Disappointing win? Eh?

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I don’t want to moan, but I’ve just been hit by the jet lag bus, so this might not be great. I actually thought I was going to the home game yesterday. Just to give you an idea.

Anyways, onto the game. It was super important to win because firstly, winning is good, secondly, we needed to craft a gap between the top 4 and the crap pack. So Liverpool stepped up first and took apart a particularly poor United side in second gear. It makes it all the more upsetting we didn’t manage to take points from United, but whatever. United are out of top 4 contention and seeing them struggle is a bit like a inappropriate fart… the hilarity never dies.

Spurs lined up with 4 changes to their side, countering tired legs from their Spursday night mauling at Benfica. Arsenal lined up with a more attacking set up, opting for the more lethargic Arteta in the holding role. Most of the burden of attack fell on Chamberlain, Rosicky and Santi. I rule out Giroud, because in big games, he tends to get eaten up by defenders and the occasion.

The game started off to a 70 second flyer, Rosicky charged the midfield, played Chambo into the box, he took a bad touch, then duffed a pass back into Tomas’ line of fire, he pulled the trigger and let off a nuclear missile into the top corner. An absolutely incredible strike and a goal that boasted more beauty than an Olivier Giroud pre match hotel room.

Spurs looked shell shocked momentarily. Chamberlain had two pretty incredible chances to put us clear, he powered past the high Spurs line, with acres of space to pick his spot, he tried to play it cute with a curling pass to Giroud. The sort of thing he’d have seen Pires do for Thierry, shame was, he was passing badly to the paceless Olivier. Chance gone. Later on, he blazed over the bar when he should have at the very least hit the target. I also seem to remember him forcing and excellent save from Lloris.

Spurs owned possession. Adebayor was threaded through a few times. He couldn’t bring down a floated pass, which had he, he’d have been in acres of pace. He also found space for a header that he dragged wide. Warning signs were there. Our midfield was being overrun, it was just lucky the runners didn’t have much class or cohesion.

The second half started off in panic mode. Chezzer dropped a cross when he was touched by a Spurs player in the box, the ref didn’t blow up, so the ball went back out and in with a high cross, Chezzer flapped and dropped the ball, the follow up was duffed by Chadli (I think) and cleared away. Let off the hook.

The second half was owned by Spurs, but they didn’t really threaten us. Adebayor tustled with Kos from a high ball, the Frenchman doing enough to put Ade off his game with his header drifting wide.

There were a couple of Arsenal chances, Vertonghen pulled down Koscielny in what looked to be a clear cut penalty. Also, a bit of superb skill from Mertesacker when he volleyed from a freekick, Lloris at his best to keep out the shot.

Final bit of fun came when Tim ‘the mentalist’ Sherwood threw a ball at Sagna really powerfully. Hilariously embarrassing. Like, similar to Alan Pardew.

Anyway, final whistle blew up, the boys all had a hilarious selfie. But here’s the thing, in all the joy, what’s the score?

Flattering to deceive:

Arsenal, once again, weren’t really at the races. It’s ok to talk about winning ugly. I mean, if I’m honest, winning ugly against Spurs makes a victory all the more sweeter, but as a Spurs fan put to me post the game…


Now, I’m not really fussed about the league. I wrote that off in my head a while back, one thing that is quite clear is we don’t have much energy in our team. Our midfield was lethargic and overrun yesterday. Chamberlain doesn’t boast the pace of Theo, but he’s outrageously powerful and he’s pretty damn quick over 100m. He’s the player of the future. We need our whole squad dripping in players like that. Currently, we’re really lacking that and it told yesterday. Up front, Giroud offered nothing. Zero mobility with zero pace to run in behind the Spurs backline.

This issue needs to be addressed in the summer because it’s been the undoing of us in the second half of the season. Take Rambo and Theo out and our team flatlines. Ozil and Cazorla need runners. That needs to be sorted out.

