Arsene Wenger admits there’s a deep seated issue with fitness

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Ok, so the delay I was talking about last time we spoke looks like a damn cake walk compared to the one I’m looking at right now.

20 hours.

Yeah, that’s right people, 20 f*cking hours.


You got that? It’s going to take me 20 hours to get back home. It’s outrageous. Opodo. I don’t even know what they are, but know this… they’re a f*cking sh*t show. Don’t book tickets with them.

Ok, onto football news.

Many exciting times eh?


The caps indicate excitement. He could make the bench this weekend for the Spurs game. I mean, when I look at the problems we’re dealing with at the moment, I think… what do we really need? Then it hits me. Some Kim Kallstrom.

Guys and gals, I think it’s going to be alright.

Ok, so outside him, Wenger told the press Aaron Ramsey won’t be about for the game this weekend. He’s been having ‘issues’ with his rehab. I was told by someone who knows him that this issue isn’t serious and it’s precautionary. Arsene clearly opting for caution this time, which is good to hear.

Did I tell you Kim Kallstrom is back? Great news I think. Could really do with a sprinkling of his talent.

Also, sorry to jump all over the place, but the trend for American women wearing hot pants to the airport is both exceptional and off putting.

Back to the post. Aaron is out. Ozil is out. Jack is out. That’s a pretty bleak situation. The Spurs game with a fit squad would look like a relatively easy game, with out problems, it could end up being closer than we’d hope. I’m very excited about the game, I just worry that it’s a similar situation to where we’ve been with Spurs before, except reversed. We really don’t want to be giving them any sort of final stretch of the season confidence.

In other news, pertinent to my interests… Arsene Wenger has launched an investigation into our injury pile up.

“I am concerned that it happens. If you look at our overall injury list going into such a decisive part of the season, we have no Wilshere, Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey. We went to Bayern with no Gibbs or [Nacho] Monreal. Of course it is a concern, we are analysing very deeply why it happened to see if there is a link between these injuries.

“For some, for example Walcott, it is completely bad luck. Wilshere, I don’t think it is linked with the other injuries, it is linked more with his history and the kick he got. The rest maybe we have to find out why it happened. We will analyse everything.

“Our worry at the moment is Ramsey takes longer than expected. He had a first setback and now it’s slower. It was the plan for him to join in yesterday but he still has recurrent pains in his thigh and, of course, he’s now a little bit apprehensive because of the setback he had. We have to be very cautious with him, when will he be back? I believe it’s two more weeks now.

“[On Ozil], when the minimum is three weeks, the maximum is six. Honestly I am not specialist enough to know. It’s a grade two hamstring, let’s say four weeks.”

About time eh? I think it’s interesting that this has happened. I wonder whether this has been prompted by the negative press that’s occurred around his approach? I’m wondering this… am I responsible single handedly for investigation? Has my constant moaning paid off? Does Ivan thing, jeez, if that mug can see it, then we have to act. I believe so.

JUST JOKES (not jokes, I’m that deluded and tired)

Great news whatever the reason. But it does show that all the stuff I’ve been writing about isn’t nonsense. It’s based on sound basics. Wenger needs to change his approach to fitness. He needs to update tired methodology. He needs to bring in new people who can help elevate the club to new levels. Dortmund had fantastic players, but one of the most important cogs in the rise to prominence a few years ago was their approach to fitness. They took the Barca pressing game to an even more intense level. That isn’t just about hungry players, that’s a whole new back room approach. United, with that bang average squad won the league last year. Why? A incredible approach to fitness. Fresher, fitter players who recovered quicker than everyone else.

Bake a great approach to fitness into this current squad, layered with the purchase of powerful pacey players… we’re competing for the league. We’re challenging Bayern in games like Tuesday. We’re ultimately a much bigger threat.

That’s me done for the day, see you on the other side.

P.S. I loved St Louis. What great people. They’re so apologetic about crap American beer. The craft beer culture is so interesting. They’re obsessed!

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  1. Baaf

    “They did investigate [injuries] in a similar fashion two years ago and it is likely to be more to do with having fewer players than the other clubs in four competitions. Arsenal’s players therefore have to play and train more”.- Arsene Weneger.

    Yet you refuse to buy players when you can. Now tell me this man hasn’t lost it.

  2. Bamford13

    Far too many apologists for Wenger and the status quo on the previous post this morning. It was rather disgusting.

    Full support to OTT and all who have had enough of the mediocrity, the miserliness, and the idiocy of life under Wenger.

    A few points:

    1. Dan tells us we should be happy because we signed Ozil. Problem with this is that we needed far more than just Ozil — indeed a decent argument can be made that we didn’t really need a CAM — but signed no additional players aside from cheap mediocrities (Sanogo, Flamini, Kallstrom). Further, these cheap signings say just as much, if not more, about whether Wenger has changed. He hasn’t. He still wants to prove that he can win on the cheap. Those, like Lemmon, who have faith in the coming summer window should take another long look at the Kallstrom, Flamini and Sanogo signings. Aside from one decent signing this summer, this is likely the caliber of player Wenger will be bringing in.

