Hey Mesut Ozil… lift it.

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International breaks, what a laugh. So boring. I missed them all as I was ripping up the scene in Zurich. Sat on a table drinking girly European beer portions, my boss was cornered by a 85 year old Arsenal fan who wouldn’t leave him alone. Trying to throw me under the bus, my boss said,

‘Pete writes a blog about Arsenal’

The man leans over and says…

‘Son, what do you know about Arsenal… Alan Ball was my hero, you know his game? Doubtful. You child’

Awesome work. I thought he was going to cuff me.

Anyway, enough about me. How about the international break? Ozil earns his side and assist as Germany beat Chile 1-0… yet he’s booed by the home fans! What a nightmare this year is turning into for one of the planets most precocious talents.

… you know what though?

F*cking lift it Mesut.

You have it all there. You just have to activate it. Moping never landed anyone a Premier League title. Feeling sorry for youself isn’t the way to bring your form back to life. You’ve just got to hammer away until things come good. I know Adebayor isn’t a great example, but when he played for us, what I loved about him was his attitude (calm down, early days I mean). He’d miscontrol the ball, blast over from 6 yards, fall over his feet… but he’d be straight back up giving 100% until something dropped. Now, if you could motivate Ozil in the same way (with Ade, it was money), you’d have less of this darkness about his game. Ozil feels like the sort of person who has sailed through life being brilliant at everything. Now he’s hit a block. A real challenge… and he’s struggling to cope.

He’ll come good, but he’s got to get used to dealing with negativity. He’s not playing for a club that has 17 superstars that’ll hide is poor performances. He’s playing for a side where he’s expected to be a lead. What a dream eh? Being the man a side is built around? Crack on Mesut, make the role yours. Aaron Ramsey is another one… no time for moping, just crack on and take the chance. This is what football is all about!

So, what have we to talk about today? Well, the FA Cup lands this weekend. Arsenal take on an Everton team who have lifted their performances this season under Roberto Martinez. It’s a massive game, as for me, it presents, realistically the last chance of silverware. Earlier in the season, this would have needed a rest session to take on the Champions League game and the league.

Well things have changed now. Form has dipped. The Champions League is a training match bar some sort of miracle. So the FA Cup looks like a short term plaster to rescue the season. The manager hasn’t won it for ages, the fans haven’t seen trophies for ages, it feels like a quarter final is a very good opp to go hard at a trophy.

What will he do though? Will he rest big names to hit Bayern hard, or will he give up the ghost on Europe and switch his dual attention to the league and the FA Cup. It’d be nice if he switched to the domestic trophies. Inject some pride into the season. I mean, if he marked the seasons improvement with a trophy and 3rd or 2nd… I’d be pretty chuffed. I mean, overall, you’d have to say when factoring all the bad decisions he’s made, it’d still be a bit of a wet fish to the back of the head… but blowing it out, it’d still represent progress and it’d give us something nice to build on.

That’s it people, more tomorrow when hopefully there’s some more noise in the news!


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  1. Goongoonergone

    Just some thoughts on Wenger not signing his contract. Probably getting cold feet.
    Wenger, for me is a guy who sells Fourth place as a trophy myth and lots of Gooners fall for it.
    For him to sustain this myth, fourth place is an imperative and it also cozily works with his idea of not having to purchase any “top top” players unless he is assured of a champion’s league spot after the qualifying round towards the end of the first transfer window. This allows him to dither.
    I have a gut feeling that Wenger is looking at the next three seasons and thinking that Manchester United with or without Moyes will come good again and that with City and Chelsea already ahead he has only Liverpool to contend with. The problem is that after Arsenal’s drubbing by Liverpool and Liverpool’s attack and self-belief, he is having serious doubts whether he has the ability at his age and with his game plan to overcome Liverpool anymore; and with Champions League football, Pool will strengthen and improve.
    Knowing perhaps he can’t break that monopoly anymore, fifth or sixth would be abject failure, and for a proud, arrogant man like Wenger,, the lack of the fourth place trophy will finally explode the myth he has created around it.
    Without Champions League Football for three years, Wenger will be nothing, just a miserable human being eking out a living on the peripheral crumbs of Europa.
    For him, to be lumped with Tottenham and Everton is akin to football suicide and downright embarrassment.
    Just conjecture on my part, but if I were Wenger, perhaps those thoughts would be echoing in my mind together with echoes of Mourinho’s famous refrain : “specialist failure”.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Just read Wilshere stayed on for 40 minutes after the injury. That is a disgrace. I wouldn’t let any of our players play in meaningless friendlies. We have suffered enough over the years. This season Santi, Rosicky and Wilshere have all come back crocked after friendlies !

  3. kwik fit

    Why did woy not bring of jack when he had that bad tackle?

    How would Woy know if Jack’s tackle was bad?

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yeah towards the end did not get many posts
    But in its hey day !!!

    A geezer called weg (well endowed guy ) was a funny fuck

    Shame really

    Newspapaper today quoted gunner machine ? As an arsenal blog anyone heard of it ?

