Liverpool showing the way…

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Nik B replay of a goal. First in 1071 mins. Treasure it.

Nik B replay of a goal. First in 1071 mins. Treasure it.

So much action this weekend?!

Yesterday, Spurs were totally destroyed by Liverpoool. They barely worked for it as once again, Tim Sherwood offered up nothing tactically. Say what you want about AVB, at least there was a hint he had an idea about management. Poor Sherwood sits in the stands like a sulky brat teenager whose just even ask to act out a biology exam he’s failed to prepare for.

Liverpool have won 8 on the bounce now. They go into games against City and Chelsea now… Title defining. It’s a huge turnaround for the Scousers who on paper, had a pretty average squad at the start of the season. I thought Rogers would get it right at some point, but not this soon.

He’s shown Arsenal a thing or two this season regardless of what happens now.

1. You can force your best player to stay. Robin had a year to go on his deal, throwing away £25m is a bit kamikaze, but so is throwing the Premier League to a rival. Liverpool held onto their man, supported him with a good team. Now he’ll stay. I thought they’d have trouble motivating him. I thought he’d sulk like Cesc did. How wrong was I? Very wrong.

2. You don’t need a big reputation to do well at a big club. United messed up with Moyes because he didn’t really have an pedigree. Liverpool invested in a vision and a style.

3. Fitness. They have a smaller squad and have player 10 less games. Still, if you look at how they set up, there’s plenty of rotation that goes into their game. They’ve managed stints without Gerrard, Suarez and Sturridge. Rogers picks his starting 11 6 games at a time. He ensures everyone gets a run out and feels motivated, he picks the right players for the right side and he has his players fresh for the action half of the season. Liverpool don’t have 4 key players out… and Gerrard is a notorious crock.

4. Tactics are key with Liverpool. They have to be when you’re not one of the best sides. He picks a system based on who he’s playing and who he’s starting. It’s pretty logical, get the most out of the attributes you have on offer and pick of the weaknesses you face in front of you.

5. Liverpool have proved that good management and sharp thinking can overcome massive spending. Something I’ve pushed for years here. City and Chelsea isn’t an excuse for underachievement when you’re at the top level. Ferguson dealt with them and he’s had a drastically lower budget over the past five years. Dortmund proved budget is not important in Germany. Even Jose when he won the Champione League with Inter.

All the walls of excuses have fallen down around Arsenal this season, there are none left. What we have this season is of our own making.

Wenger is on the defensive, obviously he would be.

“We have leaders. We have gone through an absolute nightmare, we have gone through a storm. It is difficult to protect the players from that. The critics come very quick, fast, very hard. The only way you deal with it is to respond in the next game like we did.”

I’m not sure the response in the City game at home was quite the response Arsene thinks it was. We don’t tend to suffer when we’re not under pressure. The City game was a minor irrelevance really. The Chelsea game was where it was at. That was the moment we needed to stand up and be counted. If City had come at us like Chelsea did and not been so happy with the point, I’ve no doubt we’d have been tanked.

I’m still not sure what percentage of our problems come down to leadership. Always a bit of an unquantifiable message there. Is that how much someone shouts? Is Tim Sherwood a leader because he flaps around on the sidelines like seagull caught in a fishing net?

I think the leadership issue comes from Arsene. I think our players struggle to lead when they don’t know what they’re doing. How are players supposed to react when they’re not given the tools to do so? I mean, you could say that players should be able to change formation at the drop of a hat… football intelligence and all. But if that’s not the culture of play at a club, then it’s probably not second nature.

Our next game is a against Everton, we have 8 days rest, which is nice. They played Fulham yesterday and beat them after a poor first half. Apparently Lukaku was pretty immobile and wasn’t really offering much because they couldn’t get the ball to him. Martinez brought on Naismith at half time and changed the game which they won 3-1.

We should be too good for them, but with our injuries and there power, it could be very tough. We’ll see though, top 4 should be a minimum this year. If we don’t achieve that, well, much introspection you’d hope.

Right, that’s me done for the day. Have a good one!

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  1. KJafc

    Cheers N5, its usually quite difficult to find agreement on here lately 😉

    My wife has cooked me a lovely chicken Jalfrezi, restaurant style and she is screaming at me to get off the blog. She has the right attributes to be a keyboard warrior! Nice pint of John Smiths too.

    Going to work on my all time Arsenal 11. I reckon I can pick two teams, maybe three even of similar ability.

  2. andy1886

    Rocky was 100% an Arsenal man as well as a fine human being. As a young(ish) season ticket holder throughout Rocky’s time with us I would say that without doubt he was my favorite player. I heard that he cried when GG told him that he was being sold, I can understand that, I felt the same way. God bless you David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle.

  3. MarbleHall


    You’ve offered me and others out for fights.
    You are a hypocrite who should first take the forest out of your own eye before taking the speck out of your brothers eye.

  4. Leedsgunner


    Like I said they don’t make them like Rocky anymore. Happy days, brightened my day thinking about Rocky… best wishes to his friends and family today. He was loved by the Arsenal. Nothing will change that ever.

