Outside sentimentality, why would you keep Arsene Wenger on?

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This match report might be a bit all over the place, you’ve had the structured argument over the past three days… this morning, I’m just totally drained by it all. I feel like a Wrestler whose been in the Royal Rumble for 2 hours… tap me out, I need a glass of water and a cry in the changing rooms.

Sadly, I can’t help but feel a deep depression after every collapse like the one we’re currently going through.  I can imagine the pain is even sharper for the fans that let Wenger back into their circle of trust. Being let down by that man isn’t a ‘thing‘ for me anymore. I know what’s coming. It’s the fans that say things like, ‘I’d give him another year’, why? There’s no answer unless it’s the fabled ‘but who?’, or ”we owe him’.

Yesterday I gave you a list of managers who would have approached that game with more passion and ingenuity than Wenger could have over the last 5 years. We don’t owe anyone a £7.5m a year living.

Our leader put out basically the same side that capitulated against Chelsea. He did nothing to the formation. He’d clearly done nothing to fire them up. There were no visible instructions on how to break down the Swansea defence. There was no pace in the side. There was nothing unusual or surprising. Just the same old Arsenal, playing the same old football.

We went down early after we lost the ball in midfield, succumbed to a quick counter and Vermaelen, in the side for the foreseeable, failed to out muscle Bony for a header which the Ivorian buried.

Swansea had a plan after that. Sit back and soak up the pressure. Arsenal had no runners and no real threat going forward. Giroud was painfully inept, even by his normal average standards. Also, note that when I say sit back, Swansea weren’t even interested in possession. A team highly praised for their deep lying keep ball tactics were hoofing the ball. We had nothing.

It was the worst home game of the season. The guys around me were as exasperated as me. People on the web critiquing the home fans have no idea what it’s like to sit in the ground, year, after year, watching the same old sh*t. You know what makes it worse? The collapse always happen around now, usually a bit earlier… and the nagging voice in the back of your head is saying,

‘Pedro, you’ve got to fork another £1000 quid out in a month’

I’ll pay it. Arsenal are my life. I need it to sustain my addiction, doesn’t mean I like handing that cash over knowing it’s going to be more of the same. If I could hibernate and come back when Wenger goes, I’d do it. Fans don’t demand success. They demand progress. Trophies are the cherry on top. Arsenal aren’t progressing, we’re consistently flogging a tired philosophy year after year in the desperate hope teams around us will regress and we’ll capitalise. It’s not going to happen. Business doesn’t work like that, sport doesn’t work like that, life doesn’t work like that. Unless you’re talking about actual life, like, when the dinosaurs were wiped out allowing us to flourish. Like with anything in life, I don’t mind failure as long as there is effort and thought behind it.

At Arsenal, we’re stuck in purgatory. It’s top four mediocrity. Never challenging, never failing so bad anything actionable can happen. It’s groundhog day. It’s being stuck in an Arsenal induced coma. It’s horrible and I CAN NEVER ESCAPE.

… and back to the game.

Then when the first sub came, it was to take our only pace on the pitch off. Chamberlain slipped off for Podolski. Some life was finally injected into our game. Some Gibbs and Rosicky  interplay outwide ended in a mazy run into the box and a perfect cut back for Lukas to tap in.

Barely a minute after kick off, Santi released Podolski down the left, he smashed a tantalising low cross into the six yard zone where Giroud was on hand to tap home. We all went nuts, maybe this was our reprieve?

It wasn’t to be, instead of capitalising on Swansea shell shock, we allowed them back in at the death with calamity defending that saw Chezzer swiped the ball at Flamini, it bounced in off him.

What a joke.

Things nearly ended in deeper embarrassment when Swansea broke in the last minute, De Guzman clear on goal, but the ref blew up! Amazingly dodgy decision. Maybe he’d had a flutter one 2-2?  A total life saver.

So if you thought our League chances were still alive before the game, it was time to hang up those dreams after.


Do I have to do this again? Really?

Arsene is done. Sure, he might win the FA cup, but don’t let people tell you that’s a kick start to him building a new team. It’s not. The kick start to a better team was last summer (and I’m being so generous here because all the hazy excuses were lifted). He failed. His second wind was the January window when he was somehow at the top of the league with no striker and all he could muster with a dead squad was Kim Kallstrom (who looked heavy footed and clunky last night). He failed. Arsene has spent the last 5 years indulging his own fantasy of usurping the big guns of the Premier League on a self imposed budget more akin to a Championship side. What about thinking about the fans Arsene?

