Welcome to Arsenal, welcome to the self-preservation society

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The Telegraph is at it again, like clockwork, with the ‘greatest transfer budget of all time‘ article is out… remember last year when I plotted the warchest story against 7 years? Amazing.

Comments like this make me laugh, because they’re aimed at fans who don’t know any better.

‘Kroenke, the majority owner, is convinced that the club have made very definite progress this season and is sympathetic to how Wenger has been forced to navigate this past month without as many as five of his usual starting team.’

It’s not bad luck. Sporting injuries are down to managerial incompetence. Most fans won’t understand this, because the manager and the owner don’t. It’s a joke. We’re a billion dollar business and our owner, from America (home of sport science and data) is citing bad luck. Theo, Koscielny, Ozil and Ramsey are all out because they were badly mismanaged… and we’re reading articles like that in a broadsheet? Where is the exploration of that comment?

‘There has been no wobble in his belief either in Wenger or the club’s wider strategy’

Again, there’s a nice ring to it. Stan, standing his ground on Wenger. But based on what? Feels pretty lazy. No, it feels ignorant. How can there not be a wobble in belief? Same old problems, same old outcome? Same old injuries? Same old getting found out by better teams. If there’s no wobble in belief, it shows you the total lack of interest Stan has in driving this business forward. All he cares about is the long term appreciation of his asset. He’s not focused on glory. Which is so frustrating as a football fan.

Where are your balls Stan? Our whole club is built on self-preservation. The manager is preserving his power, the backroom team shut their mouths because they’re preserving their positions, the owner is preserving his wealth… even Ivan doesn’t seem like he’s doing much to drive the playing side forward. Is he preserving his job? What happened to wanting to kick things on? What happened to wanting to be best in class all over the club? Where’s the hunger to take a calculated risk and kick the club into the next level? There’s nothing about what we do that says… ‘It’s all about going the extra mile to win’… the pride is all in our deluded idealistic ideas of what success is.

Having a botched vision is not success.

Anyway, seems that if stories like that are creeping out, then the manager is going to stay on for more years. So expect two more years of stagnation unless the manager has a serious change of heart at 64 with regards to how he operates.

Rumours have spread that we’ve snapped up Drmic from Nurnberg in Germany. He’s banged in 16 goals for a club that is basically relegation fodder. He’s the 4th highest goal scorer in Germany in his first season. He’s Croatian, so obviously comes with a fiercely competitive attitude.

Heaters on f*cking bus. Jokers.

The lad is 21 years old, I can’t claim to be an expert on him outside a bit of BT Sport on a Sunday. He has a good left and right foot and his game is built around pace and getting in behind defenders. Now, I can only assume we’re signing him to compliment a bigger signing. Because surely Wenger wouldn’t be so gung-ho as to purchase a player with one decent season under his belt and make him out main man?

He would?

Yeah, he would. Now you can come at me with alsorts of ‘same old same, old’ lines if you like. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t extensively watched him, he’s not going to be a world class solution to our ongoing striking issue. You can come at me with all the ‘I’m gown wait to see before I judge’… and sure, that’s cool. Just like you did with Park?

Anyway, point is, Drmic doesn’t have pedigree yet. He might do, he might be the greatest striker or all time. But you need experience to hit those heights. Benteke is a superb talent. Big, fast with a powerful finish. He has a great season after delivering two goal scoring seasons in Belgium… won a new deal, absolute garbage for the first half of the year. Why? Because he’s young. He wasn’t mentally ready to be the big man. He wasn’t ready for the pressure. Maybe he will be next season. If you bought him now, he might be amazing. He might be garbage, but you’ve more chance of him being a potent striker for us the Drmic.

We are Arsenal. You need players who’ve been there and done it in the Champions League (like Chamakh). We need a Diego Costa, a Martinez or a Mandzukic. Players that are the right age, the right experience the right physicality.

We don’t need to mess around with risks, unless they’re understudies. Eden Hazard was a youth risk, 2 seasons later he’s smashing it. But he was best in class and Ligue One player of the season two years running (pretty sure that’s correct).

I really don’t want to have another summer of Arsene and Steve Rowley being smart arses because they’re both as deluded as each other these days. The whole thought of Arsene with a war chest strikes fear into me. More players to break, more false hope.

Still, as long as we make 4th for the next two years and there’s a good plan in place for when he leaves, I can stomach it.

