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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief.

Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.

I think when Wenger eventually leaves, it’ll be between Martinez, Klopp and Steve Bould. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Arsene was quite short about Martinez, what was great to hear is that the manager said he’d have nothing to do with appointing his successor!


What is important tomorrow is that we show Martinez who is boss. I’m sick of and his Everton side. We need to put 4th place to bed. I mean, even if it goes tits up tomorrow, Everton still have a load of tough games, so I’m still confident we’ll make Champions League. Issues is, we shouldn’t be chasing 4th, we should chasing the title.

It is what it is…


Aaron could be back in the squad tomorrow. Happy days. A bit of energy in our midfield. Also, the added mental boost you get when you know your best players is coming back into the line up!

Right, that’s me done today. I have nothing in the locker. See you tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!

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  1. london gunner


    Mate they only need two midfielders in the summer and they are set, they have the creativity they have a beast of a wide man in januzai.

    All they need is a b2b and a dm. e.g. an upgrade on felliani and carrick.

  2. SpanishDave

    We have been lucky this year as Man U have not showed up. They will strengthen and we will drop back unless there are changes at our club.
    Its clear that Wenger nor Stan want to spend so we will die off.
    It will be interesting if we loose tomorrow and against Wigan as to which direction we go .
    Winning nothing for 9 years is not a plan, its simply poor management and piss poor players.

  3. london gunner


    Mate you have an obsession with Spurs becoming a world power! You got allot of things right when your talking about Arsenal and football but mate its time you accept your theories about spurs in the summer were wrong!

    They may not have spent 100 million but they surely did waste the 100 million from the Bale Sale.

    Soldaldo they will sell at a loss if they do, vertongen and lloris is off, lukaku is signing for everton, lamella is being sold at a loss, chadli is bang average, paulinho bang average (just ask spurs fans) capoue completely failed.

    AND SHERWOOD is keeping his job :).

    Eriksen is quality but he will be another van de vaart, modrid and bale will leave when spurs get no where yet again!

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Cesc Appeal

    Agree that Man u will spend big in the summer but I believe we will too. I think we’ll have 2 stellar signings one of which will be a top quality CDM and a number of squad players. The club will have to do it, fan unrest is higher than it has ever been under Wenger.

    Man u have a lot of rebuilding to do. They need a whole new back 4 and 2 top quality midfielders. They will have to spend huge fees and wages as they not in CL and also players will see shrek on 300k a week.

  5. Samir

    ‘beast of a wide man in januzai’

    Have you ever watched him play?
    I don’t rate him at all.

    United need:

  6. kwik fit

    I’m not saying that their not capable of getting a decent squad back , I just think they need many new faces. I agree with marc that many of their forward players prefer to play the number 10 role which can be difficult to accomodate.

  7. london gunner

    kwik fit

    Their fullbacks aren’t great but buttner can replace evra for a season and they will make do on the other side.

    They could even poach vertongen of spurs and get ginter in.

  8. london gunner

    kwik fit

    Mate not at all difficult to accommodate, its just a self created problem by Moyes seeking to accommodate both rooney and rvp into the first 11 its putting reputation ahead of actual team balance.

    Rooney does not at all prefer to play number 10 role in fact the opposite.

    Kagawa is just looking for a place in the team and it looks like his found one along side mata.

    Speak to any mank fan go on their forums the mata kagawa parthership is the

    So that’s all ready a top top front 3, factor in jauazai whose honestly already on the level to be first team and played regularly.

    That’s a top front 4, its also a very interesting dynamic.

    Our play looked so good when Young went off, he just doesn’t fit in the system Kagawa and Mata like to play whereas Januzaj is a natural playing the wide attacking midfielder role and linking up centrally with the number 10. With Young you’ve got all of our team playing centrally and him trying to get it out wide.

    The future of Mata, Januzaj, Kagawa and Rooney up top looks very promising if we manage to sign a midfielder that adds a bit of drive from deep, someone that comes out with the ball from defense and commits players with his runs and opens up space for others. ”

    The only elephant in the sauna is a rvp.


  9. Cesc Appeal


    No, I’m just not blinkered enough to disregard them.

    They’re tiny compared to us, yet they’re far more willing to enter into the market.

    What I highlighted was the fact we have one MASSIVE threat to our sole target of 4th in United, then you’ve got Spurs as well below us who have been a thorn in our side for two years now.

    That’s the biggest criticism of Wenger, hes allowed Arsenal to be dragged to the level where we care about Spurs all season as opposed to just two fixtures a season.

    You’re an idiot if you disregard Spurs next year with Wenger in charge. Look at How Mertesacker turn after a while in the Premiership, look at all the Arsenal fans saying Ozil will be worlds better next year.

