Outside sentimentality, why would you keep Arsene Wenger on?

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This match report might be a bit all over the place, you’ve had the structured argument over the past three days… this morning, I’m just totally drained by it all. I feel like a Wrestler whose been in the Royal Rumble for 2 hours… tap me out, I need a glass of water and a cry in the changing rooms.

Sadly, I can’t help but feel a deep depression after every collapse like the one we’re currently going through.  I can imagine the pain is even sharper for the fans that let Wenger back into their circle of trust. Being let down by that man isn’t a ‘thing‘ for me anymore. I know what’s coming. It’s the fans that say things like, ‘I’d give him another year’, why? There’s no answer unless it’s the fabled ‘but who?’, or ”we owe him’.

Yesterday I gave you a list of managers who would have approached that game with more passion and ingenuity than Wenger could have over the last 5 years. We don’t owe anyone a £7.5m a year living.

Our leader put out basically the same side that capitulated against Chelsea. He did nothing to the formation. He’d clearly done nothing to fire them up. There were no visible instructions on how to break down the Swansea defence. There was no pace in the side. There was nothing unusual or surprising. Just the same old Arsenal, playing the same old football.

We went down early after we lost the ball in midfield, succumbed to a quick counter and Vermaelen, in the side for the foreseeable, failed to out muscle Bony for a header which the Ivorian buried.

Swansea had a plan after that. Sit back and soak up the pressure. Arsenal had no runners and no real threat going forward. Giroud was painfully inept, even by his normal average standards. Also, note that when I say sit back, Swansea weren’t even interested in possession. A team highly praised for their deep lying keep ball tactics were hoofing the ball. We had nothing.

It was the worst home game of the season. The guys around me were as exasperated as me. People on the web critiquing the home fans have no idea what it’s like to sit in the ground, year, after year, watching the same old sh*t. You know what makes it worse? The collapse always happen around now, usually a bit earlier… and the nagging voice in the back of your head is saying,

‘Pedro, you’ve got to fork another £1000 quid out in a month’

I’ll pay it. Arsenal are my life. I need it to sustain my addiction, doesn’t mean I like handing that cash over knowing it’s going to be more of the same. If I could hibernate and come back when Wenger goes, I’d do it. Fans don’t demand success. They demand progress. Trophies are the cherry on top. Arsenal aren’t progressing, we’re consistently flogging a tired philosophy year after year in the desperate hope teams around us will regress and we’ll capitalise. It’s not going to happen. Business doesn’t work like that, sport doesn’t work like that, life doesn’t work like that. Unless you’re talking about actual life, like, when the dinosaurs were wiped out allowing us to flourish. Like with anything in life, I don’t mind failure as long as there is effort and thought behind it.

At Arsenal, we’re stuck in purgatory. It’s top four mediocrity. Never challenging, never failing so bad anything actionable can happen. It’s groundhog day. It’s being stuck in an Arsenal induced coma. It’s horrible and I CAN NEVER ESCAPE.

… and back to the game.

Then when the first sub came, it was to take our only pace on the pitch off. Chamberlain slipped off for Podolski. Some life was finally injected into our game. Some Gibbs and Rosicky  interplay outwide ended in a mazy run into the box and a perfect cut back for Lukas to tap in.

Barely a minute after kick off, Santi released Podolski down the left, he smashed a tantalising low cross into the six yard zone where Giroud was on hand to tap home. We all went nuts, maybe this was our reprieve?

It wasn’t to be, instead of capitalising on Swansea shell shock, we allowed them back in at the death with calamity defending that saw Chezzer swiped the ball at Flamini, it bounced in off him.

What a joke.

Things nearly ended in deeper embarrassment when Swansea broke in the last minute, De Guzman clear on goal, but the ref blew up! Amazingly dodgy decision. Maybe he’d had a flutter one 2-2?  A total life saver.

So if you thought our League chances were still alive before the game, it was time to hang up those dreams after.


Do I have to do this again? Really?

Arsene is done. Sure, he might win the FA cup, but don’t let people tell you that’s a kick start to him building a new team. It’s not. The kick start to a better team was last summer (and I’m being so generous here because all the hazy excuses were lifted). He failed. His second wind was the January window when he was somehow at the top of the league with no striker and all he could muster with a dead squad was Kim Kallstrom (who looked heavy footed and clunky last night). He failed. Arsene has spent the last 5 years indulging his own fantasy of usurping the big guns of the Premier League on a self imposed budget more akin to a Championship side. What about thinking about the fans Arsene?

The fans don’t pay to watch the books get balanced. We go to see out club try their absolute hardest to achieve something amazing. The stadium move was wondrous. But you can’t dine out on that ten years after its opening. A simple glance at the numbers over the last 5 years shows that Wenger hasn’t spent all that’s been available to him. This summer, he panic purchased a £43m player… and failed to land a striker. We’re a top flight European Champions League side and we have one striker.

