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It’s here people. The greatest day on the footballing calendar and the best derby game on the planet. Goals, violence, vitriol and excitement from start to finish.

So why, with all those ingredients, are Spurs fans not playing ball?

‘If we get a draw, I’ll be over the moon and surprised’

‘I’ve got no hope’

‘We’ve too many players out and our form is atrocious’

So disappointing. When your nearest and most hated rival set of fans are so deflated, it takes away from the occasion. Maybe that’s why they’re doing it? To spoil my fun?

… cunning ploy.

Whatever it is, I’m not going in hard on confidence. This is a massive game and we have massive losses all over the park. Theo, Rambo, Ozil and Jack all out. It’s not ideal, but we can cope. Spurs have players missing both physically, and mentally. They have unhappy men in the team and I’m pretty sure there are more elite players in their side thinking, ‘what the hell is this Tim Sherwood going on about?’

We can’t take any of that for granted though. We have to come out of the traps and bury Spurs early on. They’ll all be up for the game and as we’ve seen in the past, league position and form means nothing in situations like today. Anything is possible… bar a 0-0 in my opinion. We’ll have loads of space today and plenty of chances to kill them. Giroud needs to be clinical and the rest of the side have to be game for having a dig or going for the killer pass. When we’re missing lots of big players, we sometimes get into the nervous habit of just knocking it about failing to go direct.

Arteta and Flamini anchoring the midfield gives us a solid base, but it also has ‘dull’ written all over it. I’m hoping for big games from Chambo and Podolski and I’d probably opt for Thomas Rosicky.

We have a massive chance to pull closer to Chelsea after their hilarious 1-0 loss to Aston Villa. This is our chance to capitalise and make sure we’re part of the race until the end. The inconsistency in this league is fascinating. You can drop points at any time because our league is so competitive, we don’t want to be doing that today. The game has double impetus… losing is bad at this stage of the season is bad… losing to your rivals can give them a monster boost heading into the last batch of games. We need to take the momentum back. We need players to make themselves heroes. We need a legendary day at White Hart Lane.

Let’s go out there and make it happen!


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  1. Jake

    That Sturridge dive is disgraceful. Retrospective action is probably on it’s way but it can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I dunno, he seems to have changed, couple of times he looked as though he could go down but chose not to.

    Just imagine what we could do with him up front…would be incredible.

  3. Jake


    Of course he’s changed, Sturridge has taken over his mantle and being English will get away with it. No need for Suarez to continue.

  4. gnarleygeorge9


    The moaners should just enjoy the good moments/wins/times for what they are coz one day they will wake up & say to themselves where the fuck has it all gone, time has gone so quick, and all they’ve done in that time is whinge. It’ll be their loss

  5. Thomas

    Jake March 16, 2014 15:24:27

    Can you imagine Sturridge or Suarez in our team, pour sods don’t have anyone as good as us to feed them


    Yet they have 18 and 25 goals respectively in the league so far, you tit.

  6. Cesc Appeal


    That is such a little team mentality it’s scary.

    Enjoy what’s happening now, just shut up and enjoy it and think back on it when times are shit…for crying out loud

  7. Keyser

    “That is such a little team mentality it’s scary.”

    Lol are you watching MOTD ? If not watch Rosicky’s goal again. If you don’t instantly want to rewind it, slow it down, watch it from all angles, then give up.

  8. Baba

    Am begining to understand what goes on around here,some people jst come on to attack others by whatever means posible,you see repeatin irrelevant and annoying just so someone wil answer thereby warrantin names calling and i really doubt if these people actually suports any team talkless of supportin Arsenal,The best answer to a fool is silence,i think if they are been ignored repeatedly,without any reasonable person respondin to their BS they might it,N5 and KJ thanks 4 puttin me through on the crowd celebratn thing

  9. Kjafc

    We’re now fighting for 3rd/4th when we should be winning the title had we had a better manager.
    Ha ha. Mate, behave, you are taking the piss now. This is exactly what I have been talking about, this moving of the goal posts and rank hypocrisy. You really believe what you are saying?

    There was nobody, I repeat nobody on here who said that at the start of the season we should win the league. In fact, everything I read said we would be lucky to get 4th. Loads said Spurs would finish above us because of the so called brilliant transfer dealings they did with the Β£100 quid. I was slaughtered for saying they spunked the cash.

    Now you say we should have won the league. Blimey, you really do rate the manager and the players highly, if you think we should be finishing above Chelsea and Man City – and if we don’t it’s failure.

    Nobody said we should win the league. Nobody. Anyone who did was picked up and locked in Broadmoor.. To say that is not right mate, you are being deliberately misleading.