Also, little word on our number one… remember what I told you about Song a few years ago? Meet MKII. I’ll let you know why as and when, but needless to say, we can do better.

P.S. If you tweet me and say, ‘is that blog post an April fool’, you need to know straight up that’s as effortless a Andrey tracking back.

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  1. Jeff


    Sorry, I missed the “new”. Absolutely, a new top manager would almost certainly change the way we play and a player like Costa would be invaluable. As I write those words, I feel like a pauper dreaming of a feast.

  2. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry to disagree with you re us v Bayern. We were well in the game, missed a pen and were doing ok until Schezzer got sent off. We also drew 1 each in Munich. Let’s see how Man u do at the allianz before our ties are slaughtered.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    He’s the guy, really is, if ever we just needed to be ballsy and go and spend HUGE money, its there.

  4. Leedsgunner


    Hands up. You are completely right. i allowed my disappointment that we failed to get anything from the game colour my assessment. We’re in the game but at the end of the day we still went away empty handed!

    Isn’t it amazing we’ve got the only German in the Universe that can’t score penalties! Almost funny, if it wasn’t Arsenal. 😉

  5. invincible

    Don’t get your hopes up mate. Benzema, costa, cavani etc, thats shopping at harrods. Wenger will be rummaging through aldis bins as per usual.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Wenger needs to go.

    Then Klopp needs to come in with Reus, Gundungan and Hummels and/or Sokratis and we’ve adressed our immediate weaknesses… (if Sven Bender wants to crash the party that’s ok) almost get misty eyed just thinking about it!

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Yep, sadly.

    If this guy came on the market and I was CEO having watched our season I’d dispatch someone with a mandate of simply, ‘get him.’

  8. Arsenal 1886-2006

    One thing stood out for me tonight, the gulf in class between Neuer and Szcesney.
    Szcesney would have cleaned out Welbeck and we would have been struggling to stay in the game with 10 men, i am starting to believe that we need a new number one and two if Fabianski is leaving.

    Szcesney in goal scares me in some matches.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    Man u may get something from Munich and fair play if they do. I still think Bayern will go through.

    Yes the only tem in the world that has the ultimate ‘German penalty missing machine ‘ loooooooool

  10. Billp79

    ‘Sporting injuries are down to managerial incompetence. ‘

    Statements like this are just slanderous and no better than what you were complaining about the Telgraph from doing… doctor heal thy self…

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Oh we’d balls it up, no doubt.

    But what a player, strength, clinical, power, speed, stamina, aerial ability, skill – the lot.

    He’s built for the premier league. Even if it cost £60 Million out of our £140 Million budget I’d do it. What I’ve seen he’d be perfect for the league.

  12. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Who’s the cougar on fox? Lol. Sounds like shes been smokin a few heaters with that raspy voice.

    I just put this into google translate and it does not recognise the language, pleases translate.

  13. Leedsgunner

    One thing is for sure Damian Martinez is nowhere ready… Igor Akinfeev, Rene Adler should keepers we should be looking at in IMHO… I’ve like both keepers for a long time — young and loads of experience!

  14. N5

    “Benzema is probably the best we could hope for.”

    We have no chance of getting Benzema and Toli you say that like he’s an average player. I know he can be lazy but he’s one hell of a forward! we’d never see him in an Arsenal shirt.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    If that the case we’d be crazy not to!

    Casillas and Schez has his understudy.

    Perfect, Casillas as well is a leader, a captain.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006

    If and that is a big if that Suarez leaves for Real in the summer then I think that Benzema will go the other way to cut down the cost.
    £40-50 million for Suarez and they get a ready made replacement plus money to sort out the defence.

    I can only see Liverpool getting better.

  17. Rhys Jaggar

    Todays’ Evening Standard says it’s Kalou + 1 other as the strikers for the summer. That’s three substandard French strikers then…….

    Probably agent-sponsored bollox, but it’s in print……

  18. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Kalou and Giroud, now that is a partnership that could make Ozil look even more glum than usual.
    I reckon he would pack up playing if that ever happened, he would probably give up on life.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Rhys Jaggar

    Yep, I was saying earlier, Drmic and Kalou would not surprise me.

    Giroud, Drmic and Kalou and we’d maintain our title as having the worst set of strtikers for a “top level” club.

