Arsenal Chasing top 4, not the league – A point is good

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So I missed the pregame protest. As I understand it, it didn’t go well. Shockingly, not many people showed up.

I mean honestly, I don’t get it. 7,000 people on Twitter say they’ll be there. The moment comes, and they don’t show up?

Absolute shocker. 12 people showed. Like the unpopular kids birthday party (my 9th, to be precise).

This was the money shot…


Interesting for many reason. Firstly, that the protest was about ticket price hikes, so not sure what that banner was all about. PEOPLE LOVE BANNERS though. This much is true. Secondly, 5 people around that banner have their phones out. The revolution will not be attended, but it’ll be live Tweeted for sure. Crazy eh? You’re at the game, doing the mega protest and you’re on your phone showing everyone how hard your protesting?

I don’t like protesting at games. I don’t agree that we’re in a situation that merits it. Clearly, fans aren’t ready for it, regardless of the noise online. Also, let’s call a spade a spade here, the protest isn’t about the 3%, it’s about Wenger. Look at that banner.

Anyway, eloquent banners aside. The game. This post is late because I treated myself to all the beer pregame. The sun was shining, it was a stunning day… I wanted to be suitably numb.

Well, I needn’t have worried, that game was suitably numb in itself!

I think.

Or was it the beer that made it numb?

City and Arsenal were both playing their third game in a week and it told. I thought City would come to destroy, but the reality is they came for a point. They sat back most of the game and absorbed pressure. Arsene lined up with a side that wasn’t really capable of launching any sort of attack, so we had to play it safe.

Arsenal typically average in the first half. City dominated play in the main, with Arsenal contributing one shot to their seven. City took the lead after we lost the ball. Silva was given far too much space, we didn’t have the pace to catch him, he picked out Dzeko who hit the post but Silva was there to bury the rebound. Bad times.

The second half saw Arsenal fight a bit harder. Cazorla really had a good game, he was driven and pushing as hard as he could to open up play. Problem was that he didn’t really have anyone to target. We did get our break though, I couldn’t really see what was going on because Arsenal played away from me in the second half, but Matty Flamini turned in what looked like a Lukas cross. It was a great finish. I’m sure he was probably trying to clear it!

That charged the crowd, not that we weren’t already making a lot of noise. We saw some resurgent play. Wenger didn’t bring on subs until pretty late. Chamberlain got everyone excited as he sat outwide on the right. We still struggled to get chances. I mean, chasing a game and the best we can do is bring on a rookie… it’s a bit amateur, but there you go.

The half played out, there was one amusing moment. The fans were chanting ‘wanker’ at Samir Nasri and he threw his hand up in a really camp manner, like he was owning up to being a wanker. We all laughed.

The game finished a point for each side. Fair result I’d say, but still pretty damn disappointing. We didn’t need a point, we needed three. But after the week we’ve had, I’d have taken anything outside a spanking, so happy days.

Tings to tink about:


Man, I can’t keep writing it all the time, but Giroud really was garbage again yesterday. His averageness stank the ground out yesterday. It’s not his fault, but we really do need an upgrade this summer. A proper upgrade as well, none of this smart arsed stuff. We’re no good at that anymore. I want power, pace and a serious goal record.


Because of the power problem in our side, we don’t have gears. Wenger literally had nothing to come from the bench. Sure Chambo is a talent, but he’s not really a game chasing talent at the moment. Outside that, we had Kim Kallstrom and Sanogo. That really is a joke. We need to add some serious depth this summer. Wenger needs 4 really top players and he needs to add to the squad where he can. We need proper competition. We shouldn’t be broken 4 players down.


Really interesting watching City defend in packs. They didn’t press yesterday, but they pressed us when we attacked them. Countless times our players were dispossessed right to the end. I was chatting with the guys around me about our pressing game. We do it for the first three months of the season, then it disappears. Partly because the players don’t have the energy, but partly, I’m guessing, because Wenger doesn’t enforce it hard enough.

Concluding point:

We’re chasing 4th, not the league. A point is important. It puts Everton right up behind us. That’s a must win, because they’ll beat Fulham by a margin today. So overall, a good day and a refresh of our ambitions.

More tomorrow.

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  1. TH


    Some real though went in to that. Thick dregs.

