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In at 7pm last night. I feel ashamed and sad. What have I become? Someone who is working all weekend again. That’s the person. Anyway, enough of my woes…

First up, I read a pretty interesting article on foreign fandom on The Guardian. It’s a take on foreign football fan extremism more than anything, I quite like that they’ve found an American who laps up British culture, I’ve not met too many Americans who tell you they are English-American, so to see an article about a guy who isn’t English American, and he’s adopted the thuggish side of our culture and likes Arsenal is pretty damn interesting.

‘I’ve found this outlet for performing loyalty, perpetuating a legendary verbal history, defending something at times very blindly and feeling pride in something only slightly larger than myself, all the while feeling this great sense of brotherhood and immortality.’

I’ve only experienced a basketball game in America, and I was pretty disappointed by the lack of rivalry. The spitting blood mentality that pervades the English game is something I only enjoy at a football game. You don’t get it in many other sports. I certainly didn’t see it in basketball.

‘Hey mate, why don’t you tell that person behind us to shut the f*ck up?

‘Because in America, we’re civilised’


Anyway, what the article highlights is something you see on online. By taking on a subculture, which is love for English football, you have to be an extremist to fight your way into the conversation. You have to go to extraordinary lengths to catch a game on your own, you have to go to even more extreme… almost perverted lengths to find people to watch the game with (Hi @ArseFanAmerica, would you like to go on a football date with me?). So that’s why you can’t underestimate the power of a foreign fan.

Like I’ve said before, the passion for the sport is quite incredible. When I was last in the States I spent two nights out with two sets of fans that read the site… both ended at ridiculous o’clock, both were mostly spent debating the Arsenal. It’s a different kind of relationship with the game, because in places like America, you’re not just following a foreign game, you’re also sectioning yourself off against home grown sports that have huge followings. It’s the same here with NFL. The geekery and love for the game over here is immense. London shuts down when they play games over here. They’re a nut case subculture who have to immerse themselves twice as hard to be accepted by American fans.

So there we are, if you’re an Arsenal fan abroad, you are an extremist jumping on a sporting culture because it is more aggressive and vitriolic than your own.

Hat tipped…

How about a break? Check out the below pictures I’ve managed to source from an ‘OUTSIDER’… get it? This is what it looks like to stand on the roof at The Emirates.


photjo 2

I believe this is what it looks like to walk the roof.


This is typically the postion I perch when I’m made away that the new Dutch lady is training at The Emirates

photko 5

In the business, we call this wear and tear. When Ivan asked how much it would cost to repair… a sharp inhalation followed with an expensive head shake.

photo 1

This is the roof from a different angle. Note, there are no balls on the roof. This is a professional football stadium and row Z football left with George G.

photo 2

The clock end from the roof. Scary and epic…

photo 3 19.56.46

Now people, I shouldn’t need to tell you, that this is a sign of shoddy craftsmanship.

photo 4 19.56.46

I’ve no idea what this is.

photo 4

Spectacular eh? I’m surprised Ivan hasn’t put boxes up here!

photo 5

This is what happens when you fall midway through taking pictures.

photo copy

This is just a nice pic

photo h1

More nice pics



photoj 2



In other news, Laurent Koscielny has clubbed together with a few rich pals to keep open the oldest accordion factory in France. What a story. What a distinctly middle class cause. But very sweet all the same. It’s always a good idea to keep skills in your own country. China and their assault on everything has killed industries all over the world. Nice to see that Laurent, the accordion playing centre back, is fighting against the evils of globalisation!

Matt Law of The Telegraph pulled together a nice interview about Theo. What I like about it is that Theo isn’t moping, he’s not talking about dark moments like so many of them do. Missing out on sport is sad for any man in his mid-twenties, but put it in perspective… you still have a healthy family, you still have financial security and you’ll play again. It sounds like he’s cracking on with it. He’s not getting fat and he’s focused on coming back a stronger person.

What I love about Theo is the maturity he has.

‘I was never tempted by any of the offers from people saying they could get me fit for the World Cup. I followed the club advice. I went to a consultant, Andy Williams, in London and it was a great decision.’

Falcao being fit for the World Cup with the same injury? Seems like a totally mental claim…. but we’ll see. I’d rather we do things right and get him back fit and on time. Arsenal just have to work on how they bring players back into the side, one can’t help but wonder if there was more we could have done to make sure Theo was back for more than 6 games?

Ok, so Stoke are on the cards today. This is a game I think we can afford to continue to rest key players. I think I’d leave Ozil on the bench, because the run we have after this game is hugely important. The way I see it, we have 5 games ahead of us to win the title. If we take 11 points from them, I think we’ll have a hugely advantageous run in. We have Stoke, Spurs, Chelsea, City and Everton. All massive games, all games with something on them. We need to have players fresh for these games. We can’t lose today, but I don’t think we will if we play a rested side like we have done over the past few weeks.

