Wenger should play Gnabry…

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Good morning children of the new forest. It’s 1000 games today. An amazing amount of league games to smash through. So incredible. So amazing.


It’s just a number.

It means nothing today.

Today is not a celebration of Arsene Wenger.

Today is about three points at Stamford Bridge.

Today is about turning over Mourinho.

Today is about proving we can think about an opponent that boasts class and deliver 3 points

Today… we show the world where we are as a Premier League contender.


Yeah, ok, so the last line was a little over the top, but if you said the first few lines in a Spartan voice, naked, in the living room, powering a kitchen knife into the air… your neighbours would be a impressed, maybe even a touch aroused?

Erotic moments aside, this is a hugely important game for us. Is it about just taking a point? Not for us. It’s about taking the three points. We have to win today. If we do, it kicks us off into a pretty impressive position to take a shot at the league. We’re the underdogs here, that’s great for the boys, but the reality is, we need to deliver today.

We’ve been slow starters this season. Sometimes that’s felt tactical, but more often than not, it’s felt like we’re just slow out of the traps. My main concern today is that we lack mobility and pace around the pitch. As David Hillier said on the podcast yesterday, if Giroud doesn’t hold the ball up, we’re fucked. He did a poor job of that against Spurs. Without a good game from him today, it’s difficult to see where we can get any love… because no one can run in behind… and he’s certainly not going to offer any pace up front.

It’d be great to see us go bold. Chelsea have pace that’ll stretch us. Matic and Hazard are explosive around the pitch and there’s a lot of energy in the middle of the park for them. The great thing from our perspective is they’ve played a big game midweek and Willian and Ramires are suspended. Regardless of how easy it was, they’ll still have had less time to prepare and to recover from it. Mourniho won’t have a tactical master plan wrapped in prep like he normally does.

I’d love us to try something different today. Now, I know the game is important, but if we set up as we have been, it’ll be relatively easy for Mourinho. For me, throw a curve ball in there. Maybe give Gnabry a go out wide… we need some pace. Combine that with Chamberlain and we have a driving force in the middle and out wide.

Santi has to sit in the hole and he needs to really show his mettle today. In the middle, it surely has to be Flamini this time?

It’ll hopefully be a great encounter. I’d quite like to see Arsene get the better of Mourinho for once.

“It is not possible to have 1,000 matches unless the club is also a fantastic club in the way they support their manager, especially in the bad moments – and especially when the bad moments were quite a lot.”

Comments like the above are just there for media bait, but the issue is, until Arsene does something about it, he’s always going to right. You can’t hide behind a stadium that was built ten years ago forever. It’s time to deliver. The reason he doesn’t deliver against Jose is because when it comes to playing great teams… we don’t have a game plan… and Jose does. He knows how we’ll play, and he sets up to nullify that style. Hopefully we’ve learned that. Hopefully there’s a surprise when it counts.

Hopefully it’s ‘Happy 1000th Arsene’…


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  1. gazzap

    Pretty scared about what Wenger is going to do against City now. The guy is clueless against top teams. He has never been good at managing a team missing it’s top players. Back in the day Campbell, Vieira, Pires and Henry could win games without any so called tactics from wenger. These days wenger sends them out just like first world war soldiers going over the top – to get slaughtered without a chance.
    His long term record against top 4 rivals is about as poor as it could be.
    Wenger out.

  2. Newco Arsenal PLC

    Sadly, Arsenal are being run by cowards with little or no football knowledge, which is why Wenger holds the club to ransom.
    Wenger is just as cowardly, which is why he buys nice ‘mummy-boy’ players like Theo Walcott over real footballers like Gareth Bale.
    A year ago this month Wenger was telling the media he was scared of Mourinho coming back to Chelsea because of his capabilities.
    If someone called you a ‘specialist in failure’, the next time you met that individual, you’d want to ram it back down their throat. But Wenger is so weak the only response he has is to passively accept Mourinho’s truth.
    How pathetic is that!

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    The 1000 game Reich is coming to an end. The media are questioning Wenger again like they did last year. If we get stuffed at home by city then I think the booing will be back. If we flunk the FA cup then I just cannot see how he will survive.

  4. andy1886

    Interesting analysis on Angry of Islington regards the success rate of Arsenal managers.


    In summary Arsene has won 10.4% of trophies available under his tenure, George Graham won 19.4% of available trophies during his.

    Arsene has won 0.4 trophies per year, Graham won 0.69 trophies per year.

    Guess we were spoiled under Graham, shame Wenger couldn’t match his success. Proof that GG > AW.

  5. Jeff

    Every season right about now we go through the same emotions as we drop out of competition after competition. All our hopes are now on the FA cup which after yesterday’s performance leaves one wondering whether we are fated to lose that too.

    Perhaps the reason for Wenger not signing the contract is that he’s beginning to doubt his own abilities. I began to doubt them at least five years ago and by all accounts a lot of people here had beaten me to it even at that stage.

    Like Muhammad Ali, who in the end took far more punches than he should have, Wenger is now going through the same process – i.e. refusing to let go and believing he can still do it when all the evidence and the portents demonstrate otherwise. I think that the natural absolute last gasp year for him to resign should have been 2009.