    I would be beyond rage with that, it would be a defeated, crushed sort of humour at the situation. But is there an Arsenal fan who can say they 100% could not see this happening? Because this would be utterly Wenger.

    And as we’ve all said Liverpool will get stronger, United sure as shit will spend big, Spurs will add and there’s the potential for their new boys to kick on next season (don’t laugh because that’s what all Arsenal fans keep saying about Ozil.)

    So that’s one team above us getting stronger and two below us. Whilst we buy Kalou and Drmic pedigree players with £140 Million sat in the bank. That’s why we can’t afford to let him have any more time, he could damage us massively with his dithering, bottlejob, egotistic tactics of “spending” and football.

  20. MidwestGun

    Yep, thats about the size of it. And if we get Costa, Cavani, Ballotell, orBenzema, ill apologize for doubting. But im not writing my apology just yet. 🙁

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah, we’ve got a whole summer of spitting out the morning coffee having opened the paper and exclaiming ‘is he fucking serious?!!’

  22. salparadisenyc

    Of course their rumors but we know the outcome.

    I can absolutely see Benzema end up at Liverpool and Wenger signs fucking Kalou and Drmic… and keep L’Oreal as our #1.

    Bring on the new dawn!!!!
    Simeone…. Klopp…..Simeone….Klopp…..Simeone….Klopp

  23. MidwestGun

    My stupid Chelsea friend(not for much longer) just sent me a text
    Wenger In! even Moyes can get a draw at home to Bayern.
    God I hope those fools get beat tomorrow. 😡

  24. follow the money

    Zidane is my favorite player of all time. That volley vs Leverkusen in the CL final was just incredible. Best big match winning goal I’ve ever seen.


    The headbutt wasn’t so out of character kjafc. He’d gotten sent off for stomping on the capt of Saudi Arabia (if I remember correctly) and there was another stomping incident as well if memory serves. But who cares? He was amazing. Period. If you guys haven’t seen Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait you should. Compelling viewing just watching him move around the pitch

  25. tunnygriffboy


    You heard it here first. We will make two stellar signings in the summer. One will be a CDM and one will be a striker or wide forward. We will also make squad signings. If my prediction is wrong then I promise to engage in polite sensible conversation with Marble throughout September and October.

  26. Uchmangunnernaija


    Anyone remember this game back in 2007? I miss those days, we didn’t win any trophy but there were good memories. Worst players on that 2007/2008 team were Almunia and Clichy. Also notice how the movement of our lone striker Adebayor made our game more fluid rather than having Lamp post?
    We need a proper winger/ dribbler like Hleb along with whatever striker and CDM we’re getting this summer.

  27. follow the money

    Almunia and our shambolic defence back then cost us between 9-15 points a season. I checked. I won’t forgive Wenger for that. We would have won something if he wasn’t a complete and total loser in the transfer market

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Funny, Arsenal FC pay them, not Arsene…if they wanna leave, fine. Its about time the easy ride stopped for a lot of these players.

    I think you’re overestimating the integrity of a modern player as well

  29. salparadisenyc

    UchmangunnernaijaApril 1, 2014 22:07:17

    I remember everything about that one.

    That side is the last one that really played attacking football with purpose, ridiculous we did not win the title that year. After Birmingham it all went south quickly, for Wenger to not bring in the obvious requirements in the January window was potentially the final nail in the coffin for me. Nothing has changed, except we don’t play football nearly that effectively now.

    Hleb and Fabregas were a joy to watch.

  30. london gunner


    Mate I agree with allot of what you say but you worry far to much about spurs

    They are in an absolutely awful state and its getting worse their even worse than us, you say their new players might kick on and do well but even if they improve their upper level is really not that high as I said all summer Paulinho, capoue and chadli are bog average.

    The thing is their best players in Lloris and Vertongen are looking to leave… so if anything they may be worse, they also don’t have a decent manager and if they get a new one in it will take them at least a season or two to adjust.

    Levy is also really making a mess of that club and whose to say if they buy in the summer they make the same mistakes.

    As weird as it sounds the worst thing they did was get rid of Harry Redknapp AVB and Tim Sherwood were both spectacular disasters and the Bale saga it seemed they played it so well but ended up with ok players with zero heart.

  31. Cesc Appeal



    However we run a risk every year if we allow the manager to continue spending (or not) in ridiculous ways.

    Just look at today, we’ve been linked with Drmic, Kalou and Wenger has been quoted as wanting to continue operating the way we have been!

