Toni Kroos watch | Arsenal look to beat all the stats… and Bayern

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Arsenal vs Bayern

The good news Arsenal train kept rolling as our kids made it through to the semi final of the FA Cup. They beat Everton 3-1 at the Emirates. I totally forgot to mention it yesterday… I wanted to go, it sounded like a good game to all those who did make the trip down there.

I didn’t catch any of the highlights, but Jack Jebb scored a penalty and a nailed a freekick… with a goal from Akpom.

Great stuff. It’s funny how the FA Youth Cup, which is a cup, obviously… is seen as a barometer for future player success. We don’t do that with the real FA Cup side. We won’t be looking at the Wigan side that won last year wondering why their players aren’t playing for Madrid.

Still, we don’t win many FA Youth Cups, so it’d be nice to do so this year.

In the main news of the day, we’re taking on Bayern Munich. Arsene Wenger reckons he’s going for it. Thoughtwhen you watch the press conference, it felt like he was putting on a bit of a front. He knows that defence is an important as attack. Wenger went on a bit of a push about referees… we’ve been dealt quite a few sandwiches loaded with faecal matter of late. He’s asking for a fair game. He also made the very pertinent point that being all PC with ref distribution isn’t good for the big games because the refs can’t handle the pace when they come in from the Estonian league. I make him right, get the best refs, from the best leagues managing the best games.

Tonight is basically a massive, massive ask. Guardiola isn’t under any illusions about what can happen and he looked super focused… so we’ll see what’s going to happen.

We’re facing a night of Vermaelen at left back, which could be a bit of a horror show. Koscielny is taking to the middle, and as far as I can see, there will be no return to action for Aaron Ramsey.

I really don’t see the point in fielding our best side for this one. The league is our priority. Turning over Bayern 3-0 at their place is a beyond impossible task if you ask me. Turning over a tired Spurs because we rested key players seems far more feasible. Now, I’m not saying put out the Youth Cup kids, I’m saying play the fringe players and see what they can do.

The hope is that we don’t get spanked. Bayern are totally ruthless in attack. They boast power and pace all over the park, but they layer that with a brutal clinical edge from everywhere on the park. One player to keep a close eye on this evening is the super Toni Kroos. He’s rumoured to be off in the summer. His pass completion rate is quite incredible. We should be looking at him if Manchester United have a chance with him. A top player who wants parity with people like Gotze. We have a requirement for talent like that this summer… don’t let Moyes have him!

In other, slightly more shocking news… Uli Hoeness, the Bayern supremo is in big trouble. He’s been caught avoiding tax… not a little bit either, £15m! A whole Chamberlain worth of cash sitting in a secret Swiss bank. Prosecutors are pushing for a 7 year jail sentence. Quite unbelievable that a man that rich would bother. You’re already loaded! WHY DO YOU NEED MORE!

Anyway, you sense a bit of turbulence at the German club off the back of that.

… actually, you don’t.

Final bit of talk is about a Charity in desperate need of some help. They’re hugely down on funding after someone let them down. The Homeless FA are run by a fantastic bunch of people who look to instil the qualities in people they need to get back on their feet. If you can donate anything to help get them on track for the year, that’d be incredible.

If you’re a bit of a big deal in your organisation and you could pitch this into your CSR Department, that’d be amazing. The sort of money these guys need to keep their great work going is nothing to a bank, but it’d mean the absolute world to people who are trying to keep the organisation going.

So… if you’re looking to make a difference, please donate… but if you’re an MD or  CEO (and I know some pretty powerful business people (with BIG hearts!) read this), please get in touch if there are any strings you can pull!

This is a #GoonerFamily moment… except not as cringe, and ultimately a more powerful cause than follower count is at hand here!

(client the image below to donate / e-mail peter at if you can help on a grander scale!)



Right, I’m not actually about for the game this evening. My flight to America perfectly coincides with the trip, which is either perfect, or super disappointing as I’ll either miss a spanking or the most exciting game in the clubs Champions League history!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    I have a theory on Ozil. he really, really, really wants the F A Cup, & nothing else matters. he has the blinkers on for the F A Cup like Charlie Nicholas did in ’87 for the League Cup 🙂

    Well thats my theory & I’m sticking to it 😉

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    AAaaaahhhhh the old F A Cup. I remember as a kid staying to watch the Cup on tele down here in Oz at some ungodly hour. I’d doze off for 2 minutes and miss the goal. Except ofcourse the ’79er. Now that was a proper F A Cup 😀

  3. Evan

    Good effort last night, shame our CF couldn’t really create anything that resembled a good effort. Oxlade played like a Champion, playing with such confidence and form, a joy to watch.

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    What the fuck has Wenger been thinking these last 5 or 6 years? , apart from money money money of course.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    From a personal perspective a 1-1 draw was a decent result against a very good Bayern Munich team.

