International player destruction week | 2 French players linked

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When it rains, it pours. Jack Wilshere goes away on a outrageously timed international break, to play a totally pointless friendly, during the most important phase of the season.

Ruins his navicular.

Now, I’ll admit, I thought a navicular was a type of seizure you have in a tropical country, so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out it’s a stupid bone that, if hairline fractured, can cause you to drop out of football for 12 games.

Wenger doesn’t think his season is over.

“He’s out for six weeks, there’s 11 weeks left of the season.

“He can do some training, two weeks after the six weeks he can train again. So that will be a maximum of eight weeks.”

My worry? Aaron Ramsey can’t be eased into the set up. He’ll be thrown in at the deep end, which could potentially be damaging. But whatever, that’s the sh*t sandwich we’ve been dealt. Thank the lord Kim Kallstrom is going to be fit. Really looking forward to seeing him this weekend.

International breaks really do frustrate me. They’re there to fuel excitement for the World Cup. Which is there to fuel the back pockets of corrupt execs. On a seperate note, it sounds like Brazil is a total disaster zone at the moment, when the people of the greatest football nation in the world are protesting against a World Cup, you know there are deep rooted issues.

Anyway, back to it. When do clubs group together and put an end to the madness of international friendlies? If I was really bored, I’d look at all the injuries we’ve suffered down the years because FAs send their players to backwater countries to earn some coin. We’ve lost Santi, Diaby, Robin, Cesc, Paddy at important times down the years to pointless games.

Now, I know Jack hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders this year, but that’s not the point. He’s part of a squad that’s shooting for the league, now we’re hamstrung because of England. We pay his wages, train him… then his country can come in, use him, break him, then give him back?

How is that right in anyway?

It’s not.

Someone start me a damn petition, right now.

In other news, we’re being linked with Steve Mandanda. Apparently, he’s 28. I thought he was much older. Feels like he’s been on the scene a while? He hasn’t. He’ll leave Marseille in the summer, we’ll have two keeping vacancies, so hey, why the hell not?

How about Griezmann? I thought he was 22? Oh, he is. How many goals has he scored? 18. 18 goals you say? With 3 assists? Wow. So good. We should sign him. Well, good news, seems Arsene likes him. He’s quick, slightly awkward in style, but he’s short, has a low centre of gravity and he’s French.

I’d still like us to go for Konoplyanka. Why? Because I’ve learnt how to spell his complex name freestyle. Impressed? You should be. I sit next to a Ukrainian at work. I can’t spell her surname, but I can communicate to her loosely in her in mother tongue. Impressed? Good. That’s what I wanted.

It’s Friday, go an sit down next to the intern, when they turn and look at you, grip your fist and shout, ‘don’t ever, ever look at me’… when they turn back and look at their computer screen (petrified), carry on staring at them for exactly 45 seconds, then leave.

Your work is done.


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  1. Musketeer

    userozMarch 8, 2014 14:30:49
    Must say Ozil came alIve when there are movements. He was decisive, precise and letha…Somehow we need more players with seaso nand Ozil will be brillant. Walcott isn’t enough. l

    Walcott was never enough, we need it everywhere for big teams to fear us on the counter again.

    We need it wide and up top mostly, but we need it in CM also.

    Vieira, Petit could always get invlove and contribute if we needed support at 1-1 or 1 nil down, even Gilberto had his box to box moments and goals, arteta and flam just cannot do it.

  2. hackneylad


    Mate don’t take this the wrong way but you come across as a really bitter unhappy person, calling Arsenal players slimy tossers and having personal digs at them fair enough if that’s what you wanna do but it doesn’t seem to healthy!

  3. Craigy

    Useroz…… Completely agree m8! Was bout to write the same thing! To bring the absolute best out of ozil, we need the obvious thing, pace! Pace and movement like the ox, imagine Henry in the same team as ozil, now that would be a dream! Wenger knows what we need, just fucking baffles me how he hardly ever get the players we need!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Great result.

