Arsene exit strategies

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I’ve been writing articles like the one I penned yesterday for the best part of 7 years, but never have I had so much reluctant agreement. Hardened Arsenal fans from all spectrum’s of ‘Arsene Wenger belief’ all in acceptance that change has to come. Today’s focus will be along those lines, but maybe we’ll bounce around a bit more.

Firstly, the FA Cup. What does it now mean? Well, firstly, it’s an opportunity for the manager to place some sort of progress on the season. As it stands, it looks like we could just be aiming for 4th. All the teams above us in the league banged in 5+ goals this weekend, so the momentum really isn’t with us. 4th isn’t really progress, though clearly, the fact we’re where we are right now is still a massive jump in comparison to last season. So no baby out with the bath water. How Wenger, has that team, in the position it is right now is nothing short of a miracle. One average striker, poor approach to tactics and a flagrant disregard for player fitness and we’re contending the league. Work that one out?

Imagine the possibilities if he built out a proper squad and made some tweaks to his approach fitness and tactics wise?

Now, the FA Cup, this really is interesting because Arsene Wenger hasn’t signed a new deal. Now, I know there are rumours that he’ll retire floating around the web. But don’t take those as having any sort of factual base to them. They’ve apparently come from a players brother. From what I’ve been told, no one at the club has any idea what Wenger is planning on doing. Which for me, is salacious in itself. But anyone claiming to know Wenger is leaving is basically taking a punt on becoming an ITK superstar. So don’t believe it. If it stems from anywhere, it’ll be some 16 year boy who plays with lego and whacks off to his three Nintendo Wii cyber girlfriends, every, damn, night.

Wenger has had countless opportunities to sign a new deal. He was top for most of the first half of the season. Last week he’d just beaten Spurs. We’d had very good cup wins against Spurs a Liverpool a few months ago… all the perfect time to sign up for another three years.

… but he still hasn’t. Why? What reason could there be for putting it off for this long?

Well, I think it’ll be a number of things. Firstly, he’ll want to see how far he can take this side. Secondly, he’ll want to see how the fans react to him. Simple fact is, when you’re 65, the last thing you need when you’re cash monied beyond your wildest dreams is grief from fans. It’s a ball ache, it’s hurtful and you just don’t have the same fire to deal with it in later life.

Maybe, just maybe, this late signing of the deal is to see how much the club want him? If the enthusiasm is there and we’re begging him… he’ll do it. If the papers are just sitting on the desk, maybe he won’t. Maybe Wenger is just looking to see if the love and passion is still there at board level?

Now, I don’t think he should sign on as things currently stand. If he does sign on, the CEO has to take back some control of the club. That lack of control is the reason we’re in such a mess. Ivan doesn’t go near the playing area of the club, despite that being where most of the clubs value sits.

So assuming Ivan knows what’s going on, which I can guarantee he does. These are the options he has:

  1. Arsene, you’re staying, but here’s the deal. We’re going to compare what you do, with what the best clubs in the world do. If there is an opportunity to make a positive change, we’re going to do it. Now, I wrote this is what Ivan should have been doing a few years ago and it didn’t happen. But it’s an angle in. You stay, but we’re addressing some obvious issues. Particularly in your back room team.
  2. Ivan doesn’t show enthusiasm for Wenger to sign. He knows it’s game over. So the club don’t hammer hard for Wenger to pen the deal.
  3. Arsenal retract the new deal. Which; let’s be honest, is NEVER going to happen

Alternatively, Arsene could just be waiting to bow out with an FA Cup like bang. He might look at the hammerings he’s taken this year and think… jeez… I’ve spend the last three years taking these sorts of pummelling’s and I don’t really have to the tools to stop them happening. I mean, seriously, how many times have Bayern been hammered like that? How often do the elite teams of Europe take a pounding on that sort of level? I appreciate there is a fluke every now and then, but you look at the regularity of our freak spankings over the last few years and it’s quite incredible.

The spankings aren’t even freaky these days.

How many times have you read a line like that in a sports blog?

Arsene can’t outsmart other managers at the highest level, that much is clear. He must know that this is the case, because we end up in the same mess year after year. He always said when he didn’t have the drive anymore, he’d give up. He looks beaten this season. He’s once again done it his way and he’s come up short. His scouting chief isn’t bringing in the players these days, his last big move was Carl Jenkinson. His goalkeeper coach is beyond a joke. His head of fitness is continuing to layer havoc over our players who look flat and lifeless as they’re consistently broken. I don’t even know what Boro Piromac is up to? He does the tactics, right? Has anyone checked his pulse of late? Is he alive? Is he even in the ground?

His set up is letting him down. When you build out a team of senior staff who don’t challenge you, that works perfectly when you’re king. But when the walls are knocked down, when your Midas touch disappears and no one has the guts to call you out. You’re f*cked. It’s sad, but this is what’s happened at the club. No one has the nerve to tell the King he’s turned up the training ground in a his partners underwear.

