Arsene: The first football hipster | My all star Arsene 11

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The first football hipster

The first football hipster

I had the pleasure of meeting David Hillier last night… a man who was part of the first Arsenal team I can really remember following… and what a top bloke. He was from an era where a player would take £800 a week as a good salary. Crazy to think how the money has exploded since. I’ll leave the link at the end of the post, needless to say it’s an interesting listen to get his take on the current situation and his frank assessment of some of the playing staff.

The segue into today’s main story comes as David Hillier left, Arsene made his way into the lime light. He enforced strict diet, a new brand of stylish football and he added flair to a set up well drilled in discipline.

1000 league games on and he’s still here… an incredible achievement in any line of work, let alone one of the harshest, most ruthless industries on this planet.

I have my differences with the manager, but deep down, nothing but respect for his bloody minded visions that’s delivered himself iconic status amongst the Arsenal faithful.

Arsene was the first English football hipster. He was about beautiful football and going well and truly against the grain. Buy low, sell high. Develop unknowns and turn them into superstars. ‘Arsene Knows’… imagine a group of grown ups being so in awe they don’t even question he’s peculiar signings that always looked awful for the first 4 months. Quite unbelievable to go from total unknown to demigod in under 2 years.

My dad used to tell me I was spoilt when I was watching Arsenal rack up trophies under George Graham. Little did I know what Arsene Wenger was about to do to the club. His fluent football combined with his ownership of the French market led to a spectacular influx of talent as well as genuine assaults on the league. 1998 was incredibly special watching us take the league at home to Everton, followed by the sight of Nik Anelka landing the FA Cup final against the Geordies.

Winning the league at Old Trafford was probably my favourite Arsene moment. I took the call for the ticket from my cousins the night before as I was unpacking shoes in First Sport. The next day I bailed on college and went on my first away day outside a Cup Final (unescorted). I drank, like, maybe 2 beers… total powerhouse. Arrived at the ground and United turned the music up so loud it made you feel sick. The game was eventually sealed with a Sylvain Wiltord bundled goal. An amazing feeling. I remember being told on the walk  back to the car…

‘Don’t smile, unless you want your head caved in by United fans’

Wise words.

Anyway, point is, I have Arsene to thank for so many incredible memories growing up. All my key moments with my family have been geared around Arsenal with my dad and my extended family. Funerals, weddings and birthdays are merely stealthy cover ups for deep conversations about the club. The manager has had a massive part to play in that. Jeez, the manager defined this blog as well, helped us build an amazing community and gave an excuse to write a thousand words of nonsense everyday for nearly 7 years.

His thousandth game should be celebrated, hopefully with a win.

Nice one Arsene, thanks for all the amazing memories. Hopefully, you can add some this season and nail is a trophy!

Right, I’ll end on a high today! Have a great day and remember to share your favourite Arsene memory, and obviously your all time Arsene 11.


Sagna Adams Sol Cole

Petit Paddy Cesc

Overmars Thierry Pires

Jeez, that line up has me in a right mess… imagine.

See you in the comments!

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  1. reggie 57

    Just need to keep our shape and discipline and not make any rash tackles especially against one of mourihnos teams.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    We haven’t been playing well as a team away from home recently, so unless something changes we’re going to struggle today. Defensively we’ve been excellent, but I don’t think that’ll be enough against Chelsea.

    Still, lets hope the players are boosted by the 1000 games hype and it makes a difference.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    In other news it’s interesting (well, slightly) that Vermaelen has come out and said he wants Wenger to stay.

    Depends whether he’s just been told to trot out that statement as part of his captains duties, or whether he actually thinks it.

    If it’s the latter, why would he care if he’s leaving

  4. Guns of brixton

    Difficult game today, i hope its a clear win if we do win. . . i dnt want a 1-0 lead at 80 mins and were ‘parking the bus’ my nerves will be shot to shit if that happens.

  5. Rhys Jaggar

    I’d take the defence from White Hart Lane last week and an attack to the same standard.

    It’s not a no-lose situation today, as a collapse in the next 4 matches could see Everton catch us up.

    But it’s definitely a day to say ‘don’t lose but go for the win from minute 1’.

    We know the side has defensive heroes.

    Time for some attacking heroes too. Time to step up to the plate, show the fans, show the Chelsea fans, show the EPL that Arsenal can win the League.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    I hope your right mate I really do. But so far this season we had chances to widen the gap at the top against United and Everton and we failed miserably.

  7. Brennyken

    What worries me is that we are lacking in pace. Pointless playing the Ox in the middle. Gnabry is a fearless kid who could exploit the tired Applicationuetta. Flamini starting is a must but I bet he won’t.

  8. master pires

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Dennis! Here’s my team.
    Sagna Campbell Adams Cole
    Vierra Cesc
    Pires Bergkamp ljungberg


  9. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be honest Arsenal are well short of the other 3 teams . To concede 5 and 6 goals in all three away games says it all.

    My real concern is Arteta. He lacks the physicality and pace to cope with these teams and at least 3 of the goals were down to him today. It would have made better sense playing Flamini alongside Ox.

    What also concerns me is the lack of midfield players who are able to close down and tackle. Players like Walcott,Podolski, Cazorla and Ozil are never going to work their socks off in this department.

    I would recommend that Wenger should now play Gnabry against Swansea. Bluntly we have nothing to lose and he will at least add some pace.