Patronising the team won’t help

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I’m writing this from Newark Airport, the only place in America that doesn’t have arctic like air conditioning temperatures. The evening started so well, I bought a sausage wrapped in cheese that looked like a post Kavos 98 unprotected sex incident… then it descended into a disgraceful 2 hour  delay.

Enough about me…

A few people took exception to my post yesterday, apologies if that was you, I’m all for being proud of my club when they lose, but there does come a point when you have to stop with the embarrassing arm over the shoulder activity you offer the kid who has wet themselves in math class for the 5th time in two weeks… aged 12.

We’re a football club with a set of players who earn extortionate wages. We have the 3rd highest paid manager in the world. We have the largest cash reserves of any club on the planet. We have a wage bill almost twice that of Dortmund… and we’re saluting our lads out of the last 16 for the 4th year in a row.

Sorry, I’m not buying it anymore. The constant, ‘maybe next year’ attitude allows the club to carry on in a way that allows Jose Mourinho to come out and say our manager is an ‘expert in failure’. Sure Bayern are an incredible team, but so could we be had we invested the full amount of money we had available last year.

There are so many issues Ivan refuses to address with his manager. Raymond rent-a-quote, of fitness conditioning notoriety, nailed Wenger in The Mirror yesterday slamming him for his ‘marine like’ training. The part I whole heartedly agreed with is that his failure can’t really be called negligent, because he doesn’t know any better. Something I raised a few weeks ago. He had modern ways years ago, now they’re old hat an don’t work in a game that’s caught up.

People state that other clubs play key players in lots of games, but they’re missing the point. Injuries and fatigue aren’t just about rotation. They’re about how we sub players, they’re about how you train, when you train, how hard you train, when you don’t make players train at all, how you bring them back from injury, how you breathe recovery into their bones. We’re not on the same planet as teams like Bayern or the Chavs.

This part on Theo really drives home quite how hard we are on players…

” Look what happened with Theo Walcott , he was out for a long period. They brought him back really well [in November]; he played 25 minutes, then 25 minutes then 45 minutes – so phase 1 of that rehab is building up match fitness – they gradually built up the game minutes and they did that really well.

“But Arsenal play two games a week, not one. This has nothing to do with match fitness but that you only have three days to recover not six days and you don’t have the recovery time.

Also, another point I want to raise is the misconception I take down the medical team. I’ve said on numerous occasions, it’s not the medical teams fault. You don’t blame the doctor for the car crash that brought a patient to his table. He just deals with the aftermath. Our medical guys are top notch. It’s other people at the club who clearly aren’t… and if you look on the site at who is in charge of fitness, and look at the qualifications / age.. you’re not exactly talking dynamic.

… but again, if you can keep the same keeping coach who coached gems like Almunia… what chance have we got of moving on someone who has been with the set up for years and behaves like it’s the dark ages?

No chance…

Wenger, for all his love of numbers, doesn’t look at our shocking record with injuries, our lack of energy in the latter half of seasons… and make a decision.

60 year old men with paid up mortgages are not looking to change their ways. They don’t have the same hunger. Sport is a young mans game. Ambition is fueled by the lust to change the world (or vertical, whatever). Do we have that in our back room team? Steve Bould for sure. Neil Banfield, more than likely. Boro Piromac? Tony Colbert? No way. We have 1980s Mircosoft engineers trying to layer their ways over a Facebook era.

It is what it is. But I for one, shall not be giving the side a giant patronising hug for whimpering out of the Champions League. These guys are mature men that should be delivering more. Well, that’s unfair. They need a manager to give them to tools to deliver more.

My flight just took a delay of ANOTHER HOUR!

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what Spurs do against Benfica. Full team I hope. Sherwood might keep his job if he beats them and wins the Champions League. Tactical Tim won’t be thinking about the Arsenal game, which plays right into our hands. Hopefully the boys can bounce back from the midweek disappointment with a beautiful win over Spurs.

It’ll be tough though. Tim was totally outclassed last time when he opted for 2 up front. Doubtful he’ll make that mistake again. I’d imagine he’ll go for a lock down set up after his Chelsea humiliation.

It’ll be hard for us. I’ve not heard anymore on Aaron Ramsey. It’ll be a big game to throw him into because he’ll be very rusty. We’ll have no Ozil or Jack and we’ll have heavy legs from a tough game against Bayern. I have no idea what’ll happen. I just know that I’ve been a mouthy C-bomb to my Spurs mates and they’ll be ready to take me down in brutal fashion if they sneak a win.

I can’t deal with that… Spurs fans having summer bragging rights. No way. Make it STOP. MAKE IT STOP!

Right, I have small child, roughly 15 stone, pulling my hair. I’m going to deal with this… with a rolled up New York Times.

Have a great day. BIG LOVE xxx

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  1. Revving Kevin

    Dearest Oh theo theo
    “Revving-fuck off”

    A rare appearance from you and straight into an insult telling me to fuck off.

    How about you try to debate or present an opposing view instead if just steaming straight into four letter abuse, you big man.

  2. Dannyboy

    In all seriousness I would love to know why Bendtner wasn’t in Munich? I haven’t heard of any injury so why was he not on the bench?

  3. Dissenter

    Why is Miyachi even anywhere near the squad. Was Wenger taking him to Munich for sight seeing.
    The sight of Miyachi on the training ground must be demoralizing for quality players. How will training with Miyachi make you better.
    Miyachi is no where in the Japanese World Cup squad or even U-21s. He won’t get a shirt in a league one team, yet Wenger thinks him good enough for Arsenal in a CL game.
    Why all the ramble about a Japanese kid? It’s because he embodies Wenger’s penchant to pad squads with silly kids who don’t have a chance at this level.

  4. DanC

    Rev Kev

    Ill respond to that for you mate.


    ‘Apart from the FA cup – I mean look at the last 4 and tell me the big teams take it seriously.’

    Wake up you fucking clown. Big teams dont take it seriously?

    Since 1988 the only teams outside ‘The Big Five’ (Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, ManCity) to win the cup are Totts, Everton, Portsmouth and Wigan.

    4 smaller teams in 25 years would signify you’re talking shit.

    Why don’t you give credit where its due and just accept we’ve got a good chance of winning something and have got there on merit?

  5. Oh Theo Theo!

    An the other two points you ignored?

    Out of CL – again
    Fading in the league – again

    And add in this one

    Squad not up to being overplayed – again

    Any thoughts?

  6. Revving Kevin

    Dear Danc,
    This is a strange place. OTT hasn’t been on for some time but the morning after a really embarrassing Spud defeat he’s slagging the club off about the FA Cup and telling people to fuck off.

    It may be coincidence and just bad timing.

  7. Oh Theo Theo!

    Revving – Ahh here we go.

    Standard AKB playbook
    Rule #1: If can’t answer points made – call him a spud.
    Rule #2: If still can’t answer points made – call him a manc.
    Rule #3: Under no circumstances actually address points made.
    Rule #4: Start at rule #1.


  8. Revving Kevin

    No OTT
    I just find it odd that you come on slagging off the FA Cup completely out of the blue.

    But the worse thing is that your first post for a long time was abusive and telling a Gooner to FUCK OFF. That is pretty shit way to behave.

    Also, you know that anyone that posts anti-Wenger or even anti- arsenal views is welcomed by the community of WOB’s. So it’s easy to be big and brave and generate fans who support you. LG is easy to play.

  9. DanC

    It doesn’t matter who they played.

    The big teams win it so that means they must take it seriously. That shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

    ‘Out of CL again’
    Drew the holders after navigating the group of death, need to concentrate on domestic competitions. Not good enough to win it this year anyway.

    ‘Fading in the league again’
    What because the last few years we’re always in the the title race? Is that what you’re saying?
    We’re unexpectedly in the title race but you’re getting upset that we might not win it. Laughable when you predicted we wouldn’t even make the top 6.