    Anyway, decent result, no lose next week and we should see off Everton’s challenge. Questions still need to be asked in the summer, nothing has changed in the league performance.

  2. Dan T

    Everton game is a must win, after that fixtures we have left we need to take maximum points really. We’ll see though, never make it easy do we.

  3. Globalgunner

    Overall, happy with the 2nd half performance, however, nothing convinces me that the next season will be any different from this. Probably worse if United get their act together and sack the straw man in charge. 5th place next season

  4. Bade

    Fair shout Pedro

    I wonder who took the pic in the post. Were it you? Because if so, it seems being taken from a very stylish place in the Emirates where you can look at others from the top. Just my hunch though.

    As for the game itself, I too thought it was a 2nd gear game

    I wanted to tweet during the interval that the game was played at a Serie A pace. Not sure I did though, I was too stoned to be that focused, so whatever.

    A draw is the fair result of Yesterday’s

    Next we play our Game of the season against Everton.

    Win this & the CL spot worries are all but behind us.

    Lose it & it’s groundhog day yet again.

    A draw means we’re going to suffer for another few weeks, just the typical Arsenal of recent years.

  5. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Hats off to wenger and the team for showing such a nice performance and hold to be champions for a draw.

    Mind u we did that with a broken up squad.ozil Ramsey wilshere walcot all out!

    Who says v can’t compete at big level.????

  6. Bade

    The hilarity of this season continues with a Chelsea defeat to Palace

    I mean, had we won at home against Swansea & managed to keep the 2-1 lead at Southampton, We’d be 1 point behind now. Add a win away to Stoke & it’s us being top of table now, in spite of 3 heavy defeats

    Really weird season

  7. Brick Top

    Seriously, I think the guys that are protesting are a good job. Because, at least they care enough to try to do something about it. Weather the club listens is a different thing.

  8. azed

    Didn’t watch the game but feels good not to be thrashed.

    The sad reality of a gooner who is happy his team wasn’t thrashed at home 🙁

  9. Raphael

    12 muppets turned up. Reminds me of the equally effective black bag protest. The rest of the jonny come latelys who have probably never been to a game in their life will continue on social media. Agree with you that we desperately need a centre forward. One with some pace hopefully. Fa cup and top four will be decent season. Spend a few quid in the summer and who knows for next season.

  10. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Now where are the Anti wenger breagde?
    Wii they please come up and comment on Chelsea loss at Palace?
    I would say Jose was slapped in the face by a bottom team and humiliated on all fronts.

  11. Brick Top

    Where was the sign of the bottom less pocket which we can’t complete against yesterday? Wenger’s ego is what is holding Arsenal back not anybody’s bottom less pocket.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Comment on what? That Chelsea lost to Palace?

    I could give a fuck…what I do care about is Arsenal results when they played Chelsea…so you’re slagging Mourinho’s tactics…but then he slapped your messiah 6 to nothing! So you’re actually dick slapping Wenger…twit

  13. goona

    Marble does have a point. Our record against the top 5 or 6 clubs is woefull, until we start regularly taking points of these teams we will never win the league…

  14. Dissenter

    I can’t believe Pedro took a cheap shot at the people who actually bothered to put action to tweeter/online verbage.
    That banner is condensed eloquence at its best.
    Good for them.
    Keep working the inside game, Pedro. I can see it’s yielding great results.

  15. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @guns of Brixton

    We are far from competing at top level.,,,

    And playing in the champions league and staying at the top of the league for the first part of the season is a B class team performance,

    I am pretty sure if v didn’t had so much injuries to key players v would have surely finished 2nd if not 1st!!!!!!

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Please, no more cheapo buys, Morata and Drmic…not good enough, we need a top, top class striker and just need to swallow it when it comes to price.

  17. shad

    Good 2nd half showing. Flat paced as usual especially with Arteta being a nervous wreck in terms of awareness and possession and Giroud showing up with his almighty talent of fuck-all.

    Like I have said before and will keep saying, this was our best season to do something meaningful in the league and Wenger bottled it up again in both windows. He is a has-been and has to go.

    I’d rather take a rebuilding process under Klopp, Martinez, Simeone (if the reports are to be believed) than one more season of utter negligence and nauseating arrogance.