That’s should sackable offence in itself.

The point is, an FA Cup win in itself will lift the fans, but it won’t shield the reality of the situation. We’re in a deep stagnation. The manager is acting petulantly in press conferences and no one behind the scenes seems to have the power to pull him to one side and sort this situation out.

Arsene is conceding that it’s not the league we’re chasing, it’s top four. Something I said a few weeks ago when the tower began to collapse. It’s shoddy, we’ve contested the league all season, now it’s falling down.

Our first team is decimated as well. How obvious was it that Koscielny was going to get injured? How many times did I… of no sporting background or expertise… say that we were brutalising the two centre backs? Now he’s out for a while. Ramsey still hasn’t returned. Ozil is out. Theo is out. Jack is out (admittedly, this isn’t anything to do with Arsenal). Nearly all of this is Arsene’s doing. Nearly all of this I’ve predicted all season. Am I a football genius? No. So how did I know? Because Wenger isn’t performing the basics. It’s so easy to see that he’s overplaying players. It’s so predictable they’ll eventually break. It’s so obvious he doesn’t have a game plan. It’s obvious his scouting network is shot.

Paul Scholes took an axe to Wenger last night slamming the way we play, saying something like, ‘does he just tell the midfield to go out and do what they want. Don’t worry about defending’ and he went on to say, ‘ Jack Wilshere looked a player at 17, he’s not come on. He needs a Vieira to play with’. Then you had Leonardo on the box at the weekend saying that our failures are down to poor preparation. Something most Arsenal fans have seen in Wenger sides for years has finally slinked into the mainstream press.

How can Ivan Gazidis look at the shambles that’s going on and sanction another deal? The very fact it’s down to Wenger decide is embarrassing in itself. He said he’d decide on his future based on performance. We’re now in a situation where Everton, if they win their game in hand, will be 3 points behind us. Then we’ll likely lose to City. Then we have to play Everton. Then it’s game on. Everton are fresh, they have a game plan, they have a manager who has explosive players built into his starting 11. Barkley is an absolute monster, Lukaku is a green Drogba and Delofoeu is a dream of a winger. Not to mention players like Seamus Coleman diving in with the goals as well.

… and on the goals. As my work pal just said to me, ‘Arsenal simply aren’t capable of scoring goals like that’. And he’s right. The explosion of power Barkley showed for his goal was Thierry like. Incredible.

Our FA Cup chances feel in danger now. We’ve been rumbled. Teams know how to play against an Arsenal with no pace or power. Our top four chances are under threat. Because we have two very hard games coming up that are against form teams. Why isn’t Wenger blooding Gnabry? Why has he stopped blooding Sanogo?

‘When you go through a difficult period like that, you need a bit of experience. To put young players under massive pressure at the moment like we are… It is easier said than done.’

As someone said on Twitter, ‘says the man who debuted Sanogo in the Champions League against the best team in Europe’…

If we don’t make top 4 and win the FA Cup, can the manager stay on? I’d like to think not, because that’s an utter shambles. Harry Redknapp was sacked for a far lesser offence, because his Spurs side were never contending the league. If Wenger goes, it’ll be because of inaction. Failure to address his squad deficiencies over two windows, failure to address his old fashioned approach to fitness, failure to manage his starting 11 and total failure to address his embarrassingly weak approach to tactics.

Lay it all on the table, outside of sentimentality, why would you keep him?

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  1. bergkamp63

    On behalf of all the English degenerates, apologies to all foreign supporters of Arsenal.

    Don’t tar us all with the same brush !

  2. bergkamp63

    Dan A,

    It did indeed, just not convinced a manager could put his heart & soul into something he knows is going to end within months ?

    Point taken though !

  3. sigur

    Hello good people of Le-grove.

    Me and a friend are traveling over from Norway hoping to catch the Newcastle game at the Emirates, and I have a question about Arsenal.com’s online ticket sale.
    Can a “red member” buy an extra ticket for a friend who is not a red member? Or do we both have to buy a red membership to get two valid tickets?

  4. JJ

    I really think that Wenger has not signed the contract because it includes limitations to his power e.g. A director of football and coaching changes. My guess is that Wenger was hoping to win a few things and use it as leverage to remove the stipulations.

    Given recent events he will be forced to sign with the stipulations in place. Bottom line, I don’t think Wenger is going anywhere. I also think there will be clashes between Wenger and anyone Gazidis puts in to limit Wenger’s power.

    Bleak times ahead for fans I fear…

  5. Goongoonergone

    If Arsenal get 4th this season, Wenger needs to pay Moyes 5 million pounds.
    Now if it were Ferguson managing Utd, Wenger would be talking about how fifth place is also a trophy.