    ‘Squad not up to being overplayed’
    What? Is every other club up to being overplayed? We have had serious long term injuries to Ox, Pod, Verm, Jack, Theo, Ramsey meaning other players have had to play more. Any squad unless you’re City or Chelsea would struggle with 5-6 long term injuries to first team players.
    Not difficult to put in perspective is it?

  10. N5

    There has been some argumentative days on the Grove, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like since the Bayern game.

    The place has almost completely split down the middle and arguments are happening all the time and if that’s not bad enough, we’re seeing Keyser and Kjafc arguing with Pedro.

    All this and gambon isn’t even here and a lot of people have blamed him in the past for the mood here.

    If other fans come on this site I think they would be laughing at how much we argue amongst ourselves. We’re all Gooners for god sake, why can’t we remember that. Love or hate Wenger we all love the club otherwise we wouldn’t be here everyday.

  11. DanC


    If you were original and came up with something with a bit of substance you’d probably get taken seriously, well maybe a bit, not much but a bit.

    Put the daily mail or the sun down and think of something original, something without an agenda, about YOUR own club. There has to be something positive that you would like to post about YOUR club rather than jumping on the cunts bandwagon…ANYONE can do that.

    Where’s YOUR fucking pride for YOUR club.

  12. Aaron Lemon


    I didn’t know that about Wenger but I’m deffo going to have a read.

    What I am excited about is the rumours that we’re lining up Martinez to replace Wenger.

    THAT excites me. He is a future great in the making. If we don’t get him after Everton, another massive club will. Top managers are in short supply!

  13. Oh Theo Theo!


    I’d take more pride in the club if it took more pride in itself.

    This constant underachieving is laughable. The fact we have Giroud, Sanogo and Bendtner as our strikers is laughable.

    The fact we have 140m in the bank and an increasing stream of injuries to a too thin squad is laughable.

    And now what do we get in the press as we head into the season of season ticket renewals “Wenger Plans Summer Spree”. Same as last year’s headlines.

    It’s just pathetic that we have so many people like you who will slavishly accept the constant, chronic underperformance and mismanagement of the team.

    What has been the point of the last 8 years, if we don’t fully commit the resources of the club to compete???

    We are not going to win the league. That much is obvious. Chavs invested wisely and are reaping the benefits. Theirs to lose.

    It’s just ridiculous that year after year apologists like you and Revving moron just accept sub par campaigns.

  14. Aaron Lemon


    Also, without going into a Wenger bashing session, I must admit when I picture him with the likes of Barcelona or Madrid, I see him crumbling. That sounds awful but I think that maybe this is a big clue as to how I feel about him deep down, operating at the highest level. There’s no way he could do what he does here, over there, and expect to achieve what they want. Can you imagine him spending £86m on the next Bale???

    If Wenger joins one of those clubs it will surely have to be with a minimal remit. Manage the team, nothing else.

  15. Dissenter

    “There has been some argumentative days on the Grove, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like since the Bayern game”
    Were you here the day fate the Liverpool 5-1 spanking?

    Really how can anyone not be upset after that game.?
    The likes of Revving and Nasri’s mouth would have vented too. The reason why I have a soft one for Keyser is that he was the only one with a contrary view that day.

  16. Romford Pele


    Wenger, despite my obvious criticisms of him, still has a strong reputation on the continent. I know PSG are still heavily tracking him as well.

    I think those who want him out are just frustrated at the whole last 8/9 years in general. Me, I’d just like a different style. It’d be quite a jump for Martinez in the space of two years. Is he ready for it? I don’t know. But you never will know unless you give him a chance. He’s done well with Everton though. His transfer record is a bit iffy though, 50/50 i’d say.

  17. Dissenter

    Wenger for Barcelona?
    He’ll pass out with all the talent on display, try to sell them and replace with La Masia kids.
    He won’t last 3 months because he won’t have an excuse.

  18. WengerEagle

    RE where we as a club are currently this season, I think we have exceeded the vast majority of people’s expectations. Still very much in the title race if we beat Spurs on Sunday and in the Semi-Final of the F.A Cup with 3 pretty weak teams left to be honest. The players and the manager deserve a lot of credit for this.

    Could we have done more this season? You bet your ass we could have. We have stacks of unused cash in the bank while playing the likes of Giroud, Bendtner and even Sanogo up front. We brought in a single player in January who was injured and is old and past it, reeks of cheapness.

    We got knocked out by Bayern in the UCL which is fair enough, don’t expect anyone barring maybe Real Madrid to knock them out. The thing is we only have ourselves to blame for ending up against Bayern as we only needed a point in Napoli to win the group.

    It wouldn’t be correct to say it’s been another season of failure because it hasn’t,the morale within the squad is the best it has been for years, we are still competing on all domestic fronts and the quality in our play has gone up tenfold in the last 2 seasons compared to the 2011-12 season where we were the worst Arsenal team on the eye in a long time.

    But then again with a few more quality additions it could have been an even better season.

  19. N5

    Dissenter, even after the 5-1 I don’t recall so many arguments from so many directions. I’m not expecting us all to hug and get along, but I don’t recall almost 50/50 split at the Grove.

  20. Romford Pele

    “I must admit when I picture him with the likes of Barcelona or Madrid, I see him crumbling.”

    It’d be interesting for sure. Like you say, his remit will be to manage the team and nothing else. And for that reason; i’d be interested to see him give it a go. Not that I think he will.

    He was asked about links away this morning and said that he’s committed to the cause here.

  21. Dannyboy

    There was barely any arguments after the 5-1 because Revving Kevin, KJafc etc didn’t show up for a few weeks after that game, they were waiting for us to win a couple of games before making their expected return…

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly I have never believed that our footballers injuries are caused by ‘over
    training’. Most injuries occur in competitive matches.

    However, looking at our track record we appear to sustain a disproportionate number of injuries when compared to most other clubs.

    1. I believe that Arsenal have recruited on a number of occasions players who are not ideally suited to the intensity of EPL. The most obvious example in recent times was Diaby. Yes he suffered from a very bad tackle, but that
    in itself was not the whole story.He was injury prone before he arrived and the
    same may apply to Sanogo as well.

    2. Arsenal play a short and intricate passing game a la Barcelona. That may
    be okay in Spain or Europe where the pace is slower and technically better, but not in England where tackles come flying in. Successful Manchester United teams under Ferguson spread the ball around the field and played more direct football.

    3. Hamstring injuries are caused for a variety of reasons including poor warm up, over stretching and tiredness.

    4. I am not convinced that Arsenal’s medical team are particularly good at identifying or insisting that players take a rest when they are on the brink. Part of the problem is that certain players such as Giroud and Ozil are considered so important to our team’s performance that they do not get enough rest.

    5. Following on from 4 the major weakness at Arsenal is that there are a number of positions on field where we do not have adequate cover and that puts
    immense pressure when making team selections.

  23. fraz

    Wenger wud sweep all at barca. They have a non physical league. Which suits his play. Also better refreeing and obv WC players.

  24. Aaron Lemon

    I don’t see why you are either a WengerOuter or a Wenger Apologist/AKB

    I can watch a top display and give him and the team credit for getting it right, and I can watch a shower of shit and say he or the team got it wrong.

    It seems if you are AKB then you are someone who NEVER criticises the team or manager – something I find inherently disturbing because that’s simply not how life works.

    It seems if you are a Wenger Out, you won’t give credit when it’s justified. No matter what the team or the manager does, the end is always the same.

    You know, I am mightily fucked off we went to Bayern with some Japanese kid who was fucking ineligible, only 6 on the bench and no strikers on the bench, It made a mockery of us. But I am also immensely proud that we went away from home with 8 first team players out (Theo, Rambo, Jack, B52, Sanogo, Gibbs, Monreal, Szcz banned) and gave them a game.

    People talk about Bayern’s gears. You lot seem to have a real problem crediting our own team and manager for the way we handled that shower of shit.

    Almost every single person I can think of on here was saying we’d get mullered in both legs (except me – because I kept saying if you’ve ACTUALLY watched Bayern, they’ll give you chances, you just need to have a go at them) and they didn’t get a sniff until Szcz saw red. We still only lost 2-0 and if you think Bayern weren’t trying their hardest to beat us think again. They know one thing and that’s winning.

