Solid suggestion for wideman replacement?

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Where I sit...

Where I sit…

Arsene Wenger hit back at critics regarding the two day break he gave players in the week. I’m not sure why, probably because the insinuation has been there that he burns players out and he has been doing so most of his career, albeit with more success in the early years.

‘It’s not necessarily fatigue, I don’t see why that’s suddenly a problem. We’ve player without a break since December, we don’t have to justify that, it’s unbelievable. We are in a society where everybody wants to control everything. It is unusual? We are entitled to do unusual things.”

He went on to say that sometimes it’s a mental break. Which, of course is absolutely correct. He’s also right in saying that a 2 day break isn’t really for fatigue, you won’t find too many players recovering all their energy in that time period. I’m not quite sure what the society comment us all about, but I find i amusing that someone with such a lust for control is hitting out at people wanting to do that. Back to the subject, I think journalists have every right to question him on players like Ozil and their lack lustre efforts because there’s plenty of public data available that prove the recent Ozil / Giroud dips in form have more to do with minutes played than anything else.

… but again, a little snippet into the mind of Arsene and how he works. He’d rather focus on the intangible over the actual hard truth. He is and will always be a manager who relies more on gut. His experience trumps the what a computer tells him, in fact, what anything tells him. Substitutes, transfer, wages… whatever, he is the best man to make that call. On this subject, that’s fine as tech is merely an enabler, but there has to be a balance struck.

Anyway, it’s good that he did it. I thought it was amusing to see how quickly the players ferreted away. Mesut went back to Germany, Podolski went to see his old club, Santi was sharing pictures of a beautiful sunset in Spain and Giroud was buying up all the ‘babes, I’m sorry’ flowers he could. Looked like they all had a great time.

Good news for them on the fatigue front is that Spurs sorted themselves out with a two legged semi against Benfica. I’m pretty sure the second leg; the game before they play us, is away from home. Hopefully they’ll be chasing that trophy. Getting your legs back three days later to play Arsenal is always going to be a recipe for defeat. So that’s great news. What will Arsene do against Bayern now? Does he bring in fringe players and shoot for Spurs… or does he shoot for the legendary headline moment and go for bust?

It’s a really tough question… I’d be shooting for Spurs, but as we know, Arsene is the guy 252 yards, over water, on a windy day who takes out the three wood and goes for the pub story. The league is more important. He doesn’t have to field a weak team against Bayern, he can blood Rambo, but he can also play a squad like the one we went with at the weekend a go. We’ll see though… I’m interested to see how he takes on the final games of the year… because once we nail this next pack of hard league games, we go into a very nice run of 5 easy games… against teams who could well be on their holidays mentally. 11 points from the next 5 and the title could be ours if we continue to dominate the weak teams.

All down to the manager and how intelligently he uses his squad. We’re also lucky that Chelsea vs Gala was a draw. That could go to either way and maybe even extra time. The fixture list had been kind to us. We need to take advantage.

In other news, rumours are hot that Arsenal are working in a deal to bring Robin back to Arsenal. I’m not quite sure what to think here. He was always going to be a massive risk for United. Temperamental and a permanent injury hazard. I’ve no idea why Arsene would ever consider bringing someone back who the fans now dislike so much. I mean, he really threw Arsenal under the bus when he left…. Arsene willingly supported that act by not replacing properly. However, the Robin replacement shouldn’t be an older, less fit version of the same player. Hopefully that’s just paper talk.

I forgot to mention Konoplyanka who played for Dnipro last night. What a talented player. Power, pace with an outrageous amount of aggression and drive. He can play wide left or through the middle. He’s such a talent. If we’re looking to shift on Podolski this summer, we could do worse than look at this chap. What an absolute beast of a player.

On the subject of players, it’s sad to see the Hig doing so well. He’s landed 21 goals with 10 assists in 31 games. I wonder if Wenger has any regrets around the plug pulling on that deal? I mean, on the one had, he had the temptation of the Suarez deal which threw him… which is probably the clubs issue around the lack of due diligence… but he’d have made a difference this season.

Right, enjoy the day, the cold weather is back… hooray for February… and PAY DAY!




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    If that Judas comes back,I will stop supporting Arsenal for the period that he would be here.Don’t we have any pride?Anyways I just hope the talks him coming back are mere rumours and speculations

  2. Mr Arsenal

    we really ballsed that up, higuain was the one for us. if now we’re not gonna get that kind of quality anywhere soon. you can talk about falcao and the likes but realistically the hig was the best possible option.

  3. N5

    Mr. Arsenal, I agree and he is one hell of a player! I was banging on and on about him over the summer and so many on here were saying “if he’s so good why would Madrid let him go?” well I assume that is the same for Falcao, Cavani, Aguero etc as they’ve all been let go at a point!

    Higz should be in an Arsenal shirt and so what Napoli had to pay over the odds for him, it’s what you do to secure your player, if Napoli could do that then why the hell couldn’t we!!

  4. N5

    And like others on here, if I see RvP in an Arsenal shirt again I would give up following the club because what a lack of pride that would show to take that Judas back and imagine how that would make the ‘players that are not good enough’ feel.

    Bad news all round if that’s true, but I can’t for a minute think it is.

  5. Emiratesstroller

    Bringing back Van Persie would be grave error of judgment.

    First because he is now over 30 and injury prone.

    Second because we will land up paying inflated transfer fee and excessive wages.

    Third because he is not a particularly popular person in dressing room.