    Yet it’s stupid to say that about Spurs? Don’t think so.

    If we sit on our hands AGAIN, and allow Wenger to dither and make ridiculously incompetent moves we have one SERIOUS threat in United, then we have Spurs as well looking to get themselves a great striker and a host of players who could well become better in their second seasons.

    Then you ALWAYS get a surprise package of the year.

    What in that is wrong? It’s all right I think, and if we have a Wenger Window we’re in trouble. Because all that needs to happen is United get stronger…which they will, no doubt.

  10. Marc

    ManU also need a RB, Rafael is a red card waiting to happen. I find it astonishing more teams don’t target him.

    That’s a complete back four and at least two central midfielders. The measure of ManU is where they get the players from. If they end up only buying domestically that will confirm that Moyes cannot draw in big names from abroad and buying in the PL means you pay way way over the odds.

  11. london gunner

    kwik fit

    Mate they have a really good squad already

    We have a very creative midfield, great defence, poor strikers
    They have a very creative midfield mata and kag are easily level with ozil and santi

    They have a great strikers, poor defence.

    I would clear RVP off pronto though.

  12. Marc


    The issue with the Spud’s is there non stop merry go round with whose in charge. If they bring someone in who has the ability and they give him longer than 18 months they could be a threat, problem is if they are going to build a new stadium they are going to have the same cash restrictions we suffered with. Not many top managers will be willing to come in and go through that process, especially at a club that has crazy expectations and serious delusions of grandeur.

  13. kwik fit

    I agree london that the three in behind a main striker look real class. On par with the chavs three. But they will also need a top forward as I think that RVP is past his sell by date. On that basis they have 7 positions to fill(excluding the goalie , who I rate)

  14. Thank you and goodnight

    Your right United need a good 6 players with the ones that are leaving as well. But we need at least 6 players to have a decent squad. Who would you bet would be more likely to spend big and sort out their deficiencies? My money’s not on Arsenal that’s for sure.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with your post re man u needing whole new back four and two quality midfielders. That won’t be cheap and wages will be high after Rooney’s contract.


    Januzaj, Mata, Kagawa and Rooney looks great. Who defends ?


    We will spend.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, but they’re not building a new stadium, right now.

    And if they get Lukaku, if you’re a guy like Van Gaal, in all honesty you look at their squad ans say it’s pretty good, I think anyway.

  17. london gunner


    Mate you were wrong about spurs and you still are.

    People say Ozil will be the best next year because his an internationally renowned CAM whose got a first team place for Germany and played for one of the best and biggest clubs in the world…. whilst hitting the best amount of assists in Europe.

    As for Spurs they have Tim Sherwood as manager, they have there best 2 and only WC players leaving….

    Anyways lets just agree to disagree on this one!

  18. Marc


    But they are having to invest money for the new stadium already. The current construction is the new Sainsbury’s and the architectural and other land procurement costs can easily run into the tens possible hundreds of millions of pounds.

  19. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    How is it pretty good, take out lloris and vertongen…

    They have Dawson Kaboul, rose, naughton, capoue :/

    They have dembele whose a good mid table player… same with paulinho. :/

    They have a weak midfield a weak defence even a weak strike force…. with only ade. Lukuku is signing for Everton Mate.

  20. demon

    Some times we have to step back from a supporters point of view and see what a great job arsene has done so far considering we are now a “Buying Club” (consuming economy) from a “Selling Club” (producing economy)in economic terms.

    Arsenal were like china- selling players (products) to everyone and their nans for capital accumulation in order to pay for a stadium whilst subsisting using income champions league income in order to survive which was vital. This is an investors (Kroenke) wet dream whilst also proving such a model exists for the tiny totts to follow in order to be an elite football club without using a sugar daddy monies which FFP has put a curb on.

    As Fans or customers we know that due to fine margins we could of done better in terms of sporting performance.

    The difference lies here- Arsene is a master at transforming a good club in to a super economic club but doesnt know how to manage a super club in order to be ultra competetive in football terms, he isnt a pep or klopp of today but he is one of a kind in what he does.

    That is where the problem is, he is stuck in his ways and doesnt know how to act like a super club (Billionaire) peny pinching when we dont have to anymore aswell as lacking the managerial capacities of top coaches. Here is where we should part ways or move him upstairs and replace him with a top football coach who recognises the fine margins that we as fans do in order to be the best “footballing side in the world” which equates to trophies.

