Arsene Wenger admits there’s a deep seated issue with fitness

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Ok, so the delay I was talking about last time we spoke looks like a damn cake walk compared to the one I’m looking at right now.

20 hours.

Yeah, that’s right people, 20 f*cking hours.


You got that? It’s going to take me 20 hours to get back home. It’s outrageous. Opodo. I don’t even know what they are, but know this… they’re a f*cking sh*t show. Don’t book tickets with them.

Ok, onto football news.

Many exciting times eh?


The caps indicate excitement. He could make the bench this weekend for the Spurs game. I mean, when I look at the problems we’re dealing with at the moment, I think… what do we really need? Then it hits me. Some Kim Kallstrom.

Guys and gals, I think it’s going to be alright.

Ok, so outside him, Wenger told the press Aaron Ramsey won’t be about for the game this weekend. He’s been having ‘issues’ with his rehab. I was told by someone who knows him that this issue isn’t serious and it’s precautionary. Arsene clearly opting for caution this time, which is good to hear.

Did I tell you Kim Kallstrom is back? Great news I think. Could really do with a sprinkling of his talent.

Also, sorry to jump all over the place, but the trend for American women wearing hot pants to the airport is both exceptional and off putting.

Back to the post. Aaron is out. Ozil is out. Jack is out. That’s a pretty bleak situation. The Spurs game with a fit squad would look like a relatively easy game, with out problems, it could end up being closer than we’d hope. I’m very excited about the game, I just worry that it’s a similar situation to where we’ve been with Spurs before, except reversed. We really don’t want to be giving them any sort of final stretch of the season confidence.

In other news, pertinent to my interests… Arsene Wenger has launched an investigation into our injury pile up.

“I am concerned that it happens. If you look at our overall injury list going into such a decisive part of the season, we have no Wilshere, Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey. We went to Bayern with no Gibbs or [Nacho] Monreal. Of course it is a concern, we are analysing very deeply why it happened to see if there is a link between these injuries.

“For some, for example Walcott, it is completely bad luck. Wilshere, I don’t think it is linked with the other injuries, it is linked more with his history and the kick he got. The rest maybe we have to find out why it happened. We will analyse everything.

“Our worry at the moment is Ramsey takes longer than expected. He had a first setback and now it’s slower. It was the plan for him to join in yesterday but he still has recurrent pains in his thigh and, of course, he’s now a little bit apprehensive because of the setback he had. We have to be very cautious with him, when will he be back? I believe it’s two more weeks now.

“[On Ozil], when the minimum is three weeks, the maximum is six. Honestly I am not specialist enough to know. It’s a grade two hamstring, let’s say four weeks.”

About time eh? I think it’s interesting that this has happened. I wonder whether this has been prompted by the negative press that’s occurred around his approach? I’m wondering this… am I responsible single handedly for investigation? Has my constant moaning paid off? Does Ivan thing, jeez, if that mug can see it, then we have to act. I believe so.

JUST JOKES (not jokes, I’m that deluded and tired)

Great news whatever the reason. But it does show that all the stuff I’ve been writing about isn’t nonsense. It’s based on sound basics. Wenger needs to change his approach to fitness. He needs to update tired methodology. He needs to bring in new people who can help elevate the club to new levels. Dortmund had fantastic players, but one of the most important cogs in the rise to prominence a few years ago was their approach to fitness. They took the Barca pressing game to an even more intense level. That isn’t just about hungry players, that’s a whole new back room approach. United, with that bang average squad won the league last year. Why? A incredible approach to fitness. Fresher, fitter players who recovered quicker than everyone else.

Bake a great approach to fitness into this current squad, layered with the purchase of powerful pacey players… we’re competing for the league. We’re challenging Bayern in games like Tuesday. We’re ultimately a much bigger threat.

That’s me done for the day, see you on the other side.

P.S. I loved St Louis. What great people. They’re so apologetic about crap American beer. The craft beer culture is so interesting. They’re obsessed!

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  1. Bacaryisgod

    Good to hear you enjoyed St.Louis, Pedro. My car broke down (ok, I ran out of petrol) there once when I was traveling through and a couple took me to get petrol and back to my car. Having said that,there’s some parts of St.Louis where the people aren’t so nice…

  2. Bacaryisgod

    Quick question-in England for a few days and my concierge found me a ticket for the game. What should I tip him?