I’ve read around the web and there are people questioning the players psyche. Sorry, it doesn’t rub with me. Giroud is a league winner, Cazorla is a World Cup / European Championship winner, Ozil is a La Liga winner, Mertesacker is a Bundasliga winner, Podolski has won things. The problem isn’t the players, it’s the man who sets them up. These are top professionals. These are players that boast similar qualities to Chelsea. They boast better qualities than Liverpool. Yet they’re collapsing. Why? Because they’re not given the tools to succeed. No tactical analysis. No game plan. No help. They’re overtrained and over played. How can you expect players given virtually no prep to beat teams that have it in abundance?

We have to face it, Arsenal are letting players down these days. Chamakh leaves us and he’s revitalised. Gervinho goes and plays for the excellent Rudi Garcia and he’s a different man. We bring in Ozil and he’s broken within 6 months. Best number ten to total shambles in 7 months. Giroud goes from average all action hero, to average dead man walking. Nik Bendtner is the best striker at the club, gets zero games as we bury Giroud. Flamini, all action hero to pretty much a zero second half of the season. Andre Arshavin last year, one of the best talents I’ve ever seen, sidelined because the manager didn’t fancy him. He was a central player and a dream of one, carthorsed out wide and expected to track. Of course he was going to fail! Jack Wilshere, in a world of nothingness. Cazorla has been pretty ineffectual. Even the players that power on through like Theo and Ramsey are destroyed fitness wise.

Things aren’t great… but let’s get one things straight here, the last thing we need is Arsene sacking it in now. The players don’t need an excuse to switch off when it’s Chelsea in a head to head title battle. If they think Wenger is going, that’s it, season over. The manager knows this. He knows if he is going, that has to be the biggest secret in the game. No one can know. Not even Ivan.

Doesn’t detract from the story though. Maybe, just maybe, he’s thinking the FA Cup is a good time to say goodbye?

… and what does he leave?

Well, he leaves the club in a far healthier state than he found it.

  • The new manager has incredible training facilities
  • £140m for new players
  • State of the art stadium, he helped make possible by keeping us Champions League buoyant on next to no budget
  • A super back bone of a team that is three of four players and a new approach away from dominance
  • A beautiful footballing philosophy that will be his legacy. No manager will ever come in and ruin our style. We are the Barca of English football and we will be forever more
  • World class financials because we’re now a global super brand

The next manager who comes in has it all, thanks to Arsene and his ways. What a way to leave a club, nearly at the top, ready for someone younger with fresher ideas to come in and takeover.

That new person needs to come armed with a great game plan for the club. We needs to see a new approach to fitness, we need to see a new transfer set up where we target players with pace and power, we need to see more empathy for data… so more opposition analysis and more respect for modern day tactics. We need a strong vision for where the club is going over the next 5 years.

There’s a manager out there who can be the Arsene of 20 years ago. They might not stay for 20 years, but they’ll have the chance to make a huge impact and take us to the next level.

There’s no need to be scared of change, what you should fear is accepted stagnation based on a reputation 10 years past its sell by date.

See you in the comments.


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  1. tunnygriffboy

    I don’t think we’re in as bad shape as some of us are making out. We certainly aren’t a shambles of a club. To say that is a tad over dramatic. We have nowhere near enough quality in depth to fight on four fronts and we all knew that would be the case. People were looking for progression from last season, being nearer the top of the league and winning a cup. Suddenly the goalposts change. It’s the expectation of starting the season well then the tiredness and injuries kicking in. Undoubtedly we should have tried to get someone in to replace Theo’s pace in Jan and that made us even more one dimensional. There is the basisis of a good side there. We have extended the contracts of key players, we have quality players who have been missing for long parts of the season and 3 more top players on top of this in the summer gives us a bit more quality in depth.

    The 3 horrendous results have undoubtedly been a sickner and rubbed the gloss and confidence off the limited team we have. Two teams have been much better tan us this season, City and Chelsea and while we were stuffed at lpool we have also beaten them twice. This time last year we were 8pts behind spurs and god knows how many off the top.

  2. Newco Arsenal PLC

    Erom a pure football perspective, for such a massive world-wide institution with a huge global fan-base, Arsenal Football Club are a major embarrassment thanks to the holy trinity of Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger.
    Think big and you’ll be as big as you want to be.
    Wenger’s frugality, inflexibility and genuine lack of any tactical ability is strangling the life out of the club, and killing the joy of spectating for all the loyal supporters.

  3. Leedsgunner

    It’s laughable that he comes out publicly and says he’s puzzled. Those of us who have been watching Arsenal this season know we were handed our arses on a plate… why doesn’t he? It just makes him look more out of touch, more incompetent, (as if that was possible) when he makes comments like this. Does he say things like this to take the limelight off his players? I hope he gives it to him straight behind closed doors because they need to hear how appallingly naive they were…

    I’ll tell you what puzzles me. After almost a decade of no silverware, why is he still Arsenal manager? How can he be after the humiliations we have endured this season. Why have we offered him a new contract? (I’m sure they have!) Now, that’s really puzzling isn’t it?

