Arsenal Chasing top 4, not the league – A point is good

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So I missed the pregame protest. As I understand it, it didn’t go well. Shockingly, not many people showed up.

I mean honestly, I don’t get it. 7,000 people on Twitter say they’ll be there. The moment comes, and they don’t show up?

Absolute shocker. 12 people showed. Like the unpopular kids birthday party (my 9th, to be precise).

This was the money shot…


Interesting for many reason. Firstly, that the protest was about ticket price hikes, so not sure what that banner was all about. PEOPLE LOVE BANNERS though. This much is true. Secondly, 5 people around that banner have their phones out. The revolution will not be attended, but it’ll be live Tweeted for sure. Crazy eh? You’re at the game, doing the mega protest and you’re on your phone showing everyone how hard your protesting?

I don’t like protesting at games. I don’t agree that we’re in a situation that merits it. Clearly, fans aren’t ready for it, regardless of the noise online. Also, let’s call a spade a spade here, the protest isn’t about the 3%, it’s about Wenger. Look at that banner.

Anyway, eloquent banners aside. The game. This post is late because I treated myself to all the beer pregame. The sun was shining, it was a stunning day… I wanted to be suitably numb.

Well, I needn’t have worried, that game was suitably numb in itself!

I think.

Or was it the beer that made it numb?

City and Arsenal were both playing their third game in a week and it told. I thought City would come to destroy, but the reality is they came for a point. They sat back most of the game and absorbed pressure. Arsene lined up with a side that wasn’t really capable of launching any sort of attack, so we had to play it safe.

Arsenal typically average in the first half. City dominated play in the main, with Arsenal contributing one shot to their seven. City took the lead after we lost the ball. Silva was given far too much space, we didn’t have the pace to catch him, he picked out Dzeko who hit the post but Silva was there to bury the rebound. Bad times.

The second half saw Arsenal fight a bit harder. Cazorla really had a good game, he was driven and pushing as hard as he could to open up play. Problem was that he didn’t really have anyone to target. We did get our break though, I couldn’t really see what was going on because Arsenal played away from me in the second half, but Matty Flamini turned in what looked like a Lukas cross. It was a great finish. I’m sure he was probably trying to clear it!

That charged the crowd, not that we weren’t already making a lot of noise. We saw some resurgent play. Wenger didn’t bring on subs until pretty late. Chamberlain got everyone excited as he sat outwide on the right. We still struggled to get chances. I mean, chasing a game and the best we can do is bring on a rookie… it’s a bit amateur, but there you go.

The half played out, there was one amusing moment. The fans were chanting ‘wanker’ at Samir Nasri and he threw his hand up in a really camp manner, like he was owning up to being a wanker. We all laughed.

The game finished a point for each side. Fair result I’d say, but still pretty damn disappointing. We didn’t need a point, we needed three. But after the week we’ve had, I’d have taken anything outside a spanking, so happy days.

Tings to tink about:


Man, I can’t keep writing it all the time, but Giroud really was garbage again yesterday. His averageness stank the ground out yesterday. It’s not his fault, but we really do need an upgrade this summer. A proper upgrade as well, none of this smart arsed stuff. We’re no good at that anymore. I want power, pace and a serious goal record.


Because of the power problem in our side, we don’t have gears. Wenger literally had nothing to come from the bench. Sure Chambo is a talent, but he’s not really a game chasing talent at the moment. Outside that, we had Kim Kallstrom and Sanogo. That really is a joke. We need to add some serious depth this summer. Wenger needs 4 really top players and he needs to add to the squad where he can. We need proper competition. We shouldn’t be broken 4 players down.


Really interesting watching City defend in packs. They didn’t press yesterday, but they pressed us when we attacked them. Countless times our players were dispossessed right to the end. I was chatting with the guys around me about our pressing game. We do it for the first three months of the season, then it disappears. Partly because the players don’t have the energy, but partly, I’m guessing, because Wenger doesn’t enforce it hard enough.