    I’m in the Tottenham section (West Lower). Is it safe to cheer Arsenal from that section or should I be silent undercover?

  3. KJafc

    Keep your mouth shut mate unless you want a row. Silent underwear is best.

    Tip him a tenner or beat him up if he’s stuck you in with a load of inbred chavs.

  4. KJafc

    I didn’t mean silent underwear I meant silent undercover!

    West Lower 9 is near the Gooners in the corner, that’s all. Wear all your Red Arsenal gear and bring flares and a bull horn – it will get you noticed. In England you dial 999 for an ambulance. 🙂

  5. Revving Kevin

    Dear kjafc
    Wear all your red Arsenal gear and bring flares and a bullhorn – it will get you noticed. In England you dial 999 for an ambulance.

    Loool. Pissing myself that’s funny shit. Hilary owls.

    Is Bacary really going in with the Spurs fans and asking if he can cheer us on?!

  6. jwl

    Revving Kevin

    If Bacary is from US or Canada, fans from both teams sit together, intermingle. I am from Canada and I was amazed by hostility of crowds when I moved to UK. I really enjoy the passion around football, North American sports are lame and passionless. Bacary is probably in for a surprise when arrives at ground.

  7. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    I didnt, I had money on the scoreline of 4 -1. And that damn keeper Lloris screwed me out of $250. Did you see that last play of the match. How did Benfica not score. Another reason to hate the Spuds.

  8. Adam Bucci

    welcome to the US air travel system. its not unusual for flights to get delayed because they’re not full or even canceled altogether for that reason. oftentimes no reason is even given and the flight just disappears.

    with the delay of that length they should have found you an alternative flight and gotten you on that.

    what airline by the way?

  9. karim


    I knew you needed one more, just wanted to have a laugh about it, sorry about that
    I’m used to losing bets after an injury time goal or things like that too, so I know how you felt
    Though I only play for fun, I’m no Charlie Sheen aka Charlie Harper lol

  10. Revving Kevin

    Dear jwl
    Bacary could be going home on a stretcher. Especially if he brings those flares and bullhorns!

    I’m still laughing at kj’s comments. I have visions of some loud American dressed head to toe in Gooner gear, cheering and sounding his horn in the middle of hard core spurs supporters and a riot ensuing. As for the silent underwear comment! Lool.

  11. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    I don’t bet on Arsenal or more than about $100 on any game. I try to keep it real. But it makes the game more exciting. Otherwise that Spuds game was a slaughter. I was genuinely counting my money tho on that final break away. Spuds can’t even lose, properly.

  12. Revving Kevin

    Dear Mudwest
    ” Did you see that last play of the match”

    We would say last move or last attack. I love how you Americans describe things. I heard one talking about deeeeefensive line out and offencive pass completion stats and nearly threw something at my TV. Leave our gamecalone please and our language 🙂 😉

  13. MidwestGun

    Fora de para obter alguma cerveja!
    Outre de pour obtenir de la biere!
    Weg von etwas Bier bekommen!
    Fuori da per ottenere una certa birra!
    De para conseguir un poco de cerveza!

    Off to get some beer!!!! 😛

  14. F4phantomphreak

    I was wondering when Rosicky was at Dortmund his fitness was ok, right? He comes us and then bam he is out for like 2 seasons, I may be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time! Also your 100% right about the hot pants over here it is awesome till you got a beached whale marooning about ( sorry to any beached whales I may have offended there)

  15. Guns of brixton

    Hleb – diaby- csec- rosicky.

    who renembers that midfield? lol that had invincibles mk 2 written all over it for me. till diaby and TR7 became permeanet residents in the physio room.

  16. Norfolk

    Revving KevinMarch 14, 2014 19:08:03
    Dear Midwest
    Behave yourself mate! Where’s Notfolk, his wife American, poor sod and he’s giving me tips about a possible visit to Boston”

    Chicago mate, get it right.
    The best city in the whole of the US.

  17. MadeToLoveMagic

    arsene wenger goes to the doctor, he says ” excuse me doctor i have a sore foot and i don’t understand what is happening, its soo painful and i can’t even walk!, please help me , it’s unbearable!!”

    the doc says, “Well that does sound nasty, can you think of anything that may have happened to it?”

    Arsene, ” Not at all, it’s really strange, the only little thing I could possibly think of, is that last sunday my wife and I spent about 5 hours smashing my foot to pieces with a rusty sledge hammer, but surely it couldn’t possibly be that!, it’s really really bizarre doctor, please can you do something?”