  5. Leedsgunner

    “Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent!”

    David Rocastle.

    If we get as far as the Cup Final this year, there’s your team talk done Arsene. USE IT.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    Well said mate. With today’s average footballers going for vast sums for money, it would be interesting to see how much he’d be worth today. Rockys not the only one who cried when he was sold. I loved GG but never forgave him for that.

  7. london gunner

    Rocky was before my time but watching that video with Ian Wright tugs on the heart strings.

    Ian Wright is quite a tough guy so for him to show that emotion shows how amazing the guy must of been and how much he really misses him.

    The bit when Ian Wright says when he saw Rocky he knew he was going to die I think the majority of posters of here know what that feeling is like.

  8. kwik fit

    Rocky RIP
    This will take you back . We hadn’t one anything for quite a while (8 years) and then this happened. Shear delight.

  9. Gambon

    Can you do something about this Xenophobic re.tard, DanC?
    All he does here is hurl insults at foreigners.

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    As a gooner i’ve had some bad moments and some amazing moments……but without a shadow of doubt for me the moment that still makes the hair on my neck stand up is Anfield 89 and THAT goal. Was 16 at the time. Amazing

  11. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    If only we were blessed with more of David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle’s type in our current set-up.
    Those of us lucky enough to see him play for Arsenal will never forget his fantastic contribution to the cause.
    He epitomised everything that is good about The Arsenal and embodied the spirit of the club.

  12. kwik fit


    Completely agree. Watched the game expecting absolutely nothing against the force that was Liverpool. . Even after the first goal I expected nothing. But with seconds left on the clock of the longest season ever Micky thomas steps up. Unbelievable Sheer joy!!!

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    Just you tubed it again myself mate and 25 years on still brings tears to my eyes mate. Greatest night as a supporter in my life.

  14. kwik fit


    Everytime I watch it I get goose pimples. A wenger team could never have done what that team done. Going to Anfield , the then best team in Europe, and win by two clear goals.

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    For drama I don’t think we’ll ever see a game like it in my lifetime. The city one a few years back was close but nothing like Anfield 89. That whole summer I was walking on air.

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    Also what made it even more special was the amount of true Arsenal boys that had come through the ranks. London boys and legends.

  17. Thank you and goodnight

    Just watched kanu’s hatrick v chelsea. Still love the way the commentator screams when he gets his hatrick.

  18. tipster


    I have a chance of a ticket, mixed feelings, Wenger has outstayed his welcome to longgggggggggggg
    Support the club as ever but a chance to get a message across, chant “we only want 4th place” or something

  19. kwik fit


    The jinx only applies to Wenger side’s. Hopefully ‘the curse’ will be off next season. Their should be a big demand for the ticket so at least you’ll make a few quid.

  20. kwik fit

    Another stat from this rollercoaster of a season.
    Since the close of the transfer window in January we have amassed 9 points from a possible 24 points. Meanwhile we have earned an extra 1.5m on our cash pile. Not bad Eh!

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    1.5m pound eh…..should pay for bucket loads of champers for the boardroom to celebrate 4th place trophy at the end of the season, with cash to spare to pay journos to leak the names of our imminent signings at ST renewal time.

  22. Leedsgunner

    “Well said mate. With today’s average footballers going for vast sums for money, it would be interesting to see how much he’d be worth today. Rockys not the only one who cried when he was sold. I loved GG but never forgave him for that.”

    You can put a price on many things but you cannot put a price on the size of a man’s heart and his desire to win.

    Rocky’s heart was one of the biggest and best. You can’t put a price on that.

    Our lads, spoilt by fame money and material success do well to remember that they are privileged to be there because of what players like Rocastle and Wright did. They do well to remember that they stand on the shoulders of giants.

  23. kwik fit


    The board may just be bricking it at present with the Martinez side looking like they could go unbeaten for the rest of the season.

  24. Johnty79

    Pedro it’s so rich when you say we should be to good for Everton.mon what assumption do u get this,

    A combined team

    Ozil Lukuku Walcott
    Ramsay Barkley Barry
    Baines. Mert koz Coleman
    Everton goalie.

    Everton deserve to finish above us.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    Yeah but that’s unfair mate, Everton should be bought to book, what with their oil money and that.

  26. Thanos

    I cried when we sold rocky to Leeds I could not believe it, he was an immense character, as was Wrighty, I believe we would have won the league with Ian in the team he scored 25 Gls a season under a GG team imagine what he would do with the supply our midfield would give him.

  27. kwik fit


    Just thinking. perhaps you should go to the game. Surely not even Wenger could lose all five games in the north west this season.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Kwik fit

    Thanks for posting that youtube clip of Thomas’ goal. What a difference between those lads celebrating the league because they had WON and the lads of today celebrating grabbing fourth at the last day of the season. The sheer chasm of class between the two groups couldn’t be greater. Men vs. boys. Men vs. boys.

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    GG’s team had fighters and warriors through the team mate as well as some quality players. Not like today’s team I.e giroud, Cazorla and Wilshire who spend most of the game crying because they’ve been tackled. Today’s team unfortunately are moulded in the image of our glorious leader…..bottlers.

