Rambo back

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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief.

Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.

I think when Wenger eventually leaves, it’ll be between Martinez, Klopp and Steve Bould. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Arsene was quite short about Martinez, what was great to hear is that the manager said he’d have nothing to do with appointing his successor!


What is important tomorrow is that we show Martinez who is boss. I’m sick of and his Everton side. We need to put 4th place to bed. I mean, even if it goes tits up tomorrow, Everton still have a load of tough games, so I’m still confident we’ll make Champions League. Issues is, we shouldn’t be chasing 4th, we should chasing the title.

It is what it is…


Aaron could be back in the squad tomorrow. Happy days. A bit of energy in our midfield. Also, the added mental boost you get when you know your best players is coming back into the line up!

Right, that’s me done today. I have nothing in the locker. See you tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!

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  1. eyemsick

    don’t let eyemsick win. Lol.

    i dont see it like that…i see it more like calming the pain of frustration of our fellow fans. we all love arsenal…i hope…. and want whats best for them , but there are periods in the life-span of a club where they have to lay low for a while before they rise again. a club building a new stadium can be described as such a period.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Eyemsick does have some good points that can partially explain why we have struggled over the last number of years. Yes we have had to build a stadium, yes Kronke hasn’t gone on a spending spree, yes we haven’t had top top players and yes we’ve had injuries. What isn’t said is that Wenger could have been smarter in the transfer marktet with the money he’s had, that he wasvtoo trusting on project youth and that he can be stubborn to change his style for the big games when his players are not able to play that way as they probably lack the quality to do so. There has to be a bit of balance to the argument.

  3. N5

    Same here eyemsick. And in actuality, I’m not looking at mine and your comments as a battle or an argument just a discussion between two gooners who are sitting on different parts of the same field. I completely respect everyone’s right to have their opinion and I would never dare to dictate what anyone should think. All I can do is state my case and then listen/read a reasoned response.

  4. eyemsick

    There has to be a bit of balance to the argument.

    the balance is ….considering your situation as a club in this given period in time ( 2006 – 2012-13)…top4 was actually the best you could hope for and anything else ..a bonus.

    under this condition, i cant go ballistic and start chopping players and firing managers like totenham ( lol)

  5. ughelligunner

    Yes, i would be happy if we manage to, so i can tell my opponents that the only year we bought a world class we won something. I.E. My excuse making would be genuine. Lol.

  6. eyemsick

    true N5 i never saw it as a contest , not even when i had ten of you calling me deluded.. slowly slowly more and more can see the logic …. thats a good thing.

  7. kwik fit

    Tony Pulis just said of the Mourinho hand shake after the game last week ‘ Its just shows the class of the man’
    No it doesn’t Tony ! It just shows the scumbag that you are!

  8. eyemsick

    yes thomas….a club investing on stadiums and entering period of severe financial limitations can not be accused for not wining the top prizes when chelsea united and city spend in excess of 100m for them….

    not rocket science.

  9. Bamford13

    Our “limited budgets”?

    We had 100m to spend last summer — this was said explicitly — yet Wenger spent 42m on one class player and then signed two cheap mediocrities in Flamini and Sanogo.

    According to the poster who is making all of us sick, Wenger only signs cheap mediocrities because he doesn’t have the resources to sign better players. Except that this summer he had AMPLE resources to sign players better than Flamini and Sanogo but chose not to do so.

    Then with 140m in the bank, he signs the cheap mediocrity Kallstrom in January.

    But he doesn’t have the resources. Utter nonsense.

    Even on a modest budget Wenger could have signed far better players than he has. Fact is he has shown that he’s no longer a great judge of talent. Southampton has more quality cheap players than Arsenal do.

    On top of this he’s tactically inept and has lost his ability to motivate ambitious players.

    It’s a f.ing disaster, and it really is incredible that people are still making apologies for the man.

  10. N5

    Don’t misunderstand me eyemsick, I don’t class myself as a Wenger out or an Arsene Knows Best. Just a supporter that likes to ask questions. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and I’ll support who ever puts on an Arsenal shirt and tries his hardest for the club, it doesn’t mean I’m always happy about what happens though.

