Arsenal Chasing top 4, not the league – A point is good

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So I missed the pregame protest. As I understand it, it didn’t go well. Shockingly, not many people showed up.

I mean honestly, I don’t get it. 7,000 people on Twitter say they’ll be there. The moment comes, and they don’t show up?

Absolute shocker. 12 people showed. Like the unpopular kids birthday party (my 9th, to be precise).

This was the money shot…


Interesting for many reason. Firstly, that the protest was about ticket price hikes, so not sure what that banner was all about. PEOPLE LOVE BANNERS though. This much is true. Secondly, 5 people around that banner have their phones out. The revolution will not be attended, but it’ll be live Tweeted for sure. Crazy eh? You’re at the game, doing the mega protest and you’re on your phone showing everyone how hard your protesting?

I don’t like protesting at games. I don’t agree that we’re in a situation that merits it. Clearly, fans aren’t ready for it, regardless of the noise online. Also, let’s call a spade a spade here, the protest isn’t about the 3%, it’s about Wenger. Look at that banner.

Anyway, eloquent banners aside. The game. This post is late because I treated myself to all the beer pregame. The sun was shining, it was a stunning day… I wanted to be suitably numb.

Well, I needn’t have worried, that game was suitably numb in itself!

I think.

Or was it the beer that made it numb?

City and Arsenal were both playing their third game in a week and it told. I thought City would come to destroy, but the reality is they came for a point. They sat back most of the game and absorbed pressure. Arsene lined up with a side that wasn’t really capable of launching any sort of attack, so we had to play it safe.

Arsenal typically average in the first half. City dominated play in the main, with Arsenal contributing one shot to their seven. City took the lead after we lost the ball. Silva was given far too much space, we didn’t have the pace to catch him, he picked out Dzeko who hit the post but Silva was there to bury the rebound. Bad times.

The second half saw Arsenal fight a bit harder. Cazorla really had a good game, he was driven and pushing as hard as he could to open up play. Problem was that he didn’t really have anyone to target. We did get our break though, I couldn’t really see what was going on because Arsenal played away from me in the second half, but Matty Flamini turned in what looked like a Lukas cross. It was a great finish. I’m sure he was probably trying to clear it!

That charged the crowd, not that we weren’t already making a lot of noise. We saw some resurgent play. Wenger didn’t bring on subs until pretty late. Chamberlain got everyone excited as he sat outwide on the right. We still struggled to get chances. I mean, chasing a game and the best we can do is bring on a rookie… it’s a bit amateur, but there you go.

The half played out, there was one amusing moment. The fans were chanting ‘wanker’ at Samir Nasri and he threw his hand up in a really camp manner, like he was owning up to being a wanker. We all laughed.

The game finished a point for each side. Fair result I’d say, but still pretty damn disappointing. We didn’t need a point, we needed three. But after the week we’ve had, I’d have taken anything outside a spanking, so happy days.

Tings to tink about:


Man, I can’t keep writing it all the time, but Giroud really was garbage again yesterday. His averageness stank the ground out yesterday. It’s not his fault, but we really do need an upgrade this summer. A proper upgrade as well, none of this smart arsed stuff. We’re no good at that anymore. I want power, pace and a serious goal record.


Because of the power problem in our side, we don’t have gears. Wenger literally had nothing to come from the bench. Sure Chambo is a talent, but he’s not really a game chasing talent at the moment. Outside that, we had Kim Kallstrom and Sanogo. That really is a joke. We need to add some serious depth this summer. Wenger needs 4 really top players and he needs to add to the squad where he can. We need proper competition. We shouldn’t be broken 4 players down.


Really interesting watching City defend in packs. They didn’t press yesterday, but they pressed us when we attacked them. Countless times our players were dispossessed right to the end. I was chatting with the guys around me about our pressing game. We do it for the first three months of the season, then it disappears. Partly because the players don’t have the energy, but partly, I’m guessing, because Wenger doesn’t enforce it hard enough.

Concluding point:

We’re chasing 4th, not the league. A point is important. It puts Everton right up behind us. That’s a must win, because they’ll beat Fulham by a margin today. So overall, a good day and a refresh of our ambitions.

More tomorrow.

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  1. jwl

    Sherwood seems to get pretty wound up for those quick tv interview after matches, hopefully we in for good post game rant about his players being dopey twats and everyone will be sold in summer.

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha ha. Fuck me mate you can see into the future. Right on cue Kjafc comes up with that same excuse ha ha ha ha.
    Any chance of Fridays euro millions numbers:)

  3. Chyke


    I started laughing at Spuds at this scoreline.
    Then I remembered that fateful day we got smashed too.

    Liverpool sure don’t discriminate.


  4. follow the money

    We are now only ahead of Everton in goal difference by one goal, we have 19 they have 18. Liverpool 48 CitY 52. It took two years of this for Wenger to see L’Oreal was not good enough and never will be. Sigh

  5. Marc

    It’s a well known fact that Scouser’s don’t discriminate. They won’t work for anyone and they’ll rape, rob and murder anyone even family members.

  6. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah be either one of Ramsey and Wilshere. I think Ramsey will kick on to be a top player. Wilshere mmmmm. We have Ozil and the pace of Walcott and Ox. We just need someone quicker who can regularly put the ball in the net. It’s so frustrating. Oh yeah and a proper DM to anchor that attack.