  18. SpanishDave

    If you say Wenger must do this or that this summer means that you are conceeding that he will stay?
    Concenses is he has to go, he is incapable of taking our club forward.
    Wengerland has to stop

  19. Thank you and goodnight

    @Cesc Appeal
    Good reply to Rosicky…. Some people are so blind it’s unreal. Fucking jokers the lot of them.

  20. Toronto Gunner

    Good to see some energy yesterday. Both full backs were excellent, Carzola top class and how did Lukas not score! Giroud is obviously out of sorts, if only he attacked the ball and didn’t give up he could have had a couple himself.

  21. Dave Highbury

    I am loving Arsenal right now. How can you not see where we’re headed after yesterday’s STELLA performance with Jack. Ramsey, Ozil, Koz and Theo and Diaby out? Le Grove, give it a rest now. Jack. Ramsey, Gibbs, The Ox and Chezzer have all come good. Just Jenkinson to come good now, and I love him already.
    This is the best season I’ve seen for ages – and the last six games? ANYTHING can happen.

  22. bergkamplegend

    Pedro : “That really is a joke. We need to add some serious depth this summer. Wenger needs 4 really top players and he needs to add to the squad where he can”

    it’s not about what he needs, it’s about what he wants.
    I don’t understand what made you think he will change his ridiculous policy next summer ??

  23. tipster

    Listening to Paul Scholes, and the other ex mancs, twats on the pitch but they all know their football and have an opinion, not us just yes men all over teh place so not to upset “the senile one”

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I know ANYTHING could happen.

    Liverpool, City OR Chelsea could win the league.

    Everton, Spurs OR Arsenal could finish fourth!

  25. bergkamplegend

    Dav Highbury : “This is the best season I’ve seen for ages”

    Me too!! 6-0 against chelsea, 5-1 at anfield, 6-3 at city, still unable to beat a poor yoonited, another elimination at the same stage in the CL, the signing of KK this winter…how can you forget a beautiful season like this one ??? lol

  26. Leedsgunner

    Drmic who?

    If he was any good in Germany Bayern Munich would be after him. The mere fact that they are not tells me he’s not very good. Wenger hates chasing players who everybody wants, because he lacks the stomach to outmuscle competitors for the top talent.

    Her thinks he’s being box clever because he picks up a cheapie and transforms him into a world superstar which he says at a massive profit… except that hasn’t worked for about 5-6 years now.

    Furthermore I’d argue if that is a policy we’re going to follow our scouting network has to be overhauled to match other clubs that execute this approach with much more success. For in our efforts to covert dross into gold because our scouting network is not good enough — all we end up picking up for the most part is dross. Next, I fear Wenger’s eye for judging talent is gone or is going especially defensively. If we look at his record at transfer it really is rank.

    Udinese need to be learnt from… and imitated.

  27. Saurabh

    Mourinhio losing yesterday just exposes Wenger even more. If Tony Pluis, Paul Lambert, Alan Pardew, Roberto Martinez, Mark Hughes can beat his team in one season. why has wenger not been able to do it with much better teams.

  28. Arsenal2174

    Righto boys and girls we have a $100 million to spend in the summer who do we spend it on ???????????

  29. SpanishDave

    I think Dave has got the message.
    Will Wengers spin machine leak names of possible purchases before the end of the season, when 4th and the FA cup are trophies.
    So he can stay in power. Mien Arsenal.

  30. GoonerInNY


    And why are there injuries? Why is thereone (average) striker in the whole squad? Why is there no pace or depth in the squad? Why was nobody purchased in January to fill the obvious holes with one average striker and the only attacker with pace out for the season? Why are we 1 W, 2 D, 3L v. the other top four teams, surrendering 17 on the road in three games? Why did the team epically collapse in March? Why do the players repeatedly not show up for games? Why is the team repeatedly picked apart by managers?

    And what does Chelsea losing to Palace have to do with any of the above?

    Seriously, I don’t understand the brainless, dogged insistence that Wenger is still a great manager. He was, but he so obviously not anymore.

    Kroenke is the real problem. He thinks Arsene being cheap and being 4th is a success.

