We’re on our way to Wembley!

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Very brief post from me today… Alex will be here with the match report tomorrow.

We won. No, we won at a canter. The FA Cup is so close now I can almost taste the rat burger I’ll be purchasing on my Wembley Way walk.

Arsene played a pretty strong squad and though the game wasn’t exactly easy, he made the right substiutions early on and buried the game out of sight.

Ozil had a very solid game, I thought the Ox was excellent and Giroud really did a great job when he came on. He scored twice this weekend, on the pitch this time, which is what he’s paid to do.

I thought Sanogo looked lost and out of his depth, but it is what it is with him… he has a long way to go, I just hope we have a better number two option this time next  year.

So, semi final time, it’s a trip to Wembley and I have my suspicions we’ll probably be playing Manchester City. Which will be a real shame because a City final would really bring back some of the sparkle to the FA Cup.

The fans are on board, they loved today. The players will enjoy Wembley and hopefully the club can stick a trophy in the cabinet after nearly ten years!

Anyway, nothing too detailed… just a great day to savour!

See you tomorrow x

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  1. Marc


    You think a combination of Koscielny plus Mertesacker or Vermaelen works? I’d argue that it’s Meresacker plus one is the combination that works best.

  2. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with your points re overhaul of squad. It is vital that Sagna stays not because there aren’t younger RB’s out there but because we would need two players to replace him and a RB is not a necessity if he stays. We need a striker with pace, a DM with athleticism and pace and a pacy left sided player.

    Also I agree that Ozil, Cazorla and Wilshere don’t gel when they all play. So vital to have some pace and forward runners when they play.

    Liklihood is that Wenger will stay though.

    Notice reports RM wanting 25 million for Morata ? ? ? Also Remy for 8 million. I would take that if we bought top DM and pacy wide man.

    Re GK think that we’ll bring one in and Martinez back from Sheff Wed as 3rd choice

  3. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t disagree that Mertesacker is currently our best centre back, but he needs to play alongside a foil who will compensate for his lack of pace. That is at moment Koscielny.

    Vermaelen may be okay as a replacement for Mertesacker, but not for Koscielny.

    My problem is that Wenger did not bring in this season a replacement for Djourou relying on Sagna to act as our fourth string. The problem with that
    decision was that if Sagna plays in centre we weaken the right back position.

    Most top teams have at least 4 established centre backs on their books. We
    do not.

    If both Sagna and Vermaelen leave in Summer we need to bring in 3 new defenders. That is not for me very clever forward planning by Wenger and potentially quite expensive, which could limit our budget elsewhere.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    If TV5 and Sagna both leave then as you say 3 defenders have to be brought in. That is energy and expense not needed when we need CF, DM and LW. Keeping Sagna helps this.

  5. Marc


    You missed my point. Vermaelen and Kos do not play well together. It shifts Kos from his preferred position as well.

    I agree that if we lose both Vermaelen and Sagna we need to bring in 3 players.

  6. Marc

    One other thing. One of the papers is running a story today that Moyes has identified Vermaelen as a replacement for Vidic. We must not sell to ManU under any circumstances. If it means losing him on a free the following summer so be it.

  7. Craigy

    Just saw that penalty in the spurs Chelsea match, what a disgusting dive and extremely poor refing, euro went down like he was fucking shot, cheating twat

  8. tunnygriffboy


    It a sad day everytime a Mourinho team wins a trophy. I despise the man, the way he manipulates everything and craves attention. I am amazed that hardly ever does his eye gouging incident gets mentioned. Cowardly.

  9. bigper

    I agree mourinho is a dick but at then end of the day he wins things. none of us would complain if we had a manger like him and we were winning. In fact most people on here seem to want someone with the passion and fight that he shows

  10. Craigy

    Tunny….. I kno man, just feels like his teams can get away with anything, and what sort of manager acts the way he did in that barca Madrid bust up, that was disgusting!

  11. bergkamplegend

    @tunnygriffboy : and it’s the season he’s back at chelsea, so everything is in place to celebrate “the great return of the special one”.

    Still don’t understand why so much people in England loved him…
    Chelsea’s fans excepted of course lol

    God I know you don’t like Arsenal (lol n°1), but please help Man City (lol n°2)

  12. Craigy

    Bigper….. Can’t argue with that m8, he is a cracking manager, just a cunt haaaaa, I do luv how he owns wenger in their war of words tho, ha ha, wenger is delusional and Maurine rips h apart ha ha!

  13. tunnygriffboy

    Big per. I wouldn’t want Maureen, be hypocritical of me to say that. Plenty of other good managers with passion I’d prefer eg, Klopp, Ancellotti, Simone. Just think that his attitude is shite. The ‘classico’ matches when he was in charge of RM were a disgrace.

  14. kwik fit

    We could travel from beach to beach pulling the strings on sunbathing babes bikinis!

    Up for it literally Dannyboy

    Wemberlee Wemberlee We’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wemberlee!!!

  15. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Just had a chance to read your epic one man party/ band last night. Hahahaha. Legendary! Plus I got a shout out. Drunken DJing, your the best.


  16. kwik fit


    Hows it going? Yeah what a day/night! Let the old bollocks loose and woke up this morning with the old laptop on autopilot. Have to recharge the batteries now for next weekend.

  17. kwik fit

    Not yet midwest. Waiting for the draw. If we get city then I’m in overdrive to get a ticket. Hope we get Sheffield united though. Ian stanley Wright is doing the draw so I’m sure he’ll pull out the right ball 😉

  18. Carts

    £25m for Morata? RM having a laugh. Someone they never play is now rated at that kind of bracket?! Best case scenario will be £15m…even then I think RM would’ve done well to receive that

  19. kwik fit

    I think were going for a cut price Remy from what I hear. I personally think it would be an excellent bit of business. Remy is just about to reach his prime.

    Come on Wigan !

  20. DanC

    Jeff 9.36

    What a miserable cunt you are.

    After a decent win over a decent side to take us to wembley, the 1st thing I wake up to on a Sunday morning is you whinging and moaning why we have dropped points this season.

    Just for a day can you give it a rest cos it’s boring.

    We’re one step closer to ending the drought… surely that’s good news?

  21. Sheriffdeen

    Two steps buddy and a very difficult ones. I av a fear it will be man city, i pray not tho. But can someone tell me where that fucking kalstrom is?
    Special buy from wonderful manager indeed

  22. gazzap

    Darn. City. They might be pretty tired though and they are more beatable than Chelsea. If we win this one then an easy final maybe!?

  23. DaleDaGooner

    United and chavs laughing at our prospects at meeting city……they must hate wigan now…..come on Wigan, beat shitty again!

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Knowing shitty, i hope they can rain in with goals, 2 goals is nothing, wigan, play like it’s 0-0, hold the scores, don’t let them in

  25. gazzap

    In my experience of minnows being ahead in games like this when it’s 2-0, they are OK until they concede the first – then they collapse. So my prediction is Wigan will either hold on for 2-0 or lose 3-2.