    Then the home tie. Again people thought we’d go away from home and get tonked. We didn’t. We gave it a damn good go, and in the second half we gave a great account of ourselves. Drawing 1-1 away to Bayern with a full strength team is absolutely brilliant, let alone with the nonsense we had going on.

    Can’t people just be happy?

    I’m not happy we’re out – but we also knew that was the case while Wenger is in charge, and when we failed to top our group. We knew. So why, when it’s happened, did people get so angry? We got knocked out 3-1 to Bayern, the ‘best team on earth’ across two legs and we practically fielded a B team!

    Is nobody else impressed with that? I am!

  25. Dissenter

    Arsene Wenger about the NLD on Sunday: “Kallstrom joined the normal training group on Thursday and Yaya Sanogo, too,”

    Kim Kallstrom’s a gooner. (Clapping)
    Kim Kallstrom’s a gooner. (Leg stamping)
    Kim Kallstrom’s a gooner. (Head bobbing)

    Why O Wenger, we are so delighted the Calvary is coming to town.
    Kallstrom and Sanogo to save our season.
    Why don’t we bring in a piñata filled with that 140 million in unspent pound notes to save our season.

  26. fraz

    I think he should move. Best for both. A season or two outside top 4 would also help us . At least we will be moving in the right direction. Martinez is a perfect replacement. He will also attract top talents. Am sure suarez, ozil caliber of players will be lining up for us then.

  27. Romford Pele

    “I can watch a top display and give him and the team credit for getting it right, and I can watch a shower of shit and say he or the team got it wrong.”

    This is pretty much it but people love to deal in extremes on here so I just let them get on with it really.

  28. DanC


    That where people just dont see the bigger picture.

    The supporters and I mean ALL supporters AKBs, WOBs and everything in between, none off them are happy about not winning anything for the last 8 years.

    Not one single supporter.

    But for me personally Im choosing to see that after the first time in years we’re:
    – renewing key players contracts
    -not selling key players
    -re-negotiating commercials and sponsorships
    -FFP compliant so we have momentum and don’t have to make forced cut backs
    -smashed our transfer record for a top bracket player

    This was the first time all this has happened and Im more than prepared to see where we go in the next two years.

    We’ve waited all this time for this to fall into place and put us i a poistion to compete and yet people are convinced its all bullshit because of the January TW. We won’t make signings that dont improve on what we have and won’t be get mugged off by paying inflated money for average or above average players. We’re in the market for game changers now.

    So since the summer in one window we get Ozil, sustain a title push and looking to finish strong and have the best chance in years to win something in the cup.

    That’s progress regardless of whether you want to accept it.

  29. WengerEagle


    Don’t think people are unhappy we got beaten by Bayern- they are the best team in Europe for a reason. What pissed most Gooners off including myself was that we only had to go to Napoli and get a point to top the group and get a relatively easy last 16 fixture and we bottled it in spectacular fashion losing 2-0.

  30. Oh Theo Theo!


    So you’re happy that it’s taken us 8 years to:-

    – renewing key players contracts
    -not selling key players
    -re-negotiating commercials and sponsorships
    -FFP compliant so we have momentum and don’t have to make forced cut backs
    -smashed our transfer record for a top bracket player

    And then 2 more years you’re going to give will mean 10 years, a decade and what have we to show for it??

    So far nothing. Except the emirates cup!

  31. fraz

    Exactly Dan C. That is the way to look at things. Unfortunately that wont get the clicks on the blog sites and media. We r movingforward. If people cant see that its amazingly short sighted or perhaps for ulterior motives. Bot everything written by ppl on blogs is fact. Being a negative arsenal blog site is great publicity.

  32. DanC


    ‘when I picture him with the likes of Barcelona or Madrid, I see him crumbling.’

    Managers in Spain manage. The players are bought for them. With the best squads in Spain I think Wenger would do just fine.

    And to suggest otherwise is a bit ignorant. Massive budgets, the best players bought for you, no Oil doped teams.

    el. There’s no way he could do what he does here, over there, and expect to achieve what they want. Can you imagine him spending £86m on the next Bale???If Wenger joins one of those clubs it will surely have to be with a minimal remit. Manage the team, nothing else.

  33. Oh Theo Theo!

    Wenger Eagle – I think what a lot of people (myself openly included) find so ridiculous is that we have the same issues, year after bloody year.

    And we have a big chunk of the supporters who think that this is acceptable.

    It’s not! We bottle pretty much every big game we have.

    It’s honestly depressing that we have people like Dan and Revving who are happy with the underperformance.

  34. wanger-wenker

    there are the WOB and the sickening AKBs……and I am extremely happy about which one i am. I have the facts of wengers specilaist failure 9 seasons also to bolster my beliefs. Wenger MAY have been a good manager before 2005, (i have doubts about how much he contributed above the backbone of a team drilled with tenacity and spirit under george graham), but surely his performance since then has been less than average to say the least. We are ARSENAL and even modest expectations should see us challenging hard for the prem all the way to the bitter end (at least one season in two). If we win the FA Cup its no vindication of this outdated bungling fool, after all wigan won it last season to give some perspective. We have some very good players that can win this trophy, only an inept manager that can now lose it for us like the birmingham fiasco!.

  35. Aaron Lemon


    I’ll try addressing both things. With regards to Martinez, I think people can surely see the potential in him. We are lucky in that we have 3 instances of him managing different clubs to go on. Wigan, for all their faults, often had a stunning style of play when in possession. He certainly didn’t have the players especially at the back and I can’t comment on the standard of the defensive coaches but certainly you could say he was let down. At Swansea before that he had a similar lovely style and the fact that he’s gone to Everton and turned their more rigid football (which was still pretty good mind) into something altogether more tactically astute and pleasing to watch isn’t an accident, I don’t believe.

    As for transfers, I think his record is slightly better than 50/50. He certainly trusts his scouting network and those around him which many say is essential for success and something Wenger needs to do more. But I think it’s very easy to cast a cloud over what he’s done in the market but remember he has never had £50m to spend like Wenger has. He’s never had the lure of the CL to help attract players either. Imagine what he could do with that.

    I think this season he managed to land some absolutely fantastic deals for EFC. McCarthy was a decent signing, Lukaku was probably the pick of the bunch and Barry was a masterstroke. People forget Barry can really play! He may not have been suited to playing 2-3 games a week for a club like us but for Everton that was genius.

    He has everything else too. You can see every week he’s honing his tactical nous – or trying. That deserves credit. It will pay off. He gets his team playing for him – Everton absolutely never lie down against anyone. We’ve seen the boys lie down consistently against the likes of Man U and Chelsea.

    I thought the exact same thing about Dortmund a few years ago…in Klopp’s first season he was just like Martinez this season. You could see there was something there waiting to be unleashed and it was only a matter of time before Dortmund went on to big things with him.

    Now I’m not saying Martinez will win the league next season with Everton but so far he’s on the exact same trajectory as Klopp and Rodgers and for me, that says it all. If we can’t have Klopp (who IMO will still be at Dortmund in 5 years) or another similar manager then I would love us to go for Martinez.

    My only concern is the defensive side of things. Martinez and Bould together? That is something I’d love to see.

  36. wanger-wenker

    @aaron lemon…….. very good case for martinez and Klopp…good analysis…and lukaku is a brilliant CF.

  37. DanC


    If you can’t see what all that means and the position it puts us in then Im wasting my time with you.

    Keep up the good work with your Wenger Out cheerleading

  38. Oh Theo Theo!

    Oh here it comes – Oil doping!!

    Fuck me, get a grip. All that oil doping has done is bring parity to what was already a lop-sided league.

    Back in the 90s the only teams with money were us and Utd and as a consequence we or they won everything.

    Now a lot of teams have money (and remember we don’t spend the money we do actually have!!!!!) we suddenly stop winning things.

