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So early rumours suggest that the Arsene retirement theories might not hold much weight. Jeremy Wilson has stated in The Telegraph that Arsenal will look to tie him down to a two year deal and they will begin the search for a new manager now, with Martinez and Klopp heading the queue.

Now, for me, that’s a shame. When your manager rolls into a press conference and states that there was no rational explanation in being spanked 6-0 by a rival, you know you’re dealing with someone who is unconsciously incompetent. There are a whole raft of reasons we continuously get found out against big name opposition. Sadly, nearly all of them centre around manager ineptitude.

Back to the manager hunt. As I said yesterday, the new person coming in will hopefully have a solid base of contracted players to work from. I think the club will be keen to bring in a manager they can make King, rather than one of the old school elite like Ancellotti or Van Gaal.

There are lots of exciting names around Europe, all who come with their, ‘I’d prefer Arsene’ tags. Gary Neville came out and said a new manager and £100m spent won’t guarantee success. Point here is that no one thinks it will. What you can be pretty sure about is £100m sitting in a bank and a squad being managed by a manager stuck in his ways won’t guarantee us success either. A change is the more likely of the two to give Arsenal fans what they’re looking for.

So who is there in Europe?

Rudi Garcia, the man who won a title with Lille and helped Hazard and Gervinho flourish. He’s now at Roma doing fabulous things again… and he’s rekindled Gervinho’s flair. Who knew? Again, a clever manager with smart training and great vision when it comes to the game.

Jurgen Klopp, everyone’s favourite to takeover from Arsene. He’s a long term manager having spent 7 years in his previous job with lowly Mainz. He’s a fearsome character that boasts a many layers. Charismatic, scary, warm, humorous… He has it all. He’s also crazy about the detail and his fitness vision for Dortmund. What he did with that club a few years ago was nothing short of genius. Their training techniques are space age like, their scouting network is absolutely top notch (the global equivalent of where Arsenal were in the early 2000s) and his style would fit perfectly for us. Fans point out he’s having a rough time this year, sure, he is, but when you’re so far away from Bayern in terms of finances and their strategy is to pinch your best players, it’s quite hard to compete. As Rapha Honigstein pointed out the other day, QPR have a bigger wage bill than Dortmund. Think about that as they move into the quarters of the Champions League.

Roberto Martinez: Now look, I was one who was guilty of not quite understanding the Martinez fascination by many clubs and fans. I thought his philosophy of great football at Wigan was admirable, but he didn’t really have the players to make it happen, which felt like a bit of a blight on his ability. He was trying to funnel a vision into a group of players who couldn’t act it out. Well, he landed his move to Everton and now that vision has been realised. He’s well prepared, he’s very tactically aware, he’s thorough (watching previous games up to ten times to analyse) and he’s likeable and charismatic. Does he have the pull of world class players? Does he have the strength of character when the chips are down? I don’t know. But he’s a man you could make king.

Stoijkovic has thrown his name into the ‘ I’M AVAILABLE’ hat. Now, I don’t know that much about him, but I do know this… he’s close with Arsene Wenger. They talk all the time. Now, if there is ANY lesson to learn from the appointment of David Moyes, it’s this one.


I don’t’ think I can be any clearer than that. Arsene Wenger is a relic of the past. He can’t possibly recognise the talents you need to be a good modern day manager, because he’s not a good modern day manager. Wenger doesn’t even recognise the reasons his teams are being spanked by good modern day managers. Under no circumstances can the king maker of the next manager be Arsene Wenger. The decision for the new manager has to come from Ivan. Not the outgoing manager. The whole point of a new manager is to get the club back. Get a real structure. To never let one man assume so much control he can’t be touched or held accountable.

Diego Simeone is the latest hot stuff on the block. He’s had a pretty mental career for a 43 year old. He’s managed about 10 clubs. He won trophies for Estudiantes and River Plate. He had some less fun times in Italy and Spain before taking over at Atletico in 2011 where he won the Europa League, the Super Cup, the Copa Del Ray… and now he’s contending La Liga this season. He has a team of attacking flair players built around tactical astuteness common in the new breed of up and coming managers. He also boasts the same reputation a man like Guardiola had as a player. He has that fire and drive that made him so hated among England fans in the 98 World Cup (I think it was 98).

The interesting thing about football managers is that they have great stock, then it disappears. People are so up and down on them because the career trajectory of a manager is supposed to be up, up and up. That’s not how you develop unless you’re a freak of nature like Guardiola or Ferguson. In the real world, you make some mistakes, you take some jobs where the working situation doesn’t suit you. Where the clients are wrong. Where the culture is alien. But, if you’re good, you find your way in the end.

