Rambo back

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Not much adventure going on in the world of Arsenal today, so this will brief.

Martinez is hot on the tongues of the press. He’s hot property in managerial circles, taking Everton close to hitting 4th spot. Apparently, his substitutions this year have earned Everton an additional 13 points. Not bad eh? He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.

I think when Wenger eventually leaves, it’ll be between Martinez, Klopp and Steve Bould. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Arsene was quite short about Martinez, what was great to hear is that the manager said he’d have nothing to do with appointing his successor!


What is important tomorrow is that we show Martinez who is boss. I’m sick of and his Everton side. We need to put 4th place to bed. I mean, even if it goes tits up tomorrow, Everton still have a load of tough games, so I’m still confident we’ll make Champions League. Issues is, we shouldn’t be chasing 4th, we should chasing the title.

It is what it is…


Aaron could be back in the squad tomorrow. Happy days. A bit of energy in our midfield. Also, the added mental boost you get when you know your best players is coming back into the line up!

Right, that’s me done today. I have nothing in the locker. See you tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Lot of Everton players saying they out for revenge after fa cup match. I hope we rain on their parade and sew up CL place. Be tough game. Hope he plays Arteta and Flamini andcwe start well and are solid. Glad Rambo back, a nice little cameo off the bench get him ready for Wigan next week.

  2. ozrus

    Samir masri, your commetnt is too leftfield. who gives a damn about the season? or NEXT season?! in the wee hours of the post’s life it’s all about who came first

  3. eyemsick

    He has a great repuation in the game and he has all the ingredients Wenger lacks with regards to modern management.


    say what??

    ahahaha… wenger is martinez’s daddy mate…..

  4. useroz

    What’s wenger on about players popping pills that caused the unexpected injury problems (depending on which reports you read). Sounds more like creative reasoning ??

  5. ughelligunner

    Yesterday post b/w eyemsick and Tyagn was very interesting.
    People say we should blame wenger for our losses to Birmingham, bradford, blackburn etc. I don’t know who to blame here but will sight an example:
    who does the mighty tactictian in MORHINO blame when he loses matches, is it himself or the players, or the players he never had?

  6. grooveydaddy

    draw will do

    keeps us ahead if they win their game in hand

    plus they’ve got a much tougher run in

  7. ughelligunner

    People calling for martinez are you really doing that?
    The Klopp and martnez alike have wenger as there mentor.. Its clear the way they play. Power and pace (one touch fast flowing football) ! Remember wenger early years?

  8. grooveydaddy

    Wenger saying that supplements are the reason for our injuries.

    C’mon, Arsene! Is that the best your ‘investigation’ could come up with?

  9. omar

    So Wenger the master of blame and excuses has come around to pharmaceuticals. Viagra and Rogaine damn you. The lengths this man will go to, to shift blame from himself and/or his practices. Nothing is spared his blame (except himself of course).

  10. Crusaderrabbit

    Under normal circumstances with his shit tactics and belief we’re the greatest team in the universe Wenger would send us out with every chance we’ll be outsmarted by a manager who actually prepares for games.

    However with his precious 4th at stake Wenger will set out for a draw knowing Everton still have some tough fixtures while we’ve played everyone above us. Expect Martinez to go for it (as he should, they need the 3 points more) but then get done by being too open (as in the FA Cup game).

    We won’t get beat tomorrow boys – I’d put my house on it.

  11. ughelligunner

    N5: Mr nice guy lol, you said you always kick your guys working under you for more effort good point.
    Do you also kick them for the regular day to day report they should be doing?
    Report made when the minister is coming is different from the daily report required to be submitted to you, their boss. Which of them do you think need more motivation.
    The birmigham match was played by these likes; Arshavin, RVP, Nasri, Rosisky, Wilshere.
    As season professional there are some details you are not taught cos you know what you are suppose to be doing them honestly.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    Got to admit I despise diving and that by Dzeko was disgusting. If that was a pen then Rosicky last week was a stonewaller. I think now fuck it, if the opponents do it why shouldn’t we. As for Michael Owen justifying it, it’s disgraceful. Doesn’t he realise kids copy it on a sunday morning. Owen has to be the worse pundit ever.

  13. N5

    Ughelligooner, to be fair I understand your point, but the manager is still responsible, if the players are not working to their potential and you’ve tried motivation, you’ve tried support, you’ve tried changing their set up, then you get rid. The buck always stops at the managers feet. Wenger would even say as much, he would take responsibility for a loss.