    Hmmmmm – interesting theory right there. As if wenger was this managerial genius that a lot of people propagate then surely he would have found a way to win something during parity???

    Facts don’t support the argument.

  39. Aaron Lemon

    @Dan C

    I meant Wenger would crumble in the job – not that he wouldn’t do well. I am sure if you gave Wenger Barcelona or Madrid or PSG he would go and win their leagues easily. What I meant was he wouldn’t be able to hack being told what to do, who the club would sign, wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that so much money would get spent…it goes against his ethos of the game.

    You could even say if he goes to Barca or Madrid he’s the biggest lying hypocrite football has ever seen because he’s pulled out of deal after deal in a bid to save a few pence and those clubs will literally change the face of football finances in order to bring in a player.

    I don’t think Wenger is cut out for being told who is coming in and having no say in anything except the day to day running of the team. If Barca want the next Neymar or Messi, they’ll sign him, regardless of what Wenger thinks of the money or whether that player fits his style of play. He seems to do a mighty fine job of avoiding that scenario at all costs here so I cannot see him enjoying that out there.

    Still, maybe when he’s winning something his ethos will conveniently change…

  40. Aaron Lemon

    @Wenger Eagle

    Completely agree mate and I was fucked off too but there comes a point where you have to accept that it has happened and move on. To play another two games in the comp but still revert back to being angry about that is just pointless, people work themselves up for no reason. Yes it’s shitty but it’s happened and we played another two games and did fairly well given the circumstances. Let’s save our anger for the summer when it’s a time to rebuild…

  41. Confidentgoner

    Blame Wenger but also blame the inept board. There is no footy person on that board. Wenger basically has a free reign. Pathetic. Only comparable to Korea.

    .But I must say that we punched above our weight most of the season. If the board had insisted on the Suarez deal we may top now. The margins are not that far. Chelsea is the only team that is near complete. Man city have only one good defender and lots of average defenders and are vulnerable.

    If we get top four perhaps Wenger should not be the one leading us. Will he go? I doubt it; not willingly!

  42. kjafc

    Morning N5
    Great post. Mate, I agree with most of that.

    Just for the record I did not argue with Pedro. All I did was pointed out his contradictory statements to support my view that he was faking angst after the Bayern game, as many were. My opinion, which I supported with his own comments lifted from the first leg report, was fair. Unfortunately as I provide an alternative view to the mainstream my opinion isn’t wanted. Yesterday certain people started making snidy comments to each other and Pedro about me. That is pretty petty and childish. Some suck up to Pedro, I choose to disagree with him when he says things that I disagree with or are untruths dressed up as facts.

    Here is how debate goes on here:

    Yesterday I was accused of wanking over pictures of wenger. Seriously, I am a fifty year old bloke with grown up sons. That’s the sort of thing you say when you are ten.

    I got called a c==t last night behind my back. I wasn’t even on here, read it this morning.

    Revvin posted a comment and OTT appeared out of the blue and instead of debating the subject matter told him to Fuck Off.

    That’s what is wrong on here mate. How you going to be able to communicate with people like that?

    The funny thing is these people cant see the irony. They act as if they have superior reasoning abilities and are always right yet seem to be intellectual midgets.

    As for the blogs mission statement is “Where you can give an opinion, not get one”. Now that is a laugh out loud!

    The clubs motto is: Victory comes through harmony.

    And that’s the point. Instead of tearing each other apart and having the media do it too, we should stick together. I agree with you on that mate.

  43. fraz

    Lemon.Lol. Martinez. Sure buddy. Did i just read barry and masterstroke in one sentence. Please tell me that was sarcasm.

  44. Romford Pele

    Lemon – For sure I see the potential; how great he will turn out remains to be seen. For one; he’s up against financially doped clubs so getting Everton into the CL alone will be a great achievement for him and the club. And despite the improved performances and style, Everton are still pretty much in the same position that Moyes left them in so you have to wonder how much better they are. Obviously I think they are more attractive to watch and have some better players compared to last season but if we look at the stats, they’re pretty much doing the same thing they have been in recent years.

    I think he may do better with money. Like you say, McCarthy was a good signing and Lukaku and Barry were both astute deals on loan, as was Delofeu from Barca. That said, he did also sign Arouna Kone, Alcaraz and Joel who have been less than impressive.

    He inherited a good defensive set-up at Everton, credit must go to Moyes for that but at Wigan and Swansea his teams weren’t exactly watertight. How much blame do you attach to him there? I’m not sure.

    Like I say, I think he’s a good manager and wouldn’t thrown if he was appointed next AFC manager. He’d probably continue Wenger’s tradition of developing youngsters while looking externally for top talent. But I guess what Wenger had for him is his reputation, hence the Ozil deal. Would Martinez encounter the same problem Moyes has done since taking over at United? Not sure, just throwing my two pence on the situation.

    Him and Bould in theory does seem like it could work though.

  45. Aaron Lemon

    “This is pretty much it but people love to deal in extremes on here so I just let them get on with it really.”

    Yeah but it’s so hard….I am way too emotional when it comes to Arsenal. I can go through absolute hell (I have done) and come out the other side totally intact but when it comes to Arsenal I get so emotional hahahaha. I just can’t handle listening to some of the crap, I always react!

  46. DanC


    ‘There was barely any arguments after the 5-1’

    You wonder why people didnt come on? Its blatently obvious especially after a defeat like that. You can’t keep arguing your point and going round in circles all the time, you’re fighting a losing battle when all your met with is frenzied and hysterical attack like the world is going to end proportions and that’s on a good day.

    There is a lot of negativity towards positive or people with differing view from the Wenger Out brigade on here when we’re doing well so can you really blame them for not being arsed about coming on to listen to the same old tired and worn out recycled vitriol that borders on shameful.

  47. Aaron Lemon

    “But for me personally Im choosing to see that after the first time in years we’re:
    – renewing key players contracts
    -not selling key players
    -re-negotiating commercials and sponsorships
    -FFP compliant so we have momentum and don’t have to make forced cut backs
    -smashed our transfer record for a top bracket player”

    These are all totally fair points and they’re the things that still give me a shred of hope that even under Wenger we might win something.

    I know it’s calling for seemingly eternal patience but last summer, regardless of my opinion on how much we could have spent and what I think of the fact that we didn’t, the club I guess were always going to play it down.

    This summer, there is literally no excuse. None at all. If we don’t sign the players we need, we know who is responsible and we know there will be no excuses for it.

    So I guess in light of Dan C’s points, we should still have a bit of faith that things will continue to progress. I expect big players to come in the summer, and I cannot wait.

  48. MidwestGun

     -renewing key players contracts
    * every big club does this
    -not selling key players
    *every big club does this
    -re-negotiating commercials and sponsorships
    *every big club does this
    -FFP compliant so we have momentum and don’t have to make forced cut
    *FFP? Yeah, we are FFP compliant!
    -smashed our transfer record for a top bracket player
    * Smashed our own transfer record. Our transfer record was pretty pathetic compared to other big clubs. Thats like me saying I smashed my own wage earnings record by making £10000 this week. Other rich people are laughing at me.

    So no, dont see these as some big accomplishment. Yes we are improving over our own pathetic record. Awesome.

  49. Oh Theo Theo!

    KJ – welcome to the party.

    Same question to you then – at what point does not winning anything for the 5th or 6th richest club in the world become unacceptable???

  50. Aaron Lemon


    Barry has been brilliant for Everton this season. To get a player of that experience who can offer what he has for them every week for free was absolutely genius.

    I’m not sure your sarcasm is really enough of an argument to convince me otherwise. It’s not up for debate that Barry has been brilliant for them, it’s a fact and I am being objective. I’ve got no reason to give anyone credit for signings so I’m not going to credit Martinez for a rubbish one if it’s rubbish and vice versa.

  51. Romford Pele

    “Yeah but it’s so hard….I am way too emotional when it comes to Arsenal. I can go through absolute hell (I have done) and come out the other side totally intact but when it comes to Arsenal I get so emotional hahahaha. I just can’t handle listening to some of the crap, I always react!”