  11. MidwestGun

    Its not Arsenes fault because he wasnt trying?
    We have a bunch of money in the bank for a rainy day?
    The managers cant affect the game once it starts?

    What you call balance, I call delusional.

  12. ughelligunner

    K, got you N5, if you can stop gambon from name calling it would be interesting.
    Midwest, Macini was sacked the year he did win any trophy, because that was the mandate. Fergy really shouldn’t be an example cos he always buys the 1 world class to pamper the team.
    In his last year, he bought RVP, Butner, Nick Powell and etc. Who did he play to help him win the title? Midwest you don’t need to answer.
    Over the years fergy always bought big time players worth 25m plus to help his team. Not minding the inferiority of the center officials and bias fixture list even my man utd freinds accept this as fact and use to poke me saying we don’t have money to bid for referees. Lol
    wenger’s mandate is to win the fourth place trophy hence no backlash from his employers.
    He always met the target.

  13. TooMuchCesc

    Recent comment from the All-Knowing One. “With all the injuries, we are very short in the midfield area.”

    Comment during the transfer periods. “We are not interested in signing a midfield player. We have a huge squad in that area.”

    If this year was the first time injuries ravaged the squad (like at Dortmund), no complaints. But it happens every year without fail. Now we running the risk of overplaying TR, a notoriously fragile player (and I am a huge fan of TR, by the way).

    This manager hugely disrespects and appears to have nothing but scorn for the fans. We may not have made 50,000 substitutions or managed a day in professional football, but we have watched the last 500 Arsenal matches without rose tinted glasses, and that entitles us to an opinion monsieur.

  14. N5

    “K, got you N5, if you can stop gambon from name calling it would be interesting.”

    I’m not a miracle worker, in fact I don’t think it would last 2 comments before an insult was thrown 😛

  15. eyemsick

    We had 100m to spend last summer

    lol…. says who? you and the ast? who are you? are you working for the club accounts?

    what about his intentions of wanting to create the nucleous of the squad from players from the academy?

  16. eyemsick

    Fact is he has shown that he’s no longer a great judge of talent

    thats laughable.

    he spots players and plans their development with a minimum ten year outlook and your incapacity to understand his working methods makes you frustrated and reactionary.

  17. SpanishDave

    Looking at the Man City game, we are miles behind them quality wise.
    To win the EPL we have to invest far more than 100m. Wenger or Stan will never spend enough to make a serious challange.
    4th every year is becoming a joke now, not an achievement.

  18. tunnygriffboy

    Wenger has mucked up the last two transfer windows big time. I do respect him in that he wants to give youth a chance but what he has failed to do is buy WC players with experience to help them. Ozil is WC but he is not a natural leader something we desperately need. In his favour Gibbs, Ox, Rambo, Wilshere, Kos, Walcott are developing or have developed into £20million players.

  19. eyemsick

    and id rather make you sick mate than have you or your thinking kick out the one person who has given us the right to dream like a proper big club.

    unless yout hink arsenal was real madrid before wenger…

    so my question to you wiseguy is this:

    before wenger…what did this club ever do to solidify itself among the worlds best/elite? did arsenal had stadiums and russians and sheiks to deal with back then too? so whats their excuse …… where is arsenals era of say like ajax, liverpool milan etc …? show me …

  20. N5

    “before wenger…what did this club ever do to solidify itself among the worlds best/elite? ”

    I’m not sure we’re even classed as that now after 17 years of Wenger.

  21. Jacko


    Firstly, yes you are! You have Wengeritis.

    What was it you said – think big, act big?

    I give you Sanogo and Kallstrom.

    Case closed.

  22. eyemsick

    I’m not sure we’re even classed as that now after 17 years of Wenger.

    a hell of a lot closer than weve ever been in our history though…and lets wait till we can spend accordingly….the best is yet to come.

  23. N5

    eyemsick, read my swiss ramble piece. It’s very hard to argue with and he put’s a hell of a lot of evidence there.

  24. TooMuchCesc

    Planning player development with a ten year horizon would be laughable if it were true. Even AW is not that deluded. With all the money in football these days and the desire to win trophies among players, only the dross would hang around for ten years.