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Anyone agree that Arteta and Flamini should start tomorrow ? Start solidly and work our way into the game unlike our other lunchtime games. Rambo for a cameo ready for Wigan next week

  15. N5

    ug I’ve just read your comment again mate and I’ve got to say it’s a very good comment. And a reread made much more sense to me!

    And the answer is I’m not sure, who do you think on that day needed more motivation? would one change have kicked the others up the arse? would a big shout at all of them have made any difference! the truth is I don’t know, what I do know, is sitting there looking annoyed or shouting at a fourth official isn’t going to change things.

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Maureen ‘ we haven’t got any strikers ‘. Would we take all of Torres, Ba and Eto for Giroud ? What he means is he hasn’t got a 50 million pound Cavani, Costa , Drogba to win him the title. ( Torres not playing like a £50 million pound striker )

  17. eyemsick

    fair enough N5 but wenger is not their father to take them from th hand and show them. once they cross the line and step on the pitch its up to the players. if they need a amanger to beat fucking birmingham then lol…… these games they should be coming out and killing them off in first half……

  18. eyemsick

    What he means is he hasn’t got a 50 million pound Cavani, Costa , Drogba to win him the title.

    bingo !!!

    makes it easier for the translator to win titles when he has other’s people money…ask him to generate his own budgets andhe will run away….hehe

  19. eyemsick

    ACL injurys

    these are usually the player’s fault.. a mis-step here…putting weight on one leg while body mass has opposite direction, etc…

  20. ughelligunner

    People of le-grove, lets have some perspective here,
    have you seen a professional blaming himself? Name me any great coach that heap blames on themselves. They are like politician and the government.
    Even rookie coach in Sherwood blames his players lol.
    Ferguson blames Referee for crying out loud, morhino blames the world class players he never had, Machini blames man city for not buying him players.
    That beuti enhancement products are just the tip of the iceberg the doctors told wenger about. There maybe some other reasons,
    i remember Prince Boateng in Ac Milan had so many injuries and his girlfriend came out to say he had too much sex.

  21. Bamford13

    It is the manager who creates the atmosphere in the side, the mentality of the side, the mindset of the side. It is the manager who sets the tone — in general and before each and every game. Obviously the players contribute to this as well, but the manager is the prime mover.

    That Arsenal have seemed mentally unprepared for any number of games is — while partly down to players — largely down to a manager who is past it.

  22. eyemsick

    well said ughelligunner ! as for perspective …you are very ambitious….football is the sport of the masses and most people follow football as an escape from daily problems. when the club dont offer them what they think it shoudl be offering they become judges and executioners. i base it as a symptom of the gimme gimme generation.

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Re ACL injuries. I wonder if any studies have been done re these types of injuries and improved harder playing surfaces ? Wonder if the hybrid Emirates carpet has anything to do with our huge amount of injuries ? It has to be a better theory than supplements and pills

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    If it is boa moarte, our guys will have nothing to worry about. He could hardly Fucking shoot straight in all the years he was a footballer so the safest place to be would be directly in front of him.

  25. eyemsick

    hey bamford…did vieira or henry need wenger’s motivation to beat the rest in the epl ?

    no, they didnt, they were self motivated.

    i think youre mistaking wenger for the type of coach who sits over the players heads and shouts at them or tells them cheesy stories to motivate them and such. wenger is not that. wenger is there to create the conditions for you to flourish as a professional . If you have it in yourself to be the best, you will. If youre a bit of a pussy in the heart then you wont.

  26. N5

    The Arsenal boss said: “This defeat is my fault. I take full responsibility for it. I don’t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today.”

  27. ughelligunner

    N5, true talk, wenger should be allowing them to go. But what would you say if wenger allows players go because they felt half centered to play lesser team or play at 12.45pm.
    Wenger would bench Podolski but people on here would cry foul, same with Arshavin. These players are seen week in week out by the manager. But lucky enough me and you both experience peoples virol here.
    Changing players the arsenal is different from the chelsea’s way. If you have a budget. I guess you know what i mean,. Sometimes i blame wenger for tactics and too much patience but he does not have the means to go guns blazing in the transfer market becos he wants to bin 3 or 4 players that the reason he ease them out a little at a time, and when he starts beanching them people moan.

  28. Bamford13

    Holy shit this blog is being ruined at moment by several AKBs.


    Wenger took responsibility for the Chelsea drubbing? A week later he called it an “accident” and said it didn’t count it as a real loss because it was over in ten minutes.