The fans don’t pay to watch the books get balanced. We go to see out club try their absolute hardest to achieve something amazing. The stadium move was wondrous. But you can’t dine out on that ten years after its opening. A simple glance at the numbers over the last 5 years shows that Wenger hasn’t spent all that’s been available to him. This summer, he panic purchased a £43m player… and failed to land a striker. We’re a top flight European Champions League side and we have one striker.

That’s should sackable offence in itself.

The point is, an FA Cup win in itself will lift the fans, but it won’t shield the reality of the situation. We’re in a deep stagnation. The manager is acting petulantly in press conferences and no one behind the scenes seems to have the power to pull him to one side and sort this situation out.

Arsene is conceding that it’s not the league we’re chasing, it’s top four. Something I said a few weeks ago when the tower began to collapse. It’s shoddy, we’ve contested the league all season, now it’s falling down.

Our first team is decimated as well. How obvious was it that Koscielny was going to get injured? How many times did I… of no sporting background or expertise… say that we were brutalising the two centre backs? Now he’s out for a while. Ramsey still hasn’t returned. Ozil is out. Theo is out. Jack is out (admittedly, this isn’t anything to do with Arsenal). Nearly all of this is Arsene’s doing. Nearly all of this I’ve predicted all season. Am I a football genius? No. So how did I know? Because Wenger isn’t performing the basics. It’s so easy to see that he’s overplaying players. It’s so predictable they’ll eventually break. It’s so obvious he doesn’t have a game plan. It’s obvious his scouting network is shot.

Paul Scholes took an axe to Wenger last night slamming the way we play, saying something like, ‘does he just tell the midfield to go out and do what they want. Don’t worry about defending’ and he went on to say, ‘ Jack Wilshere looked a player at 17, he’s not come on. He needs a Vieira to play with’. Then you had Leonardo on the box at the weekend saying that our failures are down to poor preparation. Something most Arsenal fans have seen in Wenger sides for years has finally slinked into the mainstream press.

How can Ivan Gazidis look at the shambles that’s going on and sanction another deal? The very fact it’s down to Wenger decide is embarrassing in itself. He said he’d decide on his future based on performance. We’re now in a situation where Everton, if they win their game in hand, will be 3 points behind us. Then we’ll likely lose to City. Then we have to play Everton. Then it’s game on. Everton are fresh, they have a game plan, they have a manager who has explosive players built into his starting 11. Barkley is an absolute monster, Lukaku is a green Drogba and Delofoeu is a dream of a winger. Not to mention players like Seamus Coleman diving in with the goals as well.

… and on the goals. As my work pal just said to me, ‘Arsenal simply aren’t capable of scoring goals like that’. And he’s right. The explosion of power Barkley showed for his goal was Thierry like. Incredible.

Our FA Cup chances feel in danger now. We’ve been rumbled. Teams know how to play against an Arsenal with no pace or power. Our top four chances are under threat. Because we have two very hard games coming up that are against form teams. Why isn’t Wenger blooding Gnabry? Why has he stopped blooding Sanogo?

‘When you go through a difficult period like that, you need a bit of experience. To put young players under massive pressure at the moment like we are… It is easier said than done.’

As someone said on Twitter, ‘says the man who debuted Sanogo in the Champions League against the best team in Europe’…

If we don’t make top 4 and win the FA Cup, can the manager stay on? I’d like to think not, because that’s an utter shambles. Harry Redknapp was sacked for a far lesser offence, because his Spurs side were never contending the league. If Wenger goes, it’ll be because of inaction. Failure to address his squad deficiencies over two windows, failure to address his old fashioned approach to fitness, failure to manage his starting 11 and total failure to address his embarrassingly weak approach to tactics.

Lay it all on the table, outside of sentimentality, why would you keep him?

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  1. Relieable sauce

    Should be a really exciting transfer window for top clubs this summer.

    Are we touring Asia again anyone know?

  2. WengerEagle

    Radio Raheem

    So do I but Rakitic is superb, getting him would go a long way to return us to being an attractive side to watch. He could play on the left or right for us or as a no.10 rotating with Ozil. He’s a better player than Cazorla in all honesty.