    2. KJAFC tells us that the frustration expressed on here after Bayern was “fake” because losing to Bayern as we did was no failure given “the expectations”. So many problems with this. First, we only have such low expectations because Wenger has failed to build a proper side. Had he signed a quality CF and DM in the summer, we could’ve genuinely competed, and our expectations would’ve been much higher. Instead, as always, we have to settle for being second-rate and an also-ran. There’s nothing keeping us from being first-rate other than Wenger himself.

    Lemmon – I’m with you re Martinez. He’s a quality manager, and as I’ve said before, any competent manager who doesn’t try to get by on the cheap could improve Arsenal.

    Here’s to the day when we are no longer second-rate and an also-ran!

    (And no, beating Hull in the FA Cup final won’t prove we’ve arrived.)

  3. Danish Gooner

    It is rather pathetic that after eight years of the same injury pattern he finally realize that something is wrong.Maybe it is just a smoke screen,he said something similar in 08 and did nothing about it,sometimes he says things just to placate and get people of his back.

  4. N5

    After seeing Midwest getting cunted I’ve lost all hope Bamford.

    I just don’t know what’s real anymore.

    *dribbles onto chin and rocks back and fourth.

  5. Dale Rios

    Maybe just maybe some Arsenal fans will start believe our injuries are down to more than just rotten luck.

    Bit shocking that it’s taken Arsene this long to realise something was wrong, some people could see there was a problem 6 years ago.

  6. kjafc

    Wow, I’ve seen it all now, Midwest getting cunted in my opinion is up there with Romford getting cunted. Never a nicer guy will you meet and somehow he’s been brought into this back and fourth.I rest my case from what I posted earlier about how split this place is becoming. It’s fucking hard work.
    Exactly but I did try to warn you mate. 😉

    Yes, we have loads of American and Canadian fans from Midwest, Dan A, Sal, Bamford13 etc. Good to see support for our great club so far afield. Respect to them.

  7. Pedro

    Also… I find Wenger’s comments hilarious… mainly because of all the nonsense Keyser was spouting.

    Even Arsene agrees with Le Grove.

  8. MarbleHall

    The malaise at Arsenal is deep rooted 18 years deep rooted to be precise.

    Only a scandal of epic proportions would shift Wenger from his seat.

    The club have accepted second best far to long now to change from the error of it’s ways.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    Agree with you about Martinez, nice guy but can’t help but feel he’s a little over rated. But agree with Bamford on everything else.

  10. N5

    Pedro it was on yesterdays blog, but about 10 minutes before you upped this one.

    I can’t wait until we roast the Spuds on Sunday and then hopefully that will restore some of the harmony.

  11. MidwestGun

    Im sorry DanC but you have missed my point entirely. Im not happy with the things you listed because we need to do those anyways to be viable.
    And for a club with our resources the rebuilding process is painfully slow.

    I would like a new manager because of the transfer window dealings, not bringing in enough quality players as well as top level players. Also a Iam
    not a big fan of his on field tactical decisions.
    So I would like to see a fresh approach to these issues.

    But still yes I would be happy as shit to win the FA cup, as any fan would.

    But its not the end all be all, even tho it would get the monkey off our back.

    Just so my position is clear to you.

    and yes DanC I have absolutely no sense of humor.

    So thats me done arguing with you. Joke Friday please.

  12. N5

    Spot on Kj, you can’t mug these guys off for not going to games, they should be applauded that they follow a team from a different country that isn’t even in there home countries top 3 sports!

    I think they are all diamonds for not only following football, but following our team, we should be proud of them, not ripping on them for not making the matches.

    Midwest, I know watches every game through his cable/streaming set up and I bet you a dollar to donuts if he could afford it, he would be at every game! this shouldn’t be a subject of ridicule.

  13. Marko

    I wouldn’t really use Dortmund as a great example of fitness cause players like Hummels, Subotic and a couple others have picked up quite a few injuries over say the last 2 years and Gundogen is still out with that back injury. On that front I just think some of it’s training methods, some of it’s bad luck and some of it’s the particular player himself. Rosicky’s a great example of someone who just wasn’t put together properly.

    Also on the manager front Klopp could be got, Simeone could be I think and DeBeor and Bergkamp should be an option.

  14. Aaron Lemon


    ““They did investigate [injuries] in a similar fashion two years ago and it is likely to be more to do with having fewer players than the other clubs in four competitions. Arsenal’s players therefore have to play and train more”.- Arsene Weneger.Yet you refuse to buy players when you can. Now tell me this man hasn’t lost it.”

    And there we have it mate. Delusion of the scariest order.

  15. kjafc

    Afternoon Bamford
    KJAFC tells us that the frustration expressed on here after Bayern was “fake” because losing to Bayern as we did was no failure given “the expectations.
    That is unfair mate.

    I actually posted Pedros comments after the first leg and highlighted the contradiction that appeared in his post after the game in Munich, which he admitted he did not watch. During the home game he claimed that we had a good game plan, Wenger was given credit for that and the sending off was highlighted as changing the game. The post after the Munich draw completely contradicted this previous opinion and was an example of what I call fake rage. It is in black and white mate.

    I think that saying we set low expectation levels because of wenger is a cheap shot because any team playing Bayern would not be favourites. And in actual fact, for such a shit manager, we did okay against Bayern and the sending off changed the game, only a fool would saying playing against the best team in Europe with ten men is not a problem. Denying that is fine but not accurate or fair to do so. I thought we did well and it was a credible performance. It is fake rage to pretend we should have beaten them and to claim that tactical naiveity was responsible, when it wasn’t.