  6. Jeff


    I don’t think Wenger would sign at all if the board are reducing his powers or getting him “help”. If he could change he would have done so long before we got to this stage. I think it is just about the 2 year or 3 year thing. Even that Wenger would take as a slap in the face and possibly not sign at all. Here’s hoping.

  7. london gunner

    slade March 26, 2014 17:08:08

    MidwestGun March 26, 2014 15:32:24
    You should give it a rest with this English cunt; he’s a clever bitch with time on his hands..in the end the English and DanC cannot help but show their contempt for those from the States…visit the fuckin country and find out for yourself. Dan C is typical not atypical. Go on then you proper naughty geezer Dan C!

    Huge generalization.

    Way to stereotype a whole nation. Where are you from?

    Imagine you were from America and I said because your from the US you must be gun totting redneck would make me a right xenophobic cunt woudln’t it?

    So stop being a xenophobic cunt.

    Stereotypical a whole nation because of Dan C hatred of America makes absolutely no sense and your obviously have some bitter hatred of the English so your a complete hypocrite.

  8. salparadisenyc

    Shows you how fast it can turn, Fergie delivered United everything. Not to mention a final title with a sub par squad before kissing them farewell. Incredible he got verbally abused last night. I’d be surprised if some ticket holders didn’t find themselves no longer welcome at ole T.

  9. Arsene's Nurse

    I don’t know how anyone can defend Wenger on current performances. If you look at the way we play we actually play a 2-2-3-2-1 formation:

    ———-Arteta ——–Flamini——

    Every week the two fullbacks are miles up the pitch. Every week someone loses the ball and the opposition counter attack into space where the full backs should be. Every week.

    Wenger has no problem with this. If he did have a problem we’d see change by now. Either that or Sagna and Gibbs ignore him and his instructions, which is just as bad.

    Every week we get 2 on 2 situations at the back or worse. Everyone except Wenger can see this yet the AKBs defend their lord and master to the hilt. Do the AKBs even watch any of the games? Do they see the deficiencies or are they just as blind as the man they adore?

    There are many other tactical deficiencies too, let alone the fact he injures players, plays players in the wrong positions, won’t drop his favourites, won’t buy players in positions we need, can’t motivate players, won’t get off his arse and direct players, can’t change formation or tactics mid game, doesn’t attend other games, doesn’t analyse the opposition, etc, etc, etc.

    Wenger is utterly indefensible.

  10. Augustine

    What do you guys think of Frank Rijkaard
    Think he rejuvenated Barcelona prior to the Gurdiola
    His,Netherlands team was a joy to watch as well
    Not sure what he is up to currently

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Seein Klopp name’s floated about as taking over United in the summer…that would be totally gutting

  12. TitsMcgee

    “The barren years have always been the sharpest weapon for Arsenal fans and Wenger’s detractors, but even if we’d won the League Cup in 2011 would things be any different now?”

    Of course they wouldn’t have. It’s the law of averages. Wenger is in it to win as prettily as he can as cheaply as he can. He has no plan from year to year whatsoever which I why I find the whole “Wenger has a 9 year master plan” thing to be so ridiculous. What evidence is there that he even has a plan from season to season or transfer window to transfer window?

  13. Stuart

    There is no defence of him. There hasn’t been for about six years. Five years ago, someone at the club should have given him an ultimatum of winning a trophy by the end of the following season or be given the sack. But then, the old fool has weaselled himself into a position of so much power that he has become an old fashioned dictator. All power and no action. For the good of the club, he must go.

  14. somecallmemystic

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    Fucking drives me nuts. I’ll admit I was and still am a believer in Podolski. We all know that on the odd occasion Wenger lets him play that he can’t / won’t track back, so what the fuck is Wenger doing letting his LB go waltzing up the pitch?

    Podolski ends up looking shit, because this egotistical, one dimensional idiot of a manager can no longer motivate / instruct / accommodate change.

  15. Relieable sauce

    Personally I want Zola but only on condition he has to wear Arsene’s caterpillar coat.
    Best way forward for comedy continuity.

  16. TitsMcgee

    Wenger has no problem with this. If he did have a problem we’d see change by now. Either that or Sagna and Gibbs ignore him and his instructions, which is just as bad.Every week we get 2 on 2 situations at the back or worse. Everyone except Wenger can see this yet the AKBs defend their lord and master to the hilt. Do the AKBs even watch any of the games? Do they see the deficiencies or are they just as blind as the man they adore?”

    It’s definitely deliberate but is it due to incompetence or arrogance? Either way it’s negligent and either signifies he has no clue what he’s doing or he’s too stubborn to adapt.

    Quite frankly I think he’s obsessed with “his way or the highway”. He has all the makings of a man whose ego has been injected with growth hormones for years and now he’s just too big for the cage.

    Everything he does is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what should be done. It’s all about him and that’s why i have little sympathy for him.