    The major difference between both teams was their overall quality and in particular possession and passing stats. Also their pace on the flanks, which we lack.

    On individual performance the stand out performance for Arsenal was Ox. I have said before he looked tremendous in pre season and I believe that of all
    the younger players on our books he has the most potential not just in the domestic games, but internationally as well. He is technically gifted and also has the physique of a rugby player or boxer. The two areas of his game which
    need improvement are his final ball and of course scoring goals.

    However, Wenger should now be pencilling him in for a starting berth in all
    major games.

    Ozil’s injury is a worry. My view as Pedro has suggested many times that he has been ‘overplayed’ this season and needs a proper rest. The same applies to
    Giroud who had also a poor game.

    The main problem at Arsenal is that we lack sufficient depth in our squad to cope with the fixture list and expectations which we are having to deal with in
    February, March and to lesser extent April.

    It will be interesting to discover what decisions Wenger is making for forthcoming transfer window. Just to stand still Wenger needs to find replacements for Fabianski , Vermaelen and probably Sagna. That will not be easy
    and will cost conservatively at least £40 million without looking at improving
    other positions.

    Apart from GK,CB and RFB we are also short as everyone will agree in defensive midfield as Arteta is in decline, left wing and of course a top quality striker. That is a huge potential investment to bring the club up to top table.

    Wenger has plenty of good technical midfield players in his squad, but not enough variety and some of these players are too one dimensional. The goal
    conceded against Bayern highlights the defensive weaknesses of players like
    Cazorla, Podolski and Ozil [not playing at that time].

    The modern game needs players who are not just specialist, but very good all rounders.

    Obviously our squad is now very thin going into game with Spurs on Saturday.
    We have lost Gibbs,Monreal,Wilshere and now Ozil in last two weeks. That is
    in addition to Walcott, Ramsey and Kallstrom. Even if latter two are available at weekend it would be optimistic to expect them to be ‘match fit’ and capable of playing full game.

    The one good thing is that we can now focus on playing one decent game each week for rest of season.

  6. wenker-wanger

    The ox has top talent he outshone quality bayern midfield with his pace and control. This wengers arsenal looked like it was on damage limitation, pathetic and reflects a gutless manager thats a specialist in failure. We are short of striking quality and have been since RVP, giroud is a good striker but limitrd and not champs league class, a kind of steady useful 15-20 goals a season striker.

  7. wenker-wanger

    Could this wigam semi be birmingham again? I wouldnt be over confident if I were you fellow gooners. With that tool in charge I am far from confident!

  8. goona

    ” This wengers arsenal looked like it was on damage limitation, pathetic and reflects a gutless manager”

    Totally agree with that comment , we were very average- other than the OX. Giroud offers NOTHING upfront, championship calibre striker at best. Wenger, even with 20mins to go did little to change the game plan (as usual) no plan B.

  9. wenker-wanger

    Recommend watching the ian wright story. Fascinating, and HE was a fantastic striker…. Bought by a proper manager.

  10. reggie57

    If the spuds turn us over this weekend (which looks highly likely given all our injuries) the calls for Wenger to go will humongous!!

  11. Hitman49

    I feel sorry for the fans that traveled to the game,

    Because our specialist in failure did just that !

    First half ok take that..

    Second ? Where were the changes to win us the match ?

    Poor and gutless,

    So yeah I agree with what a lot of you are saying he can no longer be defended,the lack of squadd is all his doing no one else’s .


  12. Bergkamplegend

    Morning all!!

    Disgusted by the “incident” of last night…

    So let’s resume : Wilshere + Ozil + Theo + Ramsey injuries + an incompetent manager = impossibility to win the league.

    But you must avoid to talk too much about injuries, because most people will think we search for excuses…

  13. Vinca Rosea

    For me the game, was a bit like last year’s really, Bayern got a good result from the first leg and were in that strange stick or twist zone. Arsenal only had one way to approach the second leg – keep it tight first half with and bit of lck go into HT without conceding and then hell for leather second.

    Just as last year, we seem to be very good at chasing a tie when we have nothing to lose as the damage is already inflicted and one’s left with the “what might have been” feeling.

    OX was an uknown quantity for Bayern and was allowed space – he’d probably be double teamed once he starts regularly. Dante isn’t very good, hope they dont buy a quick CB (kolscienyesque). Lewandowski arrival wont be good for any team in europe.

  14. Romford Pele

    “Poor and gutless”

    What were you watching? And what did you expect the team to do differently against Bayern?

  15. Emiratesstroller

    The main question for me about this game is whether Ozil was already injured or had tight hamstrings before it started.

    If that was case then Wenger should not have played him. For all rhetoric about Arsenal having a slim chance of winning this game the likelihood was very remote and frankly Wenger’s priorities this season should be 3rd [not 4th] place in EPL and now FA Cup.

