Toni Kroos watch | Arsenal look to beat all the stats… and Bayern

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Arsenal vs Bayern

The good news Arsenal train kept rolling as our kids made it through to the semi final of the FA Cup. They beat Everton 3-1 at the Emirates. I totally forgot to mention it yesterday… I wanted to go, it sounded like a good game to all those who did make the trip down there.

I didn’t catch any of the highlights, but Jack Jebb scored a penalty and a nailed a freekick… with a goal from Akpom.

Great stuff. It’s funny how the FA Youth Cup, which is a cup, obviously… is seen as a barometer for future player success. We don’t do that with the real FA Cup side. We won’t be looking at the Wigan side that won last year wondering why their players aren’t playing for Madrid.

Still, we don’t win many FA Youth Cups, so it’d be nice to do so this year.

In the main news of the day, we’re taking on Bayern Munich. Arsene Wenger reckons he’s going for it. Thoughtwhen you watch the press conference, it felt like he was putting on a bit of a front. He knows that defence is an important as attack. Wenger went on a bit of a push about referees… we’ve been dealt quite a few sandwiches loaded with faecal matter of late. He’s asking for a fair game. He also made the very pertinent point that being all PC with ref distribution isn’t good for the big games because the refs can’t handle the pace when they come in from the Estonian league. I make him right, get the best refs, from the best leagues managing the best games.

Tonight is basically a massive, massive ask. Guardiola isn’t under any illusions about what can happen and he looked super focused… so we’ll see what’s going to happen.

We’re facing a night of Vermaelen at left back, which could be a bit of a horror show. Koscielny is taking to the middle, and as far as I can see, there will be no return to action for Aaron Ramsey.

I really don’t see the point in fielding our best side for this one. The league is our priority. Turning over Bayern 3-0 at their place is a beyond impossible task if you ask me. Turning over a tired Spurs because we rested key players seems far more feasible. Now, I’m not saying put out the Youth Cup kids, I’m saying play the fringe players and see what they can do.

The hope is that we don’t get spanked. Bayern are totally ruthless in attack. They boast power and pace all over the park, but they layer that with a brutal clinical edge from everywhere on the park. One player to keep a close eye on this evening is the super Toni Kroos. He’s rumoured to be off in the summer. His pass completion rate is quite incredible. We should be looking at him if Manchester United have a chance with him. A top player who wants parity with people like Gotze. We have a requirement for talent like that this summer… don’t let Moyes have him!

In other, slightly more shocking news… Uli Hoeness, the Bayern supremo is in big trouble. He’s been caught avoiding tax… not a little bit either, £15m! A whole Chamberlain worth of cash sitting in a secret Swiss bank. Prosecutors are pushing for a 7 year jail sentence. Quite unbelievable that a man that rich would bother. You’re already loaded! WHY DO YOU NEED MORE!

Anyway, you sense a bit of turbulence at the German club off the back of that.

… actually, you don’t.

Final bit of talk is about a Charity in desperate need of some help. They’re hugely down on funding after someone let them down. The Homeless FA are run by a fantastic bunch of people who look to instil the qualities in people they need to get back on their feet. If you can donate anything to help get them on track for the year, that’d be incredible.

If you’re a bit of a big deal in your organisation and you could pitch this into your CSR Department, that’d be amazing. The sort of money these guys need to keep their great work going is nothing to a bank, but it’d mean the absolute world to people who are trying to keep the organisation going.

So… if you’re looking to make a difference, please donate… but if you’re an MD or  CEO (and I know some pretty powerful business people (with BIG hearts!) read this), please get in touch if there are any strings you can pull!

This is a #GoonerFamily moment… except not as cringe, and ultimately a more powerful cause than follower count is at hand here!

(client the image below to donate / e-mail peter at if you can help on a grander scale!)



Right, I’m not actually about for the game this evening. My flight to America perfectly coincides with the trip, which is either perfect, or super disappointing as I’ll either miss a spanking or the most exciting game in the clubs Champions League history!

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  1. babatunde

    There is no need to wax ecstatic because we didn’t get beat 7-0. That result was an anomaly anyway. And bayern, like all big teams simply upped their game or conserved their energy when neccessary. They won’t go about beating all teams 7-0
    Good set up though by the boys.