Concluding point:

We’re chasing 4th, not the league. A point is important. It puts Everton right up behind us. That’s a must win, because they’ll beat Fulham by a margin today. So overall, a good day and a refresh of our ambitions.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Leedsgunner


    I admire your posts a lot. You speak a lot of sense and I am in your school of thought in criticising Wenger.

    However, may I suggest that on the release clause thing I think I would believe the Owner of the club of which Suarez plays for rather than any journo or pundit. After it’s his money paying the player.

    Liverpool is in the wrong… Pure and simple. They’ve played contractual chicken and “won”. They are as morally suspect as any Russian gangster or Oil baron in my opinion.

  2. Kjafc

    Cesc Apeal
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….stop calling them FACTS, Henry said that…doesn’t make it true.
    Ha ha. Do you know who Henry is?

    John W Henry is the owner of Liverpool Football Club……….! He was the one that admitted this to the press in America.

    Did you think Henry was a reporter?

    This place is mental sometimes.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    At least fellow gooner tim sherwood has passion. If that was Wenger after a beating he’d be noshing the players off.

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    I also agree with cess appeal who questioned what Henry said. It was a load of shit and Henry knows it, he was just trying to play Billy big bollocks to his supporters .

  5. MarbleHall

    KJafc has never called anything right.
    I said at the start of the season our early good ‘form’ was down to playing losers and once we played a decent side we’d be found out.

    The recent run of results was also so terribly predictable.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Reason for Suarez not getting injured and playing so well is because he was banned for 10 games, which meant he missed the first 6 games of the season.

    That’s why Liverpool are winning now.

    I propose that Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott all go out and bite someone in the last match of the season, that way they would be banned for 10 games each and miss the first 10 games of the season. If you combine them with the ultra-fit Diaby who is the fittest and freshest player in the league because he only plays two games a season then we should walk the league next year.

    In fact I propose that we forefeit all of our remaining games so that we don’t score anymore points. That way we won’t finish 4th and therefore won’t have to play so many games. Combined with the 10 game bans they’d just be no point in the other teams turning up – we’d win the league by at least 30 points.
    (that’s a joke based on AKB logic btw)

  7. kwik fit

    Apparently Tim Sherwood has been found naked in the Anfield trophy room shouting in German and licking the glass. Sad scenes.
    Someone nicked his gillet

  8. N5

    “Can’t believe people actually believe what JWH said, he’s clearly looking for some extra popularity points with the Liverpool fans.”

    This was my opinion too because the amount of trouble they would have got in for ignoring a contract just wouldn’t be worth it, so I’m suspicious that it was said by Henry to make him look really good in front of the fans. I guess only Liverpool and the player know the truth.

  9. MidwestGun

    BY the way your country of origin has nothing to do with wanting Wenger out. I like to think people all over the world can see he needs to go.

    Also, your opinion doesnt mean more or less based on where your from or, how many games you have attended live. Unless you are saying only smart people from London attend games? Do they have an intelligence test for season tickets?

  10. Gambon

    People like Kjafc prefer to indulge in conversations like the Suarez case rather than discuss issues about Arsenal. What we can do to move forward as a club!

    I understand though, doing everything possible to avoid discussions that show up Wenger and the board for their incompetence.

  11. Kjafc

    Gambon (with a big G)
    As my kids are twenty one and twenty four with good jobs, they really don’t need exams. They are Gooners too, along with my entire family. That raises the IQ level of the Gooners some what!

  12. Cesc Appeal


    It doesn’t matter who he is! He could be Santa Claus for all I care, just because someone says something doesn’t make it true!

    You do this all the time! You never answers anybody’s points. Early you were called out for calling Liverpool lucky and rambling on about the UCL, or their lack of it. Someone called you on it, you said you never said it, they copy and pasted you saying it and you got nothing in return!

    I’m not trying to say either way, I’m disputing you sitting there saying 110%, boom, have it, utter fact.

    It isn’t.