  17. MidwestGun

    I have given it a rest for all day, Dan C started it by saying unless you go to the games in person, you dont know. I merely pointed out it was an ignorant
    Opinion. Anyhow, like sal said its boring, but he wouldn’t let it go.
    For the record I have been to the Grove 6 or 7 times as my stepfather was from London. So I am aware of opinions regarding Americans.

    By the way I dont advocate giving up hard earned season tickets.

    And with that I am done giving Dan C any more thought, prejudices are fine as long as you dont try and pretend you don’t have any by making little sly aside comments. Just get it out there. For instance, I dont like bad football managers.

  18. Guns up

    Hitman ur protest idea is pretty cool, only prob is it will drain ur battery where as a white hanky or t shirt waving about is maybe more practical? There both good doe, one of them should be done!

  19. bergkamp63

    Augustine March 26, 2014 17:47:08
    What do you guys think of Frank Rijkaard
    Think he rejuvenated Barcelona prior to the Gurdiola
    His,Netherlands team was a joy to watch as well
    Not sure what he is up to currently

    Mentioned his name a year ago ! think he went to Florida for some academy or something ?

  20. london gunner

    We all should strip naked in protest much more effective than a white hankee.

    Us getting naked would be symbolic message that the truth has to be shown


  21. Dissenter

    Midwest gun
    I respect your opinion about not giving up hard earned season tickets.
    I just happen to differ. I had a seasn ticket till 2006 and I havent had one since because I moved States-side. I dont consider myself any less a fan now than I did then when I had a season ticket.
    For anyone to suggest otherwise is just nonsense.
    I have a buddy in Sydney who’s been saving for a year and half to bring his two kids to see two games next month. It’s going to cost him more than DanC will spend in three years for season tickets. He’s coming to London primarily for Arsenal ‘cos it’s his passion.

  22. kwik fit

    If really does call it a day in the summer we could do alot worse that Davey Moyes. Have you seen his daughter. Woppppeeeee dooooooo 🙂

  23. Radio Raheem

    We all should strip naked in protest much more effective than a white hankee. Us getting naked would be symbolic message that the truth has to be shown

    You perv

  24. Trini-Gooner

    Here’s a question:

    Should we be more frustrated at Wenger for his transfer shrewdness and mismanagement, or at Kroenke for not giving a shit and only using Arsenal as a cash cow?

    Because his other sports franchises suck – St. Louis Rams and Denver Nuggets – both bad teams.

    Seems he is not an ambitious owner. Thoughts?

  25. Cesc Appeal


    The two go hand in hand.

    Kroenke is hands off as long as Arsenal rakes it in, Wenger doesn’t want any interference with him having dominion over Arsenal.

    I think Kroenke will be most wobbly when Wenger leaves. especially if he decides he’s had enough and leaves at the end of the season because this is not part of the plan at all – hopefully the richest man in Russia can then come in and get shot of him.

  26. JJ

    Aresene’s Nurse – agree with you 100% but he has zero accountability within the club. He says he is accountable after the 6-0 at Chelsea but what does that mean? We reward failure with contract extensions and pay raises.

    Where is the incentive for anyone to do better? It is a paranormal world at Arsenal HQ.

  27. Relieable sauce


    Do you know if Usmanov has any links with Putin?

    I know the government are unlikely to step in but i’m just wondering if he has some bigger issues on his plate at the mo.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah he does, he’s buddies with him.

    But then so is Abromavich, big time. And it hasn’t effected him.

  29. JJ

    I don’t understand Kroenke’s interest in Arsenal. There are no dividends being paid (at the moment) and I don’t think he is siphoning funds with “management fees”… He isn’t a fan so what is the plan? It does not make sense to me…

  30. MidwestGun

    Lol. Im done, my friend. I wanted to be done about 6 hours ago.

    Dissenter –
    Ok, just think there are better ways to protest. At this point between our past 2 performances and the delusional opinions out there about Arsene I guess any little bit can’t hurt. Really demoralized right now, and for me that’s bad,because Im usually a little more upbeat.

  31. Dan Ahern

    Trini — I’d say we should be more frustrated with Wenger. He has final say and Kroenke has backed him.

    You’re right Kroenke’s franchises don’t do much, but on the flip side he’s a hands-off owner.

  32. Trini-Gooner


    I hear what you’re saying.

    I think Wenger takes a lot of the blame for Kroenke and the BoD, which is probably why they love him so much. Wenger is used to working on a tight budget, and so Kroenke is not under pressure to spend.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Sort of. The board are guilty as well, the day Dein left the club become a franchise based on money making, neglecting the football.

    But make no mistake, Wenger, LOVES IT.

    He loves the fact he is the top dog, Gazidis and that are happy to feed his ego and allow him total control as long as he brings them in the dough.

    The club needs a huge change, I said that in the 2011 summer window when Fabregas and Nasri were sold, we just don’t care about the football side.