  7. Kjafc

    I hope Liverpool win the title to show up the AKB mugs who moan that you can’t win it unless you’ve oil money. Love to hear the shit excuses mugs like dan c and Kjafc will come up with.
    Why do you always talk behind peoples back? Why call people names just because they don’t agree with everything you say?

    Thankfully most people on this blog are prepared to discuss and debate, all you want to do is call people names. At least you aren’t calling me a “Bullshitting Lying bastard” like last time for no apparent reason.

    What is your problem mate?

  8. Dissenter

    Liverpool have had injuries too.

    Suarez missed the first seven games.
    Aggar was out for long
    Sturridge was out too.
    The right back is our for the season, hence John Flangan.

    You lived up to the stereotype because yore serving the same worn excuses.

    You’ve got to give Brendan Rogers credit.
    Gets rid off the record signing from the outset, kept his best player during the summer and is playing the game according to his beliefs.

    He’s the Wenger of this decade.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    I just cannot see how anyone who’s as intelligent as you can be as stupid and blind. I feel sorry for the guys you represent in court.

  10. N5

    I have to agree, Rodgers does need to be given some credit here!

    I know they didn’t have ECL football, but he still has performed a few masterstrokes with this Liverpool team.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Guys what’s with all this Akb name caling rubbish. In any case KJ is factually right about them having a week to rest and prepare for games. Even Maureen said as much inferring that Gerard would never cope with the CL games. We have played 12 more games than them this season. Nearly a third of the league programme. ? May, may not be an excuse but it is a fact.

  12. ikon

    Only if we could have kept RVP for 2 more seasons on 150k pw, we would have romped Stoke and Swansea.

    Basically the lost 5 points from those two games have ended our career aspirations, not the Chelsea game.

  13. Kjafc

    Some of you really are immature.

    You clearly think you are big and tough hiding in your bedrooms with your iPhones and pc’s hurling names at people. And acting like cyber bully’s. Seriously, is that really how you conduct yourself when face to face with people? TYAg says he works in sales, god help any customer refusing to buy something off him. He’ll probably stalk them and put in their windows.

    This IKB attitude is funny considering you don’t come across as being very bright.

    If only you had spent as much time on your education, you would probably be able to debate sensibly.

    Society has a lot to answer for when we have people acting like this on a blog.

  14. N5

    “Arsenal had no distractions in last seasons league run in which helped them enormously secure the 4th placed trophy.”

    Which has what to do with anything that anyone is discussing?

    It’s like you have ADD, everyone is talking about Liverpool and your eyes flick over to the screen and you type “I like hats” and then back to drinking tea or watching TV until in five minutes you write “PC gamers are better than console gamers”. Stop typing soundbites and actually get involved in a conversation!!

  15. Chyke

    What our season could’ve been!

    Got to give it to Liverpool nd management !

    Really sucks we have a manager who is really old school!

  16. Cesc Appeal


    “However, you and I know that when Arsenal says 140 million, the wages are factored in.”

    No…we don’t. You might ‘think’ that…I certainly don’t.

    They are wages. Wages. So they go on the wages book, they decrease your profit of a year by whatever you are paying them. So if annually you make £35 Million, and you add £3 Million worth of wages per annum you now make £32 Million…you don’t factor in your wages for a 5 year contract out of your cash reserves!

    That money is cash. We’ve made from sales, property sales, and hoarding profit each year.

  17. Dissenter

    Surely we knew the number of games we would be playing when Wenger ensued to do business last summer.
    He refused to do any meaningful business even when it was clear the highest goal scorer of last season was out for the year on Jan 5th.

    Kim Kallstrom sums up Wenger’s vision or the obvious lack of it.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    I tell you what is fact. It’s a fact that our manager is a backwards, senile out of date fraud of a manager compared to Rodgers. If Arsenal and Liverpool were to play on neutral ground with both first 11 ‘ s, I’d back the thriving scouse to do us over 8 times out of 10. Now you can point to the FA Cup game and say we beat them, but if the ref had rightly awarded the 2nd penalty it would of been curtains for us.

  19. Same Story

    Suarez missed first 5.
    Enrique first choice LB out all season.
    Sturridge,Gerrard both our for 6 weeks during the christmas period, they went away to City and Chelsea and lost 2-1 after taking the lead in both.
    Agger has missed half their matches through injury.
    Coutinho was out for 6 weeks.
    Johnson out for 6 weeks
    Lucas out for 2 months.
    Sahko has been out since December.

  20. MidwestGun

    Actually I disagree, I would gladly have Kj defend me in court. He is a hell
    Of a debater and seems like a decent dude. And he could probably overlook my faults………… like he overlooks AWs faults. Sorry had to get that in there.

    bad sense of humor again.

  21. tunnygriffboy

    Liverpool injuries were relatively short term and didn’t all happen together. We have had players out for 4 months more if you count Walcott as well as short term injuries ( 4 to 6 weeks ) in the case of Arteta, Santi, Nacho and TV5. I know the problems re our injury record but to say Liverpool have had injuries as well and to compare them is not really fair

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Same Story March 30, 2014 16:42:47

    Luck has nothing to do with how Liverpool have kept their best players fit.
    That is very true.

