Outside sentimentality, why would you keep Arsene Wenger on?

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This match report might be a bit all over the place, you’ve had the structured argument over the past three days… this morning, I’m just totally drained by it all. I feel like a Wrestler whose been in the Royal Rumble for 2 hours… tap me out, I need a glass of water and a cry in the changing rooms.

Sadly, I can’t help but feel a deep depression after every collapse like the one we’re currently going through.  I can imagine the pain is even sharper for the fans that let Wenger back into their circle of trust. Being let down by that man isn’t a ‘thing‘ for me anymore. I know what’s coming. It’s the fans that say things like, ‘I’d give him another year’, why? There’s no answer unless it’s the fabled ‘but who?’, or ”we owe him’.

Yesterday I gave you a list of managers who would have approached that game with more passion and ingenuity than Wenger could have over the last 5 years. We don’t owe anyone a £7.5m a year living.

Our leader put out basically the same side that capitulated against Chelsea. He did nothing to the formation. He’d clearly done nothing to fire them up. There were no visible instructions on how to break down the Swansea defence. There was no pace in the side. There was nothing unusual or surprising. Just the same old Arsenal, playing the same old football.

We went down early after we lost the ball in midfield, succumbed to a quick counter and Vermaelen, in the side for the foreseeable, failed to out muscle Bony for a header which the Ivorian buried.

Swansea had a plan after that. Sit back and soak up the pressure. Arsenal had no runners and no real threat going forward. Giroud was painfully inept, even by his normal average standards. Also, note that when I say sit back, Swansea weren’t even interested in possession. A team highly praised for their deep lying keep ball tactics were hoofing the ball. We had nothing.

It was the worst home game of the season. The guys around me were as exasperated as me. People on the web critiquing the home fans have no idea what it’s like to sit in the ground, year, after year, watching the same old sh*t. You know what makes it worse? The collapse always happen around now, usually a bit earlier… and the nagging voice in the back of your head is saying,

‘Pedro, you’ve got to fork another £1000 quid out in a month’

I’ll pay it. Arsenal are my life. I need it to sustain my addiction, doesn’t mean I like handing that cash over knowing it’s going to be more of the same. If I could hibernate and come back when Wenger goes, I’d do it. Fans don’t demand success. They demand progress. Trophies are the cherry on top. Arsenal aren’t progressing, we’re consistently flogging a tired philosophy year after year in the desperate hope teams around us will regress and we’ll capitalise. It’s not going to happen. Business doesn’t work like that, sport doesn’t work like that, life doesn’t work like that. Unless you’re talking about actual life, like, when the dinosaurs were wiped out allowing us to flourish. Like with anything in life, I don’t mind failure as long as there is effort and thought behind it.

At Arsenal, we’re stuck in purgatory. It’s top four mediocrity. Never challenging, never failing so bad anything actionable can happen. It’s groundhog day. It’s being stuck in an Arsenal induced coma. It’s horrible and I CAN NEVER ESCAPE.

… and back to the game.

Then when the first sub came, it was to take our only pace on the pitch off. Chamberlain slipped off for Podolski. Some life was finally injected into our game. Some Gibbs and Rosicky  interplay outwide ended in a mazy run into the box and a perfect cut back for Lukas to tap in.

Barely a minute after kick off, Santi released Podolski down the left, he smashed a tantalising low cross into the six yard zone where Giroud was on hand to tap home. We all went nuts, maybe this was our reprieve?

It wasn’t to be, instead of capitalising on Swansea shell shock, we allowed them back in at the death with calamity defending that saw Chezzer swiped the ball at Flamini, it bounced in off him.

What a joke.

Things nearly ended in deeper embarrassment when Swansea broke in the last minute, De Guzman clear on goal, but the ref blew up! Amazingly dodgy decision. Maybe he’d had a flutter one 2-2?  A total life saver.

So if you thought our League chances were still alive before the game, it was time to hang up those dreams after.


Do I have to do this again? Really?

Arsene is done. Sure, he might win the FA cup, but don’t let people tell you that’s a kick start to him building a new team. It’s not. The kick start to a better team was last summer (and I’m being so generous here because all the hazy excuses were lifted). He failed. His second wind was the January window when he was somehow at the top of the league with no striker and all he could muster with a dead squad was Kim Kallstrom (who looked heavy footed and clunky last night). He failed. Arsene has spent the last 5 years indulging his own fantasy of usurping the big guns of the Premier League on a self imposed budget more akin to a Championship side. What about thinking about the fans Arsene?

The fans don’t pay to watch the books get balanced. We go to see out club try their absolute hardest to achieve something amazing. The stadium move was wondrous. But you can’t dine out on that ten years after its opening. A simple glance at the numbers over the last 5 years shows that Wenger hasn’t spent all that’s been available to him. This summer, he panic purchased a £43m player… and failed to land a striker. We’re a top flight European Champions League side and we have one striker.

That’s should sackable offence in itself.

The point is, an FA Cup win in itself will lift the fans, but it won’t shield the reality of the situation. We’re in a deep stagnation. The manager is acting petulantly in press conferences and no one behind the scenes seems to have the power to pull him to one side and sort this situation out.

Arsene is conceding that it’s not the league we’re chasing, it’s top four. Something I said a few weeks ago when the tower began to collapse. It’s shoddy, we’ve contested the league all season, now it’s falling down.

Our first team is decimated as well. How obvious was it that Koscielny was going to get injured? How many times did I… of no sporting background or expertise… say that we were brutalising the two centre backs? Now he’s out for a while. Ramsey still hasn’t returned. Ozil is out. Theo is out. Jack is out (admittedly, this isn’t anything to do with Arsenal). Nearly all of this is Arsene’s doing. Nearly all of this I’ve predicted all season. Am I a football genius? No. So how did I know? Because Wenger isn’t performing the basics. It’s so easy to see that he’s overplaying players. It’s so predictable they’ll eventually break. It’s so obvious he doesn’t have a game plan. It’s obvious his scouting network is shot.

Paul Scholes took an axe to Wenger last night slamming the way we play, saying something like, ‘does he just tell the midfield to go out and do what they want. Don’t worry about defending’ and he went on to say, ‘ Jack Wilshere looked a player at 17, he’s not come on. He needs a Vieira to play with’. Then you had Leonardo on the box at the weekend saying that our failures are down to poor preparation. Something most Arsenal fans have seen in Wenger sides for years has finally slinked into the mainstream press.