    His taking responsibility for it was mere words. The man is an arrogant sophist. It’s absolutely shameful, and it is incredible to me that anyone with a pair of eyes and half a brain is still eating what this sham is serving.

    Now injuries are down to diet pills.

    For f.ck sake, when will this absurdity end?

    Wenger out.

  29. karim


    ” these are usually the player’ s fault “. A bit harsh there mate …
    Look at Rodriguez :
    Do you seriously think he had enough time to analyse the physics ? !
    He tried a superb technical move, and even made it !

    Unfortunately, it s the end of the season and shit happens
    Hope he makes the world cup

  30. eyemsick

    well you cant exactly replicate the pressure situations players will encounter in a match….you can get a rough idea but ultimately you wont know till you throw them in the deep. see schweisteiger two years ago, would you call him weak? certainly not…yet he missed the penalty to give the european title to his club.

  31. Bamford13

    By the way, that was a 6-0 loss to Chelsea which he attributed to “accident”.


    Not a real loss!

  32. N5

    Bamford to be fair, I was just responding to a comment ug put about professionals taking blame. Regardless of Wenger changing his tune after the match he said that. I have heard Sherwood take blame before also, although him and professional are questionable. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that I have heard it.

  33. eyemsick

    hey karim i havent seen the particular one, was talking in general. but you say so yourself that he tried a a difficult = superb technical move…what if his body wasnt following the brain’s thought 100% . this is the area for geniuses like zidanne, bergamp etc…

  34. eyemsick


    accident my arse…the players went missing and they should be fined for doing this to the fans and their manager…. where were the eaders to shout at ox to stop running with the ball on matic and luiz? where was per to tell them all to sit back a bit? where was arteta to cover when ox and/or santi lost the ball?

  35. ughelligunner

    N5, It was like when the ox got back and was benched for some matches, and came on 7mins to go against stoke and people cried foul becos we lost, later he played 3 games straight and started losing form and some came up with theories that he was rushed back and over played forgetting he didn’t play much back then. These are the basic perspective people lost but i don’t blame them becos their emotions got the better of them.
    The manager has to take the blame for some but when he entrust a certain player while leaving the rest on the bench he has his reasons, he has made 50k subs for crying out loud. Lol..

  36. eyemsick

    shout instuctuions when ? within 7 mins they were 2 goals down…lol… he was shocked as we were…. what the fuak are they doing..i told them to dominate not attack like schoolkids…

  37. karim


    Yeah maybe, interesting theory there
    I do believe players lack lucidity sometimes, resulting in an injury
    I still think sometimes it’s just bad luck
    Thanks for taking the time anyway

  38. eyemsick

    N5 the game hasnt even started and the players have fucked up twice in unexpected fashion…..

    you say wenger should be shouting at them, i say per mikel and sagna should be shouting at their teammates.

  39. N5

    eyemsick, so just put it in black and white for me! in your mind, does the managers responsibility end when the game kicks off? just a simple yes or no.

  40. ughelligunner

    True n5 wenger takes blames sometimes that’s why he is class, but can you see that he was trying to cover his players there? Hence everybody back to the bus and no press and i assume no taking of bath, he was annoyed.
    Gibbs and podolski left their side unattended to, carzola and the Ox gave balls away. He played only arteta. See they were all part of it and it was his 1000game.

  41. eyemsick

    absolutely N5 spot on. the manager trains and prepares and the players go out and win the game. and if the players have EGO they wont accept to lose from the first minutes……….

  42. N5

    “but youre basing it on the assumtpion that wenger was going for the titles ..when he wasnt really.”

    Why when someone else says something do you say it’s assumption, but post yours as fact? do you know Wenger wasn’t challenging or are you of the school of thought that if Wenger wanted to win it, he would win it.

  43. eyemsick

    all the manager can do is sit and hope that the players get it right. this is not basketball to take a time out and change half the squad. football is a sport where its about the players on the pitch, in other sports like basketball for instance the manager plays also a big part cause he has the ability to stop and call time out and make as many subs as he wants. in football you put tdown your first 11 and then you hope them little rascals are serious enough to do what theyre supposed to do.

  44. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m not basing it on that honest. I’m basing it on mismanagement, tactical iineptitude, scouting system that uncovers more shite than gems, mismanaging the finances on players like diaby etc etc.

  45. N5

    Karim, in my mind the captain should be shouting instruction on the field, but Wenger should be giving them instruction such as changing formation, moving a player to cover, addressing any gaping issues that a captain has no power over.

    I’m not for a minute saying Wenger should be on the pitch kicking a ball about but he should be doing something when we got 4-0 down surely?