  16. N5

    Midwest, I know it isn’t any of my business and I don’t usually get involved with other people’s disagreements, but I’ve seen numerous comments mocking the Americans, Canadians and African supporters on this blog and it really gets on my nerves for the reasons I said in my last comment.

    In fact the very last time this type of argument came up, it was to ugermainaija (however it’s spelt) and he was told to stick to washing elephants as he never would be coming to the Emirates!

    Is that kind of thing right?

  17. Aaron Lemon


    “Morning!Bamford, do you not worry that Martinez is a bit too nice?”

    Not aimed at me but even so – what? He has consistently managed to get 3 different clubs fired up for every game and you’re worried he’s too nice? I don’t care what it takes, if being too nice gets this lot fired up for beating Man U sometimes in the next decade then bring him in!

  18. Aaron Lemon

    Simeone in terms of what he’s achieved is arguably a good shout but whether or not he has the style we’d all want to see I have no idea, I haven’t watched his team enough.

  19. kjafc

    Mate, you are so right.

    The same is true of those awful comments the g man made about disabled people and disfigured war veterans. It is a social problem and typical of social media where people hide and act big. Its not Pedros fault and there is nothing he can do about Societys ills. It is down to us to police it and tell these morons when they step out of line. Irrespective of whose ‘gang’ you think they are in.

    Common decency and respect costs nothing and yet you cannot put a value on it.

  20. MidwestGun

    Pedro – good post, really worried about our injury situation.

    So are you stuck in st louis for 20 hours? St pats day celebrations start you could stay. So you liked hanging with my peeps?

    Oh and our local light beer, needs to be apologized for. Budweiser is swill water. Not that they wouldnt be an excellent sponser for this sight! Lol

  21. Uchmangunnernaija

    I don’t get this, so we’re not proper fans for supporting Arsenal from a different Country?
    Maybe it’s my fault for being Nigerian LOL.
    Seriously, I’ve been a fan for over 12 years now. I followed the teams games, even disobeyed my parents on several occasions just to catch a glimpse of an Arsenal game. Despite the 8 years without any trophy, Im still a fan and I still watch almost every game we play.

    Someone please explain who a fan is??

  22. Ofebs

    Arsene wants to win the premier league and champions league using cheap second rate players, the powers that be have told him several times to p*ss off through the actions of referees on the pitch and disciplinary panels that have heavily clamped down on him whenever they could off the pitch…

    The English media too have hounded him to no end…spend some MONEY Arsene, stop being Ebenezer Scrooge. Our Arsene is too deaf and blind to see. Never mind FFP, the powers of football love it when clubs spend silly money – the club becomes a darling, there is no better aphrodisiac for these topshots than money, it gives them a big h… on (fill the blanks as you like)!

  23. N5

    Uchmangunnernaija, there is no need to explain to you what a fan is, you just pretty much summed it up, you are 100% one.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    Unhappy gooner was the only one to stick up for Uche that night, since then he hasn’t been back on here. He does seem to have a little Englander mentality, does Dan C.

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    A true Arsenal fan apparently is someone who worships the ground Arsène Wenger walks on. The rest are just an irrelevance.

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    Total number of injuries for each club since physioroom started recording them in 2002:

    Man Utd—–743
    Man City—-565

    We’ve known about the injury problems for ages. The problem with Wenger is he reacts far too late to any given situation. No-one can deny that we have more injuries, the data speaks for itself:

  27. N5

    TYAG, I know. I said to Dan that night he should apologise to Uche but Unhappy was really pissed off because just the night before I had told him he was a mug for ripping on French people but seemed to go really easy on Uche! I said to Unhappy I was just exhausted from arguing and just wanted to talk football, but I’ve not seen him here since. I did think it was gambons re.tard comment that pushed him over the edge though, I didn’t realise it was that night.

  28. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    My only problem with DanC is he ends most posts with some sort of jab at whoever. Not just me. He makes good points sometimes but its lost in his vitriol. He doesn’t know me but assumes things based on where I live.
    As long as its not some of slur or degrading I really dont care tho.
    He has as much right to post here as me. So its all good.

  29. DanC


    Everything is cool! And no one is trying to cunt anyone off. Just a differing opinion thats all.

    ‘Im sorry DanC but you have missed my point entirely. Im not happy with the things you listed because we need to do those anyways to be viable.
    And for a club with our resources the rebuilding process is painfully slow.’

    I know what you are saying but the fact we haven’t been doing any of these in the past 10 years is a sign that we haven’t been viable.

    Now for the first time in 10 years we are doing these things so we are putting our selves in a far better place to compete.

    The rebuilding process is going to take longer time when you lose star players year upon year, Ade, Nasri, Cesc, RVP just to name a couple. Not to mention various other 1st teams leaving Toure, Clichy etc.

    You dont have to agree with me Im not asking you to but just to see that those improvements that you don’t think are a big deal, actually are.

    Lets not get on to disagreeing about Wenger and his tactics we’d be here all day. No manager is without fault we all know that.