    Beginning of the season, we were told we had some poor players, couldn’t defend and would be lucky to get fourth, with many citing 6th as more realistic. So where has this ‘we should win the league’ or the managers failed come from?

    Chelsea and Man City quite rightly were favourites. They spent silly sums of money and had big squads.

    It is this hypocrisy mate that I find really frustrating. Be honest, don’t start moving goal posts to suit your argument, so you can claim a false victory.

  10. Keyser

    Listening to Souness earlier or any of the tactics experts here, there, wherever, they either have a very short memory or don’t really pay much attention to us.

    We’ve been playing like that and grinding out results for the past couple of years now, there’s a pretty simple but very definite set of tactics/ stratedgy to it all.

    We don’t press high, we shuffle back in numbers and ask teams to break us down. Happy to press once we’re in shape and with a smaller area to cover.

    People wondering where Cazorla went, or why Giroud looked soo isolated, Cazorla tucked into midfield and spent half the game covering for Podolski and Gibbs.

    Mertesacker’s in his element sitting deep, heading balls out, Arteta, Rosicky and Cazorla are happier sitting on a lead, with us defending in numbers deep in our half, it doesn’t help out Giroud, but it means Podolski has a little more freedom to, Kaboul looked pretty slow up against him.

    There isn’t much more you could expect, we struggle to dominate possession or have little control in mifield, so we’ve adapted, Ox could’ve turned the game on it’s head but was poor today, made the wrong decisions, inconsistency, youth or fatigue, he should improve. Pretty much the same for the rest of the team.

    3 games in a week, is a lot for certain players and I wouldn’t blame them.

  11. Gambon

    Boring Keyser with his usual pathetic,political ramblings. .
    When will you ever start making sense??

  12. Kjafc


    Mate I think we just have to accept that some people aren’t happy about any positive results, because they see it as weakening their agenda. It is the only conclusion I can reach. Nothing else makes sense. It defies logic.

    Like I said, they moan when we lose, moan when we draw and even bloody well moan when we win – at Spurs. Work that out! Even Stephen Hawkins would be scratching his head at that one.

    – this proves they are not interested in us winning. In fact they don’t like it. If they did, they would celebrate it not moan. How the hell can you moan about beating the spuds at their ground and making it three straight wins against them this season. What on earth is there to be so unhappy and miserable about there? They should be on here celebrating., it should be the Spuds moaning and feeling down.

    Its completely mental but it’s good it happened because it has proved what a lot have suspected.

  13. Gambon

    How about you stop with the boring posts about being a better fan than others and go please your wife, you half man! Before I do it for you

  14. gnarleygeorge9


    I would say that the moaners are probably more Arsenal supporting than me, because they never want to lose anything, game or trophy. My point is enjoy the good times when they come around, like today, coz winning isn’t a right its a privelige.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    Did anyone see Little Mozart give his shirt to that Gooner in the wheelchair after the game? That is what football is about, that is what winning is about. And if that is what The Arsenal is still about then that makes them the greatest club in the world for me.

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    I feel drunk on life itself kwiky πŸ˜› I love seeing the face and reactions of Tottenham supporters on such an occasion. Smells…………………like Victory!!!!!!

  17. kwik fit

    Gnarley its saint paddy’s day here so its all fucking good! Arsenal surpassed my expectations today by beating the old scum. So you take it easy in the land down under here gnarleyb πŸ˜‰

  18. kwik fit


    having been at home πŸ™‚

    Fulham yesterday and spuds today and been on the piss in london town all weekend πŸ˜‰ St paddys weekend so its allowed πŸ˜‰ Ireland wins the ruby and My beloved Arsenal beats the scum. Happy fucking days!!

  19. kwik fit

    Swear to god today was the best Arsenal moment I have had . We defended like bouldy used to and we are nine points clear of the scum with one game in hand . And we’re going to wemberlee .Get to fuck in!!!

  20. MidwestGun

    Erin Go Bragh! Haha ive been on the Guiness myself all weekend ! But I got into a slight Battle with Marble. Lol. Had to bitch slap him yesterday night. You will probably hear b about it! πŸ˜›

  21. MidwestGun

    Well sal since you know so much about Almost Famous, I picture you as that guitarist Russell Hammond.


    IM ON DRUGS! SPLASH. πŸ˜› hahaha.

  22. Thomas

    MarbleHall March 16, 2014 22:56:32

    Arsenal are so starved of success the players are now celebrating league wins as if they are Cup Final victorious.


    Embarrassing really. This is what we have come to thanks to the french twat.

  23. Thomas

    Jake March 16, 2014 22:53:52


    With us they could have 25 and 30 goals respectively. Your point is moot.