Laudrup has a bad season after winning a cup for Swansea and he’s snarled at as a ‘ oh you rated him’ type of manager. Frank Rijkarrd rejuvenates Barcelona and wins a Champions League, has one bad year and he’s castigated as a poor manager and doesn’t get a decent job again. People forget Arsene Wenger was sacked by Monaco. Jurgen Klopp bombed about at Mainz after failure to rewin promotion for the second time. David Dein bankrupted a sugar factory. Henry Ford, Walt Disney and even HJ Heinz went bust before they found success.

It’s the failures that make you stronger. It’s the failures that help you round yourself as a person. It’s the experience that come with failure that show strength of character.

Which is why I find the mentality to football management so immature. Not that I’m demanding a failure, more that I think snorting at Klopp after a bad year or questioning Simeone because he’s taken shocking jobs in the past is a nonsense.

You’ll always find a reason to stick with top 4 mediocrity. It’ll always be a gamble to go with something different. But for me, football is about glory. Chelsea are the most unstable club on the planet, yet they have way more trophies than us over the last 9 years. I’m not saying I want that type of managerial merry-go-round for us, but I am saying I’d like some of that drive to be the best. To go the extra mile. To create some history outside of a stadium fans are still cooing about 10 years later.

London Living Wage

I spoke the other week about how ridiculous Arsenal fans are for crying over my assertions that Abou Diaby should be told to sling his hook. I find it absurd that people can genuinely argue the continuity of his contract despite offering almost nothing to the cause for 2 years… or much of the last 7 years (on £65k a week).

So here is my issue. A real cause is people who want to work. People who want to earn money for their families. People who don’t want to take handouts. These people work as cleaners, handymen or just general hired help. If they live in London, it’s generally way more expensive, so the minimum wage is grossly under what they need to sustain a living.

Cue the London Living Wage.

The sum for London Living Wage is set at just £8.80 per hour and is calculated by professional statisticians and economists for the Mayor of London.

The cost of paying this to the 817 part-time employees identified in the last Arsenal accounts would be less than a fortnight’s wages for Ozil.

For people who struggle to heat their homes, feed their families and lose hours they could be with their families whilst they run several jobs and travel long distances by bus as the only transport they can afford, Arsenal adopting the London Living Wage would be life changing.

Arsenal reach out to poor communities abroad with some incredible charitable efforts. They support superb causes like Save The Children. They have some fantastic local causes they look after as well. As a club, we have a conscience we as fans can all be proud of… so why not look after the people who are trying to look after themselves?

Why not look after the people who look after the club everyday? That make the match experience clean and comfortable? That work horrendous hours to ensure the basics are done correctly?

It’s not just Arsenal who aren’t playing ball here, but Arsenal are leaders. Arsenal boast class. Arsenal should be taking the initiative here. After nine months, the guys and gals behind this initiative are still no nearer an agreement. I find this pretty upsetting and disappointing.

Now, I don’t want to go all militant on this, but if you have a spare 25 seconds, click the below button and tweet Arsenal to show your support for our temporary workers. This is an important cause. We should show our temporary staff the same empathy we show our players.


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  1. Thomas

    “Arsene Wenger: It’s difficult to swallow because the team gave absolutely everything tonight, their spirit was great. You wonder how we could draw a game like that, they had nothing and in the end it was 2-2.

    Basically, we gave them the two goals but overall the spirit was great and we have to recover from that last goal.

    The spirit was absolutely brilliant and you have to give credit to the players, even if result didn’t go our way. At 2-1 we became too conservative because of what happened on Saturday and instead of continuing to attack it worries us more to keep the score.”

    He really is an mentally ill cunt.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    If we gave ‘absolutely everything tonight’ then I shit my pants at the thought of Saturday and Everton away…

  3. Radio Raheem

    Wenger’s job is done. He was the bridge to help take us to the next level. He and Arsenal have benefited from the relationship but all good things, good and bad, come to an end.

  4. Cloggs

    4th place is a trophy and my wife’s name is Sophie
    Keep the faith in me and you’ll be fine
    I will find top quality after membership renewal time
    will these mugs say bummer when I don’t buy this summer
    8million added in the bank and 2 years more to come


  5. follow the money

    Tim Payton has joined the dark side lol. Even he thinks Wenger is finished (finally). I guess no more AST meetings then?

