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The hilarious mess that is going on at United continued last night as they took their easy draw in Olympiacos and ballsed it up with a horrendous 2-0 away losss from home. I mean, honestly, there’s expecting United to mess up, then there’s David Moyes surprising and delighting with the most unexpected horror show of a result.

The best bit about the game yesterday? Joel Campbell, or JC as he’ll be known if he becomes a player, scored one of the goals with a peachy strike. Apparently he wants to come back to Arsenal at some point. Hey, who doesn’t…? Not sure that’s going to be a reality if the rumours of us trying to flog in in January are true. He looked like he had all the ingredients to a be a good player… he just didn’t act on them. When he first broke onto the global scene for Costa Rica, he looked like Anelka with his style. That clearly means nothing though as he’s floundered in Europe.

… I’m mean scoring against United isn’t exactly a winning attribute. Well, not these days.

The wider issue is that England have so far, totally ballsed up the second phase of the Champions League. Losing openers to Bayern, Barca and Olympiacos. It doesn’t bode well for our coefficients. Does this tell you we have a poor league? No. Like I’ve said many times, our league hasn’t become worse, it’s improved beyond recognition. The better teams have caught up. Smarter management, better tech, improved knowledge, more European style tactics… and most importantly, money being spent with the longer term in mind (infrastructure projects like Southampton).

Pound for pound we have the strongest league in the world. What we don’t have at the moment is a super club in the sense that Spain, France and Germany do. To have that in Europe, you have to sacrifice something at home. I wouldn’t want that. I mean, in Germany, Bayern’s strategy for leading the league is to buy ALL the German talent. Even worse, their casual disassembling of Dortmund through financial might.

In Spain, two super clubs… with a league in absolute tatters both ability wise or in most cases, financially. Their two best teams are winning because all the others are failing terribly.

Over in the Premiership… it’s a 4 horse race. This is a fairly new thing, but it’s exciting all the same. We should embrace it. Also, the league should start embracing its elite clubs. What the hell is going on with the outrageous fixture list. Stick in the winter break, organise the fixtures so the league gives the best teams an easy patch of games around the times we’re in Europe. Move the cup games to Fridays or at the very worst, a Saturday so we’re on an equal footing with Europe.

It really is bad planning and perplexing that the league ignore all these factors despite clearly pushing hard to have the best league in the world.

Anyway, that’s my two pennies. So what’s new with Arsenal?

Well, Julian Draxler has now decided that Arsenal aren’t the only club he’ll consider this summer. He’ll consider, guess who? BAYERN. Honestly, another piece of strategic failure by Arsenal if that move goes down the toilet. He looks the part, the club clearly think he is the real deal, but we melted out when his price tag was non-negotiable. I hope this isn’t a sign for the summer. I’d heard on the grape vine that Arsenal are on the trail of players for next year… now. So players are being hawked around and Arsenal are making their plans now. Trouble is, this happened last summer… we blitzed Europe looking for deals and couldn’t pull them off.

Will we learn? Well, from what I understand, the club has, it’s just a case of the manager pulling the trigger with less trepidation. We don’t need a David Dein, we need a strong management team who’ll just say… Arsene, tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen. Don’t worry about the details, we’ll take care of them, you just sit down in that chair, the latest copy of 4-4-2 just dropped, so have some fun…

Interesting that Wenger is yet to sign a new deal. This is apparently the latest he’s ever waited. I’m wondering if he’s waiting to bow out at the top, or to leave if the plan goes down the toilet? I hope that whatever the plan is, Ivan Gazidis and the team around him are working on a succession plan. Personally, I think that might involve Steve Bould, which I’d be pretty pleased with. I don’t mind what happens, as long as there is a plan for the whole club in place. Once Wenger is gone, it’s time for the club to put in place ground work plans like they did for the sponsorship and marketing. It’ll be an interesting summer whatever happens…

Plenty of cud to chew on. Now, I’m not sure what cud is, or if I’ve spelt that properly. If it’s something disgusting, can someone text me so I can change it.



P.S. Take a read of this article I wrote about Stoke… it has my face on a Stoke Forum. Proper nawty internet geezers didn’t like the tone.