How can Ivan Gazidis look at the shambles that’s going on and sanction another deal? The very fact it’s down to Wenger decide is embarrassing in itself. He said he’d decide on his future based on performance. We’re now in a situation where Everton, if they win their game in hand, will be 3 points behind us. Then we’ll likely lose to City. Then we have to play Everton. Then it’s game on. Everton are fresh, they have a game plan, they have a manager who has explosive players built into his starting 11. Barkley is an absolute monster, Lukaku is a green Drogba and Delofoeu is a dream of a winger. Not to mention players like Seamus Coleman diving in with the goals as well.

… and on the goals. As my work pal just said to me, ‘Arsenal simply aren’t capable of scoring goals like that’. And he’s right. The explosion of power Barkley showed for his goal was Thierry like. Incredible.

Our FA Cup chances feel in danger now. We’ve been rumbled. Teams know how to play against an Arsenal with no pace or power. Our top four chances are under threat. Because we have two very hard games coming up that are against form teams. Why isn’t Wenger blooding Gnabry? Why has he stopped blooding Sanogo?

‘When you go through a difficult period like that, you need a bit of experience. To put young players under massive pressure at the moment like we are… It is easier said than done.’

As someone said on Twitter, ‘says the man who debuted Sanogo in the Champions League against the best team in Europe’…

If we don’t make top 4 and win the FA Cup, can the manager stay on? I’d like to think not, because that’s an utter shambles. Harry Redknapp was sacked for a far lesser offence, because his Spurs side were never contending the league. If Wenger goes, it’ll be because of inaction. Failure to address his squad deficiencies over two windows, failure to address his old fashioned approach to fitness, failure to manage his starting 11 and total failure to address his embarrassingly weak approach to tactics.

Lay it all on the table, outside of sentimentality, why would you keep him?

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  1. Romford Pele

    Pedro, brilliant post.

    This is just me. As a season ticket holder there last night, it’s just generally emotionally-draining. When i’m paying champagne prices, please don’t be bringing me lemonade football.

  2. gats

    Wengers is a cunt, if he had any self respect he would resign now. Bastard is getting millions along with his lover boy Diaby. he dosnt give a fuck tbh. As long as all these bastards get their kids to private schools, and fancy restaurants they couldnt give a flying fuck. keep the money rolling in and increase ticket prices. Nice little scam at Arsenal.

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    I have no sympathy for those who willingly fork out for over priced tickets. You know exactly what you are going to get as it’s been happening for years. This is not a one off year, it happens every year. Grow a spine – protest or stop going.

    As long as people are forking over the money AFC doesn’t give a fuck.

  4. Romford Pele

    “I have no sympathy for those who willingly fork out for over priced tickets. You know exactly what you are going to get as it’s been happening for years. This is not a one off year, it happens every year. Grow a spine – protest or stop going.”

    I don’t disagree here but stopping myself going is easier said than done. It’s the emotional attachment that always gets you. I LOVE ARSENAL – irrespective of how much they do my head in.

  5. Dan T

    Wenger hasn’t been tactically astute for years. It’s no coincidence the better managers of our title rivals regularly out smart him. If we don’t get top 4 and win the fa cup, he’s got to walk, simple as that. Also, anyone who thinks we will get Martinez or Klopp… We all know Bould will get it.

  6. tomb

    I cannot see why Wenger cant see what is so blindingly obvious to everybody else. What is it with this man.
    I will say it here we will be very lucky to get top4 now.

  7. Richie Powling

    Familiar pattern after a spanking I.e. We draw the next game through being cautious which means that we drop more points.

  8. Josh

    I would echo everything said here. I think Wenger deserves praise for keeping us competitive, to an certain extent, in the years of moving the stadium but he seems to have become institutionalised in an environment where being self sufficient is the main aim.

    He wasn’t like that when he arrived, he wasn’t like that when he had Dein by his side and he wasn’t like that when he had winners and proper personalities in his team, those who demanded the club evolve or else they would move on.

    Football is a sport and while I don’t believe in throwing money about when you can’t afford it, the Wenger of 96-04 would have signed a keeper when we needed one during the Almunia years, he would have signed a CB when we had to rely on Djourou, he would have signed a DM after losing Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto in one season and he would have signed a striker in January.

    He’s lost his edge in the transfer market, he’s incapable of any tactical innovation and he created an environment full of nice guys who have never won anything in their lives.

    The lack of football people at the club is also a massive problem. While I’m not saying the likes of Tony Adams should be on the board, ex-players with a passion for this club would not allow whats happening to continue. But Wenger has created an island where he is the boss and cannot be challenged.

    Its a shame its come to this as I love the man himself but its time for him to go.

  9. Wallace

    i thought Kallstrom looked excellent. the early goal for them clearly knocked us and while obviously far from our best i thought we showed great determination to get back into it. well played Gibbs & Podolski. their equaliser was just insane.

  10. Norfolk

    Arsene’s NurseMarch 26, 2014 10:20:11
    I have no sympathy for those who willingly fork out for over priced tickets. You know exactly what you are going to get as it’s been happening for years. This is not a one off year, it happens every year. Grow a spine – protest or stop going. As long as people are forking over the money AFC doesn’t give a fuck.”

    I refuse to go anymore as the whole thing is too depressing so I’m right with you on that.

  11. miki dora

    I feel numb after last night. To me that was worse than Chelsea.

    Against a team who basically sat back and gave us the ball we created nothing.

    We’ve got one hell of a fucking battle here. Lose against City and we’re struggling big time. We still have to play Everton as well.

    I can see us scraping over the line and that utter twat signing a new deal.

    The situation is woeful.

  12. DUIFG

    didnt watch the game last night, I could not after the horror show of the weekend. checked highlights and saw the bony goal, thought thats strange getting outr muscled there, check who the giuy is on the floor in a heap, verm.

    For me he looks as if he has has stopped wanting to defend, he looks like a player who knows he is way off his peak. He needs to go this summer.

    The predictability of it all is what hurts, men were saying as soon as summer windown closed how incompetant it was not to find a striker, how the board let him do it again in Jan is beyond me.

    For me that sealed it that the board/ivan cant push anything through v wenger, do they even know what they want to push through, im not sure.

  13. Scott

    Reason he can continue is simple, he earns the board and owners too much money and never spends any.

    His last 4 strikers he bought Bendtner, chamackh, park and Sanogo… I wouldn’t trust him with £140 let alone £140m

  14. Richie Powling

    Paul Scholes also said he feels sorry for Arsenal fans. He can see what is going on. Shame that the career journalists like John Cross don’t have the integrity to expose this sham.