    New lows of incompetence against title rivals — and he says he doesn’t know. How can that be an answer in any sense of the word?

  4. Hitman

    So the 12.45 start is to blame! I am sure it was the same for both teams.

    This is typical Wengerpseak. Smoke and mirrors, deflecting from the real cause.
    I lost all respect for AW with his ‘judge me in May’ comment back in 2008. Just knew from his demeanour that he had no intention of being judged. Come May, he was nowhere to be seen. A dishonest man pure and simple. A liar.

    He knows full well the reason we lost is nothing to do with 12.45.
    Its because he has failed to buy 2 DMs and a strikers. A playing ‘philosophy’ that replies fullbacks who cant cross or create to be wingers. Loads of room at the back for good teams to exploit.

    I thought it was terrible he was blaming the players for not turning up,
    They did but the personnel in our squad cannot cope with the power and pace of the elite teams.
    We’re asking small, short, slow, lightweight men to carry out the workload of bigger faster stronger midfielders. Their bodies cant cope. Our players knew they had no chance of winning even before Man Utd, Stoke, Liverpool, Man City, Chelski games. I think they are also demoralised with AW for failing to address our weaknesses.

    Our midget midfielders have carried the strain and stresses of AW poor recruitment for last 3-4 seasons. No wonder they are injured for so long so often.

  5. Mad Gooner

    How can one begin to describe the shambles of the Chelsea game? Some of our fans are quick to criticise Mourinho for making certain statements. However, Mourinho has been right and precise in his description of Wenger. Wenger is a specialist in failure and he is lucky to be at a club run by bufoons masquerading as bankers and owned by a yank who has no knowledge of football. He is very good at understanding financial balance sheets, which is OK, but has no passion for the game. Our problem is not just a manager who has past his sell by date, but also an owner who doesn’t care enough about winning. I have been a fan for nearly 50 years and want ot see this great club at the top once again, but that will not happen with Wenger. If he has any self respect and integrity, he should announce now that he is leaving, reagradless of the final standing at the end of the season. Let us get someone young and hungry like Klopp and let us hope that this greedy American would sell the club, make his filthy profit and leave so that we can get back to the business of football again. There should be clearing out of the rot as well, starting with most of the buffoons of the board of directors and our chief executive officer who should really be called “chief communications officer” since he is the mouthpiece of silent Stan. As for the AKB’s, well they can go and follow Wenger at some other club or they can go and suport the shits at the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road.

  6. MarbleHall

    Leedsgunner i don’t need to read articles to tell me how crap Wenger is and NM says nobody knows what Wenger’s plan are in the summer, how dense is that.
    18 seasons with Wenger should tell you how he operates in the transfer market

  7. Leedsgunner

    We need a bigger squad but Wenger is not the man to recruit our new players. He’s had more than his fair share and he’s made a hash of it for the past four years at least.

    If he’s puzzled over why we lose so badly to title rivals so often and so badly surely he’s not intellectually fit for purpose to handle multimillion pound negotiations for players.

    We need a new person who is clear headed and purpose driven, not a person who is constantly puzzled when failure strikes him. Being puzzled is a another way of saying, “I’m unwilling to change, learn and adapt.”

    He never spent the money when he had the chance. He shouldn’t be given the chance now. His time is over… FA CUP or no FA CUP.

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    I think it’s Mertesacker who mentioned the 12.45 kickoff and I doubt he’s being serious

  9. Bamford13


    “If he wins the FA Cup and we finish 4th and we’re close in points to the top team, then I think he survives.”

    Nice evasion. The question you posed was: SHOULD he go? Yes, if he wins the FA and finishes fourth, he may survive. The question is: SHOULD he survive?

    My answer is no, he shouldn’t. Indeed I don’t even think it should be a consideration.

    I think your answer is, yes, he should stay, but you’re wavering or waffling.

    As for the claim that Wenger knows what went wrong Saturday but doesn’t want to discuss it in a press conference, I’m sorry but this is ludicrous and reflects a misunderstanding of the man.

    If Wenger were capable of understanding such things, he (i) never would have sent that side out there with those (non-existent) tactics in the first place and (ii) he would’ve made adjustments at half time WHICH HE DID NOT MAKE.

    This is the same manager who watched his side get dismantled (5-1) by Liverpool — who used the same strategy as Chelsea, by the way — and did absolutely nothing to change or affect the proceedings.

    Why? Because he’s clueless. He sends his sides out with the same set-up and instructions every match and hopes for the best. When he had loads of WC players, this worked. He doesn’t now so it doesn’t. Is this so hard to see?