    Would love us to sign some power too especially in midfield. Pogba would be a dream but on a realistic note I’d want someone like Gustavo or Carvalho, a real powerhouse CM that the opposition will be bricking at the thought of facing on a Saturday afternoon.

  3. Radio Raheem


    Yeah I see what you are saying. If Ramsey can maintain that form I’d like the team to built around him, I mean getting the best out of him.

  4. WengerEagle


    If we got Benzema I genuinely think we wouldn’t even need Costa. For me Benzema is more than capable of leading the line in a 4-3-3.

    Having said that, that team would be great although it would lack width.

  5. Radio Raheem


    With the way we fade off at the crucial part of the season I don’t think we can have too many players. I must admit I haven’t watched Rakitic that often this season so not aware he can play that many positions. I remember him as a no10 or in CM. I wouldn’t mind us signing him but only after we’ve added some muscle to the side.

  6. babatunde

    If arsenal is to be a powerhouse we will need to be thinking of not just a first team but of getting several good players who can interchange themselves rather than a standard first team. The only big club that has(had) a fixed first team was barcelona (in those days?). (xavi iniesta busquets messi villa pedro) was barcelona but then all those guys were more or less the best in the world at their positions. Also they didn’t play in the PL with its tough matches, four domestic cups and no winter break and weren’t injury prone. Nowadays fab is rotated with the big three midfield and pedro sanchez messi and neymar and pedro, tello rotate their strike force

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Ronaldo is a top player but comes across as such a cunt. It might sound like a wrong thing to say but I think he is a major reason Real are not fully exploiting their potential. He just suffocates others in the team. CUNT’

    This is actually spot on, I was shocked to read the other day that since Ronaldo signed with Madrid in 2009 they have only won 3 trophies- La Liga, Copa Del Rey and a Spanish Super Cup.

    No doubt one of the two best players in the world but that statistic tells you all you need to know about his team-play. The team as a whole suffers from his selfishness

  8. babatunde

    The danger of having a fixed starting eleven is that if two of them get long term injured ur season could be shot. Especially if they are not all exactly world class but simply very good as our own side will likely be. If they were all world class then the remaining four could try to make up for the other two’s absence( 6 man midfield and strikeforce) That’s why I am happy we didn’t put rambo on anything more than 85k a week as if we must be capable of competing in eurrope and pl, we musnt overrate the stars we have. Rambo won’t have a team built around him in any of the big european clubs, not even dortmund

  9. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle


    Lol scoring just under 1 in 4 shots is insane.

    He must be the best header of the ball in world football.

    His dribbling isn’t the best but if you have good midfielders who can get the ball to his head or feet in the box there is a massive chance he will score and I don’t mean tap ins I mean get him the ball anywhere in the box with 3 or 4 players in front of him we will some how smash through them and keep the ball into the roof of the net.

    Costa is a modern day Alan Shearer. Both are Cunts to!

  10. salparadisenyc

    Real keeping it interesting… im pulling for:
    Real Madrid

    Not sure the Madristas would make much sense of that.

  11. Same Story

    Funny really to think that Messi is probably only at 80% and still the best player in the world.

    Like that he’s rediscovered his old playmaking touch that he seemed to have lost the last 2 seasons.

  12. london gunner

    Same Story

    I think part of the reason why his discovered his playmaking skills is that his relying less on his own dribbling and explosiveness. He used to go on long mazy runs often resulting in goals, now when he runs with the ball he seems to do it in quick short sharp spurts whilst always hyper aware of the players on the team making runs.

    Perhaps its because Barca is at an all time high for pacey players with addition of Neymar and the current sanchez and pedro.

    I noticed today he would pick up the ball near the half way line then dropback towards the direction of his goal whilst one of the wingers would make a run he would then thread an incredible pass to one of them whilst dragging two defenders with him.

  13. salparadisenyc

    MidwestGunMarch 26, 2014 23:37:39
    Has any team ever had their entire starting line up out injured? There is a record we could go for.

    May help us out.
    Akpom in.

  14. london gunner


    I knew Akpom was a decent finisher with good movement but I didn’t realise how pacey and good his dribbling and ball control is. His hold up play/link up looks pretty damn good for an 18 year old as well.

  15. MidwestGun

    Ahh here it is.

    AW – When you go through a difficult period like that, you need a bit of experience. To put young players under masive pressure at the moment like we are ….. it is easier said then done.