  6. Cesc Appeal


    That puts the HIV infected cherry on top of the vomit icing, on top of the gonorreah cake that has been this week…beautiful stuff

  7. tunnygriffboy

    We’ve hit the perfect storm. With a full team we all knew we’d struggle against the big boys. We all knew the squad lacked depth in certain position. 8 players out tonight ( why, is another discussion ) includig our most influential attackers resulting in our unathletic players having to play game after game. No teams other than City or Chelsea could cope with that. Mind you take Yaya and Kompany out of City for 14 weeks ?

    Would we be in this mess now had Rambo and Walcott stayed fit ? Who knows. Need to deepen next season quality wise. Despite this there still no excuse to lose 5 – 1 to Liverpool and 6 – 0 to Chelsea.

  8. GUNNER786





  9. Cesc Appeal


    He’s reverted to type again now, sounds like Wenger in the depths of last season, or the season before…when things are going badly Wenger gets bitchy and nasty…the whole world is against him.

    What he fails to answer is why he’s having to defend himself from the SAME accusations EVERY year…

    Scholes brilliantly hit the nail on the head, Arsenal fans get the same serving every year.

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Perhaps Arteta, Flamini et al did give everything. It just might be they’re out on their feet. Midfield where we had some depth is now ravaged. Team really does have to dig in now and prove to the fans they can grind out results.

  11. reality check

    follow the money March 25, 2014 22:26:39

    Kallstroms perfomance showed what we could be if we had another manager. There are plenty of players of his size and skill around, Wenger just doesn’t want to sign them. Ever since Vieira openly challenged Wenger’s authority he has signed weak minded midgets when what we clearly need are players with power and pace


    Although you could criticize Patrick for doing that. I get that. He got paid to listen to the manager not get involved in the particulars of the club.

    Funny thing is, even if Paddy was wrong then..
    Wenger has been wrong ever since!

    Not right away, bit by bit, season by season, slowly, his new philosophy 4-2-3-1 with Younglings/Weaklings has been unravelled.

    We are at the end of the road me thinks.

    FA CUP 4TH SPOT, then get to steppin’ Arsene.

  12. Moray

    Another embarrassment. When will this end? Two more results like that and we could be looking at Everton’s arse. Still, if Wenger stays there’s no point in being in the CL anyway. He won;t spend the money and only goes after second rate players, who would be delighted to play in the UEFA. Plus, it is more of our level than CL anyway. Why do I care if our bank balance swells or not, if we don;t see results on the pitch?

  13. follow the money

    @reality check. Agreed. The worst part about this is that the fans have become divided. It all could have been avoided with some proactive transfers from the boss, some help ala Dein, and some slight changes in philosophy. It might not seem so at times–because of my posts–but I really don’t like it that I have been proven right in my complaints about Wenger since 2008, and I don’t think most fans calling for Wenger’s head enjoy rubbing it in. We just want to see an Arsenal we can be proud of again, a team that can mount a credible title challenge. This is not too much to ask for in a club of Arsenals resources and stature. The AKBs would have you believe we are all impatient fairweather fans and it is simply not true. I recognize many others on here that like me have been banging on about the same things for 6-8 years

  14. Cesc Appeal

    “We just have to focus on the next game”

    Sorry Arsene, weren’t we meant to be doing that tonight?

  15. Relieable sauce



    Ivan was having a bit of a chuckle last year as well when he said – Arsene’s idea of a good signing might not be the same as yours.
    LOL. Yeah Ivan we thought they’d not have spinal injuries.

  16. salparadisenyc

    It was apparent after Chelsea we’d finish 5th, I don’t see a way forward for this side. Maybe after Everton we find a way but it will be too late. This side peaked with Napoli at the Emirates, its been a steady decline since.

  17. follow the money

    @salman. I don’t get depressed anymore. I got so mad in 2008 when Wenger failed to just get us the ONE THING we clearly needed–a midfield veteran to show the kids how to win–that since then I achieved a bit of distance, for my sanity. Nothing surprises me anymore in the ways we choke and fail on the big stage. It’s what we are under Wenger, frail, weak, soft. I would like that to change

  18. Dream10

    on Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere and Koscielny…
    None of them are close to coming back. Koscielny is out for a while. After that Ozil, I don’t know but at least two or three weeks. Ramsey is perhaps the closest. He is two weeks maybe.

    – So that means in Arsenalspeak, Ramsey will be back in a month, Ozil will be back in a month and Koscielny on the last day of the season.

  19. Relieable sauce



    Very diverse choices btw 🙂 not sure kwik would approve with the lack of spandex though : /

  20. salparadisenyc

    These fuckers forgot what it was like to support the Arsenal pre-Arsene.
    Totally brainwashed, my ole man would do this character in with a glance.

    “GeoffArsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 13m
    At the start of the season you expected fuck all.