    Based on 12 seasons totals:

    Club——–Hamstring Injuries—Calf Muscle Strain—Thigh Muscle Strain
    Man Utd————–88————————-43—————————-28——-
    Man City————-98————————–26—————————20——-
    Everton—————82 ————————-18—————————–23——-
    Aston Villa———–72————————-30—————————–30——

    Total Injuries in 12 seasons

    Man Utd—-748
    Man City—567
    Aston Villa-547

    Liverpool have the best injury record of the top clubs. They are consistently better than everyone I’ve looked at. The must be doing something different to us. Arsenal suffer more muscle related injuries than any other club.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    No I will just grab them by the nuts and twist till they buy. Works for me. As for being a cyber bully……oh please. Tunny would prefer Wenger to stay but I like the guy and don’t dig him out. Your as bad a cyber bully as anyone else.

  24. Kjafc

    Thanks tunny.

    I am factually correct about Liverpool. The problem with some people is they are either deliberately being argumentative or are stupid.

    The fact Liverpool haven’t had other distractions and midweek travel and games is important. They have a whole week to prepare for their next pL game. Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal have to prepare later. In some cases they get back from a European game on Thursday and are playing on a Saturday. They not only have to prepare late,the players have less recovery time.

    If Liverpool were in the CL would they be where they are? We don’t know but unlikely.

    Most people on here are great but there are one or two like TYAG who just call you names or swear at you. For no reason other than you have an opinion that differs from their own. I wasn’t even having a discussion with them!

    It’s a shame people conduct themselves like this and have no respect for other people. Shame because there are some good people on here amongst these idiots and I wonder what’s the point of bothering. Just leave this blog to the kids.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Arsène ‘ s nurse

    That’s not Wenger’s fault though mate is it. Just 10 years of bad luck:)

  26. Guns of brixton


    My apoligies if i have offended you in any way mate, i try do my bit to make convo and sane debate without ‘cunting’ eachother too much.
    but i disagree with your view that LFC were ‘lucky’ i think rodgers was smart to buy multiple versatile attackers to make up for the holes in their team.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    I totally agree with you re replacing Walcott, I have bemoaning it since. It still doesn’t alter the fact they have played considerably less games than us. It may well win them the title as they are fresher than City and Chelsea as well

  28. ikon

    Liverpool have the most efficient players in their preferred positions, that is why they are less injured.

    We have a lumbering mass sack for a center forward, who has pathetic footwork and balance.

    Mikel Arteta was run over by Chelsea at home and Wenger did not care to think about that before he was run over again at the bridge.

    We did not care to replace Theo Walcott’s goals.. for goodness sakes we bought Kallstrom who could not play in the weeks that we required him to.

  29. Kjafc

    I have never bullied anyone and you know it.

    You are the worst poster on here, you have done that to other people. The worst was a couple of weeks back, that really was pretty disgraceful. Even when he had left, you were still slagging him off behind his back, saying some pretty disgusting stuff.

    I am not even on here and you are making snide comments about me behind my back. A few weeks back your behaviour was disgusting mate, swearing at me when as wasn’t even exchanging with you. It’s all polite and sensible until you appear. Then it’s all sarcasm, AKB this, those accusations you made of, what was it, “wan++g over pictures of Wenger”. That before you called me a bullshitter. You just come on here to poke fun and call people names.

    Mate, you really do need to grow up and have respect for people.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    I said I’d give Wenger two windows after Ozil. If the summer is horrendous then my view will change. The money has to be spent, I genuinely feel because of the angst amongst the fan base we will buy some top players

  31. Kjafc

    That’s fine mate., no problem. I am happy to disagree and exchange views.

    What I am not happy to do is come on here to be called names by kids like TYAG. It’s not the first time, he is a serial offender. And the snidey comments are really what girls do.

    I am too long in the tooth for it. We are all Gooners! just have different opinions on some things.

    No need for the abuse.

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    I have no respect for AKB’S and as for revvin, well he was ok to dish it out. I have a laugh with the other posters and most on here are great guys. But have no respect for wenger apologists as I blame you lot as much as Wenger.

  33. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    The problem is its not a one summer more situation. Its a 2 year or 3 contract extension for AW. And I do not trust Arsene in the least to bring in the correct type of players and play a power pace counterattacking system next year. Also, why did we throw this year away by not reinforcing for our injuries in January? Arsene has had plenty of one more tw chances.

  34. Kjafc

    Oh dear, more twisting.

    Where did I say Liverpool were lucky? I think Brendan Rogers has done a fantastic job. He has pace throughout the team and their movement is excellent. He deserves real credit for what he has done.

    I merely pointed out what everybody -except those who want a row- knows. They have benefited from not having to play champions League games. It’s not just the games, it’s the recovery time and preparation. 99.9% of people know that except one or two of you, of course.

    But what do I know, my opinion is completely null and void.

  35. tunnygriffboy

    Marble of course it did, just like Lpool not being in the champs has helped them. Maureen has said his players are struggling. I’m hoping with City out of the CL will allow them to rest and turn Lpool over. Oh, and Aguerro will be back

  36. london gunner

    I keep hearing this Liverpool have a rubbish midfield myth.

    Coutinho is an absolute gem far better than wilshere btw

    Gerrard is class! I know he constantly gets slated on here I just think its the custom hatred of an age old rival, guy is incredibly consistent for Liverpool rarely has a bad game, his long passing is the best in the league and its not pointless Hollywood passes they actually often lead to a goal his the assist of the assist maker.

