The new transfer process

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Oohhh, a crusty Draxler

Oohhh, a crusty Draxler

Well, there’s a serious drought of daily news. Papers are still pushing Kaboul to Arsenal. It’s not a funny joke… but look, we nabbed Silvestre for a year. So anything is possible. I hope Ivan has Wenger’s list now. If it contains any players like Kaboul or Park, lock him in his office until he comes out with something better.

I also hope this summer, Ivan has a new process for transfers.

1. Arsene what are the positions you need recruiting for this summer? He should have been asking this all year so he could work out consistencies.

2. Right now Arsene, tell me the players you want.

i. Mega players £30m+
ii. Good unknowns £15m+
iii. Back ups £14.9m<

3. Now, prioritise those positions.

Once Ivan has all that data, he and Dick Law go and make phone calls. Assess who his available and at what price. When they have the players there, interested in signing, they roll the manager in. All prices and contract details are taken care of the CEO in line with the pay structure at the club.


That way, no mincing over transfer fees. No backing out because the salary might be high. No fear. The guys who are trained in finance and management of mega organisations make the decisions. Arsene is left with the players. He deals with things from there.

This summer, if led by Arsene (as the manager), needs to be controlled by the board. The manager has been left to his own devices for long enough. If intervention that is constructive means he leaves in a sulk, then that’s up to him. We’re a billion dollar club. If things don’t work, which they haven’t under Arsene over a sustained period of time. You make changes.

‘Arsene, you manage transfer windows like an amateur a man under pressure… so we’re going to takeover the pressure off you, acquire what you need, and make your life easier.’

… and here’s the other thing. If Steve Rowley doesn’t have a decent list of players for us to chase, then we’ll move him on and address our scouting network. I’ve seen nothing of late that suggests he’s nailing it. Someone commented yesterday…

  • Ozil was pretty famous, but can’t hack the physicality. That was public knowledge.
  • Sanogo has a terrible injury record
  • Flamini came in from Serie A with a bad injury record
  • Kim Kallstrom came in with a broken back

Can someone look me in the eye and say they think the chief scout is doing a great job here? Who is looking at the fitness levels? Who is looking at suitability to the league? Who is looking at physicality, height and speed? Who is checking the player doesn’t like to bang hookers in Vegas and smoke shisha pipes in between games?

Someone should be. What clubs are getting it right? Bayern, Dortmund, Everton, Atletico, Bilbao… what are they doing that we don’t? What does modern scouting look like? How can Arsenal and Ivan take things forward? How can Arsene be pushed into making better decisions on talent? How can you get him to trust people outside the chosen group of old timers?

It’s going to be tough. But we make huge proclamations each summer and it never happens… so why not intervene?

‘We trust the manager”

Great sound bite on paper, but the reality is, he can’t be trusted. How many times has he botched the window? His inaction threw the last window and killed our title dreams. I had a debate with a guy at Arsenal station who stated…

‘There were no players to sign’

That’s how brainwashed Wenger has people. In bankrupt Europe, there were no players to sign?


Anyway, the Champions League was interesting last night. Chelsea were spanked by PSG. It was a relatively easy game for the French. Jose continued his embarrassing protest against the club by not playing a striker. Sorry Jose, Torres might not be much craic this year, but he’s a striker. Sorry Jose, but Demba Ba is not only a striker, he’s one you said couldn’t move to Arsenal. Jose, Lukaku is a pretty good striker. It’s all going down the pan for him right now, he’s lost 4 of his last 6 away games. Makes our pummelling by them all the more embarrassing.

In other areas of Europe, Ancellotti took his Madrid side to a 3-0 win over Dortmund. The Germans look like they’re heading out of the competition and Madrid really are looking strong. I’d love to see a Madrid / Bayern final. A lot of power going head to head there. Could be a spectacular.

What I do find amusing now is that every time a club with a good manager suffers an injury, some idiot comes forward with a justification as to why they’re no better than Wenger. Jurgen Klopp has an injury  pile up at Dortmund this season. Do I know why? No idea. I don’t follow Dortmund that heavily. However, it’s worth noting, he’s reinvented the hard pressing game over the last 4 years. He gets fitness. If he’s having his first poor year with injuries, that’s slightly more palatable than heading into your tenth year of the same problems like Arsene Wenger. Also, remember he has a wage budget similar to the one we had 12 years ago.