    This is a manager who has £140m in cash in the bank and has gone with Giroud as his starting CF for two years now, who manages one of the premier clubs in the world but signs the likes of Sanogo, Flamini and Kallstrom.

    For God’s sake, how is it that anyone besides his wife is still defending this man?

    The madness has to stop. Wenger out.

  10. kwik fit

    Take a good look at yourselves in the Mirror. Some of the comments on this blog about our Boss is a complete and utter disgrace. Wenger is and has been the best thing to happen to Arsenal FC since……..the invention of the modern day condom. He make’s us all feel safe and protected and never blows his top. Wenger in!

  11. kwik fit

    Once again poor refereeing has cost us an important game. By rescinding the red card and allowing Ox to play tomorrow they have in effect admitted their guilt. Points lost because of an incompetent ref, absolute disgrace.

  12. MarbleHall

    Wenger dies the same when it comes to defending slender leads, he loads the team with defenders giving the green light to the opposition to attack more.
    The man is clueless

  13. Relieable sauce

    Sounds like he didn’t even prepare very well for his friendly ArsenalTV interview if thats the best he can come up with.

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    Hey if we sign Costa, Bender, Draxler and Ginter (or equiv.) I’d be dancing down the street in my girlfriends underwear (as opposed to just sleeping in it). That and the alternative of us not signing a top striker or DM were just extremes to illustrate that Wenger’s future at this club depends on various factors.

    I actually think we’ll spend big in 2 areas in the summer.

  15. kwik fit

    So the FA have rescinded the red card given to Gibbs and passed it on to the person who should have got it in the first place….Theo Walcott!

  16. kwik fit


    Am I the only Arsenal fan who doesn’t want to see ‘big’ kim play?
    The guy couldn’t even get onto the moscow side so IMO a place on the bench is even a bridge too far.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    I agree. Think Ozil was the first and the plan was/is to get more in this summer. Players that Wenger wanted hence he winged it in Jan which is very poor. Walcott was the one we needed cover for, not that he is technically great but for giving us something different. Mind you he looked pretty fine in that short spell after his stomach op when playing with Ozil and Rambo. The future is not as bleak as we are making out.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    He actually played a fair few games. (Not that I’m suggesting we should rely on him in any way of course)

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Well as Pedro says, there are plenty of positives for Arsenal. We’re in a better position now than we have been for quite a few years, just depends whether the club grasps the opportunity properly

  20. kwik fit


    I heard that he was injured for most of the season and only played about 3 games. I suppose if he was to play the final 20 it will give us a chance to have a look .

  21. Zacharse

    was kwik being naive or sarcastic to say that the red card was what held us back on saturday? it was 2-0 at that point as i remembver

  22. Zacharse

    i think what we should do this summer is sell our best player
    for 80 mil like bale
    and do what spurs did and ‘rebuild’ the team with 7 new players
    who are all average as kallstrom and monreal

    who is our most expensive player to sell this year? oxlade could fetch 30 from utd ozil could get 40 or 50 in italy, szesny, sagna, oh wait we can;t sell sagna- bendtner will leave
    let’s just play weith like 15 players next year and call up a few of these youth team spaniards

  23. reality check

    Nasri’s Mouth March 24, 2014 20:16:44


    Hey if we sign Costa, Bender, Draxler and Ginter (or equiv.)

    I know what you are doing.. you are giving Wenger every last drop of your patience.

    you need him to utterly and completely fail, before you say it’s time to go.

    You are within your rights to do so, but for someone in his position and resources and backing (BoD). It shouldn’t need to get that desperate for him to be held accountable.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik fit

    IMO, he’s only going to come on if

    a) we lose more midfielders to injury
    b) we’re controlling a game and can afford to rest someone.

    I don’t expect anything from him at all. He’s nothing more than back-up cover.

  25. Paddywhack

    Didn’t know that Kim had signed for us. Isn’t he a fat North Korean, he needs to get fitter if he is to make the bench. Still, maybe he could nuke Maureen, Moyes, Sherwood lol

  26. kwik fit

    Agreed NM but when was the last time we were controlling a game and could afford to rest players. I guess that means we may never see him.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    @reality check

    Maybe, but I think not. If Klopp hadn’t signed that new contract less than 6 months ago, I’d be all for Wenger winning the FA Cup and leaving.

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik fit

    To be honest, I never thought we would. He was only cheap insurance in case things went belly up.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    Oh bless you, you’re so desperate for me to talk to you and say you’re an idiot aren’t you?

  30. ChrisN

    Brilliant article, Pedro. As critical as it needed to be but positive and constructive. I’m no hater and no lover of Arsene, but in my gut I’ve felt for a while that he has been on his way down. Unlike Fergie he can’t fall back on being a scary hard Glaswegian to keep his players disciplined. A good legacy. I hope he gets the FA Cup but still leaves. Call it a consolation goal.

  31. kwik fit


    If Wenger was shopping about for cheap insurance late January ge could have got a much better policy. Klose for example.

