Toni Kroos watch | Arsenal look to beat all the stats… and Bayern

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Arsenal vs Bayern

The good news Arsenal train kept rolling as our kids made it through to the semi final of the FA Cup. They beat Everton 3-1 at the Emirates. I totally forgot to mention it yesterday… I wanted to go, it sounded like a good game to all those who did make the trip down there.

I didn’t catch any of the highlights, but Jack Jebb scored a penalty and a nailed a freekick… with a goal from Akpom.

Great stuff. It’s funny how the FA Youth Cup, which is a cup, obviously… is seen as a barometer for future player success. We don’t do that with the real FA Cup side. We won’t be looking at the Wigan side that won last year wondering why their players aren’t playing for Madrid.

Still, we don’t win many FA Youth Cups, so it’d be nice to do so this year.

In the main news of the day, we’re taking on Bayern Munich. Arsene Wenger reckons he’s going for it. Thoughtwhen you watch the press conference, it felt like he was putting on a bit of a front. He knows that defence is an important as attack. Wenger went on a bit of a push about referees… we’ve been dealt quite a few sandwiches loaded with faecal matter of late. He’s asking for a fair game. He also made the very pertinent point that being all PC with ref distribution isn’t good for the big games because the refs can’t handle the pace when they come in from the Estonian league. I make him right, get the best refs, from the best leagues managing the best games.

Tonight is basically a massive, massive ask. Guardiola isn’t under any illusions about what can happen and he looked super focused… so we’ll see what’s going to happen.

We’re facing a night of Vermaelen at left back, which could be a bit of a horror show. Koscielny is taking to the middle, and as far as I can see, there will be no return to action for Aaron Ramsey.

I really don’t see the point in fielding our best side for this one. The league is our priority. Turning over Bayern 3-0 at their place is a beyond impossible task if you ask me. Turning over a tired Spurs because we rested key players seems far more feasible. Now, I’m not saying put out the Youth Cup kids, I’m saying play the fringe players and see what they can do.

The hope is that we don’t get spanked. Bayern are totally ruthless in attack. They boast power and pace all over the park, but they layer that with a brutal clinical edge from everywhere on the park. One player to keep a close eye on this evening is the super Toni Kroos. He’s rumoured to be off in the summer. His pass completion rate is quite incredible. We should be looking at him if Manchester United have a chance with him. A top player who wants parity with people like Gotze. We have a requirement for talent like that this summer… don’t let Moyes have him!

In other, slightly more shocking news… Uli Hoeness, the Bayern supremo is in big trouble. He’s been caught avoiding tax… not a little bit either, £15m! A whole Chamberlain worth of cash sitting in a secret Swiss bank. Prosecutors are pushing for a 7 year jail sentence. Quite unbelievable that a man that rich would bother. You’re already loaded! WHY DO YOU NEED MORE!

Anyway, you sense a bit of turbulence at the German club off the back of that.

… actually, you don’t.

Final bit of talk is about a Charity in desperate need of some help. They’re hugely down on funding after someone let them down. The Homeless FA are run by a fantastic bunch of people who look to instil the qualities in people they need to get back on their feet. If you can donate anything to help get them on track for the year, that’d be incredible.

If you’re a bit of a big deal in your organisation and you could pitch this into your CSR Department, that’d be amazing. The sort of money these guys need to keep their great work going is nothing to a bank, but it’d mean the absolute world to people who are trying to keep the organisation going.

So… if you’re looking to make a difference, please donate… but if you’re an MD or  CEO (and I know some pretty powerful business people (with BIG hearts!) read this), please get in touch if there are any strings you can pull!

This is a #GoonerFamily moment… except not as cringe, and ultimately a more powerful cause than follower count is at hand here!

(client the image below to donate / e-mail peter at if you can help on a grander scale!)



Right, I’m not actually about for the game this evening. My flight to America perfectly coincides with the trip, which is either perfect, or super disappointing as I’ll either miss a spanking or the most exciting game in the clubs Champions League history!

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  1. Charlie Boy

    Neuer is a fat arrogant bastard and hopefully he will fuck his shit up.

    Andy Townsend willing us on tonight also – that’s some fucked up shit right there.

  2. andy1886

    Guess I can’t refer to Ribery’s liking for little girls. Maybe it will let me post that he’s the world’s ugliest tw*t and an even uglier human being. Or was it that I called him knob cheese? Who knows…

  3. hackneylad

    Paulinho his a great technician at side passes. True technicians Xabi Alonso, Pirlo, xavi.

    His important because of his training room effect he should be a player coach like gigs not a regular first teamer.