  46. eyemsick

    Why when someone else says something do you say it’s assumption, but post yours as fact?

    i never claimed such a thing …i just find it more reasonable that wenger was never asked for the title by his owners or else they would have fired him. noone pays a manager 7m a year to fail them 8 years running.

  47. eyemsick

    obviously 5N when wenger is told to sell players and the others are given 100m to go buy players , the only logical conclusion i can make is that he was never asked for the title.

  48. Bamford13


    It depends on the kinds of arguments they make. At this point I have serious questions about the intelligence or personality of anyone who still fully supports Wenger, though I can understand those who find themselves somewhere in the middle.

    However some of the arguments that are being made by some on here recently are just nonsense. The stadium is to blame for eight years of mediocrity? Sorry, Wenger has had ample resources at his disposal, and he has often not utilized them. Hence the 140m in the bank.

    Arsenal’s long-term mediocrity is down to the signing of average players, the selling of top players, the absence of tactics, and the placing of too much power and control into the hands of a single man — a manager who is rigid, unchanging, arrogant and past it.

  49. N5

    eyemsick, I’m sure your trolling now, no person can be so stubborn.

    You post that Wenger wasn’t going for titles yet have no evidence to support such an outrageous claim, you say a manager at kick off has to hope his players listen to prematch instruction and follow it as football isn’t like basketball yet I expect you don’t mind the substitution rule which a manger will send on with new instructions to the team, you say anyone who says anything counter to you is guessing but post yours as fact.

    You certainly are very good at this winding up.

    I wonder why last night G787 said he knew you from Red Actions website? I smell a Manc!

  50. eyemsick

    The stadium is to blame for eight years of mediocrity?

    and you are lucky its only 8…others take 15 and 20 years….

  51. N5

    “obviously 5N when wenger is told to sell players and the others are given 100m to go buy players , the only logical conclusion i can make is that he was never asked for the title.”

    Logical, yes, fact, no.

  52. eyemsick

    You post that Wenger wasn’t going for titles yet have no evidence to support such an outrageous claim,

    of course i do :

    chelsea : 20m cech, 25m drogba, 30m shevchenko etc etc
    united 30m ferdinand, 30m rooney25m carrick
    city: 30m toure, 30m silva etc etc
    arsenal : cesc free, clichy1,3, podolski 11m

    what title are you talking about exactly ?

  53. karim


    Yeah, of course you ‘d naturally expect some hierarchy on the pitch, which we did lack in these games, but it s also true it all happened very fast, which is why the old man didn t see it and still thinks we didnt lose 😉

  54. N5

    “chelsea : 20m cech, 25m drogba, 30m shevchenko etc etc
    united 30m ferdinand, 30m rooney25m carrick
    city: 30m toure, 30m silva etc etc
    arsenal : cesc free, clichy1,3, podolski 11m

    what title are you talking about exactly ?”

    I’m sorry how is this evidence?

  55. eyemsick

    I’m sorry how is this evidence?


    does the level of investment on players of each club not show you the ambitions.

    how can you go for the title with players 1/10th of the value your opponents have ?

  56. N5

    karims an AKB everyone!!! 😆

    I agree on the quick shock ones karim, but Wenger does appear to be a natural born ditherer on most things.

  57. TooMuchCesc

    Hair today, gone tomorrow!

    So apparently, the excessive squad injuries are due to rampant use of Rogaine by the players. This must explain why Rooney has remained injury free since he ditched the hair cream for the transplant.

    This looks like an April Fools article that got delayed. AW appears to be insinuating that lifestyle supplements are the culprit (you mean like diet pills and Viagra?). Nothing to do with overplaying players already in the red zone. Arsenal medicals during transfers will now include examination of hair follicles and erectile functionality (Celia Kay is joining the medical team).

    Really? Does this club have a PR department?

  58. ughelligunner

    The truth is at the beginning of the season wenger said something about competing for the title in 2ys and i think it brought a strong argument b/w keyser and kiyoshito( if am not mistaking) i am saying that saying you know you cannot win the 100m with hussain Bolt in the starting line doesn’t mean you shoudnt put an effort?
    Its like you saying Liverpool were going for the title at the beginning of the season, is this true?
    Midwest coach blaming was not a rant, i may have got it wrong but this guys don’t do it every time they lost like we do here. Every time we lost we always blame wenger…… Hope you get my drift.
    Guys saying AKB this and that, did you read and digest what eyemsick, keyser and some of us sitting on the other fence are saying really? We are only saying we never assume to win but if it comes we will take it. That’s what the board ask wenger to do the fourth place trophy.

