Manchester City: Could be a messy…

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Office dog as happy about his birthday as Arsene was about his 1000th

Humphrey the Office dog as happy about his birthday as Arsene was about his 1000th

Nightmare news crept onto social media yesterday, David Moyes had been sacked. What a disaster I thought… then it was all revealed. Some clever tinker had set up a fake Telegraph journo account and leaked the news. What a LOL. Honestly, when I found out, I was like, wow, so clever.

I had some more chats about the ol’ protest thing yesterday with a few pals who support teams that aren’t so elite. The vibe was quite similar to mine, but more along the lines of…

‘You’re going to protest against Arsene Wenger? Isn’t that a bit, you know, classless?’

Can’t disagree there. I’m not sure I want to be part of an angry mob chanting for the manager to leave the club. I mean, I know it sounds hypocritical, because I write this. However, any decision should be made in a rational way. I think his performance this season has been pretty poor considering the start. I think the club will have noticed the gaps in the ground for the Swansea game. If shit hits the fan against City, they’ll hear the boos.

Simple fact is the only way the club reacts is when something happens mass scale. Flying a banner over the ground? Oh for f*cks sake, grow up…

If fans want change, the protest has to be on a grand scale. So white handkerchiefs in the ground could be one way. Turning backs on a game could be another. Not showing up like the Lazio fans did a few weeks ago.

But be honest, is that what Arsenal is all about for you? I love my club. I want a better Arsenal. But I’m not going to war on match day. We have management in place to make those decisions. They’re paid the big bucks to sort that. As soon as it becomes a precedent that fans can remove management, it becomes a sh*t fest. We become London Geordies.

Each to their own, but I’d guess most Gooners feel the same way, because it’s unlikely 60,000 will be there shouting at a gate. I also don’t buy into the ‘at least they’re doing something’… hey, so is that guy whose been protesting outside Westminster for 10 years, you don’t see him bringing down Government anytime soon.

For me, the protest, the banner and the online petition are someone’s 15 minutes of fame. 8 people, speaking for 60,000… or 6million. The AST have a questionnaire out soon. The answers will go global in the press. That’s pressure. The BSM will hopefully sort their survey out this year and give it more credibility under scrutiny and that will be newsworthy. More pressure. Ivan will meet with fan groups and hear their voices. He’ll hear the frustration. That’s pressure.

You’re dealing with a rational management team that are people who feel pressure and react to the online noise. Is that enough to see a reaction of sorts? Hopefully. Enough for Wenger to lose this new contract? Doubtful. The only way he’s going is on his own terms. The best we can hope for is he goes, the second best is he stays with stipulations.

… but listen. All this is just guff from me. If the fans want to burn down the stadium in a Simpson’s style riot, that’s up to them. I’m just here to give my two pennies. I’m all about organic grass roots action. I just happen to think we have a pretty good fan infrastructure in place already… and credit to the club, they do take time out to listen to us. Which is brave. Imagine hosting a fan forum? 200 angry fans, armed with more passion and knowledge about the club than you have? Hard work.

Anyway, more important things are on the horizon. We have Manchester City at home tomorrow. Now, you have to go into games thinking there’s a chance of winning. There always is. Sometimes, when you least expect it. Tomorrow, is one of those ‘least expect it’ moments. I don’t mean to be a downer on this game, but reality is this… we have most of our top players out. We are playing our third game in a week. City are on fire. It’s going to be really tough.

Having Vermaelen in the backline, ring rusty and lacking in confidence is bad news. Having a real lack of creative flair is also a problem. Having no pace in your starting 11 immediately plays into the City sides hands tactically. It’s a bit of a nightmare really. I fear another mauling unless the manager tries something new. Give Gnabry a go out wide. Interestingly I’d heard the reason he hadn’t played was because of a lack of effort on the training pitch, hopefully he’s addressed that. Play a 4-4-2… Giroud feeding Yaya. I don’t know. Try something, because if you don’t Arsene, it’s game over for our season. If Everton with their game in hand and beat us. We’re in trouble without the wind in our sales.

Few interesting Wenger comments from his presser. Firstly, he retaliated to Scholes comments stating he’d managed no games… hmmm, he’s kind of won a lot of trophies through his his 20 year career. Not sure you need to be a manager to have an opinion on football. He also blamed injuries on luck again. What are you gonna do eh? Also, Ramsey starts training next week.

Right, it’s Friday. When your desk friend leaves their computer unlocked, send a seductive e-mail to someone quite obvious in the vicinity (important you can see them)… but here’s the trick. Set the e-mail to a 15minute timer. When they sit back down at their desk, the e-mail goes out and they’re sitting there.

It caused a punch up in our office once. An absolute classic piece of office bantz.


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  1. SUGA3

    simply because whatever he does is clearly not working, because we regularly fall apart at the first sign of pressure, we should thank our lucky stars that Swansea did not do their homework on this and only started pressing when a goal down!

  2. Jeff


    While it may be true that Kroenke does not care about winning, like any human being, I imagine he’ll welcome it if it had any change of happening. The problem is that he is also enamoured with Wenger and thinks we can’t do any better. If Wenger says there is no need to spend, Kroenke takes that as gospel.

    I have, in my career, seen many managers, senior executives and owners glide through their jobs seamlessly (and took all the credit) simply because they were blessed with good people beneath them doing the actual work.

    I mean don’t get me wrong; it would be so nice to have a competent, passionate, ambitious owner who’s only love was Arsenal but I’m afraid we’re not going to have that in the foreseeable future because Kroenke isn’t going anywhere.

