Giroud has been busted meeting people in secret again…

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I’m back in the hood. How was the trip? Yeah, it was ok. That British accent thing you’re always told Americans like.. it’s totally true. Out with the Essex Twang, in with the Prince William.

Anyway. It’s over. I can finally get back to writing blogs in this country. Right now, I’m writing this in a cab. I’m so hardcore for you guys.

So what have we on the plate of breakfast football goodness today?

Well, Olivier Giroud has been meeting… in secret… with an agent. As far as I can tell, there was no sexual relations here, just food. But hey, it’s Giroud, he could have been doing all sorts under the table. The Daily Mail have suggested he’s been meeting with this agent to broker a summer move. That wouldn’t shock me. He’s 27 years old, it’s pretty apparent he’ll be moved down the pecking order this summer… so he might want to make a big move elsewhere on the continent.

Either way, I’m not overly fussed. If he leaves, big deal, we’ll find someone else on the 31st of August. If he stays, he’ll compliment whoever comes in. Unless that player is already there and he’s supporting Sanogo next season, which wouldn’t surprise.

On the ticketing front for the FA Cup semi final, we’ve literally smashed Wigan out the park earning ourselves 20k more tickets. Why? Because only 3000 people live in Wigan, of which, roughly 12% are employed. Should make for a rocking atmosphere on the day, which hopefully, will end in a glory so we can have Wembley part two. Geoff is making an appearance for the semi, so that should make the day all the more fun.

I totally take his stance on Wembley… why they put it where they did is beyond me. We should have picked a plot more central. It’s an ok stadium… but for £800m? Looks like a bit of a waste to me. It’s no where near the standard of The Grove and it’s a total ball ache to get too… even worse to come back from. Especially after a defeat, of which I’ve seen two.

Spurs are up tomorrow. Super exciting fantastic times. 3 points is what the Professor ordered. It isn’t make or break for our season, but it kind of is for Spurs if they’re to have any hope of usurping us, Liverpool, Chelsea or City for the top 4 trophy. I can see it being a tight game, we have injuries and we’re a bit down on our luck. Spurs will want to prove a point and any side that has a motivated Adebayor is always a danger. Their Spursday night game could prove important given that we had an extra day of rest.

Sol Campbell has continued to bleat on in the press because he has a book out. Everyone might be racist, no one gets him… poor… little… Sol. Honestly, you really do get a full hit of how self obsessed footballers when they bring out a book. The FA won’t give him a job in coaching and he’s done his badges, so he’s moaning and pointing to a deep rooted issue. He’s not thinking, hey, maybe the FAs hiring policy doesn’t revolve around me? His sense of entitlement is outrageous.

In more amusing news, Nik B is under investigation by the club for his hilarious antics in Denmark. He was possibly asked to pay for his taxi in Copenhagen, and in a drunken stupor… he whipped his chap out, rubbed it on the window… then lashed the cab with his belt.

We’ve all been there…

I’ve defended him on numerous occasions over the course of the season, but this really is a bit of a joke. I mean, even if you’re totally hating your £52k a week life, surely you show a bit of dignity and keep it zipped. How many clubs are going to entertain the purchase of a total moron?

… well, plenty actually.

Right, not a lot on today. Enjoy your Saturday, I’m off to collapse in a heap somewhere.

… but at least you got your post, right? It’s all about you… as always.

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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    Agree with you on those points. Shocking really when you consider how many more games he’s played than Ramsey.

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve only seen Ramires challenge in slo Mo, and while it was bad it doesn’t seem as horrific as some go on about. Shawcross on Ramsey was what I’d describe as horrific.

  3. N5

    TYAG, I agree, but what a dirty little fucker he is. He’s the first to throw himself down and then he stamps on someone. What a maggot.

  4. Dissenter

    Chelsea will miss Ramirez when they play us. He’s a beastly machine and never stops running. He’s also dirty and tackles like a drunken sailor. He’s has this red card coming for a long time.

  5. Max85

    N5 – also buzzing for today, but slightly nervous Mike Dean has woken up in a mood to brutally sodomise us as per!

    No Ramires or Willian against us next week. Guess their MF/FW will be:

    Mikel or Lampard


    Torres or Eto’o.

    Never one to wish injury on a player, especially one as great as Hazard, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if he tweaked a hammy vs Galatasaray midweek…

  6. Dissenter

    I think United will step up and beat Liverpool comprehensively today. The Liverpool Renaissance stops today, they’ll lose very big game left. They’ll lose against City and Chelsea at Anfield.
    The question is will we win today. It will be a scrappy game, Spuds will be fighting for pride and are stronger than us in the middle ( due to injuries). They also have a striker with a point to prove. Mike Dean will also do us no favors.
    Our full will smash Spuds 99/100 times, a depleted squad however…

  7. Max85

    Dissenter, agree that united will step it up for the mugsmashers, this is their cup final for sure.

    Don’t agree that Spurs have a better middle than us, even with our injury crisis. Dembele and Paulinho? Pony. Let’s not make the mistake of showing them too much respect, Chelsea and Benfica have humiliated them already this week they’ll be knackered physically and mentally. I for one will be massively gutted if we don’t beat them.

    Don’t forget our double agent in their dugout as well!

  8. N5

    Do we even need to worry about respecting the midfield with the Spuds, no matter what faults Wenger has, he certainly has the Spuds number!