  25. eyemsick

    ok jacko, when/if sanogo develops to another anelka i expect you to come in here and say “sorry i was clueless” … 🙂

  26. N5

    “a hell of a lot closer than weve ever been in our history though”

    Agreed, all the big clubs know of us, but I’m not sure any fear us and some (like Bayern) laugh when the get drawn us. Watch Kroos reaction (I think it was) when Bayern got Arsenal in the ECL.

    But I do agree we are nearer than we have ever been.

  27. eyemsick

    Planning player development with a ten year horizon would be laughable if it were true


    as for the money in football….shouldnt there be regulations? who are these crooks laundring money via the epl? what is uefa doing? where are the investigations for the money being pumped into the system from dubious sources? or do you not bother about such stuff and demand the best regardless……

    hmmmmm …i guess michel and the rest love their commissions….

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    I said exactly the same to Kjafc and revvin yesterday mate. Teams are classed as elite I.e bayern real etc for what they’ve achieved over years in Europe’s elite competition, same for Liverpool and United. 1 CL final in 17 years hardly makes us elite, for Christ’s sake chelsea have been in 2 finals, winning one, in last 8 years and no way are they classed as elite. So all this bollocks about us being an elite club because of Wenger is rubbish. Sorry

  29. N5

    ug, I’ll tell you how blind my faith is. When Arsenal we 4-0 down to Liverpool, I still thought we could do a Newcastle and come back to 4-4. I think I was dropped on my head numerous times as a child.

  30. MidwestGun

    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: ‘Mr Kroenke has made it clear that our ultimate objective is to win major trophies. We all share that ambition. Arsene and I have been planning what we need to do.’ 

    It was directly quoting our chief executive, and he also gives our transfer budget.

  31. eyemsick

    Agreed, all the big clubs know of us, but I’m not sure any fear us and some (like Bayern) laugh when the get drawn us.

    is that wenger;s problem though or Arsenal’s?

    they dotn fear us now because we have arteta and little jack..when we have players of equal stature as them lets see if they still laugh…

  32. eyemsick

    they werent laughing last year though…i remember heynckes on the touchline bricking it big time yelling like a nazi with a red face “achtung!!!! achtung!!!!”

    and pep was on his toes sweating in the recent 1-1…. never saw him sitting down comforatbly as with the united game a couple days ago…

  33. Jacko


    Likewise, when / if he doesn’t where should I look for you?

    Don’t get me wrong I’d love him to come good but another long term project is not what we need right now.

    Another Anelka though, seriously? He would need to gain 3 extra yards to begin with.

  34. N5

    Nope eyemsick it isn’t Wengers fault but you said he took us closer to elite than anyone else ever has, so here is your point! he almost has us there, it’s Arsenals fault we’re not quite, but once we are, it will be Wenger that did it.

    Do you see my point, you give Wenger all the praise for the good and then remove all responsibility for the bad.

    You just also said about will Jacko come back and say he’s clueless of Sanogo ends up being the next Anelka can you answer my question of will you come on and say the same thing if he doesn’t?

  35. grooveydaddy

    ‘and id rather make you sick
    mate than have you or your
    thinking kick out the one person
    who has given us the right to
    dream like a proper big club.’

    I don’t think you’re winning over many people here

    you’re like the Don Quixote of AKB’s

  36. eyemsick

    And if he doesn’t eyemsick will you do the same thing?

    im not the one judging though am i? i m waiting to see…..

  37. tunnygriffboy

    We are not an elite club. We do not have the players to be an elite club at the moment. That may change in the future, the infrastructure is now there. At the moment we hang on the coatails of City et al . . . . With the right additions in the summer we could reach some sort of parity and after that we should be able to get a marquee player every year.

  38. N5

    TYAG I agree fully mate. We are not yet an elite club. I never say never and god do I hope we become one, but Barca, Madrid, Bayern etc have years of dominance and trophies to get that label. It’s a long long road ahead.

  39. eyemsick

    N5 it is not wenger’s fault that this club was utterly clueless on how to move the club forward…. on that basis , and since the lack of a better option, they might as well listen to him who knows a hell of a lot more about how to set up a football club than they ever did.

