Solid suggestion for wideman replacement?

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Where I sit...

Where I sit…

Arsene Wenger hit back at critics regarding the two day break he gave players in the week. I’m not sure why, probably because the insinuation has been there that he burns players out and he has been doing so most of his career, albeit with more success in the early years.

‘It’s not necessarily fatigue, I don’t see why that’s suddenly a problem. We’ve player without a break since December, we don’t have to justify that, it’s unbelievable. We are in a society where everybody wants to control everything. It is unusual? We are entitled to do unusual things.”

He went on to say that sometimes it’s a mental break. Which, of course is absolutely correct. He’s also right in saying that a 2 day break isn’t really for fatigue, you won’t find too many players recovering all their energy in that time period. I’m not quite sure what the society comment us all about, but I find i amusing that someone with such a lust for control is hitting out at people wanting to do that. Back to the subject, I think journalists have every right to question him on players like Ozil and their lack lustre efforts because there’s plenty of public data available that prove the recent Ozil / Giroud dips in form have more to do with minutes played than anything else.

… but again, a little snippet into the mind of Arsene and how he works. He’d rather focus on the intangible over the actual hard truth. He is and will always be a manager who relies more on gut. His experience trumps the what a computer tells him, in fact, what anything tells him. Substitutes, transfer, wages… whatever, he is the best man to make that call. On this subject, that’s fine as tech is merely an enabler, but there has to be a balance struck.

Anyway, it’s good that he did it. I thought it was amusing to see how quickly the players ferreted away. Mesut went back to Germany, Podolski went to see his old club, Santi was sharing pictures of a beautiful sunset in Spain and Giroud was buying up all the ‘babes, I’m sorry’ flowers he could. Looked like they all had a great time.

Good news for them on the fatigue front is that Spurs sorted themselves out with a two legged semi against Benfica. I’m pretty sure the second leg; the game before they play us, is away from home. Hopefully they’ll be chasing that trophy. Getting your legs back three days later to play Arsenal is always going to be a recipe for defeat. So that’s great news. What will Arsene do against Bayern now? Does he bring in fringe players and shoot for Spurs… or does he shoot for the legendary headline moment and go for bust?

It’s a really tough question… I’d be shooting for Spurs, but as we know, Arsene is the guy 252 yards, over water, on a windy day who takes out the three wood and goes for the pub story. The league is more important. He doesn’t have to field a weak team against Bayern, he can blood Rambo, but he can also play a squad like the one we went with at the weekend a go. We’ll see though… I’m interested to see how he takes on the final games of the year… because once we nail this next pack of hard league games, we go into a very nice run of 5 easy games… against teams who could well be on their holidays mentally. 11 points from the next 5 and the title could be ours if we continue to dominate the weak teams.

All down to the manager and how intelligently he uses his squad. We’re also lucky that Chelsea vs Gala was a draw. That could go to either way and maybe even extra time. The fixture list had been kind to us. We need to take advantage.

In other news, rumours are hot that Arsenal are working in a deal to bring Robin back to Arsenal. I’m not quite sure what to think here. He was always going to be a massive risk for United. Temperamental and a permanent injury hazard. I’ve no idea why Arsene would ever consider bringing someone back who the fans now dislike so much. I mean, he really threw Arsenal under the bus when he left…. Arsene willingly supported that act by not replacing properly. However, the Robin replacement shouldn’t be an older, less fit version of the same player. Hopefully that’s just paper talk.

I forgot to mention Konoplyanka who played for Dnipro last night. What a talented player. Power, pace with an outrageous amount of aggression and drive. He can play wide left or through the middle. He’s such a talent. If we’re looking to shift on Podolski this summer, we could do worse than look at this chap. What an absolute beast of a player.

On the subject of players, it’s sad to see the Hig doing so well. He’s landed 21 goals with 10 assists in 31 games. I wonder if Wenger has any regrets around the plug pulling on that deal? I mean, on the one had, he had the temptation of the Suarez deal which threw him… which is probably the clubs issue around the lack of due diligence… but he’d have made a difference this season.

Right, enjoy the day, the cold weather is back… hooray for February… and PAY DAY!




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  1. MidwestGun

    Wow, RVP tell us how you really feel. Again, what a p rick. I missed a sitter but its because everyone else sucks. Like B.i.g said earlier. He’s dead to me.
    Loving the Man U. Melt down tho.

  2. kwik fit

    Sagna: “I love Arsenal, I love playing for Arsenal, I love my team. Arsenal is the most followed team in France, so why leave and besides my wife wouldn’t leave london ?”

  3. kwik fit

    She’s second only to the cute little German.
    I’ve found out that her name is Sheila and she’s a sweet little lass from Bonn. Wouldn’t be long until I’ll be sending you guys a pic of the pair of us wearing just a smile 😉

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    True Midwest
    However all the clubs at the bottom have had a bit of a run except fulham !

    So maybe it’s overdue

    Whatever ever bet you do if your going for an outlandish one hrow them in 6-1
    Will boast the payout !

  5. kwik fit

    Real Madrid appear to be interested in selling Morata to Arsenal but they are pushing for Bendtner to be included in the deal. Geees those spanish know how to drive a hard bargain.

  6. MidwestGun

    YA we can but we can’t do offshore betting or out of country because our government wants their taxes.
    So I have to use Las Vegas betting sites. The gambling capital here. Hard to get good odds on Prem League here, tho.

  7. wenker-wanger

    Rvp back? No …. Not good for the fans therefore not good for rvp. With such unfounded hatred, im sure his heart wont be in it after a handfull of games. The real culprit in this seemingly disasterous return would be wenger. The whole episode highlights the fact that rvp only quit wengers 4th place arsenal to win a prem title medal and he seemingly is satisfied with that. I agree with the fans not wanting him back, but the reasons appear to be different. He should go to spsin or holland and make a new start.At least wenger wont be asking henry to come back yet again.

  8. jack

    chelsea have by far the easiest run in, with just liverpool to contend with, and we we will bottle it as usual against the chavs. i know u keep going on about our players being fatigued and over played as an excuse all the time, but how come suarez, sturridge and hazard dont have same problem, and these players will have major say in where the title goes.

  9. MarsBar

    The problem is we once a big club. We had loads of success we want more success.

    But the fact is, in reality. We are no longer how we all see this club. 9 years with nothing to show for it. We are now sounding more like Mickey fans bleating the history.

    Facing facts we haven’t moved forward at all and no longer will until change happens.

    We have stagnated we always do. We always just make it.

    We’re no longer apart of the big league anymore.

    biggest problem, we know we have the potential with change made and certain area sorted out.

    Another season exactly the same as the last. It was good while it lasted. Gazidis will not be stupid enough to give Wenger another contract if we go pot less another year.

    What worries me is that it’s already been signed they are just waiting to release it to the press after a good win or run of games.

    De’ ja Vu again with Arsenal.