  2. hackneylad

    Lol Ozil bites the dust hate to say it but I would rather the 42 million pound man than OX.

    Ozil IS A GREAT player (ok put my disclaimer in before I get hate mail)

    But he has been very inconsistent he will have one quite decent game and then allot of poor ones. Yes he has good assist stats but they have come in spurts of good moments rather than constant consistency.

    Not bashing! Unfortunately Cazorla has been poor as well.

    Also its a shame his got injured as him Ramsey had a good partnership earlier on in the season.

    I think with Jack, theo and now OZil out it means more podolski.


    pod caz ox
    flam ram

  3. hackneylad


    Calm the fuck down man.

    No one bashed Koz your seeing a fight where there isn’t one.

    Jesus tonight majority posters have been supportive of the team.

  4. N5

    “Ian Wright legend but never won a league title with Arsenal.”

    Lol, after this comment marble you can no longer pretend you are not dial! you silly sausage, you went a while acting normal and now you are back to doing the thing you can binned for. Try to be somewhere in the middle because you are quite a nice guy when you are chatting normally!!

  5. leon

    Carts i have to disagree he is good finisher does not have the pace or movement and so far have seen that he has energy levels to play a full 90 alot fans are saying giroud is not good enough to be a start and i agree but i fault his work rate.

    when it chaimberlain i say enough things about his work rate pace movement everything real top player this will need him

  6. Gambon

    You should fuck off seriously!
    All you do on here is critic fans support. You try to show everyone why you are a better fan than they ate.
    Deluded AKB twat!

  7. Romford Pele

    “Oxlade was monumental tonight – this is what I wanted to see from him this year…keep it up”

    Great to see mate. To be honest I think he would’ve had a good season had he not had the injury. Like Rambo, he was showing good signs in pre-season. Love that he’s expressing himself. Hopefully Gnabry watches and learns because I actually think he’s an even better dribbler than Ox.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Rev Kev

    The all to familiar boys played well chasin a game we was never gonna win!

    Ok a few good performances but nothing game changing
    We looked stale and unfit !

    Robben is a bad advert for the Dutch game ?
    Why could the good lord not take him instead of bob?

  9. WengerEagle

    I’m proud of the lads tonight, we showed a lot of heart especially in that second half but just ultimately came up against a superior opponent, there is no shame in admitting that.

    Ox was again outstanding for us and a special mention for Podolski who IMO looked our most dangerous player going forward. Rosicky’s energy was infectious as well when he came on, love the chap.

    On the back of those 2 performances I have doubts as to whther Bayern will retain their UCL, if I was a betting man I’d put my money on Real Madrid’s front 3 to blow away their shaky defence if they play each other.

    Lastly,Robben is a supreme cunt. His cuntishness ranks up there with the likes Partice Evra, John Terry and Joey Barton. Never stopped diving the whole match and had a permanent punchable smirk on his 50 year old face

  10. MidwestGun

    N5 –

    Im about to bitch slap Marble! Lol

    Hes the one that was ripping Kos. And Rev Kev, Invincible, Andy, and others got caught in the crossfire.

    Hes being a right prick!

  11. Thomas

    Dissenter March 11, 2014 22:49:55

    Can we stop all this Giroud bashing?
    We lost, move on and stop looking for scapegoats.


    Why? He’s fucking shit and he deserves it. One of the worst strikers Iv’e seen at Arsenal. Jeffers > Giroud.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Even my Spurs supporting brother sat there and said ‘Giroud is gash, you lot could be incredible if you had a great striker.’

    Hard to disagree, this isn’t a reflection on simply tonight, he just isn’t good enough, not a scapegoat, needs replacing…he could’ve done more tonight as well.

    Podolski was brilliant though, think he’s earned a start against Spurs, he was playing like a man possessed, as was Oxlade. Podolski was back to his old self, aggressive, taking people on, naughty little tricks.

  13. karim


    Dial s on a roll

    Is it me or it was NEVER an offside at the 87th ?

