. I always think we are going to win 2 to nil for some reason no matter who we play. Lol.

  28. N5

    Middy, about 2 months ago me and eagle to a 14 match accumulator (FA Cup Games) and we got all of them right, ever since that day I’ve got every bet wrong so I’m going to have one more go tomorrow and if I get that wrong, I’m not going to bet on us again.

  29. MarbleHall


    I wouldn’t bet against it, you flip flopped on the Wright issue so odds are you’d do the same given half the chance on just sbout everything.

  30. jack

    i guess at least marble isn’t spamming his usual lines.
    i hate wenger
    flat track bullies
    arsenal are shit

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Again today Arsรจne moans about something to do with the loan system and saying it’s unfair. Now I know he was probably set up by the journalists, but when they asked him he should of just said it is what it is and that’s that. Why give the media an opportunity to make you look bitter. Concentrate on things that matter like getting the team right on the pitch. Concentrate on acquiring your targets for next season, and go all out to get them. Fuck the world cup, you earn enough money, let someone else commentate.
    Also seaman has come out today and said I don’t think we should celebrate 4th place. He said “I remember wwhen Arsenal finished 4th and the team were really celebrating, It was a little bit difficult for me to accept that”…

  32. Jeff

    I remember Michael Owen (the chap everybody hates) said at the beginning of the season that we weren’t even a top four side. He may well yet be proven to be right. On December 8th we were 5 points clear at the top with everyone on 15 games. Now look at us; scraping the barrel with Everton trying to secure fourth. It is a tragic end to another tragic season.

  33. Evan

    What have I enjoyed about Arsenal this year? 2013: Rambo hitting form and making me eat humble pie. 2014: Absolutely nothing.

  34. Evan

    Kieran Richardson’s goal yeaterday was class, Puncheons goal was darm good.

    Todays game: Arsenal win or a cagey draw, I dont think Everton have enough qualidee to win and see it through.

  35. Jeff

    Somebody made a twitter comment that I thought was really funny.

    Barcelona handed a 2 year transfer ban.

    Wenger now favourite to take the Barca job!

  36. N5

    Lol, I know it’s so clear to me now TYAG. Lol what a plank a? no matter how hard he tried to make it look like that is what I said he just couldn’t. I honestly am still gobsmacked that he looked through every old post for months to find that one quote that wasn’t even what he said I said?

    Did you notice every comment after I stopped replying to him was about me, he got desperate asking people to start ignoring me not seeing the irony that everyone ignores him.

    This will go on for a while now you watch, every post will be about how I should be gone for a month and I’m not a man of my word. The guy puts far to much work into his trolling.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    The match today is absolutely critical.

    If we lose today we could finish the season in fifth or even sixth place. Our performance level over past 2 months for a team which was challenging for title has been poor.

    It is not just the horrendous defeats against Liverpool and Chelsea which caused concern, but the loss to Stoke and draws against Southampton,Manchester United and Swansea, which should be also considered as well.

    Indeed we have looked second best in most games since draw against Southampton. Both Everton and Manchester United are closing in not just
    in points, but also with goals difference as well.

    No doubt at end of season the excuses will be as usual directed at our injuries and also the tiredness of several of our key players not least Giroud. However,
    I am afraid the person who must take full blame for the situation is Wenger.

    During transfer window in January we had four players out with long term injuries i.e. Diaby,Oxlade-Chamberlain,Ramsey and of course Walcott. Yet his
    sole activity was to bring in at last minute Kallstrom who was also injured with
    a fracture in his spine and was likely to miss all our key games. If ever there was poor judgment that was it.

    The question which needs to be asked about Arsenal and in particular Wenger’s transfer negotiations is why they appear to be always so tortuous when compared with most of our competitors. Both Chelsea and Man Utd managed to buy significant players in January.

    What is clear now is that Arsenal will find it increasingly difficult to buy quality players in Summer. If we fail to finish 4th then it will be almost impossible to do so. If we do finish 4th there will still be uncertainty, because we will need
    to win a CL Qualifier. That may result in the usual tortuous situation where
    the best players are picked up by teams who have secured qualification or where players are waiting to see how we perform.

    The other concern is how much money will be available for transfers and will
    it meet our requirements particularly if we need to replace Sagna and Fabianski who are likely to leave on Bosmans. There replacements will cost money.

  38. Jeff


    You make very valid points. The club is no longer an attractive proposition for great players. I fear Ozil is going to be a one-off, few and far in between sort of purchase and he too will be looking for an exit strategy if we carry on as we are.