  31. Dissenter

    Buying a striker who’s scored 15 goals playing for a bottom club in a competitive league s a good thing.
    He’ll be in the Swiss squad to the World Cup, he’s okay.
    Well still need a dominant striker with or without Drmic.
    Park and Bendner are leaving. Sanogo will probably be shipped out to a League one side on loan (I’m hoping).
    Our entire office line needs a rethink. Drmic is a start in the right direction.

  32. bergkamplegend

    Arsenal2174 : “we have a $100 million to spend in the summer who do we spend it on ???????????”

    === >>> wenger’s new contract.

  33. HNIC

    A bit tangential now, but the closest thing we have to Yaya Toure is Chuks Aneke. We should bring him back and blood him slowly.
    In two years time, we will have the true PV4 successor. Unfortunately Mr Wenger will sell him because he doesnt fit into his mould of small tippy tappy players. The irony is its this kind of bruisers that made his early teams great

  34. tunnygriffboy


    Why do you tell someone to piss off for having an opinion. Dave is just as much allowed an opinion as you even if it is different. Problem is people are being pushed off this blogg due to the continuous abuse that flies around. Debate is about diverse opinion and the blogg is better for it.


    Know you’re feeling flat but yesterday we appeared to play at a much better tempo, particularly in the second half and there were some good individual performances. We were the equal of City yesterday.

  35. Arsenal2174

    @berkamplegend well I’m sure they will factor in his wages out that $100 million. I can see Wenger buying only Remy and Sneiderlein and replacing bacary if he leaves

  36. Max85

    For those who watch more European football than I do… is Ginter or Schar the better CB prospect? Both highly rated by the sounds of things, and we desperately need more depth there; even if Verm stays (unlikely) we need another one.

  37. WengerEagle

    ‘If he was any good in Germany Bayern Munich would be after him. The mere fact that they are not tells me he’s not very good. ‘

    To be fair mate Lewandowski, one of the top 5-10 strikers on the planet is joining them in June so why would they buy a kid even if he was a talent?

  38. GoonerInNY


    If you are still counting on Diaby, you lose all credibility for the rest of your post (which is nonsense anyway, as it ignores all the bad to zero in on the four guys who came good … we could field a starting 11 plus a bench of those who didn’t).

    And as long as Stan is owner and AW is manager, there is no way in hell we’re spending $100 million this summer. Last summer will be repeated (sales, bringing in 2 or 3 free/cheap players, maybe one splurge to shut the fans up, holes in the squad unaddressed).

  39. TitsMcgee

    Drmic is another Wenger special.

    Potential? Maybe but “potential” doesn’t win the league. It’s just Wenger trying too hard to be a genius by unearthing some gem on the cheap.

    It’s telling that we’re all thrilled we got a draw v a top 4 side.

    5 points out of 18 v top 4.

    6 points out of 24 if you include UTD.

    We’ve been neutered. (Sp?)

  40. Guns of brixton

    Dmric, sanogo, akpom, giroud

    Agüero, negredo, dzeko, jovetic

    RVP, rooney, welbeck , hernadez

    Need i continue??
    A WC striker is paramount, not a ‘highly-rated’ youngster.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    If true the Drmic signing could be ok. It’s a watershed summer in terms of transfers. Gazidis and Wenger know they have to spend. I can’t see him being the only forward coming in. If we got him/ Morata aand a top pacy wide man I would be happy. We’ll definitely get a top replacement for Arteta too. Even pro Wenger supporters will lose the plot if it isn’t done
    If Wenger goes then the new manager wiil bring new players in.

    I’m so pissed off about the Stoke/Swansea result. We win those and we’re above Chelsea and in the hunt.

  42. Brick Top

    There is no way Wenger can have a feeling of having done the best for the club at the end of the season, if he can truthful to himself.

  43. bergkamplegend

    For all the movies fans : who was the stunt double of Samuel Jackson in “Unbreakable” == >> Abou Diaby of course.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    It was a ‘watershed’ summer last year as well according to everyone.

    As it will be next year…and the year after…and the year after

  45. Marc

    If Pedro is correct about Kroenke’s long term intentions and I have no reason to think he’s wrong why would he have a problem with the club spending revenue it has generated itself? In fact it will help generate more sponsorship revenue in the long term and increase the value of Kroenke’s investment.

  46. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle,
    I disagree.
    I’m really really happy we didn’t get another shellacking yesterday.
    Sometimes a draw can be like a win.
    Another big loss and we would have gone into a free fall.