    Henderson is better than flam

    Now Ramsey and Ozil and Santi are beast mode but you have to also realise that santi and ozii don’t play well together.

    You also have to understand that are mid may be better on paper but its not as superior as there strike force is to ours on paper thus overall they are a far better unit (aside from defence)

    You could also argue that they have a better balance in their midfield/forwards as they have physicality in gerrard, physicality with stamina in Henderson, pace and strength and finishing in sturridge and pace and flair in sterling, as well as creativity in coutinho with suarez who has flair, finishing and creativity.

    They are far more balanced if we look at their team from an unbiased viewpoint

  37. Kjafc

    I have no respect for AKB’S and as for revvin, well he was ok to dish it out. I have a laugh with the other posters and most on here are great guys. But have no respect for wenger apologists as I blame you lot as much as Wenger.

    You are actually justifying abusing and swearing at people who have a different opinion.


    On elf these days this will bite you on the arse mate, you can’t go around acting like that.

  38. Johnty79

    Cesc appeal I never agree with you but when you 140m to spend but that includes wages I agree with you.

    I remember in 2011 I think they said we had 70 m to spend and when we spent 35 m they came out and said yes that includes wages.

    Arsenal are a cop out of a club.

    A shame more people didn’t turn up for that protest.

    I think people do t appeal as they are afraid of being banned from the club.

    Everton do us a favour and take a potential 30m from kronke.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    Exactly, credit to Liverpool. And unlike our fraud of a manager, who’s to busy cheating on his wife, Rodgers spends the summer doing his homework and visiting the top clubs in Europe in pre season, to pick up some tips and learn. Unlike le senile cunt who thinks no one can teach him anything.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    I hear what your saying and understand it. I just think that with better players he will get better results. Also I’d like Klopp to come but would he come now? Also if Wenger wants to stay he stays. Perhaps I’m a bit more patient now that the money is here. I’m not blind to the deficiencies of the club asa whole by any means.

  41. Same Story

    Number of injuries that have kept a player out for more than a week for the season 13-14 so far:

    Arsenal 239
    Man United 168
    Aston Villa 165
    Tottenham 161
    West Brom 153
    Crystal Palace 153
    Newcastle 151
    Everton 148
    Liverpool 147
    West Ham 141
    Swansea 136
    Norwich 134
    Fulham 132
    Man City 122
    Hull 114
    Sunderland 95
    Chelsea 90
    Stoke 90
    Southampton 89
    Cardiff 60

  42. Johnty79

    Brendan rodges in 2m a year…..

    Wenger 7.5m per year…

    Arsenal wage bill for season 170m…

    Add a multiplier bonus in and rodges should get paid 10-15m for this seasons work.

    Liverpool 140m….

  43. Kjafc

    London Gunner
    I agree, they have a grape at midfield and Gerrard is a fantastic player. The fact that Henderson has started almost every game bar one I think, proves what a good player he is. Very athletic, gets up and down exactly what we need.

    For me their weakness is in defence.

    They prove the point about pace. They can move the ball forward quickly and play balls over the top because in Sturridge, sterling and Suarez they have real pace. As soon as we lost Theo we became very one dimensional.

    They are a very good team and are where they are on merit.

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    E v e r t o n won again won again



    Out of champs league
    Play the kids on spursday Europa cup
    Will be the best thing for the club !

  45. Gelbs

    Got a question for you guys. I’ve wanted Wenger gone since way back in 2007. For me he should of done a lot more as Arsenal manager. But at the same time, is it his fault he’s crap and no good anymore? Lol. It’s like a player who does poorly, is it his fault he’s crap? Hard to explain, because if someone isn’t good enough anymore, you could argue and say how can you then expect them to do better? Catch me drift? :p

  46. Johnty79

    L.i.v.e.r.p.o.o.l fc

    Liverpool fc

    When wenger goes we can support arsenal again..

    By god theshit board are stupid enough to listen to a wenger recommendation.

    He’ll probably pick Steve Rowley or Giles grimandi as a replacement.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    @ London
    He’s been over to barca ‘ s training academy on a number of occasions and I believe he’s paid visits to Madrid when Mourinho was their. Last season in the summer he was over at barca again picking up tips. The only tops our manager gets/gives are the tip of his cock in a french lass

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Clear in feb by points
    No transfers in the window..

    Clear in feb by points
    No transfer buys


    Clear in feb
    No transfer buys

    It takes wenger three years to build a team
    And three months to destroy it !

    There is no way people can argue that he should stay

    He should go for the benefit of our sainty

    And his own

  49. Leedsgunner


    You and I differ on Wenger but I agree with you on the Suarez thing — they’ve been completely out of order in not allowing the player to speak to us even when the contractual terms were met. Some people applaud that kind of two-faced behaviour, I don’t. In my mind Liverpool is a small minded club who have profited from low life double handed antics.

    I deplore Wenger’s unpreparedness, stubbornness and arrogance but on the Suarez matter Wenger played it right and by the book. Liverpool decided to ignore it. In that particular matter of Suarez Wenger can’t blamed.

    I still want him out though.