    Enjoy the last 9 games and see if we can better your expectations.

    In between >support”

  21. follow the money

    all breaking loose on Twitter. Apparently some fans got close to Wenger and screamed “Wenger Out!” John Cross is coming to the rescue to defend ogl

  22. MidwestGun

    Anybody got any Black Sabbath?
    Generals gathered in their masses, Just like witches at black masses…..
    Day of judgement, God is calling,
    Satan laughing spreads his wings.

    Oh lord yeah!! 👿

  23. follow the money

    I love The Stranglers. Saw them in a smallish club (1000 cap) here in Seattle 1981. It was awesome JJ Burnel threw off his bass and dove into the crowd to attack some fan with a camera (they were in that weird meninblack phase where they objected to photos)

  24. salparadisenyc

    MidwestGunMarch 26, 2014 01:17:22
    When Kim K and Podolski are your most energetic players, you got issues.

    Enter Rosicky and Gibbs, everyone else were passengers.

  25. follow the money

    Yes Midwest. Unfortunately….rain rain rain. But winter’s almost over…I hope. Yeah Salparadisenyc it was a great show. Showbox at the Market. I was involved in the punk scene back then (in some crummy bands) and worked security at the club. Got to see some great shows in their prime, The Specials (with the Policem whom they blew away) The Ramones a few times, Iggy Pop (the Soldier tour) which was excellent, Pere Ubu, PIL….there are more I can’t recall atm

  26. MidwestGun

    On the team’s title chances……
    AW- I think at the moment it is not the biggest worry we have.
    *hahaha yes thank god we don’t have to worry about that pesky title.

    AW- We have to be realistic a little bit and try to come back in the next game.
    *Yes, because our chances in the next game are soooo realistic.

    AW- We have to look behind us and of course try to look in front of us.
    * hahahaha wtf? What does that even mean?


  27. MidwestGun

    Follow the dolla-
    Oh ok, cool. A have a family member who has season tickets for the Seahawks/Sounders so Ive been there a few times. Cool city. Well… except the rain thing.

  28. follow the money

    Haha Midwest that must be why there are so many “accidents” the driver is looking backwards and forwards at the same time

  29. follow the money

    Right on. The Seahawks rewarded their long suffering fans with a championship finally. I wish Arsenal could do the same

  30. BlackMist

    Arsenal will squeak into 4th place just like they did last season simply because their last 5 fixtures are against opposition which is barely in the top 10 of the EPL. They will most likely get 15 points out of those matches and get their behinds into 4th place again.

    Don’t think Everton can do it though. Their away form is really poor.

    I agree with what most have said that Arsenal management will only realize the problem when Arsenal finish outside the top 4 until that happens Wenger will be in charge.

  31. ikon

    Am I the only perverse fucker here who finds these fuck ups rather funny instead of depressing?

    No… i feel the same… nowadays i really dont care about the result AND the way we play… earlier i just did not care about the result.

    Specialist in failure is the most apt tagline for Wenger. Kudos to Murinho for calling it straight.

    I hope we get Low or Klopp as manager for next season. Enough is enough.

    Atrocious not to get a striker in the window.

    The conservatism of Wenger has transmitted itself onto the team, and is completely reflected in the way we played.

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    I have been typing ‘arsenal news’ on google since 2009. From Sunday i have typed in ‘wenger news’ expecting the only good news about arsenal that would matter since 2008 and that will certainly matter till 2016.

    Go away, Prick! Go to hell!

  33. peanuts&monkeys

    @Salman, @ikon,

    I feel the same too. But, i am then even more perverse coz i want Arsenal to lose as many matches required in a stretch, as required to get this monkey off our backs.

    I dont fuckin care about teh FA cup. Let it go to hell, and take Wenegr along with it. I want a Wenger-free Arsenal.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    There is now a real risk that Arsenal’s season will hit the buffers and we could land up not only without a trophy once again but even fail to qualify for Champions League. If we lose to both Man City and Everton that could become a reality.

    The Club and Wenger can of course make all manner of excuses for what is happening at moment, but at the end of the day those running the club have to take responsibility for what is current situation.

    Let us start off with squad:
    1. We have too many players e.g. Gibbs, Wilshire,Ramsey, Walcott and of course Diaby who are injury prone. When you factor in also long term injuries to Oxlade-Chamberlain and now Ozil that becomes a heavy burden on
    rest of squad.
    2.There are other players in squad who are struggling to cope with the heavy
    duty demands of EPL and other competitions e.g. Arteta,Flamini and Rosicky. At best they are bench players.
    3.We have several players in squad who are not good enough to play for the club e.g. Jenkinson, Miyaichi, Bendtner, Sanogo and Park [since January out on loan].
    4. The failure to invest properly in recent transfer windows is also a major factor. I don’t think that there is any supporter who is unaware of our weaknesses
    not just up front with a lack of a top class striker, but also in defensive midfield
    or box to box holding position. In case of latter most of the top teams are well
    aware of our shortcomings and now focus on it.

