Diaby going all out for… THE WORLD CUP?!

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Oh I see… the whole God thing is, you know, like a club? You can’t just ask for things and expect miracles to happen. Well, that’s annoying…

Or is it?

Did I in fact double bluff the good Lord?

I did.

I didn’t care too much for Chelsea either way last might. Simple fact here is that they played a game and have less rest than us. All the big shots were out and they had a reasonable game against a club you have to suspect will be at the centre of a massive wages black hole in a couple of years.

Chelsea won with consummate ease, which gives them more games to consider. Hooray! Hopefully United win this evening as well. I want more games for them. More joy for me when they get tanked in the next round to someone major.

So all in all, a good night for us.

Also,anyone who says God isn’t great doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He didn’t grant me my miracle, but he did return my wallet. What a guy.

In other news, Abou Diaby, that player who last played for us when SEGA was a sponsor, has dropped a little pearler… he wants to play in the World Cup! He’s up a damn mountain trying to get fit for it. Incredible stuff. He’s not training with Arsenal, busting a gut to get fit for us… instead, he’s focusing on the World Cup.

Obviously at our expense.

Now, I know some people think this is sweet. Well, I don’t. Here’s why.

1. He’s barely played 10 games for his pay master over 2 years at a cost of £7m.
2. Brazil is going to be an enormous strain on a body not conditioned to play there after a huge amount of time.
3. How can he possibly deserve a call up into the France squad? He’ll have played zero games for 2 years!
4. Why is his focus not on having a whole summer up a mountain so he’s not a creaking mess by the time preseason rolls around?

It’s unbelievable chat if you ask me. No focus on where the bread is buttered which is a joke if you ask me. But, that’s Abou. Get injured. Do one for 6 months, saunter back into the fold if you fancy it. I find it very coincidental that recovery ties up perfectly with a World Cup finals.

Right, that’s me done for the day. See you tomorrow.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Sal. –

    Haha no im from up North but live in and visit the south. So think Minny sotan crossed with Shee caw goo, mixed with surfer dude, mixed with redneck. Thats pretty much my accent! Lol

  2. Romford Pele

    I love when the Italians bellow out their national anthem – you can see the passion in all its glory. They’re a very emotional bunch though.

  3. Mark

    I wouldn’t mind Podolski moving on in the summer. I know some see him as an icon but he’s not a great striker or at coming in off the left. He gets the odd spectacular goal but dat don’t win nuthin’ on it’s own.

  4. jani

    To each their own I guess, but to me this elevation of Diaby in his absence is quite mythical (as said by RP).

    First off, no-doubt Diaby was impacted by the Dan Smith tackle. However, a little bit of inconvenient truth, is that Diaby was quite injury prone before that moment. He has ALWAYS struggled with injury.

    Now to Diaby the player, somehow it’s crept into the revisionist thinking of the masses that Diaby was some kind of super talent/player. How short are memories around here? Even when he was fit for a decent amount of time, Diaby was never a great player. He was as maligned from the stands with recurring groans when he played as much as Denilson was (who was actually a far more effective/reliable player).

    Sure on his day (extremely few and extremely far between) Diaby looked special, but regardless of fitness, his play was far more characterized by: sloppy passing, dwelling on the ball and being disposed, practically always making the wrong decision with the final ball, no end product, and little defensive presence (despite his size and physique) etc.

    Yes he looked great on the few occasions when he effortlessly glided past 5 and 6 players, but a couple things on that: after gliding past several markers he almost always made the wrong decisions, made a sloppy pass, shanked a shot into the corner flag or row z, or just slowed down around the box not seeming to know what to do next; Secondly, you know who else was great at effortlessly gliding past several markers?……Eboue (and also Gervinho) so the one, solitary, thing Diaby was actually occasionally good at, does not a good player make..

    Lastly, fitness or not, Diaby was just not a responsible/dependable player. Rather he was prone to some daft gaffes, own goals and red cards.

    This isn’t hate, this is just an honest assessment of a very average player, who is injury prone, and never did anything barring one or two nice runs, and the very very very occasional good game (even when fit).

    I’m really bewildered how people don’t seem to remember how Diaby’s play was regularly complained about even when he was decently fit for a stretch.