  32. kwik fit


    Wenger wanted him on loan but Lazio wanted a permanent deal. 3m would have secured an aging but class striker who wanted to come.

  33. kwik fit

    AW: “At the moment there’s no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents & that we were caught at the start of the game.”

    Absolutely incredible statement on so many levels. I only earn about 50 % of what Wengers on I could come up with something twice as good as that.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik Fit

    Not so sure they did, there was a fair bit of fan unrest at the time about him leaving. Doubt we’d have got him either way.

    Anyway, he’s not the player that would have kept our season on track.

    Someone like Morata might have got me a little wet, Klose, no.

  35. kwik fit

    Yeah NM I would have prefered Morata also but when we’re down to the dying embers of the window and short in two/three areas money has to be shifted to secure something. Money could have got Klose and his presence alone would have lifted the squad.

  36. kwik fit

    Mad Gooner

    I would have thought that up to last summer but the last two transfer windows has IMO opinion confirmed that it is indeed Wenger who is culpable . That coupled with the tactically naivety means that a new man at the helm is imperative. I must say I like the look of Martinez and think that he would make an excellent manager as well. I think that he could fit in seamlessly and be able to strengthen without going crazy in the market.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    @kwik fit

    possibly, but while we all agree that signing Ozil lifts the squad, it’s hard to quantify that a past it Klose would have done so.

    Hey, maybe he’d have scored the winner against ManU, pointless guessing though.

  38. MidwestGun

    Marble –
    Please tell me the truth about Foreign fans again, thats my favorite. Cuz im about to take a break from killing Indians with one of my many guns to listen to your amazing knowledge. Idiot.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    If Chamberlain scores tomorrow night I’m hoping for chants of “There’s only one Kieran Gibbs”

    (Nicked from Twitter)

  40. Johnty79

    Park is probably the worst player to have ever played for arsenal. By all accounts he was on 6k aweek at Monaco. He cost anything from 5-10m and we pay him 50k aweek.

    Can anyone explain this signing.

    By all accounts Watford fans think he is the worst player to play for them.

    Please explain arsenal ?

  41. MarbleHall

    Remember the guy who berated the board and Wenger on camera after the Villa defeat.
    What happened to him after a couple of victories he went back to being a sheep.

  42. tunnygriffboy

    If we were to change managers I would go for Klopp. If it means Arsene staying until he’s available then I can live with that. Not certain about Martinez but if he came on the proviso that he brought Jagielka, Coleman, Barclay and Lukaku with him I may change my mind looooooool

  43. Leedsgunner

    AW: “At the moment there’s no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents & that we were caught at the start of the game.”

    Really Arsene? Let me spell it out for you.

    You were naive, unprepared and unwilling to learn from our utter capitulations earlier in the season.

    We can see it to be true. Why can’t you say it? Why can’t you admit it? It’s never your fault is it Arsene?

    Having said you are willing to accept full responsibility for the heavy defeat on Saturday but by your answer above you show contempt to the intelligence of GOONERS everywhere by attempting to present the debacle at Stamford Bridge as some freak occurrence.

    What about at Man City? What about at Anfield?

    Why aren’t we at the quality that they are? No one needs to be blamed except you.

    I don’t believe you any more.


  44. leon

    wheni comments like this team is barc of the prem it pisses me off because that is insult to barc this is evon on the planet as barc. i still think this team could have got something out this game had wenger deployed the right tactics.i feelwenger played chaimberlain on the wing and played risicky in the centre,flamani should have started and i would have played sonogo instead of girude,chelsea have seen him play realy yes he alot of rough edges but has power and pace would have caused chelsea problems

  45. Gunner2301


    The fact that we couldn’t deliver score lines like this are telling. Having the 12th best striker in the league playing up front for you might have something to do with it. The team is impotent wholesale changes needed starting with the manager.


  46. Gunner2301


    It’s a bit strong that in a title decider we have to draw for the postman. Shows how far we have fallen as a club. Wenger and his Scrooge ways has seen the team bereft of options. He has had numerous chances and keeps making the same mistakes that shows me he’s incapable of changing or adapting. Time to go Arsene and take your back room staff who have been on holiday for the past 10 years with you.

  47. Arsenal1886-2006

    Expect to hear in the coming days and weeks of all the players we are going to sign during the summer, then come transfer deadline day we will announce the permanent signing of Kallstrom on a 2 year deal, even then wenger will probably have to beg him to sign.

    I fear for the summer if wenger is still in charge, big name players will look at how Ozils confidence has nosedived after less than a year under wenger.
    We are run by Trotters Independent Traders and Trigger is the fucking manager.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Oh no, the ominous ‘Arsenal to sign…’ articles are beginning.

    Pretty soon it’ll be ‘Arsenal have £150 Million to spend this summer’…’Arsenal eyes up Cavani, Draxler and Bender’ just as ST renewal comes round and Wenger signs on the dotted line followed by a summer of nothingness.

