Diaby going all out for… THE WORLD CUP?!

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Oh I see… the whole God thing is, you know, like a club? You can’t just ask for things and expect miracles to happen. Well, that’s annoying…

Or is it?

Did I in fact double bluff the good Lord?

I did.

I didn’t care too much for Chelsea either way last might. Simple fact here is that they played a game and have less rest than us. All the big shots were out and they had a reasonable game against a club you have to suspect will be at the centre of a massive wages black hole in a couple of years.

Chelsea won with consummate ease, which gives them more games to consider. Hooray! Hopefully United win this evening as well. I want more games for them. More joy for me when they get tanked in the next round to someone major.

So all in all, a good night for us.

Also,anyone who says God isn’t great doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He didn’t grant me my miracle, but he did return my wallet. What a guy.

In other news, Abou Diaby, that player who last played for us when SEGA was a sponsor, has dropped a little pearler… he wants to play in the World Cup! He’s up a damn mountain trying to get fit for it. Incredible stuff. He’s not training with Arsenal, busting a gut to get fit for us… instead, he’s focusing on the World Cup.

Obviously at our expense.

Now, I know some people think this is sweet. Well, I don’t. Here’s why.

1. He’s barely played 10 games for his pay master over 2 years at a cost of £7m.
2. Brazil is going to be an enormous strain on a body not conditioned to play there after a huge amount of time.
3. How can he possibly deserve a call up into the France squad? He’ll have played zero games for 2 years!
4. Why is his focus not on having a whole summer up a mountain so he’s not a creaking mess by the time preseason rolls around?

It’s unbelievable chat if you ask me. No focus on where the bread is buttered which is a joke if you ask me. But, that’s Abou. Get injured. Do one for 6 months, saunter back into the fold if you fancy it. I find it very coincidental that recovery ties up perfectly with a World Cup finals.

Right, that’s me done for the day. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Al

    nah i will take a last minute goal today to knock them out.

    whats more embarrassing getting knocked out by Real or Olympiakos

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Al March 19, 2014 20:45:31

    nah i will take a last minute goal today to knock them out.
    I was thinking that. United to get another one to make it 3-0 then Olympiakos to get a goal in the 90th minute and put them out. Just to see the look on the fans’ faces, Rooney’s fizzog and Moyes’s mug! Cruel, but oh so warranted. 😉

  3. WengerEagle

    Jaysus, first free kick goal by Voldemort in years to complete his hat rick.

    Oh well, at least they’ll be embarrassed by whoever they meet in the quarter finals

  4. Jake

    Why are the commenators and pundits making out that this is some big victory for United? Sure, they’re through to the next round but they’re up against the 16th best team team in the last 16 and they’ll go out in the next round anyway.

  5. Paulinho

    Robin “set piece” Van Persie.

    Still been shite in general play, with Rooney, Welbeck providing the intensity and energy.

  6. WengerEagle

    That’s Van Persie’s 17th goal of the season in only his 21st appearance.

    Say what you want about the man but fuck me, we’d be coasting at the top if we had him instead of Giroud.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Robin “set piece” Van Persie’

    Penalties yes, but it is a myth that RVP is a free-kick specialist. Besides tonight and that flukey deflected free kick goal against City a couple of years ago, when was the last time he scored a free?

  8. Jeff

    Olympiacos only need a single away goal and ManU have to score two. It’s not over yet but the odds of Olympiacos qualifying went down significantly when the third goal went in.

  9. Paulinho

    WengerEagle – When I say set-piece I mean everything he well does has a set-piece quality to it. The penalty, the second goal (first touch finish), the free kick. He never dribbles, never does anything to get you off your feet. Just deadly dull, and deadly efficient.

  10. WengerEagle


    I know and he scored a great free for us in the 2005/06 season v Wigan but you’re kinda proving my point. The last one you can remember is from 2007 which is 7 years ago.

    Hardly a specialist.

  11. Jeff

    I am in agreement with the idea that Van Persie is not known for his free kicks. He would perhaps put in one every 20. He missed loads and loads for us.

  12. AbdulDT

    Van Persie hat-trick is nothing special really.. The penalty, freekick which I don’t know what the keeper was doing and a tap in (giroud’s specialty).