  40. MidwestGun

    Arsene buys all those players you keep slating. Its a bad arguement you keep repeating that Arsene cant win because of the quality of his players that HE bought.

  41. N5

    “im not the one judging though am i? i m waiting to see…..”

    Are the old sit on the fence argument….. you can’t have that one, that’s usually my excuse.

  42. Jake

    The blame is shared. Not everything is Wenger’s fault but a lot of things are. Nothing is absolutely his fault but that doesn’t mean that he can’t do better. Win the FA Cup and I want him to get a one year extension but I’d be okay with a two year. Lose the FA Cup and no extension. Top 4 is mandatory.

  43. ughelligunner

    Midwest, you just quoted gazidis, and what has he done about it?
    Wenger don’t like travelling outside Europe for preseson and they forced him to do it, now we are coming to America, why can’t they force him to buy big?
    I see P.R here.

  44. eyemsick

    Arsene buys all those players you keep slating. Its a bad arguement you keep repeating that Arsene cant win because of the quality of his players that HE bought.

    he compromises….he cant get toure so he will grind it out with arteta till he has the financial ability to buy something equal or till his academy produces something special.

  45. eyemsick

    N5 April 5, 2014 14:11:44

    but i havent heard of sanogo…i have heard of wenger though and his record reads : weah, djorcaef, vieira, henry anelka etc etc

  46. Bamford13

    Good work, Midwest.

    Plenty of money was made available and a clear desire to win trophies was expressed.

    In response Wenger signs Flamini and Sanogo on the cheap. Then Ozil after the Villa debacle, a CAM we didn’t really need.

    It’s all part of Wenger’s master ten-year plan, though, apparently.

    I love the notion that we’re an “elite”club. The Bayern players were visibly pleased when they drew us in the round of 16. We’re a joke. 8-2, 6-3, 5-1, 6-0. These are not the results of an elite club. Kallstrom, Sanogo, Flamini, Giroud, Arteta. These are not the player-names of an elite club. Not at all.

    Wenger was once a positive force at Arsenal, but he isn’t any longer.

    He really must go. The sooner, the better.

  47. NYCgooner

    Not sure who it was last week that said they watch Nuremberg play and never noticed drmic in a game. Watching a game now and though he’s yet to score, he is the most threatening player by a mile. He is one of those players that the ball just finds its way to him. Not the finish product yet but supremely talented.

  48. TooMuchCesc

    At which age do you start to plan a ten year horizon? At U6? Most don’t make it to U16 as the clubs give up on players that don’t develop as well as they thought. Start at U16? How many players make it to 26 without being released by the club, poached by other clubs, or seek glory elsewhere? FFP and level playing fields don’t exist and likely never will. Get over it? In the Wenger universe, if there was no financial doping, there was no transfer window or there was a transfer window all the time, referees got all their calls right, there were no injuries, no teams parked the bus, fans were always behind the team, and no one who hadn’t made 50k substitutions or managed at the pro level expressed an opinion, then we would be the best in the world and he is probably right.

  49. MidwestGun

    Eyemsick –
    Can you not read quotes? Kroenke said our goal is to win trophies. Not to finish 4th. I can pull up quotes from numerous past seasons where the board says we have money for transfers. Its pointless argueing if you dont believe in reality.

  50. eyemsick

    Kroenke said our goal is to win trophies.

    did he tell us the date as well? did he give us a deadline as well? lol …. stan hasnt got a clue mate..stan is nebraska denver whatever

    plus it is only now he has said it. and were on our way for the f.a cup so why are you complaining ?.

  51. eyemsick

    i know they chose to ignore cause it suits their narrative of wanting to blame it all on one guy when the whole of organisation was not investing for the big ones…

  52. fraz

    Whether Wenger is upto it now. Is another matter. But he has been brilliant … He is likely to go down as as big an influence as cryuff was for barca. Maybe we will truly appreciate what he did, 10-15 yrsfrm now

  53. NYCgooner


    Agree completely. I’m starting to get worried about the strikers that will be available. Only a few really wc strikers out there and quite a few teams will be looking.