  59. eyemsick

    what other trophies? the little cups ?..who gives a shit about that.?..its the big ones we want and its not a crime to tell your players to aim high, is it? secretly you know that they will most likely fail in the crucial momment but you keep tem going for it from an early age and when they peak as characters they could go on a dominance spell ala manchester or barcelona……

    the hting is they have an outlook of ten years and beyond whiel we only see the season in front of us.

  60. N5

    ug, you have a very nice non aggressive way of writing your comments and you get my full respect for them.

    what’s your thoughts about challenging for the domestics out of interest?

  61. eyemsick

    take ramsey for example…if the coaches and manager listened to the fans and their reactions we wouldnt have seen what he is capable of. we are too harsh in our judgement i think.

  62. N5

    eyemsick, so let me get this straight, the only cups you as a supporter or we as a club should be interested in is the 2 trophies we had no aim of achieving?

    How does that make sense, surely you challenge for them in the years you are building your stadium?

  63. eyemsick

    2 trophies we had no aim of achieving?

    well those are the trophies that improve your status as a football club, no?

    aiming for them is not a crime. expecting to win them was unrealistic while repaying and fielding youth, but i find nothing wrong in instilling a culture that HERE we always for the top prizes, vieira or no vieira, money or no money.

  64. N5

    eyemsick RE Ramsay, it’s easy to take isolated examples! Ramsey yes I’m really happy Wenger didn’t listen to the fans, Santos no, I’m unhappy he didn’t.

    It works both ways, you have you be able to praise and criticise, you surely can’t think Wenger is infallible.

  65. grooveydaddy

    doesn’t Wenger come out at the start of every season and say he thinks his current squad is good enough to win the league?

  66. eyemsick

    critisise of course, but we need to know what we are critisisng and why.

    when the club has 15-20m budgets for players and our rivals have in excess of 100 i cant critisise them for failing to win the title.

  67. ughelligunner

    Too much cech, put some thought into it.
    Have you not taken some medication were you are told not to take any other substance? Pls put some thought into it, th manager said we will work on it and they have started. Put emotions aside.
    I Promise you when wenger goes we will have a lot of perspective back.
    P.s. Why has nobody called out Steve Bould about our defensive drubbing against the big side. Lol.

  68. N5

    I agree eyemsick that achieving them was unrealistic, so whilst maintaining your 4th place surely it’s worth still challenging for the domestics.

    If we win the FA cup this year are you going to be happy or say, who gives a shit it’s a bullshit cup?

  69. eyemsick

    doesn’t Wenger come out at the start of every season and say he thinks his current squad is good enough to win the league?

    should he say were shit and have no chance?

  70. MidwestGun

    Ugh –
    Mancini got fired after winning a title. So im pretty sure he did get blamed everytime. Because he is the manager and the final responsibility is his.
    Sir Alex is a fairer comparison but he didn’t get as much blame because he won things regularly.

  71. eyemsick

    If we win the FA cup this year are you going to be happy or say, who gives a shit it’s a bullshit cup?

    honestly i dont give a shit about the f.a cup… the only reason is to comfort the silly masses who are becoming insufferable. win it for the fans so they shut up for a while and to get the media stop hounding is with b/s over trophyless years and concentrate on bringing the killers needed for the real trophies.

  72. N5

    eyemsick I really care about winning the FA cup. Mainly for the fucking media to stop mentioning how many years since you’ve won something, but also because we are a professional club who should be challenging on all fronts. It’s what professionals do, they’re winners are the not?

  73. eyemsick

    wrong thomas.

    of course he makes mistakes, everyone does. what i cant do is blame him for the title when the club itself wasnt going for it.

  74. N5

    “of course he makes mistakes, everyone does. what i cant do is blame him for the title when the club itself wasnt going for it.”

    Or game losses, cup losses. What exactly do you blame Wenger for?

  75. tunnygriffboy


    Wenger has had money agreed but not in the amounts that City, Chelsea and Lpool have had. He should have done better in the last two windows. Not replacing Walcott’s pace really made me seethe. However I think that now is the first time we have had Chelsea and City money and I expect most of it to be spent so that we will be able to rotate with quality knowing that the team won’t be weakened.

    The injury situation has to be sorted as well. This year we haven’t had the quality in depth to cope with it. Be great if we could have 20 million pound players on the bench like City and chelsea. The early season injuries to Ox, Poldi, Walcot, Arteta and Santi resulted in Rambo. Jack and Ozil getting fucked in March

    We get a striker and another WC forward and a proper CDM and have less injuries then we could challenge next year.