    Wenger or no Wenger, don’t want my team to keep getting drubbed.

  47. TitsMcgee

    Drmic wouldn’t be a bad pickup if we had a manager that we knew wouldnt make him the sole signing up front.

    However, if experience tells you anything its that Wenger does the exact opposite of what is logical. Be it transfer market and tactics.

    Last year we all thought that there was no way Sanogo would be the only striker we signed. Well Wenger proved us wrong.

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘Need i continue??
    A WC striker is paramount, not a ‘highly-rated’ youngster.’

    Why couldn’t we get both Guns? Drmic has a release clause of €3.5 million if Nurnberg get relegated and as of now they are just 2 points off a relegation spot. That’s a snip for a 21 year old who has scored 16 Bundesliga goals.

    Bedntner is definitely off in the summer so if Giroud leaves too we will need 2 strikers.

  49. Inter YourGran

    Yo Grovers, I hope you’ve at least given your mums a call today 😆

    The 100m game.. o.k

    Vivano (5m)GK
    Aurier (12m)RB
    Ginter. (10m) CB/DM
    Schniderlin (15m) DM/CM
    Balotelli (25m) ST
    Drmic (5m) ST
    Griezzmann (23m) LWF

    Now that’s how you spend 100m

  50. GoonerInNY


    Your exact post could have been written in March 2013.

    We saw what happened last summer. I won’t be fooled again. I am expecting nothing until Arsene shows me otherwise. 100 million? I will be shocked if two players are bought for more than 10 million.

  51. Billp79

    Drmic is 21 he will be pressing Sonogo for the future striking role, while
    offering Wenger options during the year.
    Giroud looked average and tired for sure, but that I don’t think is his fault…Dzeko looks the same part for city…the difference is we have Arteta and Falmini instead of Toure and Matic keeping the ball forward….
    I would suggest that is where our issues are for the upcoming transfer market…
    We spend only what we need to…no point in being irresponsible like spending good money to sign players like Bendtner, Chamahk, Arshavan Denilson…we need players who want to make a difference and think they can make a difference…not players looking to be on big salaries

  52. Dissenter

    Would you,have taken a player in the mould of Drmic last summer in place of a back-injury bedeviled untested French U-21 player?
    A fit player who knows how to score would have been great from the outset of the season.

  53. Marc

    If Drmic was a replacement for Giroud with another striker coming in as first choice why would anyone be unhappy? Whilst I understand and agree with people being frustrated we still have to be realistic about the number and who we sign.

  54. tunnygriffboy


    How much do you know about Drmic ? I know very little other than his stats and a quick view on Scouttube. Do you know he’ll be the only one coming in or is it just your feeling of deja vu ? I think it has to be different this summer as mentioned in my earlier post.

  55. WengerEagle


    Mate why on earth would we spend £5 million on Viviano? He hasn’t even been able to usurp Fabianski as our no.2 GK during his loan spell and hasn’t made a single appearance for us in the BPL.

  56. TitsMcgee

    Lol at Wenger spending 100m.

    The same Wenger that has gone into the last two seasons with the painfully mediocre Giroud up front and failed to replace/support him over the course of 3 transfer windows since.

    That Wenger.?

    The same Wenger that went into the last day of the summer window last year having literally spent ZERO all summer despite our glarings holes?

    Spare me.

  57. Dissenter

    Don’t conflate Drmic with Sanogo.
    I’ve nothing against Sanogo but he shouldn’t be put in the same basket as a striker who’s actually scored consistently for a shite team in Germany.
    Sanogo should be sent on loan.

  58. Dissenter

    So long as we don’t have a system where Giroud is still the main man, I’m good.
    Gotta get a striker that managers have to actually change their game tactics for will be great.

  59. TitsMcgee


    I’ve seen quite a bit of Bundesliga over tge years and this year and I’ve never even heard of him.

    Does That mean he’s shit? Of course not but it’s not really reassuring given Wenger’s track record of signing flops is it? Especially of late.

    It just reeks of “trying too hard” to be some scouting genius and find some great player that nobody knows about.

    He needs to bite the bullet and pay for top talent.