    Arsenal’s players get injured far too often and the reasons for that must be:
    1. recruiting players with injury history.
    2.overplaying them as Pedro has said many times.
    3.shortage of quality in several positions.
    4.too much intricate football. Our players too focussed on complex and twisting moves.
    5.poor monitoring of potential injuries.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    We’re supposed to go to Bayern and turn them over 4 nil. Go gung ho for it even though that leaves spaces for them everywhere. To win over there with a full squad would be difficult but without Gibbs, Rambo, Wilshere, Walcott and an injured Ozil we are not strong enough. They are just better than us even with a full squad.

    I thought we worked our nuts off. All you can ask of players. Our squad not at that level yet.

  17. Alfygun

    Good valid points and thoughts
    Most of the rest on here spoilt whinging ignorant and uninformed crap!!!

  18. tunnygriffboy


    I like your posts but saying what caused Ozil’s injury is just speculation at the moment. Do agree that we seem to get too many injuries. Thing is when we get an injury eg Walcott and Poldi and Ox at the beginning of season then people like Jack and Rambo and Ozil had to cover for weeks when they could have been rotated. Players come back then those who covered for them get injured. Its a vicious circle

  19. Rocky Pires

    I couldnt agree with “Poor and Gutless”.
    Wenger took a bold step in his lineup and our team showed up all lads played well and cannot be faulted .
    I think boys can take pride in their performance and this result may well galvanise our unity moreso and drive us forward in the Spuds,Chelski and Citeh games.

    Worrying though is how light our squad has got. Hope Ramsey comes through 100% cannot afford another injury
    Team V Spuds
    Back 5 as was last night

    Introduce Ramsey from bench

  20. Bergkamplegend

    So, season afeter season after seasons, we are hit by injuries.

    Wenger knows that.
    Did he buy enough players on the transfert windows ??
    Of course not.

    Did he will have a contract extension from Ivan ??
    Of course yes.

    Only at Arsenal.
    Oooh ooohh to be

  21. Gladwyn

    It was an okay result. We can take a 1-1 draw surely. Too bad that Ozil is the latest on the injury table. Still think we have it in us to turn Spuds over.

  22. Romford Pele

    The lads did themselves very proud last night. Nobody expected us to go and overturn a deficit at the best club in Europe. All I wanted was to not be embarrassed, which we weren’t. Considering the injuries we had and the obvious deficiencies within the squad, we did quite well. As I said last night, Arsenal in general match up quite well against Bayern. Could’ve been interesting had Rambo and Theo been fit. Dortmund caused us more problems IMO.

  23. Bergkamplegend

    Well, if you type the wrong key on your computer, it’s impossible to correct your message and to correct your faults.
    It’s also impossible to “correct” Wenger’s prehistoric way of management lol

  24. tunnygriffboy

    We are being battered in the media at the moment especially Ozil. Just wonder how the other English sides would have fared against them? Both us and city played much of the first leg with 10 men. That may have affected the results.

  25. Rocky Pires

    Bayern are beatable, no doubt I think Thiago and Sweinsteiger can be got at and Alba and Dante aren’t greatest defenders .
    Was hoping Giroud would have closed Neur down quicker that dummy of his is an accident waiting to happen. I like Bayern but hope Real win Champions League . Just show how much better Carlo is than Maureen.

  26. Romford Pele

    Obviously the injuries are a worry. We were relatively clean with them last season but they seemed to have hit us hard again this time round. Questions have to be asked because this has happened in the majority of previous seasons. Obviously we are poorly equipped up top too. I was kinda hoping Wenger would’ve chucked a curve ball and put in Gnabry up top.

  27. Vinca Rosea

    Hmm, not sure. Strictly speaking the scoreline is deceiving. I remember Alaba, gotze, lahm and robben cutting through our back line several times in the first half – a combination of blocks and poor finishing kept us in parity.

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Spot on Romford. Hopefully like last season it will give us determination to move forward. Poldi needs to play like that all the time and I hope we get some players back. If we didn’t have such depth in midfield we would be in the shit.

    God the papers going in for the kill on Ozil. Wankers

  29. Romford Pele

    “We are being battered in the media at the moment especially Ozil”

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. Like I said last night, Arsenal have the biggest following online in the UK. The newspapers and other media outlets know this and they know the traffic that can be generated by writing Arsenal-related stories, whether true or false.

    Ozil, because of his price tag, and his supposed laziness is now an easy target. But people, Arsenal fans included, fail to factor in that this is someone who has played 90% of games this season after not having a pre-season,is adapting to a new culture, a physically more demanding league, a new style of play, and a squad which has obvious deficiencies within it. This isn’t to say that there aren’t areas he can improve of course. But it’s a lot easier to call him a flop/waste of money than analyse the reasons why he isn’t at full pelt.

    It’s why I like Gary Neville, always a sense of perspective. A series of tweets from him this morning kind of reflects what i’ve just been saying.