    Would have been weird to be 1 goal away from progressing at the very same moment as last year

  14. AA23

    Marble/dial is fully collared tonight
    Had the EXACT same comment from dial about Wrighty never winning a title
    Shows how thick the cunt is because 197 posters jumped straight on the thick cunt then as well
    He’s an idiot second only to Kyoshi Ito who I used to utterly torment as his original name Ethan

  15. Al

    Beckenbauer unhappy. “In the end, it’ll be like Barca: unwatchable. They will pass the ball back even on the goal-line”.

    So true….they have regressed from the team the was last year. Last year the football they played was frightening

  16. Childish Gambino

    Although we drew tonight i absolutely loved the last 10 mins of the match. Sad Flappyhandski is leaving at the end of the season. He has really matured as a keeper this season. Also, isnt Robben shameless? Since his chelsea days i’ve always hated his diving acts.

  17. Thomas

    The worst thing that could happen when Fabianski saved the pen. Now all the focus will be “We didn’t lose at Allianz Arena bla bla bla” like “we got 3-3 on aggregate” last year. Wenger gets away with it again.

  18. N5

    Midwest, when he was under the username dial I really let him bother me and I’d argue with him all the time, it got so regular that when Pedro banned him I actually missed him, it didn’t seem the same being on the Grove and not suffering from high blood pressure or severe anger.

    Then he returned under a new name and Pedro knew it was him as it was the same IP but gave him a pass if he behaved! he was not only contributing to discussion but he was actually quite a nice guy. One night a load of us were talking well into the morning about our first Arsenal experiences, matches etc and he was involved, but he has slowly returned to dial, kinda like a serial killer that has no control over his habbit, he can try to fit in but eventually he’ll kill again!

    Now what we are seeing tonight is almost level with what he was like day in and day out 6 months ago! he won’t last long though which is a shame because as I said, he can be quite a nice guy.

  19. ughelligunner

    Imho, The diving scene is the only flaw in Pep’s side. Same thing happened at barca, now he has brought the same image to this Munich side.
    Last season’s Munich were definitely better according to wenger, think he is right.

  20. N5

    AA23, lol spot on mate, Ito, SDE or Ethan what ever he goes under is the biggest cock knocker but dial was a firm 2nd and tonight he has decided to come back out of his closet and return to the grove as his former self!

  21. Romford Pele

    It’s very easy to write a negative story about Arsenal in this country. The media knows that we have the biggest online following and generate a lot of traffic, hence why stories, true or false, are out about us daily.

  22. N5

    Agree CA, Giroud could be our Ole Gunnar Solskjær, but he shouldn’t be our 1st choice, regardless of how much I like the shagger!

  23. tunnygriffboy

    No Ozil for the next few weeks. Unbelievable, just as Rambo coming back. We really needed him for Spuds, Chelsea and City. Jack and Ozil gone in the space of a week and how bad is Gibbs injury ?

    Proud of effort, lacking the quality upfront that we all new !

  24. Dissenter

    Can we keep Fabianski and just make him the GK for cup competitions.
    I dare sare, we wont have gone down in the first game if Fabianski had started.
    I’m waitng to see if Wenger will make the mistake of the CL final of 2006.
    Will he take off Fabianski for Schezny in the FA cup wembley games?

  25. Thomas

    Al March 11, 2014 22:59:41

    Beckenbauer unhappy. “In the end, it’ll be like Barca: unwatchable. They will pass the ball back even on the goal-line”.

    So true….they have regressed from the team the was last year. Last year the football they played was frightening


    Team Pl W T L Pts +/-
    Bayern Munich 24 22 2 0 68 61



  26. N5

    RSPCA I like you dude, but I think you are wrong about Pep, the man is the best manager in the world, no chance is he lucky! he is an absolute genius.

  27. Childish Gambino


    Flamini- Ramsey

    2nd team

    Backup GK
    Jenks-3rd CB- 4th CB- Natxo

    Fringe players: Zelalem, Gnabry, Sanogo, etc
    Try to Sell: Arteta, Diaby, TV5, Sagna, Jenks, Ryo etc

  28. Romford Pele

    Think people are going over the top with the Bayern criticisms. Sometimes you just match up better against certain sides. Dortmund, despite not being as good as Bayern, caused us a lot more trouble IMO. Bayern’s build-up is a lot slower so doesn’t expose our hindrances as much. You saw how City, due to the lack of control in their midfield, struggled immensely against Bayern.

