Diaby going all out for… THE WORLD CUP?!

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Oh I see… the whole God thing is, you know, like a club? You can’t just ask for things and expect miracles to happen. Well, that’s annoying…

Or is it?

Did I in fact double bluff the good Lord?

I did.

I didn’t care too much for Chelsea either way last might. Simple fact here is that they played a game and have less rest than us. All the big shots were out and they had a reasonable game against a club you have to suspect will be at the centre of a massive wages black hole in a couple of years.

Chelsea won with consummate ease, which gives them more games to consider. Hooray! Hopefully United win this evening as well. I want more games for them. More joy for me when they get tanked in the next round to someone major.

So all in all, a good night for us.

Also,anyone who says God isn’t great doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He didn’t grant me my miracle, but he did return my wallet. What a guy.

In other news, Abou Diaby, that player who last played for us when SEGA was a sponsor, has dropped a little pearler… he wants to play in the World Cup! He’s up a damn mountain trying to get fit for it. Incredible stuff. He’s not training with Arsenal, busting a gut to get fit for us… instead, he’s focusing on the World Cup.

Obviously at our expense.

Now, I know some people think this is sweet. Well, I don’t. Here’s why.

1. He’s barely played 10 games for his pay master over 2 years at a cost of £7m.
2. Brazil is going to be an enormous strain on a body not conditioned to play there after a huge amount of time.
3. How can he possibly deserve a call up into the France squad? He’ll have played zero games for 2 years!
4. Why is his focus not on having a whole summer up a mountain so he’s not a creaking mess by the time preseason rolls around?

It’s unbelievable chat if you ask me. No focus on where the bread is buttered which is a joke if you ask me. But, that’s Abou. Get injured. Do one for 6 months, saunter back into the fold if you fancy it. I find it very coincidental that recovery ties up perfectly with a World Cup finals.

Right, that’s me done for the day. See you tomorrow.

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  1. WengerEagle

    ‘anyhow, ‘Brazilian’ Ronaldo is the greatest striker i’ve seen my entire life. Probably best striker of our time IMO.’

    I second that. At Barcelona at the age of 20 he scored 47 goals in 49 apps. He could have produced Messi/CR7 like statistics trhroughout his career if it weren’t for his horrible knee injuries IMO, yet he still managed to be top scorer and win Brazil a WC as soon as he regained fitness.

    I have never seen a striker bully and single-handedly bulldozer through whole defences like Ronaldo of the late 90’s did. He was a one man wrecking ball

  2. MarbleHall

    Ronaldo was one of the most overrated strikers i know.
    You could tell by watching him that he worked hard on his game in training to improve his technique.

  3. MarbleHall

    The record is supposed to be 15 World Cup goals but it should 14 goals as one of the goals was quite rightly given at the time as an own goal but later awarded to Ronaldo after he had a hissy fit.
    Gerd Muller in my eyes shares the record with Ronaldo and he did it in only two World Cups

  4. GoonPharm

    Ronaldo played for all the great teams. Won the WC and numerous accolades. But best striker ever? Nope. That was Gabby Batistuta. His goal stats for an average Fiorentina were absurd.

    Put him in a team that his talent deserves and we would talking about him as the all time hitman.

    Also freekick specialists dont come anymore special than Pirlo in the present. Past masters? Cant see past Sinsija Mihilovic and Juniniho.

    Mihilovic still has it. He offered Pirlo a wager on whos the best. Read a stat when he was Lazio that in a season (not sure exact year) 75% of their goals were either goals or assists from his freekicks.


  5. Ed

    He might never get a chance to play in a world cup. That’s a dream for any player. I see no reason why you find this strange plus playing for your national team should always be a priority

  6. salman

    Whoa totally forgot that we had somebody named Diaby in our squad. Anyway, he can aim for whatever competition he wants to play in, he is a burden on our wage bill and should have been sold a long time ago.

  7. Bergkamplegend

    Amazing how the press talk about yoonited’s performance last night, like it was the game of the decade lol

    Wake the fuck up, it was OLYMPIAKOS!! lol

  8. Rocky Pires

    I think this season reminds me of 97-98 . We go into the Devils den that is Stamford Bridge this weekend . A place of Aura, unbeaten in years under Jose, they have all the old reliables Cech,Ivanovic,Terry,Lampard etc .

    And much like Old Trafford in 97-98 we have young aspiring players like the Ox and Schzney mixed with seasoned professionals like Mert and Rosa,Santi.
    This is the day these boys need to stand up as did Petit and Adams, with the dazzling display of Overmars.

    Should we beat Cheslki at the Fridge on Wenger s 1000 match it will open up the league just like in 97-98 and we are becoming quiet fond of a 1-0 just like in 97-98.

  9. Bergkamplegend

    Rocky : of course they will remain “unbeaten under the special cunt”.
    The best we can hope for is a draw.