    For once this season we didn’t seem to sit back and play out a nervy win by a single goal margin.

    Much better from Ozil as well, was really positive today running at people, always looking to make things happen, very nice.

    Oxlade was a bit sloppy, but great aggression, great running and effort, always positive when on the ball.

    Even Arteta and Flamini weren’t as dire as their pairing usually is…brings up a point I think people were making last year, is our middle better without Wilshere in it?

    When Wilshere was out with a ‘niggle’ and Ramsey then got the starting spot, he wasn’t terrific but solid effort from him and people starting noting how much better we looked, flow, tempo, directness, ball retention – it all seems to shoot up when Wilshere isn’t playing.

    Jack Wilshere is going to be a real conundrum for us – he doesn’t fit, but there’s obvious talent.

  5. Jeff

    Excellent game, excellent result for us. Thoroughly happy. That is how we should play all the time. We went off the boil a little bit just before Everton scored but picked it up again. Ozil and Chamberlain were both brilliant today; in fact the rest weren’t too far behind. Well done. We’re going to Wembley!

  6. vicky

    Great win today !!!

    OX is finally getting regular team football. The guy is a superb player. To beat good teams, a skillful winger with pace is a must and there is no surprise that OX made all the difference today.

    I am kind of happy that Jack is injured. With him in the side, we play piss poor.

  7. hackneylad


    “He’s shown time and time again he grows stronger as the match goes on.””

    I don’t know what Areta your talking about but its the complete opposite for the Arteta based in the real world, he had a decent game today and those penalties were class but to many times this season his at best been a passenger an invisible player who can’t keep pace with the game and at worse been a defensive liability.

  8. MuddyGooner

    Ozil brilliant, Cazorla was very good and Gibbs ? Thought Gibbs done really well against Lukaku.
    As for Chambo ……WOW ! He is smoking !!!!

  9. Musketeer

    is our middle better without Wilshere in it?

    Yes, but where else can this guy play, can’t see him a 1st teamer long term or post AW.

  10. Craigy

    Jasongms……. Mate definitely, I’ve said this so much on this side, because of his lack of pace he needs to be fresh at all times, he’s a good back up, coming on with 30 mins to go he can be very effective

  11. Musketeer

    Has Wenger put us in a position today where we want Cheslea to win?

    Going for a draw, would even risk a tottenham 3 pointer personally.

  12. Toli83

    Great result – Everton really ran out of steam after pen. Cazorla on his day will cause anyone problems.

    Imagine us with two midfield power houses like a yaya / matic / Strootman then I think we would stream roll teams like of old.

    Arteta and Flamini still seem a yard off to me .

  13. Radio Raheem

    Giroud is on his way to scoring 20+ goals this season. Given that 20 goals/season is the standard for differentiating good strikers from poor ones Giroud doesn’t look so bad or does he?

  14. WengerEagle

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Wilshere in the next few years. Ramsey’s clearly the better B2B midfielder so where is his place in the team?

  15. hackneylad

    Take Aways from the game.

    Cazorla playing at his peak level is a WC player

    Ozil’s poor performances I personally believe are more down to a crisis in confidence then the lack of pace players (not to say that doesn’t have an impact)

    We are better without Jack and have been better without him for sometime last season that run of games without Jack we were much more solid.

    1Jack is our defences nightmare he loses the ball way to much in dangerous areas

    2jack disrupts the creative game of Ozil they just don’t work together well and Jack tries to play the Alpha Male and muscle in on Ozil’s area, I felt the same way last season with Cazorla that he played best when Jack didn’t interfere

    3 It is paramount Ox be given a consistent run of games, his didn’t get penalty he won it! with his trickery power and pace Barry just could not cope.

  16. Romford Pele

    So happy for Ozil, didn’t need to prove nothing to me but glad he shut the doubters up today. That assist for the Giroud goal too >>>>

    Chambo needs to start more, bit sloppy but you can see what his direct running brings.