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  1. TheBayingMob

    Here you go again. You miss the point, either because you are an idiot or have simply decided to be deliberately argumentative. I suggest the latter, you seem to like a row…
    Fuck me did you miss out your Ritalin today? Can the jury note that while being mostly constructive this fucking twat goes off on one calling me an idiot then some other rather aggressive shit. Let’s remember that the next time you’re crying to the teacher being called names, I was going to leave that as ‘agree to disagree’ but you’ve got a fucking problem mate …

  2. BacaryisGod

    1-1 is probably a perfect score for us. We want Chelsea to progress in the Champions League but to have to field a strong team to beat Galatasaray in the second leg. Man City will fall to Barca, but they are still in the Cup (easy game to Wigan) and have a make-up Premier League game.

    Our injury situation looks terrible. First-place by a distance in the injury table as usual, but should improve quickly.

    10 injuries but 6 players expected back on the weekend (although I would be surprised if Gibbs plays), Ramsey back in mid-March, Theo we know about and Kallstrom and Diaby don’t count at this point. In addition, Ozil will have had a little rest, Giroud looks fresher and our midfielders seem to be clicking.

    The only negative for us will be the return of Aguero.

  3. hackneylad

    I dunno about Draxler guys!

    His a great player no doubt!

    but for my wingers I am a pace whore and he really isn’t that fast

    I reckon his a level below ox lets not even mention theo bolt Walcott.

    Of course his got other attributes but I think his destiny is CAM more than a wideman and with Ozil whose only 25 I don’t think we need Draxler.

    I’d rather take Reus or griezmann!

    Just my Opinion no hate Please 🙂

  4. kwik fit


    I don’t think think PSG are quite at the level of the other three. Still think one of the premier league teams that went down 2/0 in the first leg will get through long with Chelsea. My moneys on Moyes and his jolly men.
    The Greeks are worse away than United are at home.

  5. kwik fit


    Yeah can you imagine Moyes putting out a team against any of Madrid/Munich or Barca . it would be a bloodbath. Exactly what all united fans deserve.

  6. leon

    i watched the madrid game and the depth of that squad is sick,i saw drexler i didnt realy notice him,dont get me wrong draxler has talent and i think he still not match fit i said this before he would need to adapt to pace of the prem and lets be honest I dought Drexler is at the same level as someone like hazard that may or may not change.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    The problem at Arsenal at moment is not Wenger’s brain, which is almost certainly superior to most if not all the other Managers in EPL [including the Mourinho ‘mouth’] but that life at the club has been made ‘too comfortable’ for him.

    The reality is that the senior management have offered him a job ‘for life’. That is always going to be an ‘obstacle to success’ i.e. winning trophies.

  8. Shaun Wilson

    I analogize the Van Persie situation with that of a cheating husband who leaves his missus and adoring family for a fling with a tacky blonde hairdresser. In the short term he gets questionable gratification only to realise that he has sacrificed true and long term love. And the thing is Robin, you can never truly get that back. I hope he enjoys that little keepsake medal of his doomed affair long into his lonely retirement.

  9. TheBayingMob

    Shaun Wilson February
    “I analogize the Van Persie situation with that of a cheating husband who leaves his missus”
    Errrrr, OK … well you carry on with that, last time I looked contracts of marriage didn’t have buy out clauses, nor does your missus flog you to the highest bidder when you lose a yard of pace. Honestly, Van Persie left so when he looks back on his career (in his house with his adoring family) he has something tangible to show his kids, after all I don’t think they’d be too proud if he brought out Arsenal PLCs 2012/13 accounts, waved it under their noses and said “look at that son, Daddy helped the Arsenal board get proper rich and he helped Stan Kroenke buy a new ranch in Nebraska that no one ever gets to see! Aren’t you prrouuuuud of Daddy!!?”

  10. Moray

    yeah, this is what rankles: he did get a Premiership winners medal.

    It should be another thing driving our squad on this year: to have a similar medal to shove in his face, but I’m not sure that is an attitude Wenger would want to foster.

  11. Nasri's Mouth


    Can’t fault RvP for wanting to leave to win something

    Can fault him for slagging off his team mates, his bad attitude, and his public notice

    Can laugh at him now it’s all going horribly wrong

  12. TheBayingMob

    Couldn’t agree more, it was just the analogy that was way out there! If you’re setting up a ‘laugh at robin’ party then invite me along, I’ll bring the booze and the balloons and hire the plane that drags “You Judas Badger Cunt” behind it to fly over Manchester for the day … I hope my feelings are clear on the matter …