Toni Kroos watch | Arsenal look to beat all the stats… and Bayern

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Arsenal vs Bayern

The good news Arsenal train kept rolling as our kids made it through to the semi final of the FA Cup. They beat Everton 3-1 at the Emirates. I totally forgot to mention it yesterday… I wanted to go, it sounded like a good game to all those who did make the trip down there.

I didn’t catch any of the highlights, but Jack Jebb scored a penalty and a nailed a freekick… with a goal from Akpom.

Great stuff. It’s funny how the FA Youth Cup, which is a cup, obviously… is seen as a barometer for future player success. We don’t do that with the real FA Cup side. We won’t be looking at the Wigan side that won last year wondering why their players aren’t playing for Madrid.

Still, we don’t win many FA Youth Cups, so it’d be nice to do so this year.

In the main news of the day, we’re taking on Bayern Munich. Arsene Wenger reckons he’s going for it. Thoughtwhen you watch the press conference, it felt like he was putting on a bit of a front. He knows that defence is an important as attack. Wenger went on a bit of a push about referees… we’ve been dealt quite a few sandwiches loaded with faecal matter of late. He’s asking for a fair game. He also made the very pertinent point that being all PC with ref distribution isn’t good for the big games because the refs can’t handle the pace when they come in from the Estonian league. I make him right, get the best refs, from the best leagues managing the best games.

Tonight is basically a massive, massive ask. Guardiola isn’t under any illusions about what can happen and he looked super focused… so we’ll see what’s going to happen.

We’re facing a night of Vermaelen at left back, which could be a bit of a horror show. Koscielny is taking to the middle, and as far as I can see, there will be no return to action for Aaron Ramsey.

I really don’t see the point in fielding our best side for this one. The league is our priority. Turning over Bayern 3-0 at their place is a beyond impossible task if you ask me. Turning over a tired Spurs because we rested key players seems far more feasible. Now, I’m not saying put out the Youth Cup kids, I’m saying play the fringe players and see what they can do.

The hope is that we don’t get spanked. Bayern are totally ruthless in attack. They boast power and pace all over the park, but they layer that with a brutal clinical edge from everywhere on the park. One player to keep a close eye on this evening is the super Toni Kroos. He’s rumoured to be off in the summer. His pass completion rate is quite incredible. We should be looking at him if Manchester United have a chance with him. A top player who wants parity with people like Gotze. We have a requirement for talent like that this summer… don’t let Moyes have him!

In other, slightly more shocking news… Uli Hoeness, the Bayern supremo is in big trouble. He’s been caught avoiding tax… not a little bit either, £15m! A whole Chamberlain worth of cash sitting in a secret Swiss bank. Prosecutors are pushing for a 7 year jail sentence. Quite unbelievable that a man that rich would bother. You’re already loaded! WHY DO YOU NEED MORE!

Anyway, you sense a bit of turbulence at the German club off the back of that.

… actually, you don’t.

Final bit of talk is about a Charity in desperate need of some help. They’re hugely down on funding after someone let them down. The Homeless FA are run by a fantastic bunch of people who look to instil the qualities in people they need to get back on their feet. If you can donate anything to help get them on track for the year, that’d be incredible.

If you’re a bit of a big deal in your organisation and you could pitch this into your CSR Department, that’d be amazing. The sort of money these guys need to keep their great work going is nothing to a bank, but it’d mean the absolute world to people who are trying to keep the organisation going.

So… if you’re looking to make a difference, please donate… but if you’re an MD or  CEO (and I know some pretty powerful business people (with BIG hearts!) read this), please get in touch if there are any strings you can pull!

This is a #GoonerFamily moment… except not as cringe, and ultimately a more powerful cause than follower count is at hand here!

(client the image below to donate / e-mail peter at if you can help on a grander scale!)



Right, I’m not actually about for the game this evening. My flight to America perfectly coincides with the trip, which is either perfect, or super disappointing as I’ll either miss a spanking or the most exciting game in the clubs Champions League history!

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  1. TheBayingMob

    No surprise there Robben diving like the cunt he is … Well done again Lucas, great game for him … Giroud just needs to fuck off really he’s so average. What’s he done tonight? Still they’ll be some catalogue shoot for him to do tomorrow I’m sure … Useless cunt. I’ve had had it with football tonight. If I want to watch a bunch of queers perform then I’m sure there’s some good drag nights around that provide better entertainment …

  2. Revving Kevin

    Hope the media slaughter Bayern for their cheating. But they won’t Becos they love Pep. Great credit for arsenal. Two games at the European champions place, won one, drawn one and lost none. Well done boys.