  50. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Well that’s progress, I guess. Patience has run out for me. And no im not rioting or making a banner but I do agree with Pedro that clubs and their sponsors monitor online blogs and opinions and the pressure to perform now that the money as you say is there will be immense. I just think 2 more yrs of AW might set us back 5 yrs more.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    Same Story March 30, 2014 17:25:32

    Number of injuries that have kept a player out for more than a week for the season 13-14 so far:

    Arsenal 239
    Man United 168
    Aston Villa 165
    Tottenham 161
    West Brom 153
    Crystal Palace 153
    Newcastle 151
    Everton 148
    Liverpool 147
    West Ham 141
    Swansea 136
    Norwich 134
    Fulham 132
    Man City 122
    Hull 114
    Sunderland 95
    Chelsea 90
    Stoke 90
    Southampton 89
    Cardiff 60
    Well we do start every season with +52 points; 1 point for every week Diaby is injured!

  52. shad

    Hats off to Liverpool and Rodgers. That is astute player management and tactics. We can all say Liverpool have been lucky in that they didn’t have other cup distractions but hats off to their management for hanging on to Suarez. Wenger is looking more and more like the cunt he is with his bid for every goal Suarez scores. It’ll be interesting how they mix it up with Champions League and other domestic cups next season but given the faith in the manager, I bet Rodgers will get the players he wants plus they are playing attractive football so players will want to go there.

    Arsenal on the other hand have a tight-fisted has-been and my only prayer is that Wenger falls on his sword..

  53. tunnygriffboy

    Much as I hate Lpool it would be funny if they won the league and we won the fa cup and the billion dollar teams won zip. No no no I couldn’t stand Lpool winning it.

    Despite all our problems and differing viewpoints it could be worse. We could have a cockeral tattooed on our nipples loooooooooool.

  54. Johnty79

    Wengers wages…

    1997-2000 – 2m per year
    2000-2002 a 3m per year
    2002-2004 4 m per year
    2005-2007 5 m per year
    2007-20011 7m per year
    2011- present 7.5 m per year.

    Wenger has earned more money at arsenal then any other manger at a football club. Including Alex ferguson.

    Ferguson was on 6m a year when he left.

    Will wenger leave arsenal….,financially I doubt it.

  55. Kjafc

    London Gunner
    I agree about Liverpool. They have a quality midfield and Gerrard has always been a great player. He is an intelligent footballer and consistent with it. Henderson has started all but one game and is a proper athlete. He provides much needed cover with Gerrard for their only weakness, which is their back four.

    Up front they just have so much pace. This allows them to mix up the way they play, they often go long with great success and Gerrard can make obscene long passes. They have sterling, Suarez and Sturridge who are all really quick. Look at us, as soon as we lose Theo we become predictable.

    They have benefited from not playing CL games but they deserve credit. Chelsea still have a tough couple of CL games coming up, so I expect this to be out of City and Liverpool.

  56. london gunner


    When will the penny drop? It took me awhile I admit.

    But in 3 years time when we have won nothing but an FA cup will you still back Wenger? Is you support unconditional? I believe it is, I honestly think we could become a midtable club and you will still find obscure excuses for Wenger.

    This isn’t me trying to be rude or attack you its a statement of my opinion that some fans will always find a reason for Wengers failings.

    Once again I don’t mean any discourtesy.

    Just the fact you have already pre established a defence for Wenger if Rogers wins the title is very worrying.

    Rogers may of had less games he also has a smaller squad with a wage bill 40 million less, he seems to be getting better value for money than Wenger.

    If the reason Rogers might win the title is because he has only the title to focus on with no CL football, does it not beg the question maybe all these years with a small injury ravaged squad maybe we should of focused on one tournament e.g. the premier league?

    I mean if that’s the reason rogers has come so close to the title maybe Wenger should of done that? NO

    What’s your excuse now?

  57. Thank you and goodnight

    Bloody well said sir. Spot on. It’s like keyser who’d already started to make excuses for this summer’s transfer window 3 months before its even started.

  58. MarbleHall

    It’s a myth to say Wenger has changed, he’s always been birdbrained when it comes to tactics , it’s just now it’s become more apparent because their are more teams now competing for the league as opposed to just two teams back in the late nineties.

  59. Dissenter


    It’s been revealed that John Henry has controlling shares in small mid-western oil company operating in North Dakota.
    John Henry can also be classified as an oil man.
    Relax, people.
    After all, it’s taking American oil money to overcome Arab/Russian money.
    We can stay snug and secure that our excuses remain untouched by reality.


  60. Gelbs

    Johnyty, I concur lol. I was slated on Gunnerblog way back in 2006 as I predicted this would happen, or was a high chance at least of it happening. Never changed my stance, sure if Wenger is top currently, or has a good result, it’s hard to be angry, but I’ve never wanted him to stay. He’s finished, period. Even if he scrapes the FA Cup this year, it be a one off, and I still don’t think he’ll win it. Fact remains. Maybe Wenger can’t help being shit, but he should of realised years back he was no good anymore lol. But then again, he can’t being a moron, haha. All the simple and yet unavoidable mistakes he has made as well. Either way, when you’re at a top club like Arsenal, you should be doing better, period. Especially with the players and resources he has had all these years. Arsenal should be in a much better place. Not just trophy-wise, but squad wise as well.