    Last because he showed absolutely no loyalty to club or fans when he left.

    Time to move on.

  6. Bergkamplegend

    @Mr Arsenal : “higuain was the one for us.”

    Higuain and like Maradona before him, wanted to shine for Napoli.
    That’s why I don’t think that he was that close to sign at Arsenal

  7. Bergkamplegend

    “Bringing back Van Persie would be grave error of judgment.”

    Trust me guys, van pussy will never come back.
    His EGO is far to big for that. lol

  8. Wallace

    he’s still brilliant, but no way we’re buying an injury-prone 31yr old who earns 200+ per week. and would be coming to us after a WC summer. aint gonna happen.

  9. N5

    Bergkamp, wasn’t Higz almost done and dusted with us but then Napoli offered Madrid much more than he was valued to secure him? I’m not sure they were his first choice, but I may be wrong.

  10. karim


    Jorge Higuain, one week before Gonzo joined Napoli :

    ” Hopefully, my son will be able to play in England very soon … “

  11. tunnygriffboy

    No RVP thanks. Be much happier with Morata. I think we need another wide pacy player to compliment Walcott as pa3ce is something we need. I was hoping for 3 players to add to our squad to make us real contenders.

    Morata is not the marquee CF we all wanted. He’s young, hungry, pacy and powerful and likely to be around £15 mill. That’s fine if Draxler was coming in to play with him at £37 mill. Was also hoping for top DM like Bender at £30 mill. That’s a total of around £ 80 mill.

    That is not going to happen though due to the clusterfuck that will be our defensive resources. The following are likely to go

    Fabianski – GK £ 5 million

    Sagna – RB £15 million

    CB, 4th choice , youngster £5 million

    Vermalaen – quality CB needed 15 £ million

    That’s a total of £40 million. Plus Morata £15 million there’s no way we will spend huge sums on Draxler and Bender. Question is do we go for one of Draxler or Bender or players of their standing or do we go for someone like Schniderlin and Konoplyanka who would be much cheaper than the other two?

    Personally I’d like a top quality CDM out of preference though I’d love Konoplyanka ( Lpool looking at him ) as well but Wenger will probably go Gnabry on the left. Campbell may come back to add options to our forward line.

  12. Bergkamplegend

    “Right, enjoy the day, the cold weather is back… hooray for February… and PAY DAY!”

    I was paid a week ago.

  13. Savage

    Wenger said the issue with the Higuain deal was timing – I guess that relates to the failed Suarez bid. Clearly Suarez was the bigger deal. Alas.

    The whole 2-day off story is a bit of caper. I guess it’s just a slow-news week.

    What is significant is that these next 2 weeks allow for tactics work in training, with Wenger saying recently that games every 3 days meant he didn’t have much time to correct issues in training (in response to the question about Ozil’s shooting).

  14. sanmi

    hello, negative legroanians! i have watched draxler in 3 matches now namely chelsea home and away and against madrid, there is no way this guy is better than theo walcott and he is definitely not worth 30mil so can we shut up on that?
    also i watched your darling missed a sitter against stokes. Martinez was none existent in uefa cup against frankfurt. name somebody else, as i cant see the above 3 being better than giroud as a striker, and by the way Giroud has scored more than rooney and rvp in epl this season. perspective guys

  15. karim

    Dinamo Zagreb’s Alen Halilovic, 17 regarded as the next Croatian football star has signed a deal with Barça

    Arsène, wtf ?

  16. salparadisenyc

    I don’t see Van Persie coming back, not even for a visit. Non starter imo.
    Last summer turned out being such a debacle striker wise, sure Higuain would of been a strong option but Suarez was worth the risk, shame our information was that wide of the mark. That perhaps is the bigger question, how’d we get it so wrong? Our transfer strategy needs to be seriously looked at, we can’t afford going into this summer with no plan. We don’t have the cash to wing in footloose and fancy free dipping the preverbal toe in testing the waters, i’d love to see a methodical plan for once.

  17. N5

    “no way this guy is better than theo walcott and he is definitely not worth 30mil so can we shut up on that?”

    Looool, based on three matches!

    @Karim, thanks mate, I know I never am, but I was trying to sound polite 😀

  18. N5

    “Giroud has scored more than rooney and rvp in epl this season. perspective guys”

    You’re right, Giroud is better than both of those players!!!

    God you really are a dickhead.

  19. Jude


    How do u call a manager a control freak.. For wanting to control that which he manages..
    How does split control work for managers in the long term.. Think Jose at Chelsea (the shevy fiasco), Mancini at Man city (I wanted VPersie) etc…
    As I see it..then look at Fergie and Pep.. If they don’t like a player.. They are gone.. Or they don’t play.. And the general legacy of that control usually bodes better for a franchise. Since arsene always shoulders the blame when things go wrong he should be afforded the right to control.

  20. miki dora

    Fucking classic Arsenal.

    We can’t sign any striker so we revert to an old player with an affinity with the club. What a load of total shit. The fact that there’s even rumours is disgraceful.

    It’s like we’re a desperate ex with no morals. Delete his number and sign someone who isn’t 30, injury prone and a total idiot.

    Oh Higuian. Imagine what that would of given us.

  21. REDgoon

    Since we’re out of options for striker, I’d go for Wilfried Bony. We should be able to get him for 20 mill. He’s the size of an tanker but still a lot faster and direct than Giroud. He’s also scored more goals than Giroud in a team that almost see at as sacrilege to get the ball into the box. They’d much rather make 1000 pointless passes in midfield.