    When you factor all this in you have to come to the conclusion that it is down
    to poor decision making and transfer policies over many years. Your results
    and position in league are as good as your squad.

    Wenger has failed to win a trophy for almost 9 years and in recent seasons has not come even close. A club like Arsenal should not be in that position.

    The club’s current bank balance, which is the largest in World Football may
    be considered by some a consequence of good business practice, but in the
    world of football a failure to invest in team is manifestation of LACK OF AMBITION. The club does not punch its weight.

    My view now is that Wenger must not be allowed to sign a new contract irrespective of whether or not we finish in top 4 or win FA Cup. He should stand
    down at end of season whilst he still has a legacy.

  35. Doublegooner

    Last season was bad.

    This is going to be the worst & at least will result in Wenger’s exit.

    He’s finished & killed his legacy.

    Anyone calling him intelligent is as stupid as him.

  36. Evan

    Oh, yeah, it was like lightning
    Everybody was frightening
    And the music was soothing
    And they all started grooving
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    And the Mert at the back said
    Everyone attack and it turned into a Chelsea blitz
    Chelsea Blitz, Chelsea Blitz, Chelsea Blitz

  37. Hitman49


    Completely agree with you he must walk.

    That last night was so poor it was actually funny to watch ,because you could see what was going on.
    Tip tap then they score on the counter we panic and start to hit balls into corners,and our midfield start to run with the ball ???…lack of confidence in the system.

    Bony for me played really well I’d show the game highlights to our French forwards and say just do that ! (If you can).

    We lacked direction cohesion and leadership,it will be the same on Saturday and we will be lucky to keep it under 3/4 goals.

    This team is down and out ! Big time !


  38. goona

    Good post “Stroller”

    “hitman”….I think it will be a cricket score, just depends if Man City fancy turning it on! Us at full strength wouldn’t stand a chance!

    If a new manager does come in it will be interesting to see how many players we have now will still be here in a couple of season- not many.

  39. goona

    The Verve’s “Drugs Don’t Work” is an apt song at the moment just replace the word drugs with team…

  40. Jay2oh

    Another day, another awful performance.
    When will he the decent thing?

    I haven’t been since 2010/11 spurs home game- vowed that until he is gone, won’t go near the place.

    Failed transfer windows
    Continuing to Lie to fans
    1 striker for 2 years
    Failure to address squad depth
    Same tactics EVERY MATCH
    Beatings at rivals
    He can’t motivate players when chips are down.

    Arsene, retain a shred if dignity and walk and take that stupid coat with you.

  41. Jeff


    It’s not possible to get rid of all of them at once and in any case a lot of the starting eleven currently would make adequate back up players to whatever first team the new manager will have.

    But that isn’t the only thing that will happen. Under new management we will at least be assured of a game plan, some tactics, some semblance of purpose and drive. Currently all we’re doing is meandering about in the same boat hoping the wind blows in our favour. The wind has changed and we haven’t adapted. That’s been the case since 2006. Slowly but surely, as we were still only marginally better than those just below us, we actually drifted further and further away from those who are above us. But fourth was still fourth and it gave Wenger license to carry on and his supporters to cling on to him like leaches.

    He should have gone in 2009 and the last two contracts should never have been offered to him. These annual collapses are the result of non existent planning and unwise player acquisitions. What other manager would take Park, keep Diaby, offer lucrative contracts to unproven kids, etc. etc.? As one of the commentators in the Chelsea game said; it’s death by a thousand cuts and we’re approaching I believe cut 950 as we speak.

  42. goona


    “game plan, some tactics, some semblance of purpose and drive”

    ……ah those were the days! Can’t wait!

  43. Jeff

    So the official explanation is a “Chelsea hangover”. Right, that’s what it is.

    Any excuse that detracts from the real truth.

  44. Moray

    ikon March 26, 2014 05:01:16 Am I the only perverse fucker here who finds these fuck ups rather funny instead of depressing?

    No mate. I think we are all approaching the punch drunk stage. I don;t even get ribbed by friends who support opposing teams any more: they just offer sympathy. Same as the other Prem managers offer to Wenger these days. That in itselfis embarrasing but what can we do? I have to say it has been ike this for a long time. Never good enough. Always coming up short. Never the right signings or in sufficient numbers. Wenger is the runner up king and he has brought us to his level.