    Doctor, “you twat Arsene”

  18. MarbleHall

    The silver lining that will emerge out of these upcoming fixtures is not hearing a dicky bird from Revv Kev and KJafc for a duration of at least a month.

  19. Carts

    ‘Hleb – diaby- csec- rosicky’

    I much preferred :


    We used to boss the shit out of teams with that midfield. Then since inception of the 4-3-3 we’ve found ourselves out manoeuvred by teams that still use 4-4-2. Bizarre.

  20. Ilerioluwa

    Its really really Pathetic when some people think that they love arsenal so much that its worth abusing the ethnicity of anyone who disagrees.
    Pedro, I have only been posting on this blog like 6 months but in that time I have been abused several times by the so called akbs. I decided I will stop posting after the last time though cos I just got tired of the whole thing. What’s the pointa(although I recently broke my resolution and posted a few comments)

  21. Ilerioluwa

    Anyway, what I was trying to say was this;
    I am thick skinned and abuse of any kind don’t get to me, but everyone else isn’t like that. Also no matter how thick skinned you are, I think there comes a point where most decent people get tired of reading grown men abusing themselves( and maybe also participatin in it).
    I think u should fix ur blog. If there is a code of conduct and rules, I think it should probably be followed. Or else, maybe not now, but maybe it may put off Quite a number Of people from reading this blog.

  22. Carts


    I remember sometime last year when one infamous poster made a watermelon & chicken reference.

    I asked Pedro if such acts were ok and that they verged on racism. I followed up by saying I won’t be coming back. His response was ‘if every time someone said that [wont be coming back] I’d be a millionaire’.

    I avoided Le Grove for a good while afterwards.

  23. Ilerioluwa

    Incidentally, this is the only arsenal blog I know of where things get very visceral. strange.
    As for me, I will watch the matches and read the posts and comments. But I can’t really be arsed to comment. I guess its getting a little boring too writing comments because afterall, the comments are just replicas Of what has been said in times past. And I suspect that arsene wenger would continue to be a polarizing figure at arsenal for years to come and the coming seasons would resemble the past ones in many aspects. (maybe this is partly the Reason I don’t post that Much again too). But my point still stands, pedro.

    Apologies if my thoughts seem disjointed #These are random thoughts from a hazy brain and not so clear mind atm.

  24. Atswimtwoirds

    I’m coming over from the US for the Chelsea game I have the same problem as backryisgod. My tickets are those of a season ticket holder.
    Still looking forwRd to it.

  25. Ilerioluwa

    I get what u are saying… … I think in fairness to pedro, he doesn’t have the tym to police every single comment. #shrugs.

    Both so called doomers and akbs go beyond the limits of decent conversation. Was just saying what happend to me

  26. MidwestGun

    Illeriol –
    Sorry to hear of your experience. But from my experience this is the best because you can speak without being censured.

    The part that disturbs me is that somehow people think they can win a debate, nobody really ever changes their mind that much based on what is said here. And in by winning, some people equate that to name calling and belittling. Anyhow, hope you keep commenting.

    oh, and I have been on blogs far worse than this. Usually, those just have one word posters, who post nonsense designed to get around the moderator.

    My experience here has been if you post an opinion be prepared to defend it.

  27. MidwestGun

    Actually, it would be way to easy, not challenging in the least. So, oh well back to drinking alone.
    I’ll let you have your little record Kwik but just know this. I can topple it whenever I want.

    *Evil laugh*

  28. N5

    Looooooooooooooool 😡

    Kwik did send me to mind the place, but whilst I was keeping you busy, he was leaving youtube links all over your house.

  29. N5

    Bermy, thanks god someone else is here!! we were starting to go insane all here on our own! Midwest was starting to eye me up like he was going to eat me!!

  30. Revving Kevin

    Hello Norfolk
    Yes I can’t really blame my spellchecker for that one how the Windy City got changed to Boston!!

    I will look at those hotels, thanks mate. As long as they have king size beds I should be okay. Midwest will probably try to send me somewhere else though! He’s a good guy.

    Been fun on here today, you should have popped by.

  31. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. Well that would explain why my data limit is almost up.
    So what do you think do you think, I can get 6 to 1 odds Hull over Man City?

    Or am I crazy?