    Teams like Dortmund, Southampton tend to be our kyrptonite and will remain so until we get more energy in the middle.

  29. WengerEagle


    RE Fabianski, yeah I’d be in favour of that, he’s been excellent whenever called upon this season. He could be our F.A Cup and Capital One Cup first choice and then Szchez would be our first choice for the BPL and the UCL obviously. You’d be hard pushed to find a better back up than Fabianski

  30. Al

    i dont know whats funny by saying they have regressed in regards to the football they play?

  31. Thomas

    We’re starting to become the new Real Madrid. Crashing out in the last 16 every season. Wenger keeps going on about how we qualify for the CL when we have zero chance of winning it. We’re just making up the numbers. Unfortunately since the board are a bunch of pussies with no ambitions Wenger will get a new contract. Joke of a club.

  32. Thomas

    Al March 11, 2014 23:10:45

    i dont know whats funny by saying they have regressed in regards to the football they play?


    Yeah they have regressed but they score more and concede less.

    again: LOL

  33. Romford Pele

    I don’t think Bayern have regressed. They were more ruthless last year and preferred to kill opponents on the counter. Their style is just changing and it’ll take time to get used to. All this while they’re still winning games, unbeaten in the Bundesliga and going for another treble. It just doesn’t look as entertaining atm because there’s no Messi of a few years back to knit it all together up top.

  34. N5

    WE how dare you disagree with me, I’m next to have a statue at the Grove, situated right next to Romfords so have so bloody respect!!

  35. Dissenter

    Giroud is crap, most of us agree. Stop using him as a pinyata to take your post-match anger on.
    We did not lose this tie because of him
    We lost because our GK made a clumsy challenge on a cunt diver and got sent off in the first leg.
    Ozil’s missed penalty didn’t help but, hey anyone can miss from the spot.
    We played Bayern with 10-men 2/3rds of the game in the first leg.
    Second leg was more competitive.
    We lost to a better team.
    You’ll know that when they spank Barca 7-0 again the next round.

    This had NOTHING to do with Giroud.

  36. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    I think the biggest criticism I got of Bayern is their CB pairing is suspect. And their backline looks like it can be exposed. So I think some other team in the CL might be able to exploit that. We just didnt have the players for it.

  37. WengerEagle


    Good point RE Bayern but their defence hardly looked inspiring against us did it? I just fancy Ronaldo-Benzema-Bale and Di Maria to cause some serious damage to them and would back Real to edge them out over two legs

  38. N5

    Dissenter, don’t let it get to you mate. Giroud has his haters on here and regardless of scoring a hat trick he would still get stick so don’t allow it to raise your blood pressure.

  39. Romford Pele

    Who’s better than Pep? Mourinho the only real competition and Pep slaughters him in the head to head. Klopp and Simeone are up and coming but not at that level yet. Heynckes has now retired but was he really ever one of the best? Ancelotti up there for me. After that you’re struggling really. It’s why when people stress about sacking Wenger; they don’t really have many alternatives.

  40. Al


    Beckenbauer unhappy. “In the end, it’ll be like Barca: unwatchable. They will pass the ball back even on the goal-line

    but you say they are better….

    i wonder whose opinion carries more weight?

  41. N5

    Where has that TYAG hidden, I knew he would hide tonight after promising a 1-9 win and Giroud to score a double hat-trick + 2. That’s it you AKB run and hide until we next win!!!!

  42. AA23

    Always enjoy your posts mate, nice positive poster with honest opinions
    Can’t remember if you were around way back but we used to have some excellent rows on here
    Gambon on fire, Ethan/ Kyoshi getting fucking owned by me every single day
    I used to batter dial/marble he had another name too which I’ve forgotten
    It was a bloodbath
    Keyser remembers he used to love it
    Even Geoff used to let me batter them
    Happy days

  43. TitsMcgee

    @honigstein: “Why no counter-pressing?” JL: “Wenger likes attacking football. Practice sessions geared towards attacking moves, not defence.