  22. kjafc

    Morning all
    You have to laugh at the English media. How desperate are they that they have to give Wenger a hard time for giving his players two days off! What the hell has that got to do with anything?These guys are like the TV pundits and the FIFA playing experts locked in their bedrooms, completely deluded that they know best. It always amazes me how the media treat our club differently to others, always been the way for as long as I can remember.

    Tomorrows game is going to be really tough, especially with their inbred fans trying to ramp up the level of hate for Ramsey from the terraces. It is truly disgusting that football fans can stoop to that level, abusing a kid for having his leg broken and having the bravery to refuse an ‘apology’ that we all know had no meaning behind it.

    Backward clubs like Stoke City, who are happy to turn a blind eye to their fans behaviour towards Ramsey, seem immune from criticism; remember the out pouring of sympathy for Thug Shawcross who the media turned into a victim? Yet we give players two days rest and uneducated hacks want to make an issue out of it. It’s utterly mind baffling.

  23. N5

    “If there is one thing that is guranteed in this world is that higuain will get you goals.”

    Bang on, the guy is a goal scoring machine! although sanmi will tell you he’s not as good as Giroud.

  24. Jude

    @mikki dora

    Wow.. Judging and condeming based SOLEY on conjecture…
    VP left because of wages and is now earning way above what we offered him to stay.. No way NO WAY arsene takes him back.. So calm down and drink a water.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Agree, be great to see a transfer plan. Should be implementing it now. Perhaps things are starting to move if the Morata information is correct.

    Re Walcott. Whether or not he is better than Draxler can be debated. However if he had been fit all season and for the run in I would fancy us for the title. That is why I was so disappointed we didn’t try forca replacement in January. Considering he’s missed most of the season and Ramsey has been out for 2 months we’ve done remarkably well to be in the position we’re in.

  26. Romford Pele

    I wish we’d just keep some of the players like Fabianski, Sagna, TV5 etc and strengthen on priority positions. Ah well….

  27. N5

    I can’t for a minute think these idiots who are asking for the 67th minutes silence etc have the support of the majority of the crowd! I imagine it will be a very small section of inbreds that do it but surely the other 12 supporters will show a little more class than that!

  28. DUIFG

    Love how varied Hig’s goals are left foot right foot. like all good finishers is inventive in his finishing as well to find a way to get the ball in the back of the net.

    Would have been interesting to see how our season would have gone with Hig rather than Ozil. Im not complaing as Ozil is abeast in my eyes when on form.

    Given how hard it has been to secure a striker 32 Mil really does look a snip for a proven goal scorer. Securing a top class ST then a 10 may have been the cuter play

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Absolutely correct. If we could keep those players then our focus should be getting 3 top players. We would then have a really strong squad. Instead of faffing about trying to replace them all our energies could be used trying to get deals done early. Pay Sagna for 3 years. Only way we keep TV5 is to give him game time. Wenger has to trust him in order to rotate. His injuries haven’t helped him though.

  30. DUIFG

    Only way we keep TV5 is to give him game time. Wenger has to trust him in order to rotate. His injuries haven’t helped him though.

    Not sure about everybody else but im not willing to risk our defensivce solidity (against medium to weak opposition) to appease shaky verm. We leak goals when he is in the team, I dont feel confident about us closing it out when he is in the team.

  31. Romford Pele

    Tunny, Yeah. We’re gonna leave ourselves so much to do if we can’t tie down what we have here already.

    I kind of feel sorry for Fabianski. I’ve always thought he’s a good keeper but mentally he’s a bit weak. I like Chesney’s confidence and I think that helps those infront of him at times. Fabianski has actually improved in the last year and deserves more opportunities. At 28, you can see why he wants to be first choice and I expect him to get it elsewhere. I think he’d stay if he was guaranteed more game time. For example, give him all cup games (League Cup, F.A Cup). Play him in some home games against lower league opposition. Maybe a CL game if we’ve already qualified too.

    It’s harder for TV5. I’m a fan of rotation but CB is where you want to keep continuity and you can see how good Mert-Kos is as a partnership now. Still, what applies to Fabianski in terms of game time could also be used for TV5. Like you said though, injuries haven’t helped him either.

  32. Romford Pele

    Tunny, interesting, i’ve just seen it. Makes me now doubt the Draxler links, especially as you’d expect to see Ox step up further next season with Gnabry also receiving more game time.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Fabianski seems sealed and gone. Can’t say I blame him, playing #2 to Scez with club and country is no way to meet the day. Regarding Sagna, its time for a rule breaker here. Give him the extra year and lets risk it, he seems to have the physicality to push into his mid mid 30s. Who knows what to make of the TV5 situation, can’t be easy going from captain to the unchosen, the talent is there and I’m sure he’ll be hunted this summer. Ideally we keep him.

  34. Romford Pele

    This new Santi deal kind of makes a mockery of those who claim he was homesick….

    The desperate need for a DM continues.

  35. Al

    I think it’s the fact that TV is also unwilling to adapt his game. Even in the limited games he has played for us he had the tendency to intercept the ball then burst forward and keep going. Which may not have hurt us then but it will eventually catch us because he is out of position.

    Los on the other hand will intercept the ball and lay if off and even if he has an opportunity is disciplined enough to reign it in and drop back into position

  36. tunnygriffboy

    Sagna so important as his experience means that he can cover three positions, as he did last Saturday. He’d be great in the dressing room. It also give Jenkinson more time to develop and for Bellerin to come through. Seems he being offered ridiculous wages elsewhere but in the long term it would be wise for us to keep him.