Do you need Ozil to unlock Stoke? Not in my opinion. But we’ll see. This is the start of our surge for the title. This is the point where we make our case for players in the summer. This is where we see what the team are made of. It’s all geared up for the greatest finish in Premier League history. Every point, every moment, every decision… they all add up to something. It’s not ‘game by game’… it’s a strategic game of chess the rest of the way in. Does Wenger like to play chess like Jose? Well, he’ll have to, because Jose is far better at the run in than Arsene Wenger. This is where the boss asserts some dominance back at Jose. This is the point he proves a point to the nation about Jose…

It’s all up to Arsene, he has a decent squad at his disposal, it’s how he uses it that’ll define this season.

Have a great day Arsenal fans.


Excuse me, chap... does that come on a sour dough bread?

Excuse me, chap… does that come on a sour dough bread?

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  1. bergkamplegend

    “Nine years of nothing is outrageous for a club that supposed to be the 6th riches club in the world.”

    And we will be soon in the top 4, hilarious really…
    Again it’s a “top 4” story LOL

  2. Danish Gooner

    Wenger is done,it is as simple as that.If he keeps going on for three more years and failing the memories will be sour and not what we all will like to remember him for, the 8 great seasons where he created a wonderful piece of Arsenal history.

  3. Moray

    Puma can’t say they weren’t warned… This situation has been repeating every year for the last eight.

  4. Danish Gooner

    Lets face it,we dropped the ball on the Mourinho transfer.We could have gotten him in, he would have loved to Work for the biggest Club in London.After 17 seasons of failure in the Cl ,Mourinho could have lifted us to our Zenit a Zenit the Club have n ever reached and never will under Wenger.

  5. Moray

    @ Danish, already I’m afraid his legacy is tarnished. It is beginning to look like a touch of serendipity rather than the work of a great manager. The players he inherited matched to the transfer legerdemain of dein and his inside knowledge of the excellent french youth set up. Oh, and the Neanderthal state of British football in the early 90s. He repeatedly failed at the top level for me and even the Invincibles showed the wenger frailties exhibited by our current team in that cl final.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger was finished seasons ago, what makes people think he’s suddenly going to develop a conscience now and think, ‘hmm, yeah I’m not really value for that £160 000 a week am I?’

    In his mind he is, he leaves the £120 Million untouched and scrapes along to 4th, making loads of money for everyone and still keeping the fans onside, in the boards mind he’s an effing genius.

    If he were to go, I’d hope that would prompt Kroenke to sell and move on, because I don’t think Wenger leaving is in his long term plan – be a bit like RVP and Fergie…that’s the dream. But very rarely do Arsenal ever make you happy these days.

    That’s quite a sad fact actually…when was the last time you were truly happy with your football club? I can’t really remember…the football can be good sometimes but then you get a situation like January where you know the dithering bottle job won’t spend and you can see what’s happening, so you’re always waiting for the inevitable.

  7. Danish Gooner

    But you have to give credit to Wenger for Vieira,Henry,Pires etc as well as we can critisize him for the last 9 seasons of under achievement.

  8. Danish Gooner

    In 2005 Wenger changed drastically,he became Scrooge and stopped spending any Money on players,his Whole demenour changed from be this smart,very urbane and very intelligent manager to and excuse ridden,beaten Down,aggressive,tactical inept drone.

  9. lamia

    Our transfer dealings needs to be more clever. we are always going to lose out to the Giants like RM.Barca.Bayern and the nouveau riche like chelsea and city,when it comes to signing the very top players. We will never match their wages. We need to concentrate on rising stars and players with undoubted potential. While such signings may be speculative and involve paying over the odds, we are never going to afford then if and when they become established stars.

    I can recall the numerous postings years ago urging us to sign Hazzard when he was a rising star at Lille. Same thing applies to Suarez and many others. I wonder if we will be rueing missing out on Draxler in a few hers time.

  10. Chippy Brady's Left Foot

    It has been tough to see this season develop as Arsenal supporters, i agree with Pedro’s post. How can the manager justify playing the whole season with our striker situation. Why were we not in for Remy from the start of the year. The structure is flawed and there are a lot of people on big salaries that are just not performing. If the manager was on top of his game we would have brought in players like Coleman, Shaw, Lalana, Mc Carthy, Remy at the start of the season.

    Take Mc Carthy as an example, he is only 23,he has been Evertons best midfielder this season and was available at the start of the season for £13m. Arsenal had been linked to him?? Missing out on players like this cost you trophy’s.

    The Manager needs to go for the greater good of the club!!