  54. eyemsick

    He is likely to go down as as big an influence as cryuff was for barca.

    spot on! and even their ..it took them 4 decades to prefect it. and we have been throwing the toys out the pram from year 4…. lol …now you see how the reactions of our fans were premature and dare i say…silly?

  55. MidwestGun

    *sigh* you keep changing your arguement/ excuses. I never said Kroenke had a clue. You said Arsene was told to not try. Not true. You said we didnt have money to spend in transfer windows. Not true.

    Kronke hasnt a clue as an owner. Is a different arguement.

  56. telarse

    Ozil for £42 mill or Suarez for £50-£60 mill?

    Ozil is a great player and will be better for us but, the last thing this squad needed last summer was another “creative” mid.

    Cazorla would had been as effective for us as Ozil, if not better, and missing out on Suarez was just pathetic!

    For anyone who thinks Suarez wasn’t achievable for £50-£60 mill then OK, just spend he £42 mill on any decent striker and we’d be in a better position.
    Without checking strikers signed for big money by top clubs thoughout europe last summer Negredo, Bony AND Remy (loan) were sub £40 mill combined.

    We don’t need a brilliant scouting network – we’re good enough at nicking top young players already and we are probably notified by agents when players become available (notwithstanding those agents thinking “fuck ringing those miserable bastards!”)
    The lost points that really pissed me off were this year V Swansea, Southampton and Stoke.
    We could so easily, even as flat track bullies, be on top with a relatively easy run in.

  57. fraz

    The reason we finished 4th with some of those teams. Was because Wenger inspired them to challenge for the title. Sure we fell short. Now imagine Wenger telling them you r not goood enuff to win the league. Its okay to compete for top 4. Sure our budget was 4th biggest. But its not improbable to finish below that once every other year..

  58. eyemsick

    You said Arsene was told to not try. Not true. You said we didnt have money to spend in transfer windows. Not true.

    what do you mean not true? i asked you before. do you mean for this summer alone or for the past 8 years? you conveniently havent answered.

  59. Bamford13


    Wenger will certainly be a club legend for his total contribution and for certain special accomplishments like the Invincibles, but it will also be clear to most that his last eight or so years were poor if not woeful.

    Twenty years from now people will wonder how he held onto his job so long.

  60. eyemsick

    The lost points that really pissed me off were this year V Swansea, Southampton and Stoke.

    another clever one…we are multiplying!!

  61. eyemsick

    it will also be clear to most that his last eight or so years were poor if not woeful.

    only to those who never got the bigger picture and those who think that juggling stadium transition and beating chelse united barca and bayern is easy piecy……

  62. MadeToLoveMagic

    pedro, why dont you think pep is a contender after wenger

    Its perfect

    he would have won everything , will be looking for a longer term project after his munich contract runs out imo

    his style fits ours, he would continue what wengers done but improve in all the ways you need to as a modern manager

    he would get to come to london, play in the best stadium in the land, in the coolest up and coming area

    he always speks very highly of us and wenger, he has a lot of love for us

    with pep we would take over the world no doubt

    dont you see that as the best option/ and a feasible one regarding timing of availibilty etc,


  63. Thank you and goodnight

    I don’t know about pep mate. Like Wenger he only has 1 way of playing. ….tippi tappi. Which is great if you have WC players to play that style, but not so great if Santos, giroud is your benchmark.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    Disagree that we didn’t need Ozil. We needed more creativity and things were going well until Ox, Rambo and Walcott went down. We needed Ozil and a striker.

    Agree with you re lost points at Southampton, Stoke and Swansea.

  65. MidwestGun

    Eyemsick –
    Arsenal spent 151 million on transfers between 2008 and 2012. That’s 30 million that we spent per year on average. Not true means not true.

  66. MadeToLoveMagic

    thank you

    i dont know , i think pep has a different way to wenger in terms of prep and pressing,

    motivation perhaps too?

    Ive said before the problem is not wengers style its the fact you need the best to be able to pull it off, i cant imagine pep settling for the playing staff wengerf does

    for me he is the next Mr Arsenal, and one of the only people id be happy to see replace wenger

  67. eyemsick

    thats not enough midwest. others spend that on one player alone. plus to get that number of average 30m we had to sell first….. dont ignore that.