    You fail to take into account the fact that:

    A) Suarez signed a new deal, it becomes totally moot.

    B) Did Henry have an agenda of his own? As I say, there’s no need to shield any POTENTIAL clause in the old contract any more, so doesn’t he look billy big bollocks, take no shit businessmen for saying they played hard ball?

    You don’t know any more than I do. Difference is I have the ability to say that, I can say what Henry said may be 100% true and Arsenal may have played it totally correctly. Which is where you sit because you’re pro-Wenger and it suits your agenda.


    He may be talking egotistical, self congratulatory nonsense! Because he tied his asset down to a new deal and has nothing to worry about any more and can look a big man for the world WHILST taking a shot at the way things are done in England…if you read that was actually the main thrust of his point i. e Torres.

    You could go back and find lots and lots of people saying Arsenal were stupid, agents, who deal with contracts all the time, journos who’ve been around this crap all their professional lives…but because it suits your agenda you’ll disregard all of that and shout FACT after what one man says, I could give a fig about who is.

  13. Toli83

    Difference with Rodgers is he plays players in there preffered positions.

    At Arsenal we have Arteta who isn’t a DM, Wilshere was on the wing beginning on season, Ramsey has been stuck out there as well. Ozil and Cazorla has looked lost. This always fucks us up.

    Rodgers players know their drills, love the role they play in the results are there to see.

    When you don’t fuck around with players positions they are less likely to pick up injuries as well.

  14. Dissenter

    You correctly argued that Wenger’s quote was misstated the other day.
    I do think you’re stretching Henry’s supposed quote as well.
    We don’t have the entire speech he gave at that conference ,all we have are lots of paraphrased comments reported in the media.

    If that clause was cast-iron the Pete Giardiola who’s a super agent won’t have backed out because his integrity was on the line as well.

    The clause was unclear, Liverpool played hardball and won. They’ve since given him a mega contract and he’s better off with them.

    Just today, Brendan asserted that Suarez is up among the best like Messi and Ronaldo to drive up his transfer value. God knows if they’ve agreed to move him on in the summer, if Madrid come calling.

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    Spot on mate. Mr i’m a genius Wenger would buy messi then play him in goal to try and prove some stupid Fucking non existent point

  16. Cesc Appeal


    “You correctly argued that Wenger’s quote was misstated the other day.
    I do think you’re stretching Henry’s supposed quote as well.
    We don’t have the entire speech he gave at that conference ,all we have are lots of paraphrased comments reported in the media.”

    Absolutely spot on! That was what I was trying to say.

  17. Hitman

    Liverpool have improved because they have recruited better in the last few years.

    Good player purchases (without any mega deals) have given them a chance to win the league.

    Our player purchases – Giroud, Sanogo, KK, Flamini just don’t cut the mustard. Ozil wasn’t what was required.

    I have been calling for a director of football since 2008. I lost trust in AW his scouts years ago. I think Wenger has lost confidence in his own abilities in the transfer market and so is scared to buy for fear of making mistakes. He does anything to avoid buying players. Hence all these extended contracts to average players & £140m in the bank.

  18. kwik fit


    Thats a table Wenger will be very proud of. In fact he might even refer to it in his next press conference. He really loves raising the expectations of us Arsenal fans. Then when he needs to be decisive he folds like a wimp.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Watching today, if Rodger’s gets the £60 Million promised (and know reason to believe what Henry said is a lie, hey Kjafc 😉 ) then Liverpool could have a really great squad next year.

    They don’t need to buy world class really. Their defence needs a bit of work, they need a proper CDM and although I like Coutinho I do think a bigger CAM might work for them.

    The chances are slim to nil, but Toni Kroos would be a great buy for Liverpool.

  20. Leedsgunner

    I disagree with Kjafc on a whole host of issues.

    On Wenger and his value to the club he is completely off base IMO.

    However,he is entitled as anyone else on here to put forth his opinion on Suarez and be listened to. I happen agree with him, many don’t and that’s ok.