    Yeah Arsenal is very emotionally draining mate. That’s why I try to avoid commenting just after games because emotions run high and you might say something, positive or negative, which you don’t necessarily mean.

  52. kjafc

    Anyone still think Spurs spent the £100 million wisely?

    I got slaughtered when I disagreed with the comments on here that AVB and Levy had embarrassed Arsenal with those dealings. Much waxing lyrical over Levy. In fact, I said Spurs had ‘spunked’ the Bale money by over paying for average players. When I said £30 million on Lamala was just mental, I was told Lamela was a special player. Soldado was a clinical finisher and Capoue and Holtby were brilliant signings and I didnt know what I was talking about. Some said, including OTT, that Arsenal would finish below Spuds and with the squad we had would lucky to finish 6th.

    So did Spurs embarrass us? Did they spend the Bale money wisely? Is Levy a visionary chairman?

    If I get a decent answer, I will post a really special Friday joke and that’s not the Spurs team!

  53. N5

    Fair point Kj and I do know you are never anything but respectful with your comments so maybe argument was a strong word. Although it did seem to be raising Pedro’s blood pressure as the whole of yesterdays post seemed (maybe only to me) to be directed at you and Keyser even if no names were mentioned.

    On top of this indirect ranting/arguing/debating or however we label it, we have little factions breaking off and it’s a very strange set of affairs. An example of that is last night Aaron and Keyser were having a discussion and anyone reading it probably found themselves agreeing more with one view point than the other, but then 4 or 5 posters starting attacking Keyser for his contrary view and that just felt like bullying, although Keyser is a big boy, a big fat boy and he took it well, for a new poster or someone who lurks considering to post, that would turn you off of the Grove.

    It always has had a lively comments section and to me that is the appeal, and I’m more than aware of the irony of me appealing for sanity when I’ve had some horrible arguments on here, but in my defense, never are my arguments about the club as I would never berate someone for having an opposing view, mine are always always always about disrespect, whether it be towards Pedro, The Grove or any of the regular posters.

    I like nearly every poster on this site and I really enjoy reading it daily, but it can’t just be me that’s is beginning to find it hard work. Almost every comment I make now I refresh half expecting to see an abusive retort.

    gambon seems to have gone, Nasri seems to be off more than on, Vintage has gone, MTLM has become rare, samsensible has gone, Unhappy has gone, Keyser says daily about the state of the comments now and on and on.

    I quoted Lincoln yesterday “a house divided against itself cannot stand” and I truly feel that should resonate amongst us Gooners.

  54. Revving Kevin

    Dear DanC
    here is a lot of negativity towards positive or people with differing view from the Wenger Out brigade on here when we’re doing well so can you really blame them for not being arsed about coming on to listen to the same old tired and worn out recycled vitriol that borders on shameful.”

    Brilliant comment. Funny how WOB’s go missing when we are doing well. Weird for me is that they predict we are shit and are going to get beaten and when we don’t they go missing. Also, they predict doom and how Bayern are going to thrash our shit team and manager, the fake anger and surprise the next day.

    “Anyone think Spurs spent the £100 million wisely”

    No they pissed it up the wall. Spurs fans want Levy out and tim the Gooner too. Where’s Holtby? Lool Let’s have that joke kjafc.

  55. DanC


    Are you ignorant, stupid or both?

    Read the post I addressed to you dopey it may solve a few things in your limited brain:
    The supporters and I mean ALL supporters AKBs, WOBs and everything in between, none off them are happy about not winning anything for the last 8 years.

    Not one single supporter.

    ‘Oil doping’ Re: Spain
    Was a different conversation to you genuis. Catch up when you’re on the same page.

    Back in the 90s we didnt have money we just spent well. So again don’t let the facts get in the way of an assumption.

    ‘Dan – at what point does not winning something become unacceptable to you?’

    Really? This is the first year everything is in place for us to challenge and compete and guess what?

    We’re doing exactly that and might even win that fa cup. So this year? How does that work for you?

    What exactly is your point? It makes this difficult if you cant even comprehend the responses aimed your way.

    So I tell you what, until you come back with something interesting don’t bother.

  56. fraz

    Lemon. Is This the same barry whom we were scouting in the summer and half of this blog was up in arms. If am not mistaken the player himself said we were looking at him. But at arsenal he would be another stick to beat Wenger with. Also befor you go on to say we r bigger than everton. Sure we are. But here he would be a back up..

  57. Aaron Lemon

    @MIdwest that’s a fair argument but I think the point is that the fact that we caught up in that regard is something to give credit to. We can’t demand something for 5 years and as soon as it happens say ‘big wowser, everyone else was doing it anyway’ – credit is still due – we’re there now. We’ve finally shaken that absurd socialist wage policy. That opens the door for the likes of Ozil to come in where previously we wouldn’t, regardless of whether we think we could have. We’re on it now. Still not happy?

    I’m not going to do a u turn at all but I’m not going to bash the club for doing things I’ve been asking for.

    We actually broke the transfer record of bringing players into this league – not just our own transfer point. Sorry but that point you made was irrelevant. Sure we could have signed Cabaye and smashed our record but we didn’t, we signed Ozil and smashed the premier league record instead. I’m impressed.

    FFP- agree, I couldn’t give less of a shit about FFP, I think it’s farcical, I think until you introduce wage caps and transfer fee caps then it’s irrelevant, and you cannot stop owners investing in their businesses, it’s ridiculous. I also think that in light of FFP and the supposed effect it will have on the football landscape, it would have been infinitely more sensible to invest circa £100m in the team two years ago to build us into an attractive prospect for the world’s best players like City and Chelsea have done (we were so close to this!!) and so by the time FFP came in to full effect, players wouldn’t be torn between us, city and chavs. The choice would be obvious.

    If you’re a player, do you want to come and play with Wilshere, Rosicky and Giroud? Or do you want to play with Yaya, Silva and Aguero? I know who I would choose (sorry lads). Investing well in the team before FFP kicked in was, IMO essential.

  58. DanC


    Agreed re: Barca and Real that’s why he would never go.

    It is tough and the reason everyone is frustrated is the 9 years previous but we need patience.

    After improvements and progression this season, topped of with a cup at the end of it the summer TW should be a good one.

  59. Keyser

    “This is pretty much it but people love to deal in extremes on here so I just let them get on with it really.” (Romford Pele, circa. some time this morning)

    There’s two trains of thought as to why this might be the case, for me at least, that this is what modern football is where a player like Ozil has to either be a genius or a flop within 6 months, and it’s almost to the point where it’s ingrained into people’s physche’s that this is how we must judge players, things in general, OR that year in year out our lack of trophies has left people with an accumulated level of frustration.

    I have a lot of sympathy for the latter, ie when we lose 5-1 away to Liverpool, they aren’t thinking it’s a one off, a bad day at the office, they’re thinking it heralds the coming of something far more signifcant.

    The thing is, again in my opinion, we’re right, smack, bang in between, we have been for years, almost all angst, all criticism stems from this or can be explained by this, we’re not quite Liverpool or Tottenham where we fall out of the top four for years, and we’re not Man United, Citeh or Chelsea, where we’ve won titles, or even the Champions League.

    The same with the squads and the injury issues, we stay long enough in each competition for people to think we have a genuine chance, but the longer we stay in, the less likely we are to win anything because our squad’s don’t quite have the depth other teams have to cope with any spate of injuries.

    For me, my opinion, it’s always been about bridging that gap, why I can’t get too upset, it’s never been about just Wenger, people seem soo sure we could’ve done better, when it’s pretty obvious we could’ve just aswell have done worse, we’ve needed a new stadium for decades, and with the amount of money in the game you need to be able to compete financially first and foremost. That’s what the club has done, taken short term risk for long term gain.

    As fans, we live it all from game-to-game, it’s always been about the highs and lows, and in modern football, no-one wants to hear next season, next year or the year after, and because of that being at neither one extreme or another means you’re left confused, I can only speak for myself as an Arsenal fan I never thought we were Real Madrid, or even Man United, but we weren’t quite Tottenham or any other club, so that’s why I hedge my bets, or whatever criticism you want to throw at me, I’ve never felt entitled, at the same time I’ve never felt the other extreme either because that’s simply the position we’re in.