    Martinez needs to develop a bit more first, lose that niceness and become a bit more ruthless.

  30. TitsMcgee

    ““They did investigate [injuries] in a similar fashion two years ago and it is likely to be more to do with having fewer players than the other clubs in four competitions. Arsenal’s players therefore have to play and train more”.- Arsene Weneger.”



  31. N5

    Marble then by your own admission you are not a true fan, because you have not protested! in fact the only true fan that comes to the Grove is Doublegooner and me.

    I marched the BlackScarfMovement twice and Double protested with letters to Ivan.

  32. TitsMcgee

    mainly because of all the nonsense Keyser was spouting.”

    He spouts anything that is pro-Wenger, pro-Arsenal.

    He just does it in a subtle way so he leaves room to be able to say he’s not a blind-homer.

  33. Uchmangunnernaija

    No qualms.
    I’ve been everywhere my entire life lol. From Nigeria to London to U.S. but my support hasn’t diminished. My family relocated to London just 2 years ago and I was able to attend an Arsenal game last summer against Galatasaray!

  34. jwl

    I am in Canada and the ladies wear yoga pants here all the time as well and as far as I am concerned the Nobel peace price should go to whoever invented hot pants. I live in university town and most of the young women wear yoga pants all the freakin time, it is hard to concentrate with all these lovely ladies with peach bottoms walking around in form fitting clothes.

    If Wenger realizes there is problem with his training methods and the club hire experts to create training routine, that’s good, if Wenger decides to study the problem himself and fix it himself, that’s bad.

    Have safe flight, pedro, wherever you are!

  35. Uchmangunnernaija

    Midwest, I don’t like Kentuckians too lol. They traditionally don’t wear shoes!
    I like the Miami lifestyle. In fact I’ll be in Miami by this time next week for Spring Break!!

  36. TitsMcgee

    Every Arsenal fan would love to win the FA Cup let’s not be ridiculous but it only “really” matters if next year we go out and improve/equip the current squad for even more glory.

    The problem is Wenger never seems to really have a plan. Playing “pretty” as “cheaply” as he can is his goal. Winning is an afterthought. A cherry on top if you will.

    There is no such thing as a manager that has/had a “10 year plan” to build a team and if you believe that then…..

  37. DanC

    Thank You
    ‘He does seem to have a little Englander mentality, does Dan C.’

    Comment of the day right there.

    Get the context right please girls.


    Firstly mate get the right African before you drag uneccessary things back up. It was Illeroulwa not Uchman. I could say you’re out of line by not being able to tell the difference between two Africans cos you’re implying they are all the same.

    Please dont make it into something it wasn’t. It was uneccessary to bring that up and bad form from you mate. It went close to the bone, a line was drawn, end of story.

    When comparing and debating the atmosphere at the ground it would actually help if those people actually went. That was the crux of it. So I think the lads that go are in a better to position to debate the atmosphere at the Emirates than a lad who lives in Africa.

  38. Gambon

    Revving, KJAFC and DanC think they are all the Greatest fans in the world because they readily consume the horse shit served by Wenger on a daily basis.

  39. MidwestGun

    DanC –
    Cheers! Like I said Im ok with you. Ive been to London probably a half dozen times and I would gladly tip a pint with you. I used to have relatives there,
    that I would visit and take in a game at the Grove. But sadly they live in Canada now.
    I dont need for this place to be a happy happy love in. Just a small ammount of civility. Obviously, I love the British culture because it is part and parcel of Arsenal.

  40. Bamford13


    I don’t know if Martinez is too nice. Hadn’t heard that criticism before. He does seem fairly genial in public, but there may be another side to him when he’s with his players.

    He seems to motivate his players just fine, and his teams see, organized, disciplined, hard-working. You don’t hear stories of players getting out of line, rubbing their genitals on taxi cabs in Copenhagen, etc.

    I kid, of course.

    My point before, though, was not that Martinez is THE solution, but that he is an example of a good manager who very easily could take us in a positive direction.

    Again, any competent manager who isn’t trying to prove he can win on the cheap can improve Arsenal. After that, it’s just a question of who is the best fit.

    Martinez and De Boer are realistic. Klopp would be fabulous, but I don’t know if it’s feasible. Does he even speak 10 words of English?

  41. MarbleHall

    Injuries seem to be the hot topic of the day what about the injuries inflicted upon the long suffering supporter by Wenger’s band of merry men.

    Poison spouting reprobates that’s what they are.

  42. N5

    Dan, to be honest until TYAG mentioned it, I forgot the comment come from you so it was just a coincidence that I brought that one up.

    RE Midwest. I would say the same if people went after Romford! there are people here that deserve and would like your vitriol, there are others that don’t, he doesn’t.

    You could say I can’t tell 2 African people apart yes, but as I don’t know what either guy looks like the fairest thing is to say that out of the 2 Nigerian guys that post on here I picked the incorrect man! not really a PC problem but I get your point.

    I’m not in anyway trying to argue with you, but as I would say to anyone, points are made a whole lot clearer if abuse isn’t added to them.

    Aaron and Keyser last night were a prime example of this.

  43. Skinnywill

    I never get this true fan argument. Everyone is entitled to their opinion however old, whatever nationally and whatever their level of interest in the club is. I hate posts that start I have been following Arsenal for 50 years or I go to every game as so what, why does that make your opinion anymore valid than anyone else’s?