Points, Points, Points:

I wanted Liverpool to win  yesterday and obviously, I wanted Arsenal to win. There are now 9 points between Arsenal and 5th. There are 7 points between 5th and 4th… but City have two games in hand. The most important thing for Arsenal heading into games against City, Everton and Chelsea is that we’re not looking over our shoulders. We have a lot in our favour going into those games… it’s just a shame that the performances we’ve been putting in post Christmas have been so shoddy, I don’t really have much belief in what we’re doing.


Look, he missed some absolute sitters yesterday, but rather than lambaste a kid, let’s look at the promise this boy has. It’s not his fault our game now rests on him. He has power, pace and hunger. He’s gone from a timid 17 year old to a fearsome fighter keen to impose himself on games. I love him, he lacks composure, but his directness and his new found confidence is a joy to watch. I can truly see what he’s going to bring to this side for years to come. He has a frightening amount of potential. He needs to keep grounded, work hard and all the good things will come his way.

Centre Backs:

Laurent and Per really are a superb back two. They perfectly compliment each other and it’s paying dividends when a clean sheet is enough to give us three points.


We’re in the mix heading into April. I’m over the moon about that. If you’d told me that in August, I’d have taken it. Do I beleive we can win it? Not really. But being part of it with a squad which doesn’t boast a striker and has quite a lot of holes in it really is quite incredible. It’s just a shame Arsene didn’t bust open the purse strings to drive home to the title. A Matic and a seasoned striker would have done that in my opinion. But still, let’s enjoy the rest of the season, yesterday was a massive three points… now we have to build again. No one is going to hand us the title, do the players want to be heroes? If so… it’s time to stand up and make it count!


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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    Shoot, I used to get that but can’t remember names of the others. You hardly see kids playing football nowadays in the streets, it’s all we used to do. Straight home from school and into a game.

  2. WengerEagle


    What planet are you living on?

    Yaya Toure twice the player of Ramires?
    David Silva at least twice as good as Oscar?
    Kolorov 10 times better than Azpilicueta?

    And Lescott better than Cahill? You must be joking.

    Hazard is far far superior to anything City have out wide.
    Chelsea’s defence besides Kompany is hands down better than City’s (Stats back this up) and Cech is twice the keeper Hart is.

    The only part of any of this I agree with is that Aguero is 10 times the player Eto’o is which is true.

    And you compared the winger Navas to the no.10 Oscar in your chart.

    Cahill is a far far far better CB than Lescott and Azpilicueta is a better defender than Kolorov who barring the odd spectacular free kick and good crossing ability is a very average player.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    Down our way you hardly see them playing anymore mate. Sad really. Remember games used to go on hours, 26-25 ha ha. God to be able to go back in time..

  4. MarbleHall


    Stoo watching MOTD highligts Hazard was terrible sgainst Villa.

    And yes Toure blows Ramires away as is David Silva ti the gmo Oscar.

    Kompany has been built up by the media he’s average at best.

  5. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    I know, everything is so freakin organized over here too. We used to come home and play football almost everyday. And when I couldn’t find anyone I would kick the ball up against a brick wall for hours. Kids just have so many more options today. (video games) etc… Only time they play is organized practice. Sad really. Why I think Brazilians are usually so good. Still part of their street culture.

  6. Blsany

    Fellow gunners
    new to to the site been reading and following Arseblog.
    Which is pretty poor i feel like this is more informative blog for all Gunner fans.
    Giroud is probably the worst stiker i have ever seen play for a so called team with ambition.What do you guys make of Griezzman as possible striker?

  7. MarbleHall


    Stoo watching MOTD highligts Hazard was terrible sgainst Villa.

    And yes Toure blows Ramires away as does David Silva to the gimp Oscar.

    Kompany has been built up by the media he’s average at best.

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    Yep, totally agree with you. We had one kid in our street who had a commodore 64, he’d never play football but that’s why he was fattest kid in our street.
    @ Guns
    Agree mate, without a shadow of doubt some of the best years of my life.

  9. MarbleHall

    A manager should be given 3 seasons maximum before being sacked for winning nothing.

    Even if you finished second in the league and runner up in both Champions league and FA Cup you would still be sacked.

  10. Thomas

    The french cunt is going to get a new contract regardless if we win anything., that’s the ambition of the club nowadays.