    As we drop further in the pecking order, Wenger will get ever more desperate and the club will begin to slide further into the abyss. The longer he stays the worse it will get โ€“ of that there is no doubt in my mind.

  39. eyemsick

    “Our club should always start the season with the aim of winning the title. If wenger things our ambitions are lower then a manager of his supposed stature should resign. It is irrefutable that wenger has had funds to improve the squad but has chosen not to do so. ”

    lol? what? who is arsenal ? real madrid? …..did arsenal start every season witht he aim to win the title all them 110 years before wenger? you sound like a newcomer….

    improve the squad to what extend? to the extend of beating chelseas and barcelonas?

    oh i see… so he had money to bring in players like ronaldinho silva toure pirlo and falcao and said no ill have chamakh and arteta and wait for ryo and ox …… great thinking

    i think your hatred for the manager makes you have unreasonable demands….
    none of you can prove that he was asked to deliver titles, certaily not with 10 and 20m budgets while the rest had over 100… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    its only in your imagination that arsenal could bring players of the kind of stature to go and beat the best teams in europe. and even if as a club we have chosen to do something like ajax/barca/manchester then thats a good thing, not a bad thing. it will take time though…. instead of knocking it down with every opportunity you get try and show reason. try…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. eyemsick

    the club will begin to slide further into the abyss. The longer he stays the worse it will get โ€“ of that there is no doubt in my mind.

    yes such an abyss being 1-4 domestic and top16/8 the last 17 years, whether you had vieieras or denilsons, and with stadiums to repay over your head…..

    sounds to me you consider the transition arsenal went through as something easy.

    the other mugs in manchester only changed the manager and cant even get top 4…the club in the abyss never got it so bad…….. .

  41. eyemsick


    sorry sorry…..did you expect arsenal to win the title this season? because when the season started we were “destined” to drop from the top4 and now all of a sudden we get stick for not winning the title ? who moved the goalposts?

  42. ArseneALL

    I’ve never commented before and have been a long time reader but I just had to turn of my tele, and say I’m fed up of this. Year after year, the same issues LeGrove’s has been banging’ on about re: fitness/redzones, scouting and just Wenger’s stubbornness to fix the blatantly apparent issues have come yet again. It’s annoying to be an American based fan and know that Kroenke doesn’t do anything but maintain the status quo.

    But hurtful mostly that Wenger, a man known for his innovation, is clearly lacking ingenuity to making his team survive the entirety of an actual BPL season and not just a calendar year 2013 where would would’ve won technically on points. I’m tired of this moral high ground that has me over explaining my teams strategy.

    Two transfers windows and kudos to making it top from Jan. but with Theo out and Rambo out of commission you saw that the tires on this season momentum would run bare.

    Why not address our loss of PACE. GIOVINCO on loan for whatever monies has a low centre of gravity, pace, heart, and it’s a world cup year(motivation). Just try gamble we did so for Julio Baptista and he scored 4 against Liverpool once. Not saying he’s an obvious long term replacement however, TRY, PLAN, DO IT EARLY and not at the end of a transfer window.

    Whey not address the need for a CLINICAL HALF CHANCE TAKING STRIKER again we tried for VUCINIC but why was I not surprised when that fell through even though JUVE took on Pablo Osvaldo from Southampton.

    In Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, the system makes some players look spectacular re: HLEB and in this case we just needed a fox in the box striker kudos fro attempting to get KLOSE but why in the dying embers of a window, for the first time since that season Eduardo broke his foot, & Gallas melted down on the halfway line we had a solid chance and a title run during a seasons when our competitors were adjusting to new coaches MAN U & CITEH or, personnel/personalities CHELSKI and or not yet fully developed team systems POOL.

    We are “specialist in failure” and it’s a failure to adjust when needed, our route one to Giroud had worked but now he’s tired and does have the runners to allow him space for his woeful first touch. HE NEEDS AND NEEDED HELP.

    Arteta thank you but, I hope we are still not awaiting the messiah About Diaby to take over his position should’ve been supported a long time ago, he get over run and is the ultimate liability without a running box to box midfield partner to do tracking similar to Henderson for Gerrard.

    It’s sad & sickening that we as FANS have to alway imagine “what would be” if our team were healthy. The schedule is in our favor for fourth but I’m tired expecting the emperors new clothes. He’s naked, let’s face facts. Wenger get HELP or get OUT!

  43. owiso

    Your Comment Here. A serious manager cannot have player like Giroud in his team Unless that club is experiencing some financial crisis