  49. Arsenal1886-2006

    Guaranteed that we will park the bus at ‘Home’ against city at the weekend, the fear of a spanking and the booing will mean arseend will be bricking his pants this week, the shame of it.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal 1886

    Don’t worry they’ll be posting pics of a Roman themed “bread and circuses” party next… nice to know they’re in this together with us 🙁

  51. leon

    gooner i agree with everything you say but get a point stamford bridge is not a bad result chelsea had a great result when they game to use and ground out a point nothing wrong with thta.see this last game as a wake up call.the fact this team he looked better that what they realy because gone up agaist lesser teams

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Sadly there will be Arsenal fan who actually are, it’s easier to play thick as fuck than it is to actually confront the horrific truth.

  53. salparadisenyc

    I have a dead arm, odd feeling. Removed the cannon tat from my shoulder. Can’t wait to crank a load. What’s your name?

    You’d think after 8 versions of the bodywork I’d call time and get it.

  54. Leedsgunner

    Cesc @2319

    In my first post today I spelt the truth out. When Wenger says he’s puzzled he’s really saying he doesn’t want to face the truth.

    That’s why for me he has to leave. More than anything he doesn’t want to change because he really doesn’t think change is necessary.

    He’s a fantasist akin to Walter Mitty… utterly bewildered by the circumstances overtaking him.

  55. tunnygriffboy


    I know that the list of names we will sign in the summer will soon come out. It hasn’t really stopped since last summer, it’s the same for all teams. This year unless money is spent and top players brought in the backlash for the board , owner and manager will be too great. Even someone like me who sits on the fence re Wenger will loose the plot.

  56. follow the money

    Wenger: “We just came out of 2 convincing results at Bayern and at Tottenham so you have to think that (Chelsea) was an accident.”

    As we say here in the states….BAT. SHIT. CRAZY

  57. Same Story

    AW: ”We just came out of 2 convincing results at Bayern Munich and at Tottenham so you have to think that [Chelsea] was an accident. You need to analyse as well the fact that we were down to 10 men & the offensive quality of Chelsea on the counter attack is very good ”

    An accident has happened, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a good driver”. We have played about 40 games this season and it’s not what happened on Saturday that reflects the quality of this team.”


  58. Moray

    Nothing “convincing” about Spuds at all. We should have lost that game, if Spuds could shoot straight!

    Spuds Arsenal
    Possession 59% 41%
    Shots 17 7
    On target 2 3

    And what is “convincing” about a 1-1 draw with Bayern in a match we needed to win by 2 clear goals even to go into extra time? Here are the match stats:

    Bayern Arsenal
    Possession 67% 33%
    Shots 14 7
    On target 6 3

    Yes, that’s right. A “convincing” draw in a dead rubber where we needed to score at least two and we have a total of three shots on goal.

    Wenger is living in cloud cuckoo land. I worry his rose tinted spectacles will convince him he needs to stay…

  59. Moray

    @LeedsAW: “At the moment there’s no rational explanation other than the quality of our opponents & that we were caught at the start of the game.”

    How about this for size, Arsene? (in no particular order):
    – Inadequate squad depth
    – Persisting with players who are not good enough
    – Poor team selection
    – Absence of tactics
    – Failing to assess the opposition effectively and counter their strengths
    – Weak team mentality and low team self-belief
    – Overplaying key players to injury in the first half of the season
    – Playing a high line with a slow defence
    – Lack of team discipline
    – Failure to sign replacements for long-term injured players
    – Not enough strength or pace in the side

    Need I go on? If Wenger cannot explain the loss, it in itself explains why he continues to repeat the same mistakes. As time passess the embarrassing defeats are getting larger. This comment alone should be a red flag to the Board. He must go if the club is to progress, or to avoid regressing further: I don;t believe we have seen progress this year. Wait till Pellegrini and Mourinho (and Moyes) have had time to bed in. We will be way out of the top 4. Similarly, had Ferguson not retired, we would already be looking at playing on spursdays next year.

  60. follow the money

    Just watch tomorrow Swansea will launch long balls at Michu and send as many crosses into the box as they can and with our defence scared shitless I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return of the panic stations defence of 2007-2010 complete with blunders

  61. Wolfgang

    When MC come to play at the ES,Wenger has to show he is still the man for the job.Another big loss is unlikely but possible if he doesn’t stop M C from playing.
    If he goes berserk on the attack and doesn’t score 15-20 min of Arsenal pressure,he could be hit by a hit and run.The gunners could be one goal down.Another wave of Arsenal is stopped by city who hit a high ball and Arsenal are 2 down.This can happen if he goes for hdl
    It all depends on him.

  62. Rhys Jaggar

    To all who wish to know:

    The following Arsenal websites have trackers to monitor you all over the web:

    1. Le Grove – 9 trackers blocked using blocker software.
    2. – 3 trackers blocked using blocker software.
    3. – 2 trackers blocked using blocker software.