    Uh? Hello Sanogo, Bayern. That wasnt a difficult situation? Not exactly like the old guys are working out. Seems pretty easy to start some youth if you ask me. How much worse can it be?

  16. Dream10


    AW contradicted himself. Not too caught up in that. The part that absosolutely pisses me off is he compared Sanogo to a young Anelka! smh Nicolas scored key goals to win a title in 1998, scored in the FA Cup Final to complete the double, scored two at Wembley ’99 against England, scored home AND away for Real Madrid against Bayern in a Champions League semifinal. All by the age of 21.

  17. Dream10

    Also, he won the Euros with France in the summer of 2000 after winning the Champions League with Real Madrid a month earlier.

  18. Paddy got up

    Can’t stop laughing at someone earlier calling Christiano Ronaldo a cunt!!
    What does that make the pile of shit that masquerades as Arsenal players each week??

  19. salparadisenyc

    Pep to Arsenal after crushing the Bundesliga and potentially pulling the treble.
    I’d cut my testicle off if I had to.. well to facilitate that.

    Something tells me he’s going to do several years in Bavaria and break some more records before he slums off the continent.

  20. MidwestGun

    I ask myself, self………Do you think Stan Kroenke has any clue who Pep is? Lol

    Going with hell no. Probably thinks he is one of those car fixit guys.

  21. Edwin

    In May 2009, Wenger was pleading with fans for their patience. At the time, he said ” if Arsenal do not end their trophy drought in the next one or two years”, his strategy for the club will have failed.
    Fast forward to 2014 March and Mourinho has really brought that statement into sharper focus. Yes, the only conclusion one can reasonably make is that the strategy has been an utter failure. What then is the Arsenal board of Directors going to do? Does anyone have the guts to advise Arsene to hang it up or does Arsene really have the last word at Arsenal? Martinez or Klopp to the rescue.

  22. PieAFC

    Decent goal that Youth game. Movement like the old Arsenal style, down the left, cross cut in lovely.

    Tbh, could we do any worse than giroud against citeh.

    Probably gonna lose anyway. Get some pace in the team. Was shit against Swansea, too flat.

  23. Jeff

    I think he would almost certainly walk if we finished outside top four and lost the FA cup but the big question is would he still walk even if we did win the FA cup but dropped out of CL places?

  24. PieAFC

    Be my final game watching football at a stupid fucking hour. 4.30am this weekend against Citeh.

    Travels right now seem to have come to an end.

    Back to old blighty, back to the pubs down N7 match day. Lovely!

  25. Emiratesstroller

    It is crystal clear not just from Pedro’s comments, but also those of the vast majority of posters on this thread that an increasing number of Arsenal Supporters feel that Wenger is now past his sell by date and should leave if the club has any chance of progression.

    The problem is that the Board are unlikely to ‘sack him’ after the length of service. Therefore it is now in the hands of Wenger to leave on his own volition.

    Wenger is an incredibly stubborn man and clearly does not listen to anyone
    else apart from perhaps a few sycophants. He is always right.

    I have expressed over the last three years the opinion that the club needs an
    urgent overhaul from top to bottom. The major shareholder sits on his hands
    and does virtually nothing, the Board gets increasingly older with very little
    revision apart from retirement of Hill-Wood through ill health and the CEO
    may have belatedly improved our commercial position, but does not appear
    to have any influence on what goes on in football matters.

    Clearly Wenger’s departure might create a vacuum and some uncertainty, but
    at the end of the day the club needs a jolt out of its lethargy.

    The real danger now is that Arsenal will not finish in top 4. Everton have better form than us and in my view an easier run in to end of season. The only
    difficult fixtures left are precisely the same as us i.e. against Man City and
    ourselves. The difference is that both games are at Everton. Rather like Liverpool they are virtually unbeatable at home.

    My family have been season ticket holders since 1948 and I have been a season ticket holder since the 1960s. We will be asked to pay next season over
    £4,000 for our 2 tickets factoring in new increases. I will be considering very
    carefully whether I will renew. I think that a lot of other people may also be
    thinking likewise.

  26. Moray

    @Dream10: “The part that absosolutely pisses me off is he compared Sanogo to a young Anelka”

    I think he meant a young version of Anelka NOW.

    Guy is definitely losing the plot. Who else would sell the ASfrican Pele, Gervinho?