    The point is Giroud is fucking terrible even with Ozil behind him.

  24. kwik fit

    3 Penalties. Never ever would that have been allowed in fergies day. Fergie controlled everything about the game. united victories were swallow.

  25. MidwestGun

    I think somebody posted, they hadnt had a home penalty called against them in over 2 years, then 3 in one day! Lol. I will just die laughing if they even miss Europa. spursday. The Man U fans over here are the worst and im gonna be relentless on them. Like Koz on Adebayor! πŸ˜€

  26. Gustav Graves

    Giroud should give up being a striker and learn to play the DM position. I actually think hed be better at that with his frame and ball holding abilities. Plus it doesn’t hurt if you can get 10-17 goals a season from that position.

    I know, I know…im living in dreamland.

  27. peanuts&monkeys

    Whatever Giroud does than pretending to play a striker, will be better for that team. But, sorry, can someone tell him to start all over again from First Div Leagues. Thats where he belong, at best.

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    Its such a pity, that Arsenal could not build on the strengths of the now fabled defense this year. This was the best year for getting a WC striker and make him bed for 20 matches and then ask him to fire from DAY-1 of next season. What a fan-screwing club!

  29. peanuts&monkeys

    Van Gaal is itching to finish his career managing an English team. Get him in, Arsenal! Steal him from the SPurs. Oh ! BTW, you got to ask the the current manager to leave and retire peacefully.

  30. gonsterous

    The only reason the players were celebrating with so much passion is because throughout the club the NLD is held in so much awe…it’s a game against our direct rival and that’s what the players learn …

  31. Jeff

    I would like to see the Arsenal players go into the stands and celebrate with the fans at Stamford Bridge as well. Now, that would be a sight for sore eyes.

  32. Evan

    Giroud’s Wifey please be true
    β€œShe’s agreed to take him back, but only on the condition they leave London and England.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    The starting point of any discussion about yesterday’s game that it was
    critical that we ‘won’.

    Having said that the overall performance apart from the two centre backs who were outstanding was at best very average and in most cases exceedingly poor.

    We played too deep and our pass completion was by our normal standards not good.

    On the odd occasion that we ‘attacked’ our players tore their defence to
    shreds. Frankly Spurs defence is abysmal. For this reason alone we should have been far more proactive.

    At the moment our attacking options are very limited. Podolski can be
    lethal on the odd occasion that he deems to put some effort into his game, but he is for me a ‘luxury bench’ player. He lacks the consistency to play in a starting line up.

    Giroud’s performance yesterday was frankly abysmal. I have been in
    past a strong advocate that we need a player of his ilk in our squad albeit not necessarily in a starting 1st X1. However, on the evidence of
    yesterday’s performance he does not merit even that role.

    Cazorla was surprisingly poor yesterday giving away the ball too often
    and I am afraid the more I see of Arteta the less convinced I am that
    he should be at the club beyond this season.

    However, the real problem at moment is that we are acutely short of
    players to cope with the demands of our next 4 games against Chelsea
    Swansea,Man City and Everton. We are without Ozil and Walcott for
    those games and in all probability Wilshire and Ramsey as well.

    Personally on the evidence of recent games I think that we will struggle to win more than one of these matches.

  34. Max85

    Yeah, if Giroud’s wife has given the ultimatum about moving back to France could be a blessing in disguise. Give him + money to Monaco (who must be in serious hot water re FFP and the whole tax issue) for Falcao. Bring in Remy for Β£8m as a backup, sorted!

    Yep, definitely a banker. No chance of this not happening my friends.

  35. Bergkamplegend

    What’s the point in continuing talking about giroud ?
    Wenger loves him, he trusted him, if giroud was worst, wenger would love him anyway, end of the story.

    Emiratesstroller I agree with you, without Walcott, Ramsey and Ozil, our chances to get some points in the next 3 games are more than thin.

  36. Leedsgunner

    We won against Spurs AND we might be rid of Giroud and Bendtner? Definitely a good day in the history of Arsenal.

  37. Bergkamplegend

    If Giroud decides to return to France == >> yipeeeee!!!

    Apart the french clubs of “la ligue 1”, I don’t see any other clubs in europe which could seriously want of him
    == >> tottenshit maybe ?? lol

  38. Niki B's Soldier

    I tawt we liked Giroud? Well, we did until we saw he might leave. Cmon seriously, fickle fans. He did exactly what his price tag suggested. Scored a few goals, had a few great games, missed a few sitters, had quite a few stinkers, helped us win a few games and ensured we made the FA Cup semi final. He played his part in all fairness and gave his all for the club. Don’t see the sense in the slating. But well, thats Gooners for u these days……quick to slate their own players.