  30. Vinca Rosea

    “Bayern are beatable, no doubt I think Thiago and Sweinsteiger can be got at and Alba and Dante aren’t greatest defender”

    Alaba is an excellent player IMO

  31. Romford Pele

    Also, the newspapers tearing into Ozil despite the fact he played on with an injured hamstring. No objectivity of course – they just wanna say stuff which fits their agenda and which will sell papers. The narrative around Arsenal is very easy.

  32. N5

    Before the match all I asked was that we didn’t go and embarrass ourselves with a huge loss last night and we didn’t, 2 years at Bayern and not lost, that we can be proud off. Other than that, Ozil out is a pisser!!

  33. phil

    Wenger out

    he is useless – as I have mentioned on earlier threads
    the AKB brigade should be shot or if he dares fall of a cliff follow him over like lemmings
    weak squad – no strikers, over paid for a player we ddint need – shocking from a supposedly top class manager on 8 mill a year – joke

    he has to go

  34. Bergkamplegend

    The more this season is advancing, the more the fact that Gazidis could extend Wenger’s contract seems unreal…

    But yet we were never so close to win a trophy since a decade.
    Weird, weird season…

  35. tunnygriffboy

    I get a bit protective of Ozil because he’s ours. I agree with everything you say about him. ! I know it’s easy lazy journalism but I wish someone would fight his corner. Just want him to have a good run of games with Theo, Rambo and a new CF.

  36. Romford Pele


    Yep, i’m also protective of him because i’m a fanboy and he’s one of my personal favourites. If I was manager i’d be fighting his corner all the time. That said, there’s things he can improve on. Wenger was talking about how he should always stop looking for the perfect pass and that he should shoot and take on players more due to the attributes he has. He said he hadn’t really had time to work on it with Ozil due to the fact that there is a game every three days.

    But yeah it’s lazy journalism. I don’t really worry too much mate; the dude is a WC player. People just need someone to air their grievances at right now. I remember the time when Szcz, Mert, Kos, Ramsey, Gibbs were all shit too. The buck will pass mate.

  37. Romford Pele

    The silly thing Ozil did last night was to play on knowing he was injured. I know he probably wanted to prove a point but in doing so has aggravated his problem.

  38. tunnygriffboy

    It amazes me. People go beserk when we don’t buy players because we won’t pay over the odds. When we finally get a WC player we criticise because we pay to much. Club can’t do anything right it seems.

  39. Bergkamplegend

    Wenger’s tactic: buy a world class player in the summer, but just one (“let’s keep some money for my next contract”).
    Buy Ozil to calm the fans… AND gazidis of course.

    But when you buy only ONE great player, of course you must make him play almost every games, and you can’t give him the rest that he needs.

    Moral of the story : Wenger break his toy.
    In fact Wenger is like a disturbed child, he break a lot of his toys lol

  40. Bergkamplegend

    Romford Pele : “The silly thing Ozil did last night was to play on knowing he was injured.”

    Ok, but in this case wenger would not have allowed him to play.
    And this man pretend to be a great manager ??? lol

  41. Romford Pele

    “Ok, but in this case wenger would not have allowed him to play”

    I think they may have only found out about the injury at half-time though I may be wrong.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    I thought we played ok last night.

    As usual Mertesacker and Koscielny were excellent for almost all of 90 mins

    Vermaelen looked pretty good at LB, but of course with us being pushed back constantly his lack of attacking ability was never really exposed. Gibbs would have definitely helped us there, esp. in the 2nd half.

    Giroud wasn’t great but he was up against 2 or 3 players each time the ball was chucked at him

    Fabianski showed again why Wenger thought he was a good keeper. He’s been really good ever since we got the team defensive ethic sorted out. Funny that.
    Still can’t kick though.

    Ozil was poor, but then again he was carrying an injury for most of the half, was playing out of position, and was up against the best side in the CL whose manager publicly stated he wanted his players to take him out of the game, so I have no problems ignoring the Daily Mail narrative (because that’s what it’s become).

    It’s clearly bollocks, but then it’s no surprise when you consider the rest of the paper is written with agendas, narratives and lies, so why should the back pages be any different.

    I’m much concerned that we’re going to miss him for the next few weeks, rather than his performance last night.

    Chamberlain was excellent. Showing real signs of what he can do. Just needs to work on his decision making, and maybe pacing himself a little better.

    Oh, and if Wenger could just work out how to wipe the happy chappy smile off Podolski’s face and get him all mean and angry for every game…

    Right, off to work

  43. reggie57

    What’s the point of having a top class provider when you are relying on striker’s of the calibre that we currently have!

    Its like building a wall with sand!

  44. useroz

    Some things come to mind …

    *BM had better movements and their forwards managed to keep ball individually, and waited for the MF etc to arrive. It looked as though we were sewamped by red shirts in our half

    *We tried press them but did not manage to get the ball nor stop their forward momentum ie chasing shadows. While we didn’t quite manage to get out of our half when we had the ball either mis passes/give aways or nowhere to go and did back passes.