    There seems to be two distinct camps, either pro-Wenger or anti-Wenger but my problem is I am not sure quite where I am. I enjoy the football we play, the players we have, the stadium we now have, the regular champions league football but then should we be doing better. I feel we should be more competitive as we don’t appear to have used all the resources available to us but then on the other hand I look at Man Utd and worry what will happen if Wenger leaves.

    Maybe it is time to risk a step back in trying to take a step forward.

  44. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Good comments indeed my friend.

    Being an Arsenal is not measured by whether you are a Wenger fan or not. The same as opinions, two sides is how it will always be.

    Spent thirty years going to games. Seen utter shit, been bored and stood on cold concrete terraces freezing my nuts off. While someone pisses on your shoes. Half the fans on here havnt a clue about what watching football in the 80’s was like or just how hopeless and boring we were. Shit, even the spuds were better than us. These guys would have burned the ground down.

    So I really get pissed when some young ‘fan’ comes on here and questions why I havnt posted in a while, claiming it’s Becos we lost a game. (TYAG and others).

    To me being a fan and being a supporter are not the same. I support win, lose or draw. I loathe people hating on the club. I get pissed off when we lose like anyone else. Just have more perspective than a lot.
    When I see fans like TYAG accusing knowledgable older blokes like kjafc of wanking over pictures of Wenger, I despair.

    Is this what it is now to be a fan? Looking back, we had it good watching shit and being bored Becos at least we didn’t get abused by fellow fans, it was proper comrades back in the day.

  45. MidwestGun

    Uch –
    Your going to Spring Break in Miami? Oh you lucky lucky man. Lol
    I’ve never been there for spring break but Ive been to Spring Break in South Padre, and Corpus Christi Tx and I can tell you its a good time! Even for an old Fooker like me.

  46. N5

    Skinnywill come and sit here firmly in the middle with me, it’s cosy but there are only a couple of us.

    PS I have been going to Arsenal for 32 years and a season ticket holder for 16, so I’m king of this middle OK! just so we are clear! 😀

  47. Emiratesstroller

    In an earlier post I highlighted that Arsenal seem to recruit a number of players who are ‘injury prone’. If you take a look at our current squad there are quite a number who fit into that category namely:

    That is almost 25% of the squad where there is a considerable risk that they will be out of action for a not inconsiderable chunk of each season.

    There are also others who suffer bad injuries and are likely to miss several weeks.This season we lost in this fashion:

    There are also occasions when you know that a player needs to be carefully
    nurtured and not overplayed. I include in that category players who arrive at
    the club from the Continent where they don’t play at such a high tempo or
    where they are not used to playing 180 minutes of football each week e.g. Ozil.

    When I factor in that Wenger signed a player in January who was diagnosed with a fracture of the spine it suggests to me that the club are not as vigilant or
    rigorous in their recruitment policy as they should be.

    Footballers playing in EPL need to be fit for purpose and that means properly
    evaluated by scouts, managers,coaches and of course medical team. One of
    my main concerns is that Wenger looks more at the stereotype of player who fits into his scheme of play than perhaps their suitability for the English Game.

  48. TitsMcgee

    Martinez is proactive and that’s why he has success IMO.

    He’s not married to a philosophy or ideal and is not out to change the world.

    Is he flawless or a shoe-in to be a success at a big club? Who knows but we could certainly do worse.

    Simeone please and thank you.

  49. N5

    Rev, I remember those horrible times, the nights when players like Paul Walsh turned us over down the lane! the nights we would go down to QPR or Luton and lose 1-0 to a shambolic mediocre side. The 18 years without a league win.

    But I would stick by Arsenal through thick and thin because (sometimes sadly) it’s in my blood. I wouldn’t know what to do with my life if Arsenal wasn’t in it. They are as much a part of it as my kids, parents, wife (urgghhh) and my job!!

    It isn’t great sometimes, but god, it’s been so much worse.

  50. Skinnywill

    N5 – 36 years for me but only a Silver member.
    Revving Kev – There were some good times in the eighties, I loved Charlie Nicholas and had the privilege of being managed by Ian Allinson in my non-league football playing days.

  51. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Be careful about those splinters up your bottom mate. That’s why I jumped off the fence, well actually was ‘helped’ off by doomers and WOB’s. 😉

    Great result last night, that’s what £110 million quid does.

  52. DanC

    Gambon the imposter

    Get back to Untold Tony.

    Stop trying too hard. You’ll never fit in.

    Come back when you stop pretending to be someone else.

  53. Samir masri

    I think hiring Martinez is something we need because I’m sure he will wanna know if the board are willing too fully back him up on transfers before he comes here at arsenal. But that looks unlikely because stan kroenke and Ivan gazidas are still running this club as some nursery level football club.

  54. N5

    Lol, I wear extra thick pants Kevin to prevent splintering. I like it up here on this fence. I’m safe from all the fighting. But if it does go pair shaped I’ll be hiding behind you, considering you are a big handy fucker I know where I would fell safest 😀

  55. Skinnywill

    Emirates – That is not a fair list as only Sanogo was signed with a history of injuries. Gibbs and Wilshire came through the youth team and Diaby, Rosicky and Walcott had no history of injuries before they joined us.

