NEW DEALS… but is Wenger’s already signed?

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Well, you always have to have a few good Arsenal stories up your sleeve around March time when your Mark Gonnella. They’re like the mushrooms in Super Mario, they protect the club against the turtle shells Arsene Wenger pings the clubs way with his March / Feb antics. Anyway, we released some very good news yesterday.


First up:

Per Mertesacker: The giant German has signed the last major deal of his career. I’ve no idea what it’s worth. but I’m guessing it’ll be near the £100k a week territory. He’s been an inspirational signing, one that we needed for years. He answered a major issue of ours… conceding from set pieces. It wasn’t a particularly difficult one to solve… sign someone of high quality who has height. Boom, Per, the self confessed Gooner solved that issue in his first season. He’s settled now and he’s formed part of one of the best back 4s in the league.

Tomas Rosicky: For me, he’s been a top player for us this season. He was at the tail end of the last two. He’s never really fulfilled on his promise, but he’s been a superb squad player when given the chance. He’s probably hitting his last season next year, and I’m sure he can still offer us plenty… just not three times a week. You need to keep experience around the squad as long as it’s useful. He’s useful. He drives forward, he’s technically gifted and he’s the only man I know who grows up younger.

Aaron Ramsey: He signed up to a £65k a week deal last year, which I didn’t really agree with based on performance. But then guess what? He totally proved me wrong and smashed the hell out of the tail end of last season as well as playing an integral role for the first three months of this year until Arsene drove him into a long term injury. He’s signed up to a £100k a week deal. Hard to argue that. Pay players what they’re worth, or they go.

The only other deal I’d like to be settled is the Sagna one. I’m not sure whether this is going to happen now? One paper says he’s staying, the other paper is saying he’s said goodbye to his team mates. I don’t know what to make of it… all I know is that he’s a very good player who has never had a mega pay day. If the club have waited this long to tie him down. that might have hacked him off. That’d be bad news.

The other bit of ‘news in waiting’ could be Wenger. Has he signed a deal? Are Arsenal sitting on the news? I hope not. We’ll see though. If we beat Everton in the FA Cup, they might shuffle the news out after.


In other news, Nik Bendtner is feeling sorry for himself.

“You can never say never in football but I can’t see my career finishing at Arsenal because I want to play. Every footballer wants to play and right now I am sometimes not even in the team, it’s not nice, you want to play every game and I want to be at a team where those possibilities are possible.”

“The team has been winning so it has been difficult to change the team. I think there are reasons why and why not but I would rather keep them personal.”

I get what he’s saying here. He’s been treated badly this season. He’s caused a lot of problems himself, but I really felt he had the right attitude around Christmas, it looked like all the signs were there for him to have a good second half of the season, the manager said he was part of the consideration set… then it became apparent that was a lie to avoid signing a striker.

That decision has bitten the manager on the arse. If he’d divided game time 60-40 between Bendtner and Giroud, we’d have two fresh strikers with roughly the same ability. As it happens, we’ve brutalised one who is shot to pieces and we’ve put our faith in a kid. It hasn’t worked out. There you go… it is what it is.

Nik feels he’s been portrayed poorly in the media. He’s a bit of a whipping boy. I feel for him. Everything he says is twisted because no one cares what the truth is when it comes to him. He made his bed as a kid, now he’ll always lie in it when it comes to the British media.

Some outlets are pushing the news I shared with you last week about the return of Aaron Ramsey, but the Mirror took the excitement one step further blowing people’s minds with the news that KIM KALLSTROM IS BACK TO HELP.

Incredible news. I can’t wait to see him. Could be involved for the FA Cup. According to Arsene, it takes three months for players to bed into a side, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this guy can bring in 10 games.

Right, I’m going to Zurich today… 17 days straight working. The chances are, tomorrow will be a late, short post. So enjoy this super early one today. I wrote it in a cab with WIFI. So cool.

Have a great day!




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  1. Invincibles

    Luke shaw looks like a big strong lad. Gutted chelsea will get him as I think he coukd be in top 3 left backs in the world one day,Rather than Mr glass Gibbs. I like gibbs, don’t get me wrong, but I feel his career will be littered with injury problems which is a shame.