    *at a glance they looked overall better specimens in build, height, strength and pace than our smaller weaker players. We hardly won air duels…even Giroud. Except Mer perhaps. But of course, despite their strength, they fell readily onto the pitch

    As much as they missed a few chances we had several in latter part of 2H but Giroud was just…also at times wrong decisions. Pass not shoot, vice versa…

    Our players are happy to ‘assist’ rather than to score (on the pitch I mena… Ox may be an exception.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    ooh, just one more thing

    On last night’s game would anyone actually want to bring in Mandzukic in as a replacement for Giroud?

  46. goona

    Most of our injury problems are down to Wenger, if we had a large enough squad, with the right depth of quality to compete on all fronts, we could handle the injuries- and prevent many from happening in the first place – squad rotation and rest.

    All Wengers fault! he has no excuses, plenty of money to spend. He doesn’t spend and then he wonders why every season we collapse……

    Its such a simple issue to sort out, but he wont.

    Wenger out

  47. gazzap

    Say what you want about how good Bayern were but over the two legs they couldn’t beat us when we had 11 men on the pitch. They only took advantage of us being down to 10 men (which was a harsh red card), the rest of the time it was a draw so we’re not as far behind as people say.

  48. Romford Pele

    Squad is quite large – only areas you can really say we lack depth in is at CB and up top. If you’re talking about quality, that’s a completely different issue. There are numbers in the squad, not all of them are up to par though.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Ozil’s injured now is he? Poor poor management. Why?

    I think Emiratesstroller’s points on this are excellent

    Arsenal’s players get injured far too often and the reasons for that must be:
    1. recruiting players with injury history.
    2.overplaying them as Pedro has said many times.
    3.shortage of quality in several positions.
    4.too much intricate football. Our players too focussed on complex and twisting moves.
    5.poor monitoring of potential injuries.

    I would add a 6th point.

    Because our manager does not use the fringe players correctly, those key players who become injured are never given the time to recover properly… so the cycle of injury perpetuates itself.

  50. tunnygriffboy

    We have depth in midfield. If we didn’t we would have been much further behind in the league than we are. Problem is with the number of injuries we’ve had certain players have had to play. Problem is no depth or options up top

    Mandzukic. Not sure about him.

  51. Romford Pele

    Mandzukic is the kind of striker Per would’ve wanted to play against. He was pretty quiet in both games tbh. Chuck in a curve ball like false 9 Gotze and it may be different. It’s interesting though; this Bayern team still has some evolving to do.

  52. Hitman49

    Lots of really good posts about the game but you seem to all be forgetting the most important point.

    We had to win to continue in the European champions league !

    Yes its a knock out ! !

    So after all the we did well didn’t lose ect

    We did we are out AGAIN…….and still a bus ride away from winning it !

  53. Vinca Rosea

    “They only took advantage of us being down to 10 men (which was a harsh red card), the rest of the time it was a draw so we’re not as far behind as people say.”

    Surely you don’t really believe this.

  54. Romford Pele

    “We had to win to continue in the European champions league !”

    You were expecting us to knock out Bayern?

  55. tunnygriffboy


    It’s not about numbers it’s about adding more quality to the squad. Perhaps then we’d see more rotation. Players have been overplaying because of injuries. They then get injured when the players come back. It’s a vicious circle

  56. Bergkamplegend

    Hitman : I get your point, but don’t forget that a lot of people had predicted a disaster for us last night…
    And you have to admit that, like last year, we were far from being ridiculous against one the 2 best teams in europe (Madrid being the other one)

  57. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t believe that Ozil’s injury was occurring in this game, because his personal involvement was fairly nonexistent from outset.

    Yes he did have a couple of weeks rest, but the reality is that he has been overplayed this season as is also the case with Giroud as well.

    The bottom line is that we do not have enough real quality in squad and our style of football makes too many demands on individual players.

    On paper we have some very good midfield players, but as I said not enough variety. Flamini is for example the only natural defensive midfielder in squad,
    but he cannot play every game. If you play Ozil, Cazorla,Walcott and Podolski
    then you need a counterbalance in midfield with players who are physically
    strong and defensive minded. Too often we see large holes appear in these areas.

    The goal scored by Bayern and indeed what happened in Liverpool game was
    a manifestation of the inadequacies of our squad/team.

  58. Leedsgunner

    Yes, the boys did not make an embarrassment of themselves last night. Credit to them for that…

    But for once, just for once I wish we had a manager who wanted to win the competition rather than just pat himself on the back for qualifying…

    While Wenger is busy self-congratulating himself other teams and managers with ambition are busy winning games, building teams, and identifying transfer targets.


    Another year, another loss. Completely avoidable and predictable — only if we had strengthened last summer…

  59. Bergkamplegend

    Emirates : “…but the reality is that he has been overplayed this season…”

    Wenger don’t buy enough players = > vicious circle = > wenger out.