  68. MidwestGun

    So your arguement is now we didnt spend enough? I thought it was we didnt have a budget because of the stadium. How about spending wisely and not accumulating money that could be spent to strengthen in a bank account.

  69. ughelligunner

    Kronke and Gazidis said their goal is to win trophies, what do they do? Allow wenger to buy one and get two free.
    Abramovich goal to win trophy what did he do, allow Morhino to buy schurre Willian, Eto, matic, salah etc
    man city owner wants pellegrini to win trophies, buys Jovetic, Narvas, Fernadinho, Negredo, etc.
    Liverpool owner wanted top four didn’t allow Suarez to go for 40m gave him 200k a week.
    Midwest from this winners perceptive who do you think meant his words.

  70. gonsterous

    Was it too much to ask Wenger to stay in the top 4 along with winning a cup at least once in the last 8-10 years ?? Coz somehow every year we seem to be shitting our pants at around febuary or March… Surely being a “great manager ” he could do something to prevent that !!

  71. ughelligunner

    Midwest here is an example, you want your child to be first in his class, what do you do? Buy him 1 good book and other text are either borrowed or bought torn.
    His classmate parents got all the required text correctly. Who is to blame if your child comes out lagging behind?
    I say you will so glad if he keeps up touching distance to the best in his class.

  72. TooMuchCesc

    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: ‘Mr Kroenke has made it clear that our ultimate objective is to win major trophies. We all share that ambition. Arsene and I have been planning what we need to do.’

    Interesting choice of the word “ultimate”.

    adjective: ultimate
    1. being or happening at the end of a process; final.
    synonyms: eventual, final, concluding, terminal, end

    1. the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.
    synonyms: utmost, optimum, last word, height, epitome, peak, pinnacle, acme, zenith, nonpareil, dernier cri, ne plus ultra
    2. a final or fundamental fact or principle.

  73. salparadisenyc

    “The reason we finished 4th with some of those teams. Was because Wenger inspired them to challenge for the title”

    Really, those are some rosy tints your looking through. If your honest when’s the last time we were in the title hunt or inspired to challenge?

    Outside of this season which is now arguable 07-08 is the last time we had a chance at taking the title. Oddly we capitulated due to; injury, tactical naivety lack of depth and zero mental strength which equated to playing with fear when we needed a big performance. Sound familiar? In fact you could break each season down since 2005 and the reasons for failure are quite similar..

    Both 08 and this season presented opportunities to strengthen in January, and both windows were squandered away as were those titles. This record is on repeat if your fan of it.. surely it will come round again.

  74. MidwestGun

    Ugh –
    I would hold the teacher responsible for not speaking with the parent about the quality of that students book and see if something else can be done.

  75. Thank you and goodnight

    Problem is mate we are on the minority. The majority of fans still think like revvin, Kjafc and eyemsick. We are fucked as a club and my only worry is that when wenger/kroenke finally decide to fuck off, we will be so far off the big boys that we will have to endure a 20 yr title wilderness like Liverpool after souness fucked them up.

  76. ughelligunner

    groovey, or which manager was given a clear goal to go for the trophy, wouldnt you know by the amount and class of players the said manager buys every transfer window?
    Gazidis: wenger this is 120m go and buy at least two world class players and you must win a trophy.
    Wenger; i can manage with what i have and still win the trophy.
    Gazidis; ok.
    At end of season wenger takes fourth.
    Gazidis; wenger we want you to sign a new contract even though you never won the trophy.
    Looking at this interaction do you think this was what was said?
    www. Arsenal.com; arsenal to increase season ticket by a said percentage.
    Fans; But Gazidis i thought we didn’t spend the money you ask wenger to spend? Why increasing ticket prices when we have huge commercials raking in?
    Gazidis; reason, players contract renewal.
    Later on, news on the internet,
    arsenal denied building of 25 storey block new the emirates.
    Fans; huh?