    Arsene is a visionary but unfortunatly not the cream of the crop in term of being a “football coach”. As a budding young economist, Arsene wenger is my adam smith in which i want to use as a template eventually if i get into football management when i leave university. As an investor the next best thing to arsenal was Southampton but they have been snapped up, so has Leeds united as we speak. To implement this model it requires a great reputation, large fan base and a great academy both of which these two clubs have. The last dimension is location which is why abramovich, sheik, qataris and the russian guy bought chelsea, man city , monoca and psg…….the next move is to find the next super club which unfortunatly could be tottenham if they have our luck.

  21. london gunner

    Oh I suppose they have Lennon and Walker both race horses with zero end product what so ever.

    They have the bog average sigurdson and chadli.

    Its actually a much weaker squad than 5th placed everton, who have baines mirallas, lukuka ect.

  22. Marc

    I read the other days that Kaboul’s contract is up in the summer, we were being linked with him on a free.

    Make’s you wonder how Levy keeps his job.

  23. tunnygriffboy


    It’s a myth that Lpool haven’t spent money, not on the scale of City and Chelsea but Rodgers has spent 100 million added to the 100 million Dalglish spent. They have 50 million to spend in the summer as well. We have to spend and I think we will.

  24. Marc


    Where did you get that Liverpool have £50 million to spend? They’ve lost £90 million in the last 2 years and run the risk (would fail if measured at the moment) of failing FFP.

  25. london gunner


    Well good for them its what we should have been doing.

    by not spending more money then we could have, its only set us back a season while clubs like Liverpool have spent that money are challenging it just makes it that much harder next season for us as Liverpool will have an extra 30 million and there will be 7 clubs competing for 4th spot rather than the normal 4.

    In sport the time to striker you lose the opportunity we have lost the opportunity.

    You are right we have to spend but we have made it so much harder than it needs to be 🙁

  26. tunnygriffboy


    I’m sure I’ve seen that Rodgers will have a kitty of 50 million in the summer. I know they’ve spent in the last 2 years but you think they won’t comply to FFP even though they’ll get CL money. Could you explain please I’m a bit of a thicko loooooool

  27. Marc


    Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. If they’re losing money in large quantities they fail FFP. Now if they qualify for the CL they get an extra £30 ish million but any new player they sign purchase value will be divided by the length of the contract and this will come off the profit / get added to the losses i.e. £20m price 4 year contract = £5 million a year off the bottom line plus the cost of the salary. People quote numbers in football as if they have no meaning but Liverpool’s turnover was £206m in their last set of accounts. £50m is a quarter of their turnover, do you think ManU are going to sit back and say we don’t missing out on CL football while Liverpool are failing FFP.

  28. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have spent, I firmly believe we should. My point was that the notion that Lpool have suddenly done this without spending any money is false.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Why are we taking out Lloris and Vertonghen?

    Dembele is a good player, I’ve always like Dembele, when he was at Fulham I liked him, solid player.

    Eriksen is a great player.

    Adebayor, I hate him, so so much but he’s still a good player.

    I agree about Townsend and Lennon, not good end product both they do give them a bit of pace. Spurs fans seem to love Lennon as well.

    Lamela, we’ve hardly seen a thing from him. But there were fans on here calling for him from Roma and a lot of people seem to think he’ll be special – but who knows.

    Paulinho is decent, has games where he looks very good.

    Chirches I really rate, should start for them, won them the game at Old Trafford.

    This summer, Spurs are in desperate need of full backs and a class striker.

    I don’t see how you can write them off, especially with Wenger at the helm.

    However, you’re ignoring the fact that Liverpool are already ahead of us and will invest. AND United are below us and no doubt they will invest hugely, for their brands sake more than anything they have to be European top dogs, or there abouts.

    A Wenger Window WILL be a disaster for us. This is a new threat this year.

    We’re dealing with IF’s with Spurs, but what IF they got Lukaku, what IF players like Paulinho, Lamela etc come alive in their second season? What then? Big trouble.

    However, the more foreseeable threat to Wenger’s job saver of 4th is United. Means having to take out one of Liverpool, Chelsea, City or United next year? Means having a great window and splashing a lot of cash!

  30. kwik fit

    Since January Liverpool’s front six have been basically unchanged , they’ve avoided injuries. Just think how different it could have been if we could say the same thing. Ozil, Rambo and Walcott.

  31. Josip Skoblar

    I like Martinez, but I dont like Everton. I can’t explain why but I’ve disliked Everton FC since I was a kid. They get on my nerves, I’ve always found them boring as a team. It may be because I have a soft spot for Liverpool FC… 😉 Martinez would be a decent replacement for Wenger.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Exactly.Ozil, Rambo and Walcott fit and I think we’d be nearer the top, still not good enough to win it in my opinion though. Need another 3 or 4 new players, two must be top class. As I said, interesting how Lpool will fare playing 3 times a week next season.