    No-one wants to hear from the person that says, you know what Life’s Ok.

  60. fraz

    Lemon. To be fair am bot dissing martinez or gareth barry. Martinez has the potential but like many managers , can he step up . am just astounded by the double standards u and ur ilk have here.

  61. Aaron Lemon


    If you can’t get your head around the vast difference between signing Barry to play one game a week for the vast majority of the season for a team whose remit is to finish top 10, and signing him to join a CL side whose remit is to win a trophy, try and win the league, and try and win the CL, then there’s no point carrying this on! The difference is huge, and I make the point for the second time that you are totally ignoring the fact that regardless of what you think of the player, he HAS been brilliant for EFC whether you like it or not mate, and whether or not I want him here or not. So what is your point? Seems to me your only point is ‘Barry isn’t good enough for Arsenal’ and that point is utterly irrelevant, I was having a convo with someone else about how good he’s been for Everton and discussing Martinez’s ability to make good signings for HIS team. Childish sarcasm does little for me, particularly when it’s totally and utterly irrelevant. I don’t know of many people who think Barry’s been a poor signing. If you disagree, please edify.

  62. Keyser

    “Wenger still banging the Ox CM drum and says he has similar characteristics to JW. I don’t get it personally.”

    Romford Pele – There was a piece of play in the Bayern game, where Ox was sat in front of the defence, it’s not much, but under pressure just when you expected him to lose the ball, right inf ront of the defence with Bayern poised to break, he has a swift change of feet and looks utterly composed in playing it out to Vermaelen.

    I’m not quite sure Ox has the stamina to be an outright explosive winger, running the lines continously, if he can learn to pick and choose his moments especially playing in midfield, he could really be exceptional.

  63. fraz

    Lemon. Agree barry is not good enuff for arsenal. Not is martinez, right now. And regarding barry I clearly said he wud be a back up,that means playin once in two weeks. But he is still nit good enough.

  64. MidwestGun

    Aaron –
    Fair point about transfer record, I guess, still don’t think other big European clubs are impressed or care.. It just means we are starting to be competitive with them a little more. Im happy as fuck we got Ozil, he has been my favorite player since I first saw him play. Was shocked we got him.

    So im happy, just not jumping up and down about things we should have been doing anyway as these are not reasons to keep Arsene.

  65. KurtF

    “This summer, there is literally no excuse. None at all. If we don’t sign the players we need, we know who is responsible and we know there will be no excuses for it.” Hmmmm, where have I read that before?

  66. Romford Pele

    Keyser – I kind of get it tbh. I can see Ox playing there; like you said, needs to choose his moments carefully. My main bone of contention is that Wenger says that’s where he thinks he’ll end up but isn’t that supposed to be where Ramsey and Wilshere also play. All have attacking tendencies; how do we strike the right balance without being suspect defensively; which we still are to an extent due to the lack of a proper ball-playing DM.

    I like Ox because he seems to be able to play a multitude of positions well but i’d like to see him settle and there may come a time when he demands to be in the team week-in-week-out if his performances support that.

  67. Keyser

    MidwestGun – “Smashed our own transfer record. Our transfer record was pretty pathetic compared to other big clubs. Thats like me saying I smashed my own wage earnings record by making £10000 this week. Other rich people are laughing at me.”

    It’s the second highest transfer fee in English football history. Come on mate, if you’ve just bought yourself a Ferrari, you’re not going to enjoy it a little for yourself, think that sums up the absurdities of what we’re faced with.

  68. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I said it was a fair point! Something you never do, by the way. I dont think Barca, RM, Bayern are impressed tho. And those are the teams I would like to be competitive with.

  69. DanC


    ‘ -renewing key players contracts
    * every big club does this
    -not selling key players
    *every big club does this
    -re-negotiating commercials and sponsorships
    *every big club does this
    -FFP compliant so we have momentum and don’t have to make forced cut
    *FFP? Yeah, we are FFP compliant!
    -smashed our transfer record for a top bracket player
    * Smashed our own transfer record. Our transfer record was pretty pathetic compared to other big clubs. Thats like me saying I smashed my own wage earnings record by making £10000 this week. Other rich people are laughing at me.

    So no, dont see these as some big accomplishment. Yes we are improving over our own pathetic record. Awesome.’

    Mate your entire retort was just freaking awesome. If you dont get it then thats a shame for you. But thank you for backing up the points I was making.

    Please tell me you are joking or are you just struggling to comprehend the shift in the way OUR club has operated for the last 10 years.

    By looking at OUR situation and seeing how it has changed and improved our position this year compared to how we have been, then yes Id say it was a ‘big accomplishment. Seeing as we weren’t doing these things that the ‘big clubs’ (that you’re so fond of alluding to) were doing for years, can’t you see how this is advantageous and a big step for us as a club.

    So going by your logic us improving commercials, revenues, keeping hold of the first team and strengthening with the addition of a WC superstar isnt a good thing? Mate open your eyes.

    How can you compete with the best if you don’t improve yourself first?

    Try harder if you want to mug me off.

  70. Aaron Lemon


    ALso, in terms of the manager, I have said enough times I want us to get the right person in. I have also said enough times that the right person is not someone who will come for 3 years, win a trophy then leave, such as Mourinho or Ancelotti or whoever else.

    For me it is about ethos, playing style, the combo of identifying young stars and blooding them in with the best of the rest. Something which I think Wenger doesn’t actually do well enough.

    When I look at Man City playing, or Swansea of last year, or Benfica, or Porto, or LFC this year….when I look at them I see an identity to those teams – you know you are watching them. It’s not the shit you see at old trafford, it’s not that intensely boring nonsense you see at Barca that is only enjoyable if you want them to win (which I don’t) (plot clue: I hate Barca and their passing to death crap) – it’s something altogether more stunning to watch.

    I don’t care who comes in, so long as they a) have that style, b) are good in the market, c) are a person I would like in real life, d) want to win, e) are in it for the medium term (5 years say).

    Style and a vision are key. I don’t think Mourinho has any kind of vision for CFC. It’s a win silverware no matter how much it costs policy. That’s not a vision. That’s not him going to Roman and saying I will sign players and develop this team into something so special everyone can be proud and the world will respect us, and we’ll win things because we’re better than the rest.

    I look at Rodgers and he’s doing it at LFC. Forget personality, he has a vision and he’s doing it. Klopp was the same at Dortmund. Martinez is the same at EFC.

    The guy at Benfica is the same. That’s what I want from the next guy and I have never hidden any of that so I think when you say ‘you and your ilk are hypocrites’ make sure you are talking to the right people.

  71. Keyser

    Romford Pele – To be honest, it was one piece of play in one game, Ox spent 5 months out this year and he’s barely played regularly before that, right now I’d take Ramsey, Wilshere and Ox all fit together then see what happens, it can only help though if we do buy that one key player we’ve needed, I’d say two dm’s just to be safe.

    It’s exhilarating and depressing at the same time, Ramsey was top tackler for a while, Wilshere can tackle and is adept at playing the ball out, and I just think of Ox losing the ball and chasing 60 yards back to put a tackle in on Lukaku, there’s promise there.

    Obviously you don’t want him to make the mistake in the first place and they never seem to be fit togethr, not to mention such form has been rare in their short careers, but it’s something isn’t it ? Please let it be something.

  72. kjafc

    That is a great post and along the lines of what I said yesterday.

    My comment about fake rage was based on the fact that that there was no failure when matched against the expectations.

    You cannot claim we have a poor team and tactically inept manager, we are going to get spanked against the European champions and then start ranting when we get knocked out. You also cannot post comment after the first leg saying we had a great game plan and praise Wenger while calling bayern brilliant and then have the hypocrisy to contradict those comments and act like you are mad after drawing one all in Munich. Its all a maze of contradictions and fake outrage.