    What is the point in running the risk?

    We weren’t worried about Liverpool a few seasons back, now look…we’re playing Russian Roulette with our status every season.

  32. london gunner


    By why do people hate on Diaby? would you do anything other in his situation?

    If I am injured on the job through no fault of my own I expect compensation, a pension ect if its bad enough that compensation should cover me for life.

    What you have to understand about footballers but outside their craft their often not employable have minimal education and other skills.

    They have been raised only on football football without it they have nothing so when a player suffers a career ending injury he has nothing unless his lucky enough to be a tv pundit.

    So you guys are telling me you would retire from football where your getting paid a huge wage and start working in Tesco’s?

    Fuck sakes of course you wouldn’t now factor in you have various doctors promising you you can recover and get to the top again and its been your sole dream for your whole life to play football for a big club, would you throw in the towel?

    Blame the management for the Diaby fiasco but not the player I would do the exact same his situation

  33. london gunner


    Sorry for a big told you so moment to the blog.

    But during the summer I said Liverpool would be our rivals their the ones we should worry about not spurs

    That their squad is allot better than we think, that their midfield really isn’t bad at all.

    That Gerrard is still quality

    That Sturridge is immense and would have a great season

    That Coutinho is an immense talent and would have a better season that jack wilshere

    I also said Sterling looked a talent.

    I called Liverpools rise and received allot of scorn from fellow grovers lol.

    But the point is other grovers shouldn’t have to off seen the manager should of and strengthened accordingly.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah my whole point is it’s unnecessary to keep playing this gambling game with the club with £140 Million in the bank.

    But we will…and it’ll all end in tears

  35. Marko

    Some guy has Clichy in his worst 11 of all time? Stupid.

    Also Cesc Appeal I doubt we’d go in for Kalou in the summer don’t worry. I’m sure the only reason we looked at him in Jan is cause we were desperate as per usual with Wenger and his supermarket dash

  36. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Sorry just read your pledge. I hope your right, polite conversation with Marble for 2 months. Steep price to pay, my friend, very steep. Lol

  37. gnarleygeorge9


    “without as many as five of his usual starting team”.

    Obviously that doesn’t include Diaby 😆

  38. sylvain

    Morning all!!

    So the cunts of yoonited didn’t lose last night…
    Good for them, they still have a little “hope”, and next week their elimination will only taste better, ah ah!!

  39. El Tel 1


    A few on Le Grove want Wenger out but the players want him to stay.

    He makes it comfortable for them. To comfortable.

    We really need an injection of fresh blood.

  40. Leedsgunner


    Ho hum another day, another uninspiring lead apparently being followed by Wenger… the new Sol Campbell? Don’t make me laugh. The only thing they have in common is that they played in defence and played for Tottenham.

    Just a thought is there anybody in the Spurs squad we WOULD take?

    I wouldn’t. What an unremarkable squad.

  41. Leedsgunner

    What DID happen with TV5? It jsut seems like he was appointed “Captain” his heart, and his passion just went out of him… obviously his many injuries didn’t help.

  42. Dannyboy

    Leeds, I’d give them £20 million for Lamela in a heartbeat.

    He’s been unlucky with injury this season but he was so impressive for Roma. He is an absolute world beater in the making. Essentially a Ronaldo/Messi/Bale hybrid in time he can be that good!

  43. Leedsgunner


    If he’s that good let’s get him after Wenger’s gone — because I’m sure Lamela would be wasted under him. Played out of position, burnt out… we all know the score.

    I’m still shaking my head in amazement with how how’s he’s completely wasted and mismanaged Ozil this year. Paid £42.5m and he’s run the poor fella into the ground and ruined his confidence? How’s that sound sustainable management even when you look at it financially?

  44. tunnygriffboy


    I would take Lloris, Vertonghen, Paulinho, Eriksen, Lamela and Soldado from Spurs. Not all starters mind you. Agree Lamela could be a huge talent.

    Kaboul, 4th choice CB on a free ? Not a bad shout.

  45. Dannyboy

    Lol I’d have Sa-no-goals over Soldado.

    Lloris and Lamela would walk into our first XI though!

    Eriksen also looks tidy!

  46. Thank you and goodnight

    Apparently we are up against Newcastle and villa for serge aurier for 6 million. Up against those 2 premier league giants eh. Anyone heard of this guy?