  33. Marc


    Liverpool are not that in front of us squad wise if at all, I don’t mean individual player comparisons but the fact is they have not had the distraction of any European football this season. It makes a huge difference, how many clubs have a stand out season and get Europa football and then have a terrible season the following year. CL football has a big bearing on results in matches following mid week games.

    Liverpool’s current squad will struggle with CL football without major additions, something we coped with up to Christmas with a squad that has glaring deficiencies.

  34. kwik fit


    They won’t have it as easy next season for sure. Yes we need at least 4 top class players in order to compete. We all know the positions required. If we were to get them and our current guys were to stay injury free then we’d have a hell of a squad. All we would then need would be a manager 😉

  35. MidwestGun

    It’s an interesting new arguement by the Wenger supporters that, eeeh we have a newer stadium and we can’t compete but we’re doing ok and we used to be good, but with our owner what do you expect? So don’t worry be happy it’s just the way it is.
    So be apathetic and enjoy 4th is the new arguement to keep Wenger. Lol. There’s always next year. 🙁

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    Just flicked to see score for the chavs. 1 nil to them and guess who scored……A January signing for Chelsea who’s scored 2 now. You know the crap signing that you get in January as everyone knows especially wenger, that decent squad players can’t be brought in January. There’s never any about or at least that’s what Wenger says so he must be right.

  37. london gunner


    Because vertongen is off in the summer if they don’t get cl football.

    LLoris has PSG, Barcelona (looking for Valdez replacement) after him…. nar he’d rather stay at spurs right? Lol

  38. Johnty79

    All you fools on here.

    Liverpool have a wage bill that is and estimated 20-30m less than us. And they they have finished above us.

    Wenger has been crap from day one at the club but got away with signing Henry,vieira,overmars,pires,Anelka.

    Wenger failed to sign graham le Saux in 2007 and poyet in 1997.Desailly in 1998. Yaya and carrick in 2004. Zlatan in 2003. Eto in 2000. Players who financially we could out bid but wenger chose not to sign.

    I pray Everton beat us tmw but I don’t think it’s enough. They city , united to play which is a shame.

    Martinez with. Team that hs half the wage bill of us is competing with us.

    Martinez for manager he’d sign all the great Spanish players that barca and Madrid don’t want.

    I’d say only 10-15% of wengers transfers have been a success.

  39. london gunner

    Thank You Goodnight

    Salah looks a real talent probably fastest player on their team now, great ball control and can finish….

    But no Sanago and Kallstrome are the answer….

    FFS their are tons of players around Salah’s level who we could sign, not worldies but would give us depth and pace.

  40. MidwestGun

    This is what Verheijen believes happens at other clubs, and he ascribed Arsenal’s problems to such outdated methods of conditioning. “There is a pattern at Arsenal, and it repeats itself every year, it is a no-brainer.”
    Kwik –
    Not a no-brainer to some. Must be the rogaine, vitamin powder, or protein powder. Lol.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    It’s not a new argument, it’s old. The debt is £20-25 Million a year, yet we still make pre-tax profits usually anywhere from £30-50 Million. So that would be after all expenses taken out…just not tax.

    It’s a myth.

    It may have held us back for a few years originally, but it’s total bollocks and a skirt to hide behind for the Wengerites.

    What they’re saying is everyone is football is wrong, or deliberately bias against Arsenal and they’ve seen something no one else has…and also that the CEO is blatantly lying.

  42. Johnty79

    Do a agree with out injuries we would probably be top. But injuries happen and most of them arsenals own doing.

    Our failings are the fault of the clubs supporters. We put up with mediocrity for 9 years on the trot.

  43. reality check

    Johnty79April 5, 2014    17:54:09

    If wenger had spurs and arsenals squads and played a full season spurs would finish above us.

    MarcApril 5, 2014    17:54:47

    Johnty Fuck off back to Shite Hart Lane


  44. london gunner

    You know what I would almost route for Chelsea over the other rivals if wasn’t for john terry, mourinho, the manager and abramovich so basically the whole club.

  45. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Will I anM scored right as I read that. :sad:. Some of the Wenger press quotes this year are classic laughers. I wonder if Stoke is beaten yet?

  46. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger…………….. Take a bow

    Eight weeks ago (just after the close of the transfer window) Arsenal were 2 points clear at the top. Eight weeks later we are 6 points of third place and are in serious risk of losing our champions league place.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    It’s just this new guy, otherwise it wouldn’t be spoken about.