  13. Zoran

    Say what you want about the man but fuck me, we’d be coasting at the top if we had him instead of Giroud.

    This is exactly what I mean, mate.

  14. AbdulDT


    Ronaldo is not that good at freekicks, you wouldn’t hold your breath like say if pirlo was lining up one

  15. WengerEagle


    Exactly mate, he scored a few early in his career and developed a reputation as a free-kick specialist when in reality his frees in the last few years have generally been appalling. He even has the cheek to share free-kicks with Sneijder for the Dutch National Team.

    Besides his free for Holland v Ivory Coast in the 2006 WC, his free for us v Sunderland when Roy Keane was still their manager, his free v Wigan in 2005/06, his free v Everton in 2007 and his free tonight I can’t even remember a Van Persie free-kick goal.

    5 in a whole career by the age of 30. Not a specialist by any stretch of the imagination, I’m pretty sure even Rooney has scored double that in his career

  16. Jake


    His conversion record is very, very poor for a so called expert at free kicks. He’ll hit 100 over or wide but the one that goes in will look amazing. Scorer of great free kicks, not a great free kick taker.

  17. Al


    March 19, 2014 21:14:08
    AbdulDTMarch 19, 2014 21:11:38
    “Ronaldo is not that good at free kicks”OKhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJCp-LJ0FLQ
    wtf is wrong with you. why would you post that?

  18. WengerEagle

    A free-kick specialist is a player who scores a couple of frees a season at least IMO.

    Messi, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Rooney, Kolorov, Bale, Yaya Toure, Cabaye, Lodi, Grenier are some of the players around atm that I would consider free specialists.

  19. AbdulDT

    He has scores some, I remember the one in that clip but with the amount of freekicks he takes he should score more, hence my comment. I think Bale is deadlier than him but he makes sure he takes almost all freekicks at madrid

  20. Jeff


    I’ve had a quick search to see if there is such a thing as free kick goals statistics but can’t find any. Van Persie is certainly not in the top 10 or the top 20. Couldn’t find anything for top 50. But yes, the general idea is that he doesn’t score too many from free kicks.

  21. jwl

    I would love to see Olympiakos score last minute goal, draw on the weekend and then be mullered by ManCity next tuesday. More traumatic losses, more players want out, which means ManU can’t replace everyone and they fucked for a decade.

    Or so I like to dream.

  22. Jeff


    I think we have to give Moyes enough rope to carry on. If they go out to Olympiacos it’s going to be another nail in the coffin and unlike our manager who seems to need an infinite number of nails, Man U I am sure aren’t going play silly buggers for 9 years before they decide enough is enough.

  23. Jeff

    Forgot to say, enough rope to carry on for a few more years at least just like supporters of other clubs hope Wenger goes on forever.

  24. london gunner


    They look beautiful but their not consistent

    On another note Bale statistically has the best long shot in the world.

    Best Free kick taker statistically is Juan Arango of Bayern mochengladbach

    other notables

    pirlo 3rd

    drogba 4th

    Ronaldinho 6th

    Larsson 10th

    van der vaart 11

    Honda 13

    di natle 15

    xavi 16

  25. london gunner

    From the period 2002-2012

    Thierry Henry was the the 2nd or 3rd best freekick takers in the premier league.

    On that list was the top 50 including rooney van persie drogba arteta tevez lampard gerrard ect ect

    Now in the past everyone went on about Gerrard/lampard and ect freekicks Thierry Henry was better than all of them apart from Larsson.

  26. Jeff


    Remember how Wenger and the boys were running around on the pitch having an orgasm for coming fourth last season; that’s where Man U are now. Ordinarily, they would have dispensed with Olympiacos and the return leg would be a mere formality. Those days are gone.

    What I can never fathom is this. If a change in manager (as in Moyes for Ferguson) can make such a difference in a downward direction, how is it that the Wenger faction refuses to even entertain the possibility that it can also go the other way. The reply to a suggestion of change in management is always another question in the shape of – who would you have instead – implying no other man can ever be the Arsenal manager.

  27. london gunner

    Jeff the only manager I want is Diego.

    He does anything he can do to win, his dirty like Mourinho but if he was ours we would love him for it.

    His also a counter attacking manager that plays aggressive football with arock solid defence.

    Its certainly not possession based football so with him in charge I can see a few players being moved on.