    We were actually quite vulnerable at the back today but that’s because we went for it more which was nice to see rather than mundane, low tempo play.

    This how a weekend should be. Great crowd today, sun shining, time to get smashed!

    Up the Arsenal!

  17. Al

    Our midfield has always looked better without wilshere because tactically and positionally he is quite naive.

  18. WengerEagle

    Radio Raheem

    He could be pushing 30 if he made the most of the chances he’s been given in most of our matches. Ozil would be pushing 20-25 assists if he was a half-decent finisher

  19. Paulinho

    Hackney – I just don’t mince my words, and am objective regardless of whether we’re winning or losing. For emotional types like you who tend to sway with the wind it means you think must be some pent-up anger or frustration behind it. There’s really not, I just think he’s a tosser and a bit slimy (plays the fans, says the right things), hence ‘slimy tosser’.

    You’re wrong about Arteta. Comes on strong all the time in games, especially at the Emirates. He’s a liability at the start when his lack of pace and explosiveness means he gets played around far too easily but he’s got a good engine and slowly imposes himself on most teams. Dortmund at the Emirates earlier in the season is a perfect example.

  20. MidwestGun

    Very very happy with win! Well done.
    Few things-
    -Sanogo shouldn’t be starting, not near ready.
    -Flamini/ Arteta pairing is still not great, but our best option at the moment.
    -For the love of God can we please just buy a proper Cdm, still talk of Vermaelen as dm. Dont want to see that.
    – ok, I’ve changed my mind, Giroud can be 3rd choice CF. Hes still too slow.
    -I complain when AW makes bad subs, today they were good.

    Good to win, have a great weekend, everybody!

  21. hackneylad

    The moment we signed Ozil whose only 25 for me it was curtains for Jack.

    His physique can’t cope with B2B in PL he will breakdown being played in such a manner obviously he can’t be placed on the wing as he lacks pace. For me he had to adapt his game to the CAM role but with Caz another 3 years and Ozil another 5 potentially…

    Jack for me is extremely talented but I think he would do such much better in La Liga or Seria A.

  22. Dissenter

    Hope Wilshere learns from this.
    He wants to play for England mother than he wants that Arsenal role.
    Why would he’ve kept playing with that severity of pain?

  23. James wood

    Excellent commitment all through the team.
    We’re on our way to Wembley
    My knee’s have gone all trembly
    LA LA – LA .

    Arsene survives another game.?

  24. Bamford13

    Radio Raheem

    He scored two tap ins today, and tap ins are mostly what he scores. Almost any striker in the world could’ve finished the two he scored today, including the woeful Sanogo.

    This is why judging a striker strictly based on his statistics is dumb. Giroud’s goal total says more about the chances Arsenal create for him than his quality as a striker.

    He is completely and utterly mediocre — and he lacks the things that make for a great striker, i.e., dribbling, pace, shot, clinical-ness.

    Please stop defending mediocrity. We’re going to be mediocre for ever if it’s up to you and your ilk — those, for example, who described today’s game as “excellent”.

    Today’s game was a good result, but there was absolutely nothing “excellent” — aside from Ozil and Ox — about it.

    Today’s side could lose 4-0 (or worse) to City, easily.

  25. gus

    Oh my god shut up!

    There always has to be a scapegoat player doesn’t there.

    Wilshere is a class player. Remember the criticism you have Ramsey, remember how silly he made you look. Take some humility pills and support the team!!!

  26. Samir masri

    I would be shocked seeing arteta at arsenal next season. I can’t stand watching him struggle like that. But at the end he did his part . But next year we should plan without arteta and perhaps wenger.

  27. Romford Pele

    As well as scoring and assisting today, Ozil created 5 chances, 3 more than any player on either side. Lol please don’t talk to me about his level of talent

  28. hackneylad


    Your the same guy who slates Cazorla and says how shit he is even when he scores or provides assists whilst you’ll defend Arteta to the death when he does next to nothing. IT is bafflingly bizarre. I literally can’t comprehend you its like you belong in another universe where Arteta is some god like being.