  15. DUIFG

    i thought Kallstrom looked excellent. the early goal for them clearly knocked us and while obviously far from our best i thought we showed great determination to get back into it. well played Gibbs & Podolski. their equaliser was just insane.

    dont know where to begin with this, they are 17th odd in the league and you are happy with geting a point at home. where was the team for the other 88 minutes where seeminly we were stale as.

  16. Rocky Pires

    Excellent Post Pedro . I genuinly cant see a reason for keeping him on.
    All rational and forward thinking is pointing towards refreshing the club, its stature and goals.
    We have money now, we have a decent squad with key members tied down to new contracts, we just need to puh on.

    There is too much past “black days” and ever the bridesmaid mental block with Wenger that I think the only way to truly move forward is to change the management, formation and mentality.

    As Wenger is niot willing to change formation, mentality or indeed tactics then on current form what is he bringing to the table.

    Im sure in Ramsey and Theo even the Ox ‘s head they aspire to win the league next year but do they truly believe we will have lost 6-0 6-1 and 5-3 to our direct opponents?

    Time to hit F5 refresh, new manager, new ideas

  17. Hitman49

    This is me I have a season ticket ! But I was invited by a mate to sit in club level !
    One row behind david dean and what 15/20 seats away from Ivan ,at half time as we left to get our free beers I couldn’t resist shouting over to Ivan who looked me in the face from what 10 feet away, “you need to sort your manager out he’s making you look a mug!”…people around me looked stunned but quite a few we’re agreeing !
    Mr dean looked around at me a few times especially when I shouted….don’t just sit there get up and resign arsen ! And do us all a favour !

    I did feel better for that I did apologise to my mate but he said I’m surprised you didn’t bring a banner,
    No I didn’t want to get him banned from his 5grand a season seat !

    He won’t leave you all have to admit that we are stuck with this idiot for at least another 3 years you see.

    I do hope I’m wrong but I bet I’m not !

    Same old same old


  18. TitsMcgee

    Great post Pedro.

    Wenger is done and has been done for a while. There are no less than 5 major reasons why he should be fired and it’s probably double that number.

    Any combination of 2-3 would be enough to get ANY manager sacked but he has the whole repertoire yet still remains and is seemingly under no threat of pressure from the board.

    Wenger is a widely accepted joke amongst EPL managers. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  19. Doublegooner

    Arsene’s Nurse:

    I go every game. I’m vocal to the team & against.

    Held a banner up after the Villa game.

    Posted on here daily for names for a Petition & Demo…..Loads emailed but diddly squat in the end.

    Wenger will be gone in weeks.

  20. Crusaderrabbit

    There are still people on Twitter – hate to name names but will if pushed – who are claiming that a top 4 finish and an FA Cup win would be progress. Whilst those things are by no means a certainty at the moment, this kind of attitude sickens me to the core, because it’s exactly the kind of mentality that Wenger – and by extension Gazidis and Co – want to foster among the fans.

    Wenger is the king of lowering expectations so he can appear to succeed. He appears to deliberately avoid putting together a strong squad, cocking up every transfer window and undermining the values that won us things in the first place. It’s like he’s handicapping himself on purpose. I think he loved it when he had to scrimp and save for the Emirates move because he knew he just had to be competitive to be seen as a success, now those shackles have been thrown off, it’s a lot easier to see he just hasn’t got what it takes.

    When I was a kid, I never used to revise for any exams, never used to really put the required effort in but always did just enough to pass. Because I made such a show of not doing anything while my classmates worked hard, I could make getting a C grade or a B Grade look like a success. Then as I got older I realized what a c@nt I was being, and that instead of taking the easy way out and lowering everyone’s expectations so that just passing was good enough, I should have been going flat out to get the top grades. More chance of failure sure, but a much better way to live your life.

    This just reminds me of Wenger and the AKBs. By having a thin squad, only one striker, not spending money, overusing players, not changing tactics he’s not only handicapping our chances but at the same time psychologically it lowers our expectations. This means the bar gets set lower and lower so that the definition of success becomes easier and easier. Imagine if we’d have lost 2-0 instead of 6-0 to Chelsea, imagine if we’d have been 4/5th all season, would the majority of fans been calling for his head. I don’t think they would. Ironically it’s the fact we had been successful in the early part of the season that’s stitched him up so badly because he’s created this ethos around the club that 4th place, last 16 etc is good enough.

    So for the people that say careful what you wish for, or that other clubs would love to be in this situation – FUCK YOU!! I want to support a club that does everything it can to win on the pitch, that’s prepared to change, prepared to make the difficult decisions. I’d rather be at the bottom of a ladder and climbing up, than stuck on the same rung for years with no chance of moving. I want to feel something other than disappointment with the club I love. I want my Arsenal back

  21. Miezaan Abrahams

    Well said Pedro!!

    I watched the game and almost broke my telly. Our squad has been decimated by poor management no doubt. Being aware of the holes in the squad and failing to act is gross negligence and a sackable offence. I hope that Ivan grows a pair and does the right thing for the club. We need fresh input and a new backroom staff, so from outside would be best and not consider promoting from within.

    I only heard Scholes assessment of our midfield this morning and agree 100%, but it actually applies to our entire team. There is no structure and no direction as to what role each one has to play, as you would say no game plan. Wilshere’s development has stalled because he does not know what his role is in the team. Bad management.

    I heard the boo’s directed at the team and although I don’t condone it, I can appreciate the fans sentiment. I am a fan, although I live in another country its embarrasing to discuss Arsenal with my friends who support other teams.

  22. porter

    The call for people to stop going rears it’s head again. It’s easy for non season ticket fans to espouse this ideal but those that have them in the main have worked and waited long and hard to get one. The club know this and take full advantage of it. I believe that of the 60,000 about 38000 have season tickets so remove the away supporters and all they have to attract is about 15000 customers for the shops and fill the stadium. If every Red and silver member stopped going they probably would not notice. Just imagine having a season ticket which you have had for many years and you throw it in and the club finds success. I don’t think that gutted would be enough to describe the feelings you would have. It’s the annual gamble.

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    I get a sense Wenger is going to stay on for two more years if there is no fan protest. The BoD isnt actually half as pissed with him as us.