    I do believe our training / recovery methods need to be reviewed but don’t forget that Wenger’s sides from 1997-2005 when we were successful didn’t have particularly poor injury records (at least I don’t recall major issues) so if the same training methods are being used surely it cannot be all down to that now.

  56. MidwestGun

    I think I mentioned this, but my first football coach when I was growing up was a huge Arsenal supporter and would show us tapes of some of those older games to try and teach us to play think mid 70s . Lol. Our youth team here was not so good, wonder why.

  57. TitsMcgee

    “Diego Costa please and thank you”

    In a heartbeat but I fear he’s off to Stamford Bridge.

    We really screwed the pooch last summer in terms of strikers because now I don’t see us signing any “alpha” strikers this summer.

  58. Revving Kevin

    Dear skinnywill
    Yes Charlie was a great player. It was real topsy turvy back then and the same in the 70’s. I was at WHL when Brady curled that one in the five nil win, what a player he was. Like Ozil, looked lazy. Some of those pitches, remember the Baseball ground they were 6 inches deep in mud! No shinpads half the time, proper game no silly sending offs or fairies diving like every game now.

    Modern fans are spoilt but they will never experience what we did I guess.

  59. N5

    Midwest, if you modeled yourself on our 70s team, you should have chose the early 70s, our 71 team was absolutely awesome. A tough bunch as well.

  60. MadeToLoveMagic

    The rest maybe we have to find out why it happened. We will analyse everything.

    super maga lolz moment of the decade award goes to ARSENE WENGER 🙂

    Maybe just maybe arsene the fact athat you only ever use a squad of a bout 14 plaYERS is the reason? could that be? really? you play the same players in every game and they get injured!! Woah!

    how deeply do you have to analyse that?

    its good that arsene is discussing it openly, maybe just maybe , he is starting to change, ,

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t feel put out mate, wenger’s 65 and still hasn’t learnt about tactics.

  62. DanC


    No dramas mate. Its just a bit of piss taking we are football fans and what’s it come to if we cant take the piss out of eachother?


    Its just the english sense of humour. Inappropriate, sometimes uneccessary but its what happens.
    Make no mistake there is civility 100% but sometimes it spills over the edge just happens when people feel strongly about something.

    Rev Kev + N5

    Cant believe we lost 1-0 against Luton on that plastic pitch, they were well shite as well.

  63. MarbleHall

    I to remember those hopeless boring nights losing to Bradford and Blackburn, being mauled by Man Utd, having the worst start to a season for over 50 years and then following it up the season after with the worst start in over 80 years.

    Having the heaviest defeat in Arsenal’s history on your C.V. is wgat Wenger will be remembered for.

    Don’t quote me Loughborough that defeat was in 1896.

  64. MidwestGun

    My first shin pads had metal bars in the middle. Lol.
    Then for a time in then 80s we would roll our socks down and play with no shin guards because we thought it looked cool
    . Cant remember who but some professional started the trend. Hahaha seems pretty silly now.

  65. GoonerGaunty73

    American beer and Arsenals fitness are just jokes – I’d love to see any other premier league team still compete with injuries to MO, JW, AR and TW all at the same time.
    It reminds me of the League Cup final against Birmingham. We had players missing and half fit ones on the pitch that ultimately cost us that game. What other large company would allow it’s top executives to keep making the same mistakes year on year without being addressed?

  66. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    How highs that Fence? I’m 6′ 5”m and wide so can be a bit scary, I couldn’t sit on one it would fall down! Last year we had new neighbours and I walked into the garden and could see her topless lying there. She was a slip of a twenty year old and was so embarrassed and me too. My wife went round to apologise and paid for one of those things to put on top of the fences.

  67. MadeToLoveMagic

    whwn i lived in south america, we used to capture local tribes people and use their shins as shin pads, honestly there is no better shin pad than the shin itself , , found we had to pad out the back a little with cotton wool, but v good indeed

  68. Revving Kevin

    Dear Midwest
    Yes echo N5, hard team. Peter Storey, peter Simpson, McNab could all make a tackle. On the wing little Geordie Armstrong, with radford and Kennedy up top and long haired Charlie George too. Great team. Idling tom town hall was special

  69. Max85

    Revving Kevin March 14, 2014 15:40:42

    Dear N5
    How highs that Fence? I’m 6′ 5”m

    Six and a half metres, fuck me was your dad a giraffe? 😛

  70. MadeToLoveMagic

    yes thats how i roll mid west, actually, we used to have to keep them in cages for 8 weeks and feed them calcium suppliments, , otherwise they would usually break pretty quick,

  71. MidwestGun

    cages for 8 weeks and feed them calcium suppliments, , otherwise they would usually break pretty quick,
    That does it for me, your hired! New Arsenal physio.

  72. KJafc

    Afternoon all,
    Yep the double winning side of 70/71 was a great side. My first real memories as I was an eight year old and used to go with my family. Lived at Highbury Corner. Winning the double in those days was nigh on impossible, great achievement.

    My favourite player in that team was George Arstrong, as already mentioned. he was a brilliant winger and he could drop a ball on a sixpence (sorry todays 5p coin).