    If people including Wenger are unsure of TV5 then it’s time he went and another quality CB is brought in. We should get money for him.

    Re Fabianski at 28 you can’t blame him going to get 1st team football. A pity as he’s a very good No 2. It’s all more time and money to replace him though.

  37. kjafc

    Morning N5,

    Yes they are animals in Stoke. Mind you if you have ever had the misfortune to visit that slum, you will see why they act like animals.

    This is the club where one of their players left a pigs head in Kenwyne Jones locker.

    I am all for banter but ‘celebrating’ what Ramsey must have gone through and singing songs about his leg is not football. If it happens in the 67th minute as planned, I guarantee the media won’t condemn them nor will Stoke City FC,.

    The media will be more concerned about our players having two days off.

  38. Romford Pele

    Lol how did Bayern manage to snare Sebastien Rode as well? They just buy up all the best German talent. It’s not even fair anymore.

  39. Bergkamplegend

    Romford Pele : “Anyone knows if Ozil is in the squad for the stoke game ?”
    “He is.”
    Fuck… Hope those morons will not put a “contract” on him.

  40. Ch30

    I think AW looks at RVP. And I think he can get him for cheap. I also think it would be a good move for Arsenal. RVP don’t have such a poor form. I think it’s more down to the fact the whole team is poor e:g not getting any service, and the style of play don’t suit him.
    With us, he would get the service more then ever and he knows the style.

    I would see him and Giroud being used 50/50. And with Sanogo in CC etc as development.

    I also think he is looking for a left forward. Most targets he looked at been able to play Left or as a striker. Neither Poldi or Cazorla have cemented their place there.
    The hig, Suarez, Draxler and even Morata can play there. They all have speed and goals.

    So I could see him going for:
    RVP – if on the cheap (less then 20m)
    Morata – to be used as a forward on the left. Or..
    Draxler/Reus – But only if he get an oppertunity. Won’t pay full price here.

    For rightback I’d like us to go for Abbate in Milan, full of pace. Or Sebastian Jung. Or both. Jenkinson should go on a season loan. I’d like to keep Sagna, but it doesn’t look like he’s staying.

    DM – I’d say, bring in M’vila from the cold russia. I think he learned his lesson now, and would be more humble. He would replace Arteta more or less.

    Finally, we talked about RVP, Morata Balotelli etc. But the one guy I think would win us the title, and our team is basically set up for is.
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    We went for 20+ million to PSG. Now at 32, I think we could get him on the cheap, just give him a big salary. I’m sure he have an other 2-3 years in him.
    He also have everything we need from a lone striker. He can hold the ball up, he scores headers and longshoots. Good on freekicks. And even do the easy tap in’s. And he knows how to win!

    Reason I think we actually could get him is this. Cavani is younger and want’s to be the star. So by the looks of it, they need to sell one. If I was PSG I’d go for Cavani purely cos he’s younger and they just bought him. And I think Ibra is bored by the french league and wants a last challenge. And he has already flirted with Drotmund and Klopp.

    So the dream summer would look like this:
    Ibramhimovic or RVP = Less then 20 million
    Abbate or Jung = Around 10-12 million
    Morata/Reus or Draxler = 20/40/40 million
    M’vila = 10 million

    Out goes: Park, Bendtner, Podolski, Diaby.

    Oh and the hype about Campbell.. Unless he improves dramatically he will never play for Arsenal. Best scenario he will go to Spain and have a similar career as Carlos Vela. He’s certainly not the new Anelka.

  41. Romford Pele

    “Sagna so important as his experience means that he can cover three positions, as he did last Saturday. He’d be great in the dressing room. ”

    Exactly. New contract please.


    Both can help shore up CB and DM, presuming TV5 leaves.

    After that, what Wenger wants to do going forward (in an attacking sense) is anyone’s guess.

  42. N5

    Kj, I seriously hope that if it happens that there would be something said by the media and surely the FA would have something to say? or is there no rule against that sort of thing.

    I didn’t see that story about Kenwin Jones! was that meant to be a joke or was it done in a Godfather type of way, but Stoke style as no one could afford a horse.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    Think Sagna would stay if offered 3 years even though he could get loads more money elsewhere

    RP. We so need a quality DM. It would give us so much more strength, stability and presence. Allows our creators so much more freedom. Along CF it’s the most vital signing but as you have said with Flamster and Arteta still having timeto run on their deals we may notbget one.

  44. Romford Pele

    “I think AW looks at RVP. And I think he can get him for cheap. ”

    But it’s irrelevant – he earns over 200k at United and has severed his ties with Arsenal. This move is never happening. Ibra earns even more at PSG. Why would they sell him? It’s another non-starter. I get people wanting us to look for strikers of that ilk but who is actually available who is on that level.

    People keep banding out Costa but he’s only really been on the scene for a year and half. Ibra has been a don for 8/9 years. Longevity is key too. I don’t have the answers but people should think deeply before they just start chucking out names.

  45. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t know much about Carvalho. Know he getting big write ups and Moyes watching him. Lot of talk about Ginter in the summer but things gone quiet since. A young player able to play DM and CB is a good option.

  46. Thank you and goodnight

    Stoke to have minutes silence on 67 minutes. ….no surprise really, the orcs haven’t learnt to speak aside grunting and groaning. .