I can’t remember where I read it, but it was in an American publication from a famous manager, the guy said something like…

‘Get the best talent into your club, then keep it on the pitch’

You’re always going to lose players, when you do, you learn why and try and stop it happening again. But look back at our best years as a club, they happened when we kept our best players fit. An obvious, but an obvious our owner puts down to luck.

This is the thing about Arsenal on the playing side of things… there are so many glaringly obvious issues that could be fixed if there was a desire from Arsene, or some force from Ivan.

Self preservation. A one way street to malaise. Something has to break. I just hope it’s not in two years time.


Finally, before I go, a good friend of mine is throwing a day festival in London in a few weeks. She’s not throwing it because she’s trying to break the hipster scene, oh no, she’s throwing it in support of an MS Charity. So all the funds from the festival go into a very good cause.

So, if you’re around the North London area in three weeks, why not head on over? Loads of exciting new bands, it’s at a really good venue called the metal works and at the end of it all… you’ll be able to say that you got smashed and had a good time for two days in the name of charity.

PLUS. I’ll be there. We can chat about my art installation.


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  1. SurferX

    Al. We are not in trouble by any stretch. Trouble would be us appointing Tim Sherwood as the next manager. No, we have Mr Straight & Steady as she goes in charge. If AW had been in charge of the Titanic, the ship would never of sunk. Mainly because it would still be in the port.

  2. Romford Pele

    “Why did the youth set up get to such a state before introducing new personnel …”

    It’s been quite bad since the Wilshere generation tbh. So we’re looking at 2009 here.

  3. Romford Pele

    “If AW had been in charge of the Titanic, the ship would never of sunk. Mainly because it would still be in the port.”

    Lol, I like that.

  4. Ashwin Gunner

    “If AW had been in charge of the Titanic, the ship would never of sunk. Mainly because it would still be in the port.”

    Ha ha… no we would still be building the ship., as we are building our team for the past 10 years.

  5. Bergkamplegend

    Surfer : “If AW had been in charge of the Titanic, the ship would never of sunk. Mainly because it would still be in the port.”

    That’s absolutely excellent LOL

  6. Gregg

    Arsene would not have taken control of the Titanic. He’d have skippered the Herald of Free Enterprise and would have bleated continually about the Titanic not complying with financial fair play.

  7. salparadisenyc

    Aswin, you live in India?
    Happy hour on a friday… get in there!

    Morata, Drmic… cant complain. But looks like we can kiss the marquee man adieu if the rumors are true. Any sort of movement welcome, thats what she said.

  8. N5

    The post being so late is now bordering on insulting. How dare Pedro have a real life of work, family and responsibilty. The Grovers are waiting.


  9. Romford Pele

    Apparently Dortmund want Morata as Lewandowski’s replacement but apparently he prefers a PL move and preferably Arsenal, which gives credit to those Balague rumours in Jan that he agreed personal terms with us. Weirdly in all of this, Madrid don’t want to sell Morata, it’s him that’s pushing for the move as he reckons he’s better than Benzema! Great confidence obviously, but don’t want another Bendtner on our hands here!

  10. N5

    Ohhh #PedroOut is begining to trend, that’s 2 of us now RP.

    Can everyone please post #PedroOut, let’s make some changes around here!!

  11. Romford Pele

    Quite frankly Pedro, this waiting until the 70th minute before making a change is unacceptable. You’ve been Wengerised 😀

  12. Jacko

    You can just imagine the scene:-

    AKB: Captain Arsene deserves to stay. Only he could have overseen the building of such a fine vessel.

    WOB: But it hasn’t set sail for nearly a decade, it’s rusty and covered in barnacles.

    AKB: That’s not rust it’s brown paint to make it go faster you fool

    and so on….

  13. N5


  14. kjafc

    Afternoon all fellow Gooners

    I am off on holiday for a while and looking forward to a break from ‘life’. Anyway, I am sure you arent interested in that, sorry!

    Some of what Surfer x says is on point, not everything. Still some speculation and the Suarez comment is not true, offering £50m would not have done the deal.

    To only say you allow him 2005 – 2008 to have had restraints is disingenuos, in my opinion. It is the same when fans talk about the profit we made, when in factthis was largely due to players sales. I personally would have preferred not to have the sales in the first place., as selling your best players is a bad idea. But not selling players would not have meant investment. Both was needed but we had to cut our cloth. So stagnation is correct, in fact I prefer decline, which was inevitable without investment and by selling your best assets.