    And further to that point, Diaby played 38 and 36 games (with the vast majority being starts) in 09/10 and 08/09 respectively, i.e. a good chunk of two consecutive seasons, yet he was largely poor and frustrating in his play, and that there is no-one here in this entire thread pointing to any stretch of good form over that two season period, is very telling.

    So it’s a myth that Diaby’s only issue was fitness. Would he be better with more consistent play time and less injury? Sure, anyone would, but to what degree or ceiling is a whole different question. There has never been anything about Diaby’s play to suggest that, even when fit, he would be anything more than a bigger, less-skilled version of Eboue.

    And before the accusations of “hate”. I don’t know Diaby as a person, I’d bet he is a wonderful guy and does a lot for him family and community, charity and all that, I’m sure it pains him to not play football, I know it’s “not his fault” he is always injured…but this is cut throat professional football not a charity. He’s been given more than enough time and chance, how long should we prioritize feeling sorry for one player over what is better for the club collectively?

    And ESPECIALLY since over the exact period Diaby’s been with us we have been led to believe resources were somewhat skint, the millions upon millions that Diaby has cost us and continues to, with nothing to show for it, is a waste.

    Assuming he has been smart with his money, he should be set for life. I wish him all the best in the future. Time for him to be moved on now.

  5. MidwestGun

    If the US, win the World Cup, I would cry like a baby during the national anthem. I would be seriously rich (check the odds) . I would also be living in an alternate reality.
    We got no shot in hell!, bless Jurgen Klinsmann’s heart.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    And that was lovely to see, that was a great year for patriotism and hopefully is brought back in from the cold.

    But I do still feel there are a lot of people who used patriotic and then is the same breath, racist.

    It was either Smith or Harman when someone asked ‘are you not worried about the out of control level of immigration’ when labour was in power she replied, ‘you’re just a little Englander.’ That’s what I meant about it being demonised.

    If it were up to me I’d British the shit out of everything.

  7. jwl


    I am 41 and am in same situation as you, I am ignorant about social media and feel like an old man when my niece and nephew laugh at me when I mutter about the internet and it’s goings on. I remember a time before the internet, when there were only one or two odd people in my life, now it feels like I am being trolled by the universe when I am online.

    I work from home for an American firm who don’t care what I do as long as I get my work done by deadlines, it is extremely serene work day for me. Social media leaves me baffled, why would I want to be abused everyday by people I don’t know or care about.

    I asked my girlfriend, who really enjoys facebook and twitter, if there is a filter for the fuckwits out there but she says there isn’t so I don’t know.

  8. jwl

    I am Canadian, but three of my four grandparents were born in Eng and Scot and I really enjoy using UK slang and swear words here because no one knows what I am talking about. You can use the worst UK swear words and people don’t really know what you are saying about them. I get to let out my frustration with people without starting fights, win-win.

  9. N5

    jwl, great comment and is exactly the reason for me too as to why I don’t join them. Le Grove is the only online place that I don’t mind the abuse, but only because the 3 or 4 that do it are like care in the community, so it feels like a charity work for me.

    I’m looking at you Thomas, Johnty and Marble

  10. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    That explains what you called me the other day. Lol. ……. just kidding.
    In a former job I worked as a warehouse manager., Hang around truckers for a few years and it will seriously increase your swear word vocabulary.

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Some people are sad fuckers though they really are. My sister in law reckons she has 400 friends on Facebook, so I asked her if she knew them all or met them all and she was like, no.
    I had to go on Facebook to comment on Arseblog, but soon came off it. I had people asking if they could be my friends, people who were in same year at school as me…..I was like, fuck off I’ve spent 20 years trying to get away from you mugs why the hell would I want to get back in contact with you.
    Like those poor saps who have cornflakes for breakfast and think that everyone wants to know that….get a life.

  12. DUIFG

    Imagine what life would be like if we had snapped up draxler in Jan. conteders thats where. bottling big signings again, content with a 3rd place finish.

    We will look back at this year as the missed opportuinity.

  13. N5

    Lol Midwest, you’re not wrong, but I’ve got to confess, I don’t really understand how it applies to me. I’m a great actor.

  14. DUIFG

    “We will look back at this year as the missed opportunity.”
    Only THIS year ??? lol

    ha you could argue that, united wil never be this bad again, mour had a squad he didnt fiully like. City new manager.

    We dithered again, missed out/gave up on strikers and its killed us.