  3. gazzap

    Giroud is the only one who looks like he’s playing on quick sand!! Haha!

    Most of the lads did us proud tonight. A draw out there is good, and against 12 men as usual.

  4. hackneylad

    To be fair we actually opened up Bayern quite a number of times in the final 10 minutes… The problem is we lacked in the final ball.

    Its the lack of decisiveness you need a character like ramsey or theo to make that run and take that shot.

    We kept hitting them on the counter, than Caz gnra or Ros would dilly dally when they should act, pass when they would shoot and shoot when they should pass.

    I have noticed against the big teams we always lack in the final ball as if we are unsure of ourselves.

    Still though the boys should be proud they played well and FAB was Brilliant!

  5. Craigy

    Not that any of that is something new ha ha, poldi has proved he needs to be considered at least in the league, done well tonight

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Great effort. Oxlade was fantastic, as was Podolski.

    Really unlucky, but yet again we can leave Munich with our heads held high. This is a team who beat Barcelona 7-0 last year.

    2 years running, they haven’t been able to beat us at the Allianz – take away that red card in the first leg and Ozil’s miss and who knows. Could easily have knocked out the champions of Europe.

    Nothing to be ashamed of tonight, could have stolen the win 2-1 a couple of times at the end there.

  7. SpanishDave

    Pep likes diving in both clubs they have been art masters at it. Blatter likes diving hence no changes for years. Football as we no it has been ruined for ever.
    Flappy put in a good one

  8. DUIFG

    Short on legs. Arteta upgrade is required. Good effort lads.

    Giroud the bricklayer up to his usual standards, not once can this guy surprise me with a bit of skill or nous.

    I know we didn’t lose because of him but just seeing him pull on the shirt is painful. Gets found out at the top level every single time.

  9. Keyser

    MidwestGun – Not taking the piss, and it’s more of a general comment on Bayern aswell, but you see why Everton wasn’t exceptional, Bayern can look ragged at times, but when they flutter back into life, no matter who the player or where on the pitch, from the goalie forward they play with the same style of passing.

    Of course this is the highest level and all but that’s what we’re aiming for, regardless of form, of the players we put out whether we execute or not, we revert to the same consistentcy.

    Ox did well, but he ran with his head down, and we barely strung more than 3-4 passes together all game, That’s good enough for the smaller teams but not for these sorts of occasions.

    It’s to be expected, Ox has barely been back, other players are getting on and we have injuries. not to mention Bayern have the advantage with the league they play in, but there’s promise for us.

    We simply have to keep the team together.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Oxlade has been brilliant for weeks now, hope his 100% for Spurs, looked just like fatigue at the end, he ran his socks off playing CDM, CM, CAM and wide, great stuff.

    Schweinsteiger and Martinez were lucky not to go in the book much earlier for consistently fouling him.

  11. Revving Kevin

    Thomas, grow up mate and get a life. Some if the shit you come out with is hilarious.

    Well done boys, you all put a great shift in and didn’t let us down. Tough place to go and but for that red card who knows. As for all that cheating, disappointed with Bayern they don’t need to do that.

  12. Jeff

    No surprises there. We all expected to go out and we did. What can we take from tonight’s game? What we have been taking from all of the competitions from which we have been routinely knocked out for the last 9 years – that we have neither the manager nor enough players good enough to win major trophies.

    It’s another sad day as we close our account once again in the CL for another year.

  13. karaul

    my friend who is not arsenal fan or premier league fan just wrote me “wenger looks like some rodent, some strange rat, how the fuck can he motivate players?” lol

    glad that fabianski saved my ticket (arsenal doesnt lose). hope that real will smash this bavarian team. hope that some algerian player smash robbens legs during world cup. hope that we sign CF, DM and winger to be able to compete next year

  14. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Why did Kozzer not just stay with the player instead of contact? that would be my question he done the hard part already

    watch the replay again.

  15. jwl

    Is Fabianksi off this summer, out of contract? He’s had a good match tonight, he’s helped himself muchly tonight for any teams who need a new keeper in the summer. Arsenal played well tonight, I was expecting to get spanked honestly, but still disappointing to lose.

    Now focus on league, we need to get our shit together and start winning matches, starting with Spuds on Sunday.