  24. Bennydevito

    I don’t know how you do it Pedro. Day after day, capitulation after capitulation, groundhog season after groundhog season. Here you are still posting, massive respect to you. I could barely bring myself to listen to the fucking match last night, so predictable. It’s not just the last 2 windows Wenger’s botched it started when Cesc left but in all honesty our squad has been in a year on year decline since Vieira left. Even when we had the invincibles we were tactically inept, we were just lucky that the group of players back then were so good we didn’t need tactics. I’ve been banging on for years that tactically Wenger is a clueless fucktard and finally the mainstream are waking up and I think a lot of that is down to you Pedro and the whole grove community. The players clearly don’t want to play for wenger, he’s lost the dressing room. Even Giroud himself said in January he hoped Wenger would sign a striker. The diehard AKBs must surely see Wenger’s got to go? They say it’s not Wenger’s fault when the players play badly – yes it is. Wenger is the one that has assembled this shower of a squad and thought it prudent to rely on a poor finishing snail of a striker and an untried league 2 injury prone postman to be our main striker s, a past it and paceless Arteta, a past it ex player, a goalkeeper that is too young and inconsistant and when we were top of the league in january knowing that Walcott and Ramsey were out for the rest of the season, knowing we desperately need a striker he signs a fucking injured veteran midfielder!

    Just go Wenger, just go ffs.

  25. Delford Magaya

    I think the owner have give to much power to and to-much authority to Arsene Wenger, he is not doing his job as a coach. He is looking tomuch on the finance side to please the Directors, instead of doing his job. They must limit his authority at the club, if they want things to change. When he bought Ozil, he had no option because he want to do business at the last minute. The reason he will enter-up panicking. He always go for players who are being side line from other teams. Do you think Arsenal can win games with those players? No! What is next now? The next think they want to increase match tickets. they will start again at the end of the season to talk crap both the chief executive and Wenger. We do not want talk anymore we want action.

  26. Richie Powling

    I rented my season ticket this season like a few on here who couldn’t bear the thought of giving up something that we’ve had for years. I’ve decided not to renew next season. I urge all season ticket holders to do the same. It’s the only way to bring about change. It will hurt and the risk is we may not get another season ticket in the future. However it’s a risk we have to take.

  27. bergkamp63

    I seem to recall early in the season when I stated we would not beat Liverpool this season and that we needed 6 or 7 players at least to compete for the CL & PL I was slated by Romford Pele as having “extremist views”.

    I also said we could be in danger of ending outside the top 4, but for Man Utd’s disaster season or Everton’s (now a real threat) performing well we may yet succeed in that also.

    It’s not extremist to use your eyes instead of your heart when watching football matches.

  28. Ash79

    Romford – was there last night too. Block 134 as usual.

    One thing i did notice is the amount of non-ST holders there as tickets went general I believe. Different level of abuse. I have to say there were fans screaming at anything and everything with no real basis. couple of mins in and immediate abuse and groans etc.

    I want Wenger out too and i want these player sto buck up their ideas or fuck off with Wenger but abuse after 2 mins is just pointless. ST holders give abuse too but tends to be more measured…

  29. Carts

    Lets just cling on to fourth and go from there. Imagine we finished 5th- Wenger will probably see that as an opportunity to stay on and recapture top 4 for next season.

    At least if we finish top 4 and maybe win the FA Cup, Wenger can go out with some pride and that ever elusive piece of silverware. To go with it.

    A change is needed ASAP.

  30. bigper

    sky say sagna has rejected inter

    we really need top four because Europa league nights will just fuck us even more with our thin squad

  31. dennisdamenace

    If, as widely reported, Arsene ordered a clear-the-air meeting with the players, and last night was the result i can only assume he’s finally losing the dressing room….

  32. Dissenter

    Where’s revving Kev?
    I wish I could get a dose of the Baghdad Bob optimism.

    Wenger’s done, he looks lime a petulant Iraqi minister chanting Death to America while the enemy is at the gate already.

    The question is why is our club so badly run? That glitzy stadium hides a lot of crap that go underneath.
    A club management structure that allows a manager to buy a crock to cover for injured players stinks. There are lots of cowards on that board. Gazidis being one.

    Why do you trust Gazidis, Pedro? He’s probably the worst CEO in the league. Which other CEO was interviewed by his manager?.

  33. Romford Pele

    “I seem to recall early in the season when I stated we would not beat Liverpool this season and that we needed 6 or 7 players at least to compete for the CL & PL I was slated by Romford Pele as having “extremist views”.”

    To be fair, I still hold the same views.

    It’s not really a case of personnel. Obviously there needs to be improvement in certain areas for sure, but a management change first and foremost is the most important thing.

  34. sirwii

    hmmmmm…….even in lagos..in my small pub where we watch arsenal was like a graveyard. CHANGE IS NEEDED…..any1 except “wonga” he’s done his bit!!!!!

  35. Gregg

    We look like a team that doesn’t have a win left in it. I firmly believe that we will blow the top 4 finish and lose the cup final. Players that get injured never return anywhere near their original return assessment date. Why is this and how can it continually be the case. OX looks the only fresh player and that’s because his season only started at Christmas, the rest look shot. Why isn’t Gnabry getting any game time anymore ? that seems crazy to me.

  36. Mo

    “Be careful what you wish for etc…blah” I’ve thought about it for a long time. I don’t care, we need to change and if that means a period of turbulence, so what? That’s better than the slow torture we’re all experiencing now.

  37. Spectrum

    Looking back, how’s this for “the pot calling the kettle black” hypocrisy ? – “You have to say he ( Ferguson) did not win things for a long time at Old Trafford. When you think about managers today, they only get five or six months to be successful, whereas Alex got five or six years.” Arsene Wenger, 10th April 1999.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  38. bergkamp63

    I don’t subscribe to the notion that Wenger is waiting to see how we do by the end of the season to decide to extend his contract either.

    This would leave the club little time to appoint his successor with the world cup on also and can’t see him placing the club in that position. He has either already signed it and they are not announcing until after season ticket renewals or he has decided to go already (most likely).

  39. mm

    Toure and Barkley must be getting hard on’s just on the thought of what they are going to do to our midfield. i’d happily take 1 point from these 2 games, but i know i am being overly optimistic.

  40. LeMassiveCoq

    I kind of gave up posting on here when he didn’t buy anyone in January apart from Kallastrom or whatever his name is.

    As much as I want Wonga out, I don’t see the problem going away with his departure. Kronke the greedy septic cunt, will replace him with someone like Martinez who can basically win the 4th place trophy without any serious investment in the squad.

    Kroenke out, Wenger out, Gazidis out.