  15. Romford Pele

    “Imagine what life would be like if we had snapped up draxler in Jan.”

    While I would’ve obviously jizzed my pants had this happened; there’s no guarantee that we’d be better off than we are now. I guess what it would’ve been is a body, a very good one at that, and it’d especially welcome considering our squad is decimated right now. That said, who’s to say he’d have hit the ground running? He only just came back from a major injury a month ago. When you factor that in with adapting to a new country, lifestyle etc as Henry alludes to (http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2014/03/19/4695128/-?), there’s no guarantee it would’ve been plain sailing. Remember we have psycho fans who are jumping on Ozil after six months, would’ve been even worse for Draxler had he not hit the ground running.

  16. MidwestGun

    Hmmm Draxler would have given us more depth for sure. And I wanted him here, but its pretty speculative to say he would have made a difference this year.
    I agree with your point we did virtually nothing in Jan., pathetic at best. But to say Draxler makes us contenders? Not exactly true.

  17. DUIFG

    Its not his individual performance per se that would have made the differance , (although from what i am seeing in Germany he is on a mission to rip- it up pre WC) the lift it would have given the place as a whole that we were genuinley going for the title. the lift to the players.

    For once we would consolidate our position not just do enough to stay with the pack. Can’t see how a talenmt like that would not have been crucial in the closing stages. We are so short we are playing TR7 wide, his drax flexibility to play a coupl eof positions could have been priceless.

  18. DUIFG

    Did anyone see the link up play between Oscar and Hazard yesterday?

    Hazard could step up into the CR7 Messi bracket the way he is going, lot of money at the time but its looking a class bu now, Draxler has similar hallmarks….

  19. salparadisenyc

    Were so bereft of firepower and pace I think Draxler would of had a heyday hooking up with Ozil et al. Whose to say how far that takes us not to mention the lift as Duifg said. Sadly well never know!

  20. Radio Raheem

    I love the expert analysis you get on le grove. The ones that see things no others can. The ones that see Diaby as not only injury prone, this needn’t elucidation as it is damne obvious, but Diaby as being less effective than Denilson.
    I love them but not as much as the ‘chimers’ of ‘spot on’ giving the ‘insightful’ analysist more virtual paths on the back than a US Open golf winner.

    I just wonder if in this special case of Diaby, oh yeah it has become a special case otherwise it wouldn’t be so extensively discussed, our ‘insightful’ analysts might have been a bit hasty. Perhaps in their haste they missed something. For example, whenever Diaby has been able to string two or three matches he is called to the French team. Maybe it is me being hasty this time but his call ups have been under different managers for France? Is France lacking in players in the position Diaby plays? Have they lacked players like him for a long time? Or is that all these managers and less observant viewers like my humble self cannot see how ineffective Diaby is even when compared to Denilson?
    I only ask of the mental capacity of these managers since it already well established on here that Wenger is past it. Or are these other managers just as senile?

  21. Bergkamplegend

    In fact we will soon see a lot of links up play between hazard and oscar (that rhymes lol), just this saturday.

  22. Guns of brixton

    Wasnt CR7 and Leo already ripping up the scene at Hazards age?
    Not doubting Hazard will become like them but he may have a harder and longer time hitting that level if im making any sense.

  23. Romford Pele

    “Wasnt CR7 and Leo already ripping up the scene at Hazards age?
    Not doubting Hazard will become like them but he may have a harder and longer time hitting that level if im making any sense.”

    Both played in more attack-minded teams I guess.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    @Radio Raheem
    Tom cleverly has been called up to every England squad these last couple of years and he’s shit. So what’s your point?
    As for diaby, if he was fit now do you think he’d get in ahead of pogba etc?
    You think diaby is a good player, that’s your opinion. My opinion is he’s average at best.

  25. Josip Skoblar

    Pedro March 19, 2014 13:46:19
    I’d be more proud if we took that money and paid our cleaning staff properly.

    Well said, Pedro! The way cleaning staff are treated by football clubs is a national disgrace.

  26. Radio Raheem

    Thank you g

    Tom Cleverly? Apples and pears mate. One is a better player than the other. I would like to know what our French posters think. I suspect the views French people hold of Diaby will be very different from what Brits think of Cleverly.