  47. Romford Pele

    Yeah i’d be buying up both Ginter and Carvahlho really. Long term planning. Kos and Mert are both 29. Arteta and Flamini aren’t getting any younger either. Sebastien Rode I like too but Bayern have already that sewn that up for the summer. Their squad is a joke.

  48. Duwayne

    if vermaelen does leave i think miranda from atletico madrid would be a good replacement and i would love coleman to replace sagna if he leaves.

    Personally i think reus is a better player than draxler, more versatile aswell therefore i think we should wait until reus’s release clause becomes active.

    sven bender to replace arteta and a pacey striker to improve our striking options, preferably morata or griezmann. ( being realistic!)

  49. Johnty79

    Rvp was right to leave arsenal. They wouldn’t sign any players. He leaves and then wenger signs Ozil proving Rvp correct in his actions.

    If Rvp would of stayed we still wouldn’t of won a trophy and we wouldn’t of signed Ozil.

    Rvp doesn’t need your forgiveness. You all need his. He forced wengers hand you should all be on your knees worshipping him.

  50. N5

    “Rvp doesn’t need your forgiveness. You all need his. He forced wengers hand you should all be on your knees worshipping him.”

    And what did his fellow team mate do to deserve what he said about them.

    Telling us to get on our knees when it’s you that should be on yours sucking his cock! after all neither of you are Gooners.

  51. bigper

    rvp didn’t go to a team with better players just a better manager. now he is playing with poor players and manager he is living up to his petulant, bottle job old ways.
    he was a passanger for most of his arsenal career and is again now for utd.

    hugely talented but just a prick tbh

  52. Romford Pele

    Tunny, not sure. I’d be very surprised if Kroos was let go, it’d make no sense unless he generally wants a different challenge. If it’s a case of money, i’d expect an amicable agreement. Need to remember Schweinsteiger and Lahm aren’t getting younger either.

  53. bigper

    girouds pl stats this season:

    25 games 12 goals 7 assists that’s a goal ever other game and 19 direct contributions to a goal in 25 games.
    only four players have scored more pl goals, suarez, sturridge, aguero and toure and only three players have contributed to more goals including assists suarez, sturridge and aguero.

    not a giroud fanboy but for a limited player they are pretty respectable stats. and yes I know his record against top teams is poor and he takes about 20 shots to score a goal

  54. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Pedro + All Le Grove readers

    Cud u pls show some light on the following stats

    Hazard 2626 16 12
    OZil 1803 4 9
    Gerard 1930 7 10

    Why Pedro is making a fuss that Ozil has been overplayed and he needs rest.
    Altough i do not deny that resting a player is good but in todays professional enviorment it is not impossible for a player to play 2 games per week and get tired. Look at Hazard who maybe 2/3 years younger than ozil but have played almost every match. Even Gerard 8/9 years older than ozil have played more PL minutes and scored/assist consistently even he was injured for a month or so.

    its over to Pedro and others to comment!!!!

  55. N5

    Rosicky@Arsenal I think the only difference is, Ozil is new to this league and it must be exhausting your first season, when you compare the physicality of ours compared to that of Spain’s.

    Hazard and Gerard have had more adjustment time so that could be it?

  56. Bergkamplegend

    bigper : “rvp didn’t go to a team with better players just a better manager.”

    Moyes is not a “better” manager, he just has more “balls” and will have no hesitation to splash the cash to reinforce his team, unlike Wenger.

  57. Toronto Gunner

    Remember last year, we played a full strength team against Bayern despite many suggestions that we do otherwise. Although we didn’t advance the victory certainly turned our season around. History will repeat, although from a confidence perspective we are in a totally different zone than in 2013. I would certainly rotate and focus on what we can win, not on what we can’t, but AW will go for glory.

  58. N5

    Toronto Gunner I don’t think Bayern will approach the game this time like they did last year. They already saw themselves in the next round and played very much like it was done and dusted and that complacency very nearly bit them on the bum so I’m sure they won’t be the same this year, especially not under Pep.

    That being said, stranger things have happened and I will be crossing everything I have in the hope of getting a win out there.

  59. Gladwyn


    Even Gerard 8/9 years older than ozil have played more PL minutes and scored/assist consistently even he was injured for a month or so.

    THIS.. Just dont comment for the sake of it.

  60. Rhys Jaggar


    RVP signed for Sir Alex.

    I once moved jobs on the basis that the four guys in the office were my kind of people. Within 9 months they had all moved out and two young cunts had moved in. The lesson is always to work out how the office will evolve before signing the contract…….

  61. bigper


    no worries, he does indeed lack balls/decisiveness at times.

    who do people think would be the ideal striker for arsenal?
    I think a motivated on form adebayor would have been perfect lol but out of all the strikers available id love balotelli if wenger can control and motivate him. he has all the attributes its just whether he has the desire

  62. Romford Pele

    “who do people think would be the ideal striker for arsenal?”

    I personally used to want a Suarez type but I really want a Lukaku/Balotelli type now. It’s interesting how a lot of people rate Adebayor highly now but didn’t as much when he was with us. I thought he was great with us tbh. The attiude and ego was always an issue. Hopefully Sanogo doesn’t go down that road.

  63. Aaron Lemon

    How can Wenger NOT regret the Hig deal?

    Let me say, I don’t blame Wenger for pulling out of that deal based on principle alone because according to Honigstein who was very close to all that, Madrid totally shafted us. They agreed a fee, allowed us to agree a deal with the player, who was happy with our terms (what was it? £117kpw?) and then they simply didn’t sign it off. Then after Cavani was sold they said actually instead of £23m it’ll cost you £34m or something. After all that.