    99 percent of le-grovers will tell you arteta is past it his legs are gone and that his not in anyway close to an adequate defensive force in front of the back 4.

    “He’s a liability at the start when his lack of pace and explosiveness means he gets played around far too easily but he’s got a good engine and slowly imposes himself on most teams.”

    This shows you have a created in your own head a work of fiction.

    Arteta impose? If you mean the odd rash foul that gives away a freekick in a dangerous position I would agree with you, Arteta and impose in the same sentence?? Really?

    Another point is how is a player who lacks stamina and whose legs are gone going to get better through out a match? Surely they will degrade as their energy does and become more and more invisible.

    If your a player who doesn’t have the legs its the other way round you start the match well but rapidly decline in performance as your energy levels dip. Its a bit of a logic fail there.

  29. Musketeer


    We need that total for league goals not all comps, plus this guy places everything in from tap in range, he cannot create anything himself, a striker should be able to shoot and score, he cannot shoot.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    You cant argue with what you see.
    This is from last season as well, where Wenger left him out because of a ‘ankle niggle’…then it was apparent he was just being left out for Ramsey and Arteta and we went on that run that saw us over the line.

    People make good points, the fact he’s a dribbler throws off our passing game, the fact he loses it so much puts us under pressure.

    Be interesting to see over the next few weeks how we do, especially as Ramsey comes back into the fray. Our middle looked so much more balanced today, good effectiveness with the ball as well – still room for improvement but at least we’re heading the right way.

  31. Bamford13


    “This shows you have a created in your own head a work of fiction.

    Arteta impose? If you mean the odd rash foul that gives away a freekick in a dangerous position I would agree with you, Arteta and impose in the same sentence?? Really?”

    Well said, hackney. His comments might possibly describe Arteta two years ago — maybe — but not today. Pure fiction.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    As I keep saying as well, he has created more chances than any other player in European side in the top 5 divisions this season!

  33. bigper

    much better attacking today, i too feel wilshere injury may be a blessing in disguse for the run in.

    thought arteta was good today too, he seemed to play slightly more advanced ahead of flamini.

    happy for giroud and ozil, we need them full of confidence for the next months.

    cazorla was quality it seemed like he was able to play centrally a lot more, ox was good too. tbh great interchanged and balance today with cazorla, ozil and ox

  34. WengerEagle

    Do we want a Spuds win today or a Chelsea win?

    Not sure we can realistically win the title and the Spuds are creeping up behind us in 5th si it’s a tricky one… draw maybe?

  35. Paulinho

    “whilst you’ll defend Arteta to the death when he does next to nothing”

    Subjective, and I disagree.

    “Another point is how is a player who lacks stamina and whose legs are gone going to get better through out a match?”

    Again subjective and I disagree. Hence why I said he had ‘good engine’

    ” Its a bit of a logic fail there.”

    How can’t be a logic fail when I’ve stated he’s got a good engine?

    So overall a bit of a comprehension and logical fallacy FAIL on your part.

  36. Romford Pele

    Cesc mate, he’s been creating more than anyone in Europe for the last 5 years! German player of the year three years running. Still manages to create despite the obvious deficiencies in the team. He’s called the assist king for a reason.

    I would really love if we became a proper counterattacking team. That’s when you’d see Ozil’s pace, flair and dribbling in full effect. He was awesome for Germany in midweek playing like that!

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Cheslea win for me today – with our run we cannot win the league, we are going to drop points along the way, thinking Chelsea away, City home, Everton away and even Spurs themselves away all have the potential for us to drop points.

    Right now Wenger should be focused on finishing the league as strongly as possible and winning the FA Cup. Forget about the UCL it’s gone.