  41. Guns up

    Wengers management is so bad i actually feel sorry for the players, even though i shouldnt becoz there on thousands a week!

    He takes a great player and makes him look average. The boys are down on confidence and are playing pretty panicy and poor football all because they have been embarassed due to bad planning on the managers part.

    I didnt even wana watch the game last night i was so ‘drained’. Fuck it i put fifa on instead!

  42. bergkamplegend

    People should realize that the only way to get rid of wenger is to NOT be qualified for the next CL.

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    Whoever asks for the FA Cup as bargain for Wenger’s sacking should take it shoved up his own ass.

  44. Dawa

    Pedro, dont be surprised Wenger will come out tomorrow to tell the world u are manager who has never manage a team for a day. I have said it severally that Arsenal as a team is not set up to win trophy. Arsenal and Wenger in my opinion are fraud. They have started telling us they want to sign two world class players with a view to galvanise the supporters to buy season tickets. Bet me nothing will happen in the summer.

  45. Dawa

    Pedro, dont be surprised Wenger will come out tomorrow to tell the world u are manager who has never manage a team for a day. I have said it severally that Arsenal as a team is not set up to win trophy. Arsenal and Wenger in my opinion are fraud. They have started telling us they want to sign two world class players with a view to galvanise the supporters to buy season tickets. Bet me nothing will happen in the summer.

  46. Dawa

    Pedro, dont be surprised Wenger will come out tomorrow to tell the world u are manager who has never manage a team for a day. I have said it severally that Arsenal as a team is not set up to win trophy. Arsenal and Wenger in my opinion are fraud. They have started telling us they want to sign two world class players with a view to galvanise the supporters to buy season tickets. Bet me nothing will happen in the summer.

  47. Spectrum

    “We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward.” – C.E.O. Ivan Gazidis, June last year.

    ” In Arsene we rust.” –

  48. mm

    I dont get why people are slating players for yesterday’s performance. The reason we dropped 2 points was neither players on pitch or managers tactics, it was the squad, which was assembled by wenger.

    Its a very thin squad without a decent striker, and stretched to edge by injuries. The performance was not a surprise.

    But sadly wenger cant see it.

  49. Dissenter

    I still find myself holding out some respect for Wenger for his first decade at Arsenal.
    I’ll keep it that way until it’s certain he won’t be signing that contract.
    He should know that those players have had enough of him. I feel he’s lost the dressing room already. His press conferences are as bewildering as Baghdad Bob.

  50. Ash79

    anyone lsoe their fuckin mind when Arteta found himself just inside the box with the ball and no one around him and instead of shooting tried to dink one over someones head..sideways..

    words of last night.

    “FFS Arsenal!!”

  51. Kamal Zharif

    For one thing. Despite all the negativity that surrounds our beloved club at the moment, there is positives in the future. Having to sit back and ponder, even the current structure of the team (players, staff) there were progression notes that we need to tick.

    1. Contracts were tied down early
    2. The signing of newer and (hopefully) more modern staff
    3. The urgency (or at least the minimal effort) to shortlist players for the summer.
    4. Some changes to Arsene Wenger’s methods.

    Now no 3, was due to the Griezmann push, and the efforts to bring in Draxler in January. So it is wrong to say that Wenger did not do anything and in reality we don’t even know whether he left it late or tried to push all along throughout the month.
    No 4. We saw some stark changes in the gameplay in the sense of Wenger decides to play it tight to hold on the lead (Newcastle), win ugly, and just simply listens to Steve Bould. To be fair, Wenger did say that they had prepared the games, whats up to debate is the level of preparation.

    So in my opinion (very hopeful though) I believe come next season, there will be more improvements. Wenger will put more modern emphasis in his preparations for the games, buying more, and so on.

    However, if he does leave. I do believe that can also be the best for the club, Wenger do looked so worn out, no more swag and energetic. A Klopp would be ideal, but frankly, I really don’t know who would leave their post and take over the club. Not to say that being a manager of Arsenal is not lucrative, but I’m not sure who would jump at it either.

    In short, the events over the last week caused my head to jump to June. My support on Wenger is purely based on things that I saw as improvements, however it is very very slow/minimal.

  52. Gunnerdna

    The best option to get AW out is stop attending games, I don’t see the fuss about being a season ticket holder, it’s a couple of games left in the season, keep supporting this system won’t help. Sentiments is not going help this ball club to move forward. I wanted another Nike Jersey before the change to Puma and I’m not getting it.

  53. Weenson

    Wenger’s catalogue of failures is so immense it borders on negligence. He is so out of touch with reality and cannot accept that he can be in the wrong. Tactically he is all dried up. The game has moved on while he has stood still. Stay with him and sadly Arsenal will wither, never to be a force again.

  54. Kemp1886

    Great post Pedro.I think there is so much anger at the moment because it is so obvious that he has to go.How in his heart can he still believe that he is the man to carry us forward?

  55. Ash79

    I wanted another Nike Jersey before the change to Puma and I’m not getting it.
    I hope sees this and resigns

  56. gee

    I think its time Wenger left. Its embarrassing to watch our team get beat 6-0 or draw at home to Swansea. I can also see the next few weeks going down hill. The team are knackered, with no game plan. That OG by Flamini last night says it all. Why should it be like this when we could be so good, fighting for glory.
    We need 2 good teams, so there is always a plan B If the best players get injured. We need some big names in the team that have skill and passion, not injured people like Diaby (why is Diaby still here,god only knows) Also Kim Kallstrom looked like a chunkier version of Bendtner last night. Great buy there Arsene. We are really looking a joke in places and other teams are catching us out on how to play us.
    PLEASE!!!! new manager for next season.
    Thankyou Arsene for the memories.
    Klopp please.

  57. trugunner10

    Arsenal from the board, Wenger, the back room staff and players have a country club type feel about them. Everyone seems to think and believe around the same lines and viewpoints. They continue to pat each other on the back and continue forward not checking to make sure they’re heading in the right direction. With no one around to challenge the direction you believe what you’re doing is correct. From a football side we’ve went from good to great and now regressed back to a stagnant good position. With the current mentality we will never move onwards as a club. A change is desperately needed but only will succeed if carefully dedigned. The big question is do we have the proper ppl on the board to guide us through?

  58. Wallace

    dont know where to begin with this, they are 17th odd in the league and you are happy with geting a point at home. where was the team for the other 88 minutes where seeminly we were stale as.

    we actually started well. score then and we probably hammer them. just saying after a result like Sunday’s the first goal was crucial.