    You are right it’s a matter of opinions but to say Diaby when fit was less effective than Denilson was silly. If he was fit this season he’ll start most matches and rightly so.

  27. jwl

    TYAG and N5

    My girlfriend has been trying to convince me to at least join twitter – she’s embarrassed by me when we go out and I am clueless about social media and I make comments like TYAG about not caring what people had for breakfast – so she will be delighted when I tell her a couple of gooners online told me to continue avoiding social media.

    MidwestGun You must be clairvoyant because my swearing comment was directed at you but I forgot to put your name. One of my grandfathers was a gruff coal miner from Northern England, he taught me a thing or two about swearing.

  28. DUIFG

    To think Wenger chose Gerv over Hazard

    not really, hazard was always the best young talent in the world at that time, was going for significantly more. whether we could have afforded that is another question

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    @Radio Raheem
    But I never said denilson was better. I just don’t see what diaby brings to the table. Defensively poor, attack wise a bit clumsy not the best really. Sorry mate but I really don’t rate him.

  30. Radio Raheem

    As for Pogba I rate the kid highly. In some respects he is/can be what Diaby was supposed to be. Saying that I suspect a fit Diaby that’s played most of the season goes to Brazil along with Pogba.

  31. MidwestGun

    Maybe this us a stupid question, wouldn’t be my first.
    But, if Diaby is fit enough to run up a mountain, how is he not fit enough to train with the team.? For Example, Kallstrom has a broken back and he is here.

  32. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. Pogba has greater potential because he’s quicker and is more athletic too. He keeps improving every game. I reckon he’ll play most games for France in the WC this summer.

  33. Radio Raheem


    I agree with you mate. I am curious as what views the French public hold of Diaby. As you know you are one of our resident expert in French football. So is he the ‘Cleverley’ of France with widespread gnashing of teeth at the announcement of his name on NT squad sheet?

  34. Thomas

    Wallace March 19, 2014 15:03:50


    i was thinking with the possible Sagna replacements being mentioned – Coleman, Chambers etc…that Jenkinson with a run in the side is at least as good as those mentioned.


    Jenkinson isn’t even close to their level. He’s a championship caliber player.

  35. salparadisenyc

    Stepanovs was like one of those easily curable sexually transmitted maladies you caught on a big weekend. You’ve managed to erase it from you mind, then out of nowhere something triggers the memory in a gut wrenching shriek.

  36. Radio Raheem

    Both Pogba and Diaby are better on the ball than Vieira, neither can match Vieira for intensity, presence on the pitch or the pace at which he covered space.

  37. Zoran

    I am a little bit disappointed in Pedro’s views about Diaby.
    Ok, he did play for us 10 games in two years, but the poor lad got injured. And injured defending our colours. If he was good playing for us, it is a different question. I only know, that when he was fit, he produced some decent performances. And this we should not forget.
    In those 2 years he costs us £7m. This is all according to his contract, let’s not forget. This contract he got when he was completely fit, and he did deserved it, I presume.
    It has to be said that it is not his fault he got injured and that he didn’t get fit always. Signing a contract any player has probably full believe in the clubs medical stuff, as it has to be in one huge club like AFC is.
    Now, it is another question if this medical stuff deserve at all to be at AFC.
    You should ask yourself also this question, dear Pedro.
    Or you think he is happy to be side lined for such a period, without the possibility to play the game that he dedicated his future for, and that he likes so much.

  38. jwl

    Nik B/Sal

    Had forgotten all about Stepanov, like Sal mentions, until today. That match against ManU is surely notorious, I remember there was a tear in my eye before half time when they scored their fifth.

  39. Goongoonergone

    Need to put Diaby up on e-Bay and pay the bidder Wenger’s one week salary to take Diaby off Arsenal.

  40. Josip Skoblar

    Thanks for the ‘French expert’ tag, mate! 🙂 I just watch French football on my telly in London! Karim would be more knowledgeable here. What amazes me is Diaby’s reputation in France (today). I gather he’s still regarded as a ‘great talent’ by most French people in football even if he plays so little. They see in him something we don’t. This said, I thought Pedro’s post was a bit harsh and I told him.

  41. Al

    Not sure if you guys have seen this of chambo and jenko but it is hilarious.

    We really seem to have a great bunch at the moment who really get on

  42. Johnty79

    Diaby should of retired after the dan smith tackle.