  38. Revving Kevin

    “Giroud scored two easy tap ins anyone would score”

    What total utter bollox and why people like you are what makes this place so pissing miserable. Look at Girouds movement, especially for the first goal. Instead of always hating to be wrong and refusing to give credit, how about being more balanced? It would make you sound more knowledgable. You can hate Giroud if you want but the bloke just helped change a game for us. So a bit of credit would be sensible, unless you don’t know what you are talking about I suppose. Tap ins, Lol.

    We win 4-1 and still it’s all about trying to harp on about negatives or slag players off. That’s not support mate.

    FFS some of you need to get out more, this constant moaning and groaning g makes you so dull and boring. Some good posters on here who know the game like RP but some total idiots who just want to whinge and pick fault. Unbelievable Bamford.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘I would really love if we became a proper counterattacking team. That’s when you’d see Ozil’s pace, flair and dribbling in full effect. ‘


    Benzema, Draxler, William Carvalho could make that dream a reality…

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Do you deliberately not come on here when results aren’t running Arsenal’s way?

    This is a few times now you’ve run off and hid when things aren’t going great and then suddenly you reappear when we get a good result…almost as if your points are dependant on our form? Interesting.

  41. WengerEagle

    I’m pushing for a draw today too, both sides dropping 2 points would be good for us and it would also guarantee not a smile to be seen come full time from either of the 2 cuntiest teams in England 😀

  42. Cesc Appeal


    This Caravlho CDM guy…haven’t seen him, any good?

    Or do you think maybe someone like Khedira? See if we can pry him away, already said some very complimentary things about Arsenal and seeing as he’s out with a knee injury (I think) maybe a good deal in the summer?

  43. bigper

    credit to ozil, it just shows if you work hard you gain confidence and with that quality shines through.

  44. gunnergetyou

    Still think wilshere could be successful in this team as long as he can just learn to stay deep and keep things simple in CM.

    That said with Ramsey fit I cant see how he makes our starting eleven

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Ozil was good against Chile as well – the fans booed the whole German team, not just Ozil, media twisted that to suit their agenda (shock horror).

  46. WengerEagle


    To be honest I haven’t seen too much of him either as I don’t really ever watch the Portuguese league but he looks quality from what I’ve seen of him on youtube and the odd time I watch the Portuguese league (when Benfica, Porto or Sporting play against each other). He’s been getting rave reviews off people who do watch him every week as well, some are even comparing him to Yaya.

    Carvalho and Pogba it seems are the 2 best up and coming young CM’s in europe but Pogba is unattainable as he’s a Juventus favourite

  47. Thomas

    Funny how this cunt Revving Kevin hides like a coward when we play bad and then pop up out of nowhere and start questioning other people’s support for the club.

    What a complete tosser

  48. hackneylad


    Your just a logic fail guy!

    Kex exxamples

    Cazorla shit
    Arteta Some great player

    Everyone on this blog realises Arteta is not at the necessary level anymore to be a guaranteed starter that we need better In that role your the one deluded voice to the contrary.

    How he can he have a great engine when it is recognized his legs are shot by fans, experts and pundits alike also a player with a great engine is a player who can play 3 games In a week now let me ask you can arteta do that? Can he play 2 games in a week? Not unless you want your defence sorely compromised.

    Now I will mention a point you earlier admitted, you said his a liability at the start of games but is better later on… if that’s the case why not start with another player and forgo the liability at the start and bring him on as sub to close out the games?

  49. Ozrus

    The one player who has been a constant thorn in Evertons side, the one player with genuine pace and le senile cunt takes him off. FFS how many more years will we have to put up with the sunday league manager. Sick of him

    Yet the subs turned out to be spot on, right? The Sunday league manager made you look like a whiny bitch. Which you can’t accept of course cause you like to gob off during the game like so many on here when the team is struggling. So you say it’s the players who did it not AW.

    I’m thinking you either admit you were wrong after the game, or you keep your mouth shut during the game so as not to look like a silly sausage later. I know you couldn’t do the former cause you’ve got no balls. So hopefully it will be the latter, so I don’t have to read your mad rants in the future.

    On the whole page 3 of the blog is one long bitch fest. This place is depressives haven.