    I’m hoping Wenger walking away will start off a chain of events that see’s radical change at the club.

  34. Marc


    Vieria and Petit were bought before the 98 world cup and Pires was bought 2 years later.

    Nicely thought out and constructed argument!

  35. Trini-Gooner

    Okay so I need to know:

    Do we actually have money to spend? If so, why do we not spend ANY at all and only go for freebies? Gazidis says we have “substantial funds” available, but then the excuse for not spending is that, “we have debt to pay and we are financially restricted”.

    So which one is it?

  36. tipster

    Eventon will turn us over at Goodison, if they get the fourth place trophy my worry is Martinez will want to stay at Everton, we need him. Can everton play in red just to make me feel better…. the Arsene cult is alive, the AKB nutters are still here..

  37. Cesc Appeal


    There is £144 Million in cash reserves…that’s money not doing anything…on top of that upcoming £35 Million Puma deal this summer, up from the £7.5 Million we were getting from Nike.

    The Emirates deal has gone from £10 Million to £30 Million a season, on top of that tour money, deals like Huwaei, Gatorade, Airtel etc

    Of that £144 Million I think £20 Million is to be held in reserves at any one time…so to answer your question yes…there is a shed load of money to spend.

    Why it’s not being spent? Certainly there’s enough column inches to make you think Gazidis wants to see us spending big…whether you believe it? That’s down to you.

    Personally, I think Wenger HATES spending and would rather bring through young talent and put one in the eye of everyone…hasn’t worked for 50% of his reign, I don’t see that changing.

  38. Same Story

    I could see Liverpool winning the league with the fixtures they’ve got. The way they’re playing, the fact that the fans are actually starting to believe this is their year to end the drought.

    i’d like them to win it tbh, it’d be nearly unbearable but it’d prove to people that you don’t need to spend the most to win the title(if Fergie hadn’t done that already).

  39. Marc


    I thought the Puma deal was £30 million per season?

    Just as a note there was a small piece in the Telegraph on Friday announcing Everton’s new sponsorship deal. What do you think it was worth? £16 million over 3 years – Ours is worth almost double that per season and is for 5 years.

    I do wish people would stop calling Everton a big club along with the likes of Newcastle etc they are minnows when compared to Arsenal. We just need to act our size.

  40. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitMarch 26, 2014 18:40:03
    london gunner a naked protect is an excellent idea. It should however only apply to female fans.

    Thank god we did not loose this man, it was touch and go but look whose back!!!
    K W I K.

  41. Trini-Gooner


    Thanks for the info.

    I guess it just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, why would Gazidis come out during the summer and say that we have all this money to spend if he knew all along that the plan was to not spend anything? He did say that it is up to the manager to spend it, essentially pointing the blame at Wenger, but I just find the whole situation so bizarre.

    I know we bought Ozil, for which I am overjoyed. But with all the players that came off our books, didn’t that minimize out net transfer spend?

  42. Marc


    Why? Arsenal could buy them as a club who the hell needs some clown whose bought a tiny club thinking he can make them complete with the likes of ManU etc. That’s what’s so frustrating and such a shame to see. Wenger has been a major force in taking Arsenal onto another level as a football club and business and he’s going to be remember for all the wrong things.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    We’re not starting the whole money thing again, it isn’t even in dispute, we have lots and lots of money.

    The AST, Swiss Ramble, Pedro has written about it numerous times, Pro-Wenger blogs like Arseblog concede it…the supporters know it, we have a lot of money.

    Obviously we can’t spend on the scale of City and PSG…but we can match Chelsea now who appear to be trying to be FFP compliant and side like United, Barcelona etc

    THAT was the whole point of the Emirates move…just Wenger won’t/can’t.

    He was great when we had to be frugal and do things on a shoestring, and hats off. But that ended a couple of summers back.

    Your war time leader is not necessarily the guy you want running the country when the war is over and the sun is shining and it’s time to spend and make hay.

  44. Johnty79

    Final Pedro you have come round to my way of thinking…shame it’s two years to late.

    I don’t know when le grove started exactly but I think I joined in 2010. Even from then I wanted us to finish out side the top four.

    Even being in the champs league we don’t attract top players, Ozil would of signed for anyone paying 160k aweek.

    Missing champs league and fa cup will be a good thing. Wenger has destroyed this club and overal his record is slightly above interest.

    Surely no won on here wants us to finish top four?

  45. tunnygriffboy

    Just got in from work. Thoughts on the game last night, will trawl through posts after

    Can’t believe how average the team was in personel. All our star quality was missing and essentially that was a squad side, squad players that can pop in and out when top players resting. We have to add 3 or 4 quality players to our injured players for next season and keep some of the squad players, then we have more depth.