    However don’t slate a man’s whole character just because you disagree on one aspect of an issue. That’s uncalled for IMO.

    We’re Gooners, we’re better than that.

  21. Kjafc

    You lot are funny.

    As daft as it seems and I am surprised he said it, J W Henry did.

    So because the owner of Liverpool announces to the world that they flouted the rules about Suarez contract, it suddenly becomes an inconvenient truth.

    Yes John W Henry, the Liverpool owner, lied.

    Unbelievable. Read it an make your own minds up. Next week I will refute the allegations that the world is flat:

  22. Hitman

    That days at the top table is actually very painful to read.

    O what could have been.

    Manager, CEO, Owner all choked
    or weren’t interested in seeing it through
    or incompetent. Take your pick.

    I don’t think you can blame the players. We just didn’t have the quality, pace or power players to win the title. Even the players wanted more signings.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    So when it suits your purpose the media are great, but when they say something truthful about wenger they have a hidden agenda ha ha ha ha. Priceless! Congratulations Kjafc, now rev kev has abdicated I have the pleasure to announce you KING AKB…..ha ha ha

  24. MidwestGun

    Forget forty odd years of going to games, the Americans, Canadians, Africans and bedroom dwelling keyboard warriors know best.
    Ill apologize for my sarcastic joke, if you apologize for bringing nationality into a discussion that had nothing to do with it. Unless your saying only the French know best?

  25. Kjafc

    As it is Mother’s Day I will share a saying my Mum said would always stand me in good stead:

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    Get off your Fucking high horse. Earlier you had a dig at our foreign supporters, funny I’ve heard none of them crying. Your just like Fucking cunt Wenger, loves sound of his own voice and opinions, moment he’s questioned on anything he doesn’t like, like you he calls foul play. Just waiting for your next post to start with…….


  27. Norfolk

    KjafcMarch 30, 2014 19:16:49
    You lot are funny.As daft as it seems and I am surprised he said it, J W Henry did. So because the owner of Liverpool announces to the world that they flouted the rules about Suarez contract, it suddenly becomes an inconvenient truth.Yes John W Henry, the Liverpool owner, lied. Unbelievable. Read it an make your own minds up. Next week I will refute the allegations that the world is flat:

    I think you are believing what you want to believe rather than the written word.
    Nowhere does the article say that JH lied.

  28. Hitman

    Who the hell cares now about the failed Suarez signing.

    We should be having an inquest into why our manager is so poor.

    Not discussing what ifs and the behaviour of other clubs. What’s the point of that apart deflecting from our clubs own shortcomings.

  29. andy1886

    Whether or not there was a clause is kinda irrelevant. We could have gone back with a better offer, but we didn’t. £50m or even £60m would have been fair value for me, but Wenger/AFC didn’t have the balls to push for a deal. Small time mentality I’m afraid.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s quite easy to see that the general consensual view on here is regarding the comments.

    No one has a problem with your opinion, it’s that you’re flouting it as an utter fact…it isn’t.

    If Luis Suarez, or his agent were to come out and say with a photograph here you go, Clause THEN that’s a fact.

    You’re being very hyporitical, and holier than thou at the mo, as if everyone on here is an idiot and you’re the only sane one.

    When you find yourself in a room and you think everybody else is the idiot for sharing an opinion that goes against your supposed fact, you may want to reassess who the idiot is.

  31. Kjafc

    Yes let’s not debate a separate football matter that actually disproves a common held belief. It’s inconvenient. People already don’t believe what came out of the horses mouth.

    That sums this place up.

    Leeds Gunner explains it better than me and he is in the Wenger Out camp.

    Let’s move on and discuss something new. Let’s see, what about ‘Giroud is shit ‘Abou diabys a twat’ Wengers a c**t. This could get exciting, can’t wait.