  59. Old chap

    Excellent sensible post Pedro. I don’t really want to comment on that petulant, arrogant overpaid man. Surely it’s time for the fans to unite and make sure that the club is fully aware once and for all that the fans demand a complete change of management and direction. The continuing lack of sensible team selection and tactical awareness is staggering, it might be acceptable for a manager of Sunday morning football, but for someone on £7.5K a year it beggars belief. This is heartbreaking and I am absolutely dreading the news that he has been awarded a new contract.

  60. Gilo

    the most telling part of that post is that its up to Wenger whether he signs another deal or not. well it shouldn’t be, he should have resigned/retired 5 years ago and been sacked 2 years ago.

  61. vicky

    Why do people make comments like ” OZIL must be thinking WTF ” ??

    Is Ozil not partly responsible for the situation we are in ?? Or is he above criticism or blame ?? Has he done a great favor by joining us ??

    When a deal happens, each side has its own expectations from it. He has not really met the expectations of Arsenal fans and similarly, AFC has not met his expectation of competing for the major trophies.

  62. bergkamplegend

    I once heard that Stan Kroenke is a real sport fan, and a real football fan…
    You have a laugh.
    But Stan, he can’t. Somebody has cut his tongue, that’s why we never hear him.

  63. The Pooh

    The team has lost any confidence, belief and that famous “mental strength” the old coot keeps talking about. They are operating in fear mode. They are totally unable to maintain a winning score for even a few minutes. The equaliser for Swansea was just a total shambles and reminded me of the lost League Cup Final against Birmingham. I do not believe we’ll win the FA Cup. Some self-inflicted crap will spoil it. And as for 4th place…………..


  64. Dissenter

    When we get our heads out of our whatever, we’ ll realize that we are not that big a draw for world class talent.
    If you were a player who dreams of glory and winning stuff. Would you want to go to Arsenal under Wenger?

    The whole structure Wenger’s built up has to be torn after him, Dick law and all his stooges should go.

    When’s the last time we identified a player big teams want, relentlessly pursued him and got him?

    This summer will be like the last if Wenger stays, the whole operation is zero.

  65. Gilo

    The best that we can hope for now is that either he realises that the games up and for a proud man that will be difficult or that Gazidis takes that contract off the table but that we win the FA cup as something postive to send him off – I’m sure none of us would begrudge him that – but only on the understanding that the FA cup final – should we make it – is his final match

    I hold no grudge against Arsene but he must go at the end of the season.

  66. KurtF

    What must Wenger do to John Cross and Oli Holt behind the scenes? I swear, if Wenger got us relegated they’d still argue he deserved time to turn it around.

  67. Wilshere's Leg Pin

    Good post pedro. So f**king fed up of the same bullshit every season! EVERYONE knew we would collapse horribly in feb/march, well everyone except Arsene.

    He has failed in every transfer window for the last 9 years, not just the last 2 windows. If he gives the tiniest fuck about arsenal he would leave and if the board gave the tiniest fuck about anything other than their balance sheet they would sack him.

    I sold my ticket for the City game after the Chelsea hammering, I don’t want to waste my money watching us get absolutely smashed again. It could be double figures!

    I won’t pay to watch this dross until major changes occur.

  68. Ben

    Pedro – feel sorry for you having to write the same stuff every few weeks. Absolutely spot on with what you say, it’s a total shambles.

    Wenger is the Robert Mugabe of football management – came in, did well, everyone loved him, then slowly started to go a bit mad and totally ruined the place. However, blinded by his arrogance he can’t see it and having served too long in power had become a dictator so nobody could get rid of him.

    Who will leave first – Mugabe or Wenger?? Wish William Hill were offering odds on that!

  69. Dissenter

    What do you want Ozil to do?
    Wear a cape and carry the ball to the net himself.
    He played 70 mins a lot at Madrid for a reason.
    Wenger puts crap strikers in front of him, week in, wheel out. What’s he supposed to do when Sanogo is the striker ahead against Bayern.
    World class players also need the right tools to work.

    Ozil needs to improve his all around game, no doubt by falling back to defend, giving up yellow cards for the team and doing the dirty business when required.

    Ozil’s purchase would have made sense if it were part of an over-arching strategic plan. It wasn’t, IMO. World class players can tell when a manager has lost it. It’s no wonder Ozil kept his hamstring injury secret and played until it was all torn up.

  70. Spectrum

    “At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory.” – Arsene Wenger, 29th April 1998.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  71. Radio Raheem

    If you are a season ticket holder who feels too attached to the club to not attend there are other things you can do.

    You could sample the views of others on the ground. If they share a similar view to you how about you all raise a white hanky at half-time or at the end of the match to show your disappointment. 40,000 people waving white hankies will get the media talking and you’ll get to watch the match as well. It’s the sort of symbolic show of discontent that can be effective. It’ll help if several bloggers and the AST got involved to ensure maximum turnout and coverage.

    You don’t need banners or any other elaborate materials just a white handkerchief. There that’s my contribution.

  72. Raymie

    The business of America is business, said some US president. Equally the business of football is football, so if you have a depleted, thin, injury prone squad, you are not doing business right. Pedro rightly points out the peculiar vulnerability to injury the team seems to have and there is none of an appropriate standard to fill the gaps when key players, Walcott, Ramsey etc., are stricken.
    Look at the goals total of the top four teams. It tells its own story. 62,79,82, but AFC 55. Then 6-3,5-1, 6-0 against. What other manager would be thought competent to run a football team after such results. The business of football is football and you need all the elements to be right , especially playing staff. Obvious. Nuff said.

  73. vicky


    I guess you did not get my drift. All I meant was that it is a collective failure. And almost everyone is responsible in some way or the other. Let us not put Ozil on a different pedestal. He also went missing in many big games.

    Of course, Wenger did no justice to him and forced him to play with a shit striker like Giroud and a greenhorn like Sanogo. But, that was not my point at all.

  74. Paddy got up

    All I can say is great post Pedro. To put our feelings into words without ranting or swearing well done

  75. Radio Raheem

    This is another opportunity for the AST to position itself with the fans, a time for it to make a statement.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    The apologists who believe that Wenger is still an outstanding Manager need to stop now and think what is the consequence of him continuing as manager.

    Will this team/squad improve? It has as every body from Mourinho and Scholes onwards seen ‘a soft underbelly’ with far too many lightweight and injury prone players.