  61. london gunner

    Rogers and CEO refuse to sell Suarez

    Wenger and Board Bend over backwards for RVP

    We wimped out for 24 mill and got Giroud the great and Podolski (no offense to Pod as his half decent)

  62. Kjafc

    Evening Leeds
    Yes we disagree on a few things but it’s never stopped us debating sensibly. Thanks.

    The Suarez thing is conveniently ignored by a lot of people. What drives me mad are the people that keep repeating the 40 + 1 rubbish and can’t be bothered to try to understand what really happened. You and I both know that Suarez should be an Arsenal player had Liverpool not done what NO other club has ever done before and Ignored a players contract. I can see other teams taking this stance when a release clause is met until someone goes legal.

    Imagine us with suarez and Liverpool without him.

  63. london gunner

    Thank You and Goodnight

    “It’s like keyser who’d already started to make excuses for this summer’s transfer window 3 months before its even started.”

    OH MY NO! Seriously? The fact he has to even pre fabricate and excuse shows how predictably bad Wenger is in the transfer market.

    Keysers like ok Wengers gonna fuck this one up so how can I deflect the blame some more.

  64. Thank you and goodnight

    Seriously mate I’m not lying. Was about 6 weeks back and I thought, fuck me what hope do we have with supporters like him.

  65. london gunner


    I don’t harp on about Suarez because I honestly don’t think there was any way we could sign him.

    But as for Liverpools actions in keeping Suarez they were fucking fantastic ashame are club hasn’t show more balls in the recent pass, rather than bending over every time a big club wants one of our star players

  66. MidwestGun

    Dissenter –
    Whatever you do, do not look into Stans financial holdings. Lol. Fact of the matter is every rich investor has some sort of oil stock investment as part of their investment portfolio diversity strategy.

  67. Dale Rios

    ”We can’t sign players until after the World Cup .”

    ”Have to get through the CL qualifiers first”

    ”90% of all activity happens in the last week.”

    ”I have to money but I can’t find the players”

    Excuses we’ll see.

  68. Gelbs

    I agree Johnty, lol. I was slated years back in 2006 as I predicted this and said at least there was a high chance of all this happening. I’ve never changed my stance on Wenger. Okay, maybe when he’s top and doing well and having decent results, you aren’t as angry, temporarily. But still feel the same overall. When you’re at Arsenal as manager, you should be doing a hell of a better job than Wenger has done. Especially when you consider the players and resources he has had down the years. And he’s still to blame and at fault, because he should of walked 2008 rather than than signed a new contract, and realised his short-comings. Though again, I guess he can’t help being a moron, lol. Not to mention the many, yet simple repetitive mistsakes he has made. Either way, Arsenal should be in a better place than they are now. Not just trophy-wise, but squad wise too. And just in general. I don’t believe he will win another trophy with Arsenal, even if they scrap the FA Cup this year, be a complete and utter one off, and changes nothing. Quality wise, Arsenal are good enough, any team is if the draw is fair to them to a certain extent, but manager and mentality wise, they’re not. They’ll most likely bottle it, just like the 2011 League Cup final when they all turned up in their tracksuits expecting it to be a walk over. All top managers lose finals, but not more than they have lost like Cunthole Wenger. Of course the law of averages means if Wenger replayed the 2011 Cup Final he may win it, lol. But it just exposes what a poor manager he really is, period!

  69. tipster


    The Suerez deal is all the more reason why I don’t want the scousers to win the league…they have it in their head that they would never have let him go, at any price…bollocks

  70. london gunner


    Yeah what bastards cleverly holding onto their star player and refusing to sell him to a direct rival.

    ACTUALLY holdddddd on a minute! What a novel idea! Perhaps we should of done that? instead of capitulating like a weak club.

  71. london gunner

    This is how biased fans are, Liverpool are cunts because they refused to sell Suarez, really?

    If we refused to sell one of our star players say Ozil would you be calling our club cunts? No you would say to right!

  72. salparadisenyc

    The excuse list is epic, my favorite.

    “Well they didn’t have champions league to content with. ”


    How about Liverpool have a plan,kept their main asset, squad fitness not to mention playing the best football in the league. In other words done what’s right for LFC.

    Exactly how we operared pre 2006.

  73. Dissenter

    Who will have thought our game of the season will be against Everton next week.
    One thing for sure, Everton has no chance.
    We are the most experienced team in the world when it comes to forth place contention.
    Expect a great performance from our boys at Goodison park. We come to our best when our real trophy is at stake.

  74. tunnygriffboy

    Just heard interesting point on the radio. I’m just throwing it out there. Liverpoolhave spent 100 million since Rodgers took over only behind City, Chelsea and Man u ( only after Fellaini and Mata ). To be honest I didn’t realise that so it’s a fallacy he hasn’t had money.

    Also the Lpool fans on the radio remind me why I don’t want them to win the league ‘Rodger’s between Shankley and Paisley ‘ We’ll beat City 4 nil like we beat
    spurs ‘ aaaaaaaaaazrgh

  75. Carts

    Is it fair to say that the teams in the top 3 will be there come May?

    I think we’ll squeeze 4th; but if Martinez is ‘about his bread’ he’ll be doing everything from getting Lucozade injected straight into his players veins pre-match; to having Paul McKenna convincing them Everton boys that Arsenal are wounded Antelopes.

    I know it seems like we ‘beat this dead horse daily’ but it’s so glaring how far we’ve fallen.