    It was smashed on here a few years back.

    I stopped giving this guy any attention or credence when he described £154 Million as a ‘rainy day find, like any good household.’ I thought, you crack on son, far be it from me to shit all over what helps you sleep.

  48. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Your probably right. Newer to me. Just never heard it stated as your deluded because your not apathetic like me.

    Rainy day fund big enough to buy some small island nations. Lol.

  49. eyemsick

    if I’d told any Akb 10 years ago, that for the next 11 years we would only contend 4th place trophy and buy in some shockingly bad players, they would of lynched me and told me to fuck right off.

    equally if the club had told you that 4th is the best you could hope for and we would have to make do with lesser players the club wouldnt have sold as much tickets….at the end of the day it s a business with a financial schedule and youve been reacting like a shallow customer complaining that the menu is shit…heh you should have realised that ages ago and re-adjust your expectations instead of playing all mighty and wanting your ego and opinion to reign over club decissions and policies.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    Hit it in one mate. We were lied to and have been continously for years now. From the board down to wenger that’s all they do is lie. Wenger claims to love the fans etc etc. Bollocks. Wenger has no love for the fans and no honour or integrity either. If AKB’S want to believe he does, that’s your prerogative, some of us aren’t so stupid.

  51. eyemsick

    lol..lied to? haha..what are? a child? come on man. grown ups can spot that. they are minus 450 and playing with kids all this time..lol..

  52. kwik fit

    Meanwhile In last 30 seconds Arsenal FC have earned a further £1000 on their cash pile . Woooobeeeefucccindoooooo!

  53. kwik fit

    Hope Liverpool don’t win it but you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Just look at the happiness on the players, managers and fans faces. Now thats is what football is about. Playing to win. Using all resources available. Just think 50m could have got Suarez and those smiley faces could have been us.

  54. Thank you and goodnight

    You stick up for the current outfit mate. They’re all cunts the lot of them. The day they both leave will be one of my happiest days as a supporter. Wenger is a shockingly poor manager, no matter how much you dress it up.

  55. eyemsick

    TYAGN ..man pull yourself together. lol… if he didnt care for the fans he wouldnt seek to solidify your future as a club. he will surely be gone one day ( amen hehe) . our children and grandchildren will still be watching the arsenal in their new home though…

    mistakes, tactics, who gives a shit…only if you scrutinise like a prosecutor would it make any sense to subject the club and manager through such an inquisition. just accept you couldnt be good enough for big things while repaying especially when you had roman spending 100m per season on players…..

  56. MidwestGun

    Yes lets all set our expectations to 4th maybe 5th and enjoy it.
    We can sit in our padded rooms and chant we are financially sound, we are financially sound, we are financially sound.

  57. kwik fit

    Giroud has been struggling in the last few months . Now I think we can all agree to that. If thats the case then why o why has Bendtner been sent to Coventry. The guys last game was the winning goal against Cardiff. He’s looking for a new club so what better opportunity for him to showcase his talents with us in the latter part of the season. Wenger has obviously decided that his personal issues with Bendtner are more important than the team.

  58. bergkamplegend

    City and cheslea have won today.
    Tomorrow Liverpool will win.

    Whatever our result against Everton, Wenger will keep on claiming that we’re targeting the title lol

    And he find that he looks smart with that ridiculous “food complements story” to explain our many injuries…I’m definitely in love with AW.

    “In love with Arsène Wenger”, what a beautiful title for a soap opera LOL

  59. kwik fit

    ‘Arsenal Haven’t Given Up On The Title Race’ Arsene Wenger
    Even Arsene’s getting into this joke Friday lark.

    I’m sorry Wenger you gave up in the title race in January when you done sweet fuck all!

  60. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    You know im still a little traumatized by that Nicky B picnic photo. Lol
    But good point. Sanogoal is getting preferential treatment clearly for better or worse.

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    While those bozos are in charge the only future we have is of becoming a mid table team. Wenger’s rode his luck, especially fact that the quality of the chasing pack was so poor, 4th place was a given. That gap is getting narrower and narrower.

  62. eyemsick

    Yes lets all set our expectations to 4th maybe 5th and enjoy it

    noone told you to enjoy it…but dont turn and blame us for not winning trophies for you…we had other priorities…thats all. perhaps it would have been best to switch off for a while but its so damn interesting you get hooked and sucked into it and then you get ttoo attached and too blind from frustration..

  63. Jeff


    I don’t think Kroenke is going anywhere. He is too comfortable sitting on top of a massive share hike and has full control. Arsenal will never go down so much as to endanger his investment.

