Striker deal means no mega signing this summer

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There’s not exactly an abundance of news flying around today, needless to say, I will craft something for your eyes regardless.

Alvaro Morata. Arsene Wenger is apparently looking to make the young Spaniard his number one target this summer. I’m not sure what the cost will work out at, but it looks like he’s the man the manager wants to spear head his attack next season. So no expensive superstar because it doesn’t look like there are many of them about, instead, he’s opting for young talent so he can craft him into a mega star.

Am I angry about this approach? No.

Would I prefer a £40m striker? No.

I’m more concerned about giving the side more options going forward. Sanogo has some interesting raw ingredients that could work over the next 3-5 years if he knuckles down and stays fit. The key attribute he has is power and the ability to run defenders all over the place. Morata is more about the silk… he’s more tidy technically but he also has pace and some of the physical attributes you look for in that lone striker position.

I think he’d make a good signing, and for me, he’d make more sense value wise than spunking £35m on Diego Costa, who looks the business, but might not adapt to the league particularly well. You know what Brazilian can be like coming over here…

Wengers main job this summer, if he chooses to stay on is to invest in pace. We simply don’t have enough of it. We need a box to box midfielder who is young enough to deal with a heavy schedule. We need a striker like Morata to run the line, but also, to have enough about them to finish in a more clinical nature than Giroud. Sadly, it looks like we might need two right backs if Bacary leaves us and I’d say we need some proper width brough into the team as we’re likely to see Podolski seek new adventures elsewhere.

It’s quite a big summer. Bigger than last year really. Wenger doesn’t need to go out and spend £40m. He needs to go our and infuse the squad with players that are built for the league. Ramsey and Theo are great, but if they pick up an injury, or need a rest, we don’t have those attributes floating spare in the squad. If we recruit properly, then factor in more playing time for Zelalem and Gnabry next season… we’ve a pretty tight squad moving forward.

I really don’t have many other avenues to head down today. So I’m going to leave it with you. How about I set you a task for once?

Who would your top 3 strikers at Arseanl be? Be realistic… the best suggestions become appropriated by me and put into tomorrow’s post as my own genius Grimantubing.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Jeff

    Wenger is crap. No he’s not. Yes he is. No he’s not. Yes he is. No he’s not. Yes he is. No he’s not. No he’s not. Yes he is. No he’s not. Yes he is….

  2. Dan Ahern

    Re: Morata

    Madrid is addicted to the galactico format. They’ll probably go full-tilt for Suarez or Falcao. They already have Benzema. And Morata’s deal is set to expire next summer.

    So they’re probably willing to sell. And he probably won’t cost too much. I estimate £15m tops. But that’s just my guess.

    This all depends on trusting Guillem Balague too (saying player wants to leave)…

  3. Bacaryisgod

    So I figured out the deal with Ozil and why he seems so sad all the time. You see, until a few months ago, Mesut was managed by an overbearing father who thankfully ended up pushing him our way. Still, on a personal (and personality) level Mesut has always been in his larger-than-life Dad’s shadow. His dad’s name is Mustafa. Mustafa is no longer controlling aspects of Mesut’s life and Mesut is emerging as a fully formed adult. He has to come through this new uncertain phase in his life to emerge stronger and more powerful.

    Yes, Mesut is Simba. Mustafa is no longer, and Mesut will next season become the Lion King.

  4. Nasri's Mouth


    With the additional benefits of winning things, I’d have thought there’s plenty of scope to make his contract bonus related.

    I believe his original contracts were that way.

    By the way, if it helps, I’m arguing with you while wearing a bright skin tight lycra body suit.

  5. zeus

    “BergkamplegendFebruary 27, 2014 16:13:08
    If I was Ozil I would have no hesitation to tell Wenger : “listen bro’, you buy big players or I’ll go somewhere else.”
    Unfortunately I think Ozil is too shy for doing that… lol”


    And Ozil could pack his bags and go F himself while he’s at it.

    I could never tolerate a player telling any manager what to do. That would put us fast on the road of a player demanding to be included on transfer discussions, having iit in his contract to be club ambassador (Rooney) and being made a part of the coaching staff when retired (John Terry).

    Wenger has his problems, but that should be coming from a football man in the boardroom (and yes I know there is none at present) but certainly not from the playing staff.

  6. El Tel


    My three strikers would be Ibrahimovic (I think He would like to tear up the Prem)

    Suarez. Maybe this could still happen

    Dzecko. I think he will be looking to get away no matter what.

  7. gonsterous

    The more this goes on…the more I get pissed … Itv shows all the English team games in Europe apart from arsenals… Does arsenal have a deal or r they just anti arsenal like the whole of England seem to be….

  8. kwik fit

    Almost March. What a huge huge month for our guys.
    In previous seasons when we were in a similar position we wilted like the last flowers of spring.
    Come on guys , this time must be different. Believe FFS.

  9. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Fantasy – Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar. I did say fantasy.
    Arsene – Morata, Giroud, Sanogo. Still not good enough in my opinion.
    Preference – Costa, Anybody not named Giroud, Sanogo.
    Reality – Giroud, Sanogo, Bendtner

    Reality sucks.

  10. kwik fit

    Morata for Bendy (net cost 5m)
    Draxler for Podolski (net cost 25m)
    Bender for Arteta ( net cost 15m)

    Success = 45m

    Do that in the summer and I’d be buzzing the whole season.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Vermaelen and Ozil in the squad for Stoke – wouldn’t start either, hopefully Koscielny and Gibbs/Monreal are fit.

    Not a game for Ozil, I’d still be letting him have his late winter break.