    Do I understand why we did? Absolutely yes.
    Do I wish we’d pulled out of the deal? Absolutely not.

    Make no mistake, we signed 3 free players to allow for bigger signings elsewhere. We signed Viviano to get Szczesny to pull his head out of his arse and become our £20m GK, which he has done very well. We refused to sign several better DMs than Flamini because we wanted a free player. Then we spent a fraction of our budget on Ozil, a player we didn’t need but I’m happy we have.

    And we sit one point off the leaders having topped the table for longer than any other team.

    If anyone on earth thinks that Higuain for £34m was ‘not worth it’, ‘wouldn’t have made a difference’ or thinks we wouldn’t be top now – please, you’re a cretin and you don’t know what you’re talking about*.

    (*disclaimer: *’Arguably’* don’t know)

    The amount of goals we could have had this season if Giroud was a fraction more mobile, a fraction more agile when kicking a ball, and able to make half a yard of space for himself which he seems unable to do, we’d have buried many, many more chances. Higuain is precisely the kind of forward we should have bought for Ozil.

    Yeah, £34m is fairly pricey for any player. But he comes with Real Madrid pedigree, a guarantee of a hat-full of goals and assists (as he’s proving) and he has pace. But the key thing is he’s young and this is an area we wouldn’t have had to worry about for another 4-5 years at least, had we signed him. It makes more sense to sign one £34m player than sign 4 or 5 £10-20m players over the course of 5 years. It was a viable option financially no matter how you dress it up.

    Fed up with seeing decent strikers go to other clubs. Jovetic looks worth every penny City spent on him. Sturridge is playing like a £60m player by today’s embarrassing standards and cost less than £10m. Mata was sold for near £40m. It’s time Wenger stopped being a shithead and started putting his economics degree to good use and started listening to his scouts and advisers.

    We all heard the most recent story about him tracking another league 1 or championship defender. Apparently he’s had the guy watched some 15 times and every time he’s been told ‘yes’, yet he keeps asking the scouts to go back. It’s absurd. Make your move or go away Arsene!

    And send that bloody data company back. If Kallstrom is the best thing it spits out, I think it may have a virus.

  64. N5

    Aaron Lemon Very good post my friend, I agree fully with your assessment on the Higz situation.

    Regarding Wengers economics degree, I think he does put it to good use, but that use is only beneficial to a few.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Cazorla, Rosicky and Mertesacker all signing new deals.

    I really hope there isn’t a “the most important thing is we kept our players and tied them to new deals – as well we now have to focus on getting everyone fit so Ramsey, Walcott, Diaby and Sanogo can have full seasons…before we look at bringing in any outside quality we have some of our own.’

    But you can bet your arse, a few months time, that is what you’ll be hearing.

  66. Romford Pele

    Good grief, Ade has 11 in 15 this season and has a shot conversion rate of 42.1% – easily the highest in the league.

  67. bigper

    Romford pele

    i think adebayor had the problem of being compare to henry when he was at arsenal and of course as you say his attitide. interestingly, whilst adebayor has lost his way abit in recent years and hasnt been as consistant i think he actually looks a better player now in a way. certainly he looks more natural and composed on the ball.

    yeah balotelli/lukaku is the way to go

    id cream if we got balotelli lol

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Aaron Lemon: Apparently he’s had the guy watched some 15 times and every time he’s been told ‘yes’, yet he keeps asking the scouts to go back. It’s absurd

    ManU have scouted a player (whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten) loads of times. It keeps getting mentioned, but I have no idea what the average amount of scoutings a player gets before he’s signed. Might be interesting to know

    I wonder how many time

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    As for Higuian, he’d have been excellent for us, but I do wonder whether his figures are being massaged a bit by playing in the Italian League, it’s not what it was

  70. Bergkamplegend

    Rhys Jaggar : “RVP signed for Sir Alex. ”

    In fact in this case, you can say that this is Fergie who screwed him a bit, am I right ?? lol

  71. N5

    Nasri’s Mouth I know the same can be said for the Spanish league, but his stats were pretty immense there too.

    Romford Pele Ade’s stats are frightning. I thought Sturridge had the best at 1 in 4.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    It’s for that reason as well we’d never see him back I feel – what a slap in the face to Wenger’s ego that RVP wanted to work with the greatest manager in history who no matter how many times we’re told otherwise, is not Wenger.

    He also won something in his first year – proving he was right to leave.

    Things have gone tits up since Moyes took over and swapped out the back room but I can’t see it happening.

    Wenger will try for a cheap £10 Million or under deal for Morata and that’ll be that. He’ll then harp on about the new deals for his players, injured guys returning and how hard it is to sign anyone in a world cup year…and people will eat it up and say give him until 2015.

  73. Radio Raheem

    RvP will be a great addition to our squad. A brilliant one.

    If fans are honest with themselves and control their raging hormones they’ll know RvP is best we can get on the market right now.

    Costa will go to the highest bidder who, certainly, won’t be Arsenal. The other top strikers are unavailable and Balotelli isn’t in that bracket of top neither is he mentally stable enough to be risked.

    If RvP is available snap him up I say. To hell with the sentiments. He’ll do a job for couple of years and will teach Sanogo a thing or two about finishing. The kid needs to learn from the best.