  77. eyemsick

    Season 06/07 Transfer expenditures: 13.266.000 £
    Season 07/08Transfer expenditures: 27.500.000 £
    Season 08/09Transfer expenditures: 35.332.000 £
    Season 09/10Transfer expenditures: 10.560.000 £
    Season 10/11Transfer expenditures: 20.240.000 £
    Season 11/12Transfer expenditures: 57.618.000 £
    Season 12/13Transfer expenditures: 46.640.000 £
    Season 13/14Transfer expenditures: 45.540.000 £

    we moved to the emirates in 06 and from there on till 11-12, we never spent more than 27, witht he exception of 08-09 when we spent the extra for arshavin mid-season in fear of missing top4.

    in 10-11 we finally sold out the highbury flats and could invest a bit more plus we started selling for big bucks ( cesc, nasri song, rvp) and in the last two and particular latest one we have reached the 45-50 budget mark.

    dont know about you but up until 10-11 i see figures of 10 and 20 …. thats laughable budget to expect to beat manure and chelsea for the title.

    ill give you chelsea now to compare , since roman came

    Season 03/04Transfer expenditures: 151.536.000 £
    Season 04/05Transfer expenditures: 142.472.000 £
    Season 05/06Transfer expenditures: 80.718.000 £
    Season 06/07Transfer expenditures: 83.336.000 £
    Season 07/08Transfer expenditures: 54.560.000 £
    Season 08/09Transfer expenditures: 26.840.000 £
    Season 09/10Transfer expenditures: 26.400.000 £
    Season 10/11Transfer expenditures: 111.320.000 £
    Season 11/12Transfer expenditures: 91.388.000 £
    Season 12/13Transfer expenditures: 101.376.000 £
    Season 13/14Transfer expenditures: 112.772.000 £

    lol…. see any difference ? cant be bothered to list united and citys so ill give you the website to go and laugh at your own time as i have been laughing watching the kind of budgets we were up against (http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/chelsea-fc/transfers-alle/verein_631.html)

  78. Bamford13

    United playing decently. Even Hernandez — who has two today — would be an improvement on Giroud.

    Apparently we can’t hope for such players, however, because we built a new stadium. We have to sign slow, clumsy useless players for ten years as penance.

  79. salparadisenyc

    2011 was epic in terms of the fall.

    We went from being within a game of United at one point February to winning one league match for the next two month plus months. Title race?

    More like capitulation race.

  80. eyemsick

    invincible, after a certain point its all about the personality of the footballer. as they say, you get what you pay for…… we paid 10 and 20 and 22 and others were paying 140 and 150 and 90…. where would the titles go?

  81. ughelligunner

    Midwest i meant you already know what basic text you are suppose to buy. You have been given the list of books to purchase, and allow your kid prepare, other parents were given same list of text.

  82. zeus

    So glad Bayern lost today. No undefeated season. Think they are a tad overrated, and wouldn’t at all be surprised to see them go out to United this coming week.

  83. MidwestGun

    If you have a smaller budget it follows that to be successful you have to be wiser with your purchases. The arguement has shifted again, to now its not Aws fault because he cant compete money wise. At first it was we have no budget because of the stadium now its not enough. Did the stadium make Aw buy Diaby, Bendtner, Santos, Park, etc…

  84. Arsene's Nurse

    gonsterous April 5, 2014 15:37:57

    Useless arguing with eyemsick…no idea what he is trying to prove ??
    He’s a mindless AKB. Impossible to reason with. Best to just ignore. I wish Pedro would install an ignore button, I wouldn’t have to scroll down through so much shite to find a decent post.

  85. london gunner

    eyemsick is an utter hypocrite, he makes a valid argument by saying some posters on here put all the blame on wenger and none on the board

    But then he fucks it up by putting all the blame on the board and none on Wenger.

    I have no time for hypocrites don’t no why you lot even bother responding to him, every time he posts he makes up new excuses for Wenger.

    eyemsick” Wenger didn’t have money

    grovers”actually he had 100 million

    eyemsicc “well wenger wanted to develop young talent”

    grovers”well where has that young talent got us?”

    eyemsick “it will take 10 years its planning for the future”

    London gunner “lets do the maths here, we have gone 10 years without the title so you think another 10 years so in total 20 is acceptable and practical”

  86. MidwestGun

    Gonsterous ya tell me about it. Lol. I guess we should all be satisfied with mediocrity and a shiny stadium. The expectation level is very low for AW because of his legacy I guess. I appreciate the golden years and everything he has built but at some point every good thing must come to an end. Lets start a new golden era.