  5. Northbanker

    well Jack now out for rest of season effectively – another typical run in for Arsenal with the over-used players

  6. hackneylad


    Great tits but if you look at her face shes got quite average facial features shes a pleasant looking women who has been marketed extremely well either way shes not all that.

  7. MidwestGun

    Hackney –
    Excellent body, above average. However, I prefer blondes. ButKwik was asking for a pic of her in fishnet tights. He said crotchless. Lol but best I could do.

  8. kwik fit


    Ain’t she great 🙂
    Pity she’s not wearing the 8 inch heels though 😉
    Katie has a natural beauty Hackney , Not the over made up blonde bimbo types.

  9. kwik fit


    Just don’t think that Woy should be preoccupied with the little guy’s tackle at half time. After all he’s got 16 other strapping big men to look after.

  10. hackneylad

    I might sound like a cunt for saying this but I’d rather have Barkley in my WC squad than Wilshere.

    To me Barkley > Wilshere with pace, HEIGHT, strength, equal dribbling skill, better on the counter, more penetrative passing, more 2 footed and above all A much greater scoring threat with a belter of a shot.

    Shame he looks like an injury prone player been fucked most of this season

  11. kwik fit

    Yeah the Stoke defect really hit home alright. Premier league hopes were well and truly extinguished at the potteries, of all places. We need a miracle now. Just hope we can put in a performance against a very dangerous Everton side.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What has diaby been doing since August ?

    I reckon if arsenal searched harder they would find out he is a benefit cheat ?

    Probably going to bingo on a Monday an Thursday
    Prays on a Friday
    Food shopping on Sunday
    Using his odeon yearly pass twice a week ?

    Or maybe he sub let’s his services to the bbfc and gives films their certificates ?

  13. afcmacca

    Give everything and die for the cause in the fa cup tie with everton & themassive comeback tie in munich – that is all we should do think positive + positive things will happen

  14. kwik fit

    I find myself continuously clicking Midwest’s katie link. Heh Mid, did you take the photo yourself? I think you used Autoflash . How do I know I hear you ask. ……You can tell by the look on katie’s face 😉

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Been reading some other football blogs

    Say after targeted jack
    Did not make same challenge on Gerard or sterling or gimp man ?

    No point in doing roony Manu not a threat

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah but mid west

    U can’t throw a partially fit player in to his English debut in such a massive must win season decider. Lose is not an option to save the season game can you ??

  17. karim

    Some great comments today on legrove
    Nice songs too not to mention the spirituality 🙂

    ” …before I get to sleep
    I pray the Lord, Abou to keep
    If I should die before I wake
    I pray the Lord his leg to take “

  18. ughelligunner

    Arsenal’s Per Mertesacker reads,
    likes and tags an Arseblog article
    on him
    Thursday, March 6th, 2014
    Arsenal’s Big Fuckin’ German, Per
    Mertesacker, has become a firm
    fans’ favourite at the Emirates,
    with many now putting him
    forward as a genuine candidate
    for next club captain.
    Arseblog, the biggest Arsenal
    blog on the interweb, recently
    wrote an article on him, not
    exactly eulogizing him, but
    overall positively complimenting
    his contribution.
    The article was brought to the
    BFG’s attention, and he read it on
    his flight back to London; and
    after enjoying it so much, he
    posted it to Facebook, and
    tagged Arseblog, thanking them
    for the fun read.
    Great recognition for a great
    blog, which will surely see its
    followers shoot up after this big-
    up from the Big Fuckin’ German.

  19. ughelligunner

    Arsenal’s Per Mertesacker reads,
    likes and tags an Arseblog article
    on him
    Thursday, March 6th, 2014
    Arsenal’s Big Fuckin’ German, Per
    Mertesacker, has become a firm
    fans’ favourite at the Emirates,
    with many now putting him
    forward as a genuine candidate
    for next club captain.
    Arseblog, the biggest Arsenal
    blog on the interweb, recently
    wrote an article on him, not
    exactly eulogizing him, but
    overall positively complimenting
    his contribution.
    The article was brought to the
    BFG’s attention, and he read it on
    his flight back to London; and
    after enjoying it so much, he
    posted it to Facebook, and
    tagged Arseblog, thanking them
    for the fun read.
    Great recognition for a great
    blog, which will surely see its
    followers shoot up after this big-
    up from the Big Fuckin’ German.

  20. Dissenter

    This Wishere kid isn’t that bright, is he?
    He kept playing with a broken Navicular bone for 30 minute, didn’t he realise that pain was atypical.
    Its hard to blame “Woy” for this, Wishere should have signalled to the bench that he wanted to come out.
    Now, he’s probably lost his WC place to Henderson, not that Henderson wont do a better job. It’s more of an Arsenal loss.

  21. Dissenter

    No, you dont sound like a cunt for preferring someoen else to Wishere.

    I prefer Henderson to Wishere, he’s not flamboyant but he works like a dog all game long.