  16. Gustav Graves

    I’m glad about this result. Shows that if we had 11 v 11 in the 1st leg the tie might have ended differently.

    Also I hope Chelski and Shitty progress…so no we can focus solely on the league.

  17. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Giroud just not good enough – not that that’s news. Not clinical, jogs around a lot, rarely sprints. Lazy.

    Giroud does sprint, it’s just that his sprinting is about as fast as Stephen Hawkins jogging.

  18. reggie57

    Don’t understand how the majority of referees fall for Robbens antics he was a disgrace tonight and ever time I watch him he does the same bollocks time and time again but then again he was one of Maureen’s apprentice’s!!

  19. goona

    ox in his aftermatch interview has said our last ball was lacking……that’s because we have no striker to play it to!

    anyway NLD to come !

  20. useroz

    Not a bad result when we have Giroud as the striker.

    Seriously a better forward wouldve made a better spectacle.

    Now Wenger can focus on the real things.

    * win the FA Cup,

    * look for work .

  21. Jamal

    That was a decent effort, cant fault the lads there but we had some decent chances that fell to the wrong players and the final ball was really lacking tonight. Martinez and Robben are fucking cheating cunts, i really hope someone breaks Robben’s legs !

  22. Goongoonergone

    I am impressed every time I watch Fabianski. Certainly not a back up keeper in my opinion. Will go so far as to give him MOTM for Arsenal. There’s a quiet determination and security about him that will ensure he gets many suitors interested in him. Will be sad to see him go.
    As for Giroud – perhaps a BRIEF (forgive the pun) appearance on the field or future hotel rooms will suit him.
    Arteta simply taking up space. His legs are gone.
    Can’t understand why Vermaelen can’t play defensive midfield or even ahead of Monreal when fit.
    Anyhow, like the AKBs say : “Wenger knows best.”

  23. colonel mustard

    wegner utter failure to give us a chance by buying what we need costs us on again. giroud, rosicky podolski and arteta. its just too.many passengers. no bench. predictable injuries always to our best players. tacical stiffness. we didnt have a proper go really. robben is a utter disgrace and uefa let this stuff go.

  24. Al

    ref who was dodgy and completely biased to bayern today.

    A lot of battle shown from the boys. I am really disgusted in bayern this year. They have turned into a cheating and diving team when last year they should none of those traits with the same players.

    I hope Real Madrid smash this lot

  25. Leedsgunner

    Very disappointed with Ozil. Disappeared completely. This was his night, but he went AWOL. Whether you cost the club £4 or £42m you need to give a 100%. Where’s Wenger so-called man management skills and sort this boy’s head out? Wenger has made this boy go backwards…

  26. Craigy

    I bet when neyer saw the flag stay down and saw podolski coming towards him, you could see he shit himself ha ah poldi’s thunder strike ha ha, can’t believe wrighty and co are saying the ref was good tonight, he was fucking woeful!

  27. Chyke

    We really do need some real changes for next season! It’s just not enough to keep qualifying for champions league every season. It’s about time WENGER get the fuck OUT!!……

  28. gazzap

    If the ref had booked Robben for the first dive (as in the FIFA rules) then Robben wouldn’t have dived the second time. So yes definitely poor refereeing.

  29. Invincibles

    I cant see beyond Real. They’re front 3 of benzema, ronnie and monkey boy are truly frightening. As for bayern, bit overrated I’d say. Good team of that there’s no doubt, but not a patch on the barca team of 5 years ago.

  30. MidwestGun

    Bayerns back line defensively was shaky as fuck.
    We just couldn’t exploit it. But someone in this tournament will.

    and I don’t think it can be said enough, Robben is a diving cunt!

  31. Tippitappi

    two good shifts at their place on the bounce maybe we should play the german teams away only . Wish they could take the same attitude up to Stoke

  32. Thomas

    This is what happens when you fail to wkn the group. 4th year in a row out in the last 16.

    Revving Cunt

    Whatever fuckboy. Go wank off to your Wenger poster now.

  33. Craigy

    Drogba was right up there with the worst divers in the game, but at least he admitted that he dives ha ha, robben is jus disgusting

  34. Al

    Dixon, Keane and Wright are talking so much nonsense. They are giving us no praise and ignoring everything that Bayern have did the last year. They have absolutely smased every team at home and that includes Barca. We have gone there twice and did a job on them.

  35. Gambon

    Revving Kuntin!
    You massive dream Wenger Cocksucker!
    Now fuck off and blow a load on your Wenger posters. .
    AKB twat!

