What have you enjoyed about Arsenal this year?

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Goooood afternoon people!

Bad morning. Bad afternoon. I’m writing this because I’ve been kicked up the arse by a Gooner at work…

That’s all I’ll say.

So, what can we kick off. How about this comment from the comments yesterday.

via Surfer X

Something that no-one else has highlighted (that I’ve read) is the inflationary effect of transfers devaluing Arsenal’s cash reserves.

In 2008, we had £93m of cash and short-term deposits. Allowing for the £24m and a prudent £20m for operating cashflow we need to hold back, that was a potential ‘warchest’ of £50m give or take. In 2008, the average spend per player (after removing loans and frees) £6.0m. Fast forward to the end of 2013 £154m- a warchest of £110m. What does that buy us now? The average spend per player has risen to £7.9m. So we are looking at an inflation rate in transfers of 30% across those 5 years.

What does this mean? That £50m we had 5 years ago is, is- in terms of a players worth- has devalued to £35m. Or, put another way- the £50m that is still would of bought us a couple of players in the world-class bracket at £25m. Today? Those players combined would be going for something closer to £66m.

Letting cash sit in a bank in any inflationary economy is never a good idea. With all the money about to wash into the EPL (again), that trend shows no sign of abating. Leave it in the bank for another 5 years at the same rate, and our original £50m will be devalued to a mere £15m; those same two-players would cost us an effective £85m.

So much for keeping the powder dry- the powder becomes less powerful with each passing year.

That’s a really interesting point. Not only does cash in the bank have no monetary purpose, it also has a degrading impact on the calibre of players we can sign. Invest cash in things that’ll appreciate.

I’m going to start harvesting the best comments and putting them on the Le Grove tumblr. I’ve been a bit more involved in the LG community this week and there are seriously interesting people with great views.


What else can I ply you with today?

Ok, so, I’ve been on super hardcore moan mode of late. Arsenal upsets me because I know it can be better. I have no control over that process bar moaning about it and highlighting the problems… in the hope, that maybe, just maybe, the club will address them.

So what have I enjoyed about this season? (I’m going Positively Arsenal on this)

Well, the stadium has been great this year. I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere. For the first time at The Emirates, I feel like I’m part of something. I’m not sure how everyone else is getting on, but the community feel around me has been so much better this year. I look forward to hanging with the people I sit around. Nothing like being top of the league to cement that!

I’ve also enjoyed the pressure of being at the top of the league. Even when you know something is going to be short lived, it’s always worth savouring the good times.

Watching Spurs crash and burn has brought me immense pleasure. £100m and you ballsed it up! Heroic stuff. People say things like… ‘Ohmagerd why u so bothered about Spurs’… well, that’s part of my remit and yours. You know, to always make sure you apportion some time in your life to laugh at the misfortune of others.

So yeah, lots of laughing at Spurs. Even more laughing when I heard Tim Sherwood might carry on!

I’ve also enjoyed watching Ozil. A £43m player at the club. Incredible work. I love him. He might be a bit unfit, but my god, when he’s on form, what a sight! I love him.

I also love Aaron Ramsey. He so good. He’s proved his doubters wrong in spectatcular fashion. A hero of the club. Our best player. What a beast. Could he ever win the Balon D’or? Who knows. Let’s keep him fit for a year, support him with more great players and see what he can do.

So yeah, we can gripe and moan, but hey, sometimes you have to sit back and enjoy the little moments that make football worthwhile.

So, it’s Friday, it’s late afternoon, so why not take a bottle of whisky, pour it on the suit jacket of someone you don’t like (if they’re out for an hour)… then, when they come back in and go into an important meeting. They’ll stink of alcohol.

What a LOL. They’ll get sacked and all it cost you was a quart of hard liquor.



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  1. eyemsick

    you still havent replied

    do you think the owners pay wenger 7m a year to fail them 8 years running?

    do they go to wenger every start of the season with a suitcase of money telling him ” bring us the title”?

    NO THEY DONT …….. 🙂

    these people run a business with financial schedules and planning and youre complaining like a ten year old for not getting you ice cream….

  2. gonsterous


    Whats the reason to losing to birmingham in the cup final…surely restriction or not we have more cash over them !!! I can take losing to Barca in the final of the champions league… but surely Birmingham city ??? i bet we wont win the FA cup as well this season but then ull start blaming the players like the manager has no other role than to pick them !!!

  3. Moray

    “It was an obsession because of the financial compulsory situation. I’ve always been guided by – no matter what what happens – get in the Champions League. But for me it’s not financial – it was before. What it is now is to play against the best: Pride and prestige.”

    Arsene Wenger.

  4. Gregg

    Losing to Birmingham was as much the players’ that took part in that game’s fault than anyone else.

    Seriously the continual Wenger bashing for everything is out of hand. Players have self responsibility aswell. I’m not saying that maybe change is a bad idea but Christ some people will blame the fella for everything. Next we’ll be hearing that it was Wenger spotted on that grassy knoll in Dallas 63

  5. N5

    The thing I don’t understand about this back and fourth is are we supposed to account wins to Wenger but losses to the players.

    For example, all the games leading to the Bradford game were Wengers skillful player selection but when Bradford knock us out this is a freak occurrence that is the players fault?

  6. N5

    Surely Gregg when Wenger sees us losing 4 – 0 to Liverpool after 10 minutes he should make a change? not wait to the usual 67th minute?