  60. Hitman49


    I was just pointing out that however your wrap it up, we lost the tie…simple
    As I said yeah I do agree with some points but basically it’s a two legged knock out ! Nothing more nothing less.

    And we failed so what’s the excuse we have money loads of it. So I’m sorry about bayern being the best or second best in Europe, I’m not interested in them I only worry about us arsenal and we are going backwards as usual we never had a full set of subs ?
    But the good news is blah blah blah 120 million in the bank……

    You tell me ?

  61. peanuts&monkeys

    Same fuckin story. Same fuckin story.

    CL exit: Same fuckin story. same fuckin story.
    PL fizzle out: Same fuckin story. same fuckin story.
    Injuries ruining title challenges: Same fuckin story. Same fuckin story.

    Same fuckin story. Same fuckin story.

  62. tunnygriffboy

    John Cross is a populist. Our journalists very rarely analyse games but concentrate on the gossip and jump on the bandwagon of popular opinion even though it may have no basis. They all think their super pundits as they’re now on telly and the radio. How many have played the game. Wankers !

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    Bloody mid-table mentality club, with mostly relegation-level players and championship-class manager.

    Same fuckin story. same fuckin story.

  64. Bergkamplegend

    Hitman : “But the good news is blah blah blah 120 million in the bank……”

    At least we have enough money in the bank for arsène’s new contract lol

  65. MidwestGun

    Re :Mandzukic. Y es I would honestly take him to replace Giroud. Because Giroud should be our 3rd choice striker. So I would take Mandzukic as our 3rd choice striker.
    Our first choice striker plays for Liverpool.
    Our 2nd choice striker plays for Napoli

    For me, that’s the problem regarding our CF position.

  66. Leedsgunner

    If Wenger stays past this year, the only hope I have for AFC is the possibility that WEnger’s new contract is highly incentivised toward performance AND that he no longer has sole control over transfer targets. We simply cannot have another transfer that gets wasted like last summer and this past winter. If he refuses to relinquish control over the transfer window Wenger has to go. He’s killing the club.

    He has to realise he’s just one man. He cannot do everything.

    Sure, allow him to identify transfer targets. Then he should be told to do his job and actually plan and prepare the first team squad for the season ahead and not bother with the value of players etc… and allow others to do the negotiating. Plus, he should NOT be allow the final say over negotiatins. That’s the job of a CEO and NOT the manager.

    For everyone that wants to raise Ozil as proof of a successful transfer window, I’ll match that with a Kallstrom. Plus, it would like we’ve lost Ozil for the title charge… so realistically we have Flamini and Sanogo to carry us. Great work, hey?

    Arsene never learns.

  67. Dissenter

    Legrove is like a roman mob at times.
    Why all the negative verbage?
    This tie was lost the first leg when Schezny made a clumsy lunge on Robben.
    How was Wenger responsible for a hamstring injury?

    That said, Wenger is liable for the small squad. How can you explain taking Miyachi to the Allianz arena, was he going to be the ball boy?
    Wenger is responsible for building unreasonable expectation for the second leg.

  68. karaul

    “I think they may have only found out about the injury at half-time though I may be wrong.”

    not sure. I´ve seen him holding his leg during 1st half and not running that much during some time

    hope rosicky stays fit for at least a month. till mighty kim comes back

  69. Dissenter

    One has to consider the German crowd reaction to Ozil is related to his Turkish roots.
    Ozil was supposed to be the indication that Germany was now the modern inclusive society. Sometimes you have to wonder because there are still certain segments of the society that resent a German-Turk being the face of German football.
    Ozil didn’t make the right choice with Wenger/Arsenal. He should have gone to a club where he’s surrounded with class. What’s he supposed to do in a squad with Miyachi and Sanogo.

  70. Bergkamplegend

    Wenger said that we must wait for Ozil’s scan result for knowing exactly how long he will be out.
    Considering our legendary luck, we must expect to do without him for much more than “a few weeks”.

  71. Romford Pele

    “One has to consider the German crowd reaction to Ozil is related to his Turkish roots”

    Do you have evidence to back this up or are you just making it up? And Ozil isn’t really the face of German football, he’s just part of a fantastic German generation currently.

  72. gazzap

    It’s a solid fact, Bayern did not beat us when it was 11 v 11. But of course they are better than us – mostly because they had a potent strike force and dangerous midfielders. We missed Ramsey and Walcott too much but if you took two players out of Bayern they would still be a top team.
    Arsenal do need a top striker that is clear but we also need to keep out players fit because we cannot compete with our best players injured all the time.
    but we were without Theo and Rambo for the opening 15 mins at the Emirates and we outplayed Bayern then as well as beating them 2-0 last season. The gap is there but it is bridgable with 3 signings.