    A complete cunt taking our cash I hope he nevers players again. But I bet we still keep him on the pay role for 5 years.

    Remember before the dan smith tackle he done campo in a similar tackle.

    Stan kronke must be the worst business man in the world. 3.5 m down the drain every year for zero return.

  43. MidwestGun

    John Terry! (Johnty)

    Hmmm well Stan Kroenke is worth 5.3 billion and his wife 4.7 billion for a combined 10 billion. So yes he is definately the worst businessman in the world.

  44. kwik fit

    Think United will make it through to the last eight tonight as the greeks are poor away. Then they will get a good old fashioned tanking in the next round.

  45. Romford Pele

    Midwest, you know I love Kos myself and I think he’s the best CB in the league. That said, Tony Adams is Mr Arsenal; the only captain in English football history to win the title in there different decades; can’t be dislodged.

    Campbell gets in because he moved to us from Spurs. But you’re missing out Keown, Bould and McLintock who all have arguments to be in there. Hopefully Kos can join this company soon along with Mert. Kos is a better all round footballer than all the above though.

  46. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Ya, thats kinda what I meant. Want to put him in but just can’t. If he stays healthy, we win a title, and he cuts back on penalties. Probably change my mind. 😀

  47. Al

    Very Strange United line up. Was sure he would drop either Rooney or RVp due to it not working between them 2.

    Also to bring Giggs and have no defender on the bench is suicidal. Seems to be losing the plot

  48. Romford Pele

    Loooooooool OMG, that Ox and Jenks video was too much! Great banter from the lads! Really does seem like there’s a good rapport throughout the whole squad.

    Definitely a good watch!

  49. Al

    Romford Pele
    March 19, 2014 19:26:06

    Loooooooool OMG, that Ox and Jenks video was too much! Great banter from the lads! Really does seem like there’s a good rapport throughout the whole squad.Definitely a good watch!
    love the fact they can take the piss out of themselves. Shows a lack of ego with themselves and one another

  50. jwl

    Just reading ManU live blog at Guardian noticed this article.


    “Arsène Wenger’s decision to bring in a Dutch coach to replace Liam Brady at Arsenal has led to problems with another member of his backroom staff and will prompt a reshuffle behind the scenes at the end of the season.

    Terry Burton, Arsenal’s Under-21 team manager, has decided to leave in the summer after being overlooked to take over from Brady as the head of Arsenal’s academy and youth development setup.”

  51. jwl

    My name is Joel but I am not playing tonight lads, sorry. I surely would love to help out but I am currently watching my niece and nephew until their mom arrives, so I am busy for a while yet.

  52. MarbleHall

    Arsenal Wenger Worst XI:

    Gilberto Silva

    The soft underbelly of the team is Seaman, Djourou, Gilberto Silva and Bendtner.

  53. Arsenal1886-2006

    With utd looking to be out of contention for a cl place in the prem how will this affect their summer transfers?
    They have no players who they can sell for big money, they have to service their debt and they lose out on the CL money. I know they have big commercial deals but some of that will be used to take up the slack of having no Europe money.

    They may well lose out on players if there is a transfer battle between them and the oil clubs, couple this with no CL and they could well be fishing in the same pond as us. It should be an interesting summer.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Get to have another look at Campbell tonight.

    I’m torn. A) I want to see United humiliated.

    B) I have a perverse desire to see them against someone like Munich.

  55. Max85

    Really liking the look of Campbell, love his confidence and pace. Will be a good option next season, certainly a starter for the cups.

  56. kwik fit

    And to think that Bendy scored with his final touch in an Arsenal shirt…………… Unless of course he likes to have sex while wearing the old shirt.

  57. MidwestGun

    If Giroud and Campbell were in a footrace from end to end. Giroud could start at half and Campbell would still win by ten yards. We need pace sooo freakin bad im willing to try anyone. Lol

  58. Al

    Dale Rios
    March 19, 2014 20:35:47
    Campbell is nothing special, pace and a bit of trickery but i can see why we’ll probably sell him.
    bit harsh. he is frightening the whole united defence and is only 21.

  59. kwik fit

    It’s really important that United get through the game tonight cos who would want to miss them getting a Real
    drubbing in the next round. Watching those Manc face’s when their side are getting walloped would be compulsive viewing. 🙂