    I wasn’t one of those frothing at the mouth over RvP leaving neither will i allow emotions cloud my judgement on what can be good for Arsenal.

  74. Wallace

    they certainly are bursting with quality, but i can’t see Bayern going in for Draxler. i know Ribery & Robben are 30ish, but can’t see Draxler being keen on warming the bench for a season until they’re eased out.

  75. Aaron Lemon


    Re: Scouting – yes I understand it’s customary to scout players for long periods of time. I think the problem is we do this, the scouts then submit their detailed reports after months and months of scouting, the verdict being ‘sign him Arsene’, and then Wenger asks them to carry on scouting just to make sure. To the extent that it seems he’s almost waiting for an excuse not to (not true, but you could be forgiven for thinking this!).

    Re: Higuain: well regardless of easier leagues massaging stats, the counter argument to that is some players come over and their stats improve. Another counter argument is all a player can do is do their best and then try and apply it over here. Another counter argument is that if this were to act as a deterrent, then perhaps we should be looking at signing Jordan Rhodes based on the fact that he is banging them in for a team in a league where playing top top quality football is harder than it is in the prem.

    So there are always different ways of looking at it but this is where the experts in the field are supposed to play a massive, massive role. They should be able to take into account all factors that we discuss and make a decent judgement. Aguero for example is a tiny player who ‘arguably’ shouldn’t be doing as well as he is. But he is because a) he’s top quality but b) support signings have been made to consolidate his signing. In other words the style and calibre of players there are intended to support his needs to be able to flourish.

    We have all the ingredients already to support the likes of Higuain. I absolutely believe this. It would different if he were to join someone like Stoke or West Brom. Arsenal are blessed in the sense that we have a style ready made for the best forwards to flourish – we just keep failing to sign them.

  76. Aaron Lemon


    Also I have to say the Italian League is enjoying a huge resurgence right now. Sure thing the lower teams are turd but the top 6-8 in Italy could rival the top 10 in England without question.

  77. N5

    Radio Raheem He probably is by far the best striker we could get but I would rather cut my nose off to spit my incredibly handsome face rather than have him back in the squad.

    I understand the players would learn to forgive his previous comments but fans I’m not so sure on, until he knocks in a hatrick against the spuds anyway.

  78. Aaron Lemon

    RVP the best we can get?

    Come on now. Everyone on earth knows he is slowing down badly. Unless it’s on a plate supplied by wingers, you aint getting shit out of RVP. Our system was tailored to him and that’s also how Giroud scores his goals.

    We need to move on. We need pace, a willing runner. I’d have Chicarito over RVP all day long.

  79. Samir


    RVP has no pace at all…Just like Giroud.

    Ozil plays best with players that have the pace to get on the end of his through balls.

    RVP is past it. What is he doing at United currently?

  80. Samir

    Any of Mandžukić, Balotelli or Jackson Martinez would be more effective in our team than RVP – that is my opinion of course.

    Balotelli would be my pick. If coached properly he has the ability to be the best striker in the world…

    RVP will be retiring soon.

  81. Radio Raheem

    Aaron Lemon

    I don’t think he is slowing down. His long term injuries meant he had a lot of rest time. He can continue at a high level until 34/35, I think. What he is, at the moment,is demotivated. He is sulking. At Arsenal he’d get a new challenge and would be determined to win hearts. He knows how some fans feel and he’ll try and change that.

  82. N5

    “RVP will be retiring soon.”

    Retiring disliked by all, I’ve been reading various comments on a Manc forum that someone here posted a link too and it seems a good percentage of ManUre fans think he’s a whinging shitbag as well as Gooners who think he’s a traitor.

    He could have retired a legend, instead he retires a no one.

  83. Gregg

    If it was me i’d have him back, no question. However he’s on crazy wages and still has two years left on his deal. We wont match £200k a week so the only way round it is to offer him £150k on a 3/4 year deal and there is no way Wenger will ever do that for a guy that’ll be 31 by the time next season kicks off.

  84. Radio Raheem


    I’ll bet 200 that he gets that hattrick against spuds. Can you say the same for any other player at Arsenal currently?


    RvP took less money to join ManU instead of City. He’ll take a pay cut to move here. 150k/wk for 2years is a good deal for a top striker.

    Özil will enjoy playing with RvP. Think about the passing interchanges. It isn’t just about a lack of pace with our current forwards it is also movement. Whilst RvP was here he, Gervinho and Theo had the best movements. (Theo benefits from being quick and Gervinho was just poor at finishing)

  85. N5

    Radio Raheem If he did my friend I would welcome him back with open arms, but until that day I would boo him like he was…well like he was RvP!!

  86. Aaron Lemon

    @Radio Raheem

    Pace in this day and age is almost more important than ability. Giroud is a classic example. He has plenty of ability but he is closed down before he gets a chance to show it. Without pace and agility to use it you’re solely relying on movement and one-touch ability. It’s not enough to be considered an all round striker.

    I would have Martinez, Sturridge, Balotelli, and a whole bunch of faster strikers than RVP in the side before having him back. It’s the one thing we have lacked from our strikers since Ade left and it’s the one thing that seems to cost us more than anything – not having a place of attack that utilises pace from a CF.

    Go watch Sturridge’s goals. A vast proportion of them come from beautiful passes our midfielders don’t even have the option of making because Giroud wouldn’t reach the fucking ball and neither would RVP. The cost of no pace is greater than the reward for ability.