  32. Norfolk

    KjafcMarch 30, 2014 19:27:25
    Norfolk, you misread! It was the WOB’s that said he lied, not me. :-)”


    Seems to me it’s likely to have been the work of his agent.
    Truth is, the player didn’t want to go or he could have walked out.
    Maybe LFC would have called his bluff, maybe not.

  33. kwik fit

    Why would Sherwood punch a spurs player? Why is irrelevant .

    The real question here is did Sherwood punch a Spurs player before or after he ripped his shirt to reveal an Arsenal jersey underneath?

  34. Kjafc

    Cesc Appeal
    Ha ha
    Of course the WOB’s don’t like it, it disproves 8 months of recycled shit about the Suarez signing. You have been going on and on about us screwing up the Suarez signing. You have all been proved wrong. Instead of having the good grace to accept you were wrong, it’s denial.

    You want a bloody photograph,, as you aren’t happy with the Liverpool owners explanation.

    Oh dear, I give up my Mum was right.

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Was your mum arguing with you when she said that? I got a feeling her quote was aimed at someone closer to home but as usual you misunderstood.

  36. Kjafc

    Go read the link mate. You seem like an intelligent bloke. To be fair, Leeds Gunner explained it better than me.

    Anyway, there is no pint trying to debate with people that have no intention of listening to an alternative view. Even if I sent a photo with a signature they would deny it.

    What’s the point mate, seriously?

    Good night.

  37. andy1886

    On another subject….

    Has Arsene taken over the running of the ladies team? One minute they’re world beaters, next thing the team’s being ripped apart and now they’re utter garbage.

  38. kwik fit


    I’m amazed no one on here mentioned the Arsenal ladies defeat to Birmingham. You’d think they’d keep a breast on the developments.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    No shame in that. Tits and fanny are what keep us young. Can’t wait for summer and short skirts…..well that’s what I’ll be wearing fuck everyone else:)

  40. salparadisenyc

    Cant stop laughing at Sherwood going to blows with a player, my moneys on that turncoat Adebayor. The true gooner Sherwood getting even for the goal celebration at the “Etihad”.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger will be the one waddling along mate, after all we all know he’s as tight as a ducks arse:)

  42. ilerioluwa

    Wow, just as I typed that, kjafc aimed another dig at the foreign fans. Sounds a bit hypocritical, don’t it. Yeah it does.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    “there is no pint trying to debate with people that have no intention of listening to an alternative view.”

    Hahahahahah! You’re such a hypocrite….this is you!

  44. Dissenter

    The media reports the same story. Henry fave an entire speech to a sports analytic conference. The media took 5 sentences and wrote an entire story.

    I know you get this because you’re an attorney.
    You can’t sat the clause did not exist, an experienced agent who’s also a lawyer (Guardiola) was in knots over it.
    Why do you think Suarez backed down quickly?
    Why are you basing your entire argument on a story in the express or tabloid papers.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Kjafc is a gigantic hypocrite, look at my last post, he lambastes people for not being open to alternate points, but then insists HIS point is right and you’re a simpleton for not accepting it.

    He’s like Keyser-Light. Not as good as debating, or winding people up, his hypocritical mastery is actually effing hilarious.

  46. Thank you and goodnight

    How the fuck we ever going to get rid of Wenger when the majority of supporters are like Kjafc? ? Fucking depressing.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Well, he’s entitled to his opinion…it just infuriates me when someone tries to say their opinion is more valid than yours.

    At least have more than John Henry said, to back up your argument if you’re going to act like that.

  48. kwik fit

    Dr mic denies that he’s moving to Arsenal but he admits that he would love to buy an apartment in north london. ‘I’ve always wanted to own an apartment in north london ever since I was a small boy’

    I guess thats another rumour we can knock on the head then.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I like that!!!

    Haha, exactly. Totally irrelevant.

    He tried to have a ‘I told you so moment’…but it sort of blew up in his face worse than J Bruce Ismay saying the ‘the Titanic is unsinkable.’

    ‘But Mr Ismay, how is it unsinkable?’

    Bruce Ismay (applying Kjafc logic) ‘Well I just said it so how much more proof do you want!!!’