  36. Savage

    Happy with a good performance – got 12 points from the group of death, then drew a team in the form of their life.

    I actually think Poldi really did well not just at finishing, but also trying to create chances. Good work for TV as well – what more can you do against a dirty cheat being backed by the ref?

  37. Crusaderrabbit

    Wenger will look at this game as evidence of how close we are – when the reality is it’s just more evidence of why we’ll never get any further with him as a manager. Whilst there clearly is quality there why are we again facing the best team in the world with only one (barely) striker, and with a subs bench like that – already one player down because of some cock up! The margin of difference between our club and Bayern is one Wenger would claim is small, but it’s a gap he’ll never cross because he’s simply unable to create the kind of squad that would take us there

  38. andy1886

    I’m watching in Holland tonight – the slow motion seemed to show Kos making contact even if the dive was delayed. Thing is Kos doesn’t need to make that challenge, he’s given away more pens than the rest of the team put together in his time here and that’s why he’s very good but not great.

  39. bigper

    what might have been if it weren’t for the red card and penalty miss in first game.

    why don’t podolski play like that every game was quality

    and why don’t we set up like that in the league away to city etc

  40. Invincibles

    I posted same thing earlier mate, but some reason didn’t go through. Kos’s defending was amateurish there. You’d expect that from an inexperienced 20yr old, but not a 28 yr old, and I love kos as he has been immense for us last couple of years. But sadly he will never be WC.

  41. Tippitappi

    Arsenals remit is to qualify each year like a pro golfer good enough to compete but not win competitions , it suits the board but it time to take the next step they have the cash
    otherwise they should fuck off to the city if they only want to make money and let real football people run the club

  42. MidwestGun

    Andy –
    The last one in slow mo. Robben was going down before a slight brush from behind by Kos. But you have to take into account his history, too. I mean you could have predicted that.

  43. Invincibles

    Sorry mate have to disagree. Wenger once maybe knew how to set up a team, but not anymore. Unlike marble I thought we done well tonight, everyone masturbates over this bayern team, if they are SUPERWORLD CLASS, then over 2 games we must be world class( Not saying we are just trying to bring some perspective), as this is virtually same team that butt fucked barca last year. Also agree wenger out.

  44. andy1886

    If you’ve got a WC CF then you can get away with the odd defensive lapse, sadly we have OG… Lauren was an invincible and he was not even in my top 5 RB’s for us. Kos’ occasional cock ups wouldn’t be so noticeable if we had better options up top.

    Costa > Balotelli tonight btw.

  45. N5

    Marble, your always using your there and their wrong, please sort it out as it’s hard to take a comment serious when you can’t even get that right.

  46. andy1886

    Yup Midwest – knowing he’s got form Kos needs to be extra careful, Robben’s going nowhere. Decent performance though, just too blunt up front to really threaten to win the game.

  47. Keyser

    Koscielny is by miles our best defensive player, he makes those challenges because he’s good enough to push the boundaries, we’ve got minutes left in the game, either give in and let Robben play out time or try to take a chance.

    We need to play better or have better players, Koscielny’s one that we don’t need to look for.

  48. Romford Pele

    “Koscielny is by miles our best defensive player, he makes those challenges because he’s good enough to push the boundaries, we’ve got minutes left in the game, either give in and let Robben play out time or try to take a chance.”


  49. Radio Raheem

    Costa is having a great season but he isn’t WC yet. If he maintains form for yhe next 2/3 years we can start calling him WC.

  50. Revving Kevin

    Dear gazzup
    You are right. The rules state that a player caught diving gets booked. If the ref didn’t give the penalty then he must have seen what we all did. So why not book him?

    I have been watching football since the end if sixties and this cheating is out of control. It’s the feintest touch and they are falling over. Santi is 5ft and yet Martinez went down like a sack if spuds.

    Everyone including pundits say if you feel a touch you should go down but that’s plain wrong. It’s not a no contact sport , yet.

    This has to stop. Barca under Pep were shocking now he has Bayern at it. It has to be coached and encouraged. Mourinho had his Porto team at it and git success. It’s beyond a joke.

    I was surprised at Bayern, thought they were better players than that. Robben and Maryinez were at it all game. It’s left a bad taste.

    Not saying it cost us the game, it didn’t but it isn’t what football should be about. I would take a red and ‘do’ the cheats.

    This ain’t football.