    Yes, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but fuck me sideways, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles & David Blunkett can even see what’s going on. How ANYONE can even begin to concoct a defence for Wenger is madness.

  76. Dissenter

    Giroud will score and do a tongue licking routine.
    Schezny will take selfies before the game because he so cocky.
    Wenger will give an hour long post-match conference after that game.
    He sign his contract the day after.

  77. tipster

    Tunny, your right, in the scousers minds their world beaters, even when they have been shit…if they had won the league at HIGHBURY they have written a book, or made a film. – that’s right we did….

    Oh yes we did, next time you see a scouser remind him.. and check your wallet

  78. Dissenter

    How do you expect scousers to behave when they’ve ben abused and demolished by United fans for two decades.
    How would you be reacting if you were in their shoes.
    Give them credit, they helped to chase away the former owners.

  79. tipster

    Anyway, good banter boys, so annoying that we could be such a force in Europe, but just another wasted year, ok some good memories but ultimately falling short..

  80. london gunner


    so his spent 100 million…. and….

    perhaps wenger should have instead of spending the bare minimum

    We spent 42 on Ozil ok good but we then got flamini on a free we should of got flamini on a free and spent money on luis Gustavo or fernhando of porto as well, Wenger never goes the full way to doing enough to win a title its always bit part.

    It bites us in the arse every season

  81. reality check

    The Suarez thing is conveniently ignored by a lot of people. What drives me mad are the people that keep repeating the 40 + 1 rubbish and can’t be bothered to try to understand what really happened.
    ————- ————- —- ————–

    Ok so wait, because ‘pool showed some balls, and said F you PFA and your clients contracts, F you Wenger and your 40+1 bollocks, and F you suarez for complaining your not going anywhere…

    We should feel wronged? Wait does LFC represent a portion of the arsenal fan base or something. Why should they
    give a shit.

    This is a multi billion pound business/sport we’re involved in.

    This is how it goes, every now and again somebody will just… do what they like.

    Like roman firing managers left right and centre.

    Sheik mansour paying way over the market value

    The glaziers dropping UTD in crazy debt

    Who’s gonna do ‘what’ to them?
    The Fa, Premier league, Fifa?

    Wake up its not 1998 anymore.

    If you cant handle or don’t like the game then don’t play.

    Nobody cares about our excuses arsenal fans. If liverpool win the league it won’t say

    Liverpool PL CHAMPIONS (Because they played less games than the rest) 2013/14

    Arsenal Chelsea and City all had the same amount of time bolster their squads for the fixtures that were known. The fixtures aren’t a secret. They all knew what had to be done.

    I called it early that Giroud was going to be our No.1 striker. Still, no wenger supporter can explain why another ECL decent (not necessarily WC) just decent striker wasn’t bought to support giroud?

    Explain why wenger let that happen.

  82. kwik fit

    Fights in the Spurs dressing room after Liverpool game today, apparently. (@darren_atkinson)

    But Why 🙂

  83. london gunner

    Reality Check

    Great comment mate loved this bit

    “Liverpool PL CHAMPIONS (Because they played less games than the rest) 2013/14

    Arsenal Chelsea and City all had the same amount of time bolster their squads for the fixtures that were known. The fixtures aren’t a secret. They all knew what had to be done.”

    Right on the money its the hard truth!

  84. Kjafc

    Nobody made an excuse about the CL for Liverpool. Nobody said Liverpool were lucky.

    Go back and read what was said and apologise.

    You lot need to stop being so disingenuous and twisting what people say to support your own views and opinions. Leave that to the media.

    Arsenal to lose by five
    Yesterday you lot were all moaning about how we were going to get thrashed. Some wanted to call the game off before a ball was kicked and take a three nil defeat. Others wanted us to lose by a cricket score so we failed to get CL so Wenger would get sacked. Others called the players C***ts.

    (Sal, you called our team line up the C***ts 11 before the game)

    And I have to defend myself……!!

    Today, the same people who said we would be thrashed by City are moaning because we only got a point.

    These are the same people who say we have a shit manager, shit players and shit tactics. The same people who said we would finish 6th. The same people who said we wouldn’t get out of our Champions league group.

    The same people who said Ramsey was shit. Per was shit, Theo was shit. Two weeks ago Cazorla was being slagged off by the armchair experts.

    And I have to defend myself!

    Some very strange ideas about football support on here.

    But as I don’t want Wenger sacked, I am not A proper fan. I should be abused for not being a true arsenal fan. Forget forty odd years of going to games, the Americans, Canadians, Africans and bedroom dwelling keyboard warriors know best.

    You really couldn’t make it up.

  85. tipster


    we’re all entitled to an opinion…don’t need to follow then wenger cult support.
    and a wide range of bloggers is good, some do go to games too..

  86. Dale Rios

    Kjafc 16:37:37

    Liverpool had no distractions, all they had was Saturday to Saturday games to manage. That’s a big advantage over their rivals who are playing champions league games.

    They have also been lucky with their best players Gerrard and Suarez remaining fit. How much was Soldado?

  87. tunnygriffboy


    All I stated was that lpool spent 100 million in two years and it’s a fallacy that they haven’t had money. Nowhere did I say we haven’t had money or that we have and haven’t spent it. That wasn’t my point or my argument.