    Not a game to drop Vermaelen in, especially at LB.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    The Stoke chairman wants Arsenal fans to ‘lay off’ Shawcross.

    Be interesting to see what he says about his horde and their vitriol directed at Ramsey.

    It’s like hitting someone with your car because you’re speeding and getting out yelling ‘you c**t you got in the way of my car!!!’

  13. gambon

    “Morata for Bendy (net cost 5m)
    Draxler for Podolski (net cost 25m)
    Bender for Arteta ( net cost 15m)”

    Bendy is out of contract so we dont get a penny for him.

    Podolski wouldnt play for Schalke but we may be able to shift him (I think we should keep him)

    Lol, we would get £3m for Arteta, and Bender wont be £18m.

  14. kwik fit


    I’m speaking in terms of what Wenger will pay. The figures quoted would be the maximum he’d go.
    Morata out out contact next year, 8m ero may do it
    Draxler 45m euro clause converts to net 25m sterling with pod getting 12 m euro
    Bender 22m euro’s nets 15m sterling if we get 3m sterling for Arteta.
    With the Euro continuing to weaken against sterling it could just be doable.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Again, the ridiculously thin squad bites us on the arse!

    You don’t want to take Flamini from CDM.

    You don’t want Jenkinson playing.

    You don’t want Sagna away from RB.

    You don’t want Vermaelen playing his comeback in this game.

    Again, you scratch a little below the surface of this squad and there’s nothing there outside of mutating it horribly.

  16. kwik fit

    Its better for us if spuds qualify tonight. The longer their playing thursday nights the more their eye will be of the ball when they play the premiership matches on Sunday. Dare I say it COYS 🙂

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Bit harsh in this case. Having Flamini as our 3rd choice LB is as effective as pretty much any other side.

    And Jenkinson has been fine in his last few appearances too.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t think it’s harsh at all to be honest.

    Jenkinson is way below par, always prone to an enormous gaffe.

    Ok, but saying he’s our third choice LB takes him away from CDM – where we have no options outside of him, shallowness exposed.

    Arteta is difficult for me to class as a CDM, he’s just a slow CM.

  19. MidwestGun

    Ive been worried about our thin defense all year. We cant afford to drop points now. Think we might have to win. 9 out of last 11.

    But I like Dnipro. I just found out where they are. Lol.

  20. Toli83

    TV has done alright this year, seriously looks like the payer we signed – think he deserves our trust again to be honest.

    He would do alright against stoke.

  21. Dan Ahern

    kwik fit February 27, 2014 20:40:18
    Morata for Bendy (net cost 5m)
    Draxler for Podolski (net cost 25m)
    Bender for Arteta ( net cost 15m)Success = 45m

    Exactly, this is what I was saying a few comments ago. Morata may not be a worldy but you can apply the money to LW and DM and be just as effective.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, Vermaelen’s looked much more sensible this season, but I’d still be wary of playing him away in an unfamiliar position for his first game back after a long time out.

    Flamini or Sagna at LB for me

  23. MidwestGun

    I guess I would say Sagna at left and Jenks at right. Probably get the most benefit from Flamini at Cdm. Not a big Jenks fan but he should be able to handle Stoke. I hope.

  24. Dan Ahern

    I confess I’m a big Jenk hater, but he can absolutely handle Stoke. They offer very little offense for him to worry about and he’s got the frame and stamina to rock them.

  25. kwik fit

    Spurs play on Thursday 13 March in Europa League, if they go through. Bayern-Arsenal 11 March. North London derby on 16 March.

    I’m looking tickets if you have any spares.

  26. kwik fit

    Vertonghen actually planned that . I think Fifa should throw the book at him. Completely premeditated. Had an Arsenal player done that he would have been crucified by the media.

  27. Al

    For a team like us, who have a shed load of cash and are supposed to be competing with the best….A player like sanogo should not be 2nd choice. The maximum he should be considered is 3rd choice. Even a player like morata should not really be considered as out 1 or 2nd choice. He hasn’t done enough to warrant it.

    I know some will say….but Al he is 2nd choice at Madrid. ….and I will say look at who he is playing with. They can afford to play anyone upfront because they have a guy in the wing that will drop 50 goals minimum from the WING

  28. MidwestGun

    I agree. That’s why I think we should go for Costa. Not because I want us to spend the money. But he is the best available in my opinion. The statement of intent by his signing wouldn’t hurt either.

  29. Al


    I like Costa but imo I think he just lacks something that will take him into that world class bracket.

    There just is a real lack of strikers at the moment which I think is down to a majority of teams playing formations with 1 strikers. Leading to strikers having less opportunity, development and a variety of the type of strikers

  30. MidwestGun

    Yes, hes not the most dynamic. But he would add the element of power and finishing we have been missing. Plus the guy is a fighter.
    Probably the most skillful with world class talent available is Ballotelli. But its Ballotelli. Lol.

  31. true gunner

    Realistic striker targets hmm..

    I think loic remy might be worth a punt- he’s got speed, finishing, hes french and already adapted to EPL

    Balotelli, with all his flaws, is another excellent player who could light up the emirates , would need some fantastic player management on wengers side though

    Thirdly, my wild card is edison cavani -this guy has it all and yet finds himself the unfortunate position of playing second fiddle to zlatan , would be a trememdous addition to the squad but there is a very slim chance indeed

    Thanks for reading.

  32. Bergkamplegend

    Morning all!!

    Any thoughts about the CL ??
    Honnestly I don’t see any team capable to stop Madrid… excepted Munich!!

    Madrid-Bayern for the final could be a masterpiece of football.