    Let move onto 2014. This is where we finally say goodbye to the sponsorship deals we negotiated when we were desperate to secure funding for the stadium project. Please lets not hear this mass denial, it was a fact. Okay, so we know that we have now secured substantially increased sponsorship income starting beginning of next season. the whole landscape has changed. We have substantial income that not only allows us to buy players and pay serious wages but it also allows us to do so year on year. This is the start of a revolution, we have heard what Cheslea are having to do for the FFP compliance.

    For the first time since 2004 Chelseas wage bill has been overtaken – by Manchester united. So whether or not you fancy FFP or not, clubs are having to control their spending for compliance reasons, where previously they did not. So what this means in simple terms is that while we have increased the money we are able to spend, other clubs are having to reduce their expenditure. In the past we all used to accept that if Chelsea wanted a player we were after, then we were buggered. In fcat thye used to circle our club like vultures, we know how they lured Cashley. Not any more, that’s all gone.

    It is about time we accepted the massive strides the club has taken to become a football super power, which we are – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. What we have done off field is mammoth, huge, impressive and something we should all be proud of. We built the future.No grants, tax payer money etc. We fans and the club did it.

    Team Investment
    However, in saying all this the angst appears to be lack of investment. And this is where I still have some lingering doubts. It is all well and good accepting what we have now become, a club up there with Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern and Man Utd but its bloody pointless if we do not invest in the team. Pre-season is the time of reckoning for me. I was pissed off at our lack of activity this pre-season but now we know there are no more excuses! The new sponsorships are about to arrive and with that comes added pressure to invest in the team. We aren’t miles away, we need a few top quality players in key positions. Add those to the return of our top goals and assist provideors in Rambo and Theo and I am very optimistic. Not juts for next season byut for years to come. Competitive year on year.

    I couldn’t give two hoots about the one or two idiots who swear and abuse me for sharing an opinion they may not agree with but I am proud of this club, proud of what we have achieved in creating a super club and will defend the club against the over the top media ignorance of what we have done.

    And if money does not get spent, I promise you that I will climb the fence, jump over the other side and instead of whinging and calling people names, I will be protesting as loud as I can at the club. I will be a ring leader not a bystanding geeing other people on. But I don’t think that will be necessary.

    I think the day of reckoning has arrived. It is time for payback. Time for Arsenal football club to get the respect it deserves and the fans the glory and silverware they demand. With investment and with the infrastructure we have in place, its pretty certain in my opinion.


    Get behind the team.

  15. N5

    Jacko, surely the argument would be we’ve been building this boat for years why hasn’t it sailed yet

    We’ve not had the funds to purchase sailers until this year so instead we filled it with servants until good sailers could be afforded.

    Rubbish, I read SeadwellersRamble and he outlined just how much booty we have saved in the Davey Jones!!

  16. Ashwin Gunner

    I think Last summer Lukaku believed that he will be way down the pecking order with other experienced strikers in the team, and Mou didn;t gurantee him of starting him regularly. Hence he forced his way out on loan which Mou didn;t like.
    And after going to Everton he started bad mouthing Mou which has not gone well with the “Stupid one”…

  17. Gregg

    Morata has all the hallmarks of a Wenger signing. I recall him saying at last years U-21’s that he reminded him of a young Torres.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Im actually worried about the poor fella, hope he’s stocked up on protection.
    A man in throws of the moment is capable of anything.

    Get in Pedro!

  19. Romford Pele

    “What do we konw. Pedro might actually have gone on a date with that blonde yesterday night. :)”

    He’s done a L’Oreal! No wonder his performance has waned! #PedroOut

  20. Romford Pele

    “Morata has all the hallmarks of a Wenger signing. I recall him saying at last years U-21′s that he reminded him of a young Torres.”

    The Torres comparison is not actually the worst shout tbh

  21. Ashwin Gunner

    “Arsene, why did you hit the iceberg?”

    Arsene : We are just having a bad luck. But i could see the spirit in the team. It is one if the best i have seen. they were working till the last min…

  22. Revving Kevin

    Dear kj
    That was brilliant. Heart felt comments and you made me feel proud to be a Gunner. Very balanced. You should be a motivational speaker. Just great a fucking good read. Respect.