  44. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Strangely enough Marble and I usually get along. I call him an idiot. He makes some pointless comment. And we move on. But today, he was judging the mood in the comments and saying stuff to start shit.

  45. Romford Pele

    Midwest – yeah their defence is suspect but always will be when you play a high line. Never thought that Barca’s defence was great either in their prime but because of the nature of the pressing; you could never really get at it.
    Like I said before, I just think Arsenal match up well against Bayern. Would’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened had Theo and Ramsey been fit.

    Eagle; you’re right that Madrid are the main contenders for Bayern’s crown. They’ve been 50/50 in the big games this season so we’ll see though. I still make Bayern favourites because when they get it right, they’ll blow everyone else away IMO.

  46. N5

    I remember some of them AA23, I used to row with him myself under the name VoKzii around 3 or 4 years ago, but any more before that I’m afraid I wouldn’t have seen it.

    Thank you for your comment mate, it’s nice to have feedback like that because I certainly do rub some people up the wrong way. Still as long as I have my own little gang forming which I now include you in, we can all turn up at Dial’s house in Tottenham and give him a good kicking! oh and we can smash Johnty around the head with his little thermos that he carries everywhere. 😀

  47. Romford Pele

    Yeah N5, Pep still number one for me. Can’t see that changing anytime soon. It’s interesting that Lewandowski is joining next season. Really thought Pep would’ve done a false 9 with Gotze

  48. N5

    Midwest, don’t be surprised if his mum smacked him for wetting his bed again, that’s normally when he plays up!

    Eagle, because you are such a nice guy I will let this one slide, but next time you dare to disagree with me, I will make you sit next to Johnty at his lucky pub and you will have to share his thermos soup!!!

  49. N5

    Cheers RP, I always feel smug when I get a green light off you! anyone else can agree and I’m like cool but if you agree I feel like a footballing Stephen Fry! lol.

  50. N5

    I tell you what though dialhall, it’s not to shabby to go there 2 years in a row and not lose either of them, at least we can be proud of that can’t we?

  51. Romford Pele

    Tits – need the players to counter press. That’s why Wenger’s system sometimes confuses me. Not sure if he’s trying to play possession footie or play on the counter. Obviously I prefer counter and love watching Madrid and Dortmund do this when they’re in full flow.

  52. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    I agree they are still the favorites. But I think they have a few more chinks in the armor than I realized. Also, Robben is a diving cunt. Lol. Just like to throw that in there.

    Not a suprise since I have him in my list of top ten divers of all times. Which I posted here last time we played them. He was 7 im moving him to 5. Lol.

  53. WengerEagle

    He may be a wanker but it’s hard to argue with Mourinho’s trophy haul at every club he’s been at. Won the Champions League with Porto, won back to back doubles in his first two seasons in England, won the treble with Inter Milan and won La Liga with Real Madrid during Barca’s period of European dominance. He looks all set to win the BPL in his first year back at Chelsea now as well.

    Granted his sides don’t play as attractive football as Pep’s sides do but the man has to be the best coach in the world at motivating his players to rise to the occasion on the biggest stage. For me edges out Pep as the world’s top manager

  54. N5

    WE if you bare in mind Pep is only essentially a noob in the management world and then you consider he has so far won.

    UEFA Champions League: 2009, 2011.
    Spanish Primera Division: 2009, 2010, 2011;
    Copa del Rey: 2009, 2012;
    Spanish Supercopa: 2009, 2010, 2011;
    UEFA Super Cup: 2009, 2011, 2013; Club World Cup: 2009, 2011,

    You see you are dealing with a very very good manager here.

  55. WengerEagle

    ‘Also, can’t believe Thomas Muller missed a penalty. THOMAS F***ING MULLER! I need to go and lie down.’

    Lol shocked me too! Schweinsteiger in the UCL 2012 final, Ozil twice for us and now Muller! The Germans just can’t seem to taker penalties at club level 😀

    What a player that Muller is though, his movement is a thing of beauty and his finishing is a lot better than people give him credit for. My favourite Bayern player along with Lahm

  56. WengerEagle


    Pep’s incredible mate I’m not saying he’s not, just needs to win trophies outside of Barcelona to convince me he’s the best. He’s well on his way to doing that with the Bundesliga wrapped up.