    No club other than City or Chelsea could compete at the top level with the number of key players we have out. Have to recognise that that team last night is not able to compete at the top level. It the snowball affect, our most dynamic players injured, the less athletic players replace them, have to play game after game and are now exhausted.

    I take on board the reasons for injuries and not strengthening in Jan but this season we have been hit hard with injuries to our game changers. Is this fair enough ? Please enlighten .

  46. Cesc Appeal


    The whole situation at Arsenal is so hazy, hardly anyone knows what’s going on and that is part of the problem.

    I do think that’s a dirty ploy from the club, no one actually knows who to point the finger at.

    But I think the likely source is Wenger of most of the problems.

  47. tipster


    You’re right,toung in cheek comments….. we should be aiming for the stars, but snother missed opportunity this season, btw, if the scousers win the league I’ ll dig a hole somewhere and hide, I can’t stand the scouse gits, cu#ts

  48. Johnty79

    And don’t anyone on here dare say wenger is a brilliant business man and I can’t beleive kronke thinks he is.

    We have a wage bill of 150m of that only around 40m is the first team 11-16 players that wenger trusts.

    We have a squad of 30 or so youth players who will never make it. Wenger wastes 50m a year of our wages.

    We could have Ronaldo and messi in the team for that.

    First 7 years you won 7 trophies
    Last 10 years fuck all.

  49. Jeff

    We can’t talk about Usmanov because he’s been frozen out good and proper. He can’t even sit on the board; he has no voice, no power and no influence. Kroenke is not exactly broke so he’s not suddenly going to say: oh well I’ve had enough how much will you give me for my shares?

    It is a question of making Arsenal a powerhouse once again but we have to recognise that it’s going to have to be with Kroenke as outright owner. It’s not impossible. If what we’ve been assuming all along is true (that it’s mainly Arsene who refuses to spend or change his policies), the new manager will have a pot of money to replenish the side wisely, expel those surplus to requirement and reorganise and train the team in such a way as to make us contenders once again. This obviously won’t happen overnight.

    I am not a believer in the idea that you have to spend £500m before you can win anything and none of the wiser posters here are suggesting anything of the sort. From the evidence of the last nine years I have seen enough to be convinced that a very large majority of our problems stem from the manager downwards. Wrong players have been bought, often played in wrong positions, injuries brought on by overplaying, wrong formations, one dimensional easy to counter football and the most damning of all; the unwillingness to change and adapt.

    Those things I have listed are enough to ensure we don’t have to appeal higher up the chain in order to explain our barren years and also the number of times we have come up short in specific high stake matches. Certainly there has been a trend that we cannot beat big teams and we seem to always collapse in big games whoever we play – all that is a sure sign of managerial incompetence more than anything else.

    Changing the manager will be like wiping your hard disk and starting fresh – not just rebooting at the end of every season and finding the virus is still there.

  50. Johnty79

    Wenger got a 2m pay rise when David dein left the club people….allegedly.

    It’s embarrassing when you here dean speak as you get a sense he thinks wenger regrets him leaving. I have 2m reasons why I don’t think wenger gave a shit when dean went.

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Even if Wenger stays he will have to spend big. Even the AKB’s ( God I hate that term ) will lose the plot knowing that there is that amount of money available. Still think with everyone available we have the base of a good squad.

    Out of interest who could realistically come in if Wenger goes. Lot of names mentioned but are they involved in clubs they feel loyal too. Personally I’d like Klopp but we may have to wait for him. I would be prepared to wait but we need to approach him now and get groundwork done.

  52. bergkamp63

    The very best players in the world want to be part of something special, in order for them to believe that you must prove to them that the project is real.

    1) you will have to recruit a world class manager they can believe in.
    2) you will have to recruit world class players of the ilk of Suarez, Kompany, Bale etc.

    For this to happen it almost will certainly have to happen quickly like at Man City.

    It is much easier now for top players to be recruited at City or Chelsea & places like RM, Barca & BM because they already have great squads to begin with.

    It will be near impossible for the likes of Suarez to come to a club like ours because he would be the first world class player to arrive & who the fuck in their right mind would come to work under Wenger !

    Convince a world class manager to come first and maybe the right players will join him.

  53. Trini-Gooner


    I was not aware that Usmanov was frozen out as you say. What caused that to happen?

    The scary thing is that I don’t know if I believe that we can be a powerhouse again with Kroenke at the helm. If you look at his other teams, you can get a feel for his level of ambition in terms of investing to win a title.

    The St. Louis Rams came last in there division last season, and have not been known to spend on big players in free agency. The Denver Nuggets had a good team a few years ago, then sold their star player Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks.

    Sound familiar?

  54. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Thank god your back! Everytime you leave something bad happens on here.


    By the way don’t recommend trying to argue while in the middle of caulking baseboard. Anyone, know how to get caulk off a notepad? 🙁 lol.