  32. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Winding up for work mate. Don’t fancy it tonight but needs must. After the discussion you had earlier, with kj about the blog and Gooners, the site took an upward turn. Coincidence? It was good today, plenty of humour, football discussions and a more relaxed experience. It’s like it should be all mates getting along and enjoying each other.

    I am still laughing at kj’s comments to Bacaryisgid about his ticket in the spuds end Sunday. Gold.

  33. Revving Kevin

    Dear Mudwest
    They have a few injuries and confidence is low. Tough Away game too midweek. And Hull just had a good win and are not a bad side and are fresh.. I would say it’s worth a punt at 6-1 mate. Worth a monkey.

  34. Revving Kevin

    Dear Karim
    Hull have a decent chance mate on the back of a couple of very bad results for City. No way a squad worth that much should lose at home to Wigan but they did. Could be a good time for hull, otherwise I would agree they had no chance.

    Evening Sal.

  35. karim

    Although Kevin is right in what he’s saying about City, I still think they re gonna realize they can still win the league if they win their 3 games in hand

    I don t see them collapsing when I look at their whole season
    Aguero better be fit though

  36. Revving Kevin

    Dear Mudwest
    Lloris is their best player. £100 million wasted on some pretty average players. Looks like Walker and Sandro are out. Always tough at spuds it’s their cup final but I think we will win. If we do Bacaryisgod could be in for a bumpy ride in the Spurs end! I’m still laughing at those comments about flairs and bull horns and the ambulance. Keep giggling about it. That Kj is a funny guy. Could be Bacaryisdead next week. Loool.

  37. Revving Kevin

    Dear Karim
    Yes fair comment and on their day the should beat Hull comfortably.

    Did you know Aguerro has had around 6 hamstring injuries since he signed. He has a weakness there and probably needs a much longer rest than he has been getting. I doubt he’ll be risked with us coming up.

  38. karim

    Revving Kevin

    Cheers. True about that Wigan game + Barcelona sending them out of Europe won t be too good psychologically, not to mention the last minute goal.

    Will be interesting to see what they re made of, I mean there s still a league to be won !

    Have a good night, talk to you after our win on Sunday !

  39. N5

    Yes Revvin it has been a much better day today, hardly a single row! good stuff. Let’s hope the rolls over to a nice win on Sunday.

    PS I love the fact it always comes up Mudwest in your comments, I’m not sure if on purpose or your spell check but it really tickles me.

  40. Revving Kevin

    Have a nice weekend Karim.

    Dear Midwest,
    Bacary got his ticket from some concierge and he’s in with the spuds fans. He asked if he had to go secret under cover or if it was okay to cheer . kj told him to wear his arsenal gear, let off flares, sound his bull horn and added that in the Uk you dial 999 for an ambulance! Oh dear, I am laughing again that’s just so funny. my wife is laughing at my giggling. It’s just the vision I have of this crazy American and his bullhorn and the spuds going mental. Sorry.

  41. MidwestGun

    If you come here you will see just how much mud there is here. Mississippi River not called the Big Muddy for nothing. Muddy Waters my favorite blues artist got his name from it.

  42. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    It only takes one or two and they havnt been on. I am convinced some just want a row, you know that cyber bully thing.

    I havnt laughed so much for a long time, kj got me big time today with the Bacary thing. I think that kj guy can be so funny. This place is better when he, you, Romford, Midwest, Karim, vintages and some of the other respectful posters are on here and the kids are in bed.

  43. karim


    Oh yeah, saw a documentary about Jimmy Hendricks this week, and they were comparing his voice to muddy waters’ but i have to say I never heard him sing

  44. N5

    Lol, that really tickled me too Kev, he does have a wicked sense of humor.

    I hope to god that Bacary doesn’t speak to loudly about being a Gooner in the Spud end, it could turn very nasty very quickly!

    Talking on Vintage Kev, I’m not sure what’s happened to him. Both him and Samsensible seem to have given the blog up all together.

  45. Revving Kevin

    Sorry about this spellchecker calling you Mudwest and not Midwest. And the hairy owls stuff.

    This can be dangerous when texting. I once sent a text to my wife and meant to say ” I will be home late, see you later when I’m done here” but it actually said ” I will be with Kate see you later when I’ve done her”. 🙂

  46. Revving Kevin

    Dear Bacaryisgod
    Just looked Block 25 is well away from the Gooners in the corner. You’ll be fine mate kj was just kidding. I have been to that place loads of times. Be careful though mate, they are thick and very hostile having been in our shadow for over 100 years. Do you play baseball? If so bring your bat and do us all a favour!