    The same when pre-season we are going to finish 6th because we have an average team, crap defence, no striker and an inept manager and then start ranting when we fall off top of the league. If you set an expectation and we fall below it criticise. Do not fake rage.Or seek to discredit.

  73. Aaron Lemon


    “Fair point about transfer record, I guess, still don’t think other big European clubs are impressed or care.. ” true but that’s not really important. I could’t give a flying fuck what a club who spends £86m on Bale thinks of us spending £42m on Ozil!

    I certainly don’t care what CFC thinks. They’re a joke club. The only reason I have a shred of respect for City is that they built a new stadium, play good football and do a lot of community stuff.

    As for the rest, and to a large extent including city, I’m not sure I care what they think. When you have bottomless pits of cash, your opinion is meaningless. It’s like an MP cutting bens and saying people don’t need this and that to live on but then claiming every expense under the sun. Just not even on the radar mate!

    Fuck all those clubs and fuck Man U too, they’re no different. Their owners have done exactly what City and CFC have done and that’s plow endless cash into the club regardless of the bottom line. I have no respect for them.

  74. Thank you and goodnight

    You twat. Poor little Kjafc twisting things to make himself look a poor little victim. Firstly I said YOU WANT US TO MASTURBATE OVER WENGER. since when does us equate to you, you lying twat. Secondly you had a dig at Pedro, don’t deny it. If you don’t like the blog, fuck off to untold.

  75. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Heh, mate, don’t get hung up on that, maybe it’s another disclaimer, maybe Pedro needs to add those like/dislike counters for people to tick. Do you really seek acceptance on here ? Maybe it’s more my problem that I don’t.

    “I dont think Barca, RM, Bayern are impressed tho. And those are the teams I would like to be competitive with.”

    It’s impressive for us, they didn’t seem that happy to lose him when he looked like he might be doing well, and most accounts from Barca seemed to be asking why they’d let him go.

  76. MidwestGun

    DanC –
    Im not commenting here to try and mug you off. You really seemed concerned about trying to win some imaginary debate trophy.

    So I should be happy about things we should be doing anyway? Ok im thrilled, I just dont see these as some big seismic shift that’s gonna all come together this year.

    Maybe im wrong and we win the the treble next year, but I doubt it.

  77. Revving Kevin

    Dear Midwest
    What? DanC is an amateur at abuse, you havnt been here long. OTT first comment for ages was “Fuck Off”. That’s class A abuse and he’s obviously a bright lad. I didn’t see dan C swear at anyone, did I miss it?

  78. DanC


    Im sorry if I give you a hard on but please stop referencing me.
    It helps when people read the posts you’ve responded to rather than ignore them and ask the same thinkg again, in order to avoid things you are crying about.

    Im proud of my club and I’ll defend it from my view point if you don’t like the crack or the humour or the barbs that come with it well scroll on down or take your tampon out.

    We could probably have a pint and take the piss at a game but that would never happen cos you won’t be there.

    Just sit on the outside looking in.

  79. Thank you and goodnight

    The other night Jeff was getting it in the neck from Kjafc, keyser and Dan C….Funny he didn’t start crying. In fact I never saw anyone jump to his defence. But the moment someone gives you lip back, you lot start crying. Boo hoo.

  80. Romford Pele

    Keyser – I get what Wenger means; all about evading the high press. And that becomes even more important considering the lack of athletes in the team.

    JW has got a lot of bad press recently but when he’s on his game, it’s something he’s very good at, passing quickly through the lines or accelerating past one/two players. I think the time we had Ramsey, Wilshere and Ox all fit was the first day of the season until the latter’s injury. Lol two DM’s, i’d be happy with one which i’m not even sure we’ll get either.

    I’ve always toyed with the idea of a 4-3-3, it’s a way to accompany two of Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere in the middle with a DM anchoring. That said, it means we don’t play a number 10 and I like that.

    Form I guess comes through consistency, fluency and playing in some kind of balanced line-up, hence still a few pieces that need to be added to the jigsaw.

  81. Romford Pele

    “built a new stadium”

    They did? I thought it was already there and they just moved into it after the Commonwealth Games?

  82. MidwestGun

    DanC –
    Yes im not a real fan like you, because you live in England I forgot. Thanks for proving my point, you simply cant comment with out throwing in a personal barb. Its ok some of my best friends are jerks.

    Fair point tho, I will ignore your one sided comments from now on.

  83. kjafc


    Arsene Wenger is a plane with former Arsenal players and a young school kid fan. The pilot suddenly dies of a heart attack and the plane spirals down towards earth.

    Wenger collects the parachutes and notices he is one short. There are 4 parachutes but 5 people on board. He has a decision to make. He looks at Robin Van Persie and says: “I changed you from a winger into a great striker for Arsenal. Here take this parachute”. Robin straps it on his back and jumps.

    Wenger turns to Thierry Henry and says: Thierry you are a real legend, the greatest player Arsenal have even had. I turned you from a winger to possibly the best player ever to play in the Premier league. Take this parachute”. So Henry straps it to his back and jumps.

    Wenger turns to Patrick Vieira: “Patrick you too are a legend. A World cup winner and a true leader for both club and Country. Take this parachute”. Patrick takes the parachute and jumps.

    The school-kid is crying uncontrollably and Wenger comforts him and asks whats wrong. The kid explains that Wenger is Arsenals most successful ever manager and that he must take the last parachute – but that he really didn’t want to die, he was only 12. Wenger turns to the kid and says: ‘Don’t worry, you will be fine, I gave that Dutch wanker your rucksack”.

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    See. So it’s ok for Dan C to constantly mock Midwest Who’s one of the nicest guys, along with N5, on here. But as soon as a few people dig back you all go running off to your mummy’s crying. Look at Revvin, the club went from 1st to 3rd and struggled, yet he went into hiding. Now that we are a whisker away from a final he’s s slithered back as the all knowing super fan. Same with Kjafc. At least Dan C and Keyser had bottle to turn up on these pages irrespective of a win or loss. Kudos to them for having balls

  85. bigper

    not sure if its been said but id like to see chamberlain in ozils role on sunday get him driving at the spurs defence and have gnarby and Podolski on the wings

  86. Keyser

    Romford Pele – If you watch Wilshere against Barcelona, I know they had us pinned back, but he’d been playing like that all year, he barely crossed the half-way line or pushed forward at all, he had someone who sat with him, Diaby or Song, and he took the ball from defence and played it forward to Fabregas, who was always the creative outlet, or Nasri and Theo out wide.

    This year there’s no Song/Diaby, and we’ve had no consistentcy in any of our other options really with Ozil still finding his feet, little balance either. So Wilshere’s had to take more of the onus going forward, without pace we weren’t able to stretch defences and without other stronger players we weren’t quite able to dominate physically either. There’s a marked difference to the role Wilshere’s been asked to play this year as opposed to when he broke onto the scene.

    He pushes on but because of the lack of pace/balance it’s easier for teams to crowd him out or simply foul him, people get on his back for always being down but that’s always been a concerted tactic against us with rotational fouling to break up play.

    It doesn’t have to be two out and out dm’s just players capable enough to cope with the pace of transition and play the ball out, then you could even play Ramsey wide or even Ox, Ramsey didn’t excel there because he was always trying to do too much, a bit like now,.

    Also even just another player like Ramsey/ Nasri, who can play wide or pretty much across the midfield.

    It’sstarting to dawn on me how weak we are for the Tottenham game.

  87. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Its cool DanC can mock away. He thinks it makes his point better if he can somehow prove his dick is bigger. Or if your fandam is somehow not as big as his.. It doesnt.

  88. Revving Kevin


    Great joke kj, very funny well worth the wait! Missed your Friday humour, this place needs it some miserable gits on here. Funny guy.

    Ignore TYAG calling you out, just a kid. Love his childish “boo hoos,” and Wenger Masterbation jibes, that lads a real bright spark.

  89. Keyser

    When I say he barely crossed the half-way line I don’t mean literally, just he knew he had a specific role between Song and Fabregas and stuck to it.