    If he signs another contract in 2014, he will continue to be battered and bruised for another 36 months. As for trophies, this is probably the best we can expect.


  6. Doublegooner

    3% 3% Ticket Increase
    3% WE SAY NO WAY
    3% Ticket Increase for failure
    Taking the Piss The Kroenke Way

  7. Doublegooner


    I posted here & on twitter a few weeks back that I reckon he’ll walk in May.

    I was there yesterday & the players body language was limp.

    Even 1t 4 & 5 nil Mourinho was on the touchline, sleeves rollup marshalling his players.

    Did we have a manager yesterday ?

    I DID NO SEE !

  8. James wood

    The baying mob.

    The Spanish would not stand Wenger in control of
    Either club.
    Financially very cute.
    Tactically inept.
    A man in a bubble who because of pride
    Does not know which way to go next.

  9. Northbanker

    he should resign today

    3 crushing defeats in one season, not forgetting the 8-2 previously, is not a coincidence.

    He simply has to go

  10. Jeff


    I certainly hope you’re right about him going in May. Some reports are saying he will sign, others are casting doubts. We don’t exactly know what is stopping Wenger from signing even before May and in my view it could be one of three things:

    1. The board want to take some of his powers away.
    2. Wenger himself has had enough.
    3. He’s waiting to see what he wins or doesn’t win before committing.

    I think the last one might be the likeliest. In any case, we have a chance that he may walk in May but Wenger suffers from an enormous problem with his ego and he will be tempted to carry on regardless which of course would spell disaster for the club and the fans.

    As for the body language yesterday, I’ve seen it all too frequently from Wenger and the players in the last few years but it hasn’t translated into the thing we all want (a change in management). Instead we just carry on as though nothing had happened and “focus” on the next match.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I have had time to reflect on yesterday’s performance in the cold light of dawn. The pattern of our defeats this season is much the same in almost all games that we have lost .

    1. We lose to teams which are better than us or
    2. Who play a ‘counter attack’ game with physically strong and quick players.
    3. We play most of these games with Arteta in holding midfield position and a
    lightweight midfield.
    4. In absence of Walcott our team lacks pace. The only fit player in squad with
    pace is Gnabry and Wenger does not play him.
    5. Giroud has become virtually anonymous in recent games. You have to ask
    whether his ‘family problems’ are impacting on his performance.
    6. If he does not score and in absence of Walcott, Ramsey and Ozil who will?

    The bottom line is that the team looks tired and threadbare and the lack of real quality in squad below our 1st X1 missing three key players is a major factor in the way our game has evolved since February.

    Irrespective of what I or others feel Wenger is unlikely to leave at end of season. What I do know is if he continues to be stubborn and close his eyes to the
    inadequacies of our current squad things will not improve.

    He needs to be ‘proactive and ruthless’ in transfer window starting now. The
    donkey work and decisions need to be made before end of season both with
    departures and arrivals.

    I am not going to list arrivals but I will list essential departures
    a] Fabianski [ will leave on bosman]
    b] Viviano [will leave at end of loan]
    c] Sagna [will leave unless Wenger increases offer. His versatility should
    influence decision and potential cost of new full back]
    d] Jenkinson [ currently not good enough to replace Sagna]
    e] Arteta [ has declined and could realise a small transfer fee]
    f] Podolski [a luxury we cannot afford. Should take money and run]
    g]Bendtner[ will leave on Bosman]
    h]Giroud [should be offloaded unless playing as squad player]
    i]Diaby [ too injury prone and therefore should be released]
    j]Coquelin [sell not good enough]
    k]Djourou [sell not good enough]
    l] Park [sell or release not good enough]
    m]Miyaichi [sell or loan not good enough]

  12. Radio Raheem

    Szczesny should have done better with at least 3 or 4 of the goals conceded.

    1. No way should he be beaten by that shot from Schurlle. The shot wasn’t that hard neither was it close enough.

    2. He should have saved Eto’o’s goal. How many times do we see goalies tip that away to the corner? I mean it was at a good height for a goal i.e. not top corner, and after Chamberlain slipped he could clearly see it coming. I expected better from him.

    3. He could’ve done better with Torres’ pass for Oscar’s goal. The ball came into the 6-yard area where he should dominate. I mean everyone watching that move knew exactly what was going to happen. He should have got that one.

    4. Then there was the weak shot by Oscar from a 100 yards out that trickled under him. That was just embarrassing.

    I know he is young and we need to be patient but this has to be the last season we have to be. I have said before that Fabianski might be more callow in mentality but is without a doubt a better shot stopper capable of more extraordinary saves.

    OK you can all go back to calling Wenger a cunt

  13. AC Gooner

    I wonder if there will be a post today. Maybe after yesterday, Pedro will give up.

    I wouldnt blame him. These huge losses kill something in me and probably alot of Gooners around the world.

    Who wants to watch that? That was so poor, it was almost scripted.

    The football gods got involved yesterday – exactly on Wengers platinum titanium jubilee. And on your 1,000th match I shall smite thee for thinking you’re so fucking smart.