  2. WengerEagle

    Johnson Cahill Jagielka/Jones Baines/Shaw
    Gerrard Henderson
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Sterling

    Would be my starting XI for the World Cup if I was Woy.

  3. TheBayingMob

    Does anyone watch much conference football? Just wondering if it’s any better than this utter dog shit England and Denmark are dishing up!! It’s fucking dire …

  4. gazzap

    I like Shaw and Lallana. That assist from Lallana was class. They won’t be at Saints next season. Shaw was a chelsea fan as a lad. still is.

  5. karim

    Game over
    No Robben, an experimental defence, strootman out after 25 mns..
    Don t know if this result is very telling but it was a very good performance anyway

    Belgium ivory coast 2/2

  6. MarbleHall

    Keeper should of dealt with Benzema’s shot, weak keeping.

    Ozil looked silky.

    Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria all start for Argentina in a goalless draw against Romania.

  7. DaveB666

    Well my thoughts on England…

    Too many second rate players starting :-

    Smalling, Henderson

    Apart from the goal Sturridge seemed to be falling over the ball all night.

    Ashley Cole looked good but I think Luke Shaws performance means he won’t be the first England player to go to four world cups.

    Lallana was class.

    The Arsenal boys – Wilshere proved once again that his hype far exceeds his ability. Spent a lot of the game on his arse claiming free kicks without providing quality service. I have to say the Ox looked pretty poor when he came on too.

    Don’t think there was anything tonight to worry Italy and Equador – in fact I reckon Costa Rica will be rubbing their hands!

  8. Dan Ahern

    CD — Well, his comments were on a French TV show but it’s been reported he said:

    “Yes, we follow him in great detail. That should come as no surprise because he attracts other clubs as well. But we follow him, he is a known commodity.”

    Release clause said to be £25m.

  9. Uchmangunnernaija

    Former Netherland fitness coach Raymond Verheijen stated,

    “He had a lot of loyalty to Arsenal and it was difficult for him – it was a painful move. Ideally he would have finished his career at Arsenal winning some trophies.

    “HE KNEW THAT WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, so he had to make that move. He made a painful, but brilliant move. He had a very successful first year, wins the title and then thinks ‘let’s go for the Champions League now’.

    “Then, all of a sudden, Ferguson retires. How do you think he felt? If he had known that was going to happen he still would have left Arsenal, BECAUSE STAYING THERE WOULD MEAN ZERO TROPHIES. He would definitely have moved but would have more than likely gone to Barcelona or Bayern Munich.”

  10. jasongms

    “Ozil has been so good tonight; honestly put him with players on his level and similar mobility and you’ll see the shizz he brings”

    I was just going to mention this . His movement and assist to Gotze was world class . Goes to show what a clinical striker would do with Ozil feeding him .

    another case of what might have been eh Arsene !

  11. Invincibles

    I agree wilshire seems to be regressing rather than progressing, but I wouldn’t like to right him off as I would lovebto see how good he could be come under a better coach/manager. With a better coach, Who knows what he’s doing I reckon a lot of our young talented players could be great players.

  12. Guns of brixton

    wilshere will come thru, as ramsey did, but he needs a spell on the bench so he understands hes playin shite.

  13. TheBayingMob

    Dan Ahern
    “Release clause said to be £25m.”

    That’s a shame, as Arsene will prob do his own, unique valuation at 24.5m and refuse to go the extra 500k to secure the transfer, instead we’ll put Kallstrom on a permanent deal and extend Diaby to 2057 ..

    ” … he still would have left Arsenal, BECAUSE STAYING THERE WOULD MEAN ZERO TROPHIES. He would definitely have moved but would have more than likely gone to Barcelona or Bayern Munich.”

    Oh that’s right, like Barca and Bayern were beating the door down to sign him!? Cuntish comment, only Juve sniffed around and offered a few pennies, Bayern and Barca weren’t the slightest bit interested. Words are so easy, if I wasn’t driving an Alfa I’d have a Ferrari or Bentley instead … see I can do that too …

  14. DaveB666

    Think the Arsenal boys performance was a pretty accurate reflection of the state of the club at the moment. Fearful, mentally weak……

    There seem to be two opposing thoughts regarding Ozil last night – one said he gave a man of the match performance – the other that he was booed off.