  51. Invincibles

    @ Romford
    Not denying kos has been outstanding, as I said mate I love the guy. All I’m saying is he’s not WC. A great player, but sorry in my opinion not WC.

  52. TitsMcgee

    Ozil hamstring injury
    @honigstein: Wenger: “German specialist (Müller-Wohlfahrt) told us Mesut’s injury us quite bad. Ham-string”

  53. bigper


    kos would walk into bayerns defence, and citys, barcelonas, uniteds etc, this season mert and kos have been playing at the very top level imo. defenders are always gonna make mistakes.

    and I think tonight proves wenger can set up a team to play cautious, but I agree he doesn’t do it enough. id like to see us play against city, Chelsea etc away like we did tonight but hes too stubborn.

    but yeah agree we done well and that Bayern aren’t as far away as people think

  54. MidwestGun

    Fabianski was really good. Does he have to go? Can’t think of a better no2
    Ox and Poldi both put in some serious effort. Poldi mostly second half but clearly he was fired up.

    So, we are ripping Kos? Why, lol.

  55. Revving Kevin

    Evening RP
    Spuds have to play their first decent European opponents on Thursday. So our boys should be fine with a couple days extra rest. Rambo is supposed to be back too.

    Don’t like seeing Ozil out on the touch line , the boys a number 10. If it’s hamstring, not good.

    Ox looking better every game.

  56. leon

    having seen podoilski for while now i feel he is a good player but clearly not world some fans may say he is played in wrong position or in the wrong formation but if look at players like henry rinaldo messi berdkamp surez bale it does not matter weather play play on the left right in the middle does not what formation it is because these players had so much quality pace movement power and deadly finishing.podoilski is good finisher but pace or movement for not on consistant basis

  57. hackneylad

    Radio Raheem March 11, 2014 22:15:44
    Costa is having a great season but he isn’t WC yet. If he maintains form for yhe next 2/3 years we can start calling him WC


    His the single reason Athletico are competing for the League title, even Falcao couldn’ shift the Barca Real Paradigm like Costa has.

    PS I have known about him and rated him for years he was always seen as potential world class but never given the opportunities because of Falcao. His not finally been given a shot and his showing his true worth.

  58. Al

    SavageMarch 11, 2014 21:59:50

    Al, same for Hartson on BBC. Said we were “humiliated” tonight. Even a doomer wouldn’t say that.
    Really sick of the lack of support we get from the english media when we play in Europe and are an a freaking ENGLSIH team

  59. Revving Kevin

    The reason Kis us getting abusec is Becos it is his turn. That’s how it works on here. Earlier today Cazorka was getting it. Prior to those it was Jack, Rambo, Theo, Mert, Arteta, Jenks and keys not forget Guroud.

    It’s just how some ‘fans’ act, I find it strange too. Kos has been outstanding this season.

  60. Romford Pele

    Evening Revvin,

    Hopefully we’ll be in good nic for Spurs.

    I think Wenger wanted to keep it tight first half and open up after the break because Bayern’s pressing will obviously tire at some point. Yeah Ozil isn’t a winger, unsure what Wenger was doing there. Top from Ox

  61. Carts

    “Podolski I feel would be epic as a second striker.”

    Been saying this since first day we signed him. AW has played almost every player as a no.10/ directly behind Giroud bar Podolski.

  62. MidwestGun

    Ozil didn’t look right, now I know why. Great, one man enters another man leaves.
    The one thing we cant afford is injuries at any position. Depressing.

  63. hackneylad

    Same Story

    You will be pleasantly surprised at what club he will end up at…

    Its starts with an A and ends with an L and its 4th letter is an E.

    (Arsenal in case you didn’t get the riddle)

    Costa is Arsenal bound.

  64. Invincibles

    No ones fucking slagging kos off for FFS. We are all agreed he’s been outstanding. Some of us are just saying he’s not WC, great, but not WC. How the hell is that blaming kos?

  65. Al

    Kos was excellent today. He gave a penalty when the game was dead and the cheat blatantly dived again when hardly touched……Who cares he was excellent throughout and the who season and you can see he was frustrated near the end and was just trying to make a difference near the end.

    Anyone having a pop needs to seriously take a look at themselves.

    We blew it in the first game but today we battled

  66. Revving Kevin

    Yes. First target was a clean sheet for the first half. No need to take chances and risk conceding early.

    Second half we played higher up which we had to do but that leaves space between the lines.

    Boys did well, tough place to go and get any result really. Fans need to get behind the club, not join the wanjers in the media .