  50. Hitman

    Ha ha

    Worryingly this also sounds like a line from an AW presser

    ‘Well I just said it so how much more proof do you want!!!’

  51. MidwestGun

    Hehehe. Marble called me an AKB. You know youve gotten to Marble when all he can do is call you that. Still waiting for that apology about your xenophobic remarks Marble. Got no use for you pal.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Sherwood will have shot up in my estimations if that’s the case…he’s achieved the Arsenal fan dream of punching a Spurs player in the chops…good work gooner Tim, good work.

    Hope it was Lennon….or Dawson…or Bentaleb…or, I don’t know, I’m too excited. It’s like Sophie’s choice.

  53. Childish Gambino

    Gosh! I would love Roberto Martinez to take over from AW instantly. The guy is a tactical genius. and i beleive he can do well with “little” funds just like Arsene. Just look at the new found resilience he has given Everton.


    Others: Rosicky, Cazorla, Gnabry, Sanogo

    OUTS: Arteta, Diaby, TV5, Miyiachi, Sagna, Podolski

  54. jwl

    I wrote a few hours ago about Sherwood hopefully having a crazy interview after the match, it did not occur to me to hope for a punch up in Spuds dressing room!

    hahahahahahaha no matter how bad it gets it Arsenal we can always count on Spuds for a laugh and to make us appreciate what we have.

    Wenger is not our fav manager here at le grove but at least he’s not Sherwood!!!

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When he does go how will his years be viewed?

    Granted the early days were great
    Great signings great tatics
    Football played at a level in uk never been seen before,

    The latter years

    Shocking signings
    Poor tatics total incompetence
    The basil fawlty squat

    Media will ignore the eary years unlike dein

    We have been abused by the club in the last 10 years

    Ripped off in money terms

    All those Etonian lords that run the club care about is CL and money income

    Well the time has now come where they reap what they have sowed


    Fifth at best and Europa league


  56. kwik fit

    If Sherwood actually did punch a spurs player I think we should campaign to have a Tim Sherwood statute outside the Emirates.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    I too share you hatred of the little chav…I hate Kyle Walker as well.

    My mate saw him in a Nando’s in Stratford a few weeks back and said ‘North London is red mate’ as he walked past him…just after we’d beaten em 1-0 as well…his nose would make for a beautiful explosion if you caught him right as well.

    Him and Soldado probably have a konk off in the dressing room, cross nasal swords.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    He should be made Arsenal boss, on the spot.

    Who could possibly be a better candidate than a bloke who smacked a Spurs player??? I ask you.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    Woah woah! Were you not around for the whole Kjafc thing? We don’t do facts here.

    One bloke on Twitter has said it, it therefore becomes a fact…keep up.

  60. Norfolk

    KjafcMarch 30, 2014 19:39:50
    Go read the link mate. You seem like an intelligent bloke. To be fair, Leeds Gunner explained it better than me.Anyway, there is no pint trying to debate with people that have no intention of listening to an alternative view. Even if I sent a photo with a signature they would deny it.”

    I did read the link very carefully but I couldn’t see where it said JH lied or even hinted he lied tbh.
    Maybe someone can explain ?

  61. Cesc Appeal


    I think they’d get along as it goes, they both share a love for strange jacket type apparel and delusional rants.

  62. MarbleHall

    When Arsenal win the FA Cup the KJafc’s of this world will be saluting Wenger for triumphantly overcoming adversity when what’s really happened is Arsenal have got out of jail.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    From Premier League banter page:

    New rumours about Sherwood punching a player:

    Sherwood tried to punch Lloris and Kaboul tried to defend his keeper but ended up punching himself in the face and the defenders left gaps open for 3 extra punches.

    Soldado tried to punch Sherwood lots of times but missed as he can only punch when Sherwood is handcuffed.

    Lamela bought a very expensive new pair of boxing gloves but is not fighting. Lennon is currently running around the dressing room at high speed but missing all his punches.