  30. kwik fit


    I suppose money has change the philosophy of the game but no denying the fact that the winning of a trophy does have a certain je ne sai quoi. Maybe this year.

  31. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    You and your cameras, got me paranoid. Now. 😯

    So Dr mic is bag on? Not even the transfer window yet and it’s already starting. Here not here. Here not here. Here not here. Lol. Gonna be a loong summer.

  32. zeus

    Johnty79March 31, 2014 20:25:59
    Pedro it’s so rich when you say we should be to good for Everton.mon what assumption do u get this,A combined teamOzil Lukuku Walcott
    Ramsay Barkley Barry
    Baines. Mert koz Coleman
    Everton goalie.Everton deserve to finish above us.

    This comment has troll writen all over it.

  33. andy1886

    Mid – the closing line in the article that the link is to says that the speculation is ‘totally far fetched’ so I’m not sure how that suggests that he is signing.

  34. andy1886

    It’s so easy to wind up Arsenal fans though, pick some random young unknown ‘bargain’ and link to the club. Bingo! Job’s a good ‘un.

  35. MidwestGun

    Andy –
    Ok, ya I don’t know how all these rumors get started, and why does it always seem to be us? Because Arsene is so secretive and wishy washy I think agents take advantage of us.

  36. andy1886

    RSPCA – Diaby isn’t injured, that would mean that something is not working as it should whereas in fact it’s his natural state.

  37. kwik fit


    I too have cleared the decks for an on slot on Wemberlee in May. Just hope our guys don’t let me down in April.

  38. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Lol Does it say something about me that I checked to see what kind if beer it was before I looked at the girl. Hahaha. Sad. She’s very lovely tho! One of your best.

  39. kwik fit

    Its Official!!!! The Ide’s of March is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    That fuck for that !!!

    Wait a minute! Thats what she said!!! 🙂

  40. Norfolk

    kwik fitMarch 31, 2014 20:31:20
    Looks like the good Doctor will be coming next season after all. Hopefully Wenger’s last signing;”

    I guess you can’t read German 🙂

    He says it’s all bollox

  41. MidwestGun

    Been there done that = That’s what she said! 😛 haha. He shooots he scoooooooores. GOAAAAAAAALLLL. lol. 1 to 1 Draw with injury time ticking down. 😀

  42. kwik fit

    I agree , bring back the Germans Pedro. We’ve had a very rough ride over the past few weeks Pedro and I won’t lie those pretty German girls really pick me up no end. So Pedro just slip in the Germans with the big glass and froth on top.

  43. kwik fit


    Its a rollercoaster were on. The thing about a rollercoaster is that it goes up as well as down. So hopefully next month were on the up again .

  44. kwik fit


    I better get some kip to get ready for April fools and the return of Diaby .
    Sweet dreams. Looking forward to Pedro doing the right thing in the morning.

  45. Dissenter

    Toni Kroos just renewed his contract with Bayern for the next 5 years.
    He just courted United to strenghten his bargaining position with Bayern. Poor Moysie had to travel that far for nothing.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Pep Guardiola: ‘At a big club if you don’t win trophies you are in trouble.’

    Could someone pass this memo onto the folks at Arsenal.

  47. useroz

    Many of these players would not have been in the PL and not on inflated wages if. Not for wenger dishing it out.

    If you were diaby, sanogo, etc …wouldn’t you defend wenger?

    Any sane manager coming in they would be out the door.

  48. useroz

    Got to be the biggest joke of the day…

    “Arsenal and Spurs agree to STUNNING Emirates groundshare”

    Not even the greedy stan and ivan would contemplate this rigth?

    It’s reported Wenger personally called Levy to broker a deal….if true, he can go to hell, today.

    Oh, best till last..we (I mean Arsene Finance Corp) would receive 40m pa..So it’s true then.

  49. kingbergkamp

    Wonka aint going anywhere any time soon.We have 70% of our fanbase just as dellusional as our manager

  50. Niki B's Soldier

    Yip. That interesting. And also Derby days would be much more intense. But I am totally against it happening. Arsenal sacrificed a lot for the Emirates for Spurs to just move in.

  51. Bergkamplegend

    WTF ?? All those rumors around the web, saying wenger will probably leave this summer ???
    ======= >>>>>>> FIRST OF APRIL lol
    ======= >>>>>>> SIGN HERE 😉

  52. kjafc

    Sky News are reporting that Abou Diaby has just signed a three year contract extension to 2017.

    SKY: “Abou Diaby has been unfortunate with injuries. Arsenals medical team claim these all relate back to the broken leg Diaby suffered in May 2006 in the away game at Sunderland. The Arsenal medical team believe Diaby is now ready to commence his career and Arsenal have decided to award him with a two year contract. They believe he could be an influential figure in the centre of midfield and add the athleticism and bite missing.”

  53. Bergkamplegend

    Kjafc : 1st april or not ??
    Honestly I would not be surprised at all by a contract extension for Diaby lol