    But OX WALCOTT OZIL GNARBY RAMSEY Our whole back 5 would be safe.

  28. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    TH14 was indeed a brilliant free kick taker.

    Best free kick takers of all time people?

    Juninho, Mihajlovic, Koeman, Baggio, Hagi,Platini, Zico, Recoba, Rivaldo, Riquelme, Nakamura, Ceni, Ronaldinho, Henry, Del Piero all up there.

    Juninho gets my vote.

  29. Jeff

    London Gunner,

    He certainly fire in his belly. For example, if we lose an important match because we just couldn’t be asked (happens often), Diego would rip them a new one. Wenger would probably go into the dressing room at half time, stare into space in total silence and try to pass on his message telepathically. 🙂

  30. MarbleHall

    Man Utd may have fallen but they’ve gone deeper in the tournament than Arsenal.
    i’m still reeling from last weeks feeble surrender to Bayern.
    The team seemed more intent in giving a good account of themselves rather than going all out to win the tie.

  31. WengerEagle

    Fernado Torres is 30 tomorrow!

    Time really does fly, still remember him in his Atletico days when he was just a kid.

    Sad really, was a phenomenal striker until around 2010.

  32. london gunner

    ” his curling strikes into the far corner of the net became his trademark. So much so that they name an area of the pitch after him, the danger zone from where he used to shoot from – the ‘Del Piero zone’. “

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Bale and Ronaldo vs Evra and Rafael…ouch

    Robben and Ribery vs Evra and Rafel…ouch

    Hopefully they don’t avoid one of the real big boys. I’d be interested to see just how badly messed up they could get.

    Bale and Ronaldo on form, the score really could be anything.

  34. Jeff

    If I was a betting man, I’d put money on Real Madrid to win the CL this season. I think they have what it takes to beat both Bayern and Barcelona.

  35. MarbleHall

    Beckam’s freekicks were rubbish they were like in swinging corners and always aimed towards the keepers right.

    The modern day football moves in the air like a garage ball thus making it easier for a footballer to appear to be a specialist freekick taker.

  36. london gunner

    Torres was the best striker in the world for a little bit.

    His career peaked to early.

    Though I still think he could of been an elite striker if he had left Chelsea when he realised it wasn’t going to work, he probably would never of been top 5 at that point because of injuries but I think he could of been in the top 10.

    I know he was super fast and he lost pace but his still fairly quick today.

    What really has changed is his finishing he used to score belters from distance, one touch quick reaction shots in the box, finesse shots, headers and plenty of volleys.

    His touch and movement also went down the shitter.

    I never actually liked watching him play for me he was deadly lethal efficient robotic somewhat crude though. He wasn’t clumsy but he wasn’t graceful/silky more efficient than anything else.

  37. WengerEagle


    Agree he wasn’t as easy on the eye as Henry for example but he was as complete a striker as they come. Fast, strong, powerful in the air, decent dribbler and distance shooter and a world class finisher in his Liverpool days

  38. london gunner

    Bale is an absolute phenomenal player yes he will never be Ronaldo but he will be a great player in his own right for them.

    Watching him against Schalke he really has blossomed in La Liga.

    His passing game was never the best but now it doesn’t look amiss in a Real Madrid side paced with technical talent.

    His pace is blistering but his pace with the ball at his feet is actually what is far more impressive.

    His been lethal for Real Madrid I can honestly see him being on par with Ribbery. That may sound an exaggeration but his gone from lowly Spurs to one of the best teams in the world rammed with WC players in his first season without a preseason and his their second best player behind the best player in the world right now. That is impressive!

  39. Bamford13

    Madrid – Chelsea
    PSG – Man U
    Barca – Dortmund
    Bayern – Atletico

    Better draw, I think. We’ve seen plenty of Atletico vs. Madrid, but we haven’t seen Mourinho vs. Madrid.

    The others are the most interesting match-ups, I think, while at the same time maximize the likelihood that the best four (on the left) advance.

  40. WengerEagle

    Best strikers of the last decade (2000-2010) for me in no particular order:

    Thierry Henry
    Andriy Shevchenko
    Fernando Torres
    David Villa
    Samuel Eto’o
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy
    Didier Drogba

  41. WengerEagle

    ‘For the variety in his free kicks though, Juninho was the best. Lyon were such a beast side at the turn of the millennium’

    Agree, miss that team. They had some phenomenal talent in Ronaldinho, Juninho, Benzema, Pjanic, Lisandro Lopez, Michel Bastos, Michael Essien, Malouda, Lloris, etc.