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry I disagree with you. I was always pro Wenger , now I sit on the fence. I think things are way more advanced in terms of fan unrest than they were a year ago. I think we’ll spend big on a CDM and somewhere along the forward line. I am far more optimistic this year than last due to the uproar that would happen if it isn’t done. Only my opinion though.

  61. Billp79

    Its been widely reported in Germany that he has sigend already…but who can make the guarantee unitl it is official?
    There is no reason to be so glum about our team;
    1. We dropped 4 points in the last two games to fluke goals
    a. Flamini’s own goal
    b. the goal which fell kindly to city for their opener
    2, This is without 4 key players to a team I rateed as being our top comp for the title this year anyway.
    3. Everton have a very tough schedule left
    4. The other top 3 swap games…of course our position from other lost points do not help

    In retrospect you ask yourself at the beginning of the year where would you like to be…and I think the Wenger out people would have us further back…already colapsed

  62. Cesc Appeal

    It’s amazing the comments you get on other sites, someone had put on the Drmic article:

    ‘Should aim a lot higher.’

    So someone replied ‘what, you want us to be like Munich, or Madrid or City and buy success.’

    It’s unbelievable the mentality Wenger has instilled in people, £140 Million in the bank but they are more than happy for us to continue buying shitters.

  63. tunnygriffboy


    Hasn’t he scored something like over half his sides goals this season ? He would seem to be a good buy if we get a top forward as well. Looks more of a finisher than our ‘Ollie’ and a lot quicker too. If we do get him be interesting to see him in the WC.

  64. TitsMcgee

    In retrospect you ask yourself at the beginning of the year where would you like to be…and I think the Wenger out people would have us further back…already colapsed”

    A) does it matter?
    B)Flamini scored for us so we were lucky too.
    C) we’re Arsenal not West Ham we should be getting more than 6 points on the whole year versus the EPL big teams.
    D) UTD certainly helped us out this season or we’d be bang in 5th.
    E) 5-1, 6-0, 6-3

  65. salparadisenyc

    The only reason we’d need Drmic is as a Giroud replacement,
    coupled with the Marquee signing that gives us, ideally for me:

    Campbell / Sanogo / Apkom to battle it out which i’d bet Apkom takes and Sanogo goes on loan probably never to be heard from again along with Campbell.

    If your honest you’d have to agree with Tits, this looks like a Wenger special and well be saddled with Drmic and Giroud as our two top strikers. Thats far from the progress any of us hoped for.

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    A mate of mine who’s Italian and a gooner watches seria a games religiously, he’s a fiorentina fan as well and he reckons Viviano is poor….very poor. Unlike me he wants Wenger to remain but I remember asking him at beginning of the season about viviano and he wasn’t impressed.

  67. TitsMcgee

    He would seem to be a good buy if we get a top forward as well.”

    ….like I said before I won’t mind him if he’s down the bench but Wenger doesn’t do things logically does he?

    I watch a lot of Bundesliga and I’ve never heard of him.

  68. Dissenter

    Cesc Appeal,
    We have Park and Bendner leaving at the end of the season. That’s two CF vacancies. Sanogo is like playing one man down, for now.
    Assuming we have 100 million to spend and have real needs at RB as well as DM.
    Do you really expect us to buy two WC strikers to fill those positions? We don’t have the money to buy WC at every position. It has to be a mix.

  69. Inter YourGran

    WE – viviano is a good, solid goalkeeper and was before he joined us. Fabianski is the no.2 at the club but is leaving in the summer.

    Viviano has international experience and is at a good age to come in challenge szczesney.

    Woj is a bit of a bellend but he’s deffo no.1 and is there on merit. Still young for a GK and had odd moment but that area is least of or worries and that’ll be an easy and sensible one to tie up.

    Draxlers’ too expensive at 42.5m whatever way you look at it. Griezman is a better bet. PSG? Don’t see it personally unless they’re selling 2 of moura, pastore, lavezzi. Menez is already leaving.

  70. Jeff

    Did anyone else notice how empty the stadium was yesterday? For a class A game like that you’d think it would be full to the rafters but the bottom tier had loads and loads of empty seats.