  47. N5

    Oops I’ve just realised that there should have been a comma between sweet and Bacary, now it looks like I was coming on to him. I meant sweet that he is English so know’s what the score is.

  48. N5

    Kev, you know me mate, I bite every time, but I was chatting to him the other day about what is an acceptable expectation from a manager in 9 years and he was as good as gold and then today without any reason he calls a load of us out. It’s such a strange way to behave.

    Anyway moving on from the idiocy.

  49. karim


    Just wear white stuff, try and look as sorry as you can everytime we score and it should do the trick

    Will be harder to fool them when they score though, but we all know that will never happen

  50. N5

    😆 He average, he turned down the Arsenal for an average club in a shit hole borough, his team mates are all sloped headed neanderthals! Vertonghen!!

    I’m not really sure what tune you sing that one too, but I’m certain it will catch on.

  51. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Posts gone missing. Odd. Agree we need to keep the good guys here. Unhappy Gooner was unhappy about the abuse. Kj was pissed off about jokes about disable people and down syndrome stuff. Samsensible was also not impressed. Kj has come back but gets abused by a few and told he plays with himself over pictures of Wenger by TYAG. That’s not football or very adult. The thing is this place needs these guys, look at today. Kj was fucking hairy owls. Anyways your earlier comments were correct. Don’t waiver mate, needs you to stay on your fence, splinters and all Lol 😉

  52. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    He’s not the only average one. Lol. All that Bale money plus some wasted on average players. Holtby sent to Fulham, Soldado can’t get a game same Capoue and £30m Lamala, yes £30 million (who’s now injured) what a bunch of losers. And as for all those so called Gooners praising Spuds transfers and saying they had ridiculed us they should hang their heads in shame. Spuds are losers and the most deluded fans. No title since 1961 and yet they think they compare to us. Not in this world or any other.

  53. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Haha. Ya probably. But I want to have some juice in the game. How about
    A draw. 3 to 1? Nothing? Lol. I dont like any of the other games.
    Maybe I look again.

  54. Revving Kevin

    Breaking News: West Brom sack Anelka for gross misconduct.

    Sky reports this was because he tried to terminate his contract via social media which made it invalid.

    Some of these footballers areal stupid.

  55. N5

    Kev, talking about Tottenham and their title win, someone said the other day on here, they have won the league twice, we’ve one it twice at the lane! small club!

    Apparently in their trophy cabinet they boast the wondrous Enfield cup, and this is meant to be a big team! hairy owls indeed.

  56. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5 love it. They are so gobby it’s unreal. Even their mates in the media like Brazil can’t let go. We have it bad enough with some of the strange expectations but that club are something else. Year after year they finish behind us and embarrass themselves. No title for 53 years and yet they bang in about 9 years. Even their captain jumped ship and became a hero at Arsenal. He’s now about to talk about the move and why he did it on sky 405.

    Insignificant little club of dreamers.

  57. N5

    Kevin, I have a friend at work who’s a spud, sadly he’s called Kev too which kind of casts a shadow over the name!

    He often makes jokes about sending me to the Emirates with some Brasso for our trophy cabinet before really laughing and saying “oh I expect Wenger has loads left as he’s not using it, or he’s sold it to ManUre for lots of cash”, I asked him how he can make jokes when ours is just 9 years and the last thing they won was in 98 and that was just that mickey mouse cup and before then 99 which was the same joke cup and finally before then 91 which was there last real trophy, the FA cup and he says that’s all irrelevant because they don’t rub their history in our faces, to which I always say, because you don’t fucking have any.

    This I wish was only a one time conversation but it has happened numerous times and the sad thing is, he isn’t alone in thinking this way. All the Spuds think like it and if you get to them to much they start on about us being a South London club! let it go mugs.

  58. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Hello we dont need no stinken Anelka. We got Kim Kallstrom, greatest beach footballer in all of Sweden. The away fans should get their Kim K song ready now.

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Do you do the lottery?

    I don’t never gonna happen like arsenal winning the big cup!

    However if you go on one of the betting apps for example Stan James

    Go to any of the leagues
    Now select either both teams to score or not in all the games in that division
    Total will be about ten games

    Now for a one pound bet you van win around 2 and a half grand

    Reduce your bet to 50p and still get a grand !

    More chance than the lottery and more fun …