  42. WengerEagle

    ‘Ah man, Recoba was the shit!’

    If he had the heart of Aaron Ramsey he would have been a Ballon Do’r winner.

    Literally the definition of wasted talent, phenomenal on his day.

  43. Thomas

    azed March 19, 2014 21:38:45

    United celebrating a win over Olympiakos… How the mighty hand fallen


    I think they celebrated that they got to the quarterfinals but I might be wrong.

    Footballing reaons with a hattrick. Wanker knows…

  44. Thank you and goodnight

    I’d like to see Mourinho try and poke Diego simeone in the eye. After rolling around on the floor like he’s been shot, Diego would pick himself up and pummel the shit out of Maureen.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s actually quite shocking what happened to torres, in fact I don’t think I can think of another WC player who deteriorated and went downhill as fast as torres. I mean I know once a player reaches a certain age you start to see a decline, but he went just like that, plus he was at the age players are supposed to be in their prime. Strange.

  46. london gunner

    Lol I remember the amount of shit about Robben being Surplus to requirements and that Pep was going to sell him off… his just signed an extension.

    The guy is a top cunt don’t like him but he simply is one of the best footballers in the world and unlike Suarez he uses his cuntish dirty behaviour to great effect rather than to a hindrance to his and his teams results.

    I understand everyone loving Hazard but Robben was just as good at 23 as Hazard is at 23.

  47. london gunner

    thank you goodnight

    I heard there are a few theories that the injuries he suffered were more serious then Chelsea let on, that they rushed through the medical because Abramo wanted him at all costs.

    Guy is constantly injury prone, he just stops in the middle of games sometimes and comes of with an injury despite no contact or hard challenges from other players.

    Most of his injuries seem to happen in training as well which is always sign of a serious crock.

    I think he was the stud who got lame realised he wasn’t the same player anymore, less pace and (less strength because he wasn’t as willing to put his body on the line) this had an obvious effect on his mentality and self belief which really killed it off.

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    @ London gunner
    So far tonight I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said. But in regards to robben, don’t care how good he is, he is the biggest cheating cunt I have ever seen in world football. The cunt makes Drogba and Ashley young look honest. Would gladly use his face as a trampoline.

  49. WengerEagle

    ‘in fact I don’t think I can think of another WC player who deteriorated and went downhill as fast as torres.’

    Adriano, Kaka and Robinho are all honourable mentions but I agree, Torres’ was the most rapid decline.

    Kaka was sensational in 2007 though, the best player in world football by a mile.

  50. WengerEagle

    Brazilians have a bad habit of peaking early in their careers, Adriano, Robinho, Kaka, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo all being prime examples although you could put Ronaldo’s and Kaka’s decline down to injuries.

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    Sorry to correct you but you forgot Santos in the list of Brazilian peaking early:)

  52. WengerEagle


    Loool how could I forget that left-pegged wizard.

    If it wasn’t for the free buffets, Santos could have gone on to be one of the world’s finest 😀

  53. london gunner

    How does Zidane compare to Messi and Ronaldo? Its easy to say Messi and Ronaldo because naturally we pick the most attacking players the goal scorers!

    But Zidane has to be the best playmaker

  54. Guns of brixton

    ‘Fat’ Ronaldo, wasnt that due a condition his suffering from?

    anyhow, ‘Brazilian’ Ronaldo is the greatest striker i’ve seen my entire life. Probably best striker of our time IMO.

  55. london gunner


    I agree easily he was a genius. He played impossible football.

    If he had never picked up the horrible injury I think he would of replaced Pele and Maradona at the top.

  56. WengerEagle

    ‘But Zidane has to be the best playmaker’

    I loved Zidane as a player but the all-time best no.10? Not sure about that.

    He’s up there anyway:

    Rui Costa

  57. lordsnotty

    Did someone mention Diaby may be offered a new contract! Is this a joke? If not I suggest it should be for a desk job, or possibly a catering contract. Maybe he can supply better refreshments than the overpriced rubbish we are currently offered.