    It would be terrible if the deficiencies in the Arsenal squad were to ruin his world cup.

  15. TheBayingMob

    If you think about how many current or Saints produced players are in the England squad at the moment (Walcott would be if he hadn’t done his ACL), then you have to say that’s pretty impressive. When you compare Arsenal and Saints, why are we not producing like that with the income and facilities we have? Is it luck with young players?? Southampton have form all the way back to Alan Shearer, you only have to think of what a monster player Bale has become …

  16. Guns of brixton

    whole german sqaud was booed.
    though they won, chile played v.good, and dominated large patches of da game.
    ozil, though, did from what i hear played very well though.
    gotze scored i think.

  17. TheBayingMob

    I heard that the England team painted the town red last night, basically to give the fans a bit of excitement as they could sit there and watch it fucking dry …

  18. Gregg

    I see what your saying about Southampton. I guess it’s all to easy to say that as they’re not trophy contenders etc that they give the players a chance at an earlier age. However I don’t buy into that. The fact is that their academy is clearly the best in the country and really something that people should be looking to replicate. You’ve gone back to Shearer but it goes back to the days when they produced players like The Wallace Brothers, Steve Moran. They’ve always been successful at producing talent.

  19. TheBayingMob

    Just talking to a Saints mate, apparently Luke Shaw was part of our (and Chelsea’s) youth set up as a kid before going to Southampton!! Lol … anyone know if that’s true?

  20. Leedsgunner

    I’m hopeful that Jonker will bring our youth set up into the modern age. Although Liam Brady is undoubtedly a legend for the club as a player — our youth set up has been stagnant and poor in producing players who have gone on to actually play on a consistent basis for the first team.

    Perhaps then we won’t have to deal with clubs like Barcelona — hoping that some of their youth move over to us… apart from Cesc that strategy as a who hasn’t worked that well either.

    Speaking of Barcelona, what ever happened to Montoya? We sure need him now with Sagna’s imminent departure… or is he another we missed out on.

  21. Leedsgunner

    Don’t forget Alan Shearer as an another ex-Southampton player who went on to greater heights. Along with Crewe, they have a top notch youth set up for sure!

  22. DanC


    ‘our youth set up has been stagnant and poor in producing players who have gone on to actually play on a consistent basis for the first team.’

    Erm what about Shez, Gibbs and Wilshere?

  23. TheBayingMob

    Comments from a Saints fan …
    “What’s even more impressive is not so much the four that were at the seniors last night (of which Lallana must be dead cert to be on the plane – Shaw has to be a good back up to Baines so why not – Lambert will do an alternative job as target man, it’s between him and Carroll apparently and also Lambert has a 100% penalty record – 33 taken so far – Rodriguez hasn’t a prayer in my opinion) Saints had a right back captaining the England U21’s, 4 (four) in the U19’s ….. two of them represented Scotland at a U19 friendly but they’ve seen Shaw and have thought sod it, England it is. We’ve another lad who played for the Welsh team and even a keeper in the US national squad! The U21’s right back is slightly older than Shaw (19) but is also in the first team now and in my opinion, is in the same area as Shaw skill wise. Thing is, they are all at the bottom of the learning ladder so fcuk knows what they will be like in another two years and will Saints hold on to them? I suppose you could argue that it doesn’t really matter as we’ve got plenty more. In fact I think we already have another young Left back tipped for the top.”

  24. Bergkamplegend

    Incredible challenge from Promes on evra the cunt last night…

  25. N5

    DanC A lot of people won’t accept Gibbs as product of our youth setup as he played for Wimbledon and came to us at 13/14. I’ve had this disagreement with people before. I’ve always used him and WS as examples but lots of people will not accept him or WS (not sure why on that one) due to them not being born in the academy changing rooms.

  26. Gregg

    Anyone who comes through your academy into the team is a product of that academy. It makes no odds whether they were only there for 2 years or 8 years.