  76. eyemsick

    bingo N5 you want it so that the media stop taking the mickey out of us.

    as for professionalism. id say they have stuck to their financial planning with admirable professionalism.

    if we want to blame the financial planning thats another thing alltogether.

  77. jwl

    The Guardian – “Wenger said that the internal review had yet to yield any hard and fast conclusions but he advanced a personal theory. “Some of them [muscle injuries] are down to the medication that the players take that you don’t even know about. Then you realise afterwards that they took this medication but that’s not prudent.”

    Oh ffs!!! I hate people who argue from authority like Wenger does – any one who’s not a manager of big club is not allowed to offer suggestions of improvement because we have no idea. At some point, most people accept blame for their actions, take responsibility, realize that we don’t have all the answers and could use help, but not wenger.

    It is constant excuse making – the internal review has not come to any conclusions yet but wenger is already buck passing, saying its players fault that they are injured and nothing to do with his training methods. I could never play for wenger, I would lose my cool quickly with the nonsense he spouts.

  78. eyemsick

    What exactly do you blame Wenger for?

    for sticking around to guide a club through its toughest transition when he didnt really have to and having to deal with ingratitude. if i were him id told board and fans goodbye and good luck with your stadium…..

  79. MidwestGun

    Its the stadiums fault because we couldn’t spend money.
    Its the boards fault because they don’t want to put in their personal money.
    Its the players fault because they aren’t good enough.
    Its the fans fault because they are too hard on our players

    but its not Arsenes fault we havent won anything because he was told not to try hard?
    Nice logic.

  80. eyemsick

    he was told to do just enough to get us into the 30m jackpot of the champions league …….

    as for the fans, the clever ones realised ages ago that we were entering period of severe shit since club pressed the “reset” button.

    under the circumstances and our limited budgets and our players experience id say we didnt do to bad……

    i repeat youare judging on the pretext that arsenal was ready and committed to go and challenge the big boys ….that was not the case.

  81. ughelligunner

    N5, re- domestic titles i think keyser has said something about it, wenger should have given us something. But i think he didn’t go for it, that’s the reason we had those loses against bradford and blackburn. Birmingham was a calamity and hard luck.
    But i like using other teams as examples, Martnez went for the FA cup against City and 2 days later he had a must win match against arsenal to stay in the league, if you a a gunner in wenger’s shoes. Fa cup and 4th place trophy, what would you do?
    Liverpool won the fa cup at the detriment of fourth place and keegan was sacked, but he won a trophy.
    Man city had to much to celebrate for winning the COC and the players legs became heavy, they lost out to wigan.
    I think wenger and the club should have mitigated a little risk and gave us something. But maybe wenger thought he couldn’t fight on both fronts hence we always do well when we are out of all competition and going for our trophy.
    And N5, if you have noticed, few clubs do the double less these days, cos the level playing field is now almost the same (more money, tech, med, and better talent everywhere) and the smaller clubs are are going for it with all the energy. Unless you are in Germany of cos.

  82. N5

    But ug, I’m sure you would still be happy if we won the FA cup wouldn’t you, unlike eyemsick because for what ever reason it’s beneath him.

  83. ughelligunner

    everything is wenger fault.
    See i can also do the opposite. Pls put some perspective into thought.
    N5 asking for help from Gambon? Lol
    don’t let eyemsick win. Lol.

  84. eyemsick

    n5..whats so special about the f.a cup ?

    this is small village mentality…like when media were busting our balls for bradford/blackburn when we had a game against bayern fucking munich for the champions league…. lol…whats more important?

  85. N5

    gambon, is like your exact opposite eyemsick. I would love to see your two’s discussion. I can honestly say I really find your posts entertaining and I don’t mean that in a mocking way, I said the other day I admire your dedication (which you corrected as balance). You certainly drive up post count as does gambon.

    I imagine your twos discussion would be like the old school Godzilla fights! the two heavyweights from either camp battling it out.

  86. TooMuchCesc

    Read the article.

    It starts off with Wenger’s assertions about supplement use. Then it says that the Arsenal doctors don’t think that it’s that at all because they monitor supplement use and think it’s about the red zone. Then Wenger says that it’s hard to rest players when they are in great form even when they are in the red zone. Every day new buffoonery from the All-Knowing One.

  87. N5

    ug, I am most certainly not asking for help of gambon, I would just be very interested to see how that conversation would go.