    Mourinho has been very successful at 4 different clubs which is why he shades it for me

  57. N5

    WE I have to agree that it’s certainly between those 2 and Mourinho has got the upper hand due to doing this at different clubs and different countries.

    I pick Pep for not only winning so much, but his style of football and he’s not a toerag like Maureen 😛

  58. WengerEagle

    ‘Eagle, because you are such a nice guy I will let this one slide, but next time you dare to disagree with me, I will make you sit next to Johnty at his lucky pub and you will have to share his thermos soup!!!’

    Loool mate this slayed me! I remember having to leave my lecture hall for a couple of mins to compose myself after reading about Johnty’s ‘lucky pub’ story. I’ve honestly had a better laugh, I just pictured him sitting alone in this deserted pub watching Arsenal matches in his Spurs shirt knocking back pint after pint to numb the pain because a) He was a Spurs fan and b) His beloved Chris Samba moving back to Russia. Truly was the one that got away for poor old Johnty 😀

  59. N5

    Eagle, Marble doesn’t see him as a manager because he had millions of pounds at his clubs and apparently anyone can manage a rich club and win trophies. See Mark Hughes oh wait…..

  60. babatunde

    Bayern are beatable. Always thought so. But I don’t know if they Have regressed since last year. Teams would simply have gotten more prepared against them. They are still Probably the best in The World but I think madrid would beat them.

  61. N5

    Lol Dale, don’t worry it’s coming and also he then moved to the next best team in the world!

    Bloody Pep, keep inheriting all the best teams in the world!!!

  62. babatunde

    Its hard to remain on top year after year, that’s why barcelona were remarkable. Teams prepare hard against you and they also get better so if you are not constantly improving, its easy to fall off. Like man utd.

  63. MarbleHall

    Ancelotti, Di Matteo, Hiddink and Benitez all won trophies with Chelsea even Avram Grant got Chelsea to a Champions league final something Mourinho was unable to do.

  64. N5

    I love Pedro in America blog days! tomorrow we’ll get a ten line blog because he’ll be pissed up and out with some locals! If it is over 20 lines tomorrow I will faint!

  65. N5

    Anyway, it’s late and I’m up early for work so speak to you guys tomorrow.

    Good night America, where ever you are – Midnight caller, best show ever!!!

  66. salparadisenyc

    Late to the party, European evening ties not conducive with my current time zone. Reads like a pretty boring encounter true? Please tell me Ozil did not do his hamstring.

    Loved this tweet I awoke to: #BAYERN 1-1 #AFC (3-1 agg) Arsenal fall to an aggregate defeat while Robben just falls…again…and again…and again and ag…zzzzzzzzzz

  67. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    First half pretty boring with a few moments of excitement. 2nd half was pretty good. and yes Robben is a diving cunt. Lol

    Ozil hammy yep. At least 2 wks, which in Arsenal speak means 6 wks.

  68. Dan Ahern

    Sal, quite the opposite! Fantastic game, showed fight and determination the entire time. Oxlade was a revelation. Fabianski played out of his mind. We ran all over the place and had some decent chances. Great contest. Even Poldi started going hard! We should start every match down 0-2.

    I think Robben only dove like 2 or 3 times too, but I wasn’t able to watch the entire match.

    Anyway, yeah, massive downside (besides not going through) is that Oezil did his hamstring. Supposed to be pretty bad. Guaranteed 4-6 week announcement coming after his scan tomorrow, watch for it.

  69. salparadisenyc

    Thanks Midwest,
    Not ideal regarding Ozil but had to know it was coming at some point in the latter half of this season with the amount of minutes he’s played. Real shame he will not be able to partake in the WHL rough up.

  70. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Ya I was looking forward to a good Spuds roasting with Ozil.
    But he didn’t look right about halfway thru first half. Not sure at what point he tore it but was subbed at half.

  71. Dan Ahern

    He is absolutely out for our key matches ahead.