  87. Bamford13

    Even United look a stronger side than Arsenal at moment. Can’t wait to hear what AKBs have to say if they somehow manage to get by Bayern.

  88. london gunner

    Man united are BACK!

    Mata is looking a seriously good buy, him and kagawa need to always play together great partnership.

    Januazi is a going to be a worldie! RVP ROONEY MATA KAGAWA JANUZAI that is an epic attack!

  89. invincible

    Wengers a clever bastard pulling the wool over the Akb’s eyes and lowering their expectations, without them even realising it. Credit to him for that. As I said last night, if I’d told any Akb 10 years ago, that for the next 11 years we would only contend 4th place trophy and buy in some shockingly bad players, they would of lynched me and told me to fuck right off.

  90. tunnygriffboy

    Newcastle are shite mind you. Leaderless stumbling from one game to another. Players have given up and I reckon their better players will be off in the summer away from Pardew and Ashley. The are bottom of the current form guide.

  91. london gunner


    Man uniteds biggest problem will be trying to keep rooney and rvp happy as only 1 of them can be in the starting 11 as the sole striker.

    Mata and Kagawa have to behind the striker, rooney has done as best as he could have as a CAM but his not got the creativity, vision and control in tight spaces of the KAG and MAT partnership.

    I would think of phasing RVP out and using rooney as main striker as his a fair but younger and they just spent a bomb on his contract extension.

  92. Marc


    “RVP ROONEY MATA KAGAWA JANUZAI that is an epic attack!” Sorry mate disagree. However good they are as players doesn’t change the fact that you have 4 of the 5 who want to play in the same position.

  93. london gunner


    Not an issue at all if managed well

    Case Point

    januzai… mata…. kagaw…. WC winger

    Man united won 4-0 today they played a 4141.. rvp and rooney rotate… rvp doesn’t like it? maybe for the best his past his best his aging and his injury prone.

    Kagawa and Mata are thus both CAM’s interchanging and working together in a flexible fluid interchanging its worked incredibly well every time they play together!

    Man United are looking gooooooooood!!!

  94. MarbleHall

    Wenger’s a guru and should easily combat the combined force of Chelsea and Man City with his mental strength, technical quality, desire, focus, belief and fighting spirit.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    That’s what I’m saying though, when United get it right, they are still a force!

    Bet your arse someone other than Moyes takes over on transfers this summer and spends a fortune getting this squad back to it’s best.

    If I had to bet, total overhaul of the defence, a defensive middle man and then another attacker, whether wide, middle or striker I don’t know.

    Spurs from all the rumours appear to be seeking a striker, I think that’ll spell the end for Soldado – although perhaps not, Spurs practically spent nothing last summer with their sales as well…so who knows. Perhaps a second season turnaround for some of their players as well?…who knows.

    Liverpool will get stronger, without doubt, Rodger’s is being given £60 Million and they don’t really need to buy anything hugely expensive because they have Suarez. For them it’s defence, a CDM and maybe a bigger, more athletic CAM.

    Then you always get a surprise (Everton) package of the year.

    If we allow ourselves to dither, bottle it and just float around the market this summer blaming the World Cup, the act we still have to qualify for the UCL, hair loss drugs and what have you then we could be in deep, deep trouble.

    This is a different position than before, because a gigantic club like United is below us, not a Spurs or Liverpool, United will spend heavily to get back to winning league titles.

  96. kwik fit


    Front four looking good but in midfield and defence they have some serious rebuilding to do. Not to mention Davy boy .

  97. lordsnotty

    The analogy between Wenger and another dictator Herr Hitler continues. The first few years could be regarded as a triumph. After that it was an unmitigated disaster both for his country and the world in general. It’s time Wenger was removed before things can get any worse for Arsenal Football Club or anyone else gets hurt.