    Ledley King has been punched and has died, his good friend Abou Diaby was very sad at hearing the news but also passed away after being given a pat on the back by Flamini.

    Townsend is hiding in the toilet but giving everyone stick on twitter about being punched, from his phone.

    Wojciech Szczesny and Kieran Gibbs have broken into the dressing room and taken a selfie with Sherwood, who then punched Kieran Gibbs, mistaking him for Chadli.

  64. salparadisenyc

    Midwest your not an AKB?

    See how KJ came at me for calling the boys cunts when I was simply helping you with your problem. 11x ___

    My misses is less sensitive than this lot.

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Cesc understood

    Even before today he had lost the dressing room

    The media have been easy on spurs

    They have spunked over 100m on player plus the wages on what ?

    Not one great player in all the signings

    Who will be the first one they sell ?

    I reckon capoue

  66. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Lol, I guess I need to work on my jokes, you might want to stand clear next time in case your caught in the explosion.
    I mean Always Knows Best pretty much describes my life. Probably, why im divorced. 😀

  67. MidwestGun

    Berkaap –
    Thats the first thing you’ve ever said I’ve agreed with. 😀
    Now if you could just get over your obsession with Pedro you might be almost worth talking to.

  68. Arsene's Nurse

    berkaap March 30, 2014 20:47:26

    Cant believe all the winers, whingers, cry babies on here. What do you support? The “club” u say? What is the club without its players, manager, ideas and philosophy. If you dont agree with the clubs philosophy( wich happens to be the same as arsene wengers) maybe its time you move on! If its titles you are after there are many clubs you can support. To me you no different from the nasri’s and van persies. Dont get me wrong, the club wants to win trophies, but we want to do it the arsenal way, and if thats not your way well then boo woo go support someone else
    I see the mental institution has allowed you your daily hour of internet use. Tell me; do you have to supply the “head wand” or is it provided? From your post it also appears that you have taken advantage of a BOGOF offer from Lidl on drain cleaner and consumed both bottles.

  69. kwik fit

    Apparently it all started with Dawson saying ‘who nicked my deodorant’ and Tim Sherwood going ‘who’d want to smell like you’ sarcastically

  70. Arsene's Nurse

    Berkaap is a complete melt. He’s been spouting crap everywhere. Here is a post of his on thearmchairgooner (4th one down) talking about why Kallstrom was signed (even though he was injured):


    February 5, 2014 at 9:20 am

    i believe we signed him because of the long run we are going to have in the champions league, to combat the mental fatigue we could experiance in the midfield positions and of course injuries. he is experienced and that will be important when it comes to being able to understand and implement the tactics of the manager.

    Berkaap is an utterly deluded AKB who spouts his nonsense on as many blogs as he can. Yeah that long run in the Champions League went well and Kallstrom played some great games didn’t he? What a maroon.

  71. Salvage

    For those people whinning about Arab Money and Russian money , so which one is Liverpool running on?
    Players with heart, manager that actually knows what he is doing and can bring out the best in mostly above average players(Exception of Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard) .

    I do hope they win the league. Wenger and his supporters must hold their head in shame.

  72. tunnygriffboy


    Fair enough. Pedro did the right thing and removed him quietly.

    Are these Sherwood stories just rumours ? Spurs have got themselves into a right mess. All these players on big wages, be difficult to shift a la St Nick.

  73. Arsene's Nurse

    I’m in two minds about Liverpool winning the league. On the one hand they have played some great football, it would also show that you don’t need “oil money” to win but on the other hand we’d never hear the end of the gloating from Hansen, Owen et al.

  74. tunnygriffboy


    Lpool winning it would be unbearable. Some fan on radio earlier saying Rodgers was like Ramsey and they would beat City like they beat Spurs. Plus the huge number of pundits and their gloating. No thanks, not for me.

    They’ve got a really good chance though. City looked as tired as us on Saturday. Hope they rest up and get Aguero back.