    Expect Poldi to see more game time now. Standard attack becomes:


  72. MidwestGun

    Dan A. –
    You thought the first half was exciting? Interesting I thought it was fairly boring. Can only remember Poldi making one exciting move. And mostly Bayern with possesion but only a few good chances. Ox was fun to watch, not so much the team.
    2nd half I agree was pretty entertaining. Energy level amped up. Good match up. Robben dove 3 times. Altho it really didnt affect the outcome because of Fabianski.

  73. Dan Ahern

    BTW Podolski was a man possessed at times. Makes you wonder why he’s always in such a good mood. I would torture and bloody him all week leading up to matches from now on. You need fire to temper Rheinland steel.

  74. Dan Ahern

    Midwest — I’ll defer to your judgement, I missed big patches of the first half. My view of the whole match was skewed by seeing more of the second half.

    Fabianski going to Barcelona with that performance!

  75. Bamford13

    Cross of The Mirror is saying Ozil was dreadful. I didn’t see game. Does Le Grove agree with him?

    Also, I read an article saying that Wenger basically parked the bus in the first half. Given that we needed three goals, is there anyone who would like to try to explain these tactics?

  76. Dan Ahern

    Bamford, media is going to be media. They know Oezil’s a point of contention so they’ll beat that drum every time for the controversy.

    Like I said to Midwest, I missed parts of the first half so I’ll defer to him. But I would not say we parked the bus. We came out with a fully offensive lineup. Parking the bus is different to playing against offensive juggernauts.

  77. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Ozil wasnt good. But im not sure what point he was injured. Also, inexplicably Ozil was pushed out onto the right wing where he had to track Alaba back on defense. Alaba can be a handfull. Also, clearly Bayern was targeting Ozil. Everytime, he touched the ball 2 defenders were on him.
    As he wasnt playing centrally it was easy to defend. His burst wasnt there and passing was off. He was clearly frustrated. In hindsight I think he knew something was wrong. He was subbed at half.
    So yes he played bad, but there were extenuating circumstances. At least thats what I saw.

  78. MidwestGun

    Also, we didnt park the bus. Their midfield was outplaying ours to the extent we couldnt get out of our half. Ozil and Poldi were having to play defense, leaving it to Giroud and Ox and Santi to try and counter.
    Giroud was terrible today at holding up the ball. So basically, Ox was a one man show bursting forward, had to dribble thru 3 defenders at one point. Also, Poldi made one really good run where he got in behind. But that was about it.

  79. MidwestGun

    They only thing we could have done different in the first half. Admittedly with hindsight, was play Santi back next to Arteta, and put Ox on the right wing so Ozil could play in the middle. Santi ended up back there anyway any time Ox ran forward. Still not sure that would have worked any better with their midfield strength.
    In summary, fuck it. Lets crush the Spuds! 😀

  80. Paddy got up

    No way Ozil is injured. Something is very wrong there. I used to watch him week in week out at Madrid and the bloke was pure class. Now he looks like he don’t care!!
    Thought Saturday was a turning point but tonight he was awful again.
    You can’t go from brilliant to squad player in less than a year!!!
    Then again he is playing for Nosetrough!

  81. Dissenter

    The daily mail is the most vile of newspapers. It’s like a rabid mangy dog.
    The Neil Ashton doofus that brought down AVB has made it his duty to hunt down Ozil.

  82. Ofebs

    Extra! Extra!! Read all about it here,,

    Starring: Don Wenger
    Co-star: Big Bad Olivier
    Introducing: Getmeout Mesut

    Other returning stars to watch out for:
    Slow-mo Arteta
    Incapable Santi and
    Actofdesperation Miyaichi

    Pitiful Arsenal…

  83. JuaraSatu

    Morning (GMT+7)

    Ozil scored from penalty spot
    Chezzer’s shown yellow card and the score would be 1-1

    2-2 in aggregate

    Arrgggh….same old story
    we need a better stiker tha OG.. he’ll be a decent 2nd choice.

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    Went bed as soon as I got in mate, Fucking nan flu. Feel like shit.

    Back to the game, normally I’m always right, must of got scoreline wrong as man flu frazzled me waters:)

    As for Ozil, he doesn’t want to be playing for us, that’s obvious. Not a dig at him as I think he is awesome, but his body language is of someone who doesn’t want to be at Arsenal. Like a few of us he has obviously realises just how bad a manager Wenger is.