  90. DanC

    Rev Kev

    Fuck off…Im not an amateur!


    ‘So I should be happy about things we should be doing anyway?’

    Unless selling your best players, not being able to compete with wages and transfer fees, buying players that are not the level needed to win things is what you want. Then yes you should be happy.

    ‘ I just dont see these as some big seismic shift that’s gonna all come together this year.’

    It’s not that’s the point. Its taken 8 years to get to this point and things we need are not going to be solved in one or even two windows.

    We are in a position to built on what we have for once rather than rebuild what we had.

    ‘Maybe im wrong and we win the the treble next year, but I doubt it.’

    Oh yeah the treble, like its the norm. Extreme views from an American? I can’t believe that. Why dont you temper your expectations a little? We aint Bayern, Barca or RM but its where we strive to be but becoming a super club doesn’t happen over night.

  91. Keyser

    “But when you said lack of pace/ balance up front. What you really mean is Giroud.”

    Or Theo, or Ox, or Podolski, we do kind of play a front 3, heh

  92. Revving Kevin

    Dear TYAG
    So what happens if we lose to Wigan? going to run away and hide?

    Lol. Very mature once again. Yes mate, I have such a sad and hopelessly lonely life I have to visit a blog 24/7 and share comments with kids like you.

    Let’s see, how should I spend my time:
    running a business, working, spending time with the family, playing football, drinking beer, eating out, listening to music, watching films, doing DIY, watching football, weekends away, going out etc


    Having debate on here with stupid kids who accuse others of wanking over pictures of Wenger.

    Let’s see. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. Really having to decide here. Tough choice.

    Conclusion: Life is too short to waste on a fucking idiot like you.

  93. DanC


    ‘Yes im not a real fan like you’

    Its ok mate I already knew.

    You should really get a sense of humour and give me some stick back it is allowed. I’ve not called you a cunt of told you to fuck off anyone can do that. Just man up, give a bit and take a bit.

    I hope you weren’t home schooled being from the Midwest and all that could be a reason for your hypersensitivity.

    And about my dick, I dont boast but Im a grower not a shower just for the record.

  94. Kwik fit

    Wenger on Bendtner’s alleged antics: “Nobody gave him any permission to go to Copenhagen. He will be fined for that. But dry humping a car? whats wrong with that?”

  95. MidwestGun

    DanC –
    So can I unignore you now? 8yrs and counting. This could be the slowest rebuilding process ever. Your right, see I can tell people they are right, and it doesnt even hurt, the treble was a little extreme. I would take a Prem title. How many more years should I wait for the rebuilding process to continue on our new foundation? 4, 5yrs?

    Do you have a hatred of all Americans or just me? You keep bringing it up as if its relevant.

  96. N5

    Wow, I’ve seen it all now, Midwest getting cunted in my opinion is up there with Romford getting cunted. Never a nicer guy will you meet and somehow he’s been brought into this back and fourth.

    I rest my case from what I posted earlier about how split this place is becoming. It’s fucking hard work.

    Midwest. Don’t get brought into it mate, I think it’s fucking amazing that an American loves and follows our club! Any person who follows us from another country, especially one as far away as yours is a fucking diamond in my book.

  97. Thank you and goodnight

    The only idiot is you my boy. Some of us can see where we’re heading. Your fed shit and believe it’s caviar. Dumb fuck

  98. DanC

    Rev Kev

    You are fucking joking?

    Nobody told me I could actually go outside and interact with people .

    All these lonely years wasted. All these tears for nothing…

  99. Kwik fit

    Bad news guys;

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has
    distanced himself from Spanish reports that
    he is in line to replace Tata Martino at
    Barcelona .

  100. Keyser

    Great news guys;

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has
    distanced himself from Spanish reports that
    he is in line to replace Tata Martino at
    Barcelona .

  101. Gambon

    Ignore Revving, he’s just a poor, immature old bloke who works at night to watch over cars at the dealership for people to come buy.
    Uneducated brat!

  102. fraz

    Lemon. Hmm. Think bringing through young players are wengers greatest attriburtes. Nobody does it better.And we need sum one to take over. But three years down the line… Hope its a guardiola rather than a martinez.

  103. Kwik fit

    at night to watch over cars at the dealership for people to come buy.

    To come , then buy

  104. Gambon

    DanC is just a brainless AKB faggot.
    He munches on Wenger’s shit like a stark raving mad man does on dirt

  105. Thank you and goodnight

    Revvin ‘ s a clueless sheep mate. Everyone laughed about KK signing and he comes in with ” well my swedish wife has followed him for years he’s brilliant”….you honestly couldn’t make it up. I’m sure he was given the book,’ Arsène Wenger’s 1001 excuses for every occasion’ at Xmas.

  106. DanC


    Hate is a strong word my friend and Im all for improving anglo-american relations.

    So until we win the PL again you won’t be happy?

    What about the FA cup to keep you going through the gradual process of becoming a superclub?

  107. Romford Pele

    Kesyer – Agree RE Wilshere and the better balance in the side. It’s why i’m convinced that things start to take more shape if we buy someone adept in that DM role who has height, is combative and can help us deal with transitional play.

    Interesting you mention Nasri; this is where I feel Ox comes into play. Obvious needs to improve his game intelligence and feet in tight areas but is a man for that kind of role.

  108. MidwestGun

    Oh hell, I give up! Lol. Im sorry I ever questioned your initial comment DanC. Yes im happy about everything Arsenal, its all good. 8yrs we have rebuilt. Its finally here. Let the Renaissance begin!

    Now can we field a full team for Sunday? 🙁

  109. Bamford13

    Far too many apologists for Wenger and the status quo on here this morning. It’s rather disgusting.

    Full support to OTT and all who have had enough of the mediocrity, the miserliness, and the idiocy of life under Wenger.

    A few points:

    1. Dan tells us we should be happy because we signed Ozil. Problem with this is that we needed far more than just Ozil — indeed a decent argument can be made that we didn’t really need a CAM — but signed no additional players aside from cheap mediocrities (Sanogo, Flamini, Kallstrom). Further, these cheap signings say just as much, if not more, about whether Wenger has changed. He hasn’t. He still wants to prove that he can win on the cheap. Those, like Lemmon, who have faith in the coming summer window should take another long look at the Kallstrom, Flamini and Sanogo signings. Aside from one decent signing this summer, this is likely the caliber of player Wenger will be bringing in.

    2. KJAFC tells us that the frustration expressed on here after Bayern was “fake” because losing to Bayern as we did was no failure given “the expectations”. So many problems with this. First, we only have such low expectations because Wenger has failed to build a proper side. Had he signed a quality CF and DM in the summer, we could’ve genuinely competed, and our expectations would’ve been much higher. Instead, as always, we have to settle for being second-rate and an also-ran. There’s nothing keeping us from being first-rate other than Wenger himself.

    Lemmon – I’m with you re Martinez. He’s a quality manager, and as I’ve said before, any competent manager who doesn’t try to get by on the cheap could improve Arsenal.

    By the way, Wenger said this morning that he’s going to be looking closely at the “injury crisis” at the club. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it does suggest that there may in fact be more injuries at Arsenal than at other clubs.

    Here’s to the day when we are no longer second-rate and an also-ran!

    (And no, beating Hull in the FA Cup final won’t prove we’ve arrived.)

  110. DanC


    ‘I should get a sense of humor? Hahahaha. Good one!
    You really dont read my comments do you?’

    Like I said you should get a sense of humour,

  111. Arsene's Nurse

    Bamford13 March 14, 2014 13:44:17

    By the way, Wenger said this morning that he’s going to be looking closely at the “injury crisis” at the club. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it does suggest that there may in fact be more injuries at Arsenal than at other clubs.
    I did some number crunching yesterday using information from physioroom. Without a shadow of a doubt Arsenal consistently have more injuries than our rivals for most of the last 12 seasons. I’ve just added Everton to the data and and uploaded a new graph:

    You can see that we are consistently high regarding injuries.