  11. Arsenal1886-2006


    I remember when I was a kid in hackney in the 70’s we used to play football in the side streets coming home from school, if we went, and playing football in the pens in the flats.
    The parks at the weekends and evenings were packed with kids playing football and general messing about, now it is all play stations and internet games.

    I guess it is a generational thing, we could make our own entertainment while kids these days need to be shown.

  12. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Thats no lie! Didnt see today’s game. But last Roma game I saw he was beasting. Was everywhere, and had a snap shot like ive never seen.
    Is Italian League just so open.? Or was it something else. If we had the in form Gervinho you see now on left wing. We would have destroyed Spuds with that high line.

  13. Babatunde

    Not to mention that having midfielders and attackers who are better is generally more important than having better defenders

  14. Arsenal1886-2006

    Wenger to Barca could be true, Diaby has been wandering around the medical facility reciting ¿Dónde está la habitación treatment.

  15. salparadisenyc

    Gervinho cut such an odd figure here.. confidence issues. I remember Hazard saying he was the best attacking player he’d played with, first though was the quality of Ligue 1 must be worse than ever imagined. The trust in with Garcia.

  16. Babatunde

    Man city have an at least fairly good defense. At any point over that their defense Starts to get better generally won’t count in matches as much as if their midfield aand attack started getting better.
    And nobody should misrepresent what I said and claim that I mean that defence isn’t important cos people could be silly like that.

  17. N5

    I’ve been told I look the spitting image of Steve-o from Jackass. I would rather look like TR but nope, I got the Steve-o card dealt to me.

  18. MidwestGun

    6 -6.
    That actually looks like every American south of StLouis where I live. Lol. Funny cuz its true. I think Baying Mob said he is moving to Kansas. Hahaha.He has no idea what he is in for.

  19. N5

    Lol Sal, in the pants and everything!!!

    Arsenal 1886, you couldn’t be further away, little fat Tottenham fans! I’m 6ft 1 and like I say look like Brad Pitt crossed with Georgle Clooney, you could say I look like Clit!

  20. Wengerites be damned!


    ‘Wenger may be uncompetent but he’s not daft why would he go from an unsackable job to a sackable job.’

    According to the AKB bunch Wenger didn’t go to Madrid only because of loyalty towards Arsenal.

  21. MidwestGun

    Funny cuz I was trying to get some local Arsenal fans together to organize a Wenger out protest after the last transfer window. We were gonna picket Stans ranch, But we ended up just getting really drunk and trying to pick up women before we could be troubled to drive there. Priorities! Lol. Haha

  22. Arsenal1886-2006


    Love it, got drunk and trying to pick up women.
    My problem is not so much Stan it is more his son taking over, I hear he is a little prick.

    out for the night now, need some sleep.

    Night all.

  23. grooveydaddy

    By the way, whoever said Eriksen is better than Özil is an idiot.

    I’m looking at you Johnty.

    Eriksen was useless on Sunday.

  24. wenker-wanger

    Spurs are very poor, Benfica were way better in their win against the spuds. Great show by the defense particularly kos. We could have been heading to win the prem if wenger had just invested in a quality striker in january. That differense may have just been enough for 1st rather Than 4th.

  25. Bergkamplegend

    Here’s an extract of my exclusive interview of The Drog HIMSELF, just before his very emotional return to Chelsea tonight.
    “Didier, don’t take it badly, but your teammates seems not to be aware of the fact that you will not make any effort to score tonight. As a member of Le Grove, I think we could help you for increasing your motivation. I can talk to Arsène Wenger, and I’m sure he will be delighted to allow Lorent Koscielny to play for chelsea just for tonight, because let’s be honest, if you see an Arsenal shirt in Chelsea’s defence, I’m sure it will be much more easier for you to score, are you agree with my proposal ?”


  26. goonerboy

    How come the EPL is so poor despite unprecedented expenditure on players and managers?
    Too many games, too physical, crap refs brought up on kick and rush football.
    Bigger problem is lack of top quality coaches throughout the sport.