  87. Aaron Lemon

    And watch AGuero’s goals as well. Half the reason he scores as much is because he has the pace to do something an be 5 yeards away before the nearest guy has even reacted. I saw a goal where he ran from one side of the box allt he way round to the other and then buried it because nobody could catch him.

    He gets onto through balls because nobody can catch him.

    Giroud? RVP? Tell me the last time they used pace to get onto a through ball???? The through ball is dead at AFC while Rambo and Theo are out. I can remember one of note in the last few months and that was Ozil to Oxlade for Poldi’s goal in the FA Cup vs Liverpool.

    Liverpool on the other hand score goals from through balls almost every game.

    If people want Arsenal to truly go back to playing ‘The Arsenal way’ then the first thing we need to do is upgrade Poldi for a faster player, upgrade Giroud for a faster player, and get them to draw defences out and then make runs from deep, which if you watched any of our games from 2003-2008 you would see is exactly what we used to do.

    Oh and get a RB who isn’t afraid to overlap and take the ball into the box.

    Swear to god I should just manage Arsenal 😉

  88. Radio Raheem

    Aaron Lemon

    I agree that pace is important and we could do with more of it in attacking areas. However, RvP makes up for his lack of pace, though he is faster than Giroud, with other aspects of his game. Pace can come from other areas of the pitch. For instinctive finishing and all technique on the ball, RvP is way above these other guys you mention.

  89. Kwik fit

    Tomorrow is March. Someone once said ‘beware the ides of March’
    That someone was right. We play some very difficult ides in March . Some of the ides we play will stretch or players to the limit.

  90. Gregg

    Agree regarding his movement. There’s no-one better at that than him and the thought of Ozil & Cazorla feeding that is a tantalising one.

  91. WengerEagle

    Good post Pedro.

    RE wideman we could get this summer, any of:

    Julian Draxler
    Marco Reus
    Pedro/Alexis Sanchez
    Antoine Griezmann
    El Sharaawry (think people sometimes forget how talented this guy is)
    Jeremy Menez
    Ezequiel Lavezzi

    That’s just off the top of my head

  92. Wallace

    there’s a phrase from US sports, ‘how’s his quick?’. RvP is not fast, never has been, but he’s got quick. still too old and expensive though.

  93. Radio Raheem

    I’ve got this picture of RvP volleying a Song looped pass into the Everton net. Imagine what he’d do with Özil many passes. Pure football orgasm.

    If you’re against this then you don’t love football.

  94. Bergkamplegend

    Aaron Lemon : “Mate RVP is half the speed he was 5 years ago.”

    And by the time he played for us we didn’t know he was that dirty cunt.
    On that point he doesn’t changed lol

  95. WengerEagle

    On the striker front,there won’t be an abundance of available top class strikers this summer so the following IMO would be realistic (relatively) and good enough to spearhead our attack:

    Diego Costa
    Mario Balotelli
    Jackson Martinez

    My personal choice out of that trio would be Costa all day, the lads a monster and has every in his game. Pace, power, aerial ability, clinical finishing, decent baller too.

  96. MidwestGun

    RVP can go fuck himself! I mean that in the most respectful and supportive way possible, of course.

    As for a 2 day break. Whats the big deal? I take a 2 day break every 2 days and it works out fine.

  97. Gregg

    It’s always staggered me how we missed out on all that talent that Belgium sides were producing, even moreso considering we had a partnership of sorts with Beveren, so we were clearly active over there.

  98. WengerEagle

    Regardless of his excellent form this season I think Benzema will be on the market this summer because Real will bid for Suarez and 9 times out of 10 when Real want a player they get him.

    I have always been of the opinion that Benzema is genuinely a world class striker, his all round game is superb and he is scoring goals a plenty this season. The argument that we shouldn’t buy him because it will upset Giroud is pathetic as well, Giroud’s a big boy and is paid £60,000 a week, it’s up to him to improve his performances.

    Benzema is still young at 26 and IMO would be attainable for £40 million providing Madrid get Suarez or Falcao this summer

  99. DanC


    ‘For instinctive finishing and all technique on the ball, RvP is way above these other guys you mention.’

    This. Pace obviously helps but in terms of intelligence and the timing of the runs you will struggle to find better than him.

    That said don’t think we’ll resign him.

    It’d be like taking your bird back after she’s shagged your pal. Personally I wouldn’t but it happens so be prepared for the unexpected cos I reckon Arsene misses RVPs goodies

  100. Gregg

    Realistic wish for next season

    Re-sign Sagna. Buy Alex Witsel for midfield, Draxler or Reus for attack and one of several forwards that are attainable, including Van persie

  101. WengerEagle

    Vertonghen wants to leave Spuds in the summer if they don’t get UCL (which they won’t), wouldn’t it be funny if we swooped in for him ala Sol Campbell? Regardless of the guy being an imbecile for choosing Spuds over us he is a top class CB and would be a perfect replacement for Vermaelen were he to leave

  102. Romford Pele


    What I don’t understand is how they’re producing this much talent considering the size of the country. Batshuayi is still available btw, playing at Standard Liege. Are we still active with Beveren, haven’t heard about them in ages?!

  103. Nasri's Mouth

    People keep on banging on about Reus.

    I honestly don’t think Dortmund are going to entertain selling him this summer.

  104. Gregg

    No mate I think our deal with them finished. All we ever got out of them was Eboue and Toure ?

    Man U also had a link with Antwerp yet they never snapped up any of that pool either. Really strange. Interestingly most of the decent players came out of Liege’s academy at one time or another