  45. Jeff


    Probably saving it till after the City game. That one is going to need one hell of a spin. It will be the mother of all spins.

  46. Moray

    Jeff, a hangover? I thought Wenger was talking about how we would bounce back? Maybe the problem was he couldn’t wheel out Theo to tell the supporters how commited the players were in the next game…

    How will we bounce back for the next game? Does it even really matter much any more?

  47. Gunnerbust

    Why isn’t no one over there organizing serious protests which would go world wide on the news? Wenger Out !! Wenger Out !!
    I can’t believe that one dictator can’t be destroyed !!
    How can our supporters over there put up with this embarrassment he is causing our team. No team in the world would sign a manager on after embarrassing results against their title contenders, no matter what league in the world !!
    Whilst this dictator is there, we will never be a powerhouse and we will continue to fight for top 4 instead of fighting for 1st which the powerhouse teams do !!

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Fundamentally our 1st X1 if fit is about 2 players short of a ‘competitive’ team i.e. striker and defensive midfielder.

    The lack of transfer activity in summer and January is a crucial reason for
    the decline of team particularly since Wenger knows full well that he has
    4-5 players in his squad who are injury prone and if three or four are out at
    same time creates a big hole in squad.

    No club in EPL is going to be scared of a midfield containing Rosicky,Arteta and Flamini. They may be okay on bench and one coming on perhaps 10-15
    minutes, but not all at same time and even worse playing 2 or even 3 games
    in week.

    The worry now is that the Manager [Wenger] will be forced to find and pay
    for replacements in right full back [Sagna] and goalkeeping [Fabianski] positions, which will impact on budget elsewhere.

    Sagna and Fabianski will leave on Bosmans, but we will have to spend money
    on replacements, which demonstrates just how daft our management have been.

    We will need at least 5-6 new players for next season and that will cost at least
    £100 million in transfer fees if you are going to buy quality and the right type
    of players. Frankly I don’t see Wenger doing that.

    This season he paid £42 million for Ozil and that is all. The previous two seasons he spent close to or more than £50 million so that his investment in 2013-14 has been actually less than before.

  49. Jeff


    Swansea was supposed to be the insurance policy sandwiched between the losses/draws to Chelsea and City. The claim has been rejected so now we’re facing lose draw lose which means 1 point out of 9.

    On 1st January we were top. Within 10 weeks, we find ourselves in a position where even fourth is looking dicey. We knew these games were going to be difficult, we knew we had injuries and we knew it was very possible that we would get more injuries which of course happened right on cue.

    Now you tell me if any sane person (never mind a football manager or anyone who knows even the first thing about football) would not realise that the January window presented the perfect opportunity to try and mitigate the eventualities which are now unravelling our season? You have to question the wisdom and sanity of a man who will not look, listen or see the bleeding obvious. And this isn’t just a recent thing either; it’s been going on for years.

    Is it fair on Arsenal that he should be allowed to carry on? Another contract should be absolutely out of the question and yet the lunacy seems to permeate right the way through from Wenger all the way to the board and owner. Is it possible that this is actually what they want and are happy with? I really don’t get it any more. It’s gone beyond a joke and beyond any rhyme or reason.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    Do you not know how lucky we are to have Wenger. Single handedly he built the Emirates stone by stone, whilst all the time he was having his bare back whipped by the oil barons, whilst singing ” set my people free, from the oil barons”. The sacrifices he’s made on 8 million a year. ….YES THAT’S RIGHT 8 MILLION!! How is a man supposed to live on that. You Arsenal fans shame me….

  51. Moray

    Jeff, right. I do also feel sorry for Arsene too. Regardless of the money he earns, he has given a hell of a lot for Arsenal. He should be shown the door in a suitable manner, but quickly. It is clear to anyone with an idea of football (ie not the Bod and certainly not that twat Kroenke) that it will just get worse from here. It may be too late already as Everton are on our heels and our heart has given out.

    The Board and Gazidis should be preparing the successor, if they have not already. This has been on the cards for several years. But they have presided over disastrous transfer window after disastrous transfer window, our players being played to destruction and a metronomous failure after failure at the money shot of every season (if not before sometimes). They sat there and did nothing. Just watch the money rack up in the bank until we’re about the only club paying taxes.

    I really hope they don’t feel they OWE WENGER SOMETHING. Like two years more. That way disaster lies. But then these are a bunch of clueless idiots we are dealing with.