  9. gonsterous


    thats coz tottenham are shit !!! they r like everton…hardly ever Trouble us, though everyone seems to think they have a great squad !!!

  10. Vintage Gun

    I just woke up chanting scared the life out of the missus

    I want them dead I want us to beat through their flesh and then grind them down to the marrow and beyond untill glowing stuff seeps out of them I want to see white hart lane cordoned off at full time we need to hit them with the cannon

    Its time for WAR

  11. waylander

    Morning grovers, I’m hoping for a nice 3-0 win for our boys. They are struggling defensively wise and think they will be tired from spursday night. Papers saying man utd looking at Draxler

  12. Jeff


    Yes, the contrast between Ramsey and Giroud goal scoring rate is glaring when it isn’t even Ramsey’s job to score goals. It means Giroud was being “carried” in those games.


    Mourinho wanted to slag off the referee but not in so many words. On the one hand he says what a fantastic referee but on the other hand he doesn’t want to comment on what happened because he’ll be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

  13. Jeff

    If we didn’t have so many players injured I would have almost put money on us beating Tottenham today but we do have players missing and Tottenham will also have something to prove after their mid-week thrashing. If we are going to win it’s not going to be by a big margin I don’t think.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade and Podolski are going to be do important today, providing directness strength and a goal threat in the wide and attacking slots against a shaky defence. Got to be on it.

    Our bench is a bit worrying though.

    Every year a thin squad, always lacking class talent in a glaringly obvious area or two ad injuries hold us back. The way some people are talking about it is as if it’s new to this year.

    Wenger say they’ll investigate it, as if it hasn’t happened year on year.

    I agree though, put Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott into this game I wouldn’t be worried at all.

    But it’s a derby, it’s Spurs and they always turn up at home against us – they’ll be up for this, big time, we need to be too.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    And as for the Giroud thing, not bothered at all – so long as we behave like a football club this summer and someone else other than Wenger is doing the actual business of buying and negotiating. A couple of strikers brought in and Giroud will be way down the pecking order.

    He’s had two seasons as Arsenal’s leading man, he should thank his lucky stars and the dithering ineptitude of Wenger that he’s had that.

  16. Bamford13


    You seem confident that responsibilities for signings will be taken away from Wenger. I take it this is based on that article which said his contract hold-up is due to such a clause. How much stock should one put in that? I would be thrilled to find out that it’s true.

  17. N5

    Jeff, we have a great record against the Spuds, regardless of injury record. I have nothing but faith in a win against this shower of shit!

  18. ZimbabweanGunner

    I hate Tottenham Hotspurs. I honestly loathe them pretenders across North London. I just hate them so much its untrue!


  19. Cesc Appeal


    Not confident at all, that’s what I mean, as long as the club is being run with intentions directed at football and not solely by Wenger then a player of Giroud’s calibre leaving is no issue at all.

    But, if Wenger is in charge, some golden oldie like Klose coming in and Sanogo starting wouldn’t shock me.

    He just dithers. £32 Million for Costa? £55 Million for Cavani? Even £18 Million for Mandzukic…nah I’ll get Klose on loan and play Sanogo – that’s better than spending £30 Million +

    I swear that is his logic, no spend = no accountability, no risk of being shown up, no one expecting anything of him, ready made excuses.

    This summer we need to go big, off the bat we need a great ST and CDM for starts.

    Then we need a young CB to be 4th choice and a future prospect. Someone like Ginter or Lascelles or Schar.

    Then we’re likely to need another CB AND a RB if Vermaelen and Sagna leave.

    AND we’ll need a back up GK.

    So that’s GK, RB, CB x2, CDM and ST.

    That’s a lot of players, worst case scenario 6 best case 4.

    Seeing as Wenger takes forever and a day to do anything in the transfer market and will be commentating for Canal+ at the World Cup…I’m rather worried really.

  20. Vintage Gun

    @N5 I was on a little sabattical after we failed to bring in at least cover for OG shagger I lost my head over it and promised myself not to post untill the the summer but who am I kidding eh? Im an addict like the rest of us

    Ahh I feel relived

  21. Vintage Gun

    Iv been reading le grove tho and your jabs at johnty wearing his parka jacket with his little hood up drinking soup out of his flask down the local had me in pieces! I laughed so hard I almost broke my back lol

  22. N5

    You little swine Vintage reading the posts but not joining in. I’ve mentioned you a couple of times recently. It’s been really strange not reading posts from yourself and Samsensible so I’m over the moon to see one of you back!

  23. N5

    Norfolk to be fair on Pedro, this little bit of gossip is circulating the web but mainly because the agent he has met apparently is a slippery little bugger!

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s get real whoever is in charge of transfers is not going to buy the likes of Suarez, Falcao or Costa even if they are available in the Summer.

    We are not the only club looking for strikers. For a start Chelsea and Real Madrid will be in market and they will not only outbid us but pay much higher

    If Loic Remy is available at £8 million as has been suggested that is a more likely scenario and then he will invest in a player like Draxler or Griezmann
    with money he gets from Puma. Morata may be a talented boy, but does not have regular top division experience and at £25 million far too expensive at
    least for us.

  25. Vintage Gun

    Lol its been hard not to join in and at times ive felt like a voyer lol but only death, jail or a loss of hands would keep me off here for good im part of the community

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    As you know not a lover of Wenger, but have to say he was right about fellaini. I thought he’d be a good acquisition for Arsenal, but Christ he’s lazy, makes arshavin look like a work horse.