  4. Charlie Boy


    Mate, I once played rugby with a winger who played with 2 broken ribs all match.

    Have played myself with my bottom lip ripped in half.

    Yet these pussy footballers go down like they’ve been shot at the slightest of touches!

    They make me sick to my stomach.

  5. Revving Kevin

    Now Robben again. This is why Wenger said what he did about the refs, he knew Bayerns players would be play acting and wanting the ref on guard. Footballs being ruined by this. It’s half the fucking Bayern team at it.

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Bayern are as soft as butter. Flat track bully boys in their own german patch, but if it hadn’t been for a bias ref sending off Chesney in the 1st leg they would be out.

  7. Keyser

    Especially as Arteta gets stronger as the game goes on, if we can hold out till the 95th minute, his power bar will be enough for a multiple combo shot, or even a special.

  8. hackneylad

    I massively prefer Hiddinks Bayern as in terms of the entertainment value of he football they played but you can’t argue with Peps results… looks like his going to do an invincible season.

  9. TheBayingMob

    Big ups to Fabianski, I was in Porto when he flapped in that weak cross from the right , he should have been sacked from the team that night but he’s played well tonight … Credit to him …

  10. hackneylad

    I would honestly prefer ox as a cf to Giroud his not tall but his stronger so play it to the boys feet he knows how to use his body to either hold of a player or draw a foul.

  11. andy1886

    Maybe Hackney, but without his £££’s she wouldn’t spit on him. I have the urge to smash his face in just seeing him on the TV. Probably not the only type of TV he’s been on either. F*kin filth.

  12. Paulinho

    I wonder if Gnabry will actually turn and face their goal. It usually takes him about 45 minutes to do that when he starts.

  13. Norfolk

    hackneyladMarch 11, 2014 21:15:18
    andy1886His a terrible disgusting human being for many things.But did you see the bird? she would get banged everyday of the week.

    Bird !! Looked like a bloke to me.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    I don’t see what is so special about this Bayern side apart from the cheating. They only beat us at home because we were down to 10 men.

  15. Ozy

    Gnabry for Arteta? You know what? We’ve played well this game. This is the side that destroys opposition and we’re giving them such a difficult time, they’re throwing themselves all over the place. We don’t have the quality to advance but look how far we’ve stretched them.

    You can tell there’s no complacency. They take us seriously. Look at their line up from the beginning. That’s probably their strongest line up, although I’d play Kroos where Thiago started.

    I’m happy with this result so far.

  16. Ash79

    NOW he brings gnabry in from the cold?!?!? Why!??!
    Is he or isn’t he part of this
    When we could have used him v utd v bayern 1st leg v stoke u didn’t fuckin play him
    I fuckin hate u Arsene. U don’t plan, prepare, do anything with any foresight or logic. Just how u fuckin feel. Ur a wanker Arsene, equip the squad and plan shit, give the lads and the fans a fuckin fair crack at something. Stop hindering the club u prick
    Spend some cunting money u arsehole stop running our players into the ground..Jack Theo Ramsey, how fuckin useful they would be tonight.
    U play ozil for 90mins every game when u know he can’t now he has a fucked up hamstring

  17. hackneylad

    To be fair as a few posters have said this is a decent showing and we are without our two best players and biggest goal and assist threats in Ramsey and Walcott.

    With those 2 on the pitch and with oxs recent form its not crazy to say we could of got a result

  18. goona

    surely even wenger can see, that this team, with any cunt other than giroud upfront could compete?…….we so need world class forwards

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    That should be the second yellow for Robben right there. When are FIFA and the EUFA going to get to grips with the diving cheats?

  20. Keyser

    Robbens such a fucking cunt.

    Seriously in a few years if people start saying ‘Oh I dunno Robben wasn’t that bad a cheat’, like with Drogba, I’m going to start hunting people down.

  21. andy1886

    Kos drops another clanger. Good player but has too many lapses to be a real top one. Great stop by Fab though.

  22. Craigy

    I was just about to say, have robben got time for another dive, and yes he did, well played fab, turned the corner that guy

  23. DaleDaGooner


  24. andy1886

    Giroud just not good enough – not that that’s news. Not clinical, jogs around a lot, rarely sprints. Lazy.

  25. LeMassiveCoq

    Great effort Arsenal.

    Oxo = Brilliant
    Fabianski = Well done kid
    Giroud = Utter waste of fucking space

  26. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Giroud is such a predictable player at the best of times

    Fabianski and Ox were quality tonight

  27. Radio Raheem

    Funny one this ‘cos I think we’ve done better this season against Bayer though the score margin is bigger.