    Big Brother is alive and kicking in the Arsenal blogosphere.

    Has anyone asked whether your data is being sold to third parties without your knowledge and consent??

    Didn’t think so.

    If you don’t want Arsenal sites being intrusive pervs, use Mozilla as a browser and sign up to a tracker blocking site.

    Did you read, top to the T&Cs, that the quid pro quo for you commenting here using your real email address is getting tracked for life?? I’m sure it’s there, but it’s hardly prominent. Would you have agreed to it if it were??

    Everyone to their own choices.

    Many may say: ‘I’ve nothing to hide’.

    And 99% of you don’t engage in kinky sex either.

    But however normal the sex you indulge in, you’d rather keep it private wouldn’t you??

    My web arsehole is not open for business esquires……..

  63. Moray

    Wolfgang, if we set up like we did against Chelski and play with a similar lack of shape and tactical naivety, Man City will put 10 past us. And we would deserve it too, just as we deserved the buttfucking we were handed at Stamford Bridge. I am sorry to admit that part of me hopes they do as it would probably result in this much bandied about contract extension being consigned to Ivan’s bin.

  64. goona

    Meanwhile in the papers this morning wenger says the 6 0 was a “bump in the road”….its a very bumpy road then because it keeps happening…..wenger out

  65. Goonerjon

    Good piece specially the Wenger legacy. One man would have helped sort this sorry mess out – David Dein. He was on the Sky tribute to Wenger and said that he was not out of the club ‘but on the subs bench’. He would have planned a decent exit route for AW,he would have sorted a successor, he would have sorted transfers. Meanwhile let’s support the team tonight as three points are a must if we want the Chsmpions League next season and to finish above the other team.PS the FACup would be good……

  66. Jeff

    Whichever way he dresses it up, there can be no explanation that detracts from total and complete incompetence on his part.

    As for the players, yes they are mostly substandard but then I don’t see other mid-table teams losing losing by a cricket score three times a season. Why is it that these “accidents” keep happening to us?

  67. Leedsgunner

    Yep. That’s right Arsene it was a bump in the road. You can believe that if it makes you feel better.

    That’s why you have to go. You refuse to face the truth. Without acknowledging the truth there will be no change. Results like Saturday will happen again and again.

    With you in charge we’re on the ROAD TO NOWHERE!!!!

  68. Jeff


    It only took 2 days for him to revert back to type. He’s like an excuse making machine gone out of control.

    Any sane manager would make realistic statements on what they’re going to do about it. I would have expected him to at least allude to bringing in major reinforcements in the summer and a plan of action to alleviate our weak mental disorder. Of course he himself has the weakest mental capacity and no trace of a winning streak left so we’ve got no chance.

    He was close to the truth on Saturday when he said it was all his fault but now he’s changed his mind and it was all just an “accident”. What a load of old rubbish.

  69. Salvage

    Cesc Appeal March 24, 2014 23:05:45

    Oh no, the ominous ‘Arsenal to sign…’ articles are beginning.

    Pretty soon it’ll be ‘Arsenal have £150 Million to spend this summer’…’Arsenal eyes up Cavani, Draxler and Bender’ just as ST renewal comes round and Wenger signs on the dotted line followed by a summer of nothingness.

    I believe Wenger and Gazidis shamelessly sponsor those stories in the press. Barefaced liers . Whoever says that Wenger is a decent and truthful man , is either deluded or as deceitful as Wenger.
    By the way, why do people get suckered in by this deceit year after year?
    Dont buy the fr’eaking season ticket!!! Get each matchday ticket as they come till you see change.

  70. goona

    Jeff, Ive been thinking the same thing! How mant times have the bottom half clubs got tonked by a cricket score this season? Not many, but it is happening more and more regularly with us! Wenger HAS to take responsibility for it HAS TO.

  71. Jeff


    What will be the excuse if we get hammered by City again; another accident? Wenger is an accident waiting to happen. He’s a ticking time bomb. Going into big matches unprepared, clueless, no tactics, no depth and no game plan; those are the main reasons we get slaughtered – not because it’s an accident.

  72. Jeff

    This living in denial aspect to Wenger’s character means things will go from bad to worse. If he can’t see what’s wrong, no one can help him.

  73. goona

    Jeff, totally agree. A Sunday league manager prepares better than Wenger. A Sunday league manager 1-0 down with 15 mins left in a game would change things, even to revert to route one football and hoof it into the box. Wenger? oh no same old tepid tippy tappy drivel as the clock runs down! I think it is only a matter of time before a Southampton or another “lesser” team that can play gives us a hiding. Wenger has become a fraud, no way is he worth half what we pay him.

    And the team desperately needs leaders on the pitch! To many out there shrugging their shoulders and not rolling their sleaves up!