    Like I say, Ozil needs to be in positions where he can create, not stuck out wide. With Rambo back, more options and can get Ox out wide with his pace and power.

  67. hackneylad

    Spurs are going to be exhausted on Sunday 🙂

    They will be tired an demotivated after their crushing defeat to Chelsea.

    Their full of defensive calamitous mistakes and they really lack a huge amount of quality all over the pitch.

    Dare I saw it 3-0 or 4-1…

  68. hackneylad

    Kos is world class.

    Patrick Veira still has the record for Red cards in the Premier league… Was he not world class then? Can’t be he got to many REDS Fuck off of course he was a Worldie.

    Now Put Kos in that team is not a worldie of course he fucking is!

  69. Invincibles

    1998 ian wright won a premier league with Arsenal. Wether he was injured for 3 months or so is irrelevant. He played way more than the required games to win a medal.

  70. Santos

    We need to win the FA Cup. Pfft. It’s so easy for us to do that. After that, Gazidis needs to address the management issues, clearly define objectives and the new organisational behaviour at Arsenal. That man really needs to be assertive.

  71. Clem Fandango

    Ian Wright programme was great, didn’t realise him and Rocky were such good mates, good to hear ex players still talk about THE Arsenal!

  72. Revving Kevin

    Dear Al
    100% agree. I do question the behaviour of some so called ‘fans’. Picking on Kos is just pathetic and shows poor judgement. Blokes been impressive again this season with Mert, as we all know. But same happened this week with Cazorla getting slagged off, despite a great MOTM game against Everton.

    I guess it’s easy to sit at home firing bullets via the internet and bad mouthing people. It’s probably more for effect then anything else.

  73. Invincibles

    Daily mail are going over the top about Ozil. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s come to his senses and realised how average a manager wenger is. And if we’re waiting for wenger to sort him out, forget it. Wenger’s not very good these days at getting best out of talented players.

  74. MidwestGun

    Hackney –
    If Costa comes to Arsenal I will take back everything I ever said bad about Marble.

    ………….ok probably not.
    Lol. But I would be excited.

  75. Mark

    Giroud is less mobile than a bag of cement. I’d rather forget the big man who can hold it up and instead play with a speed merchant who can run in behind and stretch the game. Giroud isn’t particularly great at holding the ball up any way.

    Completely amateur of us to only name six substitutes due to Ryo travelling but being uneligible. Most posters on LeGrove knew that Ryo wasn’t named in the eligible CL list – why didn’t anyone at the club. Wenger must have picked which players he wanted available! You would think Ryo would pipe up ‘excwuse me bwoss but I’m ineligbwall.’

  76. Al

    InvinciblesMarch 11, 2014 22:33:43
    1998 ian wright won a premier league with Arsenal. Wether he was injured for 3 months or so is irrelevant. He played way more than the required games to win a medal.
    And scored a number of goals as well.

    At the end of the day he has what every real player wants…and thats a genuine legendary status and he is loved by the supporters. If you ever see how people react when they see him you will know how much fans love him

  77. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Vieira dawdling on our goaline resulting in a goal for Inter Milan tells me he is not a world class player.


  78. andy1886

    Funny how some of us were slated earlier this season for saying that we wouldn’t win the CL, probably not the league, but the FA Cup was our best shot of a trophy. Doomers or Prophets? Nope, just common sense and realism.

  79. Revving Kevin

    Brilliant and spot on. Fans are self proclaimed experts on everything but actually know very little. You only have to go back to all the abuse Rambo got when he was called a Championship player by the LG experts and usual suspects.

  80. Arsene's Nurse

    I think there is something drastically wrong with our training methods and the insistence that certain players play almost every game. Our players have been dropping like flies for years now.

  81. Invincibles

    Who’s fucking picking on kos you numpty. Jesus any constructive criticism is seen blasphemy. If I’d said kos is shit, then yes your right. Read back mine and Andy 1886’s comment and not once did we say he’s shit. We both agreed he’s one of our favourite players. Ok…..fuck it lets do it your way.

    Arsene wengers so handsome, we have best looking manager in the world. And the best pkayers from under 8’s to the first team. Oh and god the toilet paper is so luxurious, easily best bog roll I’ve ever wiped my arse with. As for the colour of the grass, well what can I say….best in the world. Oh and let me tell you something, the way wenger had trimmed his pubes is the best EVER… pubic hair out of all the managers in the world.