    That was a very strong team.
    Bob Wilson, Bob McNab, Pat Rice, Frank Mclintock, Peter Simpson, Peter Story, George Armstrong, George Graham, Charlie George, John Radford, Ray Kennedy.

    Overplayed? Dont make me laugh, in those days you only had one sub, rotation never existed and neither did lots of injuries. Very heavy pitches, strong tackles as well.

  73. Keyser

    “For some, like Walcott (knee injury), it is completely bad luck, the rest maybe we have to find out why it happened.

    “They did investigate in a similar fashion two years ago and it is likely to be more to do with having fewer players than the other clubs in four competitions. Arsenal’s players therefore have to play and train more.

    Wonder what Pedro Verheijen would say about it being bad luck or us just having a smaller squad.

  74. jwl


    Shin bones are great for making soup stock, can’t believe you haven’t tried it yet, absolutely delicious!

    And foreign companies dominate the Canadian beer market as well, all the old brands have been bought up but I drink from craft brewers so I don’t mind. I don’t think they make crappy lager like Coors Light in UK or anywhere else for that matter, only in North America are we blessed with a selection of weak lagers.

  75. Revving Kevin

    Dear max85
    No my dad is actually just 5′ 8″.It’s been handy for my job but sometimes I wish I was shorter. Like the fence story. Times I have smacked into things especially when pissed! Handy for sorting out problems, when one of my kids got bullied I paid a friendly visit to his patents and the Dad shit himself. My boy never had any more trouble. Nice bloke always says hello now. Lool.

  76. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    I hear you, like Pedro said craft beer culture is huge here. Which is a good thing. Ya I blame Miller Light for light beer thing because their marketing was genius. Tastes great, Less Filling, with super hot celebrity endorsement.
    Then other breweries copied.
    Tastes Great, Less Filling, what a joke. Lol. Might as well drink water with a little piss for coloring.

  77. Norfolk

    Hey revvin
    Did you see my hotel link ?
    Also try The Drake a fantastic hotel that occasionally does silly deals.
    Get a lake view room if you can.

  78. Max85

    Rev Kev

    I can imagine it has its uses; where were you (and N5 for that matter :P) when we were playing Gallas and Toure at centre back though eh, could have done with the pair of you at set pieces!

    My comment was actually aimed at the fact you’d put the ‘m’ after your height, making it appear as six and a half metres rather than feet! Joke Friday after all, at least I make myself laugh, all 5’11 of me…

  79. Max85

    Who saw Spurs get a drubbing last night? Terrible team devoid of creativity, morale, and physically and mentally after last night. We shouldn’t be conceding to that lot, they’re pony… just hope we have enough creativity about us to take advantage.

  80. MadeToLoveMagic

    keyser, , I think its insane that wenger has even made those comments, its pretty obvious to anyone who follows arsenal that wenger doesnt rotate, Did ramsey even have one game off before he got injured? Surely Arsene realises that he plays his players more than any other top team? ( I dont know the stats but i would love to see them, but i can say with almost 100 percent certainty that we rotate atleast 20 percent less than any other top 6 team, maybe more. Refusal to play players like podolski when its clear some players need rest is well, inexplicable, I wont call wenger negligent, because i belive his life is arsenal football club, but how there can be an “investigation” into some that is so clear ? Players have said publicly many times this this last year we need to strengthen, Giroud said in an interview that we need more strikers, the fanes have been saying it, the media say it all the time.

    It is interesting that now arsene is talking about it in the media, what has prompted that for example, he has historically always just blamed bad luck, what could an investigation possibly garner other than ” we over play a small squad”. I think this could end up being the first twist in the wenger leaving arsenal saga. I think we will win an Fa cup ,come third and he will leave. Id actually want him to stay for sure but i feel that the board will be slowly taking control from arsene, because quite frankly nobody can, and should have as much power\self inflicated over responsibility as wenger does. he Wont find it any where else. I think he will convince himself that this is the right time to leave. Because we will win a cup, but the fans and the board in wengers eyes will still see it as a bit of a failure, because of how , tantalisingly , annoyingly close wenger brings us every year to a team who could be so much ( look at napoli game for example) only to as pedro says, systematically set us up for failure each and every time). I honestly think the Draxler deal was the final OMG moment for me. Its the world cup this year, if (or when ) draxler kills it his price will be way way more than what we could have got him for. Wheres the economics of that? Makes no sense , he was ours, for another 10 mil, The lift that would have given, along with another couple of squadies like Kalstrom, we would have romped the epl imo, we saw it with Hazrd, with mata, its a joke really. How can wenger think that buying these players doesnt represent good business, when he is running the wonderful talent he has nurtured into the ground every week. Then just to see these players go off an become 2 times more valuable for our rivals is sickening.. They all would have chosen arsenal first……

    The story of Arsene wenger is one of the most bizarre in football history.