    However, I really do not believe (as our friends would like us to think) that changing the manager can only have a deleterious effect. There are just so many examples of bad management littering the last ten years that only the people looking at Wenger’s legacy with rose tinted glasses would fail to see.

    And what if we get a top manager and start winning things? What if we start improving our record against the big teams? What will they say then? Arsene Wenger has been sailing far too close to the wind not because we don’t have financial clout but because of his own foolish policies, gross lack of tactics and inability to read the game.

    His followers want us to think it’s all about the finances rather than look at what else is going on. The greater part of our failure is at team level, its coaching and the long list of duds we’ve bought and paid for. It’s going to take some turning around and the best way to get this club back to where it belongs will be a change in manager.

  64. kwik fit


    You should have seen what he done after I took the photo 😉

    But I love Bendy to bits and I’m convinced he could have had an important role to play in the latter part of the season.

  65. Jeff


    I heard the drivel he was spouting today as well. While there is mathematical chance we will fight. The press let him off so easily. Why not ask him the big question that is on everyone’s lips. Why didn’t you strengthen the team in January when you knew you lacked a striker and key players were out to injury? Why have you been limping along with only one striker (if you can call him that) for the last 2 years?

    But no, rather they ask him stupid irrelevant questions. They might as well just ask him about his favourite colour and leave it at that.

  66. eyemsick

    jeff did you expect every decission taken during this massive transition to be the perfect solution. a lot of gambling and mixing and matching was necessary since you couldnt get your primary targets.

    as for this : and the best way to get this club back to where it belongs

    what would that place be then? where does arsenal belong? and who brought you there in the first place?

  67. bergkamplegend

    “Arsène Wenger says Sunday’s game against Everton is a chance for his side to both cement their top-four place and stay in the title race.”

    What part don’t you understand ?
    “4th place” or “title race” ??? LOL

  68. bergkamplegend

    ‘Going to Everton is always a game where you need to perform and be up for it. That is what we will try to do.’

    Please replace the word “Everton” with City, Chelsea or Anfield, you’ll see it’s really a funny game to play lol

  69. kwik fit


    The press know that Wenger doesn’t take kindly to questions that show up his obvious deficiencies so they cut him some slack and give him an easy ride. Remember that last time that they hit a sore point
    ‘ Are you looking at me!!!’
    Also remember after the embarrassing defeat at Chelsea our brave manager decided not to put himself through the pain.
    40 days to go , can’t wait.

  70. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun April 5, 2014 15:54:16


    Nurse – did you see this article?
    Yes, I did mate, it’s been reported widely in the press.

    I don’t know what to say, I’m utterly staggered that anyone can come out with such nonsense. Can you imagine Fergerson coming out with such rubbish?

    Wenger appears to be delusional or suffering early stages of dementia.

    Anyone ever seen one of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wenger-Giant-Swiss-Army-Knife/dp/B000R0JDSI

    Looks impressive, very expensive, massive tool and completely useless.

  71. kwik fit


    I think that Wenger is a shrewd cookie so if ( and its still a big if) we win the cup he’ll ‘go out on a high’ so to speak.
    Where he goes I don’t really mind.

  72. MidwestGun

    Nurse –
    Ya I mean it pretty much says exactly what Pedro has been saying too. That Arsene is ignoring his own red lines. We just had to play Ramsey against West Ham. wtf?

    Lol. Massive tool indeed.

    That’s what she said. 😉

  73. Jeff


    Your stance is very clear. You think Wenger is to Arsenal what Jesus is to Catholics and nothing is going to change your mind.

    What I’m saying to you is that the evidence of being beaten by the big teams regularly by a cricket score, having an abject record against them over the last five years, routinely collapsing at the end of the season, making scripted substitutions, stupid flat wage policy that has crippled us by having talent drain away from the club, the insane transfer cap fee for many years and the long list of complete duds he’s bought and paid for; would suggest otherwise.

    There are managers who could have done a lot better than Wenger. If you can’t accept or appreciate that, no one can help you because your argument then becomes irrational and counterintuitive.

  74. Jake

    Actually it doesn’t really say anything other than the club are looking at a wide range of possibilities for our persistent injuries. It may well turn out to be training methods but we’re checking everywhere. That’s all it actually says.

  75. kwik fit


    LOL that was like a hand job, thats what she said . Does that even count?
    It more like an OG 😉

  76. bergkamplegend

    I have the very bad feeling that, at the end of this season, eyemsick will be very happy…
    And we won’t be.