  52. gnarleygeorge9


    With the latest goings on with Arsene Wenger, his position is untenable & he must go. But his exit must be paved with a solid contingency plan involving the ‘casting of a broad net’ over potential suitors for the job as manager of The Arsenal Football Club. Arsene Wenger can’t just go without having sured up his successor and the best available. He owes it to the fans.

  53. bergkamplegend

    You must admit that it was a remarkable reaction from the team last night!!

    Too soon for bad jokes ??

  54. Rocky Pires

    I would just like to admit my name is Rocky Pires and I have being a Pro Wenger Man. Yes my judgement has being clouded by desire for this once great super human man to reach the dizzy heights of old . The in Wnger we trust appeared to be the way forward . After all what else did we 30 year olds know George Graham to later stages, where IAn wright dropped his shorts when coming on , Bruce Rioch and Heuston the stop gaps. Then along came this man of Flair and paenach . David Platt, Bergkamp and Merson suddenly looked as if they were given a licence to express themselves we see the introduction of the leggy and telescopic Patrick Vieira an absolute machine .
    Then roll on the wonder years .

    How goods were those years yet how distant of a memeory is it .

    Since Wenger has being cock teasing us, faboulous players sporadically thrown in with incompetent players . For every Eboue, Senderos Almunia and Clichy , was a ray of define inspiration like Cesc .

    I guess I clung onto the hope, its not Grandpa Wenger fualt his hands are tied, were on shoe string budget .
    It was true but alas this season he has shown how out of date he is .

    I dont know if its an arrogance or a lackluster effort that we will play the Wenger way no matter what . Teams and coach’s know inside out or plan . Sometimes they cant live with us but bigger teams have the quality of player and managers with tactical know how to “choke our Wenger style” football.

    To move forward Wenger needs to reaffulate his systems and tactics get a plan B . I cant se this happening .
    So I am drawing to the let this be your last year Wenger, win the cup secure Champions League and head off .

    The opportunity to play 5-3-1-1 against the top teams away from home grates on my nerves it made sense .
    Even if Verm was injured play Sagna CB Jenkinson RWB .

  55. Jeff

    The most sensible thing to do is for Arsene not to announce retirement just yet but tell the board in private that he will be leaving/retiring at the end of the season. That way it gives the board at least 3 or 4 months to find a new manager. A lot can be done in that time; I don’t buy this “2 years to find a manager” nonesense.

  56. Norfolk

    gnarleygeorge9March 26, 2014 09:30:17
    ……………. available. He owes it to the fans.”


    That is the worst possible scenario for the club.
    We don’t need a mini-me who shares his values, we need someone who is far far better than him, a winner.

  57. Thank you and goodnight

    The only thing Arsène owes us is to fuck off right now. Fuck the FA Cup fuck 4th trophy, he needs to go now. I don’t want the failure to have a say on his successor, don’t even want him to remain till the end of the season. He’s lost the players which is plain to see, no matter what the spin masters say. He’s got to go now.

  58. Norfolk

    JeffMarch 26, 2014 09:34:31
    The most sensible thing to do is for Arsene not to announce retirement just yet but tell the board in private that he will be leaving/retiring at the end of the season…….”

    Can’t agree with that either Jeff.
    I think he needs to tell the world he is off.
    That way other candidates can put their hat in the ring.
    I wouldn’t negotiate with AFC if it wasn’t certain he was off.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Jeff: “…..that the January window presented the perfect opportunity to try and mitigate the eventualities……”

    Precisely the reason why Jan windows are there for. As a manager, Jan Windows are tactically a lease of life to remain competitive. But Wenger, has always derised the wisdom of having Jan Windows. Its not even silly. Its downright obstinacy. Why let a mad man remain in the club, in the boardroom, in the dressing room with our young players. Such a person should be lawfully isolated to protect young minds from taking to such attitude. Reason again to let him go.

    Fuck all reasons. Why doesn’t he just walk out. Fuck off Wenger!!!

  60. bergkamplegend

    Wenger out ??

    === >>> “sweet dreams are made of this”.
    Although I do not believe it too much…

  61. Jeff


    The only reason I would think that he needs to announce his retirement in private is because I think player morale will take a nose dive. Don’t forget that some of the players are still very much enamoured with Wenger (misguided but that’s the way they are). If that happens, our season could end up a lot worse than it might. I would still like us to finish top four and win the FA cup in order that Arsenal is more attractive a prospect for the incoming candidate (that is if we want the best possible manager to come in).

    Now I know it’s playing Russian roulette letting Wenger preside over even one more game but it could get even worse if he comes out and says he’s leaving just after a very bad patch (i.e. our collapse). He needs to announce it on some sort of a “high” which given the injuries and more rough times ahead, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Which is why, like Ferguson, announcing it at the end of the season might be the better option.