  73. Romford Pele

    “One legend Wrighty paying homage to another Rocastle.. I love the emotion in Wrighty voice when he mentions the “Arsenal”… spine-tingling stuff.”

    That documentary was emotional. You can hear the love for Arsenal in his voice!

  74. reality check

    League – 4th; Champions League – last 16; FA Cup – 5th round; League Cup – 5th round

    League – 3rd; Champions League – last 16; FA Cup – 5th round; League Cup – 5th round

    League – 4th; Champions League – last 16; FA Cup – quarter-finalists; League Cup – finalists

    League – 3rd: Champions League – quarter-finalists; FA Cup – 4th round; League Cup – 5th round

    League – 4th; Champions League – semi-finalists; FA Cup – semi-finalists; League Cup – fifth round

    League – 3rd; Champions League – quarter-finalists; FA Cup – 5th round; League Cup – semi-finalists

    League – 4th; Champions League – last 16; FA Cup – 5th round; League Cup – runners-up

    League – 4th; Champions League – runners-up; FA Cup – 4th round; League Cup – semi-finalists

    League – 2nd; Champions League – last 16; FA Cup – winners ; League Cup – 5th round

    One thing ill say about wenger. Regardless of the team/sqaud he starts with he always , by hook or by crook, manages to maintain the status quo.

    It’s amazing really. Whether he has cesc song rvp or arteta giroud flamini, whether its djorouru at the back, or an unknown kosielney… he could have an adebayore or bendtner or Park or DENILSON!!

    Whatever happens, he will get top for, he will get last 16, and he will get to the later stages of the cups… Regardless.

    He has obviously reached his ceiling.
    At the same time to maintain ‘his’ level is an achievement in itself. It’s no good to us looking on but for him…
    I can see why he might be proud of himself.

    (Everything in isolation of course)

  75. N5

    Hitman49, I’m with you on wanting a new manager, but you have to stop and think about what your posting! it’s Bayern, being knocked out to them is nothing to be ashamed about. They have won their last 17 games on the bounce, scored in 99 of their last 100 games (the one they didn’t was against us), they are the current holders of the ECL and they are currently the #1 ranked team in the world with the #1 ranked manager!

    Let’s not react like we were knocked out by Stoke! it’s daft!!

  76. Jeff

    The bottom line is that we still haven’t really beaten a “big” side this season either in the PL or CL.

  77. Leedsgunner


    I wonder if any in the present squad playing for the Arsenal love the club as much as he does. They should play that clip before the lads go out to play in the FA Cup final if we get that far. This is what it should mean to play for this club.

    I know Wrighty can get a bit shrill at times but I love him!

  78. N5

    Shit Leeds, when Ian’s talking about Rocky and his Hat-trick I wasn’t ready for that! it put a right lump in my throat!!

  79. Romford Pele


    Yeah Wrighty is a tad crazy but you could never question where his heart lay. That’s why like many I feel it’s vital to have Arsenal people on the board ala Bayern.

  80. Bamford13

    Shocking how low the level of expectations is now for Arsenal as a club. Many above are seemingly happy that we managed not to “embarrass ourselves” last night.

    That sentiment itself is embarrassing.

    If we are in a place where we have to hope to not be EMBARRASSED, then something is seriously wrong at the club, and the manager must go. Yet many of the same people who are pleased that we weren’t embarrassed continue to support the manager.

    I take it they blame our circumstances on bad luck in transfer windows and on injuries.

    This is absurd. Our windows have been bungled for one reason alone, and that’s Wenger’s ineptitude and miserliness. As for injuries, these are a part of the game and other clubs must deal with the same. The difference is they don’t try to get buy on the cheap — or overstretch their players — so they have plenty of quality players in reserve.

    Bringing Miyachi along is just adding insult to injury. What a joke! This kid is garbage as it is — but to bring him when he wasn’t even eligible to play? Good God.

    Anyone who is happy simply because we weren’t embarrassed — and is not at the same time calling for Wenger’s head — is part of the problem.

  81. Dissenter

    How do you explain being booed at games where he wasn’t shite.
    How do you explain homophobic banners aimed at a German player when we are playing in Munich?
    Ozil,is a German Turk, his success in the last WC was a watershed moment in the complex relationship between Turkish immigrants and the larger german society. They weren’t accepted as German until not too long ago.
    Can I prove it? No.
    Can you explain all the slights at a German player who’s the most expensive football export? I bet your answer will be NO.
    I expect people to go into denial mode, it’s latent bias and it can’t be proved.

  82. N5

    I listen sometimes to 606 on my way back home from the ground (evening matches) and Wrighty show’s his passion time and time again on there. He’s blunt but he’ll argue the toss with anyone and it’s hard to question what he says. 9/10 times he’s bang on the money, other times he can be a little exaggerated and silly but that’s Ian Wright Wright Wright!!