  77. Jeff


    “The press know that Wenger doesn’t take kindly to questions that show up his obvious deficiencies”

    But we fans don’t take kindly to being beaten 8:2, 5:1, 6:3 and 6:0. We don’t take kindly to collapsing and limping into fourth every year. That’s what the press are there for – to ask hard questions. If they think or know he doesn’t take kindly to such questions all the more determined they should be to ask them. He’s not paid 144k per week to talk rubbish as he so often does.

  78. N5

    Legend, I asked him earlier if he would be happy if we win the FA cup and he said no as it’s beneath us as a club? so I’m not sure he will be happy mate. Unless you mean with us coming fourth and not winning the FA cup?

  79. Jeff


    People have to realise that any success for the club is hugely welcome by me and the overwhelming majority of Arsenal supporters. However, if winning the FA is supposed to atone for the incompetence of the last 10 years – I’m afraid it doesn’t even come close and neither in my opinion does it lend any credence to the idea that Wenger should stay on.

  80. eyemsick


    i wonder what gave you that impression as since yday im talking about the clubs policies. surely youre at an age to understand that policy comes form the top of hierarchy, i.e owners. if the target is top4 then thats what theyll ask from the manager . the budgets given to the manager do not suggest that the titles were the objective. beyond that, getting into specifics about transfers and tactics is pointless when the club HAS to make do with players of lesser quality for a while.

  81. eyemsick

    There are managers who could have done a lot better than Wenger.

    i dont think so….. considering the situation at the club id say they happened to have the most qualified to pull it off.

    the point is that you are judging without knowing what the clubs targets were. the clubs targets all this time have been financial mostly and not pitch related…..hence the sales, the lesser quality of players bought etc… every decisison on player has been made primarily with the financial element in mind therefore the emphasis on youth became more reliant.

  82. MarbleHall

    N5 November 18 2013 23:53:11:
    “Nope, and I (watch this carefully, so you can do the same) was incorrect about that, it was a cup winner cup runners up medal, now please can you do the same and admit you were incorrect about him not having a league winners medal and we can move on with our lives.”

    Enjoy your vacation

  83. MidwestGun

    Ramsey was in the red before he played at West Ham United on Boxing Day, the league fixture in which he suffered his thigh injury but Wenger admitted that because the player was in the form of his life, he had struggled to give him a rest. “When Ramsey got his injury we saw he was tired at West Ham, so maybe sometimes when the player is very important as well, you are tempted to play him even when he is tired,” 
    Jake no it says Arsene ignored the red zone to play Ramsey at West Ham.
    It also says Arsene thinks its supplements even tho the doctors say it isn’t.

  84. Jeff

    “getting into specifics about transfers and tactics is pointless when the club HAS to make do with players of lesser quality for a while”

    That’s what I mean about being irrational. It is pointless to attribute any tactical inadequacies to the manager so long as we believe what is coming from above is entirely to blame. This is absolute nonsense.

  85. MidwestGun

    Arsenal’s doctors do not believe that there is a link between supplements, tablets or medication and injuries while no one in the squad is on long-term medication.
    Jake did you read the article? Arsene said it could be supplements and the doctors say no.

  86. N5

    Lol Marble you absolute dick head that was nothing to do with me saying he didn’t play the game it was me saying he won one then saying oops he might not have and then later on about 2 days later I corrected myself again and said oh yes he did.

    I even posted to you last night a link from the offical Arsenal site to show he’d won one. you really are a dickhead.

  87. Jeff


    Wenger would blame trees growing in the Amazon if it helped his cause. He does not have one single rational bone left in his body. What do we expect from the man who actually said we were only really beaten by Liverpool and the Man City and Chelsea drubbings were just freak accidents?

  88. bergkamplegend

    “The doctors told Wenger to go to rehab but he said No! No! No!”

    Excellent lol

    ps : if wenger try a “Klopp jump”, he can say goodbye to his coat’s zip!! lol

  89. eyemsick

    That’s what I mean about being irrational.

    you know what is irrational jeff? expecting to beat drogba and essien and lampard with 20 year olds and arteta. no matter what you do tactically they have the players who have the personality to do what is necessary when asked. you dont have such players yet. youve been trying to develop some of course but the results of that wont show till the players hit their peak years, if they stay.

  90. N5

    Midwest can you please vouch to marble as he has the most selective memory that I said I would self impose a ban for a month if he proved I said I wasn’t aware if Ian Wright played the match or not. This thing he copied and pasted was me saying he hadn’t won a cup winners cup medal. (notice how he doesn’t copy and paste the next paragraph where I say oh yes he did).

  91. N5

    Here Marble, you didn’t paste these from the same night.

    “Dial I’m not sure actually, I’ve been on 3 different sites that say he has a cup winners cup medal, can someone else on here confirm if Wrighty has won a cup winners cup medal or just a runners up one?”