  55. bergkamp63

    Guns of brixton March 26, 2014 19:45:59
    If Liverpool win the title you will NEVER EVER hear the end of it.

    fuckin’ hate those scouse #*@;%

    Thanks for that Alf Garnett !

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Hill-Wood was pro-Kroenke despite his comments about yanks and all that a few years prior. He was a bit of a board room bully.

    He saw to the ousting of Dein, and Dein is part of Red and Whit Holdings, with Usmanov and Farad Moshiri.

    Usmanov has over 30% of the club and yet Red and White does not have a single seat on the board! Disgusting. Arsenal applied to the FA I think as well to have the rules changed so that Usmanov couldn’t look at the books once he hit 30%. Not 100% on that but I remember reading it, because everyone was itching for him to get 30% so we could see if anything dodgy was going down with the money at Arsenal.

    But when you consider Usmanov has almost $19 Billion, Moshiri has $2 Billion, together Red and White Holdings as owners would bring a combined Net Worth of £21 Billion to the club…that is insane money….NOT THAT WE NEED IT!

    Both are Arsenal fans as well, Usmanov pays for his own executive box as well as pumping money into a lot of London regeneration schemes.

  57. bergkamp63

    By the way don’t recommend trying to argue while in the middle of caulking baseboard. Anyone, know how to get caulk off a notepad? 🙁 lol

    You need Acetone ! otherwise know as nail polish remover !

  58. IL Capo

    Oi you dirty yank bastard this is my club get out of town go invest in US convenience stores if you want to make even more money just leave AFC to London and North Londoners take your wank CEO with you take your crass American values and leave us alone with the eternal spirit of Rocky, Kelsey, Charlie George, Frank Mc, Daley Jack, Bobby Gould, and Raddy that’s what makes the spirit of this club you my friend have defaced the heroes of our proud community club. Go fuck yourself and leave us London football family in peace and take the nice Mr Wenger with you…..

  59. Tippitappi

    for a man who hates spending he doesn’t mind receiving fucking cretin Left well before the end (,still one down) any booing at the whistle ?

  60. MidwestGun

    I have one of those otter box things on it. A plastic and rubber cover basically.
    Will acetone be ok? Thanks for recommending by the way. Didn’t actually think of nail polish remover.

  61. Arsenal1886-2006


    Damp cloth but do not rub as you will drag and possibly scratch the surface, turn off the notepad first and let It cool down, leaving it on and getting warm could leave a permanent mark on the surface.

  62. london gunner

    Usmanov could of bought the club anyday this week and there is nothing Kroenke could do about it.

    I surely don’t trust Kroenke but I don’t trust Usmanov either, If Usmanov was the white in shining armour that people picture him as he would of bought the club awhile back.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    Remember Kroenke has like 67% of the club, so he would have to sell those shares to Usmanov, the only way I see that happening is if Wenger suddenly leaves, and even then…this club is a cash cow for him.

    Usmanov can’t just walk in to the front desk and say ‘I’m rich, here’s a cheque for £1.2 Billion…clubs mine, cheers.’

    I wish.

  64. Arsenal1886-2006


    if the screen has any trace of plastic do not use acetone as it will burn and leave a permanent mark. Leave the slightly damp cloth on the caulk and it will eventually soak and lift.

  65. tunnygriffboy


    Agree need WC manager to replace Wenger to sell a project, something ironically Wenger did the same to Ozil. The core of the squad when, yes when, everyone is fit is pretty exciting, a lot of good, mainly young players on long contracts and a core Arsenal youngsters. It wasn’t long ago that people were saying any striker would be salivating playing in front of Ozil. Rambo, Jack., Cazorla and Walcott. The key would be to keep them fit and add 3 or 4 top quality players. It could be done with the funds we have.

  66. MidwestGun

    Reliable –

    Hahaha, I think the patient is gonna live. 6 -6’s suggestion seems to be working. Have to kind of peel it off. Thank god I think its a water based caulk.

  67. bergkamp63


    Try the damp cloth first, you might need to do this a few times and try to soak it off with a tissue.

  68. Trini-Gooner

    From another site:

    “He (Wenger) was offered a contract, they were hoping to announce it before the 1000th match, but he didn’t sign. I am still of the opinion, from speaking to people that know Wenger very well, that he is still looking to leave soon. It was the plan, to steady the ship through to a new era with money to spend and then let someone else take the reins and push on.”


  69. Jeff


    I have to be honest and say I don’t follow American football or basketball so I’m not at all knowledgeable about Kroenke’s other interests. However, the fact that his other teams have not been doing well is no proof that Arsenal won’t do well.

    Without understanding the history, previous owners, how they faired in previous years, what is their expenditure, income and financial structure, it is not possible to make an informed judgement. So I’m not really too persuaded by the argument that Arsenal will automatically fail under a certain owner just because his other franchises haven’t done too well.