  27. TheBayingMob

    “WS as examples but lots of people will not accept him or WS (not sure why on that one) due to them not being born in the academy changing rooms”

    N5 I think that’s a constant argument isn’t it? I think they’re are two very different youth players, ones developed form schoolboy and ones who were bought into academies at 15/16; they are both products of the youth system IMO but there should be a nod to the difference; so I would accept WS personally but understanding that other people / clubs also had an input into his development and it wasn’t soley Arsenal…

    “Erm what about Shez, Gibbs and Wilshere?”

    On that basis, Shez yes, but Gibbs is argubly behind Baines and now Shaw for the England left back spot and Wilshere has regressed quite a IMO the last few seasons although injury and his glass ankles have not helped him at all. I like Wilshere but I don’t see him making it beyond where he is, he just seems way to susceptible to injury, hard to see powering on like Bale has done for example, he’s just too brittle …

  28. Leedsgunner

    Fair enough Dan C, I’m happy to concede Gibbs and Sczc as a product of our youth system as they was acquired so young… but even then 3 players with the resources and facilities that we have is still poor, imo.

  29. Charlie Boy

    Happy to see Charlie Adam’s punishment benefit every team except ours!

    This punishment needs updating by the FA, so the team perpetrated against actually benefits – not everybody else.

    Maybe a point deduction against the perpetrators team and a point added to the offended team?

    Just a thought.


    With regard to the England game last night – it seems Woy Wodgson has adopted Arsene tactical prowess – playing a top striker on form in defense.

    Nice one Woy – you’re the man!

  30. N5

    Gregg That’s what I said Gregg, I had a whole discussion on it a little while back with Harry Redknapp on here (not the real one). And he, and then in turn others said he was a product of Wimbledon’s academy and we just reaped the benefit of that.

    But I sit in the same place as you, if they join our academy and are in there for a while then we (as I see it) polish off an already established player.

  31. N5

    TBM I think that’s very fair mate, there does have to be acknowledgment of the difference.

    Leeds Three most certainly isn’t good enough, I 100% agree and that is if we are accept Gibbs and WS as ours. I hope guy coming over from Germany can change this.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Surely if we wanted to abbreviated Szczesny it should be WS1? In fact a mate of mine who spotted him in town said he thought he had a license plate that began thus… seems the type. Good keeper, arrogant but growing into a fine goal keeping beast!

  33. Gregg

    Yeah I’m happy with the keeper and would also add Fabianski has looked solid over last couple of seasons when called upon. Shame he’s off in the summer (now watch him have a mare on Saturday against Everton)

  34. N5

    Leeds Point taken mate, if I shorten it again I will do it to WS1, that does make much more sense!

    RE his arrogance, it’s worked well for him, it’s what got him noticed unlike NB52 who is similar in arrogance but just got him hated! 😆

  35. ughelligunner

    When you look at the top national teams in the world and you see that most of our so called best 11 are benjis for their country, you then wonder why we can’t beat the top clubs in Europe?
    I think we are punching above our weight.

  36. Leedsgunner


    What’s held Fabianski back was his continual injuries which which didn’t help his confidence any. I seemed to recall when he joined the club he looked like a fine prospect — but he’s never seemed to command his area that well and maybe if we had a pair like Kos/Mert he would have done better. Having Squillaci and Djourou in from of you does no keeper any favours. WS1’s fine form has much to do with the defenders in front of him — WS1 should thank the goalkeeping gods that he has two solid defenders in front of him now.

    I suspect even Casillas and Valdez would ordinary in front of Sanderos and Squillaci. Isn’t a surprise that Fulham has struggled defensively with Sanderos in the side in the first part of the season. Fulham’s best move of the transfer window was shifting that sack of Swiss cheese out to Valencia.

    Squillaci, Sanderos, Djourou, Santos, Cygan, Stepanov, Silvestre… Arsene’s transfer record with defenders is not very good. Therefore it amazes me that Wenger continually hypes up his own credentials in this regard. I dread to think what RB we have lined up at the moment. I can very easily see Wenger promoting Jenkinson evenm though he’s nowhere ready and bringing Bellerin into the side. I fear that Jenkinson will be the latest “pet project” he’ll battle on with just to prove everyone right. I like the fella but as it stands Jenks is nowhere near AFC starting RB territory.

  37. Thank you and goodnight

    Everyone’s been busy shifting through the lingerie section in the wives catalogue’s last night, Think they’ve all come down with writers cramp:)