  71. Billp79

    One thing is for sure…if you sign these young players and develop them or even have established players like Sagna who serve the team in good stead…it would make sense to keep them around rather than take a chance on an unknown in the hopes that they will come good…that I think is where we fail
    If Sagna wants a 3 year deal for 75-85k I say give it to him…you would then have that money on the books for when it is time for his replacement to arrive or when a player is ready to step forward.
    I think the time for stop gap measures like signing Arteta, Flamini, etc. should be over now that the stadium situation has been sorted out….

  72. Dissenter

    Same story,
    You mean Drmic has scored the same number of goals as golden boy Lewandowski.

    @Cesc appeal, Would you be upset of it were Manzukic for £25 million. He’s only scored one more than Drmic who’s been carrying the bottom team.
    Because he’s coming cheap doesn’t mean he’s bad.

  73. tunnygriffboy


    I know we’ve not heard of him but he must be doing something right . He’s 21 scored 16 goals for a crap team and scored on his debut for Switzerland v Croatia. I don’t see his signing, cheap though he may be as a negative. Better option than Sanogo and Billy ‘ penis whipper ‘ Bendtner

  74. Dissenter

    I keep hearing we have 140 million to spend.
    That still doesn’t mean we start spending money like drunken sailors.
    I’ll rather have Drmic and a more experienced striker along with a world class athletic DM.
    I would rather have Greizman for 17 million than 37 million for Draxler.
    We still have to be prudent with money, that’s all I’m saying.

  75. TitsMcgee

    So we sign players like this that we “hope” come good in 3-4 years and if not we’ll just write him off and forgot it ever happened.

    How can he be buying players like this but then still have the AKBs defending him saying Wenger has a plan you don’t have a plan if almost every player you sign is a project

  76. WengerEagle

    Get rid of:

    -Podolski (I like him but he’s just not the quality of winger we need)

    Loan out:


    Promote to first team squad:

    -Joel Campbell (as 3rd choice CF or as a utility winger)
    -Francis Coquelin (Controversial but I think there is a quality player in there, can fill in gaps in the team)
    -Bellerin (2nd choice RB with Jenkinson 3rd choice)


    – Diego Costa for £32 million (1st choice ST) 6 foot 2 ,25 years old.
    – Josip Drmic for £5 million (2nd choice ST) 6 foot, 21 years old.
    – Krychowiak for £12 million (1st choice CDM)6 foot 1, 24 years old.
    – Julian Draxler for £35 million (1st choice LW) 6 foot 2, 20 years old.
    – Matthias Ginter for £15 million (Can play RB, CB, CDM) 6 foot 2, 19 years old.
    – Julio Cesar for £1 million (Back up GK if Fabianski does leave)

    First team:

    Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Krychowiak Ramsey
    Walcott Costa Draxler

    2nd team:

    Bellerin Ginter Vermaelen Monreal
    Flamini Wilshere
    Oxlade Drmic Rosicky


    Now that squad would be insane and financially could be bought for £100 million not even taking into account player sales.

    We’d win trophies for sure with that squad.

    Shame I ain’t Arsene Wenger.

    Now that would be a squad.

  77. tunnygriffboy


    PSG after Hazard and Oscar and Maureen is crying about it and FFP. Bit rich coming from him. He’s such a despicable hypocrite.

    Got a point about FFP though. Platini is not going to punish Paris.

    Could be that there are some quality leaving PSG. Menez anyone ?

  78. TitsMcgee

    I know we’ve not heard of him but he must be doing something right . He’s 21 scored 16 goals for a crap team and scored on his debut for Switzerland v Croatia. I don’t see his signing, cheap though he may be as a negative. ”

    Gervinhno had the same things said about him. So did Giroud. Giroud led Ligue 1 in scoring the season before he came here.

    Given the options of this guy being a beast or more along the lines of Gervinho/Giroud/Sanogo I’m sorry but it’s a higher probability he’s gonna fall into the latter rather than the former.

  79. Billp79

    From Tits-
    A) does it matter?
    B)Flamini scored for us so we were lucky too.
    C) we’re Arsenal not West Ham we should be getting more than 6 points on the whole year versus the EPL big teams.
    D) UTD certainly helped us out this season or we’d be bang in 5th.
    E) 5-1, 6-0, 6-3

    A. Yes
    B. By your logic everyone would be lucky to score from dead center of the goal?
    C.. Look where West Ham is on the table…and yes we can improve vs. the top contenders.
    D. United were aging, SAF knew when to bail, Liverpool with Agger and Skertl and Minulet are playing above their stature. Same with Cheal$ki, how many players are beyond it? Lampard, Terry, Czech.
    E. It hurts to lose games, but don’t think for one moment we were outclassed because we ended up chasing the game and conceding more… yes our set up was poor,and yes we made tactical mistakes…we can’t be invincible every year.