    What I do know is that Kroenke is willing to spend big (as he’s proven by sanctioning Ozil’s acquisition) if the manager or the board can persuade him that it will help the club move forward. In any case, we will for sure have a new manager if not this season then certainly after two more so the same question about what life will be under a different manager still stands but we will probably not find out for a very long time what Arsenal might be like without Kroenke or his junior.

    I firmly believe (given what has happened in the last nine years – even before Kroenke took over), that a change in management will do us a world of good – but I agree with most people that his successor must be young, full of fresh ideas, knows his stuff, is willing to adapt and will have a job description befitting more a football coach than the director of finances. Having said all of that, if given the choice, I would have picked Usmanov over Kroenke every day of the week but we don’t have that choice.

    I actually think we’re going to be alright once a new manager is installed and the rebuilding process begins in earnest.

  70. MidwestGun

    If my tablet starts suddenly printing out curse words. Its not my fault!

    😀 Thanks by the way. I thought I was gonna have to get a new cover thing. Not cheap..

  71. MarbleHall

    I blame Flamini for the own goal, the headless chicken should not have got involved in the run of play ss he ha
    Sometimes times you can be to helpful for you own good and get punished for it.

  72. Marc

    Why would anyone want Usmanov in control of the club? He’s never said he’d put money in, in fact he’s publicly complained about not being paid a dividend. There are some nasty stories about his history.

    All we need is for the club to use the fund’s it generates. The question is what is behind the reluctance to spend, is it the manager or is it ingrained throughout the senior levels of the club?

  73. bergkamp63

    Sczezzer at fault for own goal for me,

    Creates indecision with his defenders and does not communicate, not to mention his arrogance regarding his own abilities.

  74. kwik fit


    What’s this ? I turn my back for 24 hrs and all hell breaks loose. Never mind I’m back……….. like a bad fuckin penny 😉

  75. Marc

    Whatever your thoughts on Wenger what we don’t won’t is an announcement in advance he’s going. You only have to look at ManU when Fergie announced his retirement back in the early 00’s.

    The only way to do it is for an announcement either close season or at the final whistle on the last day of the season.

  76. bergkamp63

    Marc March 26, 2014 20:11:23
    Why would anyone want Usmanov in control of the club

    because he is a better businessman than Kroenke, he would generate more income from better commercials which would give us more money to spend on players !

  77. kwik fit

    Wenger! I know you frequent this blog at least sex times a day. (god knows why). This is a message to you from us The ‘Le Grovers!;

  78. MidwestGun

    Ya thanks, im a building contractor, so you would think I would know better than to touch it. But DanC wouldn’t give it a rest. So……….. lol

    It was caulk. White caulk but still…… what are you Implying? 😛

  79. Marc


    Sorry not an expert on corporate law but I didn’t think you could force someone with a majority share holding to sell unless there were insolvency issues etc?

  80. tunnygriffboy

    We have to have a replacement manager lined up if Wenger leaves. It has to be in place we can’t afford to be panicking in the summer flapping about for a , manager when others pick off the best players while we have money in the bank. There has to be a prompt handover of things. This is especially relevant considering things are getting more competitive at the top

  81. Marc


    Sorry no proof of that and the new commercial deals seem fine to me. I have major issue’s with some of the talk about Usmanov and the way his lawyers have worked to silence people. Arsenal have always been about class, unfortunately we live in a world where big business can override that but I’ve haven’t seen anything from Kroenke that would tell me he would be a bad influence on the club and it’s moral standing. Ultimately Usmanov has always said he would keep Wenger, I’m expecting that to change shortly as he always seems to try and capitalise on fan dissention for personal gain.

  82. kwik fit


    I Know . Remember that time you thought you lost your phone:)

    How many times is sex times? Why Sex of course!

  83. kwik fit

    Sunderland have just gone through 30mins at Anfield and the game is still 0/0. Meanwhile after 30 mins against Arsene’s side they were 4/0 up. Gus Poyet anyone?

  84. kwik fit

    When are players allowed to invest money in the team? Don’t tell Wenger he may just get them do just that.

  85. Marc


    You need to Google the SSN interview with Matthew Syed about 10 years of Abramovich. Really funny and informative.

    I’m firmly of the opinion that Usmanov is from the same stock. Doesn’t make you a good businessman.

  86. bergkamp63


    I’m firmly of the opinion that Usmanov is from the same stock. Doesn’t make you a good businessman

    Usmanov made most of his money from his investments in the likes of Facebook, his Metals & Telecoms businesses ? How exactly does that make him not a good businessman ?

  87. abfp

    Oh my god Glen Johnson really is poor. Must be so frustrating for the rest of the team, he really lets them down. Quite hilarious actually. But at least he tries to pass the ball forward, as opposed to that guy with blonde dreads that usually plays for Arsenal.