  83. Savage

    This media PR storm about Robben and Wenger is exactly what is needed to address Robben’s antics. Every game Robben plays from now will have this issue hanging over his head.

    Ultimately retrospective reviews are the way to go. Why is football so slow with this stuff compared to rugby and cricket?

  84. N5

    Bamford, how about people like me that want Wenger gone but were glad we didn’t get embarrassed last night? is that part of the problem or a paradox?

    Did you expect a 8-0 win last night? nope! did you think we would change Wenger before kick off? no, so let’s just be grateful we didn’t end up looking like cunts for Tottenham to laugh at and hope Wenger goes in the Summer you judgmental bellend.

  85. Dissenter

    Yes, he was booed by a a very small but vocal part of the crowd.
    Initially it was thought the booing was for his substitution but many of the players have come out to condemn it. It was aimed at Ozil.

  86. N5

    Dissenter, I saw the manager talk about it, but I think he was as confused as the papers were! I was sure it was aimed at the substitution rather than Ozil.

  87. Hitman49


    With due respect

    I don’t give a f@#k about them and who they are what their record is.
    You play on grass at a designated time,not on paper.

    The fact is we have an inadequate squadd !

    Both for our domestic league and champions league.!

    That’s the only point I’m making

    I’m not destroying anybody else’s comments,or what they say or think,as they are entitled to them as you are to yours.

  88. Dissenter

    Culled form the Guardianof Thursday March 6
    “Jogi Löw’s side won 1-0 but, despite setting up the only goal of the game, the Arsenal midfielder was singled out by the home crowd in Stuttgart, being jeered as he was taken off in the 89th minute. Özil’s team-mates reacted angrily to the crowd’s reaction, Jérôme Boateng saying: “They have some nerve. You can’t shine all the time.”

    The team manager, Oliver Bierhoff, added: “I don’t understand the whistling. I find it a shame that a player such as Mesut is picked out [for that kind of reaction]. I would hope for different support for a game like that.”

  89. Bamford13


    I made room for your view in my comment. One can be both relieved we weren’t embarrassed AND want the manager to go, of course. My issue is with those who think the former but not the latter.

    For me I can only feel frustration and disgust.

  90. Romford Pele


    I thought this was established the other day… Ozil wasn’t booed. It was the Germans booing the general performance of the whole team; not taking it out on one player.

    What homophobic banner? I didn’t see this? and how exactly does that relate to Ozil.

    “Can you explain all the slights at a German player who’s the most expensive football export? ”

    Slights? I’ve explained these before. Either you’re choosing to purposely ignore them or you don’t agree what with I have to say about Ozil and the situation. For me; all this Ozil talk is just trying to create rifts and problems where there isn’t one really. it’s teething issues more than anything but because of the price he was bought for; it gets taken out of context.

    As for racism, that’s prevalent in every country. People will look past it if you’re doing well for the club/country but it’s never going to go away fully is it?

  91. N5

    Hitman, I agree with the inadequate squad and your disappointment mate, I just think the better time for such a rant would have been after the Liverpool game or teams the realistically (until Wengers gone) we should beat but don’t. Losing to Bayern, Real, and Barca, isn’t something to be to pissed off about, regardless of how disappointing.

  92. N5

    In that case Bamford, you’re not being a judgmental and I apologies, I assumed the comment was being aimed at me for my previous comment about being glad we didn’t get stuffed.

  93. Leedsgunner

    Bamford 13

    I understand your sentiments but I would have hated to see our club humiliated last night. But I like you would like our club to put together a squad to win the competition not just qualify for it.

    With us out of the CL now, the squad can focus and hopefully pull out a winning streak from now until the season end. It’s improbable, and unlikely but if we win over Chelsea and Man City we might just snatch the title if other results go our way. I would just hate it if the Pool won it, you would never hear the end of it.

    I agree with you about Miyachi — just a complete shambles… doesn’t Arsene not know who he’s nominated for the Champions’ League? Laughable.

  94. Bamford13


    No need for insults, mate. Of course I didn’t expect a win — I expected a loss, and said so many months ago, because I have long known that this squad is simply not good enough.

    In contrast to many on here who have delusions about what this side actually is.

    As for being laughed at by Tottenham, don’t get ahead of yourself: That might happen this weekend. Granted, they aren’t very good — but neither are we at moment.

    My problem is with those who are not outraged by our present mediocrity and inadequacy.

    Otherwise, please relax.

  95. gazzap

    Bierhoff is a tool. from what i have read the crowd were annoyed with the whole team but Bierhoff has used Ozil as the fall guy and deliberately took him off as he knew he’d get booed so later on Bierhoff could effectively blame the reaction on Ozil’s performance.
    I watched Ozil’s performance in one of those videos that shows every touch and he played well so it makes no sense that the crowd would have booed Ozil alone.
    The german press had been on a downer on Ozil due to his Arsenal form of late, and so he was a very easy target for Bierhoff. Poor management to save his own arse.