    Wilshere only has himself to blame. He should have come out after that injury.

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Jack Wheelchair is an immature idiot with no idea or sense of perspective. He deserves all he gets. Unfortunately he takes up space and wages in our squad.

    He plays the same way week in week out regardless of the opposition and with the same ineffective results. He’s always 90 minutes away from injury. If Jack was playing against the local girls under 10’s he’d still be busting a gut to get that meaningless tackle in and break himself in the process.

    He has absolutely no brain. He does not have the intellectual capacity to understand when it’s appropriate to commit (to a challenge) and when to hold off.

    The game against Denmark was a friendly. However, Jack Wheelchair hasn’t got the brains to work out for himself that it’s a meaningless fixture. Instead his short-man syndrome kicked in and he felt the need to impress.

    Jack is his worst enemy. He hasn’t got the maturity to accept that his own body has limitations or the ability to recognise those limitations .

    He either needs another year in the reserves / loan or get rid of the hobbling, petulant, chav, who spends as much time on the floor complaining or giving the ball away as he does standing up.

  23. MidwestGun

    Arsene’s Nurse –
    Bit harsh on Jack. Nobody deserves a broken ankle. . He’s still young.
    But it is an excellent point about it being a friendly. Sometimes, you have to look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately, that point is lost on youth.
    I can remember thinking I was indestructible once.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    That Twitter thing was just plain embarrassing, it’s not Liverpool trying to wreck our season, it’s a bloke a lot closer to home who does it year on year with his negligent gaffs who deserves the fans anger.

  25. Bamford13

    Best XI (available) for Saturday:


    God, I wish we had a better side.

    One man to blame for that.

  26. Jeff

    The hypocrisy of players who’ve left the club for silverware and money is astounding. Today it’s Nasri’s turn to tell us that Wenger is a magician and everything wrong at the club can be blamed on the lack of funds.

    Why do players have the need to atone for their selfishness and greed for having left the club by praising Wenger afterwards? Because they suffer from the same old emotional baggage that follows around all but the most psychopathic of human beings; it’s called guilt.

    Nobody minds Nasri having an opinion but one that is subjective as his and that of other important players that have left us in the lurch, will find its roots in intermittent feelings of remorse – after all Wenger was more of a “daddy” to them than a manager whose singular ambition above all else ought to be winning trophies for the club.

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    Well said mate. Lack of funds doesn’t make you play players out of position. Lack of funds doesn’t make you tactically inept. Lack of funds isn’t the reason majority of talented players regress under wenger.

  28. Bergkamplegend

    @Guns : rationalize KK signing is easy : our away kit has the colour of sweden, it’s as simple as that.

  29. Rocky Pires

    I see MAn Citeh are ready to sell Micah Richards . Be good signing for us, h’s a Gooner, Centreback and RB cover will fill in for Sagna if he leaves, undoubted prefer keep Sagna but if he does leave Richards and Jenk be ok .

  30. TheBayingMob

    Wilshere is a liability because of the way he plays; one part is his skill, he’s quick with his feet and the ball so he’s constantly getting caught, the other side is the little man syndrome, flying into all the challenges; I think he also looks quite awkward in his physical mobility. All the issues should be addressed with long term strategic management of the player otherwise I can see him fading from the game due to injury in his late 20s. It’s not too late now but he needs to completely adjust his game if he wants to make it into his 30s at the top level.

  31. Bergkamplegend

    I wonder if there will be a change in our season if we’ll beat everton tomorrow…

    My point of view is that we are never the luckiest when it comes to Cups draw, and I think we will play City in the semi, so what’s the point ???

    That was the depressive post of the morning lol

  32. Rocky Pires

    Wilshere is 22 years old broke a small bones in his foot in a 50-50 challenge after playing 41 games already this season. 41 games and he breaks a small done in his foot , big deal, lucky to only have done so after 41 games.

    Think this is getting out of haand, the poor lad is unlucky but still ould happen anyone . I think its a blessing in diguise as he wasnt performing as good as he may have and also he was stiffling OZil.
    See the video of Ramsey best bits 2013-14 and you will see Ozil thriving on space in the no10 role.
    When jack was spearheading the midfield trio he was right tight to Mes and crowding him out .

    I think with Rosa or Ox in the spearhead role we will see Mes play alot better as he wont be crowded out .

    Gnarby and Ox will both have big roles to play now and end of season and I think both will embrace the opportunities

  33. GoonerSam

    I’m sorry about Jack’s injury as the squad is out on its feet already. No-one’s been playing that well in midfield for some time. However I know he’s young, but I think Jack has been massively overrated and has believed the hype. It wasn’t a good idea of Wenger’s to give him the iconic no 10 shirt either.
    The Germans booing Ozil when he set up their only goal and the whole team was outplayed by a very good Chile side, is just embarrassing. Is there any reason why fans in Stuttgart wouldn’t like Ozil (who is a Schalke lad?). My knowledge of Germany and German football is shise. (sp?)