    I grew up surrounded by lpool fans in the seventies. It was hard being a gooner then. They were like man u fans, felt they had an entitlement. Now that there near the top it brings back painful memories of the stick I got. Scarred me for life looooooool

  88. london gunner

    To be fair the real reason I hate Liverpool isn’t their players or manager who all seem decent people even Suarez (massive donator to charities)

    Its just alan Hansen and some of the other smug pundits

    I would really like to see Gerrard win a PL title as he certainly deserves it.

    Wanting Man City to win you have to remember Nasri plays for Man City LOL

  89. Kjafc

    Reality Check

    You are wrong. The repetitive garbage you lot kept repeating about our Suarez bid has been proven to be wrong. We bid the correct amount to trigger the release clause. All this bollocks about ‘wenger should have bid £50 million” is a complete untruth. So hopefully it won’t get repeated again

    For months you lot on here have been going on about £40m + £1 being an insult, when the facts show it wasn’t. You used this to beat up on Wenger and yet did not know the facts. Well the cats out of the bag now.

    The facts are that Liverpool gambled and for the first time ever a football club ignored a players contract. Fair play to Liverpool you say! perhaps that’s true. But the point remains the same.

    It’s like your employment contract saying you get paid for five weeks holiday but your employer pays you for just one week. No different.

    So fair play to Liverpool for being the first club to test ‘release clauses’. I guess we shall see if this has a knock on effect.

    But the point remains. You can no longer beat up on Wenger over the Suarez transfer because we did everything necessary and had the rules been followed he would be a Gooner.

    And that changes a lot.

    Sorry I had to explain this but so much gets twisted on here to fit opinions.

  90. MidwestGun

    Rant Sunday apparently.
    Sal I tried to explain the joke thing, sorry you got dragged into, it.

    It was a sarcastic JOKE, making fun of the people who call all of our players cunts during the game.

    SHEEEE SH………… over sensitive much?

  91. tipster

    IMO, Wenger didn’t want Suraez, it was a fob to the supporters, he would have shit himself if l’pool let him go,,,smoke and mirrors with the senile one

  92. Gambon

    You really need to stop moaning like an overgrown child. You are no better fan than all on here. You choose to be blinded by your delusion.
    Let me ask a question, when your kids take exams do you tell them they’ve tried their best? Or do you tell them to work harder so they can do better?
    Why don’t you ever see anything wrong in the way our club is being run?
    So what? We got a point at home to City yesterday and we’ve once again fallen out of the title race.
    We’re 4th and could be 5th if Everton beat us. How far off do the prediction of those doomers look??
    Open your eyes mate and stop being a sheep. You’re old enough

  93. Leedsgunner

    Rodgers is a decent manager, but he would be perceived nowhere near as good without Suarez in their side. Yes, Liverpool was fully entitled try to keep their player but in doing so they should have given Arsenal the chance to speak to their player after the condition of the release clause was met. If Suarez chose to stay with Liverpool after that, fair enough, but it is completely unjust and farcical that our club wasn’t even given access. They knew that if we were given that chance,we would have won the player over. Let’s think of it, this way,do you think the Scousers would stay so quiet? No chance. Whinging and complaining is part of their DNA.

    They chose to ignore that, and in doing so they effectively said we’re above the rules that everyone else has to obey. In my opinion, that’s nothing to be proud of.

    If they win the league, it is completely undeserved… they cheated, pure and simple. It’s corruption, and they’ve been allowed to get away with it.

    Maybe it’s water under the bridge but I found it incredible that FIFA and UEFA haven’t sanctioned Liverpool. In another sense, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… corruption seems to be an admired in FIFA and UEFA.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    “The facts are that Liverpool gambled and for the first time ever a football club ignored a players contract.”

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….stop calling them FACTS, Henry said that…doesn’t make it true.

    It’s very hypocritical of you to essentially be saying all the journos and ITK’s who said ‘there wasn’t one’ were wrong and that Henry, now talking after Suarez has signed a NEW £200 000 a week deal said there was one.

    Can you not see your hypocrisy there?

  95. ilerioluwa

    Seems Liverpool showed the proper balls By refusing to sell. As my brother, countryman babatunde said, they interpreted the clause as a permission to speak clause which is their right. Also kjafc says he has never been rude to anyone here but I remember him clearly implying I was a fraudster because I come from Nigeria.

  96. salparadisenyc

    Kj the sensitivity at all time high. Mid and I were all sarcasm, I was helping him with his problem. I’ll support this club until they throw dirt on me whomevers in charge.

    But the blatant excuse making for our season unravelling by some is and I’m not saying you is inexcusable.

  97. kwik fit


    Sherwood punched a player (unknown) and has reportedly been sacked. Get in there Gunner Tim! Kick the fuck out of them spuds!! 🙂

  98. tipster

    Anyway…all agreed the scousers are cu#ts…..if they don’t win the league this year they’ll never win it..and I’d love it love it, if those cu#ts fu#ked it up

  99. Thank you and goodnight

    Spot on as usual.
    Now if me and gambon had had a dig at our foreign support we’d be called racist. Shit sorry I forgot you never have a dig at anyone do you….my apologies

  100. kwik fit

    Match Stat: Tottenham have lost 100% of games this season when Tim Sherwood has worn a gilet.

    Coincidence? I think not.