    Has DanC claimed a ransom for Pedro yet? Loool

  23. SurferX

    April 4, 2014 12:45:38
    “Some of what Surfer x says is on point, not everything. Still some speculation and the Suarez comment is not true, offering £50m would not have done the deal.”

    Where did I say it would? Offering £100m may not have done the deal. All we know for sure is he only went as far as £40m. Thats the point.. he is risk-averse.

    “To only say you allow him 2005 – 2008 to have had restraints is disingenuos, in my opinion.”

    Its also inaccurate. I said 2002-2008.

    “Okay, so we know that we have now secured substantially increased sponsorship income starting beginning of next season. the whole landscape has changed.”

    I actually agree with a lot of what you have said about where we are now- but surely the landscape changed when we got £90m in the bank? Or £154m? The landscape shifted at the end of 2008 after we had recapitalised our-outstanding short-term debt. That was 5 years ago now. Having £180m odd of retained profits is failing to invest then- forget about where we are today.

  24. andy1886

    I see that Wenger is having a go at Barca for getting banned for stealing kids under 18. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! He’s been raiding Barca’s academy for donkey’s years. No shame, it’s embarrassing.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    But thanks to wenger mate we are supposedly a Super super club, up their with the giants of Europe. Yeah right. So having a new stadium means your a super club now does it?? So that makes Southampton, city, Wigan, Sunderland a super super club.

  26. N5

    #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut #PedroOut

  27. salparadisenyc

    I bet Wenger’s a bit envious of this barca ban.. not having to buy players for two transfer windows …… à la perfection

  28. N5

    I wonder what will happen if Barca have anyone coming to the end of their contract that they no longer want to keep on the books who they would have sold this summer? they will have to let them go on a free next season I guess.

  29. Bergkamplegend

    Apparently barcelona is going to have a serious problem with the UEFA, I think that’s about their transfert policy for… children!! lol

  30. Bergkamplegend

    If barça really watching so many young players, I think that wenger would fit perfectly for managing them lol

  31. bigper

    tbf we have the potential to be a super club and this potential has developed during wengers tenure, so he deserves some credit, hes just not the man to make the final push

  32. SurferX

    Bah. Worst. Friday. Ever.

    In other news, Michael Schumacher may finally be on the mend. His agent stated that he is showing “moments of consciousness” after 3 months in a coma. Unfortunately, when questioned on the 5 year coma Arsene Wenger has been in, he had no further update.

    Laters munglers.

  33. Revving Kevin

    Thankyou goodnight
    But thanks to wenger mate we are supposedly a Super super club, up their with the giants of Europe. Yeah right. So having a new stadium means your a super club now does it?? So that makes Southampton, city, Wigan, Sunderland a super super club.””

    There you go again. Super club in terms if what we generate. You seem to hate anything positive about arsenal and have so much anger, it’s just one rant after another. How much do Wigan and Southampton generate? Are they at the top table if football? Wigan and Southampton aren’t up there with Barcelona, Madrid, manure and Bayern Munich. Arsenal are. Or do you really think arsenal are the equal if Wigan, Southampton and spurs?

  34. Thank you and goodnight

    Most teams that are labelled superclubs are the teams that have had various CL triumphs and appearances in the final win or lose…e.g real, Liverpool, barca, United, bayern.
    1 CL final in 17 years is hardly the making of a super club is it? Yes the stadium is beautiful, but that in itself doesn’t make you a super club.

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Basle have won their respective league how many times, probably generate vast sums of money by their country’s standards…..does that make them a super club?

  36. Bergkamplegend

    Yep, an awesome, beautiful, exceptionnal and superb stadium…
    With no trophy to lift in it for a decade…
    Only at the AFC lol

  37. Leedsgunner

    kjafc @1245

    I’ll look forward to welcoming you to our growing ranks come September 1, because monies won’t get spent under Wenger.

    The only way money will be spend if we if suffer another disastrous game right at the start of the season (eg. opening game against Villa). Wenger is a reactive manager and as the past 5 years have taught us anything is he just acts to save his skin. Forget the club, it’s all about him.

    Have a good holiday mate. We have our differences but we’re GOONERS all the same!

  38. MarbleHall


    So your definition of a winner is a loser who gets himself banned to the detriment of the team
    England’s unused subs in the 1966 World Cup Final didn’t receive any winners medals and rightly so.