    Not sure whether he should privately tell the players or not (he might already have done so) but I believe Ferguson did tell his players before the end of the season and they still won the league – perhaps someone could set me straight on that.

    It’s all a question of what’s best for the club’s future really – that’s the only parameter I’m considering.

  62. bergkamplegend

    Jeff : “I think player morale will take a nose dive”

    I thought it was already the case anyway ??? lol

  63. paul mc daid

    Arsene Wengers Legacy is that not ONE player on our books would of started on the team that he inherited and that is truly pathetic,this man is incompenent.

  64. Confidentgoner

    Funny thing about the match was that after taking off Rosicky we lost the momentum and you could see a goal was coming from Swansea.

    The boss needs to go. He is no longer the person to take us forward.

  65. Norfolk

    bergkamplegendMarch 26, 2014 09:54:34
    Jeff : “I think player morale will take a nose dive”I thought it was already the case anyway ??? lol”

    That’s what I think.

    The thing is, if I were being paid say £100k pw I would publically revere my boss at every opportunity I could.
    If the players are at the point of a “high” and he says he’s leaving, I think it will confuse the issue. I don’t care if his ego is bruised.
    Most teams perk up when the manager leaves and quite often you find out a few more truths.

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    Can someone give one good reason why a football club being at the top of the table, would not go for the title when they got into a position like that after full fucking 5 years???? It is fucking criminal!! I wonder what the sponsors tell this bunch of scoundrels at the BoD. Wenger did not push the BoD to buy in Jan window. Its his fucking conspiracy. He has been ruining Arsenal since 2006. * fucking years. The overspent force, the over-tolerated person should immediately leave.

  67. wanger-wenker

    goodbye wenger…..sorry your own mental illness has driven you to carry on mismanaging the club with calamitous results way beyond the time you should have retired and consequently the majority of fans that used to hero-worship you now either hate,pity orlaugh at you. Theres a lesson to be learned about arrogance and obsession in that it clouds judgement. Great men have balance and humility. Its no shame to accept the fact that advancing years adversely affect performance and to believe your pewers are as good as they were 20 years ago is delusional and arrogant.
    Had you retired 4 years ago when it was becoming obvious you were not going to be able to compete with the top managers in europe and that the results were showing serious flaws in all your beliefs and methods of management and that you were on the way down, it could have spared this humiliation.
    Still im sure the 8million a year salary you earned for basically playing safe with the minimum level of pressure in 4th place will no doubt be of some comfort.

  68. bergkamplegend

    Confidentgoner : “The boss needs to go. He is no longer the person to take us forward.”
    I’m sorry but he’s the one who will qualify us once again for the CL.
    It’s like in “The Matrix”, Wenger is THE ONE!! Wenger IS NEO!! 🙂

  69. Ex-Gooner

    What are Wenger and players focusing on this morning? Avoiding most embarassing defeat in history of club come saturday? Let’s hope so.

    Can’t they do ‘Middlesbroug’ from 18 years ago, don’t show up for game, claim widespred case of cold, hence losing game ONLY 3:0, which would be very respectable scoreline indeed?

  70. Rocky Pires

    I think its harsh to say he is mentally ill but the clouded judgement he has is true .

    As regards a possible retirement he has to go and not reveal it untill end of season . We cannot compromise our current fragile position for “Wnger Day” at the Emirates or “ohh this is his last home game against whoever ” No just go dont make it about you, win the FA Cup get interview on pitch and say I2I would like to thank the club, supporters etc and this trophy id for ou, I am leaving the club, Thank you..

    Then appoint Frank De Boer and Bergkamp

  71. wanger-wenker

    AKBs are now very scarce….kind of an endangered species………..their spawning mother stopped reproducing these pests years ago, leaving the last remaining ones to live out a fantasy life untill the queen finally dies.

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    Jeff : “I think player morale will take a nose dive”I thought it was already the case anyway ??? lol”

    On the contrary, some of them will get fresh breath of air and will put in their best. They will now know they will not longer be played out of position. And, with that attitude they can win it even with Steve Bould as the interim manager. I am restless. When is the man going? or, is he….?

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    For all Londoners out here on the LG, please protest now! And, get Wenger out today. now!!! Don’t wait for the city game fellow gooners.

  74. gnarleygeorge9


    I don’t mean Arsene Wenger looks for the successor, I mean he doesn’t just piss off quickly & leave the Club having to get a quick fix. In other words he should make his intentions now about leaving so that there is plenty of time to get the best on offer.