    Wenger is the soul responsible person for our losses, he is the manager! if a player is playing badly, change them, if tactics are not working, change them. I manage a team at work and some of them are lazy as hell, but if my team doesn’t perform I get it in the neck, it’s up to me to reprimand those that are not performing and make sure they do.

    7.5 million a year and he isn’t responsible, have a day off!!

  7. ozrus

    I used to enjoy Surfer X’s whipping of gambon over the years. And I mean gambon running with his tail in his arse whipping! Seeing The Pixies man’s name in the main blog makes me feel uneasy tbh. A case of selling out perhaps? Frank never sold out, you hear me?! Never! 🙂 Better read the blog, see what it’s all about eh?

  8. Gregg

    Agreed but players are equally responsible, especially when people are citing losses to Birmingham and co. Self motivation, self discipline in doing whats needed, what you’ve been trained to do and why you’re in a more privileged position at a more prestigious club than the players you’re lining up against. If players aren’t prepared to do that then there’s not much anyone can do other than move them on.

  9. Leedsgunner


    The thing is if we had established professionals with these youngsters from the four corners of the earth I wouldn’t mind. It’s more about him being perceived clever. Let’s sign proven professionals first and prospects later.

    AFC the only club where the manager penny pinches over proven pros but then wildly overpays for youngsters… illogical and hypocritical.

  10. grooveydaddy

    what I’m reading online about the reasons for our injury problems is laughable.


    really, Arsene???

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    I have to say though I fear eyemsick is right. I want Wenger out big time, but even if he goes I can’t see the status quo changing while kroenke is the owner. As an Arsenal fan it really really is upsetting and those cunts who sold their shares to him have sold Arsenal down the river. Hope they’re Fucking proud of themselves…..A hundred years of history and pride, ruined with the stroke of a pen to the American with a dodgy tache.

  12. eyemsick

    blame the keeper and the defender who couldnt communicate between them…why the manager…

    and if anything blame the players again who didnt put the game to bed from 1st half..

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    Problem is mate the personnel keep changing but the one constant is Arsène. Take United, fergie romped to the title last year with an average squad if compared to city or Chelsea. He gave his team that extra 20%. These days wenger brings -30% to our team. Constantly out thought, tactically beaten by supposedly inferior managers more and more. 3 wins from our last 10 games says it all.

  14. eyemsick

    nice one TYAG glad youre seeing the logic of my posts …..

    and if we accept that the title was never part of the objectives set to the manager by the board, then why are we blaming him for not winning it?

    and secondly…would it be reasonable for a club aiming to repay its ground to invest aggressively at the same for the top prizes in football?

    we are not a bank…

  15. eyemsick

    considering we all knew at some level that we were going to be shit and have to drag it out with denilsons ……why are we so strict in apportioning blame for lack of trophies……..??? something doesnt add up.

    you could say that the title was never the club’s ambition during the repayment phase, and that they were actually lucky to have wenger to drag them out the financial mess they got into with the estate things, with the sponsor deals and so on….

    he managed to get them money from champions league with teenagers and cripples…. he cant be that terrible.

  16. eyemsick

    if they now want the title to please the fans for their patience then they will have to pull a finger out and like pedro says go to arsene and tell him : tell us what you want, we have the money.

    if after this he still dont win trophies, THEN we can legitimately complain about it.

    thats how i see it at least.

  17. Thank you and goodnight

    I agree with you in fact we were hamstrung for first 4 years after the move. But not so much the last 4 or so years. Yes we might not of been able to buy a messi etc financially……but we could of bought a hell of a lot better than we did. Take giroud for example…..give me 6 months of checking out the lower divisions and I will find you a cheaper better alternative. Same with Sanogo, Santos, not overly convinced with Monreal, squillaci etc.

  18. eyemsick

    Take United, fergie romped to the title last year with an average squad if compared to city or Chelsea. He gave his team that extra 20%

    not the same.

    fergie had players who were multi epl winners and european champions….

    additionally fergie was given the funds to buy world class players while we were bying clichy for 1,5m and cesc on a free…. its not the same is it?

  19. eyemsick

    for first 4 years after the move. But not so much the last 4 or so years.

    but its only since last summer where we could invest more due to improved sponsored deals….

    before that we were still in the stage where we had to sell first and buy second.

    as for giroud, he was doing very good till his fiasco with the model, for me he should have been kicked out the club on basis of principle. you are here to play football not live the london celebrity life….

  20. eyemsick

    and by the way, his 2007-2008 team was a proper squad for the title…in my eyes the system here fucked arsenal in the arse and since then one by one lost their desire and opted for something new. at least we made money out of them little traitorous shits….

  21. eyemsick

    When actually are we meant to win trophies or be intrested?

    when you have the appropriate budgets to spend on world class players OR when your jack and aaron ets hit the 26-27 years of age ( peak years)

  22. eyemsick

    the first crop of younsgters got burnt from the weight of expectations and pressure and was ruthlessley dimantled and thus we have to wait for the next bunch. i just hope we dont burn them too with our illogical pressure.

  23. Pires_7_legend

    Feel sick, Martinez out smarts Wenger again, shot to pieces, whenever we go a goal down now it reminds me of Oliver McCall vs Lennox Lewis. Like we want to take a beaten not willing to defend ourselves as if to say kill me now why don’t you!!

    Disgrace – write the obituaries now.