    What is worse the Manager has in last 9 years continued to adopt his usual blinkered approach to building team. The emphasis is trying to model his team on the Barcelona concept to football. Sadly he doesn’t have the players to
    do this and as we have seen playing technical and intricate football in England
    is not going to win you trophies.

    The reality is that Arsenal needs to beef up the team with players who will ‘fight’ for cause and have an ‘element’ of discipline particularly in midfield.

    A new manager will recognise that we need a major ‘rebuild’ both in midfield
    and up front. We need physically stronger and less injury prone players in
    midfield. I would keep Ozil,Ramsey,Cazorla and Oxlade-Chamberlain, but I would certainly consider offloading the rest. Diaby is a write off and messrs Rosicky,Arteta and flamini all now on wrong side of 30 are at best squad players. Wilshire is in my view too injury prone and unlikely to improve, but he will fetch a decent price in transfer market.

    Up front the players are simply not good enough to take the club forward. I would keep Walcott despite his shortcomings, but offload all the other players
    apart from Gnabry. Players like Podolski,Giroud,Sanogo, Bendtner,Park and
    Miyaichi are not good enough, but they will generate some funds.

    The rebuild will take two to three years and cost a lot of money.

    Whether the major shareholder and Board have stomach for this is debatable.

  77. Spectrum

    ” We send scouts where others don’t look.”

    – Arsene Wenger, 3rd August 2000, after the signing of unknown Lithuanian Tomas Danilevicius from the Swiss side Lausanne.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  78. Dissenter

    If renewing season tickets are to feed an addiction, then it’s no wonder they keep serving you with same thing, year in- year out.

    Arsenal is the pimp, guess who’s the whore.

    Tear up your season tickets.
    Won’t matter though, Arsenal FC will still announce attendance as 60,242 even if the Emirates if scarcely filled.

  79. Musketeer


    Paul Scholes on Arsenal, his thoughts mirror mine over the years, anyone that has played football with disciplined and undisciplined teams will understand this on a more intimate level.

    Arsenal are a professional team with a chance to win the lead playing unprofessionally.

    The manager has to made accountable for not kicking ass and accepting it being like this year after year.

  80. bergkamp63

    People keep going on about Ozil and how wonderful he is and how is stats are the best in Europe for assists.

    He’s only any use if other players are making the runs for him to pass to and score, he’s not going to go all Messi or Suarez and beat 5 players and score himself is he.

    Why did Mourinho play him more and more as a 70 min sub ?

    43m for Marty Feldman’s son ! Like I said before, overpaid for him when desperate for a marquee signing.

  81. Ash79


    heres another thing and it may not be a big deal to you but it is to me..

    0-1 down at HT, players re-emerge, Per and Santi hugging their mates from Swansea on the pitch …. i was like wtf!!! be mates after the game…focus you cnts, you’re 0-1 down, you should be head down, fired up…

    i really dont get all this hugging and lovey dovey stuff pre and now during games… fcks me off….YOU SHOULD BE IN A MAD MOOD!

  82. DanC


    ‘It’s no wonder Ozil kept his hamstring injury secret and played until it was all torn up.’

    Oh thats right! Of course Ozil purposefully played on knowing he’d fucked his hamstring.

    What a bellend.

  83. Max85

    Emiratesstroller March 26, 2014 11:29:47

    ^ Agree with this whole post Emirates, except for shelving Rosicky. Despite his age he’s the only one in the team who seems to genuinely care, drives the team forward, and relentlessly presses and throws himself about. Great influence on and example to the other players. Deserves a testimonial.

  84. Dissenter

    No offense.
    I don’t know what you were expecting from Ozil but if we had done our scouting right we’ll have realized that everything you write about Ozil was said of him in Madrid. Problem is Ozil has regressed at Arsenal cos Wenger’s team have no movement in front to create spaces. Wenger’s pairs him up with Jack, who’s a ball losing machine and oh Sanogo!. Don’t even go there.

    I went back to search about Ozil’s penalty taking skills, he wasn’t the penalty kick taker at Bremen , Madrid or the German team. How did he become number 2 pen taker at Arsenal?

    Ozil can be skewered for all I care, even the German fans are pushing to have him dropped as automatic starter. It’s just that players regress under Wenger, ask yourself why. Mourhino thinks the world if him and so does the German national team manager.

    Ask yourself, why did he not report he was injured early enough. Why did he wait got his hamstring to worsen? World class players have worked with the best coaches, they know when a manager’s is out of depth.

  85. Ash79

    If Scholes is saying that, you can bet your ass that every single player outside Arsenal is too, they have no fear of us…ridicule us instead

  86. Dissenter

    You’ve come up with your silly attitude this morning. Have you exhausted your Viagra supplies so early in the month.
    Ozil won’t be the first player to use injury to get a much need rest.
    Do you have a better explanation why he played on for 43 mins with a torn hamstring?

  87. Bennydevito

    I’m having a bit of a time of it on Twitter- fuck me the AKBs will twist anything to suit their agenda! Any fellow grovers on twitter who follow me @bennydevitoBen please feel free to jump in anytime!

  88. Ash79


    I feel for him cos he has sacrificed his role at Everton to play deep lying for us.
    He used to be effective in the final third. Now he cant do it, its been coached out of him.
    He used to shoot, score goals but he gave that up and took a 10k cut to play for us.

    The thing is, it makes you wonder, given he never played DM for EFC, why did we buy him and make him play DM for us?…panic buy, we had too many ‘attacking’ mids, so he had to slot in somewhere. Another career destroyed by Arsene.

  89. PhilF

    Great post…
    What’s the definition of madness..? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Poor planning, poor management, poor use of our resources and woefully out dated tactics. What a joke… the same thing every f**king season, I’m not even sure we will get past Wigan in the semi final.

    Wenger OUT!

  90. TitsMcgee

    The outspoken Scholes was equally forthright in condemning Arsenal manager Wenger and his team, in a week when they have lost 6-0 to Chelsea and saw their title hopes fade further with a 2-2 home draw against Swansea. “It’s probably a typical week for Arsenal really,” said Scholes. “They capitulated at Chelsea and it seems to be a similar theme that happens when they play the top teams. It happened at Liverpool, they conceded six at [Manchester] City and for one reason or another, players just seem to go missing.