    “Right, that is 5 sites now that all say he has a cup winners cup medal, so I think I was right Dial, can you show me a link that says I’m wrong and please don’t make it”

    Now you sad case, please can you go through hours and hours more of conversation to copy/paste the bit where I said I wasn’t aware he was even playing.

    I honestly can’t believe you searched all night and that is the best you could come up with. Lol what an absolute no lifer.

  92. Jeff


    And yet even with those players some teams (even lesser ones than us) have beaten them. Why is it that we must stand in isolation to everyone else ready with our excuses? How did other teams manage to sometimes beat the likes of Chelsea, Man U and now City but we just can’t do it?

    Which is more likely? That Kroenke pulling the strings at those other clubs as well or that our manager is simply incompetent?

  93. MarbleHall

    November 18 2013 23:56:09:
    “Dial I’m not sure actually, I’ve been on 3 different sites that say he has a cup winners cup medal, can someone else on here confirm if Wrighty has won a cup winners cup medal or just a runners up one?”

    Silly plonker didn’t realise Wright was banned so went looking for confirmation.
    Ignorant or what.

    Now find yourself a hobby to occupy your free time.

  94. MidwestGun

    Of course your right, but Marble has his own way of looking at things.
    You said if he proved you didnt know about the ban. He’s just a wind up.
    lol. Took him all night to find tho.

  95. N5

    Marble, reread from last night:

    “You moved the goal posts. You didn’t even know Wright was banned from the final the first time i raised this issue.”

    “Listen don’t be so dumb i can easy find and copy and paste what you said.
    It’s all on record, it’s up to you admit you said you didn’t know or i paste.”

    Please don’t aways be so stupid.

    RE your last comment. Of course I rewent looking for confirmation, you were so certain he hadn’t won one, even I began to doubt it.

    Honestly mate, I feel sorry for you, you searched and searched for that one converation and it didn’t have what you though it had in it. I wouldn’t have posted it, now not only do you look stupid, you look sad. Anyone who searches through months of old posts to find a single quote is an absolute sad case.

    Get a hobby!

  96. Jeff

    “The target is to finish as high as possible. Where that will be at the moment I must say, behind us will depend only on our results.

    “In front of us will depend on our results and the results on the other teams, so that’s impossible to predict.

    No kidding!

    Is this any better than Keegan’s “Chile have three options – they could win or they could lose.” 🙂

  97. N5

    Midwest. I honestly feel sorry for him. Before I always indulged his little games because I found it fun. But anyone who goes to the lengths he just has to attempt to make me look stupid is a sad little man. And even with his entire night and possibly day searching for a certain post his best attempt to make me look bad was wrong and he has made himself look even sillier. I am shocked by this persons behaviour.

  98. N5

    “Keep your word and i’ll hear from you on the 5th May”

    Marble, keep it quiet you pathetic desperate time waster. I’ve just copy/pasted what the stipulation for my self imposed ban would be. You were wrong, you wasted a chunk of your life to do that and now your sore because you look simple.

  99. Jake


    I did read the article, however, unlike you it seems I am able to extrapolate a bit more information. Wenger clearly suggested this out of the blue because the investigation has no hard evidence yet. Then the Arsenal doctors were asked about it and they said “no”. Question asked. Answer given. All part of the process. Unless you believe that The Guardian had conveniently asked the Arsenal doctors whether supplements could be an issue before Wenger issued the statement saying that they MIGHT be.

  100. N5

    Marble, I’m not having another back and fourth with you tonight so I will end with this.

    You show me where I said that I wasn’t aware that Ian Wright didn’t play in the cup winners cup final and if you can I promise that I will ban myself for 1 month.

    If however, like I said last night, you can’t find it. Then just STFU.

  101. kwik fit

    I’m not at all optimist about tomorrow. The Everton forwards are quick and they are probably second only to pool on current form. Everton are due a win and it could well be tomorrow. Plus a dreaded morning kick off. plus our fifth visit to the north west with the previous 4 ending in defeat. Should be a good game though 😉

    This season in a nutshell

  102. Dobermann 13

    An owner with no understanding of the club,or supporters feelings ,only interested in profit ,gazidis just a nodding dog, a manager so off the pace and stuck in his own time warp , and AKBs blind to the facts,how bad has it got to be before the club changes.that said coyg tomorrow ,having loved the club for as long as I have, come match day am always desperate for a win, and my feelings for the great away support.

  103. N5

    Jeff, Wenger knew what he was doing when he bought Kallstrom! don’t question him!! Tomorrow 3 – 0, every goal will be down to KK.