    A genius, but one who insists on keeping the handbrake, perpetually on

  81. Revving Kevin

    I had to copy this and post for those who missed it, sorry KJ but it is Friday and I’ve had a beer:

    This is kjafc not me:

    Arsene Wenger is a plane with former Arsenal players and a young school kid fan. The pilot suddenly dies of a heart attack and the plane spirals down towards earth.Wenger collects the parachutes and notices he is one short. There are 4 parachutes but 5 people on board. He has a decision to make. He looks at Robin Van Persie and says: “I changed you from a winger into a great striker for Arsenal. Here take this parachute”. Robin straps it on his back and jumps.Wenger turns to Thierry Henry and says: Thierry you are a real legend, the greatest player Arsenal have even had. I turned you from a winger to possibly the best player ever to play in the Premier league. Take this parachute”. So Henry straps it to his back and jumps. Wenger turns to Patrick Vieira: “Patrick you too are a legend. A World cup winner and a true leader for both club and Country. Take this parachute”. Patrick takes the parachute and jumps.The school-kid is crying uncontrollably and Wenger comforts him and asks whats wrong. The kid explains that Wenger is Arsenals most successful ever manager and that he must take the last parachute – but that he really didn’t want to die, he was only 12. Wenger turns to the kid and says: ‘Don’t worry, you will be fine, I gave that Dutch cunt your rucksack”.

  82. zeus


    On the manager front? You know full well Arsene will never jump and they (the board) won’t push.

    I’m glad they are grabbing back power from Arsene though. They look to be sticking to their guns of not giving him so much control of transfers.

  83. gonsterous

    It’s Friday people… Anyone know any good pick up lines ?? I feel gutsy tonight !! And mind u, I live in a German speaking country !!!

  84. Romford Pele

    What’s with all you giants?! I’m only 5f10. But hey, big things come in small packages and all that jazz 😉

  85. jwl

    Friday Joke:

    A Scottish old timer in Scotland, in a bar, talking to a young man.

    The Old Man says, “Lad, look out there to the field. Do ya see that fence? Look how well it’s built. I built that fence stone by stone with me own two hands. I piled it for months.”

    “But do they call me McGreggor-the-Fence-Builder? Nooo…”

    Then the old man gestured at the bar. “Look here at the bar. Do ya see how smooth and just it is? I planed that surface down by me own achin’ back. I carved that wood with me own hard labour, for eight days.”

    “But do they call me McGreggor-the-Bar-builder? Nooo…”

    Then the old man points out the window. “Eh, Laddy, look out to sea…Do ya see that pier that stretches out as far as the eye can see? I built that pier with the sweat off me back. I nailed it board by board.”

    “But do they call me McGreggor-the-Pier-Builder? Nooo…”

    Then the old man looks around nervously, trying to make sure no one is paying attention.

    “But ya fuck one goat…”

  86. Revving Kevin

    It’s Friday people… Anyone know any good pick up lines ?? I feel gutsy tonight !! And mind u, I live in a German speaking country !!!


    How do you like your eggs done Fräulein ? Fertilised or unfertilised.

    Are you Jamaican fräulein Becos you’re Jamaican me crazy.

    Fraulein, I would love to kiss you on your soft lips and then work my way up to your belly button.

    They should help 😉

  87. KJafc

    Yes mate I commented on the Spuds thing. I got absolutely slaughtered a while back on here for saying the Spuds had spunked the money and overpaid for average players. It was a classic panic situation from a small club desperate to be seen as a big one. While everyone on here went mad about the sorry Spuds over taking us and showing us how to do transfers I laughed. I knew those perennial losers had screwed up and I was right. They never change.

  88. KJafc

    I think you and Revvin have just sent Gonsterous out for a good hiding.

    The only thing he’s likely to pull with those lines is a Monsterous.

  89. Revving Kevin

    Dear Romford
    5′ 10 is cool. It ain’t what you got it’s how you use it mate. If only your height was relative I’ld have a ten inch dick……. Instead of this enormous fucker! Lool.

  90. Emiratesstroller


    Diaby had also a history of being injury prone before he arrived at club.

    However, the point I am making is that we have on our books 25% of current
    squad who are ‘injury prone’ and therefore likely to miss a large portion of season.

    In addition there are always going to be perhaps another two or three who are going to succumb to long term injuries.

    No club can afford to lose 9 or 10 players each season to long term injuries and
    that is what happens more often than not at Arsenal. Our squad is not strong enough to cope with such an injury list.

    Over the years we have lost impetus during many seasons when that happens.

  91. MidwestGun

    Emmanuel Adebayor walks into a sperm bank in London.
    Id like to donate some sperm, he says to the receptionist.
    Certainly Sir, Have you donated before?
    Yes, you should have my records on your computer, replies Emmanuel.
    Oh yes, I’ve found you records, but you will need to bring you wife to help, replies the receptionist.
    Why do I need help? Asks Emmanuel

    Well, it says on your record that your a useless wanker……………………

    Like to stick to the classic s 😛

  92. gonsterous

    Hahahha good pick up lines…Will definitely use it and let u guys know how it goes…. No worries Abt it back firing…I’m a good looking guy with a quick mouth (I think)…. So I’m gonna bag one of em xD

  93. KJafc

    Very good mate 😉 that made me laugh.

    Rev Kev
    You too, love the dick gag and the fence story. Thanks for enjoying my joke earlier and ignoring my copyright……………!

    As you were saying earlier mate, this is what a blog should be about. A mixture of good natured exchange, mixed with serious football chat. And no abuse or name calling. It makes it much more fun and enjoyable – and dare I say grown up.