    “[Mikel] Arteta, [Santi] Cazorla, [Tomas] Rosicky, [Mesut] Ozil, it seems like they go on the pitch with no discipline. It’s almost as if [the manager says] you four, five midfielders go out there and do what you want. Try and score us a goal, a few nice one-twos. Tippy-tappy football, don’t bother running back. “I don’t know if it is what the manager does, but there is no discipline, there is no leader for them. There is no Patrick Vieira, no [Tony] Adams, no [Martin] Keown.

    “If they go 2-0 down, they just carry on what they are doing. Ah I’ll walk up front, lose the ball, play a nice little one-two and you wonder why they are in the position they are in.

    “It’s Arsenal fans you feel sorry for. They seem to get the same thing every year. Maybe a little hint of the title for a few weeks and then they go to Chelsea, they go to City, they go to Liverpool and just do nothing.

    “Fans expect Arsenal to be going for the league title and I know they are in third or fourth place or whatever, but they are a million miles away in my eyes.”

    Spot on by the ginger.

  91. Jamal

    I dont blame Ozil at all with Giroud upfront, it must be hard playing with a donkey who can only score 4-yard tap ins.

  92. Dissenter

    You’re early for the Wengerite’s convention.
    I hear it’s at Maudsley hospital neuropsychiatry unit this morning.

    Wenger delusion syndrome.

  93. TitsMcgee

    Great post…
    What’s the definition of madness..? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ”

    Wenger is a mad scientist who keep mixing the same concoction of chemicals expecting a different end- result.

  94. Wallace

    he’s going to have to pull something out of leftfield against Man City or they’ll fry us. Arteta can’t be anywhere near the first eleven.

  95. DanC


    ‘If renewing season tickets are to feed an addiction, then it’s no wonder they keep serving you with same thing, year in- year out.’

    You’d probably know and experience this addiction if you actually went. Arsenal is the addiction regardless who the manger is.

    Thing is you’ll still be sitting judging from the outside when we get a new manager encouraging people to tear up season tickets when things aren’t going so well, when the biggest form of sacrifice you’ll ever make is turning your tv off.

  96. TitsMcgee

    I dont blame Ozil at all with Giroud upfront, it must be hard playing with a donkey who can only score 4-yard tap ins.”

    I said it before he kicked a ball for us that if fans thought he would come here and not suffer a drop off going from Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain and Di Maria to Giroud, oxygen,oxygen, Sanogo,Bendtner then they had their head in the clouds.

    Combine that with being run into the ground and him not being a physical chap and you get what we’ve seen.

  97. @Cynorix

    Didn’t watch the game after the chelsea humiliation. The next game against Mancity would be a workover. Feel for the fans that would attend such game.

  98. bergkamplegend

    I really feel for Pedro.

    His post are always excellents – and it’s something very hard to do in the situation in which we are stucked since 5 seasons or more.

    But wenger and the board don’t give a shit of what the fans think anyway.
    Depressive situation.

  99. Spectrum

    Think what you like about Mourinho, but he tells it straight and as it is. My favourite comment of his ( next to the “specialist in failure” ) is this, from August last year…..

    ………Mourinho said: ” I’m not the person to be in a club three or four years without winning a trophy.

    “In this case I wouldn’t need the club to say “we’re not happy with you, goodbye”. I’d be the first one to say “I gave everything I could but I didn’t succeed, let’s go and try a different thing”.

    ( I still maintain that we need a winner like him as our manager. Here is what this journalist thinks…….http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2281167/Jose-Mourinho-replace-Arsene-Wenger-Arsenal–Neil-Ashton.html )

    All hypothetical now of course, because he’s contracted to Chelsea. He WAS available for a while, but our weak kneed board never approached him. THAT in my opinion, was the biggest crime the board committed. Would Jose have tolerated the ongoing farcical circus that we experience annually ? What do YOU think ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    P.S. Ancellotti would have been my second preference, Di Matteo for third. All these men are or have been employed by Chelsea at some stage. Shows THEY know how to pick winners. Albeit Di Matteo was treated disrespectfully and discarded way too soon.

    Remember however, he was sacked AFTER winning a trophy. Wenger has won nothing – and they’re offering him a new contract !!!!

  100. TitsMcgee

    Where are the spin doctors this morning !”

    They’ll make an appearance later because it wasn’t a loss but take your pictures now because if the City game goes the way it should you won’t see Nasri for a week.

  101. Hitman49


    And fellow gooners I have an idea for you all.

    If your not happy with the way things are going at a game.
    Hold up your phone with the light on……

    To show you want him gone..

    Lights on until he’s gone !

    We could even do it at a certain time during the game that’d get us noticed !

  102. Jamal

    What we need is a physical monster in midfield like Vieira/Yaya/Matic and Busquets to partner Ramsey with aReus-like left winger and a world class striker.

    So the team would be…

    Coleman(if Sagna leaves) Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Ramsey Yaya-like Monster
    Theo Ozil Reus
    World class striker

    And Jurgen Klopp of course.

  103. vicky


    Agree with every bit of your post !!! I am hardly pinning any massive blame on him.

    I just do not like the God like reverence from some of the posters which does not include you. I would like them to be more objective.

  104. DanC


    You’re suggestion Ozil played on purposefully knowing full well he was injured and he did this because of his lack of options in front of him.

    What a dickhead. Keep digging your hole.

    Players play through injuries because they dont always feel like they injured.
    ie not serious and can be attributed to a knock or tightness in the muscles.

    Comprehend that?

  105. Sir Chips

    I concede that his future should be debated, but the lack of respect shown on this board sometimes is mind boggling. Calling Wenger a ‘cunt’ or a ‘senile asshole’ says more about the posters than it does about Wenger.

    His era at the club can be defined in 2 parts.

    1)96-05 – great success, teams built with pace and power. Went unbeaten in the league and widely accepted as one of the great teams of the modern era in British football.

    2)05-14 – Financing a stadium move (£400m+). Having to deal with budgeting restraints which effectively made being title contenders virtually impossible. Having to make money each year to finance the stadium. His net spend in that time has been negligible. This is at odds with the modern trend – Chelsea from 2004 and Man City from 2008 have spent in excess of £1bn between them on new players. For Arsenal to stay relatively competitive in that time is a genuine achievement and I sometimes feel that members of this site forget the financial constraints places on the club, particularly between 06-12. We are now in a position, due to financial prudence and careful planning, where we are a superpower of European football. That is Wenger’s legacy of the last 9 years. No trophies, sure, but a foundation for the club to build on over the next 50-100 years.

    Fair enough, question his future. I have my doubts too. But please don’t throw abuse at a man who has brought some great times to the club and who has created a platform for us to compete at the very highest level.