  80. goona

    Its pointless wenger buying players who MAY come good in 3 4 years, where will we be by then? The bloody championship? We are in dire need of immediate world class improvements NOW

  81. TitsMcgee

    Dissenter you are barking up the wrong tree comparing quality of players based on how many goals they’ve scored.

    Drmic better than Mandzukic and Lewandowski?

    Get your head out of the clouds.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    No, it means you start SPENDING.

    You saying blowing the lot, or spending like drunken sailors is wrong…of course it is.

    Equally so is going June, July and 99% of August having bought no one and then panicking into spending £42 Million…that’s just as bad!

    We need either a World Class striker buy and then a back up, of which Drmic will do. Or a Mandzukic style buy BUT then you’d need to splash out on a great wide man as well.

    It hasn’t worked for 9 years, this buying cheap crap…it wont work. Wenger seems to have lost his eye for a player and frequently ruins the ones he does get right.

    We need to be going out and looking to splurge on a big, big striker.

    Then we need to get a good CDM, Schneiderlin, Khedira, Bender…not huge sums of money but still quite a bit.

    Those are the two positions we need to make sure we get right.

    Then a CB (Ginter), I would like a wide man and a back up GK who I actually wouldn’t mind being a golden oldie there.

    Then perhaps a RB if Sagna goes, that Aurier looks likely.

  83. Billp79

    Its pointless wenger buying players who MAY come good in 3 4 years, where will we be by then? The bloody championship? We are in dire need of immediate world class improvements NOW

    Would we still qualify for the CL in the Championship?….lol

  84. Brick Top

    Wenger or no Wenger, don’t want my team to keep getting drubbed.”
    I understand this, but you know Wenger can base all his decision as to weather to sign any players on that single game against Man City. He’ll be like if we can stand up to them city with so many players out injured, then I don’t need to sign anyone.

  85. TitsMcgee

    It hurts to lose games, but don’t think for one moment we were outclassed because we ended up chasing the game and conceding more… yes our set up was poor,and yes we made tactical mistakes…we can’t be invincible every year.”

    …or for 9 years.



  86. Billp79

    We got drubbed because we didn’t keep enough players behind the ball..if you watch our kick off’s you see most our forward thinking players all head for the goal…while the other team collapse’s on th eball in numbers

  87. Dissenter

    “Dissenter you are barking up the wrong tree comparing quality of players based on how many goals they’ve scored.Drmic better than Mandzukic and Lewandowski?Get your head out of the clouds”

    Numbers don’t lie, mate.
    a 21 yr lad lad scoring 16 goals for a beleaguered team is a big deal. This lad wasn’t playing in front of the classy midfields of Bayern or Dortmund.

    His 16 goals carry more weight to me than the 16 of Lewandowski or the 17 goals from Manzukic.
    They’re raw athleticism and instinct. If it’s true he’s signed, then good on our scouting team.
    It still does stop us from acquiring the world class talent you all cry for.
    Stop the belly aching guys,. C’mon .

  88. TitsMcgee

    Saying Drmic will likely be the next Gervinho/Giroud/Sanogo is ridiculous. You have absolutely nothing to base that on.”

    I have more to base it on than you have to base he won’t be.

    I’ve watched Bundesliga games just as much as the Prem. Never heard of him. Had to Youtube him. Still not impressed.

    Sorry. I get that people want to be excited about something since the joke of a manager we have has given us nothing to be excited over but this guy Drmic is a project the same way Gervinho was a gamble.

    We are NOT in the position to be gambling on projects at this stage.

    Unless he’s coming in to be a 3rd striker I don’t like this signing.

  89. TitsMcgee

    Numbers don’t lie, mate.
    a 21 yr lad lad scoring 16 goals for a beleaguered team is a big deal. This lad wasn’t playing in front of the classy midfields of Bayern or Dortmund.”

    Whatever makes yourself sleep better at night.

    Better than Lewandowski lol