    The owner must have sanctioned the big spending on Ozil and that to me is a sign (albeit a small one) that he is willing to spend if given direction and reason from below. But when you have a manger that to the question “what would you do with £100m” answers “I would give it back”, what chance do we stand?

    That mindset of Wenger isn’t going to change either, but his time is approaching the final furlong and either total and complete humiliation or just plain old age will catch up with him eventually and then he’ll go. We’ve been playing the waiting game for 9 years now; another couple isn’t going to make much of a difference and if we’re lucky he might even go in May.

    Because we’ve been so used to not winning things and finishing fourth, this season will not be seen as a failure by the majority of fans if we do the same thing again. Then of course they will look to the summer with hopeful eyes thinking Wenger is going to splash out and buy the world class players we need in the squad. I myself don’t think it’s going to happen and we are going to be disappointed again but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

    With Man U, they’ve been used to winning things nearly every year, so this year’s sharp decline has prompted them into action and they want to fly a banner over the ground. I say good luck to them; if they want a change in management they have to exert pressure. With us, even if we did that, I am absolutely 100% sure nothing would change. Starving them of money might do something but not enough fans are willing to not turn up and refuse to buy merchandise so that’s out of the window as well.

    Basically, we are stuck and cannot move on until Wenger goes; in my view that’s the only way change can happen.

  3. Radio Raheem

    Good thing is anything but a win today seals any deluded thought of an unlikely PL triumph. So, today’s outcome will be definitive either way.

  4. SUGA3

    the thing with authoritarian regimes is that they simply cull the competence…

    in this case, no one good and ambitious wants to work in the environment where his advice is disregarded, someone posted a few days ago how Arsenal are an example how not to run a fitness and dietary programmes, one thing that struck me was that dietary bit is not enforced, I mean, WHAT?

    and if you are a specialist, you want this to count, both in the place you work and in your account, if you can’t give both, your recruitment pool significantly reduces, either you get upstarts / second class or people with little or no integrity…

  5. Radio Raheem

    People say Kroenke is a ‘hands-off’ owner who hardly gets involved in daily running of the club like it is some good reason to absolve him of any blame. Why is that a good thing? If anything you want someone who is involved daily and genuinely cares. Being ‘hands-off’ is more a criticism than a defence.

  6. Jeff


    Absolutely agree with that. Hands off is only good if things are going well – which they are not and haven’t been for a long while.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    I really cannot stand Wenger. The guys as deluded as fuck, an absolute head case. How the AKB’S can stick up for him, they must be as mentally deficient as he is.
    I’m not the most intelligent, but Wether you concede 8 goals in the first 11 minutes or 8 goals throughout the 90 and lose the game…’s still a loss, a spanking.
    Well now I’ve learnt through the genius that is Wenger, that the games were we conceded 4 in opening 20 min, doesn’t count because they weren’t ready.

  8. SUGA3

    it is actually a sign of these times, failure is tolerated from the earliest days, like kids not getting winner medals at schools and stuff…

    would he survive 8 years without a trophy in the 90s? would he fuck!

  9. gonsterous

    this is gonna be joke Saturday after the game…so ill send in my joke now

    Whats the difference between arsenal FC and Arsene FC ?
    – A french Know-it-all !!!

  10. karim

    Van Gaal is a terror master
    Currently reading Zlatan’s book ( not that good ) but the passage with Van Gaal is worth it…
    When he was at Bayern, his military approach nearly ruined Ribery’s career
    Fortunately for the latter, Bayern officials understood who was the real asset of the 2
    But he remains a good coach and Spurs will get better results imo

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Well it doesn’t matter if we lose today, because we won’t lose. I’m sure Wenger will find a reason why are spanking is not a spanking.

  12. Dissenter

    If Van Gaal is going to Spuds, then you’ve got to add them to a title contender list in 1-2 years. They’ve never been afraid to spend, I’ll give them that.
    Liverpool, finally able to sign real quality to add to that attacking quartet.
    ManCity, need I say more?
    Chelsea, Jose Mouhino,
    United, will remain crap under Moyes.
    Arsenal, continue our stagnation under Wenger.
    Spuds, Van Gaal is a proper coach and you’ve got to put them into the mix for the title.
    Everton, Martinez has shown he’s really that good.

    Arsene’s 4th place will be much harder from next season.

  13. Jeff


    I haven’t said this before but any manager who presides over the relegation of a club just doesn’t seem apt for Arsenal. So Martinez would definitely not be my first choice.

  14. Jeff


    No unfortunately you’re right. If and when Wenger does decide to abdicate, I’m guessing it’s going to a long drawn out affair (much like our transfer deals) to replace him but I hope we don’t end up with an obscure no-hoper that the board thinks might turn out good and then stick with him for the next 20 years no matter what.

  15. handbrake

    Its because we are not looking for Wenger replacement but they preparing for the life after Arsene like sort of end of the world where zombies took over. You know what i’m sayin ?

  16. Jeff

    The following statement is brought to you by a post Wenger AKB.

    “The next manager isn’t going to single handedly build us a new stadium so he’ll never measure up to Wenger.”

  17. Jeff

    When people cant handle the pressure from anti-Wenger fans they turn on the blog. This is what happens here, fans with a weak mentality can’t abide truth.

  18. gonsterous

    I just wanna see arsenal on top of the pile again and it’s not gonna happen with weniger here…. The guys been trophyless for more than half his reign in charge !!!

  19. Jeff

    After today, even with a game in hand, Everton will still have Man U and Man City to play so we’ll probably finish fourth this season.