  27. Moray

    If Wenger goes, and a proper manager comes in, does it mean we will have “Bear” Geoff back with the occasional posting? He must be raging by now.

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    Always hated Scholes. Here is what he did for redemption:
    ” It’s Arsenal fans you feel sorry for. They seem to get the same thing every year. Maybe a little hint of the title for a few weeks and then they go to Chelsea, they go to City, they go to Liverpool and just do nothing.”

    “Fans expect Arsenal to be going for the league title and I know they are in third or fourth place or whatever, but they are a million miles away in my eyes.”

  29. John

    Emiratesstroller I really appreciate your post. I can only imagine what longtime Arsenal fans are going through. I have only been a fan since the late 1990s. a friend of mine in Grad School got me interested in the team. As a result I have seen three and soon to be four matches. My first was the year of the Invincibles, a 0-0 tie vs Fulham. Second match was the last match at Highbury, the Thierry Henry show as Arsenal finished 4th, thanks to some Spurs BAD lasagna. The 3rd match was the last for RVP with Arsenal, again finishing 4th as most fans held our breathe. In May I’ll be at the WBA match and I predict it will be a battle to finish 4th again. The point is since May 6th, 2006 (second match vs Wigan) NOTHING has changed. There is NO improvement, NO challenge etc. Look if you’re a corporation and there is NO improvement from year to year, wouldn’t you take a LOOK at the guy running the show? I’m tired of Wenger’s excuses, coaching, lack of tactics etc. He needs to leave.

  30. Hitman49


    I couldn’t agree with you more I think we as fans shoul

    A..ask the club to push our season ticket renewal back to the day after the transfer window closes…..
    That way we can see what they do ? As already the spin has started in the press.

    B….. It’ll be us the fans who decide ??? Yes we could protest ! Blimey some people can’t even get to the ground on time for K.O let alone to protest.

    WENGER is a cash cow and he isn’t leaving anytime soon !

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Already done survey mate. A bit fat NO to wenger remaining no matter what.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Sad to think that the 5-1 to Liverpool seems to have kicked off their season whilst it sent out season into crumbling. For a manager that lauds the importance of mental strength and self belief, the squad is shot psychologically. Shame Arsene doesn’t know what to do about it.

  33. Leedsgunner


    I wonder if we lose Wenger will be stupid enough to call it an accident… and bring out his bad driver analogy again.

    As predicted our horrible February and March schedule killed us. So predictable, but true to form Arsene stubbornly raised two fingers to of all of us who was asking to give us a chance by purchasing smart in the transfer window.

    For those who still maintain that Arsene know? What does he know exactly? In the light of our three big defeats this season in one way or another he’s come out and said he doesn’t know why and what’s happened. If we get hammered again by Man City, expect the same excuses because that all he’s got now. Running on future promises and empty excuses.

    He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know.

  34. Evan

    Man City game is 17:30 kickoff, if we get beat down supreme, then they can shut the hell up about early kickoffs being the problem

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    The club has turned us into a laughing stock, from the board down to the manager. Bastards the lot of them.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The only thing that makes him loved by the board is money!

    The only thing that can turn love to loathe is money loss
    So when seat go empty
    Soon that wil be followed by decline in season tickets

    Best way to hurt the rich is by hitting the wallet ?

  37. Leedsgunner


    I’m sure when they see empty seats the fans will be berated and blamed for being fairweather and disloyal.

    Never mind the decade of complete tripe we’ve had to endure. Never mind the untruths brazenly spoken by the manager about injuries transfers etc.

    In my mind this season is worse than 2008 because we actually had every chance in the world to push on and seize the title for ourselves. Wenger has revealed his hand though. By not purchasing in the transfer market and his various comments in the media after big losses and key dropped points, he’s betrayed the fact that he’s not interested in the title anymore.

    He needs to go, our club deserves better.

  38. Rocky Pires

    Lineup for Citeh?


  39. Thank you and goodnight

    Anyone read that United fans are paying to have a banner flown over OT, wanting Moyes out. Nice. I wonder how much that would cost? I’d chip in for one demanding the removal of Wenger.

  40. Hitman49

    I found that out two years ago it’s about £500

    Has to be perfect weather and they go from an airfield in the loughton area…

    I got a helicopter flight as a birthday present over arsenal…..
    They do it from there…….

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    I’d chip in mate if someone was to organise it. Do it on a day the game is televised.