  74. Jeff

    I’m not at all certain that tonight’s match is a foregone conclusion. Swansea lost to Liverpool 4:3 and lost to Everton 3:2 so they’re not averse of scoring goals. They might just put one over us tonight if we think it’s going to be a walkover.

  75. Jeff

    This report reckons Wenger has only been given a 2-year contract instead of 3 which apparently is what he wanted. I wonder if that’s the reason he wouldn’t sign? Why give him any at all? Why do the board need 2 years to find another manager? How incompetent must the board be if they think they’re going to need 2 years to find another manager? This is another pile of horse dung?

  76. Jeff

    If the reports are true and Wenger is only given 2 years, I think there is a very strong possibility that he won’t sign the 2-year deal out of principle. You know what he’s like with his haggling? For once his over inflated narcissistic ego might work in our favour – especially if we win nothing again. I feel a bit better now.

  77. wanger-wenker

    great article and even greater supporting comments from Jeff,leeds, bamford. newco and hitman to name just a few. I commend you all. We all indeed hope that our club can be restored to a spirit of dogged winning mentality and that old arsenal “hard to beat” image. Wenger HAS to go and indeed should have gone years ago. I feel wenger is on the edge of the cliff and the FA CUP may rescue him or 4th place only may give him the lifeline. I personally want him to lose every game from now on to push him over the edge. I dont see an end otherwise…….I am a lifelong fan, but sometimes you have to take the pain to get well again. WENGER OUT, so far out that only time travel can bridge the distance.

  78. Rhys Jaggar

    Chelsea was ‘an accident’.

    As an insurance broker, I would note that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal appear to be ‘accident-prone’. I would therefore raise my premiums for insurance cover accordingly.

    Having sat in the back of a mini-bus which overturned on a sharp bend on the old A82 when at Uni in Glasgow, I know what happens when you let ‘accident prone’ people take charge of 15 people’s lives. I lost 1 of my 9 cat’s lives that day but had a lorry been coming the other way as we careered, on the roof, upside down, on the wrong side of the road, 15 of us would have been likely interred in coffins in 1987. To say that I was dischuffed that Club Officers were trying to cover up the event, putting the ego of one arrogant young male driver above the lives of Club members, wouldn’t be the half of it. Of course, you don’t get elected to become an officer by defending people’s lives, so I became a driver instead, to save my skin from the dangerous antics of others. No doubt furnishing the police with the truth at the scene, namely that ‘as soon as we went into the corner, I knew we weren’t going to make it round’, wasn’t the way to go. Honour amongst death wish drivers and all that……

    The driver of the car is in need of some ‘advanced driving lessons’ it would appear. And whether the magistrate’s court is likely to see any remorse or any plan of action which will change future outcomes is very much up in the air. What appears to me to be the case is that the driver wants to keep on just as before………….

    25 years ago, the miscreant rolled another vehicle a year or so later and then found it hard to get insurance. The adrenalin rush of speed on the road mirrored his need to put his life on the line on steep Scottish ice which is fine as long as it was only his life and not the lives of 15 others that he wished to put at risk.

    One wonders whether the current miscreant should already be labelled as a ‘serial causer of accidents’ or whether this should be considered a ‘first offence’………

    I know where my sentiments lie………

  79. HNIC

    Guys, i think this era of settling for less will not change until ticket buying fans say NO MORE. Things dont get better until it gets worse. Some will say its better to support the team at all times but that is the line they have used to keep emotions under control for 9 years while milking fans.
    Wenger has used “project youth” “financial responsibility” and his “purist philosophy” to lull fan into slumber and made them forget that football is about one thing – WINNING
    I am afraid if AFC fans continue to be this cold, then the FA Cup (if he wins it) will be the new sign of progress – when in actual fact we were just lucky to be in that position because we did not leave London + we did not draw Chelsea and the Manchester Clubs

  80. Rossd7

    A part of me wants to disagree with you. This is, after all, Arsene Wenger we’re talking about. But I’m seriously struggling to argue with your points. Our transfer policy has been next to shambolic for several years now; the tactical approach against the big sides and, more worryingly, a reluctance to redress it, is beyond sense; and I’m not sure how much blame can be levelled at Arsene for our shocking fitness record, but something is amiss there, as this occurs season after season. For a man that built a side based on pace and power, it surely should not come as a surprise that the paucity of those qualities in this squad, particularly in the context of Chelsea and Man City’s offerings, is a key factor in our continued demise.

  81. london gunner

    Wenger is joke of a man, no I am sorry his not a man. A true man admits his mistakes a noble man apologises and seeks to rectify them.

    Wenger by claiming the Chelsea game was an accident is an example of a pathetic attempt to make excuses and avert blame from himself and the players.

    Fergie would of owned up to it and that man was a cunt but he was a man.

    It also shows his really working hard at deluding himself, his like a liar who whe found out constructs another reality in their head to justify their actions.